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Chapter 300: Some People Look like they have No Desire, but they are Beasts in Coat

“Song Ci, you are a medicine man.”

Song Ci nearly choked on her saliva.

Her expression froze for a few seconds before she turned stiffly to look at Song Fei. She said suspiciously and uneasily, “Song Fei, are you joking again?”

Song Fei said, “I never joke around.” Especially about such things.

Song Ci’s expression was very ugly and her face looked off. Cold sweat suddenly broke out on her forehead. “Song Fei, how can I be a medicine man? I am not from the Nangong Family. I…”

Song Ci met Song Fei’s deep and pained eyes. Gradually, those words that she had yet to say disappeared.

She pinched her own thigh hard before asking, “Are you serious?”

Song Fei was slightly helpless and didn’t know how to face Song Ci, who suddenly knew the truth.

She lowered her head to fold that letter and folded it into the shape of a paper crane.

Gazing at the paper crane in her hand, Song Fei said softly, “When Mother was pregnant with us, our development was slow and our vital signs were getting weaker and weaker. In order to make us stay, Father let Mother drink the pregnancy stabilizing medicine.”

“That pregnancy stabilizing medicine is the special pregnancy stabilizing medicine that the Mo Family made for the Nangong Family. This medicine is very magical in protecting the fetus, but at the same time, it will also cultivate the fetus into a medicine person.”

“As for us…” Song Fei licked her dry tongue, her voice hoarse.” You’ve been competitive since you were young. You were like this when you were in Mother’s womb. You were especially good at absorbing nutrients and most of the medicine was absorbed by you. So when you were born, you were much younger than me and your body was also much weaker than mine. ”

Song Ci had always thought that she was born smaller than Song Fei because Song Fei had stolen her nutrients. In the end, it was the opposite. As she had absorbed too much medicine, she was much smaller.

“When you were young, you always took medicine. Once winter came, your body would be weak. At that time, I felt it was strange, but I didn’t think much of it.”

“Every medicine man will emit a medicinal fragrance when they enter their second puberty, when the girls start menstruation and the boys start showing signs of being a man. At this time, if they meet the Mo Family, their identity will be discovered.”

“Because of Grandpa’s murder, Father has always been worried that the Mo Family wouldn’t let him off. He was worried that one day, they would suddenly be murdered and the ignorant you would be found by the Mo Family. When you were 12 years old, Father told me all the truth. Father asked me to protect you because once you fall into the hands of the Mo Family, the consequences…”

The consequences would be unthinkable. She would be cut into pieces!

Song Fei didn’t continue.

Song Ci’s entire body was cold. She forgot how to speak and her body was trembling slightly.

Song Fei hugged her and said beside her ear, “Song Ci, we won’t be going to the Mo Family.”

Song Fei thought that the Mo Family’s obsession with drug users had already faded. After all, this was a society ruled by law. The Mo Family couldn’t possibly stand above the law.

But after reading this letter, Song Fei guessed the truth behind her grandfather’s death. Something earth-shattering must have happened between her grandfather and the medicine man, Nangong Yingying, causing him to be chased out of the Mo Family and buried under another name. He would also be hunted down by the Mo Family.

Compared to seeking justice for her grandfather and father, Song Fei wanted Song Ci to be safe and sound.

Song Ci also realized the seriousness of the problem. She said, “Alright, we won’t go.”


On the way down the mountain, the sisters were both in a very heavy mood and didn’t speak much. Returning to the village chief’s house, the two of them bid farewell to the village chief and his wife before driving back to the county city.

After staying in the county for the night, they drove back to Wangdong City the next morning. They arrived at Wangdong City at 7.30pm.

Song Fei drove the car to the entrance of her and Yan Jiang’s house. Song Ci alighted with Song Fei and went to their house. Knowing that the Song sisters would be back tonight, Yan Jiang made dinner on time.

Hearing the door open, Yan Jiang turned to look at the entrance hall. Seeing Song Fei and her sister looking travel-worn, he hurriedly said, “Ah Fei, Song Song, go take a shower first and go downstairs for dinner.”


Song Fei entered the master bedroom to take a shower while Song Ci took a shower in the guest room.

Taking off her clothes, Song Ci stood in the bathroom and couldn’t resist sniffing herself, but she didn’t smell anything.

There was clearly no smell!

Song Ci took a shower with a heavy heart. She went downstairs and saw that Yan Jiang had filled the table with dishes. Only then did she forget those disturbing things.

“Ah Jiang, you made scrambled eggs with onions again. Aren’t you sick of this dish?” Almost every time they came to Yan Jiang’s house for dinner, there would be scrambled eggs with onions for Chinese food and onion soup for Western food!

Song Ci found a familiar dish on the table and couldn’t help feeling speechless.

Song Fei looked at Song Ci and corrected her. “Rude. Call him Brother Jiang!”

Song Ci stuck out her tongue and picked up her chopsticks to taste the food.

Yan Jiang asked Song Fei, “Did everything go smoothly this time?”

Song Fei nodded. “I found Grandpa’s grave and tidied it. But I intend to find a suitable opportunity in the future to move Grandpa’s grave to Wangdong City and bury him with Father.”

They couldn’t return to their roots, but it was a reunion for the father and son to be buried together.

Yan Jiang agreed with Song Fei’s actions. He said, “Let’s wait for Qingming Festival next year.” The migration graves here were usually around Qingming Festival.


Song Fei took a bite of porridge with century eggs and lean meat. Seeing that Yan Jiang looked tired, she asked him, “Have you been very busy recently?”

“Mmm, there was a group suicide at a school. The parents refused to accept this outcome and sent the child’s body to the police station. They have been working overtime these few days.”

“Sigh, they are all young children. I can’t even bear to deal with such young children…”

Song Ci really couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked softly, “We’re eating. Can you not talk about your work?”

Yan Jiang said, “Alright, let’s talk about the fashion press conference then. This year’s Spring / Summer Fashion Week will be next week, right? You must have received an invitation. Are you going?”

Song Ci shook her head. “Brother Han isn’t back. I don’t want to go anywhere.”

“Don’t worry, your Han Zhan will be fine.”

“But of course.”

Yan Jiang felt slightly regretful. He said, “I also received an invitation, but I am too busy with work and don’t have time to go. Ah Fei, why don’t you take my invitation?”

Song Fei said, “I’m not interested in those things.” Song Fei was the kind of person who would just wear clothes that could cover her butt and chest. If you let her watch a fashion show, it would be like playing the flute to a cow.

“Then we won’t go.”

The three of them had just finished dinner when Long Yu drove over.

“I’ll get going first.” Song Ci bid Yan Jiang and the rest farewell and boarded the car.

Once Song Ci boarded the car, Long Yu said, “Mr. Han and the rest have already arrived at the lunar orbit and are beginning to fly around the moon.”

Song Ci was overjoyed. “Is there an image?”

“Yes, the people at the base sent the video to the manor. Madam, you can see it when you go home later.”

Song Ci returned home with anticipation.

Knowing that their mother would be back tonight, the daughters were still awake and waiting for Song Ci in the children’s playroom.

After Song Ci returned to the house, the butler took Song Ci’s luggage and handed it to his subordinate. Butler Cai said, “Madam, the two ladies are waiting for you at the children’s playroom.”

“I’ll go over now.”

Song Ci took the lift to the children’s playroom on the second floor.

When she pushed open the door and entered, the two little guys who heard the commotion hurriedly turned to look. Han Miao and Han Jun were both very surprised to see that Song Ci, whom they had not seen for many days, had finally returned.

“Mother!” Han Miao ran towards Song Ci, her little butt swaying adorably.

Han Jun also stood up from the carpet and jogged over.

Song Ci sat down on the ground and caught two small cannonballs.

Han Miao laid on Song Ci’s chest and Han Jun laid on her left arm. “Mother, mother.” They were too agitated and called her mother repeatedly as an expression of their love for Song Ci.

Song Ci smiled and rolled on the ground with them for a while before sitting up on her knees. She waved at the butler behind her, and Butler Cai walked in with gifts.

After entering the house, Butler Cai bent over and said to the two little guys, “Madam has prepared a present for you guys!”

Han Miao said, “Dolly! Dolly!”

Han Jun said, “Ball! Basketball!”

=Song Ci took the box from Butler Cai’s hand.

“Dang dang dang dang!” Song Ci placed the gift box in front of the children. Han Jun and Han Miao both knelt beside the box and anxiously wanted to see the true appearance of the gift, but they didn’t know how to open the box.

Song Ci helped Han Miao open the box. Inside was a handmade doll wearing a fur dress. It was very cute and exquisite.

Meanwhile, she had also prepared a mini basketball for Han Jun.

After receiving her favorite present, Han Jun couldn’t control her emotions. She hugged Song Ci’s face and rubbed it hard to express her joy.

Song Ci also carried Han Miao over.

The two little guys sat in Song Ci’s arms. Song Ci played with their toys for a while. By 9.30pm, they started yawning.

Song Ci sent the children back to the children’s room and waited for them to fall asleep before going to the theater.

Butler Cai stood behind her, opened the screen, found the video from the base, and showed it to Song Ci.

It was a short video taken by Chief Engineer Chen Gang.

Han Zhan and the rest took off their helmets in the spaceship. Chen Gang’s face appeared in the camera and he looked very energetic.

As they were in outer space, Chen Gang’s voice sounded rather strange and soft.

Chen Gang said, “Hello everyone, we have successfully entered the lunar orbit. We are very close to the moon now.”

“These two are our astronauts. This is our boss, Mr. Han. Come, Mr. Han, greet everyone.”

Han Zhan’s face appeared in the camera. He was eating a tube shaped like toothpaste. It was a nutrient.

After spending a few seconds swallowing the nutrient sticks, Han Zhan said, “Baby Ci, when I return, I want to eat meat, stir-fried food, the kind with some chili.”

It looked like Han Zhan was tired of nutrient sticks and missed the world-famous delicacies on Earth.

Hearing this, Song Ci couldn’t help laughing. Her shoulders were trembling, but her eyes were red.

No one’s success was smooth sailing. Even Han Zhan, who was born to be a giant, had to take risks if he wanted to have wealth and power.

Song Ci secretly wiped her tears before continuing to watch the video.

Chen Gang aimed the camera outside. Through the lens, they could see the huge grayish-black moon outside the window. They could even clearly see some potholes on it.

This was a very wonderful painting. You could see the universe and countless stars wandering in it. Meanwhile, humans were as insignificant as a speck of dust in the universe.

The video was a total of three minutes long. Song Ci watched the video several times before falling asleep in satisfaction.

The next day, Song Ci woke up and realized that Zeus Corporation had posted the video of Han Zhan and the rest on their official website.

This video quickly caused a stir and was called the strongest selfie short video of the year.

The weather was getting colder and colder. It was snowing in Wangdong City and it was December. By December, many local people were marinating bacon at home.

With her grandfather gone, Song Ci couldn’t eat bacon and sausages anymore. She got someone to buy some bacon and got a maid to invite her village aunt to help marinate the bacon.

On the day of the Great Cold, Han Zhan returned.

The snow was very heavy that day and the streets of Wangdong City were covered in a layer of pure white snow. There were fewer and fewer cars on the road. The sanitation workers and volunteers sprinkled salt on the ground and held shovels to busy clean the snow.

Song Ci heard that Han Zhan was coming back and drove the helicopter to Wanyu County alone. When she arrived at the base, Han Zhan and the rest were still five minutes away from the ground.

Song Ci stood together with the staff, with several reporters holding cameras behind her.

Zeus Number 1 landed steadily at the designated location. The staff immediately ran up and opened the door to the spaceship. Two astronauts walked out first.

Having been in a weightless state for a long time, their walking posture was rather strange.

Behind the astronaut was Chief Engineer Chen Gang, with Han Zhan walking at the back. Han Zhan’s sense of weightlessness was slightly weaker than theirs. When he walked down the stairs, he stood up straight and only used one hand to hold on to the railing.

Seeing Song Ci in front of the crowd, Han Zhan took off his helmet and gave her a comforting smile.

“I am back!” mouthed Han Zhan.

Song Ci didn’t care if anyone was watching. She rushed over and hugged Han Zhan fiercely. Being knocked by Song Ci, Han Zhan couldn’t stand steadily and fell to the ground with her in his arms.

Luckily, the staff was prepared. They expected the astronaut to be in zero gravity and laid a soft carpet on the ground.

Han Zhan collapsed to the ground and hugged Song Ci. “It’s okay, I’m back.”

Song Ci laid in his arms, crying tears of joy.

“Han Zhan, Han Zhan, Han Zhan!” Song Ci was so agitated that she was incoherent. She only repeated Han Zhan’s name over and over again.

Feeling Song Ci’s dependence and longing for him, Han Zhan’s heart softened. He stroked Song Ci’s hair, wanting to kiss her but despising the spacesuit on him for being in the way.

“Let me change clothes first.”

“Alright, I brought you some clothes.”

With Song Ci’s help, Han Zhan entered the changing room. When he took off his clothes, he felt slightly awkward. Han Zhan reminded Song Ci, “I haven’t showered for a few days. I might smell something.”

It was very inconvenient to bathe in the universe. One just had to wipe their bodies and take a shower every few days.

Moreover, bathing was also a luxury.

How could Song Ci despise Han Zhan for being smelly? She said, “It’s okay, I will bathe you personally later.”

“… Okay.”

Song Ci didn’t mind him being smelly, so Han Zhan openly changed his clothes.

Song Ci put on a warm inner layer, a sweater, and a down jacket for him. After changing clothes, Han Zhan sat obediently on the chair and rubbed his legs. He had lost some weight and looked very thin under the down jacket.

“I can’t even walk properly.” Han Zhan rubbed his legs and teased himself. “Do I look like an old man with dementia?”

“It’s only temporary. It’s not as exaggerated as you say.” Song Ci turned to close the door and took out a cloth bag from her backpack.

That bag should have something in it. It didn’t look small. Han Zhan asked curiously, “What’s in your bag?”


Song Ci took out the treasure from the cloth bag. Only then did Han Zhan realize that it was a food container, the kind that had three layers.

Song Ci opened the lid of the food box and Han Zhan smelled a tempting fragrance. “Meat stir-fried chili, dried pot-fried sausages, and mushroom soup. Brother Han, eat quickly.”

These few days, the image of Han Zhan sitting in the spacecraft, frowning and saying that he wanted to eat stir-fried meat kept appearing in Song Ci’s dreams. So knowing that Han Zhan would be coming back this afternoon, Song Ci had already gotten the chef to prepare the dishes, put them in a thermos food container, and drove the helicopter to fetch Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was slightly touched.

He stared at those dishes and said coquettishly, “I want you to feed me.”

Song Ci hesitated slightly before picking up her spoon and feeding Han Zhan spoon by spoon.

“Is he inside?” Li Li and Bei Zhan arrived outside the changing room accompanied by the staff.

“Mr. Han is inside.”

Li Li reached out to open the door.

But Bei Zhan grabbed Li Li’s hand and said, “Aren’t you afraid of disturbing others and seeing something you shouldn’t?”

Li Li snorted and said, “Mr. Han just returned and it’s already difficult for him to walk now. How can he play tricks?”

Bei Zhan felt that Li Li’s words made sense and didn’t stop him. Li Li opened the door and the two brothers looked up to see Song Ci feeding Han Zhan, as if she was coaxing a child. “Ah.”

Han Zhan opened his mouth. “Ah…”

Li Li and Bei Zhan were both stunned.

Li Li said, “I’m sorry, we came at the wrong time.”

Li Li hurriedly closed the door and pushed out of the changing room with Bei Zhan. The two brothers looked at each other and Li Li sighed with mixed feelings. “I would rather push open the door and see them kissing and hugging each other than to see such a blinding scene.”

He was already an old man of 35 years old and still needed to be fed. Not only did he need to be fed, he also needed to “Ah”!

Is he human?

Bei Zhan’s expression was also very complicated.

He didn’t expect Mr. Han to be like this in front of Song Ci.

One really couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Inside the house, Han Zhan and Song Ci stared at each other. Han Zhan said, “My face is completely gone.”

Song Ci felt innocent and instinctively said, “You asked me to feed you this.” She looked at the food in the lunch box, then stared at Han Zhan’s lips that were stained with oil. She asked Han Zhan, “Do you still want me to feed you?”


Anyway, he had already thrown his face into the Pacific Ocean, so he didn’t mind throwing it further.

It was already 20 minutes later, when Han Zhan finished his meal.

Song Ci tidied up the cutlery, pushed open the door to the changing room, and walked out with the food box. Bei Zhan and Li Li were squatting at the door chatting. Hearing the commotion, they turned back at the same time and looked at Song Ci with subtle eyes.

Song Ci hugged the food container and pretended to be calm. “Han Zhan asked you to go in.” With that, she carried the food container and slipped away.

Li Li and Bei Zhan entered the house and saw Han Zhan sitting on a chair drinking tea. Li Li teased him that he could eat. “Mr. Han is so generous.” He could still drink water after eating such a big box of rice.

Han Zhan waved his hand and said, “If I let you guys take 20 consecutive days of nutrient solution, you will also be as cowardly as me.”

Only then did Bei Zhan say, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“Let’s not talk about this.” Han Zhan put down his teacup, looked up, stared at Bei Zhan with penetrating eyes, and asked, “How is the customer’s reaction?”

Bei Zhan said, “Very good. The entire world is paying attention to this matter. In just a few days, more than 160 wealthy people have already reserved travel projects.”

Only the wealthy could afford to travel on air travel. Every airline ticket was priced at more than 100 million yuan. In just a few days, more than 100 customers had booked their tickets. One could imagine how rich this project would be in the future.

Han Zhan was rather satisfied with this answer. “Not bad.” He asked again, “Has there been any activity from the KT Consortium recently?”

Bei Zhan leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. The index and middle fingers of his right hand tapped gently on his left arm.

He said, “Mr. Han’s foresight is godlike. With the death of the elderly head of the KT Consortium, Long Aoyu, the four children revealed their claws. They fought with each other and caused them to bleed profusely. After half a year of fighting, 10 days ago, Long Zhize successfully snatched the position of the head of the family and became the new head of the KT Consortium.”

“You guessed everything.”

No one knew how much effort Han Zhan had put in when Long Zhize was fighting with his three brothers for power.

Han Zhan smiled. “Long Zhize is a good partner. Although he is ambitious, he is rather upright.” And Han Zhan liked to collaborate with such partners the most.

“Did Long Zhize call?”


“Did he mention anything about adding capital?”

Bei Zhan smiled. “He did.”

“That’s right!”

After completely roping in this little friend Long Zhize, Han Zhan’s goal this time would be considered successful. “Let’s go, send me back.”


Li Li supported Han Zhan’s arm. After Song Ci finished washing the food boxes, the four of them boarded the helicopter and returned to Wangdong City.

On the way back, Song Ci was still flying the plane.

The door between the cockpit and the cabin was not closed. Li Li sat in his usual position and stared at Song Ci’s back view. He suddenly sighed. “As an intern pilot, when Madam boarded our plane for the first time, Mr. Han appeared very calm and cold. At that time, I really thought he was a real gentleman…”

“Tsk tsk.” Li Li shook his head and said, “Some people look like they have no desires and are especially serious, but behind their backs, they have already set their sights on young ladies. They are all beasts!”

A chatterbox Li Li kept talking beside his ear. Han Zhan felt a long-awaited rowdiness.

Han Zhan was never the kind of person to swallow his anger. He retorted to Li Li. “Some people look tall and strong, and are already 20-30 years old. But they are a mommy’s boy.”

Li Li’s expression darkened as he felt the pain of being stepped on. He rolled up his sleeves and said to Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, it’s true that we can’t win normally, but it might not be the case now.”

Han Zhan didn’t say anything else. He calmly took out a gun from under the chair and aimed it at Li Li. “Try?”

Li Li was stunned.

Bei Zhan was also shockd. “Mr. Han, Li Li was just kidding.”

Han Zhan sneered and appeared heartless. “It’s a pity. I took it seriously.” With that, he suddenly pressed the wrench of the pistol.

“Mr. Han!” Bei Zhan screamed. Li Li also trembled.


A stream of water landed between Li Li’s brows.

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