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Chapter 298: Decision to Have the Deformed Child

Song Ci personally sent Han Zhan to the base and only she accompanied him.

The research and development base was built on the south coast of Wangdong City’s new development zone, while the launch base was located in Wanyu County. It was spacious and sparsely populated, and was close to the sea. It was also convenient for the late-stage boosters to be separated from the escape tower.

Today, everyone at the launch site looked very serious. When Song Ci and Han Zhan arrived, everyone stood up and shouted. “Mr. Han, Madam, you guys are here.”

Han Zhan nodded and asked a staff member, “Where’s Chen Gang?”

Chen Gang was the chief engineer of Zeus spaceship. The last time Aoyu Number 1 was launched, Han Zhan had also collaborated with Chen Gang.

That staff said, “Leader Chen is changing clothes.”


Han Zhan brought Song Ci to the changing room.

Inside the changing room, there was not a speck of dust. There were several aviation suits hanging inside, all custom-made according to the height and size of the astronauts, Han Zhan, and the rest.

This space suit was not cheap and cost millions. This was just an indoor space suit. When one really arrived in the universe, they needed to go out and change into an outdoor space suit with more complicated designs.

Han Zhan was already tall. After changing into a space suit, he looked even taller and stronger.

Song Ci tiptoed, cupped Han Zhan’s cheek, and leaned against his brows, cherishing every second that remained.

Han Zhan hugged her and said, “Baby Ci, your heartbeat is so fast.”

Song Ci admitted honestly. “Han Zhan, I’m afraid.”

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci even tighter. “Wait for me to come back. I will accompany you for the new year.”


When they parted, Song Ci and Han Zhan kissed passionately.

After officially saying goodbye, Han Zhan, Chen Gang, and the astronauts entered Zeus Number 1. The images of the four of them in Zeus Number 1 were transmitted to the staff’s computer screen via the surveillance camera.

Song Ci saw that Han Zhan and the rest had fastened their seatbelts. As the countdown approached, Song Ci’s heartbeat quickened and the adrenaline in her body surged. She felt like her limbs were starting to heat up and go limp.








“Take off!”

With a rumbling sound, orange flames shot out from the tail of the rocket, pushing Zeus Number 1 into the sky.

Song Ci noticed that Han Zhan and the rest were swaying. It took a while for them to get used to it.

After reaching the planned altitude, the level-one rocket successfully separated and landed in a sparsely populated mountain area.

At the side, the staff said to Song Ci, “This is the second time Mr. Han is participating in a flight. Madam, you can rest assured that our spaceship is safe and our astronauts are absolutely outstanding. They will return safely!”

The staff’s words comforted both Song Ci and himself.

Song Ci nodded, still worried.

The next day, Song Ci returned home and faced the two whelps waiting to be fed. Meeting their longing eyes, Song Ci felt very sad.

“Father…” Han Jun was asking why her father didn’t come back with Song Ci.

Song Ci sat between Han Miao and Han Jun, pointed at the sky on the roof, and asked them, “Miaomiao, Junjun, do you guys like the moon?”

Han Miao pointed at the moon in the sky. “Moon Bar.”

Han Jun said, “A light bulb!”

Han Jun always felt that the moon was a light bulb and a tool to light up the night sky.

Song Ci told them, “The moon is a star. Father recently flew into the sky to help you guys pluck the stars.”

“When Father comes back, he will give each of you a star. It is the most unique star in the world.”

Han Miao and Han Jun didn’t understand anything else and knew that their father had gone to pluck stars.

Han Miao happily patted her feet and said loudly, “Stars! I want stars!” Han Jun looked up at the moon in the sky, thinking about some great principle of life.

Every day that Han Zhan wasn’t around, Song Ci had a very difficult time. She wasn’t even in the mood to shop or attend banquets. Even when practicing the violin, she couldn’t quite calm down.

On this day, Shen Yubei arrived at the Han Family manor.

As he alighted, he heard Song Ci’s flustered music and couldn’t help frowning. Shen Yubei was led by the butler to the piano room.

Song Ci stood in the piano room, hugging her violin. She was playing something, and the sound of the violin was piercing and messy.

“Your heart is in a mess, why are you still playing the violin?”

Hearing the teacher’s voice, Song Ci snapped out of her trance. She hurriedly put down her violin and turned to look at Shen Yubei. “Teacher, why are you here today?”

Shen Yubei said, “I came to see your children.”

Song Ci put down her violin and pulled Shen Yubei into the piano room.

There were no chairs in the piano room, so the two of them sat on the clean floor.

Song Ci had not visited Shen Yubei for some time and didn’t know how his wife and child were now. She smiled and said to Shen Yubei, “How has Mistress been recently? It should be time for her to do four-dimensional surgery. Have you guys done it?”

Shen Yubei remained silent with a dark expression.

Seeing this, Song Ci couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

“Teacher, what happened? Tell me.” Shen Yubei’s sorrowful expression scared Song Ci slightly.

Shen Yubei was silent for a long time before saying in a muffled voice, “Last week, we went for a four-dimensional ultrasound. The results weren’t very ideal.”

“What happened?”

“The child’s left hand is deformed. He only has two fingers and we can’t see the other three. The doctor said that even if the child is born in the future, he won’t be able to perform a separation surgery.”

Song Ci was shocked.

Through the transparent window, she saw Han Miao and Han Jun playing with cars at the main entrance of the manor downstairs. Looking at the children’s smiling face, Song Ci felt pity for Shen Yubei and Di Rongrong.

“Have you checked again?”

“I did. I brought her to another hospital and looked for someone familiar. The results are the same.” Shen Yubei rubbed his face hard and said, “In the past, when we were doing an ultrasound, the doctor joked that our children liked to clench their fists.”

“At that time, I was rather happy and thought that this was a tough little guy. Now that I know the truth, I feel especially terrible.”

Shen Yubei’s eyes were red. “Song Ci, my wife has been in a very bad mood these few days. Your other two godmothers are also very busy and don’t have time to accompany her these few days. Coincidentally, Han Zhan isn’t around these few days. I want to send her over to stay here for a period of time so that you can accompany her and counsel her.”

“Of course there’s no problem. It’s just that this child…” Song Ci bit her lips and asked rather cruelly,” Teacher, you’re planning to miscarry this child, right? ”

Shen Yubei remained silent, but his sorrowful and determined eyes clearly said everything.

Shen Yubei pressed down on his slightly hot eyes and said in a low voice, “That child’s left hand is deformed. After he is born, he will definitely receive strange looks from the children and strangers. It’s fine if the child is cheerful and optimistic because of us, but if the child also feels inferior, she will never be able to lift her head in her entire life.”

“I don’t dare to let him be born. I’m afraid I’ll harm him.” He was the child’s father. He wanted the child to be healthy more than anyone else. He looked forward to the child’s birth very much.

But he was afraid of bringing the child into this world. He was afraid that the child would be mocked and attacked. He was afraid that the child would blame him in the future.

Blame us for bringing him into this world, blame us because he rather be dead than alive.

Song Ci could understand Shen Yubei’s feelings. She hesitated for a moment, but still hugged Shen Yubei’s shoulder and said to him, “Teacher, everything will get better.”

Shen Yubei was already forcing himself to be strong. Song Ci’s hug made Shen Yubei find a dependable shoulder.

Shen Yubei suddenly cried bitterly. He was a man, but he was also the child’s father. It was such a cruel thing to make him personally sign the agreement to take that child’s life!

Shen Yubei cried for a long while. Only when the phone rang did he quickly wipe his tears.

Seeing that it was Di Rongrong calling, Shen Yubei took a few deep breaths and waited for his emotions to calm down before calling Di Rongrong.

Over the phone, Di Rongrong said, “Where are you?”

Shen Yubei answered honestly, “I am with Song Ci.”

[fDi Rongrong acknowledged and remained silent.

“Give me your phone, Teacher.”

Song Ci reached out her right hand to Shen Yubei.

Shen Yubei hesitated for a moment before handing the cell phone to Song Ci.

Song Ci took the cell phone and chatted with Di Rongrong. “Mistress, it’s me, Song Ci.”

“Song Song.”

Di Rongrong asked Song Ci, “Song Song, your teacher has told you about the child, right?”


Di Rongrong told Song Ci, “The doctor told us that the child’s left hand can only see the thumb and index finger. The other three fingers are bent and grown together. It’s possible that the joints inside haven’t developed well and won’t be able to undergo orthopedics in the future.”

“But it’s also possible that the child’s knuckles have developed and only grew together. If that’s the case, while the child is still young, perform an orthopedic surgery early and the child’s fingers can still live like normal people in the future.”

“Song Song, you are also a mother. You should understand how I feel now. As for me, I still want to give birth to her. I will use enough patience to teach my child to be strong and optimistic.”

“Song Song, that’s a life. It’s my own flesh and blood. She doesn’t have any major problems. How can I bear to abandon her!”

On the other end of the call, Di Rongrong was already sobbing.

Song Ci knew that Di Rongrong had such thoughts. If it were her, she actually couldn’t be so heartless as to miscarry the child. If the child was ill or seriously deformed, she might still be able to bear the pain and not want that child. But the child was only slightly deformed and there were no other problems. She also couldn’t be so heartless.

“Mistress, are you still determined to have him?”

“Mmm.” Di Rongrong told Song Ci softly, “Song Song, that’s a girl.”

Song Ci understood.

Di Rongrong had once lost a daughter. That daughter died in front of her. Di Rongrong felt guilty towards that child for the rest of her life.

Now that she had another daughter in her stomach, she definitely couldn’t abandon her again.

Song Ci acknowledged and said, “Mistress, Han Zhan isn’t home these few days and my heart is in turmoil. Do you want to move in with us? The environment here is good and it’s also good for you to adjust your mood.”

Di Rongrong said, “Okay.”

After hanging up, Song Ci returned the cell phone to Shen Yubei. She smiled bitterly and said, “Teacher, I betrayed you again this time. I’m sorry. This time, I choose to stand on the same side as Mistress.”

Shen Yubei smiled instead. “Forget it. Your mistress is right. The child is not seriously ill and it is indeed unfair to her to easily miscarry.”

“Then give birth to her. In the future, we will protect her together.”


Di Rongrong moved over the next day.

It had been a while since they last met and Di Rongrong’s tummy was already very obvious. Due to her pregnancy hormonal imbalance, Di Rongrong’s face was no longer as smooth and supple as before. Her pores had widened slightly and she didn’t look that good anymore.

But Di Rongrong had a good mentality and was good at dressing up. At a glance, she was even a fashionable elderly mother.

Shen Yubei had moved over with Di Rongrong.

Knowing that there were guests at home, Aaron was in no hurry to deliver food after work. Instead, he went home to have dinner with Song Ci and the rest.

In front of Song Ci’s teacher, Aaron acted rather politely and didn’t say anything stupid.

Knowing that the left hand of the child in Di Rongrong’s womb was deformed and that they were still willing to give birth to that child, Aaron’s eyes were obviously much warmer when he looked at Di Rongrong.

“Don’t worry. With such loving parents like you two, the child will definitely grow up happily and optimistically.”

Hearing Aaron’s words, Shen Yubei and Di Rongrong were very happy.

Shen Yubei said to Song Ci, “Han Rang this child is rather obedient and likable.”

Aaron smiled sweetly at Shen Yubei and said, “Teacher Shen, you have such good taste.”

Song Ci complained to herself: My teacher doesn’t have good taste at all. If he was really good, he wouldn’t think of you as a good child.

After dinner, Aaron went to the night shift to deliver food.

Di Rongrong knew that Aaron was a child brought back from Italy by Han Zhan. She stared at Aaron’s limping feet and couldn’t help asking Song Ci, “Is he very short of money?”

Song Ci shook her head. “No, he is very rich.”

“Why is he still working so late at night?”

“Mistress, do you know there is a type of person in this world? They are all money-grubbers and obsessed with money. They are happy to see money. Aaron is like this. He is especially happy every time he earns a single cent. Working in the day and delivering food at night. Working hard to save money is the joy of his life.”

Hearing this, Di Rongrong nudged Shen Yubei’s arm and scolded him. “Look at him and look at yourself. Tell me, what’s the use of those things that you spent money to buy?”

“What did Teacher buy again?”

“A few days ago, I went to the Xibei Market to shop for antiques and spent 100,000 yuan to buy a rhinoceros horn.” Di Rongrong’s expression was very complicated.

Song Ci asked Shen Yubei curiously, “Teacher, why did you buy rhinoceros horns?”

Shen Yubei actually asked her, “Have you seen Soul Transition?”

Song Ci nodded. “That online drama?”



Shen Yubei put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth, and said, “In the Soul Transition, the rhinoceros horn can draw in the yin and yang. Light the rhinoceros horn and you can see the soul.”

Song Ci’s expression was as subtle as Di Rongrong’s.

I never expected you to believe in ghosts and gods.

Shen Yubei said, “That day, I went to the Xibei Market and happened to see an old lady selling rhinoceros horns, so I bought one back.”

Song Ci asked him with a complicated tone, “Then did you see a ghost?”

Shen Yubei shook his head. “I didn’t see it. That rhinoceros horn smells pretty good. I made it into incense and placed it in the toilet to smoke it.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Rich people!

Your teacher always likes to buy such nonsense. Beibei, you really have to learn from Aaron and Ah Hong.”

Shen Yubei had been single for more than 40 years, so he was used to being extravagant. In his life, he had bought many messy and expensive things and spent a lot of money.

Shen Yubei felt that Song Ci and Di Rongrong were too talkative and went upstairs to practice.

After Shen Yubei left, Di Rongrong said, “Actually, your teacher misses his grandfather. That night, he burned his rhinoceros horn and called out to him non-stop in the dark room.”

Shen Yubei’s grandfather was Italian. Shen Yubei’s violin “Fighting Soul” was made by his grandfather. Shen Yubei and his grandfather had a deep relationship. It was normal for him to miss his grandfather occasionally.

Speaking of Grandpa…

Song Ci said to Di Rongrong, “I will call my elder sister. Mistress, enjoy your meal.”


After Di Rongrong got pregnant, she could eat more. She was like at her own home at Song Ci’s house and didn’t need to be restrained when eating. She sat alone at the dining table and ate openly. Song Ci took her cell phone and called.

It might not be the right time to call Song Ci.

Song Fei answered the call and said, “I am busy now. I will call you back later.” With that, Song Fei hung up.

Song Ci vaguely heard Yan Jiang’s panting.

These two adulterers!

Song Ci waited for half an hour before calling again. This time, Song Fei finally answered the call. She asked lazily, “What are you doing?”

Song Ci asked her, “What were you doing just now?”

Song Fei said, “Ha.”

Song Ci said, “Woman.”

Song Fei said, “Ha.”

Song Ci asked, “Does it really feel good?”

Song Fei asked, “What do you mean?”

“The one you guys are playing. Does it feel good?”

Song Fei said, “Guess.”

Song Ci pouted and stopped arguing with Song Fei. “Song Fei, do you know where our grandfather is buried?”

“Why are you suddenly asking about this?”

“I just remembered that when Father was still around, he would occasionally go to pay respects to Grandpa. Father has been dead for so many years and no one has gone to pay respects to Grandpa all these years. Coincidentally, I have nothing on these few days. Should we go pay respects to Grandpa?”

Song Fei said, “Alright. I will come and fetch you tomorrow morning. We will drive there.”


Song Ci was going out for a few days, so she handed the children to the butler, Di Rongrong, and the rest to take care of. Meanwhile, Han Miao and Han Jun were also used to their parents going out and weren’t very noisy. But when they were about to separate, the two girls would still pester Song Ci for hugs and couldn’t bear to let go.

Song Ci played along with them. Only when Song Fei arrived did she pass them into the arms of Di Rongrong and the butler and get into the car.

After boarding the car, Song Fei said to Song Ci, “Set your cell phone’s GPS to Chongqing’s Wu Xi.”

[fuzzy]”Mmm, I’m done.”

Song Tingyun grew up in Wu Xi County. After his father died on the 15th year, Song Tingyun left Wu Xi County and went to Italy. Song Tingyun buried his father at the place where he grew up.

The car drove on the expressway for more than 20 hours before reaching Wu Xi County.

The two sisters found a hotel in the county city and stayed there. At night, they ate grilled fish with high local ratings.

After resting for the night, the sisters drove to Shuangyang Village at dawn the next day.

Shuangyang Village was at the east end of Wu Xi County and bordered Shennongjia in Hubei. According to Song Tingyun, his father had often gone to Shennongjia to pick herbs. Shennongjia had countless precious herbs.

The terrain of Shuangyang Village was rather steep. Song Fei’s SUV was speeding along the winding mountain road. Song Ci fastened her seatbelt and grabbed the handrail above her head firmly.

After driving for a few hours, it was almost noon before the two of them arrived at Shuangyang Village.

According to Song Tingyun many years ago, Song Ci and her grandfather should be staying in a small village called Lanying Village. Song Ci and Song Fei followed the navigation and circled for more than an hour before finding Lanying Village.

There were not many people here and there were even fewer young people. Most of them went out to work. Those who stayed behind in the village were mostly elderly and children.

Song Fei and Song Ci’s arrival attracted the attention of many local farmers. The sisters were good-looking, drove off-road vehicles, and dressed fashionably. It was very difficult not to attract attention.

Song Ci stopped a teenage girl and asked her, “Little girl, may I know where the village chief’s house is?”

That little girl was slightly shy and had never seen the outside world. She even blushed slightly at Song Ci’s sudden call.

She pointed to the other side of the road and stammered. “The village chief is over there, but he usually stays in the village commission’s office. The office is just in front. There’s a concrete block in front of the house with a red flag.”

The young lady’s Mandarin had a thick accent, but Song Ci was talented in languages and understood it. “Thank you, little sister.”

Song Ci got into the car and drove for another two minutes with Song Fei before seeing the village commission’s office.

Song Ci and Song Fei had just parked the car when a man and a woman walked out of the village council building. The man in his fifties was the village chief, and the woman in her early forties was the village chief’s wife. She was in charge of cleaning the office building.

Upon seeing Song Ci and the rest, the village chief narrowed his eyes and asked curiously, “Lass, which family’s daughter is this?” The village chief thought it was a relative from a certain village.

Song Fei leaned against the car and remained silent. Everything that needed diplomacy depended on Song Ci.

Song Ci smiled at the village chief and asked politely, “Village chief, my surname is Song, my grandfather is Song Qinghan, and my father is Song Tingyun. This is the first time we sisters are back and we want to pay our respects to our grandfather. Village chief, do you know Song Qingkuang?”

The village leader was stunned.

“Song Qingkuang…” The village chief slapped his thigh and said joyfully,” You are Brother Yun’s daughters? ”

From the looks of it, the village chief and Song Tingyun had a good relationship.

Song Ci nodded. “Yes.”

The village chief hurriedly pulled Song Ci and Song Fei into the office to sit for a while. He even said to his wife, “Da Fang, go and cook more food. There are two rare guests today.”

His wife hurriedly threw down the broom to cook.

The village leader told Song Ci, “My name is Song Kaiyun. I know your grandfather and call him uncle. Your grandfather, Song Qingkuang, brought Brother Yun to our village in his twenties and stayed there. He became a village doctor.”

“Your grandfather stayed in our village for a period of time and changed his surname to Song with us. Uncle Song is awesome. He can treat all the relatives in this 10-mile radius no matter what illness they have!”

“Brother Yun is also awesome. He studied medicine with Uncle Song and treated patients when he was 12 or 13 years old. What a pity…” The village head shook his head with a look of pity.

Song Ci asked, “What’s a pity?”

“It’s a pity that Uncle Song has such a short life. He was actually murdered…” The village chief shook the ashes in his hand and said,” That was the first murder case in our village and also the only one that has yet to be solved…”

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