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Chapter 297: The Sweetness Up Ahead, Dog Food is Free

Han Zhan, who was listening intently to his subordinate’s report on the annual work summary, didn’t notice the small incident outside the window.

At this moment, it was Zhu Wen’s turn to report on her work this year. She finished summarizing her work and was about to elaborate on her work plans for next year when she looked up and saw the helicopter outside the window.

Zhu Wen stared at the helicopter. After reading the contents of the note, she suddenly fell silent.

Han Zhan, who was focused on listening to the employees speak, noticed that Zhu Wen suddenly stopped talking. He frowned slightly and asked, “Mmm? What’s the matter?”

Zhu Wen pointed outside the window.

Li Li also said, “Mr. Han, look outside.”

Han Zhan looked in the direction Zhu Wen pointed.

The moment he saw the helicopter, Han Zhan instinctively said, “Where’s the security guard? Who allowed anyone to play with remote-controlled helicopters here? They should know this is the company…” As he spoke, Han Zhan saw the contents of the note clearly.

[Brother Han Zhan, I love you! Heart to heart!]

It was rare for Han Zhan to blush. Before he could finish speaking, he was choked to death. In this company, even if there were girls who liked Han Zhan, they wouldn’t dare to confess.

Only his Baby Ci would dare to do such a shameless thing.

His lady boss wanted to play with a helicopter at the entrance of the company, so of course she was allowed.

Seeing that Han Zhan suddenly stopped talking, Li Li, who liked to join in the fun, asked, “Mr. Han? I’ll get the security to chase that ignorant person away!” As a capable subordinate, Li Li was very on the ball.

Under everyone’s amused gazes, Han Zhan reached out his hand and shook it. “Sorry, my wife likes to fool around.”

Li Li chuckled. His lips quivered as he cursed silently. “Double standard dog!”

At this moment, another helicopter flew up unsteadily. This helicopter also had a balloon tied to it. The note under the balloon said:

Han Zhan, Little Ci Ci will always love you, xoxo!]

Han Zhan’s face turned even redder. He instinctively opened the thermos and took a sip of tea.

He was already old and couldn’t stand such romance.

He felt both happy and shy.

Li Li, Bei Zhan, and the rest looked at those helicopters with interest, curious about what Song Ci was up to.

The third and fourth helicopters flew up one after another. They lined up and aimed at the office where Han Zhan and the rest were. All the helicopters suddenly changed their positions, shook their bodies, and formed a heart shape.

Han Zhan’s heart felt like it had been shot by an arrow.

He suddenly got up and said, “After sitting for a few hours, everyone is tired. Go out and rest for a while. We will continue in the afternoon.”

Everyone was speechless.

Why didn’t you say you were tired before?

Li Li still wanted to stay and continue watching, so he said, “Mr. Han, I am not thirsty.”

Han Zhan shot him a cold glare. “No, you are very thirsty.”

Bei Zhan hurriedly pulled the nosy Li Li away.

After everyone left, Han Zhan got up, walked to the window, and stared at the square below.

Beside the flower bed in the square, Song Ci was wearing a sports suit and a baseball cap. She was squatting on the seat of the flower bed, holding a remote control plane in her hand and focused on piloting the helicopter.

Beside her were also five youths holding remote control. Aaron was also there. Aaron squatted beside Song Ci with a lollipop in his mouth as he reluctantly helped her control the remote control plane.

“It’s not that I want to say this, but your tricks are already outdated. More than 10 years ago, Orianna played these tricks in order to pursue Ye Chen.”

Song Ci pouted. “She chased after hers and I’m playing with mine.”

Aaron snorted. “I don’t fancy such things. If any girl wants to woo me and doesn’t use more than 10 sports cars to give me a heart shape, I will be indifferent.”

Song Ci sneered. She mocked Aaron. “That’s why you are single until now. Do you know that if you were in China, you would be a bachelor for 10 to 20 years? You are in your thirties and still have no wife.”

Aaron patted his butt. “It’s okay. I have money. Money is the most loyal and considerate wife.” With money, he could buy warmth and happiness.

Song Ci added. “Men obsessed with money will never find a girlfriend.” How many women were thrifty nowadays?

Aaron couldn’t be bothered to argue with Song Ci.

All the helicopters retreated and Aaron reached out his hand to Song Ci.

Song Ci asked, “What?”

Aaron asked, “Where’s the compensation?”

Song Ci reluctantly took out her money and scolded Aaron. “You stay at my house and eat at my house. I asked you to help me with something and you still asked me for money. You really can’t find a wife like this.”

Aaron said, “Pay up!”

Song Ci took out 200 yuan from her bag and threw it in Aaron’s hand.

Aaron got the money and turned to leave.

After entering the office, he turned a corner and entered the toilet. Opening the pocket behind his butt, Aaron folded the cash and placed it in his pocket. Then, he opened the small wealth management app and recorded the 200 yuan he had earned today.

After doing all this, Aaron went upstairs.

In the lift, he met Han Zhan downstairs.

Han Zhan stared at Aaron’s butt and said, “You asked your sister-in-law for money again?”

Aaron leaned against the lift and said, “Song Ci doesn’t lack that money.”

“Call her sister-in-law.”

“Song Ci.”

Han Zhan’s brows twitched. “No manners!”

Aaron pulled Han Zhan out of the lift, walked in, and closed the door.

Han Zhan hurried out of the company building and saw Song Ci scanning the QR codes to pay for those few remote-controlled youths. It looked like these were all people she borrowed from the club. After Song Ci finished paying, Han Zhan went behind her.

Han Zhan covered Song Ci’s eyes.

Song Ci immediately smelled Han Zhan’s neutral wood style.

Recognizing that it was Han Zhan, Song Ci calmed down and started acting. “Help, someone is robbing a maiden. Help! Help!”

Han Zhan leaned close to Song Ci’s ear and lowered his voice to threaten her. “If you want to live, don’t scream!”

Song Ci pretended to be afraid. Her heart was trembling as she said in a trembling voice, “Gentleman, gentleman, don’t harm me. I don’t have money on me and I don’t look good either. I only have this two-tiered heart from head to toe. Do you want it? If you want it, I can give it to you.”

Han Zhan was successfully amused by Song Ci. He released his hand, walked up to her, looked down at her, and pretended to be angry. “So what you gave me in the past was all fake.”

Rubbing Song Ci’s heart, Han Zhan asked, “Who are you planning to give this heart to?”

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s hand. “Don’t you know who I want to give it to?”

Han Zhan’s expression turned serious. He stared into Song Ci’s eyes that were filled with longing and uneasiness. Knowing that Song Ci had come to the company to spend more time with him and couldn’t bear to part with him, his heart softened.

“Follow me up. I will bring you out to play after the meeting.”


Han Zhan brought Song Ci to the cafeteria for food.

Song Ci had eaten at the old company’s restaurant in the past. After moving from Zeus International to the Imperial Dragon Building, Song Ci had never eaten at Han Zhan’s company’s canteen.

Han Zhan brought Song Ci to Chinese food.

Recently, it had been cold and Song Ci had gained several catties of meat. She restrained herself and only ate half a bowl of rice before putting down the bowl. As usual, Han Zhan added some vegetables to her bowl.

“If you don’t want rice, eat more dishes. Anyway, you can’t starve.”

Song Ci secretly touched the meat at her waist.

She had a very good figure when she was standing, but the moment she sat down, there was a circle of small meat around her waist. Song Ci was slightly unhappy and muttered. “Every time it’s you, you always add food into my bowl. I’ve already gained several pounds.”

Han Zhan also smiled. “Being hungry is not good for the body, especially the stomach. Although being beautiful is important, health is more important.”

Song Ci didn’t retort.

Once anything involved her health, Han Zhan would never back down.

Song Ci could only finish her food happily and bitterly.

After dinner, Song Ci followed Han Zhan back to the office. Song Ci walked a few rounds and exercised in the office gym for half an hour. After sweating, she went to take a shower.

After taking a shower, she walked out wearing Han Zhan’s shirt and suit pants. Han Zhan’s suit pants were very long and Song Ci also had a pair of long legs, but they were much shorter than Han Zhan’s legs.

Song Ci pulled up her pants and walked comically to the bed. She said to Han Zhan, “Your pants are too long and I always step on it.”

Han Zhan was resting against the pillow with his eyes closed. Hearing this, he quickly reached out his left arm and pulled Song Ci into his arms. Holding Song Ci, Han Zhan said, “Since it’s too long, don’t wear it anymore.”

Song Ci was waiting for this. “Since you won’t let me wear it, I won’t wear it.” Song Ci’s tone sounded forced, but the speed at which she took off her pants was astonishing.

Song Ci seldom came to the office. Han Zhan had fantasized about doing whatever he wanted to her in this bed more than once. Han Zhan had even prepared everything, but he could not use it.

Finally, the fantasy came true. Han Zhan was slightly agitated and lost control of himself.

By the time it ended, it was almost time for work.

Song Ci laid weakly on the bed and covered her face with the blanket. “I want to sleep.”

But Han Zhan said, “I’ll bring you to take a shower first.” Carrying Song Ci to the shower room, Han Zhan put on his clean shirt for her and placed her back on the bed.

Song Ci fell asleep very quickly. Han Zhan waited for her to fall asleep, before putting on his clothes and walking out of the office. He said to the chief executive assistant, “Watch closely. No one is allowed to enter.”

The executive assistant knew very well that Mr. Han’s darling was resting inside. He nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Han. No one will go in.”


Song Ci was woken up by Han Zhan.

When she opened her eyes, Han Zhan’s head was leaning against her face and rubbing vigorously against her neck. “It’s time to get up, Baby Ci.”

Song Ci hugged Han Zhan’s head and asked him, “What time is it?” The sun was already setting outside the window.

Han Zhan said, “It’s 4.30pm.”

Song Ci slept for two hours.

Song Ci hurriedly pushed Han Zhan away and got up. Her previous clothes had been sent for dry cleaning and his assistant had already sent over brand new clothes.

Han Zhan followed Song Ci’s dressing style and got his assistant to buy clothes according to her size and length. Song Ci tidied up her hair, put on some makeup, and got off work with Han Zhan.

The two of them were going on a date.

Han Zhan was about to walk towards the garage when Song Ci grabbed his arm. “Let’s walk. Han Zhan, how long has it been since you took a walk with me?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Let’s walk then.”

The two of them walked out of the Imperial Dragon Building, crossed the bridge, and arrived at the shore.

It was Christmas today and there were more people on the streets. The atmosphere was also different. On the streets, exquisite Christmas trees and cheerful Christmas songs could be seen everywhere.

Song Ci approached a jewelry shop and bought two red scarves. She wrapped one around Han Zhan and gave the other to herself.

Han Zhan was wearing a black suit with a blue windbreaker to ward off the cold. Song Ci had put on a red scarf and it didn’t match very well. Luckily, Han Zhan was rather good-looking and could handle such a style.

Song Ci was wearing a khaki windbreaker and black pants that matched her red scarf quite well. Red made Song Ci look even fairer and more alluring.

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s tender face and said softly, “I feel like I’ve abducted my neighbor’s little sister.”

Song Ci suppressed her laughter. “You know yourself rather well.”

Han Zhan grabbed her hand with his right hand.

But Song Ci said, “The gloves are rather cold. Hold my left hand.”

The leather gloves were indeed slightly cold in winter.

Han Zhan thought for a moment and took off his gloves. His broken fingers were fake and looked very metallic. It was the kind of look that others would know at a glance that his hands were handicapped but not ugly.

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci with his right hand.

The touch of those two metal fingers reached Song Ci’s heart through her palm. Song Ci asked Han Zhan somewhat hesitantly, “Han Zhan, will you care about other people’s views? If you do, put on gloves.” Everyone loved to be beautiful, and Han Zhan also loved to be beautiful.

Han Zhan said, “In the beginning, I did care a lot and gave up on myself because of this. But after thinking it through, I wore gloves to avoid unnecessary trouble and pity.”

“But now?” Han Zhan smiled domineeringly. “I have money, status, a wife, and a child. No one’s sympathetic eyes can hurt me.”

Han Zhan was actually not afraid of others’ sympathy and pity. He was even more afraid that Song Ci would look at him that way.

So on the day of the marriage certificate, when Song Ci boldly asked him to put the ring on her right hand, Han Zhan felt like he was being treated like a normal person by Song Ci.

That was the first time he mustered up the courage to take off his gloves in front of others and look straight at his defect.

In Song Ci’s eyes, Han Zhan was not a pitiful worm with handicapped hands.

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci was relieved.

Song Ci actually didn’t care about Han Zhan’s disability. Walking out the door hand in hand with Han Zhan, she wasn’t afraid of others discovering that her husband’s hand was handicapped. She felt that Han Zhan was great, good in every way.

After walking for a while, Han Zhan suddenly met a young lady selling flowers. That lady handed the flowers to Han Zhan and said with a sweet smile, “I wish you and Miss a strong relationship that will last forever!”

It was not Valentine’s Day today, but the roses were selling well.

If the flower seller said a few nice words, there would be fools paying for flowers, including Han Zhan. Han Zhan was about to pay with his cell phone when he heard the flower seller say, “It’s for you, big brother.” The young lady carried the flower basket and ran off.

Hearing this big brother made Han Zhan’s heart light up, as if he had suddenly become several years younger.

It was not in vain that I applied facial masks four times a week!

Han Zhan gave the rose to Song Ci, but she said, “It’s for you, just take it.”

Han Zhan frowned, took the flowers in his left hand, held Song Ci’s in his right, and continued walking towards Deep Alley Restaurant. After walking for a while, Han Zhan met another flower seller, this time a young man.

That young man plucked the most gorgeous rose and bent over to give it to Han Zhan. “Big Brother, I wish you and big sister a blissful life!”

Before Han Zhan could take out his wallet, that child ran away.

Han Zhan felt that something was off.

After walking another distance, he met another young lady who stuffed him with a flower. After walking another hundred meters, he met another flower seller…

In the end, Han Zhan couldn’t hold it with one hand and could only release Song Ci and hug it with both hands.

He counted silently in his heart. He had already received 49 flowers. Han Zhan, a grown man, carried a big bouquet of delicate roses and attracted the attention of many when he entered the restaurant with Song Ci.

Those who could dine at Deep Alley Restaurant were all people of high society. Han Zhan was the richest man in Wangdong City. Who didn’t know him?

Being stared at by those familiar and unfamiliar friends made Han Zhan feel very ashamed.

Song Ci walked to their seats and sat down. Han Zhan had too many roses and it was not convenient for him to sit down. Song Ci got up again and took the initiative to pull out a chair for Han Zhan.

“Han Zhan, sit down.”

Han Zhan sat down and hugged the flowers in a daze.

He had already guessed that these roses were not given to him by those passionate strangers. They should have been arranged by Song Ci.

There were two blooming roses in the vase on the dining table.

Han Zhan noticed that there was only one rose on other people’s tables.

Song Ci didn’t sit down. She bent down and took a red rose from the vase. Song Ci placed the rose into the bouquet in Han Zhan’s arms.

Her rose was the most beautiful and charming.

Han Zhan heard Song Ci say, “Big brother, I wish you a safe and long life. This time on the Moon, you must come back healthy on time. Song Ci will be waiting for you on Earth.”

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci’s eyes were red and felt different.

She felt satisfied but also sad.

“Song Ci…”

“Shh!” Song Ci placed her finger on her lips, indicating for Han Zhan to shut up.

Han Zhan shut his mouth and remained silent as he looked at his little wife quietly.

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan and the roses. She said, “Han Zhan, it’s Christmas in 2023. Song Ci gave you 50 roses on Earth. But you didn’t give me anything. So Han Zhan, you owe me 50 roses.”

Han Zhan’s brows twitched slightly. “Then, what kind of gift should I give you in return?”

Song Ci said, “I want you to give me a rose every Christmas from now on. From 2024 to 2074, before you are 85 years old, you must give me roses every Christmas.” After 85 years old, she might have already died.

Han Zhan was touched and tears welled up in his eyes.

He glanced up at the sky and suppressed his tears. “Alright, I agree.”

The few tables closest to them heard Song Ci and Han Zhan’s conversation and felt puzzled.

A young lady and young master who were dating secretly remembered their conversation. After dinner and walking out of the Deep Alley Restaurant, the girl impatiently opened Wangdong City’s forum and posted.

– [Please explain, what does the conversation between the richest man and the top debutante mean?]

Dream Person is a Guest: [I bumped into the richest man and lady at the Deep Alley Restaurant today. To be honest, the richest man is even more charming than in the magazines. As expected of the top debutante, she is a real wealthy lady. Alright, back to the topic.]

Today at the restaurant, the socialite lady gave Mr. Rich Man a big bouquet of roses. It seems to be 50 roses. The conversation between the socialite lady and Mr. Rich Man is romantic and strange. Everyone analyzed what the socialite lady meant by these words.]

In the post, the dream host recorded every conversation between Han Zhan and Song Ci.

After their conversation, Dream Person is a Guest hoped that someone could answer their doubts.

Song Ci had always been a popular person on the forum. Any posts related to her would quickly attract the attention of a large number of users.

Seeing the new post, the forum users flooded in. Some expressed that they didn’t know, while others expressed that this was a romance between Mr. Rich and the socialite.

Only when a person called Queen Beibei appeared did she leave a message to clear everyone’s doubts.

Queen Beibei: [I guess this is why. The Zeus Airlines tourism industry under Mr. Rich Man Company is expected to officially open on Chinese Valentine’s Day next year. It is said that after Valentine’s Day next year, they will accept reservations from global customers.]

[And on New Year’s Day, Mr. Rich Man will personally board Zeus’s spaceship and launch a one-week airline tour. This is Zeus Corporation’s second flight after so many years. This is also a bold journey. There are countless rich people watching from all over the world.]

[In order to reassure the customers, Mr. Rich Man must test the plane with his own body to ensure that their Zeus spaceship is safe, their technicians are qualified, and their travel projects are attractive.]

[In summary, I can roughly understand the true meaning of that conversation. Tsk tsk tsk, the relationship between a socialite and Mr. Rich is so good.]

After seeing Queen Beibei’s analysis, the forum users were enlightened.

109th comment: [This couple is locked up! What kind of immortal love is this!]

110th comment: [The socialite is sending flowers to Mr. Rich Man and requesting him to send her a rose every year for the next 50 years. This is telling Mr. Rich Man to return safely and grow old with her! I am really going to lose all my blood. Sisters, if anyone tells me that the love between Mr. Rich Man and the socialite is fake in the future, I will be anxious!]

# 112: [These two people must torture each other until their hair turns white!]

114th comment: [I thought Valentine’s Day was the saddest day for a single dog like me. I didn’t expect you to not forget to give me a big blow at Christmas!]

Time passed very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was New Year’s Day.

On this day, early in the morning, Han Zhan had breakfast with the family and rested at home. On this day, Han Zhan brought the children to the back of the mountain to take a ferris wheel, play bumper cars, and even went to the temperature pool to teach the children how to swim.

In the afternoon, Song Fei, Yan Jiang, Han Wangwang, and the rest all arrived at the manor and had a peaceful lunch. Everyone was very happy as they chatted and laughed during the meal.

After dinner, Han Zhan went upstairs to take a shower and prepared to set off for the spaceship research and development base.

He changed his clothes and walked down the stairs. He met Song Fei. Song Fei sat down on the staircase at the corner of the stairs, holding a ball in her hand as she patted it.

Han Zhan looked at Song Fei’s back view and called out, “Sister Fei.”

Song Fei turned and stared at Han Zhan.

“Han Zhan, I won’t allow you to bully my sister…” Her eyes were deep as she said sternly,” So, you must come back! ”

Han Zhan nodded vigorously before saying, “I will return safely.”

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