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Chapter 296: Song Ci: Nice elasticity (2)

Cheng Yanmo ate the roasted sausage and was instantly satisfied.

Cheng Yanmo drove back to the office.

The employees of the company had already started to knock off, but Cheng Yanmo’s secretary and assistant usually worked overtime until around 9pm.

On the way to the office, Cheng Yanmo ordered some takeout for his subordinates in the secretary’s office.

When Cheng Yanmo arrived at the office, the takeaway had just arrived. He walked out of the lift and saw the employee happily sharing the takeaway. “Red Bean Milk Tea, Assistant Fei, it’s yours!”

Fei Wen walked out of her exclusive office.

Today, Fei Wen was wearing a white slim-fit sweater, a brown line dress, and a khaki windbreaker. Fei Wen was wearing 5cm high heels with her hair tied up. She had a strong aura, like a supermodel on a runway.

Fei Wen took her red bean milk tea and took a sip from the straw. She looked up and saw Cheng Yanmo approaching from the corridor.

Fei Wen put down the milk tea in her hand and asked Cheng Yanmo, “Boss, why are you here?”

Cheng Yanmo walked straight into the office. Hearing Fei Wen’s voice, Cheng Yanmo stopped.

Cheng Yanmo thought of Su Huanyan’s words and couldn’t resist staring at Fei Wen carefully.

Being stared at by Cheng Yanmo, Fei Wen looked confused. She saw that Cheng Yanmo was staring at the milk tea in her hand and couldn’t help asking in confusion, “Did I drink the wrong milk tea? Is this yours?”

Cheng Yanmo frowned and suddenly asked, “Assistant Fei, how old are you?”

Assistant Fei was stunned and instinctively answered, “30 years old.”

She was only a year younger than Cheng Yanmo.

“Only 30 years old, you’re very young.” After Cheng Yanmo said such a strange sentence, he added something even more unfathomable. “Assistant Fei, blue suits you very well.”

Fei Wen blinked in confusion.

After Cheng Yanmo said those weird words, he entered the office.

The secretary looked at the two of them and felt that something was off. Fei Wen glanced down at her colleagues in the office and saw that they were all gossiping. She pursed her lips and said coldly, “What are you looking at?”


The subordinates hurriedly returned to their desks and ate while working overtime.

Assistant Fei turned and entered the office.

For 365 days a year, Cheng Yanmo might be on a work trip for 165 days. Most of the time, Fei Wen stayed in the company to relay and carry out Cheng Yanmo’s every order.

Fei Wen was Cheng Yanmo’s right arm and was known as the female vajra of Chuan Dong International.

Everyone was afraid of her.

The next day, Cheng Yanmo arrived at the office early. He sat down in the office, finished some documents, and was going to Italy on a work trip.

He was going to inspect a batch of jewelry.

Cheng Yanmo heard a knock on the door. Without looking up, he said, “Come in.”

The sound of high heels clicking against the ground approached Cheng Yanmo step by step. Fei Wen handed a document to Cheng Yanmo and said, “Boss, this is the jewelry designer I chose. This is her information.”

Cheng Yanmo was replying to Su Huanyan’s WeChat message and didn’t look at the document.

Seeing this, Fei Wen stared at the document and introduced. “The jewelry designer, Ceres, was once the chief jewelry designer of ES Jewelry International. Later, she took the initiative to quit her job because of a scandal with the young master of ES Financial Group. Now, Ceres has opened a small jewelry shop to make a living on her own jewelry design.”

“Boss, if you think she can do it, I will recruit her as soon as possible.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo put down his cell phone, looked up, and said to Fei Wen, “I naturally trust your capabilities. Go and do it as soon as possible…”

When he saw Fei Wen, Cheng Yanmo suddenly froze and forgot to speak.

Today, Fei Wen was wearing a blue dress and a white windbreaker. Her hair was draped over her fair and beautiful neck.

Fei Wen really suited blue very well. In blue, she looked so fair that she glowed, and she was beautiful and gentle.

It turned out that Assistant Fei also had such a gentle and charming side.

Cheng Yanmo was momentarily silent.

Being stared at by Cheng Yanmo like this, Fei Wen was slightly nervous, as if her hands and feet were not her own.

Fei Wen instinctively tugged at the hem of her dress and asked softly, “Boss, is it strange for me to be wearing blue?” This morning, when Fei Wen stood in front of the mirror in a blue dress, she felt that the person inside was not her.

She was too embarrassed to go out.

But Cheng Yanmo said, “No, blue looks very good.” He picked up Ceres’s information form and said, “Perhaps you should try other colors.”

“… Okay.”

Su Huanyan: [Brother Yanmo, why aren’t you saying anything? I might have placed that set of jewelry in the drawer of the cloakroom. Get someone to send it to me once you find it.]

After putting down the form, Cheng Yanmo replied Huanyan: [Mmm, Assistant Fei was here just now. I have something on.]

Su Huanyan: [Oh, Assistant Fei.] Su Huanyan had obviously sent a message, but Cheng Yanmo seemed to have heard Su Huanyan’s mocking voice beside him, full of ill intentions.

Cheng Yanmo was silent for a moment before suddenly saying: [Assistant Fei looks quite good in blue.]

Su Huanyan: […]

Su Huanyan: [Why did she change clothes today?]

Cheng Yanmo: [I said yesterday that she should look very good in blue clothes. She changed today.]

It was rare for Cheng Yanmo to be narcissistic. He said, [Huanyan, your guess might be right. Assistant Fei might like me.] Although Cheng Yanmo had only been in a relationship, he had eyes and knew how to love.

Su Huanyan smiled and said, [Then go and verify it. Don’t think too much.]

Cheng Yanmo: [Alright.]

Putting down his cell phone, Cheng Yanmo pressed the intercom. “Assistant Fei, come in.”

Assistant Fei came right in upon being called.

After she entered, she stood in front of the desk with her hands hanging down and a calm expression.

“Assistant Fei.”


Cheng Yanmo pointed at her hair and said, “In the future, just put on your hair like this and don’t show your neck.”

Assistant Fei was filled with question marks. She instinctively asked, “Why?”

Cheng Yanmo said, “Your neck is rather nice. If you hide it, you can block sexual harassment in the workplace.” The previous person who harassed Assistant Fei was still learning the core values of socialism in the detention center.

Assistant Fei couldn’t help whispering in her heart*: I think you’re sexually harassing me now.*

But Fei Wen knew Cheng Yanmo too well and knew that he had no interest in her. She didn’t think much of it and just thought that Cheng Yanmo was thinking for his subordinate.

Assistant Fei acknowledged and said, “I will take note in the future.”


After Assistant Fei left, Cheng Yanmo told Su Huanyan: [Assistant Fei’s reaction was calm and didn’t seem to be interested in me. We might have made a mistake this time.]

Su Huanyan didn’t reply.

She was on the phone and the caller was Song Ci.

“Then Yan Yan, when will you guys return to Rome? Before you leave, tell me and I will come to bid you farewell.” Song Ci was tired from practicing the violin. Thinking of Su Huanyan and Sicilio, she called her.

Su Huanyan said, “It will take at least a week. Your brother’s injuries are rather serious. After resting for a few more days, we will take a private plane back to Rome.”

“I will come to Su City to visit you then.”

u Huanyan looked at the date. It was Christmas Eve today. She asked Song Ci, “Isn’t your Brother Han going to heaven on New Year’s Day? How are you planning to spend Christmas with him this year?”

Song Ci expressed that she knew nothing. “I don’t know. I did prepare a surprise for him. I wonder if he prepared a surprise for me.”

“You prepared a surprise for Han Zhan?” Su Huanyan smiled and asked, “What surprise did you prepare?”

“I’m not telling you.”

“Who cares?”

The two of them chatted for a while before Song Ci hung up.

She practiced her violin for another hour. Hearing that Han Zhan’s car had returned, she put down the violin and went downstairs.

Han Zhan stood in the main hall. Han Miao and Han Jun hadn’t seen their father for a day. Seeing that their father had returned from work, they were very agitated. They surrounded Han Zhan’s legs, pulled his hand, and called him father.

Han Zhan was carrying one baby in each hand. Seeing Song Ci walk over, he said, “How should I carry you?” With two arms carrying the baby, he couldn’t carry Song Ci anymore.

Song Ci said, “Let me hug you.”

Song Ci hugged the father-daughter trio and even playfully pinched Han Zhan’s butt. She praised. “Not bad, it’s quite elastic.”

Han Zhan said, “I thought you were going to say that I am old and sickly.”

Song Ci released Han Zhan and looked at him with a faint smile. She said, “You are quite aware of yourself.”

Han Zhan suppressed his laughter.

“What are your plans for Christmas tomorrow?”

Han Zhan said, “I won’t be free in the day tomorrow. I will make time at night to bring you out for a date. Which dinner do you want to have? I will order it in advance.” Old men wouldn’t prepare a surprise.

Song Ci asked, “Are you at the office during the day?”

“Mmm. It’s the end of the year and there’s a summary meeting. I probably can only get off work at 3 or 4 pm.”

Nodding, Song Ci said, “I want to eat in Deep Alley tonight.” After a pause, Song Ci added, “I won’t bring the children along.”

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci meaningfully. “As a mother, you are rather selfish.”

“Then do you want to bring the children?”

“No, I am as selfish as you.”

The despised twin sisters vaguely understood what their parents were saying. Han Miao hooked her arm around Han Zhan’s nose and said, “Go! Go! Go to the streets!”

The children living on the mountain wanted to enter the city everyday.

Even Han Jun grabbed Han Zhan’s mouth and said, “Milk tea!” Han Jun couldn’t forget the milk tea that her mother had drunk the last time. But she felt that the milk tea her mother had given her didn’t taste right.

Han Jun would not be satisfied until she had a sip of real milk tea.

Han Zhan said, “Father will bring you to the streets the day after tomorrow.”

Han Miao and Han Jun only heard the word “on the streets” but not the day after tomorrow. They were all very happy and looked forward to tomorrow.

But the next morning, their father had already gone to work and their mother was nowhere to be seen.

Han Miao was very unhappy and fought with Han Jun at home. She threw her blocks and she hit her dolls. Even the butler couldn’t control them.

The housekeeper had no choice but to call Han Zhan.

“Sir, the two ladies are throwing a tantrum at home and want to go on the streets.” Typically, children’s memory was very short. Usually, one second they were still arguing about what to do, the next second they would be distracted.

But Han Miao and Han Jun were very persistent and still remembered what Han Zhan promised them last night.

Han Zhan was still in a meeting at that time, so everyone saw Han Zhan stand up, walk towards the corner of the wall, and say in a low voice, “I’ll get Long Yu and Python to come over and let them bring the little children onto the streets.”

“Alright, Sir.”

Han Zhan hung up and turned back. He met the tolerant eyes of the CEOs of several subsidiary companies. He smiled calmly and said, “My princesses are mischievous. I’ve embarrassed myself in front of everyone.”

“No, no. Mr. Han’s daughters are lively and adorable. You are so fortunate.”

Han Zhan nodded. “Continue.”

It was the end of the year and the work summary meeting had been held for a long time. The meeting started at 8.30am and didn’t end until 11pm.

Bei Zhan saw that it would take at least two hours before the meeting ended, so he got his assistant to instruct the chefs in the canteen to prepare the dishes. The group of them ate in the canteen at noon.

Zeus Corporation’s canteen food was very delicious and not inferior to those at major hotels.

At this moment, Li Li suddenly noticed that outside the window of the meeting room, a… remote-controlled helicopter floated up. There was a balloon tied to the leg of the helicopter and a pale purple note under the balloon.

There was a sentence handwritten clearly on the note:

[Brother Han Zhan, I love you! Heart to heart!]

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