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Chapter 295: The Domineering CEO Who Loves Junk Food (1)

Sicilio smiled at her reassuringly. “It’s alright now. I am also enduring the injuries you suffered.”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan’s heart ached. “Leo, are you stupid?”

“I am not stupid. Yan Yan.” Sicilio gently grabbed Su Huanyan’s hand like a child trying to please his little friend. He asked humbly, “Yan Yan, don’t abandon me. Come back to my side, alright?”

Su Huanyan nodded with tears streaming down her face. “…Okay.”

Hearing this, Sicilio was satisfied.

The burns on his body were painful and torturous, but Sicilio felt blissful.

He finally found Yan Yan again.

Han Zhan and Aaron waited outside for a while before being allowed to enter. Once they entered the house, Aaron collapsed on the accompanying bed next door and mocked Sicilio in front of Su Huanyan. “Amazing, amazing. Sicilio finally returned with a beauty in his arms.”

Su Huanyan felt slightly awkward. Sicilio couldn’t move. If he could, he could cripple Aaron.

Han Zhan shot Aaron a warning look, then looked at Sicilio and said, “Go back to the country as soon as possible. I will be going out for a period of time in a few days. If you stay in China, I am afraid that you will stir up trouble. I won’t be able to protect you then.”

Sicilio rolled his eyes and asked him, “Where are you going?”

Aaron answered for Han Zhan. “He wants to go to the skies.”

Sicilio pretended not to hear Aaron’s words and asked Han Zhan, “Where are you going? On a work trip?”

Han Zhan said, “I’m really going to the skies this time.”

Sicilio was confused.

Su Huanyan couldn’t bear to see Aaron and Han Zhan collaborating to tease Sicilio. She told him, “Han Zhan’s company’s Zeus spaceship will be launched on New Year’s Day night to travel to the Moon.”

“Han Zhan is going with the pilot.”

Sicilio was enlightened. “I see.”

Sicilio stared at Su Huanyan with such a scorching gaze. He said to her, “When are you coming back to Italy with me?”

Su Huanyan remained silent.

She and Cheng Yanmo were definitely going to get a divorce, and Su Huanyan didn’t intend to return to this sad place in Su City. It wasn’t impossible to bring the two children back to Rome with Sicilio.


“How should I propose a divorce to Yanmo? We have to give a reason to the public.”

Su Huanyan and Sicilio had let Cheng Yanmo down. If they really got divorced, how would the outside world comment on Cheng Yanmo? Su Huanyan said, “You must give me a good reason. This reason must save Yanmo’s face.”

“Let me think.”

Han Zhan and Aaron stayed in the ward for a while before leaving.

They had only come to confirm if Sicilio was safe and sound. Seeing that Sicilio could still act and seek pleasure, it looked like he wouldn’t die. As a result, they didn’t spend the night in Su City. The two of them flew back to Wangdong City that day.

At night, Cheng Yanmo came to the hospital to visit Sicilio.

As soon as he sat down, he said, “You guys reconciled?” Cheng Yanmo had already noticed the ring on Su Huanyan’s hand. He didn’t want to make things difficult for her, so he purposely didn’t mention it in front of her.

Sicilio nodded. “Get a divorce as soon as possible.”

“Ha!” Cheng Yanmo sneered. “What’s the reason? Who doesn’t know that I, Cheng Yanmo, and my wife, Su Huanyan, have a harmonious relationship and are childhood sweethearts? There’s even a fruit of love between us?”

“There has to be a decent reason for a sudden divorce.”

Sicilio glared at him. “Divorce!”

Cheng Yanmo said, “I can get a divorce, but the person in charge of Chuan Dong Group cannot be cuckolded.” He only had one request.

Sicilio was slightly worried.

There was no way to find such a good reason, alright?

After a while, Cheng Yanmo spoke softly again. He said meaningfully, “It’s not that I can’t be cuckolded. If the conditions are tempting enough, it’s okay for me to be cuckolded.”

Tempting conditions?

Sicilio stared at Cheng Yanmo suspiciously and asked, “What do you want?”

“I heard that you have a good relationship with a batch of jewelry suppliers. I happen to have a jewelry company. Look, the two of us can actually reach a long-term commercial collaboration. I look for you to buy a few batches of jewelry every year…”

Holding the lap of the mirror, Cheng Yanmo added. “Of course. We are so close and have already slept in the same room. In terms of price, can you give us an advantage?”

Sicilio was speechless.

In front of absolute benefits, one didn’t care if one’s head was yellow or green.

Sicilio admired Cheng Yanmo.

Sicilio smiled coldly and said reluctantly, “Can I not agree?”

Cheng Yanmo revealed his considerate and kind side. He said, “Of course you can disagree. But you won’t be able to wait until the day I register my divorce with Huanyan.”

Sicilio said, “…Deal.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo smiled in satisfaction. He stood up and said, “I’ll get the legal department to write a contract. When you sign the contract, Huanyan and I will go for a divorce.”

Sicilio urgently wanted Cheng Yanmo to divorce Su Huanyan. Hence, only three days later when Cheng Yanmo took out his contract, Sicilio didn’t hesitate to sign it.

The two of them divorced via a peace agreement. Program belonged to Su Huanyan. Cheng Yanmo would pay for Program’s living expenses and school fees annually, until Program finished all its studies.

Originally, Su Huanyan refused to accept Cheng Yanmo’s compensation, but Cheng Yanmo said, “You and I secretly brought him into this world. Huanyan, to Program, we are his parents.”

“Raising him is our shared responsibility. Moreover…” Cheng Yanmo stared at the divorce agreement and said in a low voice,” Anzhi only has this one child. I also want to treat him better. ”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan finally agreed.

After signing her name on the divorce agreement, Su Huanyan’s heart relaxed. “Brother Yanmo, thank you for taking care of me these three years.”

“I am your elder brother.” Rubbing Su Huanyan’s head, Cheng Yanmo said, “It is my duty to take care of you.”

Su Huanyan’s eyes reddened.

After signing the divorce agreement, the two of them brought the necessary documents to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

That afternoon, they successfully received their divorce certificate.

Holding the divorce certificate, Su Huanyan still had mixed feelings.

She said, “Actually, when I got married to you, I didn’t intend to divorce you.” She and Cheng Yanmo were considered childhood sweethearts and knew each other very well. It was not impossible for them to develop feelings for each other, after spending their entire lives together seriously.

Cheng Yanmo also said, “I also planned to spend the rest of my life with you. But when Sicilio appeared in your life again, I knew that this day would come sooner or later.”

The first time Cheng Yanmo saw Sicilio, he knew that Sicilio was a ruthless person who would never give up until he achieved his goal. The way he looked at Su Huanyan looked gentle, but there was actually a ferocious glint in his eyes. It was as if he wanted to capture Su Huanyan and lock her in a cage at any time.

The two of them smiled at each other and reached out their right hands.

“I wish you all happiness.”

“I wish you happiness too.”

The two of them walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau and boarded the same car home. The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau saw that the two of them were getting along harmoniously and didn’t understand why they wanted a divorce.

They clearly look very close!

On the way home, Su Huanyan suddenly said, “Can you tell me about your relationship with Mu Qiu?”

Cheng Yanmo’s eyes narrowed.

Hearing this name suddenly made him feel slightly upset.

“It’s impossible between me and her.” Due to that dream, Cheng Yanmo’s feelings for Mu Qiu became even more complicated. He loved Mu Qiu, but he couldn’t be with her because she was too vicious.

Moreover, Mu Qiu had already become a monk. It was said that she had a deep cultivation and had already been groomed by the abbot of the Moonlight Nunnery to be her successor.

Hearing Cheng Yanmo’s determination, Su Huanyan sighed and said, “Yanmo, find someone. Find a woman who understands you.”

“No.” There was no woman in this world who understood him.

Su Huanyan smiled and teased him. “What about that mysterious Assistant Fei of yours?”

The mysterious Assistant Fei was referring to Cheng Yanmo’s chief assistant, Fei Wen.

Assistant Fei was 1.78m tall and was usually meticulous. Her clothes were always black, white, and gray.

She would always wear a white blouse and OL skirt in the summer. It was said that she never shopped all year round and always chose that dress. She could buy as many as 10 pieces of the same dress.

So she wore the same OL outfit every day.

The mysterious Assistant Fei was very good at drinking and had helped Cheng Yanmo drink many times. The mysterious Assistant Fei was also very good at fighting. There was once when she went on a work trip and won five burly men with her bare hands.

Assistant Fei was very beautiful and capable. Assistant Fei knew Cheng Yanmo very well, and she knew what Cheng Yanmo’s every look and every pout meant.

Su Huanyan felt an inexplicable sense of admiration for Assistant Fei.

Assistant Fei’s figure flashed across Cheng Yanmo’s mind. He instinctively said, “It’s impossible between me and Assistant Fei. Assistant Fei has worked with me for six years. If she had feelings for me, she would have long been unable to resist…”

Before he could finish speaking, Su Huanyan interrupted him. “Isn’t it the longest confession of love for her to silently stay by your side, accompany you, and advance and retreat with you?”

Su Huanyan was a woman and knew women. Perhaps others could not tell that Assistant Fei had feelings for Cheng Yanmo, but Su Huanyan could.

“Yanmo, you can observe your assistant Fei carefully. There might be a surprise.”

Cheng Yanmo frowned and thought of something.

After Su Huanyan returned to the Cheng Family, she packed up her things and prepared to move to Rome. Program was still small and Cheng Yanmo usually went on business trips, so he was not as clingy to Cheng Yanmo as he was to Su Huanyan.

As a result, Program didn’t have any feelings towards his parents’ divorce.

Su Huanyan packed her things and brought Program to the airport. They were going back to Su City to stay for a period of time. After Sicilio recovered, they were going back to Rome.

Cheng Yanmo personally sent the mother-son duo off. He liked Program a lot. When they arrived at the airport, Cheng Yanmo hugged Program and kissed and raised him high.

“Call me daddy!”

Program: “Daddy!”

Program already knew how to speak, and shouted ‘daddy’ especially loudly.

Cheng Yanmo kissed Program hard on the forehead. “Program, after you go to Su City, you must video call Father every day. When you reach Rome, you must also remember to miss Father. Father will visit you when he is free.”

Program grabbed Cheng Yanmo’s hair and tugged hard. “I miss you.”

Cheng Yanmo hugged Program until the staff urged the passengers to board the plane. Only then did Cheng Yanmo return Program to Su Huanyan.

Watching the mother and son leave, Cheng Yanmo still felt very reluctant.

Although he and Huanyan were not really husband and wife, they were still good friends and siblings. They had also lived together for many years. As for that child, Cheng Yanmo had always treated him as his own son.

Cheng Yanmo didn’t feel good that the mother and son had left. He suddenly didn’t know what to do.

As he drove back to the city from the airport, Cheng Yanmo made a detour on the road and finally parked the car in front of a shop selling roasted sausages.

Walking into the shop, Cheng Yanmo bought three sausages.

Returning to the car, he ate the sausages quietly alone. No one knew that the young master of Chuan Dong Group, the head of the aristocratic family, Master Cheng, was a man who loved junk food when he was in a bad mood.

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