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Chapter 292: Fight!

Not only was Wang Qing shocked by Su Huanyan’s words, even Su Zhiwen frowned. He looked at Su Huanyan accusingly and hurriedly tried to smooth things over. “Sister, you might be missing Father too much.”

Su Huanyan acknowledged and saw Wang Qing’s slightly pale expression. She sneered in her heart but said, “Mother, let’s go pay our respects to Father tomorrow.”

Wang Qing stabilized her bowl and acknowledged softly.

Due to this small incident, Wang Qing was slightly distracted while eating.

After dinner, Su Huanyan said that it was cold and returned to her room to rest. After she left, Wang Qing also returned to her own courtyard. She closed the door and sat by the bed, feeling slightly uneasy.

Wang Qing found her cell phone and called Su Jincheng.

The phone rang. Su Jincheng glanced at the caller ID and saw the name “XX Delivery”. He instinctively stood up, held his cell phone, and walked to the study.

Hearing footsteps, Qiao Xi turned back with a spatula in her hand and asked Su Jincheng, “Jincheng, where are you going?”

Su Jincheng said, “There’s a call from work. I’ll go and answer it. You cook first.”


After Su Jincheng entered the study and closed the door, he answered the call. “Qingqing.” Su Jincheng’s voice was very low and the soundproofing in the study was very good. Qiao Xi, who was outside the house, couldn’t hear his conversation with Wang Qing.

Wang Qing tugged at the bedsheets beneath her. “Jincheng, I feel slightly uneasy.”

“Why? Did something happen?”

Wang Qing told Su Jincheng, “Yanyan suddenly told me at the dining table tonight that she dreamed of her father in her sleep this afternoon. She said that Jinyu said it’s so cold downstairs and wants to find someone to accompany him.”

Having done something against her conscience, Wang Qing felt guilty and scared. Her voice was trembling as she spoke.

Su Jincheng frowned. He felt that this matter was not simple.

Wang Qing thought of what Su Huanyan had said at the dining table and felt very uneasy. She couldn’t help suspecting if Su Huanyan had discovered something. “Jincheng, do you think Huanyan discovered us? The last time at the Cheng Family residence, you shouldn’t have asked me to go to your room.”

Although they were very careful, they might be accidentally seen.

As she knew about her relationship with Su Jincheng, Su Huanyan felt indignant for her deceased father and purposely said those words at the dining table.

The more Wang Qing thought about it, the more shocked she felt.

Su Jincheng also agreed with Wang Qing’s view. He said, “Stay calm. Let’s not meet for now. Perhaps Huanyan really just had a dream. Don’t let it slip.”

Wang Qing nodded, but she was still very flustered.

Hearing Wang Qing’s slightly heavy breathing, Su Jincheng’s gentle voice finally turned serious. “Qingqing, you should know that once our matter is discovered, and they dig out the fact that Zhiwen and I are father and son, our situation will be terrible.”

Wang Qing remained silent.

In the silent winter night, Wang Qing heard Su Jincheng say, “Although I orchestrated Brother’s death, Qingqing, after the incident, you didn’t report me even if you knew the truth. You are the one who covered it up. Once this matter is discovered, you and I are both criminals.”

“Qingqing, if Yanyan finds out that not only did you hide the fact that you murdered her father, you are also my lover. What do you think Yanyan will think of you?”

Hearing Su Jincheng’s words, Wang Qing shuddered.

At this moment, Wang Qing felt very frustrated. She regretted that she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant with Zhiwen because she couldn’t resist the temptation of Su Jincheng back then.

One wrong move would result in many mistakes.

Knowing that his words threatened Wang Qing, Su Jincheng quickly became gentle again. “Qingqing, I love you. If you want to blame someone, blame my elder brother. He snatched my love back then and forcefully married you. He let me down first!”

“Qingqing, you must understand me.”

Wang Qing had mixed feelings and didn’t know how to face Su Jincheng. She hurriedly hung up.

What Su Jincheng said was also the truth. Wang Qing and Su Jincheng were of the same age and were once lovers in university. On Su Jincheng’s 21st birthday, he had invited a group of friends to his family’s birthday party. Wang Qing had just turned 20 at that time and was the youngest.

Wang Qing was Su Jincheng’s girlfriend then, but Su Jinyu took a fancy to Wang Qing at the banquet. Knowing that Wang Qing was Su Jincheng’s girlfriend, Su Jinyu purposely created a misunderstanding to drive a wedge between the two of them.

In the end, Wang Qing was disheartened by Su Jincheng. At this moment, Su Jinyu took advantage of the situation and won the beauty.

Su Jincheng was the type of gentleman—romantic and gentle. Meanwhile, Su Jinyu was domineering, fierce and rather chauvinistic. After marrying Su Jinyu, Wang Qing couldn’t find the feeling she wanted.

In the beginning, Wang Qing still kept quarreling with Su Jinyu, but he had always doted on her. A domineering man outside could always show endless patience when faced with Wang Qing’s overbearing and unreasonable manner.

After giving birth to Su Anzhi, Wang Qing recognized the reality and decided to spend the rest of her life with Su Jinyu. After that, she gave birth to Su Huanyan. Not long after, Su Jincheng also got married to Qiao Xi under the arrangement of Grandma Su.

After Su Jincheng got married, Wang Qing completely gave up and really accepted Su Jinyu. They spent three to four years together happily.

But one night, Su Jincheng suddenly knocked on his elder brother’s door in a drunken stupor.

Su Jinyu opened the door and was punched by Su Jincheng.

The unprepared Su Jinyu immediately fell to the ground.

That gentlemanly man roared at his beloved elder brother in the dark. “I respect you, admire you, and am proud of you. But what about you?”

“Su Jinyu! How can you treat me like this!”

Su Jincheng smashed the bottle on the ground and asked Su Jinyu in tears, “You made me drunk, stuffed another woman into my bed, and made me Su city’s playboy scum! In order to have Wang Qing, how can you treat me like that!”

“Su Jinyu, where’s your conscience?”

Su Jinyu had already expected that one day, everything would be exposed. He was also very calm after being beaten. He stood up, touched the blood at the corner of his lips, and said coldly, “The winner takes all.”

A good marriage was broken up by him. Not only did he not repent or admit his mistake, he even said such things!

Su Jincheng was enraged. “Su Jinyu, you are inhuman!” He fought with his elder brother Su Jinyu, each blow fatal.

Meanwhile, Wang Qing sat on the bed in a daze, watching this scene in confusion. All the blood in her body was cold. She couldn’t believe that all that misunderstanding back then was actually Su Jinyu’s deliberate trick to get her!

The two brothers fought fiercely like they were tearing down a house. Luckily, Grandma Su received the news and rushed over immediately to stop the brothers from hurting each other.

Worried that Qiao Xi would cause chaos in the family if she knew about this, Grandma Su dismissed all the servants who had witnessed the fight between the two brothers that night and replaced them with a new batch of servants.

Although the two brothers didn’t fight again, they started to fight openly and secretly in private, turning into enemies.

After knowing the truth, Wang Qing was especially disappointed in Su Jinyu and started to fight with him. One time, Wang Qing was enraged and scolded her for wanting to divorce Su Jinyu. In a fit of anger, Su Jinyu slapped her.

Wang Qing was especially aggrieved and cried the entire night.

The next day, Su Jinyu went on a work trip. Impulsiveness was the devil. In a fit of anger, Wang Qing and Su Jincheng rekindled their old flame and slept together. The two of them had been in an affair for more than a year. Only when Wang Qing realized that she was unexpectedly pregnant did she panic.

At that time, she and Su Jinyu seldom slept in the same bed. And every time they did, she would drink contraceptive pills in front of Su Jinyu.

Wang Qing knew that things were serious now that she was suddenly pregnant.

If Su Jinyu knew that she had rekindled her relationship with Su Jincheng and that the child in her stomach was Su Jincheng’s, not to mention Su Jincheng, even Wang Qing would not be able to live on.

As a result, before Su Jinyu discovered the truth, Su Jincheng, who had hated Su Jinyu for many years, plotted his death.

He used the excuse of wanting to reconcile with his elder brother to bring him out to sea to fish. Su Jincheng had already secretly tampered with the fishing boat. By the time their fishing boat reached the middle of the sea, the bottom of the fishing boat had a crack and seawater poured into it.

The fishing boat slowly sank into the sea.

Perhaps out of guilt or out of brotherhood, just as the boat was about to sink completely into the sea, Su Jinyu actually used his body to prop Su Jincheng up and bought him a few minutes of survival time.

It was also those few minutes of survival that saved Su Jincheng.

Meanwhile, he himself had sunk into the sea forever.

Su Jincheng had handled that scheme flawlessly. In addition, he had nearly died, so no one suspected that the shipwreck was an accident.

After knowing that Su Jinyu was really dead and seeing Su Jinyu’s corpse, Wang Qing still cried. After spending more than 10 years together, how could she not have any feelings for Su Jinyu?

He was the man who had doted on her for more than a decade and was the father of her two children!

Wang Qing had cried so hard those two days that her eyes were swollen. But after the funeral, Su Jincheng found her and told her the truth behind Su Jinyu’s death.

Knowing that Su Jincheng was behind Su Jinyu’s death, Wang Qing was thunderstruck!

But so what if she knew the truth? Wang Qing couldn’t really report Su Jincheng. The Su Family was big and powerful and needed an heir to manage the businesses. Meanwhile, Su Zhiwen couldn’t live without a father.

Due to Su Jinyu’s death, Wang Qing and Su Jincheng had once stopped contacting each other. But as Su Zhiwen was born and he grew up day by day, Su Jincheng kept approaching Su Zhiwen as his uncle.

Su Jincheng and Wang Qing got to know each other more and more. In the end, the two of them got together again.

Recalling this incident, Wang Qing felt even more uneasy. She felt like everything had been peaceful for so many years and was about to turn chaotic.

After hanging up, Su Jincheng leaned against his desk and stared out the window at the branches swaying in the cold wind.

Huanyan, does she really know something?

If Huanyan really sensed something amiss, it would be troublesome.

Knock knock.

Qiao Xi opened the door, stuck her head in, and called him gently. “Jincheng, it’s time to eat.”

A gentle smile hung on Su Jincheng’s face. “Alright.” He put down his cell phone, hugged Qiao Xi’s shoulder, and went to the dining room for dinner.

After dinner, Su Jincheng hugged Qiao Xi and said, “Today, I heard someone praise that I’m very lucky and say that I married a beautiful woman.” With that, Su Jincheng even kissed Qiao Xi’s cheek.

In the past, Qiao Xi would definitely be very happy to hear Su Jincheng’s words.

But after seeing through Su Jincheng’s true colors, Qiao Xi couldn’t stop laughing coldly in her heart. She touched her abdomen and said with a sad face, “So what if I’m beautiful? Everyone will grow old. Some people say I’m as beautiful as a flower, while others say I’m a chicken that can’t lay eggs.”

Hearing this, Su Jincheng’s face instantly darkened. “What are you talking about, wifey? No one dares to say this.”

“Even if they don’t say it out loud, they will still think so.”


Su Jincheng started to kiss Qiao Xi’s neck.

He was really an expert. The colorful flags outside were fluttering in the wind, and he flirts with his wife at home at will. He really took care of both ends. Qiao Xi felt dirty and disgusted at the thought that Su Jincheng’s lips had kissed another woman before and then touched her.

Su Jincheng sensed Qiao Xi’s resistance and was slightly puzzled. “What’s the matter, wifey?”

Qiao Xi said, “Perhaps I caught a cold, my head hurts slightly.”

“Is that so?” Su Jincheng touched her forehead. “Luckily you don’t have a fever. We still have cold medicine at home. I’ll go and find two pills for you.”


After drinking the medicine from Su Jincheng, Qiao Xi felt slightly sleepy.

The side effect of this medicine was that it was easy to get sleepy. Qiao Xi suppressed her fatigue and poured a glass of milk for Su Jincheng. “Come, a glass of milk every night to maintain your youth.”

It had been a habit for many years. Su Jincheng took the milk from Qiao Xi and finished it without hesitation.

After watching Su Jincheng drink the milk, Qiao Xi returned to her room to sleep.

Su Jincheng originally had work to do, but for some reason, it was probably because it was winter and it was easier to get sleepy. After reading a proposal, he felt slightly sleepy. Su Jincheng couldn’t take it anymore and also returned to his room to rest.

When Qiao Xi woke up in the middle of the night, the person beside her was snoring very softly.

Qiao Xi picked up the glass that was filled with milk and went to the kitchen to wash it. She washed the glass and placed it in the disinfectant cupboard.

Leaning against the cupboard, Qiao Xi opened her cell phone and put on her earphones. In the silent night, Qiao Xi heard Su Jincheng’s voice from the listening device. That tone was so unfamiliar…

[Stay calm. Let’s not meet for now. Perhaps Huanyan really just had a dream. Don’t let anything slip.]

[Qing Qing, if Yanyan finds out that not only did you hide the fact that you murdered her father, you are also my lover. What do you think Yanyan would think of you?]

[Although I was the one who planned Brother’s death, Qingqing, after the incident, you didn’t report me even if you knew the truth. You are the one who covered it up. Once this matter is discovered, you and I will both be criminals.]

Hearing Su Jincheng’s words, Qiao Xi was so scared that even her lips were trembling. Qiao Xi’s entire body went limp and she could kneel on the ground at any time. She used one hand to grab the cupboard behind her and forced herself to not look too pathetic.

Qiao Xi was shocked by what she had overheard.

Her elder brother Su Jinyu’s death was actually caused by Su Jincheng! And Su Zhiwen, whom she had always doted on as her nephew, was actually Su Jincheng and Wang Qing’s child!

Qiao Xi’s heart was filled with hatred and fear.

Qiao Xi took off her earphones and logged out of the listening app. She thought for a moment, unlocked her cell phone’s password, took a sip of water, and calmed down slightly.

My husband is a murderer!


Qiao Xi’s fingers stroked the edge of the glass. She turned to look at the seasoning container in the cupboard. She had added chronic poison into those seasonings. As long as Su Jincheng ate her food 15 times in a row, he would suddenly bleed from all seven orifices and die!

But now, Qiao Xi regretted it.

It’s not worth it to poison someone like Su Jincheng!

A beast who even dared to kill her own brother was not worth my life. I couldn’t sacrifice my own life just to take revenge on a man!

Qiao Xi suddenly snapped out of her trance and hurriedly poured the contents of the condiment container into the sink. She used a large amount of water to rush them into the sewer. Only after doing all this did Qiao Xi gasp for breath.

She couldn’t act rashly and expose herself. She had to lie low and find enough evidence to report Su Jincheng and Wang Qing’s crimes!

A heartless dog should go to jail!

At this moment, Qiao Xi was actually slightly glad that she wouldn’t get pregnant. If she really gave birth to her and Su Jincheng’s child, then she would really be in so much pain that she wished she was dead!

It was said that women were made of water, but water could also form ice. An ice cone that was sharp enough could kill!

Meanwhile, Su Jincheng’s betrayal was the cold winter wind. It forced Qiao Xi’s bowl of quiet and clear water to quickly freeze into ice, aiming the ice tip at Su Jincheng’s heart!

The next morning, Su Huanyan woke up early and made some cakes suitable for paying respects to the dead.

She placed the pastry box on the dining table and waited for Wang Qing and Su Zhiwen to come to the living room for breakfast.

Wang Qing remembered that she was going to pay her respects to her deceased husband today and paid great attention to her dressing. She didn’t wear her usual gorgeous clothes but a gray-green down jacket.

Seeing that Su Huanyan had already finished preparing the offerings, Wang Qing forced a smile and said to her, “Huanyan, the offerings are done so early. When did you get up?”

Su Huanyan said, “I woke up at 5pm.”

Su Huanyan glanced at Su Zhiwen, who was eating with his head lowered. She asked him, “Little Brother, are you coming with us today?”

Su Zhiwen said, “Not this morning. My school has a speech today and I can’t be absent.”

Hearing this, Wang Qing was slightly happy. “The school chose you as the spokesperson again?”


Wang Qing was especially proud. “You’re awesome.”

Su Zhiwen finished his breakfast of shrimp and wonton. He picked up the bowl and finished the delicious soup. Putting down the soup, Su Zhiwen said to Su Huanyan, “Sister, let’s go.”

“Mmm, drive slowly.”


After Su Zhiwen left, Su Huanyan also put down her bowl. “Mother, let’s go.”


Along the way, Su Huanyan drove without asking for a driver.

Wang Qing sat in the passenger seat. The heater was turned on in the car, and she took off her down jacket to reveal her sweater. Su Huanyan stared at Wang Qing’s sexy figure and said, “Mother, you’ve maintained your figure so well.”

Wang Qing said, “Ballet yoga is not for nothing.”

For the sake of her figure, Wang Qing lived in a very self-disciplined manner. Apart from playing mahjong, her favorite thing was to attend yoga classes and ballet lessons. At her age, especially after giving birth to three children, it was not easy to maintain such a good figure.

Su Huanyan smiled and said, “Mother, if you go and find a young man in his twenties, no one will say that you are young.”

“Don’t tease your mother.” Wang Qing had a smile on her face. Clearly, she enjoyed hearing Su Huanyan’s words.

The car could only be parked outside the cemetery.

Su Huanyan carried a food container and Wang Qing carried a bouquet of chrysanthemums. The mother-daughter duo wore high heels and walked one after the other on the cement pavement. Su Jinyu’s tombstone was slightly old and there were traces of moss left behind by time on it. Apart from that, it was rather clean.

Su Huanyan knelt down and offered incense to her father. She placed the offerings one by one.

Wang Qing squatted in front of Su Jinyu’s grave and watched her daughter kowtow to her deceased husband.

Su Huanyan knelt in front of her father’s tombstone. She said, “Father, Yanyan is here to visit you again. Together with Mother.”

Wang Qing said, “Jinyu, Yanyan is back. Don’t worry, Yanyan is very happy after getting married.”

Su Huanyan smiled and said, “Yes, Father. Our family is very happy. You can rest assured. As for me, I have a cute son. As for my younger brother, he is very liked by the teachers in school. He even went to school to give a speech today.”

Wang Qing echoed. “Zhiwen is very outstanding and not inferior to Anzhi. Jinyu, don’t worry.”

“Yes.” Su Huanyan saw that the position of the three incense sticks was slightly crooked, so she bent over to straighten them. She stared at the three incense sticks that were emitting green smoke and suddenly said, “Also, Mother is also doing very well. You can rest assured.”

Wang Qing looked at Su Jinyu’s portrait and said, “Yes, now that the children are all grown up, I am also much more relaxed. Recently, I have been traveling frequently, playing cards, and practicing yoga. I am very relaxed and carefree.”

“Jinyu, don’t worry about me.”

Just as Wang Qing finished speaking, Su Huanyan looked up and gave her a strange smile.

Wang Qing was feeling puzzled when she heard Su Huanyan say, “Yes, Father, don’t worry about Mother. Uncle helped you take good care of her. He took care of her all the way to the bed!”

Hearing this, Wang Qing’s face turned pale! “Yan Yan, you…”

Wang Qing’s heart was racing. She widened her clear eyes and looked at Su Huanyan in shock. After a long while, Wang Qing finally found her voice. “Yan Yan, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Wang Qing refused to admit it.

Su Huanyan looked at Su Jinyu’s portrait and said calmly, “Father, Mother and Uncle are very close. You don’t know, but that night, Uncle stayed over at my house. My mother couldn’t wait to sleep on the same bed as him!”

“Father, Uncle took good care of our family, right? Not only did he seize the opportunity to warm my mother’s bed, he even helped me add a younger brother.”

“Compared to Uncle, Father, you really have to admit defeat.”

Hearing Su Huanyan’s words, Wang Qing was like a fish nailed to the chopping board. She couldn’t even find an excuse to argue. Since Yan Yan could tell her what happened that night, there was no need for her to quibble and hide anymore.

“You already knew then. These few days, you’ve actually been enduring it.” Wang Qing looked at her daughter strangely. “Yan Yan, why didn’t you expose us on the spot?”

Su Huanyan sneered. “If I didn’t hold it in, how can I know that my father’s death was not an accident but planned by Uncle?”

“How could I know that not only did my respected and beloved mother know the truth behind my father’s death, she even protected that murderer and even slept with him!”

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