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Chapter 293: You Disgust Me

With every word Su Huanyan said, Wang Qing’s face turned even paler.

Su Huanyan couldn’t hold it in anymore. She picked up the chrysanthemum on the ground and smashed it hard on Wang Qing’s face. Wang Qing was so scared that she fell back and sat down on the ground. In her panic, Wang Qing heard Su Huanyan angrily question her. “Mother, why are you so vicious!”

“Don’t you feel guilty facing my brother and me everyday!”

“All these years, when you were fooling around with Su Jincheng, didn’t you think of my father?! Didn’t you think of Auntie Qiao Xi?!”

Wang Qing sat on the ground in a daze, her mind in a mess. She didn’t know what to say at all. At this point, any words were useless.

Su Huanyan was telling the truth. Wang Qing couldn’t retort.

Taking in Wang Qing being scared out of her wits, Su Huanyan sneered. “Mother, are you very curious how I knew the truth behind Father’s death?”

Wang Qing asked in shock, “How did you know?”

Su Huanyan smiled bitterly. She said, “My brother had long discovered your affair with Uncle and the truth behind Father’s death! Before my brother passed away, his relationship with Uncle was rather strained. At that time, I thought they were just fighting for control of the company.”

“Thinking about it now, the reason why elder brother did that was actually because he discovered uncle’s true colors and wanted to draw a clear line with him!”

The more Su Huanyan spoke, the angrier she got. Her words also became more extreme and aggressive. “I even suspect that my brother’s death might not be an accident. Perhaps that oxygen tank he carried when he was diving was done by that adulterer of yours!”

This was all Su Huanyan’s guess, but it was very convincing.

That year, because of Su Zhiwen’s existence, Su Jincheng was afraid that Su Jinyu would take revenge on him and Wang Qing, so he ruthlessly killed his own brother. Many years later, the truth would be exposed. In order to have peace of mind, he could still attack Su Anzhi!

Why can’t a person who can even kill his elder brother kill his nephew?

The more Su Huanyan analyzed, the more shocked she was.

Meanwhile, after hearing Su Huanyan’s words, Wang Qing shook her head vigorously. She defended Su Jincheng and said, “That’s impossible. Jin Cheng dotes on Anzhi so much. He won’t hurt him!”

“Anzhi is my child. Jin Cheng won’t hurt me!”

Wang Qing was very protective and trusted Su Jincheng. She didn’t believe that Su Jincheng would kill her son.

Su Huanyan felt that it was ridiculous. “Mother, you are really unrepentant! You are still protecting him even now!”

“Su Anzhi is his nephew, but Su Zhiwen is his son! My elder brother is getting stronger and stronger, while Su Zhiwen is also growing up day by day. As Su Zhiwen’s real father, do you think Su Jincheng can tolerate my elder brother?”

“If Su Jincheng knew that my brother knew about your affair with him and the truth of my father’s death, would Su Jincheng still be able to sit back and do nothing? Mother, open your eyes and see clearly how beastly the man you love is!”

Of course Wang Qing knew that Su Huanyan’s words made sense, but she refused to believe them. She continued. “This is just your guess. I believe in Jincheng. He had no choice but to murder your father, but Anzhi’s matter definitely has nothing to do with him.”

Su Huanyan was completely disappointed in Wang Qing.

“You disgust me.”

The word “disgust” severed the mother-daughter relationship between Su Huanyan and Wang Qing.

Wang Qing finally broke down when her greatest and dirtiest secret was exposed by her biological daughter. She got up, knelt on the ground, humbly grabbed Su Huanyan’s hand, and cried until her tears and mucus streamed down her face.

“Yanyan! Yanyan, I know my mistake!”

“Yanyan, can you forgive me? I had no choice. I took the wrong path and couldn’t turn back! In the beginning, I didn’t know whether your father’s death was an accident. By the time I knew, it was already too late!”

“Yan Yan, you must not tell anyone about this. If you tell anyone, what will they think of our Su Family? Yan Yan, I beg you. You can hit me or scold me. You must not tell anyone about this.”

Until this moment, Wang Qing was not truly repenting. She apologized because she was afraid that Su Huanyan would expose the dirty deeds between her and Su Jincheng. She was afraid of going to jail!

Su Huanyan was disheartened and no longer felt any pity for Wang Qing. She pulled Wang Qing’s hand away forcefully and said, “I won’t protect a criminal. Mother, Su Jincheng must go to jail! And you, you should also pay the corresponding price!”

“My father can’t die in vain!” Su Huanyan picked up her bag from the ground and ran out of the cemetery while wiping her tears.

Meanwhile, Wang Qing was kneeling in front of the tombstone, trembling in fear. She wiped her tears haphazardly and called Su Jincheng. Her fingers were trembling violently as she searched for his number.

Su Jincheng was playing golf with his business partner outside when he received a call from Wang Qing. Su Jincheng walked to an empty spot and answered the call. “Qingqing, why are you calling me at this time…”

Wang Qing’s sobs reached Su Jincheng’s ears. “Jincheng, what should we do? What should I do?”

Hearing Wang Qing’s helpless and scared cries, Su Jincheng frowned, realizing that something had happened. “Don’t cry first. Tell me what happened?”

Wang Qing choked. “It’s Yanyan. Yanyan discovered our incident and even discovered the truth behind her father’s death! She just made a fuss about going to the police station to expose us. Jincheng, what should we do!”

“Will I go to jail?!”

The more urgent the situation was, the more stable Su Jincheng’s emotions were.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid. I will handle this matter.” Long ago, after receiving Wang Qing’s call last night, Su Jincheng had already suspected Su Huanyan. He was a cautious person and had long held back.

Su Huanyan definitely didn’t know that with just one order from him, Su Huanyan would die in the car.

Meanwhile, Su Jincheng, who had secretly plotted this, was still comforting Wang Qing gently.

Wang Qing gradually calmed down under Su Jincheng’s comforting words. She thought of what Su Huanyan had said earlier and couldn’t resist asking Su Jincheng, “Jincheng, that… did Anzhi know the truth behind his father’s death back then?”

Su Jincheng was silent for a few seconds before nodding.

Wang Qing’s heart skipped a beat. She asked carefully, “Then Anzhi… Anzhi’s death has nothing to do with you, right?”

Su Jincheng gazed at the lake in front of him with an unfathomable expression. Su Jincheng smiled and comforted Wang Qing. “Qingqing, Anzhi is your son and has been close to me since we were young. Why would I harm him?”

Hearing this, Wang Qing was relieved.

“That’s good. That’s good.”

After calming down, Wang Qing also regained her senses. She instructed Su Jincheng. “Jincheng, you must settle things with Yan Yan. You must not let her successfully report it. See if you can threaten her and make her submit.”

Su Jincheng smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

After hanging up, Su Jincheng made another call and said to the person on the other end, “Find a suitable place…”


Wang Qing didn’t know that Su Jincheng’s “threat” was to take her daughter’s life. If she knew, she definitely wouldn’t have said such a thing.

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