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Chapter 291: Good Brother, Hit Your Butt with a Feather Duster

Being suddenly hugged by Su Huanyan, Qiao Xi stroked Su Huanyan’s head worriedly. “Yanyan, did you suffer? Did that child from the Cheng Family bully you?”

Su Huanyan shook her head.

“It’s just slightly cold. The wind is so strong outside and I am slightly cold. Auntie, don’t move. Let me hug you for a while.” Thinking of her mother and Su Jincheng doing those things behind Qiao Xi’s back, Su Huanyan’s heart ached for Qiao Xi.

She was the most pitiful woman.

An ethereal female voice suddenly sounded, startling Su Huanyan. She hurriedly released Qiao Xi’s waist and smiled at her. “My friend must have called to rush me.”

Su Huanyan finished her call and stood up. She placed her cell phone in her bag and said to Qiao Xi, “Auntie, remember to go home for dinner tonight. I am going to meet my friend first.”

The Su residence was very big. Su Jincheng and his wife had their own house outside and their own courtyard in the Su residence. Every holiday, Su Jincheng and his wife would return to the Su residence to stay.

Qiao Xi nodded with a smile. “Alright. It’s a pity that your uncle won’t be back tomorrow. Otherwise, we would have gone together.”

“I like Auntie the most. I am very happy that you are here. Let’s go, Auntie.”


Qiao Xi sent Su Huanyan to the entrance of the shop and watched as she crossed the road before returning to the instrument room. Su Huanyan stood under the lamp pole across the road and turned to look at Qiao Xi’s back view.

She pursed her lips and hurried towards the Suzhou garden.

Qiao Xi guarded the musical instrument shop alone. As she was going back to the Su residence for dinner, Qiao Xi hung the sign for closing at 4.30pm on the wall outside the door.

She picked up the retractor and was about to lower the roller door.

Her cell phone suddenly rang.

Puzzled, Qiao Xi opened her cell phone and received a message from an unknown number. Confused, she opened the message and saw a man and woman hugging and kissing each other in the photo. Qiao Xi’s eyes froze.

Staring at the two faces in the photo, Qiao Xi’s hand trembled and she dropped the retractor.

She didn’t even feel the metal hook hit her feet.

At the Su residence.

The chef had already prepared dinner and was waiting for the masters to come back for dinner.

Su Huanyan had gone to the Suzhou Garden for a walk and had caught a cold the moment she returned. Her nose was slightly blocked. Returning home, she hurriedly put on her warm down jacket and cotton shoes.

Au Huanyan was sitting in the living room, playing with her cell phone.

Wang Qing was sitting on another sofa, inviting her sisters to play mahjong. Su Huanyan sat quietly for a moment before hearing the butler say, “Third Young Master is back.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard calm footsteps approaching.

Su Huanyan looked up and saw a tall young man. It was Su Huanyan’s younger brother, Su Zhiwen.

Su Zhiwen was wearing a gray sweater, pants of the same color, and white and red sneakers. He looked very youthful. His facial features were elegant and he was a typical handsome man raised in Jiangnan.

A look of joy surfaced on Su Zhiwen’s cold face when he saw Su Huanyan. “Elder sister!” Su Zhiwen walked over to Su Huanyan, sat down beside her, and grabbed her hand.

“Mmm? Sister, you have a fever?” Su Huanyan’s palm was slightly hot. She must have a fever.

Before Su Huanyan could reply, Wang Qing said, “Your elder sister went out to play in Chinese clothes today and caught a cold.”

“Elder Sister, you are already a mother. Why can’t you take care of yourself?” Su Zhiwen looked at Su Huanyan reproachfully and asked her, “Have you taken your medicine?”

“I seldom take medicine when I have a cold. You know that.”

Knowing Su Huanyan’s stubbornness, Su Zhiwen didn’t persuade her to take the medicine again. Without seeing Program in the house, Su Zhiwen asked Su Huanyan, “Why didn’t you bring Program over?”

Su Zhiwen really liked that child, Program. Everyone said that his nephew was like his elder uncle, but not his younger uncle, so Su Zhiwen was quite jealous about this.

Am I not handsome enough?

“There’s a little kid at home that’s accompanying Program, so I didn’t bring him over. I’m also happy to be free if I don’t bring the baby back.”

“That’s true.” Su Zhiwen added. “Sister, are we going skiing? My friend built a resort and a ski resort. It just opened not long ago and I haven’t been there yet.”

“Let’s see when my cold will recover.”

Su Zhiwen really liked his elder sister, Su Huanyan. He had endless things to say as he leaned against her.

As the siblings chatted, they saw that Qiao Xi had returned.

Qiao Xi had also changed clothes. She was wearing a caramel-colored windbreaker and was holding a bouquet of gypsophila when she arrived. The long-haired Qiao Xi with light makeup looked peaceful.

Seeing that Su Zhiwen was sticking to his elder sister and talking, Qiao Xi put down the stars in the sky and said to him, “Zhiwen is already so old, but you’re still sticking to your elder sister like a child.”

Su Zhiwen always acted like a top student god outside, but at home, he returned to his childish side. Su Zhiwen said, “Sister will always be my elder sister. As long as you are here, I will always be a little brother who can act coquettishly.”


Qiao Xi glanced at Wang Qing and saw that she was talking to her sisters on her cell phone. She was probably going out to play cards tonight.

The image of Wang Qing kissing her husband flashed across Qiao Xi’s mind. She clenched her fists but quickly released them.

Placing the flowers on the table, Qiao Xi sat down and placed them in a vase. She said to Su Huanyan, “Huanyan, I have to go back on my words. Your uncle came back from a work trip tonight. I have to go back after dinner.”

Wang Qing put down her cell phone and looked at Qiao Xi. “He’s back today?”


But that day at the hotel, Su Jincheng clearly said that he would only be back after a few more days.

But Wang Qing didn’t dare to ask, afraid that Qiao Xi would notice something amiss.

Su Huanyan glanced at Qiao Xi, then glanced at her mother, who was good at pretending, and secretly took a sip of tea.

After dinner, Qiao Xi got up and bid farewell. Su Huanyan urged her to stay, but Qiao Xi said, “No need. Your uncle doesn’t know how to take care of himself. He definitely didn’t eat on the plane. I have to go back and cook something for him. He likes to eat my cooking the most.”

Wang Qing pouted. “It’s not like there’s no food on the plane.”

“He’s not used to it.”


After Qiao Xi left, Wang Qing sat with Su Huanyan and her brother for a while before leaving.

Wang Qing was going to play cards. On the way, she sent a message to the number “XX Delivery” and asked: [Are you coming back tonight?]

XX Delivery: [Yes.]

Wang Qing: [Qiao Xi said you were coming back and was worried that you didn’t eat. After dinner at my house, she went home to cook for you. What a virtuous wife.] Wang Qing’s words were filled with jealousy.

XX: [Don’t you know her? She’s too sensible.]

But men didn’t like women to be too sensible. Sometimes, they would like women who were slightly more spoiled and unreasonable.

Qiao Xi was beautiful. Anyone who saw her would praise her as a beauty, but no matter how beautiful she was, one would get sick of her after interacting with her for a long time. Su Jincheng loosened his tie and thought of Wang Qing’s flirtatious manner in bed, instantly feeling warm.

He quickly typed a message on his cell phone and sent it to Wang Qing.

XX Delivery: [Don’t you know who I like?]

Only then did Wang Qing stop scolding Su Jincheng. She turned off her cell phone and entered the chess hall.

When Su Jincheng returned home, Qiao Xi was stir-frying the last dish. “Jincheng, you haven’t eaten yet, right?” Qiao Xi carried a few dishes to the table, scooped a bowl of rice for Su Jincheng, and handed the chopsticks to him.

This was the good thing about Qiao Xi. She was considerate, gentle, considerate, didn’t cry or throw a tantrum. She was a very suitable candidate to be a wife at home.

After Qiao Xi resigned from the orchestra, she became a full-time housewife who loved to research recipes. Her current culinary skills were comparable to that of a five-star chef. As Su Jincheng ate Qiao Xi’s food, he instantly felt his appetite increase and ate two bowls of rice very respectfully.

After dinner, Su Jincheng walked around the house a few times before going to take a shower.

Qiao Xi placed the bowl into the dishwasher, placed a row of dark green stainless steel condiments on the kitchen counter and poured several condiments into the container.

Qiao Xi turned to look at the bedroom. After confirming that Su Jincheng was bathing, she took out a few bags of medicine from her pocket. Qiao Xi crushed the medicine and poured it into the condiments container expressionlessly.

After throwing the condiments into the dustbin, Qiao Xi placed the new condiments into the cupboard. Hearing Su Jincheng call for her to send clothes, Qiao Xi walked elegantly to her room.

Qiao Xi handed the clothes to Su Jincheng, who closed the door and changed before coming out.

Su Jincheng opened the door and walked out of the bathroom. He heard Qiao Xi say, “We are already an old married couple, yet you still have to hide in the toilet after changing clothes. Jincheng, did some little vixen leave a mark on you that you don’t dare to show it?”

Su Jincheng’s reaction could be said to be impeccable. He raised his brows and smiled at Qiao Xi. “These few days, you’ve been jumping around in my heart, disturbing me so much that I can’t eat or drink.”

Su Jincheng walked closer, hugged Qiao Xi’s waist, lowered his head, kissed her forehead, and said, “I will serve you tomorrow night. I am slightly tired today.”

Such a scene happened almost every time Su Jincheng returned from a work trip.

In the past, Qiao Xi was considerate of Su Jincheng’s hard work and really believed his words. But the photo in the message constantly reminded Qiao Xi of this man’s betrayal!

Qiao Xi smiled considerately. “Sleep early.”

Qiao Xi walked out and poured a glass of milk for Su Jincheng. She returned with the milk and handed it to him. “Have a glass of milk and you will sleep more comfortably.”


Su Jincheng never doubted Qiao Xi because she loved him very much.

Su Jincheng had never thought that one day, Qiao Xi might harm him and drug him. Su Jincheng drank the milk and spoke to Qiao Xi for a while before falling asleep.

Qiao Xi also accompanied Su Jincheng to sleep. After more than an hour, Qiao Xi suddenly sat up.

Su Jincheng was sleeping soundly.

Qiao Xi unbuttoned Su Jincheng’s pyjamas one by one. There were two to three light hickeys on the man’s broad chest.

Qiao Xi’s eyes turned cold.

She buttoned up Su Jincheng’s clothes and sat by the bed without sleeping the entire night. I must find evidence of these two people and tell the world about this adulterous couple!

In order not to arouse Su Jincheng’s suspicion, Su Huanyan lied about moving her household register.

Since she wanted to move her household register, she had to play her cards right. In the morning, Su Huanyan took her household register to the local police station and opened her identification card. Su Huanyan drove to a flower shop, bought a bunch of chrysanthemums, and went to the cemetery.

Su Anzhi’s tombstone was frequently cleaned and very tidy.

Su Huanyan placed the chrysanthemum in front of her elder brother’s tombstone. She sat cross-legged in front of it and said, “I never thought that Mother would do such a thing. Brother, if you discovered this, what would you do?”

Su Anzhi would definitely not be able to return Huanyan.

Su Huanyan returned home and saw Su Zhiwen tidying up some things. Su Huanyan asked him, “What are you doing?”

Su Zhiwen said, “We’re preparing to renovate Brother’s previous courtyard. His belongings are all piled up in his room. I will help him tidy them up. Those that should be burned will be burned and those that should be thrown away would be thrown.”

The Su residence was an old residence. It had to be maintained and renovated to last longer.

And once no one stayed in this house, it would easily break down. It had only been three years since Su Anzhi’s death, but the furniture in his room had already given birth to bugs and the paint on the solid wooden bed was slightly mottled.

Wang Qing meant to renovate Su Anzhi’s house and find a separate room to put his things. Su Anzhi’s room would be reserved for Su Huanyan, Cheng Yanmo, and his family in the future.

Su Huanyan’s bedroom was slightly small and it was not convenient for her to stay with her family.

Su Anzhi had never thrown anything and placed them all in his room. Su Huanyan said, “Send Big Brother’s book and those precious collections to the study beside my room. We will look after the rest.”


The servants helped move the books and other collections into Su Huanyan’s courtyard.

Su Huanyan and Su Zhiwen sat on small stools and packed up Su Anzhi’s belongings.

Su Anzhi liked to collect all sorts of old cell phones when he was alive. Su Huanyan piled those cell phones with broken batteries together. She said, “Send these cell phones to the cell phone shop.”


Su Huanyan gave the cell phones to a high school female classmate of hers. That classmate was from a wealthy family, but she especially liked to dismantle old appliances, so she opened an old electrical appliances shop as an amateur hobby.

The classmate was called Gu Yao. She had short hair and was wearing a checkered shirt.

The two of them had not seen each other for a long time. The moment they met, Gu Yao was very happy to see that Su Huanyan had sent over more than 20 old cell phones that had already gone extinct. “These cell phones are all precious versions. Are you giving them all to me, Huanyan?”

“Mmm, these are my brother’s antiques. I don’t know how to deal with them. Thinking that you also like to collect these things, I might as well give them all to you.”

Gu Yao knew that Su Huanyan had an elder brother. Her elder brother had been studying overseas since young and had drunk ink. He was very handsome and western.

At that time, the classmates knew that Su Huanyan had a handsome guy who was studying abroad. Many girls wanted to build a good relationship with Su Huanyan and hoped to be her sister-in-law in the future.

Unfortunately, although his elder brother was handsome, he was a celibate.

Gu Yao felt slightly cold and choked up. She rubbed her nose and said, “Your brother has left for more than three years.”


As Gu Yao checked the cell phones, he asked Su Huanyan, “Huanyan, didn’t you marry into Wangdong City? How is that Young Master Cheng treating you?”

“Not bad. My husband is my elder brother’s best friend.”

“That’s good.”

Gu Yao took out the memory card of the cell phones and said, “I will destroy the memory card in front of you. I will never secretly hide your brother’s handsome photo.”

Su Huanyan smiled so widely that her shoulders were trembling. “Why are you still so interesting?”

“I have no choice. Humor grows with age.” Gu Yao consecutively took down the memory cards of more than 10 cell phones. When he opened a black three-star cell phone, Gu Yao suddenly exclaimed. “Eh?”

“What’s the matter?” Su Huanyan was slightly puzzled.

Gu Yao pointed at the cell phone in his hand and said, “Strange, there’s no memory card in this cell phone.”

“Is that so?” Su Huanyan took the cell phone and looked at it. As Gu Yao had said, there was indeed no memory card in this cell phone.

Su Huanyan frowned as she heard Gu Yao say, “Did your brother remove the memory card himself?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then I don’t know.” Gu Yao took down the other memory cards and destroyed all of them in front of Su Huanyan.

“Alright, thank you, sister.”

Gu Yao kept the items and left Su Huanyan at her shop for lunch. Su Huanyan agreed, but she didn’t expect Gu Yao’s culinary skills to be so dark.

After lunch, Su Huanyan even went to the toilet on the way home. After reaching home, Su Huanyan laid on the bed and rubbed her stomach. She swore to herself that she would never go to Gu Yao’s place to eat again.

She was curious as to how Gu Yao survived.

That night, when Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo were video-calling, she told Cheng Yanmo about what she discovered when she sold her cell phone today.

The moment he heard that there was a cell phone without an memory card, Cheng Yanmo was cautious. He said, “There’s no memory card on the cell phone. It must have been taken away by someone. There are two possibilities. One, your brother took it off himself. Two, it was stolen.”

Su Huanyan listened intently and felt that something was off.

Cheng Yanmo told Su Huanyan, “Huanyan, no matter who took this memory card, the thing inside must be very suspicious.”

That’s right. If Su Anzhi took the memory card himself, he must be afraid that someone would see what was inside. If someone else took it, it meant that the thing inside was even more suspicious!

“If someone else took it, we won’t be able to find it. If Anzhi took it himself…” Cheng Yanmo thought for a moment before suddenly saying,” If your brother took it out himself, we might still be able to find it. ”


The memory card was so small and the world was so big. Where could we find it?

Cheng Yanmo said, “Is there a crabapple tree in your backyard with a hole in the tree? Anzhi told me that after your father passed away, he sometimes missed his father too much. He would write letters and secretly stuff them into that hole.”

“Huanyan, you can find that tree hole and see if there are any memory cards inside. Your brother habitually hides all his treasures in the tree hole.”

Cheng Yanmo and Su Anzhi were very close brothers. They had been good friends since they were in junior high overseas. After knowing each other for more than 10 years, Su Anzhi and Cheng Yanmo talked about everything.

Su Huanyan took Cheng Yanmo’s words to heart. The next day, while Wang Qing was out attending a tea party and Su Zhiwen was returning to school to study, Su Huanyan arrived at the backyard alone.

The backyard was a crabapple forest. Su Huanyan’s grandfather had personally planted this forest decades ago. As her grandmother liked crabapple flowers, her grandfather had planted a crabapple forest in the backyard for her.

Few people stepped foot into this forest. The ground was covered in fallen leaves and rotten wood.

Su Huanyan searched one by one. After more than 20 minutes, she finally found that crabapple tree with a tree hole. This crabapple tree was rather tall and had lush leaves. Its shape was very nice.

The tree hole was rather high. Su Huanyan had to climb up the tree to reach it.

She took the metal pliers and climbed up the tree.

Holding the tree trunk, Su Huanyan looked into the tree hole and saw a bunch of things. This tree hole was in a very good position. A thick tree trunk blocked the tree hole and blocked the rain for it.

Everything in the tree hole was still there.

There was a pile of folded letters and some messy things. Su Huanyan used metal pliers to dig out all of them.

Those letters were mostly letters that Su Anzhi had written to his father when he was young because he missed his father. Su Huanyan stuffed the things into the cloth bag that she had brought and planned to take a look after returning to her room.

Su Huanyan shone her torchlight inside and saw a small… dinosaur egg inside.

It was the kind of dinosaur egg that children liked to play the most.

Su Huanyan took out the egg and opened it. There was indeed a memory card inside.

Su Huanyan’s heartbeat quickened.

Why did my brother leave the memory card here alone?

Su Huanyan jumped down from the tree, left the backyard, and went to Gu Yao’s place.

It was lunchtime when she arrived. Gu Yao was having lunch with a takeout box. Seeing Su Huanyan alight from the car, Gu Yao hurriedly wiped his mouth and asked her, “Why are you here again? Why didn’t you call ahead of time? I would’ve prepared food and waited for you.”

Su Huanyan thought of yesterday’s meal and had a strange expression. “I’ve eaten.”

Su Huanyan took out that memory card and asked Gu Yao, “Do you have a card reader here? Sell me one.”

Gu Yao opened the glass cabinet, took out a card reader, and threw it to Su Huanyan. “Take it.”

“Thank you.”

Su Huanyan returned to the Su Family residence and closed the door. She inserted the card reader into the computer and opened the document inside the memory card. There were many old photos in the memory card, all taken by Su Anzhi.

There were photos of him, his family, Cheng Yanmo, and a few classmates.

After looking at all the photos, Su Huanyan didn’t find anything amiss and opened the video again. Su Anzhi didn’t have many videos on his cell phone, only about 10 videos.

Su Huanyan opened the video file and immediately noticed the first document.

As that video document was fixed on the backs of the two of them, Su Huanyan also recognized this back view. It was Wang Qing and Su Jincheng!

u Huanyan felt slightly uneasy. She narrowed her eyes and opened that video.

In the video, Su Anzhi’s face appeared on screen. He said, “Yanmo, show this video to Claude and the rest. Let them see what a real Suzhou garden building is.”

“With my family, their villa is a pile of dog shit.”

Su Anzhi aimed the camera in front of him and walked forward with his cell phone raised. He shuttled through every corner of the Su Family residence. As he walked, Su Anzhi arrived at the fake mountain spring in the backyard.

This spring was behind Su Huanyan’s bedroom.

Su Anzhi was originally taking photos of the fake mountain in the spring, but he heard something and instinctively slowed down his footsteps, walking towards the fake mountain.

In Su Anzhi’s camera, the backs of a man and a woman appeared. It was Wang Qing and Su Jincheng.

Su Anzhi was about to step forward, but Wang Qing suddenly leaned her head on Su Jincheng’s shoulder. Su Anzhi was not a child. He was already in his twenties and could tell at a glance that there was something wrong with Wang Qing and Su Jincheng’s interaction.

Instinct made Su Anzhi hold his breath and stop in his tracks.

Wang Qing and Su Jincheng’s conversation was very soft. Su Huanyan put on her earphones and turned up the volume to the maximum. Only then did she hear their conversation.

Su Jincheng: [Qiao Xi wants to adopt a child, but I already have Zhiwen with you. I don’t need another child.]

Wang Qing: [Then how are you going to convince Qiao Xi to give up adoption?]

Su Jincheng: [Of course I can convince her.]

After a period of silence, Wang Qing spoke again.

Wang Qing: [His death anniversary is coming, right?]

Su Jincheng: [There are still seven days.]

Wang Qing: [Every time I bring the children to pay respects to Jinyu, I will always have nightmares when I return. Jincheng, if the children know that the boat capsizing incident was not an accident but you did it, how will the children see us?]

Su Jincheng: [That day won’t come. Only you and I both know about this. No one else will know.]

Wang Qing wiped her tears and said: [How should I tell Zhiwen that you are not his uncle but his biological father?]

Su Jincheng: [Let’s wait a little longer…]

The screen started to shake. Su Anzhi had secretly left with his cell phone.

Su Huanyan sat on the stool in a daze, her blood cold.

Su Huanyan covered her mouth with her hand. She wanted to cry but couldn’t. She couldn’t even make a sound. Su Huanyan panted heavily. She searched everywhere for her cell phone and finally realized that it was in her pocket.

Su Huanyan opened her cell phone and called Cheng Yanmo without thinking.

The call went through. Without waiting for the other party to speak, Su Huanyan instinctively said, “Leo, what should I do?”

Cheng Yanmo was silent for a moment before saying, “It’s me, Huanyan.”

Su Huanyan was stunned.

She calmed down slightly and apologized to Cheng Yanmo. “I’m sorry, Yanmo. My heart was in a mess just now.” A person’s behavior when their heart was in a mess was the best way to show their inner world.

Su Huanyan instinctively called out Sicilio’s name. This meant that in her heart, Sicilio was the person she trusted and relied on.

Cheng Yanmo thought to himself: Looks like the day of me being cheated on is getting closer and closer.

Cheng Yanmo waited for Su Huanyan to calm down before asking her, “Tell me, what happened to you?”

Su Huanyan lowered her voice and told Cheng Yanmo the shocking truth that she had discovered. After hearing it, Cheng Yanmo was very angry. “You’re saying that your father’s death was a scheme by Su Jincheng and your mother?”

“Yes. I found a video in my brother’s memory card. I personally heard the conversation between my mother and Su Jincheng. Not only was my father murdered by them, even my younger brother is Su Jincheng’s child!”

Cheng Yanmo pressed his temples and thought to himself: What the hell is going on?

“I remember that your mother was just three months pregnant with your brother when your father passed away?”


Cheng Yanmo made a bold assumption and said, “Huanyan, I think it’s precisely because Su Zhiwen is pregnant that Su Jincheng can’t wait to kill your father. In fact…”

Su Huanyan’s heart sank when she heard this.

Cheng Yanmo said, “I am just suspecting that the oxygen tank on Anzhi’s back breaking and causing him to drown was most probably done by someone.”

Su Huanyan completely fell into an icehouse.

She didn’t speak again. She felt disgusted and angry. Even breathing in the air of the Su residence felt unbearable.

“Huanyan, stay calm. I will go to Su City as soon as possible. We will investigate this matter together.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

After hanging up, Cheng Yanmo received a call from Sicilio.

“What?” Cheng Yanmo was not polite at all to Sicilio.

Sicilio said, “Don’t go to Su City. Let me go.”

Cheng Yanmo was stunned.

Coming to his senses, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t resist cursing Sicilio. “Rascal, are you monitoring my phone?”

Sicilio said, “Report me. I welcome you.”

Cheng Yanmo was enraged, but he couldn’t do anything to Sicilio.

“Cheng Yanmo, I must be by her side at this time. Whether I can woo her back depends on my performance this time. You can’t ruin my good deed.”

Cheng Yanmo smiled angrily. “Why should I agree?”

Sicilio said, “Your brother is smuggling.”

Cheng Yanmo was stunned. “What?”

Sicilio said, “Your brother was anxious to show himself and was deceived by his friends into smuggling a batch of Audi cars.”

“Cheng Yanmo, someone from the higher-ups is already targeting your brother. Is the information I’m selling to you enough for an exchange?”

Cheng Yanmo took a deep breath and hung up.

He got up and left the office. He drove to Cheng Ziang’s house and lifted Cheng Ziang, who had stayed up all night playing games and was still sleeping in bed.

Cheng Ziang was awoken by Cheng Yanmo’s punch.

He opened his eyes and saw his elder brother holding a feather duster. His butt instantly burned as he ran. “Cheng Yanmo, you hit me again!”

“I shouldn’t have hit you?”

Cheng Yanmo caught up to Cheng Ziang very quickly. He tied Cheng Ziang to the cupboard with his tie and placed his cell phone on the dining table to record. The camera was aimed at him and Cheng Ziang.

Cheng Yanmo took off Cheng Ziang’s pants and whipped him with the feather duster.

Cheng Ziang cried.

“Who asked you to smuggle!”

“Can’t you be more obedient? Can’t you play your game? You even learned how to smuggle! If I don’t beat you today, the prison police will teach you a lesson tomorrow!”

Cheng Ziang apologized as he cried.

Cheng Yanmo was tired from hitting and threw away the feather duster. He checked the video and said to the crying Cheng Ziang, “If I find you doing anything illegal again, I will upload the video of you naked and getting hit by me on Weibo.”

Cheng Ziang laid pitifully on the sofa and apologized weakly. “I was wrong. I won’t play with them anymore. Brother, don’t upload the video of me getting beaten up on Weibo.”

Cheng Yanmo glared at Cheng Ziang before picking up his suit jacket from the hanger.

Wang Qing returned for dinner after playing cards. She sent someone to the west park to call Su Huanyan to the dining room.

Su Zhiwen was also at home. He bought a little rabbit for Su Huanyan.

Seeing that Su Huanyan had returned, Su Zhiwen handed the rabbit to her. “Sister, look at this rabbit. I remember that you loved to rear rabbits in the past. This one is for you too.”

Su Huanyan stared at Su Zhiwen’s cheerful smile. Thinking that Su Zhiwen was Su Jincheng’s son and her father was murdered because of him, Su Huanyan’s feelings for Su Zhiwen were very complicated.

There was love in hatred.

But she also knew that Su Zhiwen didn’t know anything and he was innocent.

Su Huanyan took that rabbit. She stared at the fluffy white rabbit and suddenly said, “The first rabbit I received was given to me by Father on my sixth birthday.”

Wang Qing was scooping rice. Hearing this, she said, “I remember that it was also a white rabbit.”


Su Huanyan stared at Wang Qing’s face and said, “I slept in the afternoon and dreamed of Father.” Su Huanyan said sadly, “Father told me in the dream that the water is cold and lonely. He wanted to find someone to accompany him.”

Wang Qing’s hand trembled and the hot rice in the spoon landed on the back of her hand.

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