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Chapter 286: I’m Afraid He Wants to be Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Long Gang got up and made a call.

Han Zhan sat quietly by the tea table for a moment before Long Gang returned. When he returned, he looked very relaxed. Seeing this, Han Zhan had an idea.

“Grandpa Long, what did he say?”

“They agreed and said they will send someone over to take a look. They will reach Shunchen the day after tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Long.”

Han Zhan sat at Long Gang’s house for a while more before getting up to bid farewell.

As soon as he left the Long Family, he called Grandma Chen and told her the good news. Knowing that they would send a doctor over, Grandma Chen heaved a huge sigh of relief. “Zhanzhan, thank you very much.”

“Grandma Chen, this is my duty.”

Han Zhan had originally planned to fly to Shunchen to visit Old Master Chen today. Considering that the doctor from the Mo Family would only come the day after tomorrow, Han Zhan decided to fly over tomorrow afternoon.

He was still rather curious about the doctor from the Mo Family.

After hanging up, Han Zhan called Song Ci again and told her to pack up her things and bring the three of them to the aquarium to play.

After receiving the call, Song Ci hurriedly packed her things. When it was about time, Su Beibei helped Song Ci carry Han Miao and sent them to the entrance of the community.

Leaving the community, Song Ci sat on a bench outside the community entrance and asked Su Beibei, “Are you really not bringing Li Ao along to play?”

“I won’t go today. Next time when his father is on leave, we will go together as a family. Moreover, I have almost finished thinking about my new novel and am preparing to write a script.”

Writing was Su Beibei’s job and also her interest. Now that the child was a year old, her new book was almost ready.

Song Ci had read several of Su Beibei’s publications and liked her works very much. She asked expectantly, “What novel are you writing this time?”

“The mystery cure style.” Su Beibei told Song Ci, “I showed the outline to a director. He has already bought the movie rights for my novel. When I publish it, the movie will start shooting.”

Su Beibei was famous and talented, and the director was also willing to collaborate with her. This must be another godly work.

“You are so awesome.”

Song Ci really admired Su Beibei.

Song Ci also liked to read all sorts of stories. She had read publications, online literature, the Sherlock Holmes case collection, and so on. Every time she read a novel, Song Ci felt that she could also open her computer to write a novel.

In her second year of middle school, she had also tried to write, but there were so many thoughts in her mind, as vast as the sea and sky. But the things she wrote were the size of rice grains, dull, boring, and rigid.

As a result, Song Ci really admired those who could write.

Su Beibei said, “I admire you instead. You don’t know how alluring you are when you play the violin.” As a woman, Su Beibei’s heart would beat wildly at the sight of this.

Song Ci nudged Su Beibei’s arm and asked with a smile, “Then do you want to abandon Li Li and live with me?”

Su Beibei said with a faint smile, “Let’s first ask if your Han Zhan is willing to give you to me. Look up ahead.”

Hearing this, Song Ci looked up and saw Han Zhan alighting from the car.

There was a heater in the car. Han Zhan took off his windbreaker jacket. When he alighted, he was only wearing the white panda sweater that Song Ci had knitted for him the year before. Han Zhan’s every step was very big and he arrived in front of Song Ci in a few blinks of the eye.

“What are you talking about?” When they were still in the car, Han Zhan noticed that Song Ci and Su Beibei were chatting happily and smiling maliciously.

Song Ci stuffed Han Jun into Han Zhan’s arms and carried Han Miao over from Su Beibei’s arms. She replied perfunctorily, “I’m talking about Beibei’s new book. Her new book is very interesting and funny.”

“Let’s go, let’s go. If we go now, we can still see the mermaid performance in the afternoon.”

“Alright.” Han Zhan asked Su Beibei politely, “Beibei, are you coming along?”

“I want to write a book. I will go with Li Li next time.”

“Alright, see you later.”

The weather was cold and there weren’t as many tourists in the aquarium as in summer, but there were still hundreds of them. At Han Zhan’s age, nothing was new to him, but Song Ci still had the temperament of a child. Her eyes would light up when she saw creatures like jellyfish and demon fish.

Meanwhile, the two little guys were even happier. They would clap excitedly when they saw the glowing jellyfish.

Han Jun pointed at the jellyfish. “Light!”

Han Miao said, “Electricity!”

Han Jun said, “Light!”

Han Miao said, “Electricity!”

The two sisters started arguing over whether the light on the jellyfish was light or electricity.

Song Ci said, “It’s all wrong. They are so beautiful that they glow.”

Han Miao and Han Jun didn’t understand. Han Zhan hugged Han Miao with one hand and placed the other on Song Ci’s shoulder. He pinched Song Ci’s shoulder and smiled. “As beautiful as you?”

Song Ci said, “Brother Han, speak more if you know how to speak.”

Han Zhan smiled.

He had the pleasure of bringing his three little friends to the aquarium.

The water was colder in winter. Three to four professional staff dressed up as mermaids and jumped into the cold water to perform beautifully for everyone. There were two boys amongst the performers, but they were all slender, so they dressed up beautifully.

Zhanzhan and his family stood in the corridor on the second floor. It was more suitable to watch the performance at this height.

Han Miao’s eyes lit up at the sight of the mermaids, as she was one that loved beauty. She gripped the railing of the second level tightly and stared at the beauty swimming in the pool. She kept muttering. “Fish, fish.”

As long as there was a fish tail, it was a fish.

Han Jun obviously liked it too. She kept staring at the mermaids and couldn’t bear to look away. Han Zhan looked at the beauty beside him and told Song Ci, “If you go in to perform, the ticket price of the aquarium will definitely be raised.”

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan with a faint smile and asked him, “What’s the matter with you today? Why are you so sweet-tongued? Did you do something wrong?”

Han Zhan smiled faintly and remained silent.

The four of them shopped until the aquarium closed before leaving. After dinner outside, the family of four returned home accompanied by the stars.

After the children fell asleep, Han Zhan gave Song Ci a small present in a box.

Song Ci opened the box and realized that it was a mermaid dress.

Song Ci carried the box to the pool.

Everyone avoided her. She changed clothes by the pool and dived into the water. She had once been afraid of water because of Edward and Coco. Now, she had overcome her fear of water.

Song Ci swam in the pool and vaguely saw a black shadow by the shore. She popped out of the water and realized that it was Han Zhan. Han Zhan saw a beauty emerging from the water. He squatted by the shore and reached out his hand to Song Ci. “My mermaid princess.”

Song Ci placed her hand on Han Zhan’s palm and pulled him into the pool.

Song Ci pressed Han Zhan’s chest and pressed him against the bottom of the pool.

Han Zhan was very good at water and could hold his breath in the water for about 10 minutes.

He opened his eyes and water washed over them. Those eyes looked like glowing gray-blue jewelry.

Han Zhan gazed at Song Ci in the water.

Her long black hair was like soft seaweed floating gently in the water. The red fish behind her kept swaying gracefully. Song Ci’s figure was really good. Her waist that was wrapped by the dress was slender and her hips were round and perky. Her collarbone that was exposed outside the dress was deep, but her shoulders were round and fair.

She was really beautiful until she glowed.

Han Zhan suddenly pulled Song Ci into his arms, pressed her under him, and swapped positions with her.

Song Ci was pressed into Han Zhan’s arms and they kissed.

She was about to reach her limit and had to swim to the surface to change oxygen. Han Zhan hugged her and the two of them swam to the surface. During the process, they kept sticking together. Revealing the waterman, Song Ci pushed Han Zhan’s shoulder away and took a few deep breaths. Only then did she feel better.

On the other hand, Han Zhan still looked calm and composed.

Song Ci truly admired Han Zhan’s capabilities.

Placing the fingers of his left hand into Song Ci’s hair, Han Zhan said, “No one will come here.” Han Zhan gave a random hint, but Song Ci understood.

Song Ci said, “Tell me honestly, when you saw the mermaid at the aquarium today, were you thinking of this scene?”

Han Zhan nodded honestly. “Mmm.”

Song Ci scolded jokingly. “Why are you so bad? You were very serious in the past.”

“One is marked by the company one keeps.”

The pool was not a suitable place to do things. In the end, Han Zhan carried Song Ci up and placed her on the recliner beside the pool.

No one dared to get close to the surrounding dozens of meters.

The next morning, when Song Ci woke up, Han Zhan was already dressed up. He sat against the light on the sofa and kept staring at her face.

Song Ci sat up. The blanket only covered her chest and didn’t fall off. “Han Zhan, why are you sitting there?”

“There’s something I’ve been hesitating about how to tell you.”

“Tell me.” Song Ci pursed her lips. She already realized that what Han Zhan was about to say was definitely something major.

Han Zhan said, “On New Year’s Day, Zeus Number 1’s space travel will officially start. As Zeus Corporation’s CEO, I will be riding Zeus Number 1 away from Earth with two pilots to start a half-month space travel.”

Seeing that Song Ci was sitting there in a daze, Han Zhan got up, walked over, and sat by the bed.

He cupped Song Ci’s face with both hands and leaned his forehead against hers. “You should still remember that several years ago, when the first Zeus spaceship was successfully developed, in order to pull in investments, Zeus spaceship once launched and returned successfully.”

Song Ci nodded. “I know.”

Han Zhan told her, “At that time, there were a total of four people on the spaceship, two pilots, the chief engineer, and me.” But at that time, Han Zhan’s face was completely protected.

“Baby Ci, I am the initiator of the ‘Star Picking Plan’ project. I must be the first to eat crabs.” Han Zhan must be the first to eat this crab before the other adventurers dared to embark on this journey.

Song Ci remembered that in her previous life, after Han Zhan’s alias was gone, the first thing he did was to follow the pilot and ride Zeus Number 1 to explore the Moon. On the day Zeus Number 1 successfully returned, it was even on the news.

Later on, the aviation tourism project became more and more mature. Every year, countless wealthy people participated in this adventure. Under the influence of this tourism industry, Wanyu County was developed by Zeus Corporation and became the richest city in Wangdong City.

When Song Ci was 30 years old, Wanyu County was regarded as the richest county city in the world. Although it was a county-level city, its economic standards were close to that of a first-tier city.

As for Han Zhan, due to his contributions to Wanyu County and Wangdong City, he was successfully nominated as the greatest entrepreneur in the country. He had even been personally praised by the country’s leaders.

So one could imagine how dazzling the single Han Zhan was then.

But at that time, Song Ci and Han Zhan were just strangers. When she heard Han Zhan’s achievements, she would feel admiration and respect. But now, her status had changed. Han Zhan had become her husband and the father of her children. Her mental state had also changed.

She secretly hoped that Han Zhan wouldn’t go. She was afraid that an accident would happen, that the children would lose their father, and that she would lose her lover.

Song Ci couldn’t control her selfish heart. She bit her lips and asked softly, “Can you not go?”

“Baby Ci, when I make up my mind to tell you this, it will be the result of my careful consideration.” This time, Han Zhan had to go.

Unable to persuade Han Zhan, Song Ci rubbed her temples and said with a headache, “Let me think.”

For the entire morning, Song Ci was worried and her brows were locked tightly.

In the end, Song Ci told Song Fei about this and wanted to hear her opinion.

After hearing Song Ci’s question, Song Fei said, “The one flying in the sky is called an eagle, while the one on the ground is called a wild chicken. Song Ci, do you want Han Zhan to be an eagle or a wild chicken?”

Song Fei jolted awake.

Song Ci suddenly realized that the person she was infatuated with and loved deeply had always been that Han Zhan who dared to take risks and refused to accept fate’s arrangements.

When Han Zhan was really content with the current situation, working step by step everyday without any pursuits, was he still that admirable Han Zhan? (


Even Song Ci herself was attracted to Han Zhan at the start because of those halos placed on him.

Han Zhan was right. The “Star Picking Plan” was not a small project. It was a great feat that took thousands of top aviation research geniuses eight to nine years to complete.

This project required money and manpower. It couldn’t be terminated.

Once it was terminated, Han Zhan would become the target of public criticism. At that time, all the investors would ask Han Zhan for compensation. Not only would Han Zhan go bankrupt, he would also lose his reputation.

So Han Zhan had to go!

I can’t be Han Zhan’s stumbling block.

Song Ci thought it through and found Han Zhan.

At that time, Han Zhan was having a meeting in the study and Song Ci waited outside for more than 10 minutes before Han Zhan turned off the video conference. He knew that Song Ci was outside and had already seen it through the surveillance cameras.

“Baby Ci, come in.”

Song Ci pushed open the door and entered.

Holding that small wooden box in her hand, Song Ci slowly walked behind Han Zhan. “Han Zhan, I agree to let you go.”

Song Ci opened the wooden box, took out the peace locket made of black rope, and put it on Han Zhan’s neck.

“Han Zhan, this is the buckle your mother gave you. I will return it to its original owner now.” Song Ci hugged Han Zhan, kissed the hair on Han Zhan’s head, and sincerely wished him well. “You will return safely. The ‘Star Picking Plan’ will definitely succeed.”

Han Zhan placed his hands on Song Ci’s back and patted her gently. “Baby Ci, when this project is completely mature, I will accompany you to take the Zeus spaceship to see the moon.”

Song Ci nodded. “Okay.”

With this matter settled, Han Zhan also relaxed. He had an extra half bowl of lunch.

After lunch, Song Ci and Han Zhan had to set off to Shunchen City to visit Old Master Chen. This trip was a private matter and flying a private plane was very wasteful, so Han Zhan and Song Ci both decided to take a commercial plane.

As the plane tickets were booked rather late and there were no more tickets for business class and first class, the two of them sat in economy class. Song Ci was used to first-class and business class and was not used to suddenly coming to economy class.

After the plane took off, Song Ci fell asleep.

Han Zhan couldn’t fall asleep, so he flipped open a book to read.

]Song Ci woke up halfway and saw Han Zhan reading seriously. She couldn’t help thinking of her previous life.

In her previous life, she was also in the economy class and sat beside Han Zhan.

At that time, Song Ci, who had just ended her marriage, was utterly disheartened. Whenever she was free, she would carry the violin and perform in the country.

Song Ci didn’t bring much with her every time she went out. She only brought a violin, a simple change of clothes, and the peace charm she had obtained at the earthquake site when she was 14 years old.

Song Ci found a seat and sat down. Just as the plane was about to take off, someone sat beside her.

Song Ci glanced sideways and saw a very elegant man. The man was no longer young and should be 40 years old. Even if he didn’t speak or smile, there were still some wrinkles at the corners of his eyes.

But the man’s outstanding and reserved aura concealed his lack of age.

At that time, after a tiring marriage, Song Ci really didn’t have any thoughts about men and women. She only took a few more glances at Han Zhan before falling asleep with her head covered.

Halfway through the flight, Song Ci woke up to find that the middle-aged man had been staring at her chest. Thinking back, he wasn’t looking at her body at all, but at the buckle on her neck.

Song Ci covered her chest and teased Han Zhan. “Uncle, what are you looking at? You haven’t seen such a beautiful one, right?”

Han Zhan was a very low-profile person. Even after his identity as Zeus Corporation’s CEO was exposed, he seldom appeared in front of the camera. As a result, Song Ci only knew the name of this big shot Han Zhan but didn’t know what he looked like.

After hearing Song Ci’s reply, Han Zhan was clearly slightly surprised. He stared at Song Ci’s face for a few seconds and suddenly asked, “How old are you this year?”

Song Ci said, “Always 18 years old. Uncle, you look like you should be in his forties. I’m not interested in the older ones.” She was even less interested in the younger ones. At that time, she just wanted to earn money.

But after hearing her piercing reply, Han Zhan didn’t show any signs of anger. At Han Zhan’s position, he had seen all sorts of storms and was already past the age of easily getting angry.

The man had accumulated a lot of self-restraint and quality over time.

He smiled and looked very good when he smiled. Han Zhan suddenly said, “31?”

Song Ci rolled her eyes and asked, “How can you tell?”

Han Zhan just smiled gently. “I guessed.”

Song Ci really believed his guess.

Thinking about it now, it was very likely that Han Zhan had recognized her then. As she was wearing the peace charm his mother had given him, he recognized Song Ci at a glance as the little girl he had saved in the Bijiang City earthquake when he was young.

The little girl was 10 years younger than him, so Han Zhan easily revealed Song Ci’s true age.

Song Ci thought of this little episode and thought of how Han Zhan had taken good care of her after he lost his sight. Her heart instantly warmed.

Song Ci suddenly stopped sleeping and leaned her head on Han Zhan’s shoulder.

Han Zhan moved his gaze away from the contents of the book and glanced down at Song Ci. Seeing that Song Ci’s eyes were closed but her lips were curled into a smile, he asked with a smile, “What are you doing? You’re suddenly clingy.”

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s right hand and squeezed the back of his hand through the leather glove.

“Han Zhan.”

Han Zhan, “Mmm?”

Song Ci couldn’t resist saying, “Han Zhan, you still owe me a secret.” Just that secret made Song Ci brood over it every time she thought of it.

She would never hear that secret again.

Han Zhan said, “Mmm?” He didn’t remember keeping any secrets from Song Ci.

Everyone around her was asleep. Song Ci spoke very softly. She said to Han Zhan, “In my previous life, you told me that you had a secret to tell me, but I passed away before I could hear that secret.”

Song Ci asked Han Zhan with a smile, “What is the secret you want to tell me?”

Han Zhan’s attention was completely snatched away by Song Ci’s words. He placed the bookmark on the table, closed the book, and asked Song Ci, “In my previous life, did we know each other?” Song Ci had never said that she had crossed paths with him in her previous life.

Song Ci asked, “Didn’t I tell you?”

“No, you only told me that you and Cheng Ziang were married and divorced. Every time you mentioned me, you said that I was the richest man, respected and especially capable. But you never said that we knew each other.”

To Han Zhan’s knowledge, in their previous life, he didn’t have any interactions with Song Ci. He was just the richest man that Song Ci looked up to.

Looks like we actually know each other? Han Zhan was very curious about this and couldn’t wait to hear their story. “Tell me, how did we meet and how is our relationship?”

Song Ci said, “When I was 31 years old, I met you on the plane. That day, you were also sitting in the economy class…” During the rest of the flight, Song Ci tried her best to tell Han Zhan in detail about how she and Han Zhan had become good friends.

]”So, we were good friends in our previous life.” Song Ci concluded with this sentence.

After hearing Song Ci’s description, Han Zhan’s expression turned unfathomable. He said, “I’ve never been friends with the opposite sex who doesn’t have any major benefits for me.”

No matter how good Han Zhan’s disguise was, he was cold by nature. In his life, he didn’t have many friends, but all of them were the kind who could give their lives. He didn’t have any friends of the opposite sex. Even if he did, they were old acquaintances who worked frequently with him.

Be friends with a divorced little girl who was too beautiful and whom he had saved when he was young?

Who was he trying to bluff!

He probably wanted to be a couple.

Han Zhan knew himself too well. He wouldn’t treat Song Ci well for no reason. Song Ci was good-looking and talented. She had a crush on him since she was 14 years old. With all these factors added together, she could easily attract Han Zhan’s curiosity.

He was good to her because he coveted her.

Silly girl.

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