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Chapter 285: Hello, 110? Someone is Abusing Little Cutie

Shen Yubei could tell what Song Ci was thinking. Seeing her pout, he felt like laughing.

“Why? Have you lost your confidence?”

Song Ci said, “I am confident, but I am not blind.”


“Teacher, anyone who can participate in this competition and enter the grand finals is a music genius and a music fanatic who has practiced hard for more than 20 years. Compared to them who are equally outstanding, how can it be so easy to win?”

Song Ci wouldn’t be foolish enough to think that she was the number one in the world.

Shen Yubei tapped Song Ci’s head and said, “But how many people acknowledged me as their teacher?”

Shen Yubei sat down at the window seat. He said, “After I became famous, there were at least 500 students who wanted to be under my name, if not 1,000. But I just happened to fancy you.”

Turning around, he looked up at the beautiful girl standing behind him. Shen Yubei smiled calmly. His voice was not loud but was filled with dominance. “Song Ci, just because I, Shen Yubei, chose you, you have the right to win the championship.”

At this moment, Shen Yubei was arrogant and dazzling.

“I was the champion back then. As my disciple, you naturally can’t be bad. Who doesn’t know that I, Shen Yubei, have accepted a beloved disciple? All these years, I’ve been hiding it and waiting for you to officially graduate.”

“Song Ci, don’t disappoint me.”

It would have been better if he didn’t say it. Once he said it, Song Ci instantly felt immense pressure.

Shen Yubei had been the star that Song Ci looked up to since young.

She looked down at the composed Shen Yubei, who just sat there quietly with the air of an expert, and instantly felt ambitious. “Alright! I will definitely bring back a champion trophy for you to admire.”

“Mmm, that’s more like it.”

After the two of them finished talking, Shen Yubei started talking about private matters. “Um, I have something to ask you.”


Shen Yubei coughed uncomfortably and said, “It’s very dangerous to get pregnant in the fifties, right?”

ong Ci widened her eyes. “Mistress is pregnant?”

Shen Yubei’s face reddened as he nodded. “Mmm, she’s pregnant. It’s been almost three months.” Shen Yubei was slightly worried. He said, “I clearly took precautions, but…” But Di Rongrong was still pregnant.

Shen Yubei frowned, slightly puzzled. He didn’t understand how this child came about.

Of course he believed that the child was his. He just suspected that the condoms were not of good quality. “Song Ci, don’t buy XX brands in the future. The quality is not good.”

Song Ci chuckled and exposed the truth. “Perhaps Mistress wanted it herself.” If Mistress wanted a child, she could just break a box of condoms and find a suitable date. It would be easy for her to get pregnant.

Shen Yubei was slightly stunned. “You mean, Rongrong…” Shen Yubei didn’t finish his sentence, but from his expression and reaction, he obviously understood Song Ci’s meaning.

Song Ci nodded. “Yes.”

Song Ci had already heard from Han Zhan that Di Rongrong had lost a daughter when she was young. She told Shen Yubei her thoughts. “Mistress lost a child in the past. She definitely likes children deep down. In the past, when she was with Huo Jing-an, she lost all hope in life. But it’s different now. You are her future now.”

“The fact that Mistress is willing to have a child with you also means that she has really accepted you and wants to be with you.” Moreover, at this age, after enjoying wealth and fame, it was very normal for Di Rongrong to want to have a child with Shen Yubei when she met her true love.

Shen Yubei was very happy. Besides, at his age, it was also a good thing to have a child. But…” Your wife is over 50 years old after all. I am worried. ”

Song Ci also felt troubled. “Yes, a woman in her fifties is different from a woman in her forties. She is definitely considered pregnant at an old age.”

Song Ci sat down cross-legged beside Shen Yubei. She hugged ‘Soul’ and stroked it as she said, “Although technology is advanced now and it is no longer as dangerous for women to have children as in the past, even a cesarean section will make her suffer a stab.”

“A young man in his fifties is no different from us in our twenties. Our wounds heal faster, but Mistress is different. Teacher, do you want this child or not?”

Shen Yubei said, “I want it, but I can’t have this child.” He couldn’t bear the slightest possibility of losing Di Rongrong. He also couldn’t accept the fact that Di Rongrong would suffer from side effects in order to have a child.

“Have you told Mistress your thoughts?”

“I did, but it was useless.” Shen Yubei felt slightly frustrated. He noticed that Di Rongrong had walked out of the house and into the garden. She was practicing her voice as she stroked her stomach.

Staring at Di Rongrong’s hands on her abdomen, Shen Yubei sighed. “But she wants it.” It was precisely because she had lost a daughter that Di Rongrong valued this child more. She would never agree to her aborting the child.

Song Ci also looked at Di Rongrong.

She could tell that Di Rongrong was looking forward to that child’s arrival.

“Why don’t I tell Han Zhan about this? Mistress is quite convinced by Han Zhan. Perhaps Han Zhan can persuade her?”

Regarding this, Shen Yubei didn’t have high hopes. He knew very well that Di Rongrong was not an easy person to compromise on major matters. Even Han Zhan couldn’t dispel her thoughts.

Shen Yubei sighed. “I was careless.”

“I’ll go talk to Mistress.”

Song Ci arrived at the first level, when Di Rongrong was still practicing her voice.

The butler poured Song Ci a cup of hot tea. Song Ci held the cup and leaned against the door frame of the entrance garden.

After Di Rongrong finished practicing her voice, Song Ci praised her. “Mistress, you’re so awesome. It’s so nice.”

Hearing this, Di Rongrong turned and smiled at Song Ci. She said, “I am old and not as young as I was.”

Song Ci slowly walked over to Di Rongrong and placed her palm gently on her abdomen. Seeing this, Di Rongrong was obviously slightly shocked, but then lowered her head in embarrassment.

“You already know?” Di Rongrong’s ears were slightly red, like a shy young lady.

“Mmm, Teacher told me.”

A worried expression appeared on Di Rongrong’s face. “He doesn’t really want this child.”

Song Ci was in no hurry to persuade Di Rongrong to give up this child. Instead, she asked gently, “What about you, Mistress? Do you insist on having him?”

“Mmm, I want him.” Di Rongrong pressed her tummy. “A few days ago, I dreamed of my daughter.”

In the past, whenever she mentioned her daughter who had come briefly but left without a word, Di Rongrong’s expression would be sorrowful. But today, Di Rongrong’s face held a gentle and loving smile.

“I dreamed that she called me Mother. She said, Mother, we are going to meet again.” Di Rongrong smiled as tears streamed down her face. “Song Ci, perhaps you will find this matter very mysterious, but I believe it to be true.”

“My little angel, she knows that Mother’s life is settled. She knows that she will have a father who dotes on her, so she came again.”

Hearing this, Song Ci’s heart clenched.

As a mother, she hated to hear such words. Thinking about it, if this happened to her, she would also be like Di Rongrong and risk her life to give birth to her.

Song Ci had already prepared all sorts of reasons to persuade Di Rongrong. But seeing Di Rongrong’s tears, Song Ci gave up.

Forget it. Now that medical skills were advanced, it shouldn’t be too dangerous for Di Rongrong to make a few trips to the hospital.

“Alright, I won’t persuade you anymore. I just want to say this: Mistress, do your prenatal checkups and rest more. You must always prioritize your own safety. Moreover, Teacher is also very worried about you. Mistress, you must also comfort Teacher well. Otherwise, I am afraid that before the child is born, Teacher will be scared silly by you and your daughter.”

Di Rongrong firmly believed that the child in her stomach was a daughter, so Song Ci treated that child as a girl.

Di Rongrong smiled through her tears. “Alright.”

Shen Yubei was even more distressed when he saw that Song Ci’s persuasion had failed.

Di Rongrong captured Shen Yubei’s frown. She walked over, grabbed his hand, and said, “Beibei, don’t worry. I want this child under the premise that my life is safe. If anything happens in the future, I will be like you, putting my own life first.”

Di Rongrong loved that daughter, but she also loved Shen Yubei. She married Shen Yubei and promised that she would accompany him for the rest of his life. Then, she wouldn’t do something like abandoning him to live alone.

Hearing this, Shen Yubei’s expression gradually relaxed.

Song Ci saw that they had spoken and stuck out her tongue mischievously at Shen Yubei before returning home. After a day apart, the babies were very excited to see Song Ci again. They pestered Song Ci, wanting her to hug and accompany them.

Song Ci carried a baby in each hand, but the arm holding Han Miao felt heavier.

Song Ci carried the children into the car and drove them into the city.

Imperial Dragon Mountain was rather far from the city and the children seldom entered the city at night. After entering the city, Song Ci and the butler each pushed a child and brought them to the park to watch people dance on the square and to watch others eat on the streets.

Han Miao saw the milk tea and felt like drinking it. She was so anxious that she wanted to cry. Song Ci ran into the milk tea shop and asked for some warm water for two cups of milk.

Seeing that her mother had brought out two bottles of milk from the shop, Han Miao thought that the milk was milk tea and happily drank it. Han Jun took a sip, put down the bottle, and stared at the shop.

Song Ci could tell what Han Jun was thinking and hurriedly said, “Junjun, drink it quickly. This is milk tea.”

Only then did Han Jun continue drinking.

Only after they finished drinking did Song Ci dare to go and buy herself a glass. When she drank, Han Miao and Han Jun looked up at her.

Song Ci didn’t blush and said, “Mommy is also hungry. Mommy also wants to drink milk.”

Only then did the two little guys look away and look around.

The butler smiled and asked Song Ci, “Won’t you feel guilty for lying to them like this, Madam?”

Song Ci said, “They have to get used to it. I will still lie to them frequently in the future.”

The butler wanted to laugh but held it in.

After walking around, Song Ci brought the children to Zeus Corporation Building. Seeing that Song Ci was pushing a stroller, a handsome young man at the front desk on the first floor hurried over and greeted Song Ci warmly.

Staring at the fat and thin children in the stroller, the young man at the front desk smiled and said, “The babies are so adorable. Madam, do you want to go up and meet Mr. Han?”


“Follow me then.”

The young man at the front desk brought Song Ci and the children to Han Zhan’s exclusive lift. He swiped his access card and personally pressed the button for Han Zhan’s floor for them before walking out of the lift.

Once Song Ci arrived at Zeus Corporation Building, Han Zhan’s secretary received a call from the front desk.

After putting down the phone, Han Zhan’s secretary got up, walked into his office, and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Han Zhan had just finished a video conference and it was over now. His mouth was dry and he was drinking tea. Staring at the secretary who walked in quickly, Han Zhan asked him, “What’s the matter?”

“Mr. Han, Madam is here with the ladies.”

The fatigue between Han Zhan’s brows instantly faded. “Oh? Where are they?” He anxiously stood up from behind his desk, walked around it, and quickly walked out.

The head secretary suppressed his laughter and followed behind Han Zhan. He said, “They should be arriving soon…” Before he could finish, the head secretary saw a few people walking over from the corridor of the lift lobby. It was Song Ci and the butler.

Han Zhan strode over and hugged Song Ci.

Everyone averted their eyes and peeked again.

Han Zhan whispered into Song Ci’s ear. “A surprise attack?”

Song Ci asked him, “Is there a mistress hiding in the office?”

“Do you want to take a look?”

Song Ci handed the child to Han Zhan and purposely put on an air of catching adulterers. She entered his office and saw the intelligent robot beside the sofa.

Han Zhan brought the babies into the office and told Song Ci, “The intelligent robot in front of you, Little Mi, is a home-type robot developed by our company. It is very intelligent.”

Han Zhan carried the children down and placed them by the sofa to let them walk while holding it. He turned to the butler and said, “Go back first. Madam and I won’t be going home tonight.”

“Alright, Sir.”

Han Miao and Han Jun stood increasingly steadily. Holding hands, they could already walk a few steps.

They were already a year old and should know how to walk.

Han Zhan released Han Miao, took a few steps back, squatted down, and said, “Miaoyi, come to Daddy.”

But Han Miao ignored Han Zhan. She kept staring at that simple and adorable intelligent robot and liked it very much. Han Miao’s hands that were placed on the sofa suddenly loosened. She slowly strode forward with her chubby little legs and walked towards the robot.

She really succeeded!

Seeing this, Song Ci hurriedly took out her cell phone to record it.

Han Zhan also looked at Han Miao happily.

Han Miao walked towards the robot, hugged it, and started chatting with it.

Han Miao said, “Brother, brother.”

The robot said, “What are you saying? I can’t hear you clearly.”

Han Miao said, “Brother.”

Last week, Han Miao and Han Jun already knew how to call ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’, and some simple names.

Unexpectedly, the first time Han Jun called someone was when she saw the family photo. Han Jun pointed at Han Aoyu’s photo and shouted, “Grand… Great grandfather!”

At that time, Han Zhan was standing by the side. Hearing this word, his eyes reddened.

At this point, the robot understood Han Miao’s ‘brother; . It explained in all seriousness, “Brother is a name that one calls the older male sibling, born by the same parents. The late Hong Kong star, Zhang Guorong, is also loved by fans to call him elder brother…”

Han Miao despised the robot for being talkative and slapped its mouth. “Ah!”

Shut up!

The robot was stunned for a few seconds before saying, “Domestic violence is illegal. Hey, 110? There’s someone here who abuses little cutie.”

Song Ci was amused by the robot Little Mi and Han Miao. Her shoulders kept shaking as she fell into Han Zhan’s arms.

Han Zhan also couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing that her elder sister could walk, Han Jun was not to be outdone. She carefully took two to three steps. Just as she was about to reach Xiao Mi, Han Jun fell to the ground.

Song Ci wanted to help her up, but Han Zhan pulled her back. “Let her get up herself.”

Han Jun turned to look at her parents. Seeing that her heartless parents were still sitting on the sofa unmoved, she realized that no one would help her. She could only prop herself up with both hands and stand up shakily.

After standing up, Han Jun strode forward and successfully walked up to Little Mi.

After she walked over, she copied her elder sister and slapped Little Mi.

Little Mi felt two different-sized hands hitting her. She cried out exaggeratedly. “Hey, men and women are fighting. I am the most pitiful child in the world.”

Song Ci laughed until tears streamed down her face.

She paused the recording and shared the video in the WeChat group for Song Fei and the rest to see. Putting down her cell phone, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Why are the robots you guys developed so funny?”

“This type of robot is mainly meant to help the elderly stay alone to solve their problems. The elderly stay alone are all very lonely. When our researchers developed Little Mi, they specially designed them to be lively and funny. This is also the selling point of this robot.”

To the elderly who stayed behind alone, it was also a happy thing to have a chatterbox at home.

“I’ll pack up and stay in the city tonight.”


Han Zhan packed his things, carried his bag, hugged Han Miao, and got off work with Song Ci carrying Han Jun. The scene of the family of four walking out of the company was captured by someone and transmitted to the company’s internal group chat.

In the group, everyone was envious of Mr. Han and Mrs. Han’s blissful life.

Returning to the duplex apartment in the city, the two little guys were already slightly sleepy. It was cold and the children didn’t sweat much. Afraid that the shower would wash away their sleepiness, Song Ci decided not to bathe the children tonight.

Song Ci placed the children on the bed and warmed them up before going downstairs.

Han Zhan was making supper and there was still frozen steak that he had bought in the fridge. Han Zhan called the supermarket staff outside the community and got them to send over some vegetables and onions.

He made steak and even made soup for himself. Song Ci hugged Han Zhan from behind and said, “How long has it been since you cooked for me?”

Han Zhan said, “Why don’t you be the boss and I be your gigolo? I can cook for you everyday?”

Song Ci thought about that scene and decided to forget it.

If Zeus Corporation was in her hands, it would collapse within a year.


Han Zhan splashed the soup on the steak and held Song Ci’s hand as they arrived at the dining room. “Do you want to drink?”


Han Zhan opened the wine cabinet and saw the bottle of wine that he hadn’t finished the last time. He was in a daze again. He took out the red wine and poured the wine as he said, “There are still five bottles of Grandpa’s wine.”

Song Ci looked up at him and remained silent.

Han Zhan added. “Once you finish it, you won’t have anything to drink anymore.”

Song Ci also said, “If Grandpa hears Han Jun calling him, he will definitely be very happy.”

“Of course.”

After pouring the wine, Han Zhan used the cork to stuff the bottle and placed it back into the refrigerator. When he returned to the dining room, he saw Song Ci cutting the steak on her plate into two, one of which was given to him.

“You’re not full yet. I’ll give you mine.” Song Ci smiled radiantly at Han Zhan and told him, “Brother Han, I dote on you.”

The emptiness in Han Zhan’s heart was instantly filled by Song Ci.

She was his happy fruit.

After finishing the steak, Song Ci and Han Zhan tacitly went to take a shower. Song Ci had a feeling that tonight would be a passionate night. She washed herself clean and applied moisturizer all over her body.

Wearing Han Zhan’s shirt, she purposely pinched her waist and went to the study. Han Zhan was already waiting there. He had lit the incense that Song Ci had bought in the past.

That fragrance was especially strong.

The door was pushed open. Hearing the sound, Han Zhan turned and saw Song Ci with long legs and a seductive expression. His brows curved. Han Zhan sat on the sofa, patted his legs, and leaned back against the sofa. “Come over to my side.”

Song Ci walked over. Every step was like a cat’s claw scratching Han Zhan’s heart.

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci into his arms and said, “The soundproofing is very good. You don’t have to endure it.”

Song Ci blushed.

Han Miao and Han Jun woke up the next morning and realized that they were sleeping in an unfamiliar place. They were both slightly confused.

The two of them sat up and slid down the side of the bed. They swayed as they tried to get out, but the door was locked and they couldn’t open it.

With Han Miao’s bad temper, she raised her little hand and knocked hard on the door. Han Jun sat on the ground and watched her silly big sister hammer the door.

Their actions attracted Han Zhan’s attention downstairs.

Han Zhan had just finished his morning exercise when he heard the little guys knocking on the door. He carefully pushed open the door and saw Han Miao and Han Jun sitting on the ground. Their diapers were bulging.

Han Zhan hurriedly carried them to the bed, took off their diapers, washed their buttocks, and put on clean diapers for them again.

Han Zhan carried the children downstairs like a thief.

“You guys play. Stop fooling around. Mother is still sleeping upstairs.” As there was only one bed at home, Han Zhan and Song Ci slept in the study room last night and laid down on the floor.

Song Ci was too tired and didn’t wake up.

Han Zhan made milk for his daughters. Just as he handed the milk bottle to them, his cell phone rang. “Eat it yourself. I’ll answer the call.”

Han Zhan picked up his cell phone, walked up to the French window, and answered the call.

The two little brats swayed over to his side, then sat down on each side of Han Zhan’s legs.

Han Zhan also sat down.

The image of the father-daughter trio sitting together was especially adorable.

It was from Shunchen City’s Chen Shu’s partner.

Han Zhan felt uneasy to receive Grandma Chen’s call so early. “Grandma Chen, it’s Han Zhan.”

“Zhanzhan, you are at work?”

“Not yet. I’m resting today.” He planned to bring the children to the aquarium to play.

“Let me tell you something.” Nanny Chen told Han Zhan, “Two afternoons ago, after your Grandpa Chen finished playing chess, he fell when he returned home. He was fine then, but for some reason, when he got up yesterday morning, the left half of his body suddenly didn’t listen to him.”

This symptom sounded like he had a stroke. “Grandpa Chen is in the hospital now? I will go and visit him now.”

“Zhanzhan, don’t be anxious. Grandma Chen wants to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

Grandma Chen said, “I heard that there is a Mo Family in Sichuan who is proficient in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is very good at treating old paralysis. Your Uncle Chen doesn’t have any connections and can’t contact the other party. I want to ask you if you have any dealings with the Mo Family?”

Han Zhan might not know anyone from the Mo Family, but with Han Aoyu’s identity, he might know someone from the Mo Family.

“The Mo Family?” Han Zhan thought for a moment before saying, “We don’t have any dealings with the Mo Family, but I know someone who has a good relationship with the Mo Family. How about this, Grandma Chen, I’ll go to that grandfather’s house and tell him in person. I’ll call you when I get the results.”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you, Zhanzhan.”

“Don’t say it’s troublesome.”

Han Aoyu and Chen Shu were very close. Chen Shu also watched Han Zhan grow up. When he and Song Ci got married, Chen Shu was still a witness.

No matter what. Han Zhan should pull the strings.

Han Zhan didn’t have any contact with the Mo Family, but he knew that the Head of the Armed Police Hospital, Long Gang, had dealings with the Mo Family, and Long Gang had a good relationship with Han Aoyu.

Han Zhan decided to visit Old Master Long Gang personally.

He called Song Ci up.

Song Ci was still rubbing her eyes when she woke up. After hearing about Grandpa Chen Shu, Song Ci also dozed off. She said to Han Zhan, “You go ahead. I will send the children to Beibei’s house to play.”

“Alright, I’ll send you guys there.”


On the way, Song Ci ate breakfast and told Han Zhan, “Song Fei and I are also going to the Mo Family after the Lantern Festival.”

Han Zhan knew about this. He asked, “How long will you be gone for?”

“I’m not sure. I heard that the Mo Family’s assessment is extremely abnormal. It depends on how far Song Fei can last.”

“Song Fei will definitely win.”

Hearing Han Zhan praise Song Fei like this, Song Ci was also happy. “Oh, we’re here.”

Han Zhan parked the car by the side and carried the children out of the car. He waited for Su Beibei’s nanny to come down to fetch the babies. The nanny soon arrived. She helped Song Ci carry Han Jun. Song Ci waved at Han Zhan and left.

Han Zhan watched Song Ci enter the community before turning to get into the car and driving off.

Long Gang was 78 years old this year and was also an old man. He had received a call in advance and knew that Han Zhan was coming over to visit. Long Gang knew that Han Zhan liked to drink tea and specially got his grandson to take out that bottle of valuable tea leaves.

Long Gaogao placed the tea can on the table and sat down cross-legged opposite his grandfather. He asked casually, “Grandpa, who is coming?”

“Your Grandpa Han’s grandson.”

“Grandpa Han?” Long Gao stopped smiling and asked respectfully, “Is it that Grandpa Han who just passed away not long ago?”

Who wouldn’t be respectful at the mention of Han Aoyu?

“Mmm, that old man’s grandson is very outstanding. You should know that.”

“Of course I know about Han Zhan.” Even if Long Gaogao was a medical student, he also knew about Han Zhan. In the past two years, Han Zhan had already replaced Cheng Yanmo and become the most sought after and respected new member of the upper-class society.

But Long Gaogao knew Han Zhan because he married Song Ci.

Long Gaogao had known Song Ci before, but he was a few years younger than her. At the age of 12 or 13, he had announced that he wanted to marry Song Ci. At that time, Song Ci heard this and said, “I don’t like little children.”

In the end, she found an old man.

Hearing the doorbell, Long Gaogao went to open the door for Han Zhan. When he faced Han Zhan, he didn’t have a good expression at all. Han Zhan carried the gifts into the house and followed behind the very displeased Long Gao, curious about how he had provoked him.

“Grandpa Long.” Han Zhan put down the gifts and bowed respectfully to Long Gang. “Long time no see. How are you feeling?”

“I’m doing well. I can eat and drink, but I have a mischievous grandson who needs a lesson. He’s very annoying every day.”

Long Gaogao pouted and said indignantly, “Don’t scold me in front of outsiders so easily. I also want my face, alright?”

“Alright, alright, get lost then.”

But Long Gao refused to get lost.

Not only did he not scram, he even hid in a corner and secretly took a photo of Han Zhan’s appearance, sending it to the WeChat group to show off.

Long Gaogao: [Look, big boss is at my house!!]

Some people looked like they hated Han Zhan very much but treated him like a big boss behind his back.

Everyone in the group looked envious.

Someone asked: [Is the watch worn by the big boss really worth a house in the city center?]

Someone even said: [I heard that big boss is 1.9m tall. Is that true?]

Someone even said: [Is Big Boss wearing contact lenses or does he have natural blue eyes?]

Long Gaogao glanced at Han Zhan, typed excitedly, and posted: [He’s half a head taller than me. I estimate that he’s at least 1.88 meters tall even if he’s not 1.9 meters tall. But the watch he’s wearing… It’s definitely worth a million, but it’s a rumor that it’s worth a house. His eyes are naturally blue. The big boss is a mixed-blood. You guys forgot!]

Brothers: [Handsome, tall, and damn rich. This world holds too much malice towards me.]

Seeing that his grandson was secretly playing with his cell phone, Long Gang waved at him and said, “Go, pour your Brother Han a cup of tea!”


Han Zhan drank the tea offered by Long Gao and felt that he looked slightly familiar.

But he couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

“Gaogao, have we met somewhere before?” Han Zhan asked.

Long Gaogao pursed his lips and said aggrievedly, “You are a magnate who forgets many things. I’m afraid you forgot that two years ago at the jewelry auction, your wife’s elder sister snatched my red fox!”

At that time, Long Gaogao had attended the auction with the determination to win that agate fox back. In the end, just as he was about to get it, he suddenly received news that his brother had gotten into an accident.

He and that red fox regretfully missed each other, but Song Fei got that fox.

Because of this, Long Gaogao had always remembered Song Fei.

Long Gang also knew about this. Hearing this, he said to Han Zhan, “Don’t lower yourself to his level. He wanted that red fox for many years. He was angry that Song Fei snatched it away.”

Han Zhan said, “As far as I know, that fox is a token that leads to the Mo Family for the assessment. A batch will be given out every five years. Gaogao is still young and it won’t be too late to wait another three years.”

Long Gao snorted. “Hmph!”

Long Gang nodded. “Oh yes, the Mo Family’s assessment is imminent. Song Fei should be participating, right?”

“Mmm, she’s going.”

“That’s good. I hope she can enter the grand finals.”

What benefits are there in entering the grand finals?” Han Zhan didn’t know much about the Mo Family and still had to consult Long Gang.

“I participated in the Mo Family’s assessment when I was young, but my skills were inferior. I only entered the grand finals and got fifth place, then regretfully dropped out.”

“Those who can participate in the Mo Family’s competition are all experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Those who can enter the grand finals are all dragons and phoenixes among men. Those who can get into the top three, especially Zhe Gui, are the light of hope in the entire Traditional Chinese Medicine world. They are the leaders.”

“At that time, the person who competed with me and won the championship was a young man called Mo Qianbei. He was really smart and had a photographic memory. He had an extraordinary talent for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unfortunately, he broke the rules and was chased out of the Mo Family. I never saw him again after that.”

“But as far as I know, every champion is a genius of the Mo Family. It would be amazing if Song Fei could get into the top three.”

Long Gang only knew that Song Fei was a virus specialist, but he didn’t know how deep her attainments in Traditional Chinese Medicine were. As a result, he didn’t dare to have too much hope.

Han Zhan, however, paid attention to that Mo Family member called “Mo Qianbei”. He asked Long Gang, “Grandpa Long, what clan rules did you say Mo Qianbei violated?”

“It’s about the Mo Family. I’m not sure either.”

Knowing Han Zhan’s intentions for coming today, Long Gang told him frankly, “I can indeed contact the Mo Family, but whether they are willing to send someone to treat that old fellow Chen Shu still depends on the Mo Family’s attitude.”

The Mo family didn’t treat people with two conditions.

Those who committed heinous crimes and those sought death.

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