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Chapter 287: The Person With the Smell of Medicine

“I never make friends with the opposite sex who doesn’t have any major benefits for me.”

Han Zhan’s words revealed too much. Song Ci was such a smart person that she immediately understood what Han Zhan meant. Thinking of how Han Zhan might have feelings for her in her previous life, Song Ci felt that…

She felt that Han Zhan’s eyesight was bad.

“According to you, it’s very likely that you were interested in me in my previous life. You purposely treated me well and invited me to perform at the convalescent hospital just to find an opportunity to spend more time with me?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Most likely.”

Han Zhan knew his own character very well. As a person who was not interested in music at all, how could I spend money to invite Song Ci to perform every month? Am I burning the money in his pocket?

No, it was not money burning. It was my heart burning for Song Ci.

Song Ci complained. “Are you blind? I am a divorced woman. What does he like about me?”

Han Zhan said, “Didn’t you say that I lost my eyesight? It’s just that my eyesight is bad.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Is he belittling me or himself?

“Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is descending. Please return to your seats, buckle your seatbelt, and put away the small table…” Song Ci heard the female broadcaster’s voice and hurriedly fastened her seatbelt.

Han Zhan also fastened his seatbelt. As they descended, there was some commotion.

After the plane landed safely, Han Zhan, Song Ci, and the rest left, before getting up.

Han Zhan put on Song Ci’s jacket and saw the pilot walk over.

The pilot saluted Han Zhan and said, “Mr. Han, Mrs. Han, I am the pilot, Jiang Ming’an. I am very honored to be of service to you.”

Han Zhan had some impression of Jiang Ming’an. He said, “I know you, Captain Jiang. At Zeus Airlines’ annual party last year, I personally gave you an outstanding employee award, right?”

Seeing that Han Zhan still remembered him after a year, Jiang Ming’an felt very honored. “Yes, Mr. Han. Like you, I was also a soldier who served the XX Air Force. Thank you, Mr. Han, for giving us veterans a chance to work. I am only representing all the retired soldiers to thank you sincerely!”

Jiang Ming’an stood up straight and gave Han Zhan another military salute.

Han Zhan patted the other party’s shoulder and said, “Since you’ve retired from the military, let’s not talk about that anymore.”

“Work hard and send every passenger to their destination safely. This is the best reward you can give me.” Han Zhan pulled Song Ci’s hand and left without saying anything else.

Jiang Ming’an touched his shoulder and smiled foolishly.

Behind him, a group of flight attendants looked at Jiang Ming’an with suppressed smiles. Captain Jiang was probably so excited to finally meet his idol today that he couldn’t fall asleep.

Song Ci boarded the car with Han Zhan. This time, Han Zhan didn’t bring Long Yu along and had to drive himself.

Song Ci sat in the passenger seat. Thinking of how Jiang Ming’an looked at Han Zhan in admiration on the plane just now, she felt a sense of pride.

She was always proud of her man.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Han Zhan threw Song Ci a toffee and said domineeringly, “Eat the toffee and don’t look at me. I will let my imagination run wild.”


Song Ci peeled off the toffee and ate it.

After sleeping on the plane, Song Ci couldn’t fall asleep now. Since she had nothing to do, she took out her cell phone to play. Song Fei and Yan Jiang had arrived at Hubei Enshi and were playing in a pit.

The crack in the crater was at the border between Hubei and Chongqing. Entering from Enshi and exiting from Fengjie County in Chongqing was a good place for exploration.

Song Fei took a video and posted it to the group.

Song Ci opened the video and heard a few strange cries. She couldn’t tell what animal those were, but Han Zhan said, “It’s a baby fish. Where did Song Fei and the rest go?”

“Little Village Crater.”

“Where is that?”

“A tourist attraction in Chongqing.”

Han Zhan spent most of his time working and really didn’t have the time to travel. He said, “Go and make a travel plan later. We will take some time in the future to visit all the places on your travel plan.”


There were quite a number of people at the Chen Family today. One son and one daughter had all hurried back from overseas, as well as those old friends that Chen Shu had mentioned.

Seeing Han Zhan, Chen Shu’s son got up and hugged him. “Zhanzhan, you’re so considerate to specially come over to visit Father.” Chen Shu’s son was called Chen Wenhao. He also lived up to this name and became a professor at the No.1 University of Economics in the country.

Chen Wenhao was 11 years older than Han Zhan. In terms of seniority, Han Zhan had to address Chen Wenhao as uncle.

“Uncle, what’s the situation with Grandpa Chen now?”

“Follow me.”

Chen Wenhao brought Han Zhan to the room while Song Ci went into the kitchen to help Grandma Chen cook. There were many family members tonight and there was no nanny at home, so Grandma Chen did everything herself.

Grandma Chen’s youngest daughter was five years older than Han Zhan. Her name was Chen Anan and she was a dance teacher.

Chen Anan was cooking for her mother in the kitchen. Seeing that Song Ci had taken the initiative to come in and asked for help, Chen Anan knew that Han Zhan doted on Song Ci. Looking at her fair and tender hands, it was obvious that she didn’t work at home. Chen Anan couldn’t bear to hurt those hands, so she got Song Ci to help cut some vegetables and didn’t even let her touch the cold water.

Chen Shu’s mind was still very clear, but his body was not listening to him. Seeing that Han Zhan had come, Chen Shu was still smiling. “Zhanzhan, you’re here? You too, why did you come…” Chen Shu’s words were slightly slurred. This was also the aftereffect of partial paralysis.

Han Zhan grabbed Chen Shu’s hand and said, “Grandpa Chen, don’t worry. I’ve found a doctor. They will treat you.”

“It’s not that easy.”

Han Zhan chatted with Chen Shu for a while before dinner was ready.

After dinner, Song Ci and Han Zhan found a hotel nearby to stay.

At 9am the next morning, she received a call from Chen Wenhao saying that the doctor from the Mo Family was coming.

Song Ci and Han Zhan hurriedly drove to the Chen Family residence.

Their car had just stopped when a white Audi stopped beside Han Zhan’s car. It was the car that Chen Wenhao had sent to fetch the Mo Family doctor.

Han Zhan and Song Ci alighted and were in no hurry to enter. Instead, they stood at the main entrance of the Chen Family residence and waited.

Chen Wenhao opened the car door and a man and a woman walked out. That man looked to be in his thirties, and the girl behind him was slightly younger. She looked to be in her twenties.

Is this the doctor sent by the Mo Family?

So young?

Song Ci thought of how Song Fei was a virus specialist at such a young age and didn’t dare to belittle her, as did Han Zhan. Han Zhan went forward, stretched out his right hand, and said to that man, “I am Han Zhan. May I know if you are from the Mo Family?”

That man reached out and shook Han Zhan’s hand. “Hello, Mr. Han. I am Mo Suifeng. The person who is going to treat Mr. Chen today is our young lady.”

Mo Suifeng respectfully looked at the lovely young lady wearing a light green Chinese wind jacket. He introduced her proudly. “This is the family head’s youngest daughter, Mo Fengying. Although she is young, she is indeed very strong. In our Mo Family, she is a top genius.”

Hearing Mo Suifeng praise his Miss, Song Ci thought of something.

Every potter praises his own pot.

Song Ci turned slightly, lowered her head, shut her mouth tightly, and smiled.

Noticing Song Ci’s movements, Mo Fengying also smiled.

Mo Fengying had a pair of phoenix eyes. When she smiled slightly, her eyes were lively and beautiful. “Mr. Han, don’t listen to Suifeng’s boasting. I am not that powerful.” As Mo Fengying spoke, her tone was neither hurried nor slow. She had the power to comfort humans.

“Let’s go in first.” Chen Wenhao hurriedly brought Mo Fengying to treat his father and hurriedly welcomed her into the house.

Mo Fengying and Mo Suifeng entered the house side by side. After they walked a little further, she suddenly leaned close to Mo Suifeng and asked softly, “Suifeng, do you smell a faint medicinal fragrance?”

Mo Suifeng touched his nose and said, “No.”

“Strange…” When she entered the house just now, Mo Fengying clearly smelled a medicinal fragrance. It was a clean, pure scent that made one feel at ease. It was like… like the scent of a traditional Chinese medicine mother-in-law.

Father had said that anyone who could emit a medicinal fragrance was a treasure!

It was a top-grade medicinal herb!

And these people were called “medicine men” by the Mo Family.

In the eyes of the Mo Family, the medicine man was not human but medicine. As long as their blood was infused into any medicine, the medicinal effect would be much purer!

Did I smell wrongly?

Mo Fengying sniffed again carefully, but there was no longer that scent in the air. Could it really be my imagination?

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