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Chapter 284: Don’t Worry, Just Win

Su Huanyan’s rationality was not swallowed by Sicilio. She pushed him away. “Don’t speak so close to me.”

“Oh? Why?” Sicilio said, “Afraid that you won’t be able to reject me?”

Although Sicilio guessed the truth, Su Huanyan wouldn’t admit it easily. “No, you didn’t brush your teeth after dinner.”

Sicilio’s expression darkened.

Su Huanyan hurriedly stood up, hugged her tablet, and ran. After she left, Sicilio sighed into his palm, placed it in front of his mouth, and sniffed.

He clearly didn’t have any bad breath. Although he didn’t brush his teeth after dinner, he ate two peppermint chewing gum!

This damned woman lied to me again!

Sicilio turned and met Aaron’s eyes, who was holding a game console and walking out to play. Aaron looked at Sicilio with a faint smile. He said, “I didn’t see you smelling your bad breath over there.”

Sicilio, “I don’t have bad breath.”

“Oh, then I was mistaken.”

Sicilio couldn’t be bothered to look at Aaron as he entered the cabin.

Aaron shook his head, thinking that love would indeed turn people into idiots.

Su Huanyan entered the cabin, walked into the lounge, and sat beside Cheng Yanmo. Cheng Yanmo was playing mahjong with Han Zhan and the rest. Seeing Su Huanyan sit over, he adjusted his glasses and asked, “What’s the matter?”

It was obvious from Su Huanyan’s expression that she had something to say.

Su Huanyan said, “Just now, Sicilio showed me something.”

Cheng Yanmo was annoyed at the mention of Sicilio’s name. “What is it?”

Su Huanyan leaned close to Cheng Yanmo’s ear and said in a low voice, “Last night, when he borrowed the hairdryer, he installed a pinhole camera in it. Sicilio saw what you and I did in bed this morning.”

Cheng Yanmo fell silent.

Recalling how Sicilio had looked at him teasingly when they met in the corridor this morning, Cheng Yanmo felt embarrassed and his cheeks burned.

“Yanmo, it’s your turn.” Han Zhan reminded Cheng Yanmo.

Cheng Yanmo was in a bad state. He said, “Huanyan, come over.” He needed to go and be alone.

Su Huanyan took over the tiles.

Cheng Yanmo returned to his room and rubbed his face with cold water. Seeing his dripping face in the mirror, he suddenly laughed.

Cheng Yanmo, oh Cheng Yanmo, you’re not a child. Why are you doing such embarrassing things?

After adjusting his mood, Cheng Yanmo returned to the main hall and saw that shameless Sicilio sitting beside Su Huanyan. Meanwhile, the others noticed that Cheng Yanmo had returned and had subtle expressions.

Cheng Yanmo instinctively wanted to reach out to touch his head to see if he would touch a green hat.

But he controlled himself.

Afraid that they would start fighting again, Su Huanyan thought of escaping after she played this tile. At this moment, Cheng Yanmo carried a chair and placed it on Su Huanyan’s left side.

As a result, while Su Huanyan was playing mahjong, Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio stood on either side of her. Su Huanyan sat in the middle, every pore on her body screaming awkwardness and discomfort.

Sicilio reached out his left arm to the back of Su Huanyan’s chair. Not to be outdone, Cheng Yanmo also reached his right hand to the back.

Their arms were stacked together and it was very hot.

Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo exchanged glances, their eyes filled with determination.

Aaron found it cold outside and carried the game console back into the house. Walking into the main hall, he saw the two men’s hands stacked together. He tilted his head and suggested sincerely, “I say, the two of you should just abandon Su Huanyan and live together.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio retracted their hands at the same time. Their arms kept shaking as if they were stained with feces.

Song Ci chuckled and suggested. “Huanyan, why don’t we play mahjong with Beibei? The men can all move aside.”

“I think so too.”

The three women sat down, but they were still missing a player.

Song Ci glanced at the four men. She didn’t like anyone.

Aaron stared at the money in front of Song Ci and the rest. He stuffed the game console into his pocket and volunteered. He raised his hand and said, “Let me do it. I’ve never played this before. Teach me.”

Song Ci instinctively wanted to refuse, but Su Huanyan said, “Alright, you do it.”

Song Ci secretly kicked Su Huanyan.

Su Huanyan looked at her in confusion. “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci’s intuition told her that Aaron was here to cheat her of her money. She wanted Su Huanyan to be more vigilant and think more when she played her cards so that she wouldn’t lose too badly. But Aaron was smiling at her and it was not convenient for Song Ci to tell Su Huanyan.

Song Ci endured it.

Aaron said, “Come on, tell me how to play.”

Su Beibei and Su Huanyan didn’t understand Aaron’s bad character. In addition, Aaron was good-looking, adorable, and young. He looked like the mature type that Su Beibei liked.

Su Beibei explained the rules of the mahjong game in detail to Aaron. He memorized it and the four of them started to play.

Aaron was looking for feelings and knowing the rules in the first two rounds, so he kept losing.

But on the fourth round, he started to win, the kind that couldn’t stop once he won. After seven to eight rounds, Song Ci suddenly clutched her stomach and said, “I want to go to the toilet. Big Brother, come and take over me.”

Knowing that Aaron was a game pit, Song Ci definitely wouldn’t call Han Zhan over. Han Zhan’s money was also Song Ci’s money. Their hard-earned money couldn’t be given to Aaron for nothing.

Sicilio was very happy to play mahjong with Su Huanyan. He hurriedly threw down his glass and happily came to substitute Song Ci.

Song Ci went to the toilet and drank a glass of wine. Returning to the table, she saw that there was little money left in front of Sicilio and the other two, while Aaron’s pocket was already bulging.

Sicilio saw that the money in front of Su Huanyan was gone. He instantly stood up and said, “No more playing. It’s time to sleep.”

Su Huanyan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Su Beibei also relaxed.

Aaron had not won enough, but everyone didn’t want to play anymore so he had no choice.

The mahjong game ended and they all went to the bar to drink. Aaron sat alone at the table. He took out the money from his pocket, threw them on the table, and organized them one by one.

Putting the 100 yuan together and keeping them when he gathered them in tens. The 50 yuan ones were stacked together, and the 1,000 yuan ones were stacked together again…

Placing the last dollar on that pile of change, Aaron said, “A total of 14,628 yuan.” He took off his jacket, pocketed the money, and took out his cell phone to check the bank interest rate today.

Aaron went to every bank to get a bank card. Every time he saved money, he chose the one with the highest deposit rate that day.

After calculating the bill, Aaron muttered. “If I save money tomorrow, I will have to put it at the ICBC.”

Song Ci carried a glass of vodka and sat on the soft sofa. She leaned her head on Han Zhan’s shoulder and saw Aaron calculating money there. She asked Han Zhan curiously, “Why does he love money so much?”

“Habit, probably.” Han Zhan gazed at Aaron gently. He said, “When we were young, Aaron always yearned for freedom and wanted to escape Edward’s control. I told him that if he wanted freedom, you had to have money first.”

People without money were not worthy of talking about freedom.

All these years, Aaron had always remembered Han Zhan’s words. If he wanted to be free, he had to save money first. He had saved a lot of money and was no longer short of money. But after so many years, he had already developed the habit of keeping accounts and had also become a little money-grubber.

Before going to bed, Song Ci asked Song Fei on the phone, “Can you help me create a small software?”

“Mmm? What do you want to do?”

Song Ci said, “Make a small software that can record accounts. Han Zhan has a brother called Aaron. You know that, right?”

“You mean the guy who nearly killed you?”

Hearing Song Fei’s unhappiness, Song Ci rubbed her nose and said, “That guy is not so bad.”

“I don’t know how to write. I don’t want to, and don’t ask me to either.” Song Fei bore a grudge. She always remembered that it was that guy called Aaron who brought Song Ci from America to Italy.

It’s my kindness that I didn’t torture Aaron to death. How could I make a software for him?

Dream on

After being hung up, Song Ci didn’t put this matter to heart. But the next morning, she woke up to receive Song Fei’s installation software.

Song Ci downloaded that software and realized that small software could be used to write diary entries or calculate accounts. It was very convenient.

Song Ci was very surprised to receive the software.

During breakfast, Song Ci chatted on WeChat with Song Fei. She asked, “Didn’t you say you don’t know how to make software for him?” What a cold-faced but warm-hearted guy.

Song Fei said, “Isn’t that Han Zhan’s younger brother? He’s also your younger brother. I didn’t do it for him. I did it for you.”

Han Zhan was a sentimental person. Since he had brought that Aaron home, it meant that he really treated him as a younger brother.

Han Zhan was even happier that Song Ci and Aaron were on good terms.

Song Fei did all this not for Aaron, but for Song Ci.

Song Ci was very touched.

Song Ci: [Sister, it’s so good to have you.]

Song Fei: [If you have something to say, you call me elder sister. If not, you call me Song Fei, you ingrate.]

Song Ci: [Hehe.]

“Who are you chatting with? You’re smiling like a weasel who stole a chicken.” Han Zhan’s fingers pinched Song Ci’s neck neither lightly nor heavily.

Song Ci snorted comfortably.

Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo were about to come for breakfast. Hearing Song Ci’s voice, they thought that the two of them were fooling around in the dining room. They stopped in their tracks and looked at each other, hesitating whether to go to the dining room or go back to their rooms.

At this moment, Aaron walked over.

He had a pair of earphones on his neck and didn’t hear anything at all. Aaron walked casually to the dining room and saw Han Zhan and Song Ci. He said calmly, “Morning.”

“Good morning.”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo walked out.

Seeing that Han Zhan and Song Ci were both dressed neatly, Han Zhan was massaging Song Ci and not what they thought, the two of them looked slightly embarrassed.

During breakfast, Song Ci opened the cell phone app and handed it to Aaron. “Look at this.”

“What?” Aaron devoured his noodles and took the cell phone.

After reading through all the software features carefully, Aaron was slightly happy. This was practically tailor-made for me! “Where did you get it from?”

Aaron was like a little boy who had met his beloved toy. He was slightly excited and smiled so widely that his eyes were curved.

Song Ci said, “I got my elder sister to design it for you. You don’t have to go through so much trouble to memorize it in the future.”

Hearing this, Aaron felt slightly awkward. He rubbed his nose and said softly, “Thank you.”


Han Zhan saw that the two of them were getting along well and felt gratified but also slightly displeased. “My company’s financial management has been complaining that it’s very tiring to do accounts. Why don’t you get Song Fei to develop an app for our company?”

Song Ci said, “That will have to be charged.”

]Han Zhan was slightly jealous. “Why his doesn’t need money, but mine does?”

Aaron said, “This bowl of noodles is so sour today.”

Song Ci said, “Perhaps the chef put too much vinegar[1].”

Han Zhan said, “Ha!”

After breakfast, everyone returned to the city.

Returning to Wangdong City, they went about their own business. Aaron only had to go to work tomorrow. He went to deposit money and drove his motorcycle to deliver food.

Han Zhan went straight to the office and Song Ci received a call from Teacher Shen Yubei. Shen Yubei informed her to go over, so that he could tell her about the Queen Elizabeth violin competition.

Queen Elizabeth’s International Music Competition. The first year was a piano competition, the second year was a violin competition, the third year was a composition competition, and the fourth year was fixing.

The last time they held a violin competition was in 2019.

Next year was the new violin competition.

Song Ci arrived at the Shen Family residence and Shen Yubei was practicing his violin. Shen Yubei was not a natural violin genius. He had been practicing his violin since he was young and had achieved his current position step by step.

In his life, he had only done two things seriously. One was playing the violin, and the second was loving Di Rongrong. He treated every single thing seriously like his life.

Song Ci waited for Shen Yubei to finish practicing before calling out. “Teacher.”


Shen Yubei turned and stared at Song Ci for a moment before asking, “Have you been practicing the violin recently?”

Song Ci didn’t dare to lie to Shen Yubei. She told him honestly, “I was practicing at the beginning, but I went out to sea yesterday and didn’t.”

“Mmm.” Shen Yubei handed his violin “soul” to Song Ci for her to wipe it.

Song Ci was wiping his violin gently when she heard Shen Yubei say, “I signed you up for the Elizabeth violin competition. Don’t feel pressured. Just win the championship.”

Song Ci was confused.

How can I not feel pressured?

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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