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Chapter 283: Big Brother: I’m Here to Borrow A Hairdryer

Song Ci imagined that scene and couldn’t help lighting candles for Su Huanyan. “Your house is so lively.” And Song Ci, who loved to watch the show the most, naturally wouldn’t miss this good show for nothing.

Song Ci smiled. “Huanyan, it’s been a long time since we last met. I’ll go to your house tomorrow to play.”

Su Huanyan glared at Song Ci angrily. “Song Ci, I advise you to be a person.” This best friend relationship was completely broken.

Song Ci laughed out loud.

Su Huanyan directly hung up.

She was about to return to her own room, when she twisted the door and realized that it was locked. Su Huanyan hesitated slightly before going to the master bedroom. She pushed the door open and saw the red blanket in the master bedroom. She broke down completely.

Are all these people three-year-olds!

Su Huanyan took a shower and changed into warm pyjamas. Seeing that it was already 10.30pm and the two of them didn’t seem to have any intention of going upstairs to sleep, Su Huanyan couldn’t sit still anymore and decided to go downstairs to take a look.

She arrived downstairs and saw that the two of them were actually putting together a children’s puzzle! That was a toy that Su Qingjia had left here the last time she came over. The two of them put together a copy each and competed their speed silently.

Su Huanyan stood in the stairwell and watched for a while before saying, “Not sleeping? Are you planning to sleep with the puzzle tonight?”

Hearing this, the two men instantly threw the puzzle aside and stood up together.

Sicilio said, “Sleep now.”

Cheng Yanmo said to Sicilio, “Mr. Clooney, your room is the second last room on the third floor.”


Su Huanyan wanted to roll her eyes again, after knowing that Sicilio’s room was beside her and Cheng Yanmo’s master bedroom.

Sicilio had no idea what kind of hell was waiting for him. Under Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan’s lead, he hurried up to the third floor.

“This is your room, Mr. Clooney.” Cheng Yanmo pushed open the door for Sicilio.

That room was rather spacious and decorated in a European style. It was very similar to Sicilio’s house in Rome. “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Sicilio walked in with his luggage. Just as he was about to close the door, he saw Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo open the door beside him. The two of them entered together.

Sicilio’s face darkened.

They are staying together?

A few days ago, Sicilio had asked Carl to sneak into the Cheng Family and install a listening bug. Carl had clearly said that Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo slept separately!

It looked like Cheng Yanmo had done many things behind his back in order to chase him away. Sicilio decided to be magnanimous and patient. If he continued to endure, Cheng Yanmo would never be able to stand it.

Every mother-in-law had to endure being a daughter-in-law.

Su Huanyan walked into Cheng Yanmo’s room and stared at the spacious bed in the bedroom. She couldn’t help feeling slightly dazed.

The last time she laid in this bed was on her wedding night.

That night, under the influence of alcohol, they planned to carry out the name of husband and wife to the end. When the kiss was at its most intense, Cheng Yanmo subconsciously murmured “Xiao Qiu”, completely waking the two people pretending to be asleep.

After that, Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo slept separately.

After going around in circles, she returned to this bed.

Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo were too familiar with each other. After more than two years of being together day and night, the two of them were already as close as family. Now that they were in the same room, they didn’t feel awkward at all. Su Huanyan laid down beside the bed and said, “You’re not allowed to call me Little Qiu tonight.”

Cheng Yanmo was stunned.

Hearing that name, Cheng Yanmo’s heart still ached. But he quickly regained his composure and teased Su Huanyan. “I also hope you don’t call me Leo.”

The two of them looked at each other and laughed rather happily. Sicilio came out of the shower and just sat down by the bed, he heard the laughter of the couple next door.

Their voices were clear and piercing.

Su Huanyan took off her warm pyjamas jacket and only wore a pair of pure cotton pyjamas. She had just laid down when she heard a knock on the door.

]”Who is it?” Su Huanyan was about to sit up when Cheng Yanmo strode over and pressed her down. “I’ll go.” With that, he quickly unbuttoned the top two buttons of Su Huanyan’s clothes and pulled her pyjamas over his shoulder.

Her collarbone, shoulders, and chest were vaguely visible.

Su Huanyan was speechless.

After Cheng Yanmo was done, he took off his shirt and walked over to open the door.

The door was pulled open and Sicilio met Cheng Yanmo, who was shirtless.

“What are you guys doing?” Sicilio’s eyes instantly darkened.

Pushing Cheng Yanmo aside, Sicilio entered the room.

Cheng Yanmo grabbed Sicilio’s arm. “What are you doing? This is our room!”

Sicilio looked at the bed and saw that Su Huanyan’s clothes were rather intact, only revealing half of her shoulders. His heart, which was about to explode from anger, relaxed slightly.

Shaking off Cheng Yanmo’s hand, Sicilio said, “I came to borrow the hairdryer.”

The hairdryer expressed its innocence.

Su Huanyan walked out of bed, entered the toilet, took out the hairdryer, and handed it to Sicilio. Holding the hairdryer, Sicilio took a deep look at Su Huanyan’s shoulder.

His eyes were filled with grievance and pain.

Su Huanyan’s heart ached from his gaze.

Sicilio left quickly.

Once he left, Su Huanyan hurriedly closed the door. She looked at Cheng Yanmo disapprovingly and said, “You are challenging his bottom line.”

Cheng Yanmo said, “This bastard, don’t you want to mess with him?” He heard from Luo Cheng that Su Huanyan was very badly injured when she was secretly sent back to the country.

In order to protect the child in her womb, Su Huanyan had been bedridden for three months and didn’t dare to move around casually.

Cheng Yanmo stroked Su Huanyan’s hair and said in a low voice, “Huanyan, if Anzhi were still alive, he wouldn’t have allowed you to forgive that bastard who nearly killed you so easily.”

Sicilio deserved all of this.

Su Huanyan thought of the car accident that nearly killed her. She thought of lying alone in bed when she woke up and saw Sicilio’s farewell letter. She thought of the fear and horror when she found out from Luo Cheng that she was pregnant.

Once the scar was healed, she forgot about the pain, but now the wound started hurting again.

“I am going to bed.” Su Huanyan didn’t know what to say and pretended to be asleep to brush Cheng Yanmo off.

Cheng Yanmo didn’t force her. He said, “Good night.”

After Cheng Yanmo laid down and was about to sleep, there was another knock on the door after about five to six minutes. Cheng Yanmo cursed silently, walked over to open the door, and questioned the man outside unhappily, “What are you doing now?”

Sicilio glanced at the room and saw that Su Huanyan was already asleep. He handed the hairdryer to Cheng Yanmo. “I’m here to return your hairdryer.”

Cheng Yanmo took the hairdryer and slammed the door shut. He threw the hairdryer on the table and fell asleep!

The next morning, Cheng Yanmo woke up slightly early.

He had to wake up early for his morning exercises every day before going to work. He couldn’t abandon his figure just because he was going to work.

Every morning, Cheng Yanmo would do a hundred push-ups. Just as he was about to get up, he thought of something and suddenly turned over to lie on the bed and do push-ups.

Su Huanyan woke up and saw Cheng Yanmo doing push-ups on the bed. Su Huanyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What are you doing?”

Cheng Yanmo said, “Exercise!”

Su Huanyan covered her face with her arm and chuckled softly. Cheng Yanmo didn’t wear glasses. As he was short-sighted, his eyes looked exceptionally mesmerizing when he looked at people.

“Huanyan, cooperate with me.”

Su Huanyan thought of Sicilio, who was next door. Thinking of what Cheng Yanmo said last night, she also became interested. She purposely raised her voice and let out that ambiguous grunt that made one’s blood boil.

Sicilio got up at 5am in the morning and went downstairs for his morning exercise. When he returned to his room at 6am, he heard movement from the main bedroom of Cheng Yanmo and the rest. He stopped in his tracks.

This commotion and Su Huanyan’s familiar maniacal grunt made Sicilio lose his mind.

Sicilio’s eyes were dark. He was going to kick open the door, but suddenly thought of something and controlled himself.

Sicilio returned to his room, turned on his cell phone, and opened the surveillance video. Through the surveillance footage in the electric fan, he saw the pair of women on the bed performing a comical performance.

Cheng Yanmo was doing push-ups with all his might, while Su Huanyan was looking at her cell phone and making that dreamy sound.

Sicilio didn’t know whether to be angry or amused.

Sicilio watched the performance next door for as long as it took. He even recorded the video.

Finally, it ended at 7am.

Sicilio waited for the two people next door to go downstairs before opening the door together. The three of them met in the corridor. Thinking of the performance just now, Su Huanyan couldn’t help feeling guilty and blushed slightly.

Cheng Yanmo was in high spirits as he held hands with Su Huanyan. He even said to Sicilio, “Good morning, Mr. Clooney. Did I disturb you?”

Sicilio’s expression was very subtle.

Cheng Yanmo added. “Young people are all like this. When they are in love, they can’t control their emotions.”

Sicilio replied enigmatically, “I understand.”

Sicilio’s reaction confused Cheng Yanmo.

Why isn’t he angry?

As they went downstairs, Sicilio had been pondering this question.

Breakfast had already been prepared and the children still needed to sleep for a while. As a result, it was rare for breakfast time to be quiet. Three adults with complicated relationships sat around the dining table. Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan sat the closest and Sicilio was left alone.

During breakfast, Cheng Yanmo poured Su Huanyan a glass of pure milk and added some sugar. Every morning, Cheng Yanmo would do this whenever they ate together.

But this time, someone interrupted him. Sicilio pointed at the milk glass in Cheng Yanmo’s hand. “Yan Yan doesn’t like to add sugar to milk.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo paused.

He looked at Su Huanyan in surprise. After being married for so long, every time Su Huanyan drank milk, Cheng Yanmo would add sugar to her drink. He thought that Su Huanyan liked this kind of sweet milk. After all, she liked desserts very much.

Su Huanyan was surprised that Sicilio still remembered these things.

She lowered her head, took the glass of milk from Cheng Yanmo’s hand, and finished it in one gulp.

After drinking it, Su Huanyan pursed her lips and told Cheng Yanmo, “I really didn’t like to drink sugar milk in the past. After that, I felt that life was tough enough and fell in love with all sweet food.”

“I also like sweet milk.”

Hearing this, Sicilio narrowed his eyes while Cheng Yanmo smiled.

Sicilio looked at Su Huanyan thoughtfully. The days were too tough, so she fell in love with sweet things. It was too tiring to love me, so she married Cheng Yanmo?

Sicilio picked up his glass of milk and drank it silently.

ICheng Yanmo didn’t go to work today. He would have to skip work even if there was work. After all, there was a demon king at home. He had to be careful.

He didn’t want to be cuckolded so soon. He had to hold on for a while longer to not be so embarrassed.

After dinner, Cheng Yanmo invited Sicilio to go fishing. “Mr. Clooney, do you want to go fishing together? Coincidentally, Mr. Han Zhan is resting today. We agreed to go fishing together today.”

Wangdong City was not located by the sea and one needed to drive to the provincial city, which was near the sea, so that they could go fishing. Coincidentally, Song Fei had bought a new yacht and Song Ci and the rest had not gone to play yet. They planned to go on the yacht today.

All children who grew up in the Mediterranean loved to fish.

Sicilio agreed readily.

They didn’t intend to bring the children along today. It was the adults’ rest day.

After breakfast, Han Zhan sent his two daughters to Cheng Yanmo’s house for them to play with the Program, Su Qingjia, with an Aaron following behind them.

After settling the children down, the few of them drove off.

Princess-40M yacht was a yacht that Song Fei had spent a lot of money to buy from England. It was also her birthday present to Yan Jiang.

The night he received the present, Yan Jiang had posted a photo of the yacht overseas on Weibo, which attracted the admiration and yearning of the entire country’s netizens.

It was also Song Ci’s first time boarding this yacht. Song Fei knew that Song Ci was going to play on the yacht and only told her not to enter the master bedroom and to let them use any other areas.

Song Ci knew Song Fei’s little secret and guessed that there might be something inappropriate in the master bedroom, so she agreed. Tonight, they would stay at sea for a night. Song Ci and Han Zhan would share a room, Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan would share a room, while Sicilio and Aaron would share a room.

Su Beibei also came, but Li Li was busy with work and didn’t accompany her.

Su Beibei was also in a room alone.

After sending everything back to their rooms, everyone changed into jackets to resist the cold and went to the deck. The sun was quite high today. After the yacht sailed into the deep sea, it slowed down and was not considered cold.

Han Zhan, Sicilio, and the rest were fishing. Su Beibei and Su Huanyan were preparing a barbeque and studying how to roast the meat.

Song Ci leaned against the railing and stared at the vast sea. She missed Coco a little and wondered if he was doing well in the Mediterranean.

“Song Song!”

Su Beibei called Song Ci over to cook. “Marinate this chicken wing for a while. It will be roasted later.”

“Oh, okay.”

Su Huanyan looked virtuous, but she actually didn’t know how to cook. She was in charge of washing the ingredients. Su Beibei’s culinary skills were the best among the three of them. Today’s barbecue was on Su Beibei’s shoulder.

Han Zhan looked at his fishing rod and saw that there was no reaction. He picked up the still steaming chrysanthemum tea and took a sip. Sicilio saw it and asked him, “What are you drinking?”

“Chrysanthemum tea.”

Sicilio reached over. “Give me a sip.”

Han Zhan said, “I’ve drunk it before. I refuse to kiss you indirectly.”

“Crazy!” Sicilio cursed before bringing his own glass over and getting Han Zhan to pour him some chrysanthemum tea. Sicilio took a sip and his expression was slightly strange.

“It’s disgusting.”

“Who treated you to the drink?” Han Zhan hurriedly unscrewed the thermos flask and didn’t let Sicilio touch it again. It was so precious.

Aaron sat on the railing and ate his lollipop while holding his cell phone to record his recent expenditures and income. From a small trash bag to a 200,000 yuan gaming cabin, everything was recorded clearly.

After settling the accounts, Aaron put away his cell phone and looked at Sicilio.

Sicilio leaned back in the recliner. He lifted his legs, crossed them, and rested them on the railing. His eyes were on his sunglasses, as if he were planning to sleep. His blond hair shone in the sun.

Aaron stretched out his lame leg and kicked Sicilio’s leg.

Sicilio didn’t move, but he opened his eyes under his sunglasses and lifted his chin at Aaron.

Aaron said, “I heard that you successfully infiltrated the enemy’s ranks yesterday?”

Cheng Yanmo snorted.

Han Zhan pricked up his ears, wanting to hear what Sicilio had to say.

Sicilio said, “Huanyan wants to stay with Qingjia for a few days. Qingjia can’t leave me. I have no choice but to go with her.”

“Only a ghost will believe you.” Aaron tapped the lollipop on his lips, then stuck out his tongue to scrape that sweetness away.

Aaron, who had already seen through everything, said openly in front of Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio, “You want to infiltrate the enemy’s ranks first and stir up trouble inside, causing conflict between Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan, before snatching Su Huanyan away!”

Aaron pouted and scolded. “Despicable person!”

Having his scheme exposed in public, Sicilio didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Instead, he said, “Aaron, you’ve never been in a relationship. You don’t understand.”

Aaron suspected that Sicilio was despising him for being single.

Seeing that Su Huanyan had returned to the cabin to get her things, Sicilio said, “To be able to successfully snatch Huanyan means that Huanyan’s heart has never been with anyone else but me.”

Aaron said, “How thick-skinned.” He tilted his head and asked, “What if you can’t snatch it back?”

Sicilio looked at Cheng Yanmo provocatively and smiled. He said arrogantly, “There’s always a way to snatch her back.”

Cheng Yanmo couldn’t stand it anymore. He stood up from his chair and scolded Sicilio. “Do you think I’m dead?!”

Sicilio also stood up. At the same time, he drew his gun and pointed it at Cheng Yanmo’s head. “I’ve tolerated you for a long time. Don’t challenge my limits.”

I have long wanted to do this!

Both of you, sit down.” This time, it was Han Zhan who spoke.

Han Zhan’s voice was not loud, but it was very domineering. He turned to look at Sicilio and said, “This is China, Sicilio. If you don’t want to be left in this sea forever by me, put away your gun.”

Seeing this, Aaron fanned the flames. “Leo, kill Cheng Yanmo. If he dies, Su Huanyan will be yours.”

Han Zhan shot Aaron a vicious look. “If you don’t speak, no one will think you’re mute.”

Aaron shut up obediently.

Sicilio glanced at Su Huanyan’s figure and hurriedly kept his gun. After sitting down, he glanced at Cheng Yanmo indifferently and said to Han Zhan, “I’ll give you face.”

Han Zhan didn’t answer and just stared at his fishing rod.

Su Huanyan walked over and glared at Sicilio. She threatened him. “If I see you pointing your gun at Yanmo again, I will never talk to you again.”

Sicilio sulked and remained silent.

Su Huanyan pulled Cheng Yanmo aside again and said in a neutral voice, “Why are you arguing with him? He’s not normal here.” Su Huanyan pointed at her head and said to Cheng Yanmo, “A lunatic will kill someone in the blink of an eye.”

Sicilio was speechless.

At this moment, Sicilio’s hook moved.

“It took the bait!” Sicilio started to put away the fishing rod. The fish should be very big and the rod was bent very badly. “Someone help me!” The fish kept jumping in the water and Sicilio couldn’t pull it up alone.

Han Zhan’s own fish had also taken the bait and didn’t have the energy to care about Sicilio. Meanwhile, Aaron looked like he was deaf as he lowered his head and played with his cell phone.

Cheng Yanmo glanced into the sea and saw a huge tuna under Sicilio’s fishing rod. He was instantly excited. “Let me.”


Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo grabbed the fishing rod together. The two of them bent over, one hugged the fishing rod, and the other pulled the rod hard. They cooperated very well.

But that fish was really too troublesome. The two of them couldn’t get it up.

“Squat down!” Sicilio shouted at Cheng Yanmo. “Squat down and hug me tightly. Let’s use more strength!”


Cheng Yanmo hugged the fishing rod tightly, bent over, and leaned against the railing. Sicilio used all his strength to drag the fishing rod up. The two of them fought with the fish for four to five rounds before finally pulling it up.

It was a tuna that looked to be more than 120 pounds.

“Damn!” Aaron was stunned.

Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo were already exhausted. The two of them laid together like fish, panting heavily.

Han Zhan took out his cell phone and snapped a photo of the two of them and that fish. After taking the photo, Han Zhan said, “You guys should become friends.”

Hearing this, the two of them, who had been working together just now, instantly sat up with dark expressions. They both hated each other.

This time, they also brought along a professional chef who was good at making all sorts of delicious seafood. Sicilio got the chef to dissect the tuna, put some into the refrigerator, and eat some on the spot.

The chef made the tuna into sashimi, together with the avocado and vegetables, and even steamed a portion.

After a full seafood meal, everyone gathered to play cards. Sicilio was not interested in playing cards, so he ran to the deck to sunbathe.

He walked out of the cabin and saw Su Huanyan holding a tablet and talking on the video call with Su Qingjia and the rest. Patiently waiting for her to finish talking, Sicilio walked over and sat down beside Su Huanyan.

The moment Sicilio arrived, Su Huanyan felt the air around her thin and her breathing slow.

Sicilio reached out and stroked Su Huanyan’s long hair.

Su Huanyan hurriedly moved to the other side.

Seeing this, Sicilio was not angry. He took out his cell phone, and there were some unclear emotions on his cold face. He said, “I have something here. Do you want to take a look?”

Su Huanyan frowned in confusion.

Sicilio opened his cell phone and found the video he had recorded. “Look, do you recognize the two people in the video?” Sicilio handed the cell phone to Su Huanyan.

Su Huanyan looked down.

When she saw Cheng Yanmo doing push-ups, while she grunted away as she used her cell phone in the video, she instantly blushed.

Su Huanyan flung her cell phone aside and stood up suddenly.


Listen to my explanation!

“This, this isn’t…” Su Huanyan thought of something else and questioned Sicilio angrily,” Where did you install the camera! ”

Last night at the hotel, after knowing that Sicilio had installed a bug in the Cheng Family residence, Su Huanyan got Cheng Yanmo to find a professional and destroyed the bug.

Then what about this video?

Sicilio explained considerately, “Oh, I installed a pinhole camera in the electric hair dryer.”

Su Huanyan wanted to hit someone.

“Sicilio, you’re illegally monitoring a house. You are committing a crime!”

Sicilio looked very calm. He said, “You can report me.” He picked up his cell phone, shook it, and said evilly, “Take this video with you.”

Su Huanyan heard her own grunt in the video, and her face and neck were as red as freshly cooked prawns.

Sicilio leaned over, leaned into her ear, and said in a low voice, “Yan Yan, you’re purposely trying to anger me, right?”

Su Huanyan remained silent.

Sicilio played with her hair and asked humbly, “Are you willing to come back to my side after you’ve calmed down and played enough?” He bit Su Huanyan and stepped into the mud. He said, “If you are, I am willing to be played by you.”

As long as she was willing to come back, after venting her anger.

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