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Chapter 282: Shameless People are Invincible

If we miss it, will it really never happen again?

A ruthless glint flashed across Sicilio’s eyes, but he quickly suppressed it.

“It’s okay. If we miss it, we can just turn back. This time, I won’t push you away again.” Sicilio was very patient, as if he was talking to Su Huanyan or convincing himself.

“Yan Yan.” Sicilio kissed Su Huanyan’s hair. He said, “Can I woo you again?”

Su Huanyan rejected without thinking. “I refuse. I don’t want to reconcile with you.” Just like she had said previously, she yearned for a peaceful and peaceful life, but she was on tenterhooks every day with Sicilio.

She had had enough of those few years.

Sicilio was distressed. The destruction and savagery he had inherited from Edward were acting up. He was slightly irritable and wanted to kill Cheng Yanmo, tie Su Huanyan up, and drag her back to Italy, so that no one could separate them anymore.

But he couldn’t do that!

“Daddy, Mother.” Su Qingjia was wearing a doctor’s white coat and a toy stethoscope around her neck. She was wearing socks and standing on the carpet.

Su Qingjia’s eyes widened when she saw her parents sitting together on the sofa. “Daddy, Mommy, are you giving birth to a baby?” Su Qingjia had learned many things in Italy over the past few months. She had learned both good and bad things.

She even knew how the baby came about!

Su Huanyan was beyond shocked. She suddenly pushed Sicilio away with unknown great strength.

Sicilio fell onto the other end of the sofa. He saw Su Huanyan kneeling on the sofa, pointing at his face, and scolding angrily, “Leo, how did you raise the child! She is only three years old, what are you showing her!”

Sicilio was very shocked. He was very innocent and explained. “She is already three years old. She should know what kissing and SEX are. She must know these things first so that she can better distinguish right from wrong, grasp the boundaries of interacting with others, and protect herself better. Is that wrong?”

Sicilio didn’t know what he had done wrong.

In Sicilio’s opinion, three-year-olds could already receive sexual education. They had to know this first and know what was going on before they could better protect themselves in life.

After all, there was no bottom line for some bad people.

This was the difference in Chinese and Western culture.

After hearing Sicilio’s explanation, Su Huanyan knew that his views on education were actually correct. The Chinese treated the affairs of men and women too well as a secret. They were unwilling, afraid, and embarrassed to tell their children. As a result, many children were harmed by others and didn’t know what happened.

Su Huanyan tidied up her hair and looked at Su Qingjia. She said, “Qingjia, Mother accidentally fell just now. Daddy is helping me up. It’s not what you think.”

Su Qingjia nodded. “Actually, I want a younger sister.” She already had a younger brother and still wanted a younger sister.

Hearing this, Su Huanyan’s face blushed slightly. Sicilio gave her an approving look. “Little sweetheart, shall we quickly give birth to a sister for you?”


In the room, Program was getting impatient and kept screaming. Su Qingjia hurriedly ran back to the room to play with the brother’s toys.

Su Huanyan tidied up her slightly messy clothes, got off the sofa, and threw the disinfectant and bloodstained cotton balls that she had just stitched up Sicilio’s wound into the dustbin.

“I am leaving.” Su Huanyan glanced at the small room. She discussed with Sicilio and said, “Can I bring Qingjia over to my place to stay for a few days?”

Sicilio crossed his legs, opened his arms, and leaned back on the sofa. He said, “Look, do I look like I agree?”

Su Huanyan said ingratiatingly, “I haven’t seen Qingjia in a long time. Leo, you can’t be so domineering. The child belongs to the two of us. You can’t stop me from seeing her.”

Su Huanyan really missed Qingjia. Just now, she was only focused on suturing Sicilio’s wound and didn’t speak to Su Qingjia properly. The child was already three years old and looked like she was about to grow up. As a mother, of course she wanted to spend more time with her daughter.

Sicilio asked, “Do you really miss her that much?”

“Of course.” Su Huanyan nodded vigorously.

Sicilio was hesitating. His fingers kept tapping on his thigh, his eyes still fixed on Su Huanyan’s body. Being stared at by Sicilio like that made Su Huanyan feel uncomfortable as if she was naked.

“It’s not impossible.” Sicilio gave in.

Su Huanyan asked, “What’s your condition?”

Sicilio immediately said, “Sleep with me!”

Su Huanyan picked up her things and was about to leave.

Sicilio hurriedly grabbed her and corrected himself. “In that case, bring me along.”

Su Huanyan was speechless.

She looked at Sicilio like he was crazy. “Are you crazy?” What kind of request is this!

Sicilio said, “My daughter is mine. Cheng Yanmo has nothing to do with my daughter. It’s hard to tell. Who knows if Cheng Yanmo will make things difficult for my daughter?”

He had even learned to stack the deck against someone.

“I must go with Qingjia. I have to protect her.” Sicilio was determined to follow.

Su Huanyan took a few deep breaths and completely ignored this lunatic, but she really wanted to stay with Su Qingjia. “Wait for me to make a call.”


Su Huanyan walked to the toilet and called Cheng Yanmo.


“Huanyan.” Cheng Yanmo was on the way home, looking at his itinerary for tomorrow.

After receiving Su Huanyan’s call, he thought she was concerned about when he would return. “I am on the way home and will reach in about 35 minutes. Do you need me to bring anything back?”

On the way home, he would pass by a dessert shop with food that Su Huanyan liked. She had also asked Cheng Yanmo to bring it a few times in the past.

Su Huanyan clutched her cell phone in embarrassment.

Hearing Su Huanyan’s breathing and not hearing her speak, Cheng Yanmo felt strange. “What’s the matter, Huanyan? Is there something else?”

Thinking that the time bomb Sicilio was still in Wangdong City, Cheng Yanmo was worried that Su Huanyan had been bullied by Sicilio. His face darkened slightly. “Sicilio is beside you?”

“Yanmo.” Su Huanyan called his name guiltily.

Cheng Yanmo said, “Mmm, yes.”



“Qingjia is here.”

“Oh? Is that so? When did she come?” Cheng Yanmo hadn’t seen that little girl for a long time and missed her quite a bit.

“She just arrived this afternoon.”

“Is she at our house?”

“No, Sicilio detained her. Tonight, Qingjia called me and said that Sicilio was injured, bled a lot, and was about to die. She kept crying on the phone. My heart softened when she cried.”

Su Huanyan also hated herself for being a slave to her daughter. She said awkwardly, “I am now at Sicilio’s side. Program is with me. It’s like this. I want to bring Qingjia back to stay with me for a few days, but Sicilio refuses.”

Cheng Yanmo also felt a headache. “He doesn’t allow Qingjia to go back with you?”

“It’s not a no. He made a very rude request.”

“What request?”

Su Huanyan pinched her own leg and said, “He said that he wants to go to our house with Qingjia. Otherwise, he will be worried.”

Cheng Yanmo was speechless.

Cheng Yanmo seldom admired a man’s shamelessness so much, but Sicilio broke his limit. “Huanyan, tell me, you didn’t love a good person like me, but how can you fall in love with such a silly thing?”

Listen, how can Sicilio be a person when he runs to his ex-girlfriend and her current husband’s house with his daughter?

Doesn’t Sicilio feel angry at seeing his love rival and the woman he likes loving each other? Doesn’t he feel jealous?

Cheng Yanmo remained silent. He was really speechless by Sicilio.

Su Huanyan also felt that she was blind.

“Why don’t we forget it? I will bring Program back.” Although it was a pity that she couldn’t live with Qingjia, Su Huanyan couldn’t accept Cheng Yanmo and Sicilio staying in the same room.

What is this?

But Cheng Yanmo said, “Forget it, let him do it.” Since he dared to come, he had to be prepared to be abused.

Su Huanyan was silent for two seconds before asking fearfully, “Are you sure?”

“Mmm, let him come over.”


Since Cheng Yanmo had asked Sicilio to go, he must have been prepared to receive him well. Su Huanyan kept her cell phone and walked out of the toilet. She met Sicilio’s questioning gaze.

Su Huanyan stared at him coldly. “Yanmo agreed for you to go to our house with Qingjia.”

Although Sicilio felt very uncomfortable hearing the words “our house”, he was still in a good mood after successfully entering the tiger’s den.

Sicilio tidied up the luggage quickly, carried the bag in his left hand, carried Program in his right, and followed Su Huanyan and Su Qingjia out of the hotel.

On the way to the Cheng Family, Sicilio drove while Su Huanyan carried Su Qingjia and sat behind with Program. Along the way, Su Huanyan was the one directing Sicilio to drive. Sicilio said, “In this world, I have only been your driver.”

Su Huanyan didn’t feel honored.

After Cheng Yanmo bought the Mu Family villa that year, he didn’t move away and stayed there. The Amethyst Gated Community was in the city area and was quiet during the commotion. The environment was beautiful and it was not far from the hotel.

“We’re here.”

Sicilio stopped the car and looked up to see a door hanging at the entrance of the villa. The words “Cheng Residence” were written on it.

Noticing that Cheng Yanmo’s car was parked beside them, a hint of worry flashed across Su Huanyan’s eyes. Would these two people fight if they lived together?

Worried, she carried the children out of the car and entered the house.

Sicilio followed her into the house with his luggage.

Entering through the main door, Sicilio saw Cheng Yanmo standing under the pavilion by the spring. At night, Cheng Yanmo was wearing a down jacket and holding a small plate, feeding the koi fish in the spring.

Seeing that they had returned, Cheng Yanmo put down his fish food and strode over. Cheng Yanmo hugged Program with one hand, supported Su Huanyan’s arm with the other, and kissed her forehead.

Meanwhile, Su Huanyan was very cooperative. She remained motionless and allowed him to kiss her.

“You’re back. Quickly go in. It’s cold outside.”

“It’s not cold.”

After returning the child to Su Huanyan, Cheng Yanmo squatted down in front of Su Qingjia. “Qingjia.” Cheng Yanmo pinched Su Qingjia’s chubby cheeks and said, “Hey, it’s been a few months since we last met. Our Qingjia has become prettier again.” She has gained weight again!

Su Qingjia hugged Cheng Yanmo’s neck and called out, “Father!”

Sicilio felt like his heart had been shot.

He tasted myocardial infarction.

“Hey!” Cheng Yanmo hurriedly carried Su Qingjia up and pretended to kiss her face. But Su Qingjia covered her face and shook her head violently. “Father, Qingjia is a girl and has already grown up. Father can’t kiss Qingjia’s face anymore. There is a difference between men and women!”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo was slightly surprised. “Oh, how did Qingjia know this? Who taught you this?”

Su Qingjia pointed at Sicilio, who was ignored by Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo. “Daddy told me.”

Cheng Yanmo looked at Sicilio as if he had just seen him. “Hello, Mr. Clooney.”

Sicilio tugged at his stiff lips. “Sorry to disturb you these few days.”

Cheng Yanmo said, “If you knew you were going to disturb me, why did you still come?”

Sicilio’s expression was very stiff and he nearly threw his luggage aside to fight with Cheng Yanmo. However, under someone else’s roof, he still had to implement his big plan and couldn’t escape!

Sicilio said, “Qingjia is very clingy and can’t leave me. I love my daughter and won’t feel at ease if I don’t accompany her.”

Su Qingjia sided with Sicilio this time. “Yes, I want Daddy to accompany me.”

Cheng Yanmo asked, “Oh, you don’t want Father to accompany you?”

“I also want Father to accompany me.”

Cheng Yanmo asked again, “Then who do you want to accompany you more, Daddy or Father?”

Su Qingjia was in a very difficult position. She thought about it seriously and actually said, “Can’t you all accompany me? Father, Mother, and Daddy are with me everyday!”

Hearing this, the three adults all had strange expressions.

Sicilio was the first to shake his head in rejection. “No.”

This time, Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan both agreed with Sicilio’s statement. Su Huanyan told Su Qingjia clearly, “Qingjia, Daddy and Father can’t accompany you together.”

Su Qingjia pouted unhappily.

“Alright, come in quickly.”

As the group entered the house, the nanny and butler couldn’t help secretly sizing up Sicilio*. Is this Madam’s shameless ex-boyfriend? He’s clearly very handsome, but why is he such a shameless dog?*

Sicilio sat solemnly on the sofa. He looked up and saw Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan’s wedding photos hanging on the wall of the living room.

That wedding photo was taken very intimately. The glass frame was spotless, as if it had just been hung up. Sicilio looked down and saw Cheng Yanmo and his family photo on the television cabinet.

He was speechless.

The world was filled with malice towards him.

“Mr. Clooney, do you want a cup of tea?” Cheng Yanmo carried a cup of tea and placed it in front of Sicilio. Sicilio looked at the tea and suddenly asked, “No coffee?”

He really didn’t like tea.

Cheng Yanmo said, “I’m sorry. I know I have gastric problems and am not suitable for coffee. When Huanyan and I first got married, we threw away all the coffee at home along with the coffee machine.”

Hearing this, the nanny silently glanced at the bottom cupboard. It was clearly Sir who had specially instructed her to keep the coffee machine when he first returned.

Tsk, this family suddenly became very interesting.

Sicilio could only hold the cup of bitter tea and drink it with a frown.

Downstairs, Cheng Yanmo was welcoming Sicilio warmly. Upstairs, Su Huanyan and the nanny were bathing Program and Su Qingjia.

After taking a shower, the two children chased each other in the children’s room and played happily. Su Huanyan had something on her mind and would probably go crazy if she didn’t find a place to vent it.

She saw that Song Ci was still posting on her social media to complain that Han Zhan didn’t like vegetables, only meat, and was malnourished, so she opened the private chat.

Su Huanyan: [Song Song, are you there?]

Song Ci ignored her.

After a while, Song Ci replied: [Song Ci is taking a shower. She will contact you later.]

It’s Han Zhan?

Su Huanyan waited patiently for a while before receiving a video call from Song Ci.

Song Ci was sitting on the balcony outside the bedroom, wearing pyjamas, drinking hot coffee, and looking at the stars. Han Zhan was wearing a bathrobe and standing under the door frame behind him, urging her. “It’s so cold. What’s the matter with you? Quickly go to bed.”

Song Ci said, “It’s too hot. Let me cool down for a while.” After the two of them fooled around just now, Song Ci was so hot that her hair was covered in sweat. She still felt hot even after taking a shower.

Hearing this, Han Zhan said, “Come in early. I’ll sleep first.”


After Han Zhan had his fill, he was going to sleep on time.

Only then did Song Ci pick up her cell phone and say to Su Huanyan, “Huanyan, you’re still awake?”

“No, the children are just about to fall asleep. I will go take a shower after they fall asleep.”

Noticing that Su Huanyan was referring to ‘they’, Song Ci asked, “You have other children tonight?”

“Qingjia is back.”

“She came today?”


Song Ci found it strange. She said, “Sicilio will agree to let Qingjia stay with you?” This didn’t match Sicilio’s character.

“Song Song, do you know what’s the situation at my house now?” Su Huanyan looked very helpless and even felt like crying. Thinking of the carnage downstairs, she didn’t dare to go down.

Seeing this, Song Ci’s thoughts raced. Su Qingjia was in the Cheng Family, while Su Huanyan’s expression didn’t look happy, but more like despair. Song Ci guessed something and said uncertainly, “Could it be…”

“Could my elder brother also be in the Cheng Family?!”

Hearing Song Ci mention big brother, Han Zhan also opened his eyes. “Sicilio is at Cheng Yanmo’s house?”

Upon hearing Han Zhan’s voice, Song Ci hurriedly asked Su Huanyan, “Is that so, Huanyan?”

Su Huanyan nodded painfully. “…Mmm.”

Song Ci took the phone and ran to her room. She got into bed, pinched Han Zhan’s arm, and said to him, “Han Zhan, Big Brother is really shameless. He actually chased her all the way to Cheng Yanmo’s house.”

Han Zhan also admired Sicilio’s shamelessness. “He is really… ruthless.” If this were to happen to Han Zhan, he definitely wouldn’t do it.

Su Huanyan’s voice sounded again. She said, “Knowing that Sicilio is coming, Yanmo got someone to change the entire house. The moment I returned home and saw the wedding photos in the hall and corridor, my head hurt.”

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