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Chapter 281: Unable to Part With the Child and Unable to Get the Child’s Mother

Sicilio was very hungry, so he called for a food delivery service at the hotel. While waiting, Sicilio opened Instagram and left a message for Su Huanyan. He said that the snail powder was simply a killer in the world and was very disgusting.

Su Huanyan also had many fans. Sicilio’s comments were buried in the comments of the fans, and it was very difficult for Su Huanyan to notice.

During dinner, Sicilio received a call from Su Qingjia.

The little girl had been sent to Earl Ace’s manor these few days. At this moment, she was sitting on the carpet in the study reading a sketchbook. The butler that Sicilio had hired for her was standing beside her.

Su Qingjia was still plump and he didn’t know if she would lose weight. But Sicilio no longer had any hopes of Su Qingjia losing weight. Just let her put on weight. Anyway, Su Huanyan wouldn’t be able to vie with him for custody of the child.

Either he, Sicilio, would raise this child alone, or Su Huanyan would do it with him. If Su Huanyan couldn’t bear to part with Program, Sicilio would also be willing to raise him with her.

He didn’t want much, just Su Huanyan.

Su Qingjia saw that Sicilio was eating roasted duck and instantly released her sketchbook. She leaned over to the tablet and stared eagerly at the roasted duck in Sicilio’s hand. “Daddy! Roast duck! Roast duck! With onions, my favorite!”

Su Huanyan was a lady raised in Jiangnan River Delta, but Su Qingjia had actually fallen in love with eating onions at such a young age. Sicilio couldn’t accept this, but his daughter was his and he had to dote on her.

Sicilio was very generous and kind. He picked up the most fat piece of duck meat and handed it to the computer camera. He said to Su Qingjia, “Come, little sweetheart, have a bite.”

Su Qingjia was about to cry from anger.

“Bad Daddy!” She was about to drool.

Sicilio popped that piece of meat into his mouth. His eyes darted around. His stomach was filled with bad ideas.

“Little sweetheart, do you want to eat roasted duck?” Sicilio’s voice suddenly turned gentle. It sounded bewitching.

Su Qingjia only wanted to eat roasted duck. Hearing this, she nodded vigorously. “Daddy, eat roasted duck!”

“Then can you come to China? I will get Uncle Reynolds to send someone to send you to China. Father will bring you to eat delicacies, alright?”

Su Qingjia’s mind was filled with the words “delicious”. Hearing this, she hurriedly said, “Alright, alright, let’s go to China and eat delicious food!”

Sicilio moved every plate in front of the camera for Su Qingjia to see.

Su Qingjia looked at those dishes and suddenly felt that the cow cow she had drunk previously was not fragrant.

“Daddy, I will come tomorrow!”

The next day, Earl Ace sent his most trusted subordinate to personally escort Su Qingjia to China. Sicilio personally went to the airport to welcome Su Qingjia.

After receiving Su Qingjia, Sicilio carried his daughter and she felt slightly heavier.

He couldn’t help feeling slightly sad.

If Huanyan saw that her daughter was so fat, would she still bother with me?

Will she blame me?

Sicilio sat in the car in a daze.

Meanwhile, Su Qingjia had already opened a can of ginger candy. Her chubby little hand was holding a piece of ginger candy and she ate it especially vigorously. Sicilio frowned at Su Qingjia, feeling very puzzled. Why would a little kid like ginger candy, a spicy and choking snack?

Returning to the hotel, Sicilio upgraded the suite and let Su Qingjia sleep in the small room outside. The maid who came with Su Qingjia bathed her.

Su Qingjia wrapped herself in a custom-made bathrobe and jumped onto Sicilio’s bed. Sicilio was bathing in the bathroom and Su Qingjia could only hear the sound of water.

By the time Sicilio came out of the shower, Su Qingjia was already tired from dancing on his bed. She was exhausted from playing and sat down to play with her toes.

Once Sicilio arrived, Su Qingjia changed her target to play Sicilio’s toes.

“Doesn’t Daddy’s feet stink?” Sicilio looked at his daughter helplessly.

Su Qingjia shook her head and said, “How fragrant!”

Sicilio’s eyes were filled with smiles.

He rubbed Su Qingjia’s soft shoulder-length black hair and suddenly said, “I’ll go cut some fruit for you. Do you want some dragon fruit?”


Sicilio went to the kitchen to cut some fruits while Su Qingjia continued to play with her feet.



Sicilio cried out in pain.

Su Qingjia, who was already three years old, was very smart. She heard that her father was injured and hurriedly climbed down from the bed. She ran barefoot to the kitchen and saw Sicilio squatting on the ground with a lot of blood on his fingers. Su Qingjia was terrified.

“Daddy, your hand is bleeding!”

Sicilio looked pained. He pinched his bleeding fingers with his right hand and told Su Qingjia, “Little sweetheart, Daddy is injured and has lost a lot of blood. If you don’t bandage it now, he will die.”

Su Qingjia felt like she had been struck by lightning. She was so scared that she cried.


Su Qingjia sat down on the ground and cried. “Daddy, don’t die! Daddy, you need to stay alive and bring me to eat roasted duck!”

Sicilio was speechless.

Is Daddy alive to bring you to eat roasted duck?

Is this all I can do?

Sicilio felt stifled.

“Little sweetheart.” Sicilio looked in the direction of the bedroom and said to Su Qingjia, “Daddy’s cell phone is on the bed. Can you help Daddy open his cell phone and call Mother to let her save Daddy?”


Su Qingjia hurriedly got up and stumbled into the bedroom. A moment later, Su Qingjia took out her cell phone. “Daddy, I can’t open it.”

Sicilio unlocked his cell phone with his voice.

Under Sicilio’s patient guidance, Su Qingjia found his contact list.

The first number in the contact list was Su Huanyan, called A Yanyan.

Su Qingjia was about to call A Yanyan when Sicilio suddenly called her. “Qingjia.”

Su Qingjia stopped and looked at her father with teary eyes. “What’s the matter, Daddy?” She choked and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

Sicilio’s conscience ached slightly. He shouldn’t have deceived a child like this. But if he couldn’t bear to part with the child, he couldn’t trap the child’s mother!

Sicilio told Su Qingjia, “When the call gets through later, tell Mother that Daddy is injured and bleeding profusely. He needs Mother to save Daddy.”

“If Mother asks where Daddy is, just say that Daddy bled a lot in his room. Remember, you must emphasize that Daddy bled a lot.”

Su Qingjia understood. “I will!”

Su Qingjia repeated the words her father had just told her under her breath, while she called on the phone.

At night, Cheng Yanmo had to work overtime and Su Huanyan was having dinner with Program alone. The phone rang and Program was very happy. He pointed at the phone on the table. “Machine! Machine!”

The cell phone rang!

Su Huanyan scratched Program’s nose before walking over to pick up her cell phone.

Seeing that it was an unfamiliar Chinese number, Su Huanyan didn’t think much of it and answered the call. “Hello?”

“Mother!” Su Qingjia cried and called her mother.

Hearing Su Qingjia’s voice suddenly and still crying, Su Huanyan’s heart constricted and her expression changed. “Qingjia! Where are you? Whose cell phone is this? Where are you?”

Instantly, countless thoughts flashed across Su Huanyan’s mind. Is Qingjia kidnapped? Or did she suffer grievances?

Su Qingjia said, “Mother, Daddy is injured and has lost a lot of blood.” Beside her, Sicilio gave Su Qingjia a thumbs-up. Encouraged, Su Qingjia wiped her tears and continued, “Daddy is dying. Mother, come and save Daddy.”

Su Huanyan was also shocked. “Qingjia, tell Mother exactly what happened.”

Su Qingjia was about to tell Su Huanyan that Daddy cut his hand when she realized that he was shaking his head at her.

After thinking for a moment, Su Qingjia said, “Daddy bled a lot and broke his fingers.”

With so much blood, he must have cut off his fingers.

Sicilio was speechless.

Daughter, your lie is a little serious.

Su Huanyan was stunned by Su Qingjia’s words. “Where are you? Have you called the hospital? Call the ambulance!”

Why are you looking for me! Call an ambulance if you’re injured!

Su Qingjia said, “I…”

Sicilio covered Su Qingjia’s mouth.

Su Qingjia was silent.

Su Huanyan was very anxious and asked her, “Where are you and Daddy?”

Sicilio lowered his voice and said to Su Qingjia, “Tell Mother that we are at the hotel.”

Su Qingjia hurriedly nodded.

After Sicilio released his grip, Su Qingjia hurriedly said to Su Huanyan, “Daddy said that we are at the hotel.”

Sicilio just wanted to hold his forehead.

But Su Huanyan was so anxious that she didn’t find any loopholes. She grabbed Program from the baby table, hugged him, and rushed out.

Opening the car door, Su Huanyan strapped Program onto the children’s seat and brought Program to meet Su Qingjia.

Meanwhile, in the hotel suite, Su Qingjia was still crying. Sicilio stared at the little wound on his fingertip that had stopped bleeding. He felt very troubled.

“Little sweetheart Qingjia.” Sicilio coaxed Su Qingjia. He said, “Little sweetheart, Daddy has a Peppa Pig in his computer. Daddy will show it to you, alright?”

“No, no, no. Daddy is dying. No!” Daddy is dying, why watch television!

Sicilio didn’t know whether to be touched or troubled. “Daddy isn’t even bleeding anymore. Look.” Sicilio handed his finger to Su Qingjia to see.

Su Qingjia saw that her father’s hand was really not bleeding anymore. She wiped her tears and returned to the bedroom with Sicilio.

Sicilio opened Peppa Pig for Su Qingjia.

As Su Qingjia burped and looked at Peppa Pig, she quickly forgot about Sicilio.

Sicilio kept waiting. Only when his subordinate reported that Su Huanyan and the rest had arrived downstairs did Sicilio enter the kitchen.

He picked up the fruit knife and cut it without hesitation.

That cut caused flesh to split open. It was a spectacular sight and blood instantly flowed to the chopping board. Sicilio stared at his fingers expressionlessly and counted the time in his heart.

Su Huanyan pressed the doorbell. After a while, Sicilio opened the door.

Su Huanyan looked up and met Sicilio’s complicated eyes. She looked down at Sicilio’s fingers and saw a pair of bloodstained hands.

Su Huanyan’s brows twitched. “Your fingers are really broken?”

With Sicilio’s profession, Su Huanyan wouldn’t be surprised even if she received a call one day to say that Sicilio’s head had fallen, much less his fingers.

Su Huanyan carried Program into the hotel. She saw the blood on the floor and the tissues in the dustbin and understood what was going on.

“You cut it yourself?”

Sicilio lied without blushing at all. He said, “I was distracted when I was cutting fruits for Qingjia.”

“How did you get distracted when you’re cutting fruits!” Su Huanyan placed Program on the sofa and started looking for the first-aid kit. As she searched, she scolded Sicilio. “What can you do?”

“Yes, I can’t do anything,” Sicilio said self-deprecatingly. “I can’t even love you.”

Su Huanyan remained silent.

Hearing Su Huanyan’s voice, Su Qingjia abandoned the Peppa Pig’s family and ran out in big strides.

Seeing Program on the sofa and her mother squatting by the coffee table rummaging through the medical kit, Su Qingjia hurriedly ran over and hugged Su Huanyan’s arm.

“Mother! I miss you so much!”

Su Huanyan also hugged Su Qingjia and kissed her. She said, “Daddy is injured. Let me treat him first, alright?”


Thinking that the next scene would be slightly bloody, Su Huanyan said, “Qingjia, help me take care of your little brother for a few minutes. After I treat your father’s injuries, I will come and play with you guys again. Is that okay?”

“Mmm, alright.” Su Qingjia said, “Peppa Pig will take care of George and I will also take care of my younger brother.” With that, Su Qingjia ran to her small room, found her own toy, and said to the program, “Brother, let’s play together.”

Su Huanyan was very pleased to see that the siblings were close.

She sent Program to Su Qingjia’s room and closed the door. Only then did she return to the sofa to stitch Sicilio’s wound.

In the past, Su Huanyan was also a little girl who trembled at the sight of blood. After being with Sicilio for a long time, some wounds would always appear on Sicilio’s body. Su Huanyan, who studied fashion design and was best at embroidery and cutting fabric, had learned to use surgical needles and thread because of Sicilio.

Staring at Su Huanyan suturing his wound seriously, Sicilio raised his other hand.

He placed his bloodstained hand gently on Su Huanyan’s head.

Su Huanyan paused slightly and continued her work without looking at him.

Sicilio said, “All these years when you were not around, unless I was seriously injured, I refused to let anyone stitch my wound.” He said passionately, “Only you have the right to sew my wound.”

Su Huanyan remained silent.

“Yan Yan.” Sicilio suddenly swallowed. “Yan Yan, come back to my side, alright? If you can’t bear to part with that little guy, I can raise him with you.”

“Yan Yan, don’t want Cheng Yanmo anymore. He doesn’t love you at all.” Sicilio was not blind. He could tell that there was no love between Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo.

Su Huanyan sneered. “He loves me.” She said, “He loves me very much.”

“If he loves you, why didn’t I see the two of you sleeping together?”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan was stunned. “You… what nonsense are you talking about!” Su Huanyan’s face was slightly red. “You are monitoring the Cheng Family!”

Sicilio was a person who dared to take responsibility for his actions. He admitted frankly, “Cheng Yanmo’s car and your rooms are all equipped with listening devices.”

He bent down, lifted Su Huanyan’s chin, approached her lips, and said slowly, “These few days, the two of you didn’t sleep together at all.”

Su Huanyan was truly shocked.

She knew that Sicilio was an unpredictable person, but she didn’t expect this jerk to install a listening device in the Cheng Family!

Can he be more shameless?

“You…” Su Huanyan was completely speechless at Sicilio. She tied a knot on the surgical thread, cut off the needle, stood up, and was about to leave.

Knowing that he had angered Su Huanyan, Sicilio suddenly pulled her into his arms. He didn’t do anything else but used his tongue to lick Su Huanyan’s neck.

Su Huanyan instantly shuddered.

“Look, your body can’t forget me.”

Sicilio’s cold and gorgeous voice exploded in Su Huanyan’s ears. His fingers were still on the back of her hand, and his breath was just behind her neck…

This was a dangerous and handsome man exuding hormones.

Sicilio was baiting her.

Under such circumstances, Su Huanyan couldn’t help thinking of the past. She recalled the days and nights she spent with Sicilio back then.

Her body would never forget Sicilio.

Sicilio was very satisfied with Su Huanyan’s reaction. “Yan Yan, guess what I discovered?”

Su Huanyan frowned and asked, “What exactly are you trying to say?” Can’t you just give me a quick answer? This feeling of being constantly curious is too disgusting.

Sicilio smiled. He heard the children’s laughter coming from the small room. He suddenly said, “You have a B blood type and Cheng Yanmo has an O blood type, but that little guy actually has an A blood type…”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan’s blood froze. How did he find out?

“Yan Yan.” Sicilio flicked Su Huanyan’s ear and saw that it quivered. Only then was he satisfied. Hugging Su Huanyan tightly, Sicilio said, “Your elder brother has an A blood type, right?”

Ever since knowing that Su Anzhi and Cheng Yanmo were good brothers, Sicilio had spent a lot of effort to check on Su Anzhi.

The investigation results revealed that Su Anzhi was a celibate, but he wanted a child. As a result, he went to the sperm bank three months before his death.

icilio smiled and said, “I have reason to suspect that Program is your brother’s child.” Rubbing Su Huanyan’s stomach, Sicilio’s eyes darkened slightly. “Yan Yan, you spent money to buy a healthy egg and gave your brother a surrogate child, right?”

Su Huanyan’s eyes changed drastically as her breathing became labored.

She had expected Sicilio to discover the truth one day, but she didn’t expect that day to come so quickly. It was Sicilio after all. He was smart and meticulous. Su Huanyan was no match for him at all.

“Answer me. Am I right?” Seeing that Su Huanyan didn’t answer his question, Sicilio’s temper flared. He suddenly pushed Su Huanyan down and pressed her down. “If you don’t say it, you can’t go back tonight.”

Su Huanyan could imagine what would happen if she didn’t return.

“…Yes.” Su Huanyan admitted openly. “Program is indeed my surrogate child for my elder brother.” The death of her elder brother was Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo’s shared regret. Leaving a descendant for Su Anzhi was their shared wish.

Having received an affirmative answer, Sicilio was rather happy.

“Yan Yan.” Sicilio heaved a sigh of relief. “I am so happy.” Su Huanyan had a child with another man. How could Sicilio not mind?

But he loved Su Huanyan too much. He had been forcing himself to accept that child’s existence.

But Su Huanyan’s next sentence instantly sent Sicilio to hell—

“So what if Program is not my child with Cheng Yanmo? I am Mrs. Cheng, Mrs. Cheng whom Cheng Yanmo married and brought home. I will never abandon Yanmo.”

“Leo, you and I still missed each other in the end.”

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