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Chapter 278: She Wants Good and Peaceful Times, He Gives Her a Tumultuous Journey

Sicilio purposely turned and walked to Su Huanyan’s table. Song Ci thought that Sicilio was going to fight a war, and Han Zhan also thought so.

Worried that Sicilio would beat Cheng Yanmo up on impulse, Han Zhan, who knew very well that Cheng Yanmo was no match for Sicilio, immediately stood up and was prepared to stop Sicilio at any time.

But Sicilio just walked past Su Huanyan quietly, as if nothing had happened.

At least, to outsiders, this was the case.

Sicilio slowed down slightly as he passed Su Huanyan. He pretended to raise his hand to adjust his tie. When he raised his left hand, his fingertips seemed to accidentally brush past Su Huanyan’s arm.

After he left, Su Huanyan felt her arm burn.

“Try this soup. I think it’s not bad.” Cheng Yanmo scooped a bowl of pigeon soup for Su Huanyan. There were some herbs in the soup and it smelled especially fragrant.

“Okay.” Su Huanyan finished the soup in small bites and ate some dishes. She was 70% full.

After she was 70% full, Su Huanyan stopped eating.

A full stomach would make one fat.

Cheng Yanmo had a lot of work every day. Moreover, he was tall and big. He already expended a lot of energy, so his appetite naturally wouldn’t be small.

He looked like he was going to eat again.

It was still the first two days of Su Huanyan’s menstrual visit and her abdomen hurt slightly. She picked up her small bag and said softly to Cheng Yanmo, “I’m going to the washroom.”

Cheng Yanmo nodded. “Alright, if you feel bored, you can shop outside. I will call you when I leave.”

The street opposite the hotel was Three Bridges Business Street. It was a good place to shop.


Su Huanyan took her bag and jacket and strode elegantly to the toilet. Her graceful figure twisted in the right manner.

She went to the toilet and changed her sanitary pad. She sat on the toilet lid and placed her palm on her abdomen. Her warm palm touched her tummy and felt much warmer and less uncomfortable.

After a while, Su Huanyan stood up, put on her warm windbreaker, and walked out of the toilet.

Walking out of the toilet, she realized that the atmosphere in the toilet was off. Apart from her, there was no one else in the huge toilet.

There was a suffocating sense of urgency in the air.

Su Huanyan was somewhat familiar with this scene.

She remembered that when she first met Sicilio, she went to the KTV with a friend to sing. She went to the toilet midway and encountered this situation when she came out.

Su Huanyan instinctively turned and saw Sicilio standing under the door frame.

He was wearing a loose black shirt that was buttoned all the way to the top. His tie was tied around his neck, giving him a sense of dignity and abstinence.

The pants were stylish and tailored, making his legs look long and strong.

Sicilio had a windbreaker on his wrist. He was biting something and his cheeks were moving gently.

This was a meticulous man at all times.

“What are you trying to do now?” Su Huanyan looked at that person warily.

Sicilio said, “It’s just that the toilet is being repaired.” In other words, no one would enter the toilet on this level for the time being.

Su Huanyan covered her stomach and told Sicilio honestly, “Don’t think of touching me. I am having my period.”

Hearing this, Sicilio was clearly shocked.

He looked at Su Huanyan strangely and felt amused. “You are right. It is immoral to sleep with someone else’s wife, so I won’t sleep with you.”

As long as she didn’t get off the position of Mrs. Cheng, Sicilio would never touch her.

Su Huanyan thought that Sicilio had given up on her. Just as she was about to heave a sigh of relief, she heard Sicilio say, “I will make the best use of my time to get you two to get a divorce. When you belong to me, I can sleep with you however I want.”

Su Huanyan was speechless.

It was indeed an old bandit from Sicily!

Su Huanyan moved past Sicilio to get ready, but Sicilio grabbed her, pressed her into his arms, and kissed her.

Su Huanyan stepped on Sicilio’s leather shoes. The force of her high heels was not to be underestimated.

Sicilio’s expression changed drastically. He quickly released Su Huanyan and frowned, feeling the pain. “Why are you like a hedgehog?”

She would stab him all the time.

Su Huanyan sneered and mocked Sicilio. “Didn’t you just say that you’re not interested in someone else’s wife?” Why did you slap your face so quickly?

“I didn’t say that I am also not interested in kissing someone else’s wife.” Sicilio’s skin was so thick that he was truly invincible.

Su Huanyan was speechless.

Sicilio suddenly said, “You don’t like foie gras, but I touched foie gras just now, so I ate a few of your favorite mint-flavored chewing gum.”

At this moment, there was a hint of mint in Su Huanyan’s mouth. Sicilio asked her, “How does it taste?”

Su Huanyan pursed her lips and said insincerely, “Nothing.”

“Huanyan.” Sicilio cupped Su Huanyan’s face, his affectionate eyes filled with curiosity. He asked hesitantly, “Huanyan, do you hate me?”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan didn’t mock him in a rare instance.

She sized up Sicilio seriously.

In the beginning, Su Huanyan was very afraid of Sicilio. He was like the main character of “Godfather 2”, Michael Corleone, in the movie Su Huanyan watched when she was young.

He was very dangerous and should not be provoked.

Su Huanyan was afraid of Sicilio and was very careful. Even when she was bullied by Sicilio, she only dared to cry like a cat.

As they got along, Su Huanyan realized that this person also had moments of fear. He would also be awoken by nightmares in the middle of the night and reach out to feel for her hands all over the bed after waking up.

His fragility and other side moved Su Huanyan’s heart.

Su Huanyan fell in love with him uncontrollably.

There was a saying that if men were not evil, women didn’t love them. Su Huanyan felt that this saying was right. At the start, she was so afraid of Sicilio, but in the end, she loved him so much that she couldn’t extricate herself.

Do you hate me?

Su Huanyan gave a self-deprecating smile. Instead, Sicilio said, “Leo, when our relationship was strong, you actually heartlessly created a car accident for me…”

“At that time, I really thought I would die. I collapsed in a pool of blood. I was so helpless and kept calling your name. But?”

“But I never expected that Edward didn’t do that accident. You did it! In order to create the illusion that I died, Leo, you actually dared to bet my life.”

“Didn’t you think that I might die?”

“Are you so sure that your plan is foolproof?”

Being questioned by Su Huanyan, Sicilio’s mouth was filled with bitterness. He felt guilty and couldn’t defend himself.

His plan was indeed very meticulous, but any plan could have loopholes and deviations, as well as irresistible external forces.

He was indeed too bold to risk Su Huanyan.

“I’m sorry.” Sicilio apologized sincerely. “I can’t let you fall into my father’s hands.” If she fell into Edward’s hands, Su Huanyan’s outcome might be even more tragic than Ye Chen’s.

After all, Sicilio was Edward’s most beloved and most satisfied child. If he knew that his most trusted child had secretly fallen in love with a woman and even hid that person, Edward’s anger would be unimaginable!

If Edward knew of Su Huanyan’s existence, he would definitely kill her. Only by dying would Su Huanyan be safe.

As for how she died, Sicilio didn’t dare to confirm.

Only after confirming that Su Huanyan’s body had exploded along with the car and seeing his son kneeling in front of the charred corpse and crying bitterly did Edward believe that Su Huanyan was really dead.

After the accident, Su Huanyan had been hiding in the no man’s land in Sicily, giving birth to a child alone and recuperating alone. In order not to attract Edward’s attention, Su Huanyan changed her name to Su Qingcheng and returned to the Su Family to marry Cheng Yanmo.

Even if Edward discovered that she was still alive in the future, so what? She was already Mrs. Cheng, the young mistress of Chuan Dong International. Edward also had his reservations if he wanted to touch her.

Su Huanyan thought that she would never be involved with Sicilio again in this life. After all, there was a ruthless Edward between them.

But she never expected Edward to be killed by Sicilio, Han Zhan, and his siblings.

On the night of the earthquake and tsunami in Catania, Su Huanyan received a call from Sicilio. From the moment she received that call, Su Huanyan knew that Sicilio was coming back.

He was a lone wolf. If he could send her away privately, he would do anything to take her back.

Su Huanyan naturally loved and hated Sicilio.


Sicilio looked at her silently with sorrow in his eyes.

“I know you love me.” Su Huanyan could clearly feel Sicilio’s love for her, but…” I yearn for a peaceful life, but you gave me mountains of knives and seas of fire. ”

“Leo.” Su Huanyan wanted to remove the hand holding her face, but Sicilio’s hand was like an iron arm. Su Huanyan couldn’t remove it at all.

“Leo, can you let me go?”

“Dream on!”

Sicilio had never given up on this saying in his life. “Huanyan, you know that everything I like, be it people or business, I have never given up on them.”

Giving up was never in Sicilio’s life dictionary.

Hearing this, Su Huanyan felt very tired.



“You’re crazy!”

Seeing that the soft approach wouldn’t work, Su Huanyan could only use the hard approach. She struggled hard and wanted to push Sicilio away, but Sicilio said, “Don’t move. If you move again, I will move.”

It was also a verb, but Su Huanyan understood Sicilio’s meaning.

She really didn’t dare to move.

Sicilio suddenly tugged at the straps of Su Huanyan’s windbreaker. Su Huanyan was shocked, thinking that Sicilio was already so perverted that he didn’t care about her menstrual visit.

Su Huanyan was so angry that she was trembling. She roared. “Sicilio, you beast. If you dare to touch me, I will never forgive you in this life!”


Sensing that Sicilio had lifted her cheongsam, Su Huanyan was enraged. She opened her mouth to save him, but at this moment, Su Huanyan heard a tearing sound.

She was stunned. She looked down and saw Sicilio tearing open a warm-up sticker…

Su Huanyan was speechless.

Sicilio pasted the warm-up sticker Su Huanyan’s abdomen area, with the underwear in between.

Su Huanyan immediately felt warmth.

Sicilio tore open the second one. He looked at the heat pack in his hand and muttered like a monk reciting scriptures. “It’s not like you don’t know that your stomach will hurt during your menstruation period. Your hands and feet are cold. You clearly know that your uterus is cold, but you still wear so little.”

In the past, he knew that Su Huanyan’s menstrual cramps were very serious, especially the first two days when she was in so much pain that she couldn’t stand straight. No matter how busy Sicilio was, he would still call to remind her to wear warmer clothes and stick warm-up stickers on her tummy to attend class.

Sicilio placed the second heat pack on Su Huanyan’s back and said, “Even if you like to look beautiful, don’t wear so little. The next menstruation cycle will only hurt more.”

“I remember that your menstrual cramps were all cured… Why did they relapse again?”

Hearing this, Su Huanyan was momentarily silent.

Sicilio quickly pasted the four heat packs on. He turned and threw the packaging into the toilet trash, only to hear Su Huanyan say, “No one bought me any heat packs. No one reminded me to wear more. No one will warm my tummy when I’m sleeping. Naturally, my old illness relapses.”

When she was in Sicily, it was always cold after giving birth. After five months, her menstruation cycle cramps started again.

Without Sicilio, her bad habits returned.

Hearing this, Sicilio’s expression finally turned pained.

He suddenly turned and strode towards Su Huanyan.

Holding Su Huanyan’s waist from behind, Sicilio buried his head in her shoulder.

He apologized sincerely. “I am so sorry, Huanyan. I know I shouldn’t have hurt you and sent you away without saying goodbye. But Huanyan, Father discovered you and I have to send you away.”

“Huanyan, you all know that there is a vivid steel sculpture on Orianna’s island, but you don’t know that that steel sculpture is actually Orianna’s lover, Ye Chen.”

“That year, Ye Chen and Orianna were both engaged, but my father discovered their relationship. Father felt that Orianna had betrayed her. He didn’t allow his child to be disobedient and didn’t allow his child to be affected by love. So, he pushed Ye Chen into the high-temperature steel furnace in front of Orianna.”

“That statue was made of molten iron and Ye Chen’s flesh and blood.”

“Huanyan, I was very scared then. I was afraid that one day, I would also receive a steel sculpture that looked exactly like you… I couldn’t afford to gamble.”

If not for the fact that he had no choice and was in a desperate situation, Sicilio wouldn’t have laid his hands on Su Huanyan. That was the Su Huanyan he loved the most—the Su Huanyan who he couldn’t even bear to hug or strangle her in bed!

Su Huanyan didn’t know about Ye Chen. Hearing this, Su Huanyan finally understood Sicilio’s actions back then.

But as she had said, she was tired and afraid of that kind of life. She had nearly died once, but Su Huanyan didn’t want to die a second time.

“Leo, let go of me.” Su Huanyan pried Sicilio’s fingers off one by one.

Sicilio refused to budge.

Just when Su Huanyan felt helpless, Cheng Yanmo and Han Zhan entered the toilet together.

Only when he saw them did Sicilio release his arms.

Cheng Yanmo hurriedly walked over, pulled Su Huanyan into his arms, and took two steps back. “Pardon me for being blunt, Mr. Clooney, but you are sexually harassing my wife.”

My wife.

In that instant, Sicilio wanted to kill Cheng Yanmo. As long as Cheng Yanmo died, Su Huanyan would belong to him. But the moment this thought surfaced, Sicilio cut it off himself.

He couldn’t do that. If he did that, what difference was there between him and his father?

Sicilio suppressed the frustration in his heart and smiled kindly. That smile made even Han Zhan feel dangerous, let alone Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan.

Sicilio said gently to Su Huanyan, “Huanyan, I might have drunk too much and did something rude to you just now. Mr. Cheng, please forgive my rashness.”

If Sicilio suddenly became gentle, Cheng Yanmo would be even more wary of him.

“I still have something on, so I’ll leave first. Hoff, tell Song Fei on my behalf that I won’t be attending tonight’s banquet. We’ll meet again next time.”

Sicilio gave Su Huanyan a meaningful look before leaving.

Su Huanyan swore that she saw schemes and determination in Sicilio’s eyes.

After thanking Han Zhan, Cheng Yanmo left with Su Huanyan.

The two of them arrived at the basement carpark and prepared to go home. Sitting in the car, Su Huanyan felt the warmth from the warm womb on her stomach. She suddenly cried.

Cheng Yanmo was in no hurry to drive. He handed Su Huanyan a piece of paper. “Wipe yourself.”

Su Huanyan wiped her tears and even wiped her snot.

She had no image left.

Hearing the sound of her wiping her snot, the corners of Cheng Yanmo’s lips twitched. “Say, can you be more ladylike? You’re still wearing a cheongsam.” How can a gentle and demure girl lose her image so easily?

Su Huanyan looked up and complained to Cheng Yanmo with reddened eyes. “It’s not like you haven’t seen me before?”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo felt amused. “Although you were slightly wild when you were young, you were also very adorable. The first time you saw me, you told your brother that you would marry me in the future. In the end, you went to Italy and fell for a foreigner. You really love every person you see. No wonder your brother said you are a playboy.”

Su Huanyan’s elder brother was called Su Anzhi. Like Cheng Yanmo, he had been studying in America since he was young. The two of them were very close.

The 14-year-old Su Huanyan, who saw the 18-year-old Cheng Yanmo for the first time, was hit by his beauty. She chased after Cheng Yanmo’s butt and wanted to marry him.

But they all laughed then and didn’t take it seriously.

After that, Cheng Yanmo met Mu Qiu and Su Huanyan met Sicilio. Only then did she know that liking and deep love were two completely different things.

Su Huanyan couldn’t help defending herself. “I was still young then. It was when my heart was fluttering. At that time, I even said that I would marry Hu Ge in the future!” But what happened?

In the end, she actually fell in love with that perverted bastard Sicilio.

Hearing Su Huanyan’s direct words, Cheng Yanmo shook his head. “It’s too scary for a woman to be unfaithful.”

After a pause, Cheng Yanmo added, “Perhaps your taste changed after that. You didn’t like good-looking ones and changed to liking old ones. It’s like eating steak. In the beginning, you liked medium-well steak and felt that it was fresh and tasty. Later, you liked medium-well steak. Perhaps it’s more chewy?”

Cheng Yanmo was the medium-well steak, while Sicilio was naturally the well-done steak.

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