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Chapter 277: Shuraba at the Wedding

Song Fei had no choice but to remind Yan Jiang. “Stop crying. If you continue crying, you will miss the ceremony.”

When the seventeen-year-old Yan Jiang realized that he had fallen in love with his neighbor’s sister for the first time, he fantasized about marrying Song Fei as his wife in the future. He waited for this day for 11 years.

Yan Jiang couldn’t mess up the wedding that he had finally waited for!

Quickly wiping his tears, Yan Jiang looked up and took a deep breath to compose himself. Holding the rose in his hand, he knelt down on one knee in front of Song Fei. “Song Fei, please marry me.”

Song Fei looked down at Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang, who had just cried, still had two streams of tears in his eyes.

In this world, Yan Jiang was the only man who would cry so hard for her. Song Fei grabbed the bouquet in his hand. “I am willing to marry you.”

Everyone applauded.

Song Fei grabbed Yan Jiang’s hand and pulled him up. The two of them held hands and walked towards the wedding stage.

Yan Jiang and Song Fei were not believers of any religion. Their wedding ceremony was not presided over by a priest. Song Fei’s teacher, Fu Hanshen, was the one to witness their wedding.

Teacher Fu was wearing a handsome white suit today. His beard was shaved clean. When he went out in the morning, Shen Zhiyi even applied some facial cream on his face, saying that it made his skin look even smoother.

Teacher Fu, who had applied facial cream, stood on the stage and looked like an impressive big boss. It was Fu Hanshen’s first time hosting a wedding and he was very nervous. He read the contents of the wedding vows very slowly, afraid that he would read them wrongly.

“Mr. Yan Jiang, are you willing to marry Song Fei and be her husband, spend the rest of your life with her?”

Yan Jiang said, “I do.”

Fu Hanshen asked Song Fei, “Ms. Song Fei, are you willing to marry Mr. Yan Jiang and spend the rest of your life with him?”

Yan Jiang was afraid that Song Fei would go back on her words at the last minute like in the television dramas, and open her mouth to say she did not want to. But Song Fei didn’t hesitate at all and replied in a low voice, “I do.”


Fu Hanshen had succeeded. He closed the oath and announced loudly, “I hereby announce that the groom Yan Jiang and the bride Song Fei are officially husband and wife. You can kiss now.”

Yan Jiang pulled Song Fei into his arms, lowered his head, kissed her deeply.

Seeing that Yan Jiang and Song Fei were kissing passionately, the people below the stage whistled crazily. In particular, Yan Jiang’s friends in the entertainment circles were wailing and howling excitedly.

Han Junjun was an upright young man who had never even dated. He couldn’t help blushing at the passionate scene on stage.

He lowered his head silently and secretly peeked again when no one was looking. Han Wangwang noticed her brother’s cowardly manner and couldn’t help pressing his head. “Don’t look. What are children looking at?”

“Elder Sister!” Han Junjun was indignant. He slapped Han Wangwang’s hand away and rolled his eyes at her. “I am an adult and already 20 years old. What’s there not to look at!”

Han Wangwang pinched Han Junjun’s face and said, “You are my little brother even at the age of 30.”

The siblings were having a good time when a female voice suddenly interrupted. “Wangwang, is there anyone beside you?”

Upon hearing Jiang Bi’s voice, the siblings stopped moving at the same time, as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Han Wangwang looked up and met Jiang Bi’s smiling face. She recalled the scene of her stealing a kiss from Jiang Bi in the toilet and couldn’t help feeling her face heat up.

Meanwhile, Han Junjun’s heartbeat quickened when he saw the beautiful sister standing behind his elder sister.

What a cool elder sister!

Jiang Bi’s long black hair was draped lazily behind her shoulders. Her camel-colored coat accentuated her 1.83m height, making her look like a supermodel.

Jiang Bi was good-looking to begin with and her gender was indistinguishable in her appearance. He also had an inexplicable fatal attraction. A young chick like Han Junjun couldn’t resist Jiang Bi’s temptation at all.

Han Junjun secretly tugged at Han Wangwang’s sleeve. “Elder sister, elder sister, is this your friend?” My elder sister’s friend is so good-looking!

Han Junjun often saw Jiang Bi in his elder sister’s social media, but he knew that girls loved photoshopping and didn’t believe that Jiang Bi was as good-looking as in the photos.

Upon seeing Jiang Bi in person, Han Junjun completely understood Jiang Bi’s charm. Only then did he know that there was really someone who looked even more perfect than an exquisite photo!

Oh no!

His heart was racing. It was a feeling of being charmed.

Jiang Bi raised her hand and pressed it on Han Wangwang’s shoulder. She asked again, “Wangwang, hm? Is there anyone?”

That sound was very similar to the sound of Jiang Bi panting softly by Han Wangwang’s ear. Han Wangwang’s heart was racing. She shook her head vigorously and said, “There’s no one beside. Have a seat.”

After Jiang Bi sat down, that restless hand moved away from Han Wangwang’s shoulder. Picking up the red wine on the table, Jiang Bi poured some wine for Han Wangwang.

“Try it?” Passing the red wine to Han Wangwang’s hand, Jiang Bi leaned her lips close to Han Wangwang’s ear and purposely lowered her voice to say, “I feel that the color of this red wine is not as pure as your lipstick.”

Han Wangwang blushed and felt goosebumps all over her body.

Why is she so seductive!

Han Junjun took a sip of champagne and secretly glanced at Jiang Bi, who was whispering to his elder sister. He was thinking of an excuse to get Jiang Bi’s WeChat contact from his elder sister later.

“Elder Sister, is this your friend?” Han Junjun tried his best to find his presence.

Jiang Bi looked at Han Junjun, curious as to how Han Wangwang would answer.

Han Wangwang lowered her head. She knew that Jiang Bi was staring at her. Her heart was racing and her ears were red.

“Elder Sister, aren’t you going to introduce me?” Han Junjun urged again. He couldn’t wait to get to know Jiang Bi. It would be best if they could shake hands.

Only then did Han Wangwang explain. “This is my best friend, Jiang Bi.”

“Oh, so it’s Miss Jiang Bi.” Han Junjun reached out his hand to Han Wangwang and smiled slightly. The charm of the school prince charming was fully displayed.

“Hello, Miss Jiang Bi. I am Han Junjun.”

For some reason, Jiang Bi had a faint smile on her face.

Looking at Han Junjun’s outstretched hand, Jiang Bi hesitated slightly before reaching out to touch it.


The young lady’s palms were hot. One look and one could tell that she was a cold-faced but warm-hearted girl.

After letting go, Jiang Bi saw that Han Wangwang finished the red wine in one gulp and added a little more for her.

As Han Wangwang picked up her glass and was about to drink, Jiang Bi glanced at Han Wangwang’s alluring neck and suddenly leaned over to touch Han Wangwang’s earlobe.

Han Wangwang felt like she had been electrocuted and her entire body went numb.

“You…” Han Wangwang gripped the glass in her hand tightly.” There are so many people. Aren’t you afraid of being discovered? “How exciting. Every time she dated Jiang Bi, she was challenging her limits.

Jiang Bi smiled. “Best friend?”

Han Wangwang’s ears twitched.

Under the table, Jiang Bi secretly pressed Han Wangwang’s thigh and squeezed it. He said, “You have several best friends, right? Do you and your best friends kiss? Kiss until you can’t stand?”

Han Wangwang roared internally. Oh my god, Jiang Bi looks so cold. Why are her thoughts so dirty and her words so bad?

Han Wangwang couldn’t resist Jiang Bi’s move. She closed her eyes and took the opportunity when Han Junjun turned to speak to someone beside him. She said in a low voice, “You are my partner.”

Jiang Bi only stopped after obtaining a satisfactory answer.

Song Ci sat beside Han Zhan. Everyone around Han Zhan looked for reasons to speak to him so that they could bask in Wangdong City’s wealthiest man.

Meanwhile, Song Ci’s eyes pierced through the crowd and landed on Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi, who were flirting openly at the banquet table diagonally opposite.

Sigh, the world is really deteriorating day by day. The young lovers are also so arrogant.

After the banquet started, Jiang Bi’s stepmother walked over and called Jiang Bi back to her table. After Jiang Bi left, Han Junjun leaned over to his elder sister’s head and said, “Elder Sister, how old is Miss Jiang Bi?”

The redness on Han Wangwang’s ears had yet to dissipate and she looked rosy and adorable. Hearing her brother’s question, she answered in confusion, “23.”

“Ah, she is three years older than me.” It was good to be three years older. A female three years older could hug a golden brick!

“Why are you asking this?” Han Wangwang looked at Han Junjun suspiciously. Seeing that Han Junjun’s eyes were darting around, he was obviously up to no good. She said, “What are you trying to do?”

Han Junjun chuckled and said softly, “Didn’t you ask me what type of girl I like previously?”

Han Wangwang suddenly had a bad feeling.

Han Junjun said, “I like those mature, intellectual, and cold ladies, just like Ms. Jiang Bi.” Ms. Jiang Bi was practically the other half that God had tailored for him.

Han Wangwang’s smile froze.

“No way.” Han Wangwang rejected without thinking.

Han Junjun found it strange. “Why not? Sister, do you think the age difference between us is too big?”

Han Wangwang felt speechless.

“Not this.” Han Wangwang took a sip of red wine and said against her conscience, “Jiang Bi, she…” Han Wangwang secretly glanced at Jiang Bi. Coincidentally, Jiang Bi was also paying attention to her.

The two of them looked at each other ambiguously.

Han Wangwang hurriedly retracted her gaze and pretended to be serious. “Jiang Bi has a girlfriend. I heard that she is already engaged and will get married in the future. Little guy, change your target.”

“Ah?” Han Junjun’s heart was heavily injured. He asked indignantly, “Who is her fiancé?”

She didn’t have a fiancé, but she did have a fiancée.

Han Wangwang blinked and said nonsensically, “A little overseas brother with a good family background and handsome looks.”

Han Junjun was like a deflated balloon. He picked up his chopsticks and poked at an exquisitely-shaped little bun in his bowl. He was so angry that his lips were pursed so high that they could hang oil bottles.

Song Fei quickly changed and returned to the banquet hall. She was wearing a burgundy floral cheongsam with a natural pearl necklace around her slender neck. The handmade lace was the only embellishment on the cheongsam.

The slit of her dress revealed a section of her slender calf. Song Fei’s long hair made her look even more exquisite and dainty, with a cold, elegant beauty.

Together with Yan Jiang, she walked hand in hand to every table, toasted the guests, and accepted their congratulations.

Yan Jiang and Song Fei first toasted the bride’s family before toasting the groom’s family. Han Zhan, Song Ci, and their elder brother Sicilio sat at the same table. They were considered the elders of the bride’s family.

Yan Jiang had a good alcohol tolerance. In the entertainment circles, everyone treated alcohol as plain water. But Song Fei’s alcohol tolerance was average. She was only 14 years old before she fell into deep sleep. After she fell asleep, her body needed to be nourished carefully, so she seldom touched alcohol.

Song Fei used tea as wine.

The husband and wife stood together holding wine glasses, looking like a beautiful couple.

“Brother.” Song Fei gave face to Sicilio and greeted him.

Sicilio obviously enjoyed this greeting too. He acknowledged and stood up with his drink.

“Brother, thank you for coming.” Coming with your dowry. Song Fei said, “Yan Jiang and I will drink to you.”

Yan Jiang said, “Brother, to you.”

Sicilio drank that glass of wine.

Song Fei and Yan Jiang had another drink with Song Ci and the rest. Yan Jiang thought of how he and Song Ci boldly stole Song Fei from the convalescent hospital three years ago and couldn’t help feeling slightly emotional.

Yan Jiang clinked glasses with Song Ci and said, “To those years, only you and I can understand the anticipation.” Only he and Song Ci were looking forward to Song Fei waking up.

Song Ci thought of Yan Jiang in her previous life, when he got himself drunk and sat on the ground without a care for his image. He played with the photo of the pendant and cried as he told her that he would never be able to marry the person he wanted to marry in this life.

Today, Yan Jiang looked dashing in a black suit. The groom’s suit flower on his chest was red and festive.

Song Ci’s eyes turned red. She raised her glass and sincerely wished Song Fei and Yan Jiang well. “A long life lies ahead, I hope you two can walk slower and have more laughter. I wish you happiness.”

Song Ci finished that glass of red wine.

“Thank you.”

Yan Jiang and Song Fei went to Yan Rufeng’s table.

After Song Ci sat down, tears finally fell.

Han Zhan silently handed her a handkerchief. Song Ci grabbed it and lowered her head to wipe her tears. Han Zhan’s mellow and pleasant voice said, “It’s a happy day. Why are you crying?”

“I’m just too happy.”

It had been a long time since Song Ci was so happy.

Han Zhan could understand Song Ci’s feelings, especially after knowing about her previous life. He grabbed Song Ci’s hand and hammered it twice on his thigh. Han Zhan said, “Baby Ci, you have earned this life. You must live happily every day.”


Sicilio stared at the sticky Song Ci and Han Zhan, pouted disdainfully, and thought to himself, How mushy! They still need to hold hands while eating.

My eyes are about to be blinded.

Sicilio casually turned and saw Cheng Yanmo.


When did he come?

Since Cheng Yanmo attended Song Fei’s wedding, then Huanyan… Just as he thought of Huanyan, Sicilio saw Su Huanyan.

Su Huanyan was wearing a champagne-colored cheongsam. The cheongsam was embroidered with gold and silk and she looked gorgeous.

Her long hair was tied up and she was wearing a pair of pale pink jade earrings. She looked gentle and elegant, like the stream that flowed through Jiangnan Town, like a thin mist that could not rise on a sunny day after rain.

When Sicilio knew Su Huanyan, she was a first-year student. She had just entered Rome and was still as tender as a blade of grass. At that time, she was in her rebellious level. She was wearing jeans and a short blouse that revealed her waist. She was constantly radiating her vigor.

Sicilio was attracted by her endless vitality. In just a few years, that wild little rose from back then had learned to keep a low profile. She had carved herself into the lily in the deep mountains.

Sicilio missed that narrow and soft waist under Su Huanyan’s cheongsam.

His big palm could cover that waist.

He remembered how Su Huanyan had shuddered when his lips had brushed across that skin.

He still clearly remembered every bit of their interactions, but she laughed and collapsed onto the shoulder of the person beside her. Su Huanyan seemed to have heard a joke and fell happily on Cheng Yanmo’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Cheng Yanmo considerately supported Su Huanyan’s upper body and hugged her arm.

Noticing Sicilio’s gaze, Zhong Buhui, who was sitting beside him and didn’t know the entire story, said, “Mr. and Mrs. Cheng look very close.”

Zhong Buhui and his son Zhong Yi had specially rushed back to Wangdong City to attend Song Fei’s wedding. He didn’t know about Sicilio and Su Huanyan’s marriage.

To Zhong Buhui, it was just a compliment, but it stabbed Sicilio in the heart.

Sicilio glanced at Zhong Buhui calmly. He wanted to say, If your eyesight is bad, don’t bother with them.

But considering that Zhong Buhui was Song Ci and the rest’s family, he controlled himself.

Meanwhile, Aaron, who was enjoying the show, glanced at Sicilio playfully after hearing Zhong Buhui’s praise.

Taking in Sicilio’s pained expression, Aaron peeled a chicken claw and popped it into his mouth. He ate a few bites of the chicken claw before taking off his disposable gloves. He said to Zhong Buhui, “Uncle, you can’t say that.”

Zhong Buhui looked at Aaron and asked suspiciously, “What’s the matter?”

Aaron shot a look at Cheng Yanmo and his wife and said in an unconcealed voice, “That Madam Cheng was my elder brother’s first love in the past.”

Sicilio shot Aaron a cold look. “Shut up if you don’t know how to speak!” Sicilio grabbed a chicken claw from his bowl and threw it at Aaron.

Aaron opened his mouth and caught that chicken claw with his teeth. After successfully throwing out a deep-water bomb, he put on his gloves and continued eating the chicken claw.

Han Zhan and Aaron were sitting side by side. He noticed that the expressions of everyone at the table were slightly subtle, so he kicked Aaron. “Cut it out.”

But Aaron turned to accuse him. “You kicked my lame leg!”

Han Zhan was speechless.

“You’ve been crippled for more than 20 years. It still hurts?”

Aaron kicked Han Zhan’s leg with that same lame leg. Seeing Han Zhan frown, Aaron mocked him. “Look, you know how to feel pain even before your leg is crippled.”

Hearing the two brothers’ argument, Song Ci was afraid that they would make a scene on the spot. She hurriedly said, “Can you both stop arguing? It’s Song Fei’s wedding today. Don’t mess it up.”

Aaron rolled his eyes at Song Ci. “Only you are sensible.”

Song Ci was speechless.

“Be polite to your sister-in-law.” Han Zhan warned Aaron again.

Aaron still wanted to provoke them, but when he looked up and saw Song Ci’s aggrieved little eyes, he was speechless again, as if he had swallowed a bitter pill.

“Alright, alright, I’ll eat chicken feet.”

Only then did Aaron stop.

Meanwhile, after Zhong Buhui knew about Sicilio and Su Huanyan’s true relationship, he felt as awkward as he could. It could be said that he couldn’t sit still.

Zhong Buhui wanted to say something to ease the awkward atmosphere, but Sicilio suddenly stood up.

He was tall and strong, and every step he took was very long.

He looked he was going to beat someone up.

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