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Chapter 279: Song Ci’s Archery, Song Fei’s Knife Dance

Hearing Cheng Yanmo slander Sicilio, Su Huanyan instinctively defended herself. “He’s not old. He’s only in his thirties and in his prime.”

Cheng Yanmo chuckled and continued to hurt Su Huanyan heartlessly. “When he gets old, I will still be in my prime.”

Su Huanyan decided to shut up.

She couldn’t win against Cheng Yanmo.

Cheng Yanmo thought of something and suddenly said, “If your brother knows that we are married, he will definitely beat me up.”

Every elder brother was the kind of childish fool who could insult his younger sister to a stupid pig, but couldn’t tolerate anyone touching her.

It was the same for Su Anzhi. No matter how trashy his sister was in his eyes, once Cheng Yanmo touched his sister, he would be a toad that had eaten swan meat. If he dared to mess with his sister, he would definitely be beaten up.

But he couldn’t see it.

The two of them simultaneously thought of that heart-wrenching incident three years ago.

It was a late summer and early autumn day. The weather was good and suitable for going out. Cheng Yanmo went to Su City to visit his brothers, so Su Anzhi brought Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan out to sea to play.

When he dived into the sea, Su Anzhi’s oxygen tube had a problem, causing him to have insufficient oxygen and he drowned. Cheng Yanmo noticed the abnormality and threw aside his fishing rod to jump into the sea in time to save him, but it was too late.

When he dragged Su Anzhi out of the sea, he had already lost consciousness. No one expected that a happy tour would actually become Su Anzhi’s death journey.

Thinking of that death, Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan fell silent.

“Let’s go home. We still have to bring Program for a swim in the afternoon.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Sitting in the car, Sicilio remained motionless.

He didn’t move, and the driver didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, afraid of disturbing Sicilio.

Sicilio was wearing his earpiece and heard Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo’s conversation.

Mmm, brother?

Cheng Yanmo and Su Anzhi are good friends?

Sicilio knew that Su Huanyan had an elder brother called Su Anzhi. He had been living overseas since he was young and was considered outstanding. But compared to him, he was still inferior.

So these two were childhood sweethearts?

Sicilio’s expression darkened.

He took off his earpiece, tapped his fingers on his lap, and said to the driver, “Let’s go.”

After the wedding ended, the busy guests left first. Those who were not busy stayed behind to attend the wedding party at night.

The party was the world of young people. Jiang Weimin left with his wife but left Jiang Bi behind, hoping that she could befriend a few young masters from wealthy families.

Jiang Bi returned to her room. A moment later, the hotel’s surveillance system suddenly malfunctioned and lost its effect.

A skinny man in a loose suit walked out of the room. He was wearing a vintage gentleman hat and a pair of white casual leather boots. He exuded a cold aura as he walked.

Just as Jiang Ruofei was about to leave, he received a message from Han Wangwang.

Wang Wang broke ice: [Jiang Jiang, do you have sanitary pads? I am in the toilet.]

Jiang Ruofei stopped in his tracks.

Sanitary pads.

He walked out of the main hall and entered the supermarket next door. He bought a pack of sanitary pads and returned to the banquet hall.

Walking to the toilet door, Jiang Ruofei lowered his hat to cover his face and said to a staff member, “Please help me give this to a lady in the toilet.”


Jiang Ruofei watched as that staff member entered and exited. Only then did she pick up her cell phone, type a few words, and reply.

Han Wangwang had just stood up when she received a message from Jiang Ruofei.

Jiang Bi: [I have something on. I got the staff to send it to you. I will come and look for you tonight.]

Han Wangwang: [Okay.]

Jiang Ruofei heard Han Wangwang’s footsteps. He turned the corner and entered the men’s toilet, standing in front of the urinal. Seeing a blue figure flash past the door, Jiang Ruofei suddenly smiled.

At this moment, the few young masters standing beside him suddenly said in a frivolous tone, “The eldest daughter of the Jiang Family is here today. I heard that Jiang Weimin intends to find a good son-in-law for her. What do you think of the eldest daughter of the Jiang Family?”

The young master in a light grey suit said, “She looks good, but her expression is cold. One look and you can tell she’s boring.” It was rare for young boys to admire such a cold girl. Not all boys were Han Junjun.

“I think so too. Perhaps she’s as boring in bed as a dead fish.”

“That might not be the case. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Some people might look cold, but behind their backs, they might be horny.”

“Hahaha, that’s true.”

Jiang Ruofei washed his hands, took out a cigarette, and bit it playfully. He tilted his head and saw those few people wash their hands and leave with their partners.

Jiang Ruofei stood up, matched their looks and identities, and went down the basement.

A moment later, Jiang Ruofei boarded the lift and returned to the first level. He hailed a cab and left.

When the young masters arrived at the basement carpark and were about to leave, they realized that their cars’ tires had been punctured. Someone had carved a row of words on the hood of the car—

A despicable person was invincible.

The few of them were enraged. They ran to the hotel to ask for the surveillance footage of the underground garage, but found out that the hotel surveillance footage had shown signs of applause and was being repaired.

This infuriated them.

Song Ci and Han Zhan sent the guests off and returned to their room to find that Han Miao and Han Jun had already woken up from their afternoon nap.

The nanny washed their faces, applied baby facial cream, and smelled nice.

Now that the children were awake, Song Ci and Han Zhan could forget about taking an afternoon nap.

Since they couldn’t fall asleep, they carried the child to Yan Jiang’s room to ask for red packets.

A batch of people had already left asking for red packets. When Han Miao and Han Jun arrived, there were coincidentally more than 10 left. Han Jun held the red packets in both hands and waved them excitedly.

Meanwhile, Han Miao only took a red packet and wanted Yan Jiang to hug her.

Yan Jiang hugged Han Miao and sat on the bed. He said, “First Uncle is getting married today. Miaomiao, do you want to give him a present?”

Han Miao didn’t have a present to give. She felt that her uncle-in-law was especially handsome today. Han Miao, who loved all beautiful things, couldn’t resist hugging Yan Jiang’s cheek and kissing it.

Han Miao really liked Yan Jiang today. One kiss was not enough. She had to kiss him a second time.

Song Ci saw that Yan Jiang kept dodging and went up to carry Han Miao away. But just as she carried her away, Han Miao kicked her legs vigorously and cried loudly, complaining about her mother’s cruelty.

Song Ci had no choice but to say to Song Fei, “Song Fei, a little vixen snatched your husband.”

Song Fei leaned against the sofa like she had no bones. She had already taken off her cheongsam and changed back into her sweater and fuzzy pants.

Hearing this, Song Fei glanced at Han Miao and Yan Jiang. She really wanted to pinch Han Miao’s chubby little butt, but she controlled herself. “Miaomiao, if you kiss your uncle again, I will beat you up!”

Hearing Song Fei call her name, Han Miao turned and glanced at her. Song Fei raised her slender fists and put on a fierce expression.

Han Miao was so scared that she hurriedly burrowed into Yan Jiang’s arms. As she was rather big, she pushed Yan Jiang onto the bed.

Yan Jiang laid on the bed and felt difficulty breathing under Han Miao’s pressure.

Yan Jiang felt the sweet sadness. He pinched Han Miao’s cheek and said in distress, “Miaomiao, you are too fat. Uncle can’t quite bear the weight of this happiness.”

Han Miao laid on Yan Jiang’s chest and ignored him. She just kissed Yan Jiang’s face. Yan Jiang dodged, but she was still angry and pressed Yan Jiang’s head to stop him from moving.

Han Zhan saw his Miaomiao kissing someone else’s husband and felt very upset.

Am I not handsome as a father?

Why didn’t Han Miao kiss me like this?

Han Zhan hurried over and pulled Yan Jiang’s wig off, allowing Han Miao to witness a gorgeous man turning into a criminal.

Staring at Yan Jiang’s suddenly bald head, Han Miao was clearly stunned for a moment before suddenly wailing!

So ugly!

Return me my handsome and beautiful uncle-in-law!

Han Miao cried as she crawled towards Han Zhan, hugged his thigh, and tried her best to crawl into his arms.

Han Zhan carried Han Miao and said, “Miaomiao, look carefully. The more handsome a man looks, the more he is a big liar.”

Han Miao laid aggrievedly on Han Zhan’s shoulder and remained silent.

She had been deceived!

Song Ci laughed out loud as she laid in Song Fei’s arms. Song Fei stared at Yan Jiang’s bald head and suppressed her laughter.

The laughter alerted Han Jun.

Han Jun lifted her chin and glanced at Yan Jiang. She quickly lowered her head in disinterest and hurriedly folded the red packets neatly.

Between the two sisters, one was a good-looking dog and the other was a little money-grubber. She didn’t know what kind of marriage fate awaited them when they grew up.

Winter nights came faster. At 4pm in the afternoon, Song Fei and Song Ci started to put on makeup for the ball. Since Han Zhan had nothing to do, he brought the children to the hotel’s children’s amusement park to play.

When they were playing outside, Han Zhan never looked at his cell phone, afraid of losing the child.

He took off his shoes and sat on the climbing cushion to watch his daughters play with other children.

Children were all very strange. The younger ones liked to play with the older ones, while the older ones disliked the younger ones.

Han Miao and Han Jun laid down to chase after the elder children, while the elder children just wanted to shake them off. The two little guys didn’t understand that they were being despised. Seeing the elder children laughing, they also laughed foolishly.

Seeing that Han Zhan was sitting aside, the parents of the other children wanted their children to be friends with Han Zhan’s daughters, so they kept educating their children to play with the sisters.

But babies were not children or adults. In their world, there was no way to please others and wrong themselves. If they liked someone, they liked them. If they disliked someone, they disliked them. No matter what their parents ordered them to do, they refused to play with Han Miao and Han Jun.

Han Zhan could tell what those parents were thinking. He said, “Children should behave like children. Don’t suppress their nature.”

A child was a human, not a tool. It shouldn’t be used to curry favor with others.

Hearing this, everyone smiled awkwardly but passionately.

After a while, Li Li carried Li Ao over.

Han Miao and Han Jun saw someone familiar and stopped following behind others. Instead, they played with small blocks with Li Ao.

Bei Zhan was at home taking care of the mother and son and their second child. He didn’t attend the wedding, but the wedding gift came. Li Li and Han Zhan sat together. The two handsome, long-legged married men were especially eye-catching.

There were a group of mothers and grandmothers taking care of the children around them. Han Zhan and Li Li were like two different races mixed in between them.

Smoking was not allowed in the children’s playground, and Li Li was an old smoker, so he could only eat candy. Li Li ate candy and asked Han Zhan, “How did Mr. Han fall to the point of taking care of a child?”

“You are different?”

The two of them smiled at each other, feeling like they understood each other.

“Oh yes, how is your relationship with Auntie recently? Has it been fixed?” Ever since Li Li brought Su Beibei and her son out to live alone, Mother Li had been throwing tantrums.

Li Li frowned in distress. “Just like that. She never came to our house to visit our child. Every time Beibei went to visit her, she never approved of her. After that, I didn’t bring Beibei along. My son and I also went over for a meal before leaving.”

Luckily, Mother Li could still take care of herself now. Li Li just had to visit her once a week. If she really needed someone to serve her when she was old, she could think of something else.

Li Li suddenly sighed. “Mr. Han, I also envy you sometimes, you don’t have to be stuck in the middle.”

Han Zhan patted Li Li’s shoulder and told him, “If you feel troubled now, you will only understand your current life after all the elders leave one day. It might be a blessing.”

With the mother around, even if it was difficult to get along with her, she still loved her child.

After his grandfather passed away, Han Zhan would always think of Han Aoyu a few times a day. As long as he thought of never being able to hear his grandfather’s voice again, and every time he called, that call would always remind the other party that his cell phone was switched off, Han Zhan finally understood that if he was gone, he was really gone.

He didn’t even leave a thought behind.

Li Li guessed that Han Zhan must miss his grandfather, so he brought up a new topic. “When are you planning to have a second child?”

Han Zhan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It depends on Song Ci. If she wants it, she wants it. If she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t want it.”

“What about you? Don’t you want to have another child?”

“Me?” Han Zhan looked at Han Miao and Han Jun and said, “I am very satisfied now.” He had a wife and children. He had no other requests.

If there was anything he wanted, he wanted his family to be happy and healthy.

“With your vast assets, won’t you need a son to inherit the crown?” Li Li didn’t favor boys over girls, but China was a big environment. Even an ordinary family would look forward to a boy, let alone Han Zhan and the rest with such generous conditions.

Hearing this, Han Zhan shook his head without thinking. “That’s not right.”

Han Zhan told Li Li, “My sister, Orianna, is a woman. Doesn’t she still do very well in her business? When these two daughters of mine are six or seven years old, I will hire a professional teacher to teach them how to be a businessman.”

“I never felt that the family assets needed to be handed over to my son. Moreover…” Han Zhan smiled in relief and said,” I can’t take them with me at birth or at death’s door. I’ve enjoyed my life in this life. After I die, most of my assets will be donated to the country. ”

The country was a very important existence to Han Zhan.

Li Li and the rest were born in peaceful times and couldn’t understand the benefits of the country. But Han Zhan was different. He was born to suffer hardships and had suffered days of darkness.

After that, he was brought back by Han Aoyu. Under Han Aoyu’s education and influence, Han Zhan joined the military and was a Chinese citizen who had sworn an oath to the flag.

Han Zhan had a deep and passionate love for China.

So after his death, there would be no problem for the children to fight for the inheritance. He would give the children a sum of money to make their own way in the world. But he would hand over all his private assets.

The country and his grandfather had raised him. Han Zhan had to do something for this country.

Precisely because he knew Han Zhan’s character, as the chairman of the Huaxia Chamber of Commerce, Old Master Chen Shu loved Han Zhan so much. Han Zhan had only received the country’s strong support when he first founded Zeus Airlines.

After hearing Han Zhan’s decision, Li Li admired him. Li Li had suffered a lot and valued money very much.

“I can’t be as loving as you.” He couldn’t donate the money to the country.

Han Zhan said, “It’s my right to choose to donate the money. It’s also your right to choose to leave the money to your descendants.”

The two of them chatted about business matters. When it was time, they carried the child back to their room.

After handing the children to the nanny and housekeeper, Han Zhan returned to the house to take a shower, change into a brand new suit, and attend the ball.

Song Ci and Song Fei were plotting something in secret and had been hiding from Han Zhan and Yan Jiang. Han Zhan arrived at the dance floor but didn’t find Song Ci.

The party started at 7pm sharp.

The bride, Song Fei, had prepared a show for everyone.

The lights of the venue dimmed. A beautiful woman in a purple dress stood on the stage. As the lights shone on the girl, Song Ci’s face gradually became clearer.

Song Ci was wearing an extremely thin purple tassel dress. Her long hair was draped over her shoulders and she was wearing a sparkling diamond necklace.

There was a quiver beside her with a long golden arrow inside. Similarly, her left hand was also holding a bow.

Staring at the bow in Song Ci’s hand, Han Zhan couldn’t help feeling puzzled. What are these two sisters trying to do?

On the other side of the stage were 11 balloons. At the back of the balloons was a huge balloon that was three to four meters tall.

Song Ci suddenly opened her eyes and took out the long arrow from the quiver. She drew the bow fully and shot that golden arrow without hesitation!


The arrow pierced through all the balloons, and the arrow pierced through the last huge balloon!

The balloon suddenly exploded and countless roses exploded from the balloon and scattered in every corner of the dance floor. At the same time, the prelude to the music of “The Loyal State” suddenly sounded.

The guests looked slightly shocked.

After attending so many years of weddings, this was the first time they heard the song “The Loyal Slate” at someone else’s wedding.

Han Zhan raised his brows and shot Yan Jiang a meaningful look.

Yan Jiang stared at the center of the rose with wide eyes.

Only when the petals scattered did everyone see that there was a batch of carved white horses hidden in the balloon.

As for Song Fei, she was wearing a black sleeveless leather dress with a high ponytail and a red headband. She was holding a sword with both hands as she stood on the horse.

The smoke of war rose, mountains and rivers looked north!

Song Fei suddenly jumped off the horse at the first verse!

She landed steadily in a vigorous manner.

Dragon banner in the sky, long hiss, sword Qi like frost!

His heart was like the vast Yellow River. In 20 years, who could resist him!

He was filled with hatred. Wherever his saber went, countless brothers and sisters would be buried in his hometown!

Song Fei held a big knife in one hand. A shocking strength erupted from her skinny body. A handsome saber technique was played by Song Fei.

Song Fei’s singing was out of tune and her limbs were uncoordinated, so she had no choice but to wield a broadsword.

There was nothing wrong with that.

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