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Chapter 276: Song Fei’s Grand Wedding, Song Ci’s Shocking Discovery

Song Ci was an emotional girl and hated hearing emotional words.

Song Fei’s successful words made Song Ci cry on the spot. Feeling embarrassed, Song Ci hurriedly ran into the washroom to hide. Luckily, she had yet to put on makeup and was not worried that her tears would dirty her makeup.

Thinking of how three years ago, Song Fei was still in a coma in bed and about to get married in the blink of an eye, Song Ci felt both happy and sad.

When she was just reborn, Song Ci was still slightly puzzled. She wondered why God sent her back. Was it to let her take revenge?

Now, Song Ci finally understood that her rebirth was not only for revenge, but also for the happiness of the people around her.

Han Zhan, who was supposed to be single forever, had married and had children in this life, fulfilling his grandfather’s wish. Meanwhile, Yan Jiang, who had been wearing Song Fei’s photo all his life and was all alone, had also married Song Fei.

Song Fei, who should have died at Mu Mian’s hands, had not only woken up, but was also going to marry her true son today.

All of this was too perfect!

Song Ci wiped her tears and composed herself, before opening the toilet door and walking out.

Song Fei looked up at her and said, “Don’t cry.”

“Who’s crying?!” Song Ci was stubborn.

It was still early and Yan Jiang and the rest would only be here at 8.30am. It was only 7am.

Song Ci said, “I’ll go change first and look for you later.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

It was cold in the morning. In order to keep warm, Song Ci wore a red leather jacket with a silk black halter skirt and a pair of black high heels.

Her hair was draped over her shoulders and her makeup was thick. Even Han Zhan was stunned by her beauty.

The beautiful Song Ci was very suitable for this exaggerated and bold style. She was especially suitable for a red dress. Wearing a red dress, she had the aura of the world’s most beautiful mother.

“Looks great.” After being married for three and a half years, Han Zhan would still be stunned by Song Ci.

Like Song Ci, Han Zhan also attached great importance to today’s wedding. He was wearing a custom-made burgundy three-piece British suit, which was rare, and looked more like a handsome gentleman.

“Our Zhanzhan is also very handsome today.” Song Ci swayed her sexy figure and approached Han Zhan. Her slender fingers touched Han Zhan’s tie and leaned her head on Han Zhan’s shoulder. She suddenly thought of something and said, “What should I do? I suddenly want to get married again.”

Han Zhan’s smile froze. He immediately frowned and rejected. “You can change to something else. This won’t do.”

“I was just saying.” Song Ci stared at Han Zhan’s face. A 35-year-old Han Zhan could already see some faint wrinkles at the corners of his eyes when he spoke and smiled.

Song Ci saw Han Zhan frown and reached out to press down on his wrinkles. “Brother Han, you have wrinkles.”

Han Zhan was a straight man, but he was especially concerned about his aging. Who asked him to find a little demon who ate frozen-age grass?

Han Zhan walked up to the mirror and looked at himself. Seeing that he really had wrinkles, he looked at Song Ci sadly and couldn’t help asking, “Why won’t you age?”

“I am not yet 25 years old. I am still young and beautiful.”

Han Zhan was very sad.

Butler Cai suddenly knocked on their door.

Han Zhan asked loudly, “What’s the matter?”

Butler Cai said, “Sir, Madam, Mr. Yan and the rest have already entered the surveillance camera area and are coming over to the villa.”

The first surveillance camera was set at the foot of the Imperial Dragon Mountain. It would only take seven to eight minutes to drive from the foot of the mountain to the top.

“Alright, got it.”

Han Zhan said to Song Ci, “Let’s go and marry our elder sister away.” He raised his arm, waited for Song Ci to place her hand on it, patted the back of her hand, and led her downstairs to Song Fei’s room.

Hearing that Yan Jiang was arriving soon, Song Fei was slightly nervous. She felt that her mouth was red one moment, and the next moment, she felt like she needed to go to the toilet and suddenly couldn’t pee.

Song Ci saw Song Fei’s uneasy expression and said, “Song Fei, are you afraid?”

Song Fei rolled her eyes.

The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer. Hearing this commotion, Song Ci got up in confusion and walked to the north side of the bedroom. Pushing open the window, Song Ci looked out of the manor and saw Yan Jiang riding a group of handsome horses with his brothers.

Song Ci was stunned.

“Song Fei, Yan Jiang rode a horse!”

Song Fei got up and walked up to Song Ci. She hid behind her and looked at the main door. She saw Butler Cai open the door. After the door opened, Yan Jiang and his groomsmen, a total of six people, ran in on horses.

Song Fei’s lips curled up slightly. “I like this way of welcoming the bride.” Song Fei didn’t even wait for Song Ci and the rest to stop the bride and ran downstairs herself.

Song Ci chased after her in her high heels. “Song Fei, why are you in such a hurry? We still need to stop the groom!”

“What’s there to stop? We are getting married anyway.”

Song Fei ran downstairs and bumped into Yan Jiang and the rest.

The groomsmen behind Yan Jiang were all stunned to see the bride running down herself. She was not wearing a wedding gown but a knitted fishtail dress.

Yan Jiang was also slightly surprised. “Ah Fei.”

Yan Jiang looked at Song Fei in surprise. Song Fei didn’t have many chances to wear a dress and would only change at night. The first time Yan Jiang saw Song Fei dressed up so warmly, his heart melted.

“Ah Fei, you’re so beautiful.”

Song Ci carried her dress and ran downstairs. She saw Yan Jiang and said, “Song Fei doesn’t allow us to block the door, but we can’t take any less red packets. Ah Jiang, where are the red packets?”

A handsome best man walked out from behind Yan Jiang. It was the actor, Wei Lai. Wei Lai was carrying a bag. He walked towards Song Ci with a smile and said, “Mrs. Han, over here!”

That bag was stuffed full and looked very sincere.

Only then was Song Ci satisfied.

She handed the red packets to Butler Cai and said, “Give all the red packets to the servants.”

“Okay, Madam.”

Yan Jiang helped Song Fei mount the horse and the group left.

Song Ci stood at the main entrance and gazed disconsolately at the backs of Song Fei and the rest. She felt discouraged.

This spineless woman!

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was so depressed and felt amused. “I think this is quite good.” Song Fei had a strange character and did everything according to her preferences. Han Zhan was not surprised that Song Fei would take the initiative to welcome the groom.

Song Ci shook her head. “A grown woman cannot be kept.”

“Of course.”

“Carry the children down. We can set off now.”


Han Zhan and the rest drove two cars to attend the wedding. He sat in one with Song Ci and his two daughters. The other car was filled with the children’s butler and nanny. Today was Song Fei’s wedding and Song Ci and Han Zhan were both very busy. The children could only be taken care of by the nanny and housekeeper.

Han Zhan sat in the passenger seat while Song Ci and the children sat behind.

The two little guys were wearing red jackets and round caps today. Han Miao’s chubby face looked even rounder and Han Jun looked slightly cuter than usual.

Arriving at the hotel, Song Ci and Han Zhan carried the children around the banquet hall and made them familiar with it. Then, Han Zhan got Long Yu to bring the two sisters back to their room.

Song Ci went to Song Fei’s side to take a look. Song Fei had already finished preparing for the wedding ceremony. She said that she was hungry and asked Song Ci to get her some chocolate. Song Ci already knew that Song Fei would be hungry. Hearing this, she said, “I told you to eat your fill last night, but you didn’t listen.”

Song Fei was so hungry that she felt nauseous.

The stylist saw Song Fei retching and teased her. “Are you pregnant?”

Hearing this, Song Fei and Song Ci fell silent.

The stylist sensed Song Ci and Song Fei’s silent reaction. Only then did she realize that she had said something wrong. “I’m sorry, Miss Song Fei. I didn’t have any ill intentions. I won’t spread it either.”

The stylist thought that Song Fei and Yan Jiang were getting married due to a child. She thought that Song Fei was worried that she would spread this news and cause negative public opinion, so she was unhappy.

Song Fei shook her head. “It’s fine.”

Song Ci glanced at the stylist and said, “Please excuse us for a moment.” Song Ci usually looked very easy to get along with, but when she looked slightly more serious, the aura of the wife of the richest man was revealed and looked rather scary.

The stylist hurriedly brought his colleague out respectfully.

After they left, Song Ci took out a few chocolates from her bag. They were Song Ci’s favorite but she didn’t dare to eat too much. “I prepared chocolate for you. Do you want some?”

Song Fei took the chocolate, peeled one, popped it into her mouth, and swirled the chocolate with the tip of her tongue like she was eating candy.

The rich chocolate spread to every corner of her mouth, but Song Fei’s heart still felt terrible.

Being infertile had always been a knot in Song Fei’s heart. It was one thing if a woman was willing to have children, but it was another thing if she couldn’t.

Song Ci knew that Song Fei was feeling terrible. She told her, “Han Zhan told me that the Ice Dragon Institute in America has an artificial uterus technology that can give you and Yan Jiang a surrogate child.”

“You just can’t give birth. It’s not like you don’t have eggs. Song Fei, if you want a child, I will bring you and Ah Jiang to America to have one.”

“I know about this.” Song Fei was also from the medical world. After she woke up and heard of the existence of this technology, she also felt it was magical.


“I just want to give birth to a child for Yan Jiang and me personally.” She wanted to personally experience the process of giving birth and see the child born with her own eyes.

Hearing this, Song Ci’s heart ached and she felt very guilty.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore.” Song Fei hugged Song Ci’s shoulder and said, “You’re not allowed to secretly feel guilty. Song Ci, I never blamed you.”

She just regretted not being able to have children. But if she had to choose between giving birth and saving Song Ci’s life, Song Fei would still choose to save Song Ci.

After all, she had never had a child before, but Song Ci was her younger sister. They were iron sisters who had fought in the womb.

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the door.

Song Ci asked, “Who is it?”

“May I know if this is Ms. Song Fei’s room?”

Song Ci heard a female voice. It was unfamiliar at first, but familiar after some thought.

Where have I heard this before?

Song Ci walked over and opened the door.

A tall figure entered Song Ci’s sight.

The person was carrying a black shoulder bag, had curly hair, and was wearing a camel grey lady’s coat. She was wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a pair of flat lady shoes. She was a woman with flat but genuine chest.

Song Ci stared at the girl’s face and felt surprised.

“Jiang Bi?” It was none other than Jiang Bi, Han Wangwang’s good friend, who lived below Song Ci’s floor.

Jiang Bi recognized at a glance that the person in front of her was Song Ci and not Song Fei. Song Fei didn’t have such a sexy figure like her, nor was she as seductive as her.

Jiang Bi asked politely, “Mrs. Han, is Ms. Song Fei around?”

Song Ci nodded. “Yes.”

She didn’t let Jiang Bi in but turned to ask Song Fei, “Song Fei, the eldest daughter of the Jiang Family is looking for you. Do you want to meet her?” Song Ci wasn’t sure if Song Fei knew Jiang Bi, so she told her about Jiang Bi’s identity.

But after knowing the identity of the person outside, Song Fei actually said, “Let her in.”


Song Ci let Jiang Bi into the suite.

Jiang Bi followed behind Song Ci and walked around the small living room and tearoom before entering Song Fei’s bedroom. Once inside, Jiang Bi saw Song Fei sitting at the end of the bed, wearing an open-back wedding gown.

The first time Jiang Bi saw Song Fei’s wedding gown, she was stunned.

Song Ci casually picked up an orange from the table. It was a gift from the hotel. She was about to sit down on the sofa when she heard Song Ci say, “Song Ci, help me see if Yan Jiang is ready. Help me take a photo of his gown.”

Song Ci was slightly shocked.

Song Fei was trying to send her away.

Song Ci’s probing eyes drifted back and forth between Song Fei and Jiang Bi. How did these two meet? They looked very familiar with each other.

What are they talking about behind my back?

Song Ci felt like her baby had been snatched away.

She took a few more glances at Jiang Bi before walking out unwillingly with that orange.

After Song Ci closed the door, Jiang Bi smiled and said to Song Fei, “Your sister treats me as her enemy. It’s like I snatched her treasure.”

Song Fei said, “She’s more childish.” It sounded like Song Fei was scolding Song Ci, but Jiang Bi saw the smile in her eyes.

This pair of sisters.

Seeing that they had a deep relationship, Jiang Bi couldn’t help thinking of her family and her eyes darkened.

Song Fei asked Jiang Bi, “You came alone?”

“No, with my father.” After the previous blind date failed, his father had purposely brought Jiang Bi out to broaden his horizons and make friends. He wanted to find a good son-in-law for him.

“I brought a congratulatory gift for your big wedding today, Mentor.” Jiang Bi opened her bag and handed all sorts of property rights transfer and company shares to Song Fei.

Song Fei finished reading those documents one by one. She was slightly touched but also felt guilty.

She was clearly only a year older than Jiang Bi, but Song Fei looked at Jiang Bi like she was looking at a child. Song Fei said, “Little disciple, Master is not good at business either. You can take these equity books, and I will accept the property transfer book.”

Taking so many shares from Jiang Bi at once would definitely affect her. She couldn’t harm Jiang Bi.

Song Fei had thrown those softwares to Jiang Bi back then just to earn some money. Who knew that this little disciple of hers was so capable that she actually earned more than 20 billion yuan.

Song Fei was never a greedy woman. She knew very well that the software she wrote was only worth those few houses.

But hearing Song Fei’s words, Jiang Bi said, “Mentor, without your help and guidance back then, there wouldn’t be the current Jiang Bi.”

In the darkest period of Jiang Bi’s life, it was Song Fei’s appearance that gave him hope. Without Song Fei’s help, Jiang Bi might have died in the underground boxing ring.

“Mentor, to me, you are my salvation. You must accept these shares.”

Hearing Jiang Bi’s words, Song Fei didn’t insist and accepted those items.

She would find another chance to return it to him in the future.

Song Fei remembered that when she first met Jiang Bi, he was living in poverty. “You used to earn a living at the boxing club when you were young. Why did you suddenly become the eldest daughter of the Jiang Family?”

Song Fei felt even more puzzled as she stared at Jiang Bi’s lady-like outfit and the wide pair of lady shoes on her feet. “Didn’t you tell me when I was young that you were a boy?” How could this gender change just like that?

Or did Jiang Bi undergo a transgender surgery later?

But it didn’t look like it.

Jiang Bi’s eyes were filled with a myriad of changes. Faced with her master who doted on her since she was young, Jiang Bi tore off her long-standing mask and said wearily, “I was pretending.”

Song Fei gave him a meaningful look before saying, “What difficulties did you encounter?”

“Remember when I was young and told you that I had a twin sister?”

“Mmm, I remember.”

Jiang Bi clenched her fists and said hoarsely, “After my sister was adopted, she was bullied by a group of rich playboys because she was beautiful. After that, she…”

Jiang Bi’s throat moved as she choked. “She committed suicide by lying on the tracks and didn’t even leave her body behind… The railway department handed her body to the forensic doctor for autopsy. Coincidentally, that forensic doctor was my brother. He discovered that the deceased was my sister and called to tell me about this.”

“After I found out the cause of my sister’s death, I got that forensic friend to change her medical report to mine, while I pretended to be my sister and went to school.”

The elder brother’s original name was Jiang Ruofei and the younger sister was Jiang Bi. It was not easy for an adult male to pretend to be a girl. Luckily, Jiang Ruofei and Jiang Bi were twins to begin with, and Jiang Bi was already tall and had even been chosen by the modeling agency.

As a result, when acting as a younger sister, Jiang Ruofei only needed to learn to imitate her younger sister’s voice, learn the habits of the girls, and pretend that her menstruation period would come every month.

After he and his sister got lost that year, their parents had been searching for them. Before his mother went crazy and jumped off a building, she had gone to the gene bank to leave behind her genes, hoping to find her children one day.

That death report was also matched with the database of the search engine.

The long-lost daughter of the Jiang Family had been found!

Once this news was released, Jiang Weimin would definitely bring his daughter back to the Jiang Family.

The cross-dressing Jiang Bi returned to the Jiang Family and started to work hard to investigate the truth behind her mother’s death and seek justice for her younger sister.

After hearing about Jiang Ruofei, Song Fei felt very emotional. “Why are you so troublesome? It’s so simple to just wipe them all out.”

“Master, I want to announce their crimes to the world. I want them to publicly apologize to my sister. I want them to… wish they were dead!” It would be too easy on them if they just died happily.

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the door. Following that, the wedding planning manager’s voice sounded. “Miss Song Fei, get ready. You are going downstairs in 10 minutes. Get ready to enter the venue.”


Jiang Bi looked at the time and said, “Mentor, I will go down first.”


When Jiang Bi opened the door, she met Song Ci’s suspicious gaze. Song Ci saw that Jiang Bi had finally come out and couldn’t help asking, “Jiang Bi, you know my elder sister?”

Jiang Bi nodded with a cold expression. “Mmm, we knew each other since we were young. We were very close netizens.”

Jiang Bi openly explained that he and Song Fei had known each other since they were young, so Song Ci didn’t doubt their relationship. “I see. Oh yes, did you come with Wangwang? I saw Wangwang downstairs just now.”

Hearing Han Wangwang’s name, Jiang Bi’s eyes lit up slightly. “I’ll go look for her.”

Jiang Bi strode out and entered the lift.

Song Ci returned to her room and asked Song Fei, “You knew Jiang Bi when she was young? Are you online friends?”

Faced with the unrelenting Song Ci, Song Fei appeared very patient. “Mmm, she’s an online friend. Her computer skills are not bad. We sparred together when we were young.”

“No wonder.”

Song Ci helped Song Fei tidy up her hair and put on jewelry for her.

Song Fei’s jewelry was all the dowry that Song Ci gave her.

Song Fei’s wedding gown was rather simple and not suitable for wearing overly beautiful accessories, so Song Ci gave her a necklace tassel pendant.

The tassel pendant was a little angel. The little angel draped over Song Fei’s chest and looked beautiful.

“Song Fei, Yan Jiang will definitely be stunned when he sees you later.” Song Fei, who had dressed up seriously, was really beautiful and mesmerizing.

Song Fei stood up and went downstairs with Song Ci by her side.

Downstairs, Jiang Bi entered the banquet hall. She scanned the hall and saw Han Wangwang.

Today was Song Fei and Yan Jiang’s wedding. Han Wangwang had come to attend the wedding with her younger brother, Han Junjun. Their father and grandfather were both very busy and couldn’t attend.

Han Wangwang was wearing a dark blue gown with her long hair draped over her shoulders. Her makeup made her look clean and flawless.

Han Wangwang and Han Junjun were sitting at the same table. Three and a half years had passed and Han Junjun had already grown into a tall young man. He sat there in a white suit, attracting the attention of many young ladies.

Han Wangwang’s cell phone rang.

She opened WeChat and saw the message:

Girlfriend: [I am in the toilet. Come and see me.]

Han Wangwang hurriedly stood up.

She looked around at the guests in the hall and saw Jiang Bi’s father, Jiang Weimin, as well as that dazzling Mrs. Jiang. Han Wangwang said to Han Junjun, “I’m going to the toilet. Help me occupy two seats.”


Han Junjun was slightly surprised. “Who else is coming?”

“My friend, you know Jiang Bi.”


Han Junjun had always heard his elder sister mention Jiang Bi. He had never seen what that Jiang Bi looked like and was rather curious. Han Wangwang took her small bag and tiptoed to the toilet.

Han Wangwang entered the toilet and didn’t see Jiang Bi. Instead, she saw several hot female celebrities in the entertainment circle touching up their makeup in the toilet. Han Wangwang shouted softly, “Ah Bi, where are you?”

Jiang Bi’s voice came from a toilet stall. “Here.”

Han Wangwang lifted the side of her dress and walked over carefully, afraid of dirtying the hem of her beautiful dress. She was about to knock on the door when Jiang Bi, who had already seen her high heels, suddenly pulled it open.

Han Wangwang was caught off guard and fell into Jiang Bi’s arms.


Han Wangwang looked up and was cupped by Jiang Bi. She lowered her head and kissed him.

Jiang Bi snapped out of her trance and hurriedly reached behind her back to close the door. Only after closing the door did Han Wangwang realize that she was already limp in Jiang Bi’s arms and her legs were trembling.

Jiang Bi was very strong. He hugged Han Wangwang’s waist with his left arm and cupped her side profile with his right hand, kissing her passionately.

So good at kissing!

Previously, Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi had only kissed briefly. Unlike now, Jiang Bi was about to swallow her whole!

After the kiss, Han Wangwang collapsed completely in Jiang Bi’s arms.

Jiang Bi chuckled beside her ear. Her cold female voice sounded slightly messy. “You can’t do it anymore?”

Han Wangwang blushed silently.

Jiang Bi felt that it was very exciting to kiss in the toilet.

Jiang Bi hugged Han Wangwang and gently rubbed her earlobe, her fingers carefully avoiding her earrings. Jiang Bi leaned against the wall of the toilet and waited for his heartbeat to return to normal before holding Han Wangwang’s face and sizing her up.

“Your lipstick smudged.”

Jiang Bi pulled Han Wangwang out of the toilet.

The few women from before had already left and there were only the two of them in the toilet. Jiang Bi carried Han Wangwang up and placed her on the sink. Jiang Bi opened Han Wangwang’s handbag and found her favorite carrot lipstick.

Without Han Wangwang lowering her head to cooperate, Jiang Bi could put on lipstick for her.

Han Wangwang’s lips were slightly parted. Jiang Bi looked at her beautiful lips and could remember the cream taste of the cupcake in her mouth. Jiang Bi took a deep breath and smeared the lipstick on Han Wangwang’s lips.

Song Ci hurried to the toilet and turned to see Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi.

She was speechless.

She was inexplicably sweetened by this scene.

Realizing that Song Ci was here, Han Wangwang felt slightly guilty, but Jiang Bi still cupped her face and continued to touch up her makeup. Han Wangwang immediately calmed down and thought to herself: Jiang Bi and I are both girls. My little auntie definitely won’t have any dirty thoughts.

But little did she know that her little aunt’s thoughts were already bent like a mosquito incense.

“Little Aunt.” Han Wangwang smiled sweetly at Song Ci. “You’re also here to use the toilet?”

Song Ci nodded. “The ceremony is about to start. Quickly touch up your makeup.”


After Song Ci came out of the toilet, Jiang Bi was still frowning at Han Wangwang.

Song Ci washed her hands in the water beside them. She dried her hands with the dryer, took out hand cream from her bag, and carefully wiped them. A delicate and pretty girl always had various skincare products in her bag.

After applying the hand cream, Song Ci was about to leave when she suddenly called out to Jiang Bi.

“Jiang Bi.”

Jiang Bi turned and stared at Song Ci silently.

Song Ci pointed at the corner of her lips and said, “You have red lipstick on the corner of your lips.” In reality, Jiang Bi was using her usual cinnamon-colored lipstick today, but there was some cow-red lipstick at the corner of his lips.

It was Han Wangwang’s lipstick color.

Jiang Bi and Han Wangwang understood Song Ci’s hint and their expressions changed.

Song Ci turned and left.

Returning to the banquet hall, Song Ci sat down beside Han Zhan. She was slightly distracted and didn’t speak much. Han Zhan noticed Song Ci’s abnormality and handed a cup of hot tea to her.

Song Ci took the teacup and raised her hand to drink it without even testing the temperature. Han Zhan hurriedly grabbed her wrist and lectured her. “Why are you so rash? This is hot tea.”

Song Ci snapped out of her trance and scolded Han Zhan instead. “Then why didn’t you give it to me after it turned cold?”

Han Zhan smiled. “You.” He shook his glass and blew on it as he said, “What are you thinking about? I see that you have been feeling uneasy since you came back from the toilet.”

Narrowing his eyes, Han Zhan said, “Did you hear something upsetting in the toilet again?” The toilet, cafe, and courtyard house were always places for gossip.

Song Ci really wanted to tell Han Zhan: I saw your little niece messing with Jiang Bi.

But she was also afraid of scaring Han Zhan’s little heart, so Song Ci could only hold it in. Moreover, Song Ci also didn’t know the relationship between Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi. If she rashly concluded, she might hurt Han Wangwang’s heart.

From a different perspective, Han Wangwang could like whoever she liked. Why did Song Ci care so much? Wasn’t the reason why Xiaoming’s grandfather could live to 98 because he never interfered?



Suddenly, a solemn bell sounded from the speaker.

The emcee stood below the stage and reminded everyone loudly, “Everyone, please be quiet. The auspicious hour has arrived. Let the bride enter!”

Hearing this, everyone quietened down.

Yan Jiang’s back was facing the door as he stood on the small circular stage in the middle of the red carpet.

Yan Jiang’s hair was too short and not suitable for styling, so the stylist put on a wig for him. Today, Yan Jiang was wearing a black gentleman suit with a swallow-tail suit. Two letters were pinned to the bottom two buttons of the jacket: F and J.

A silver chain was connected to two letters. His love for Song Fei was exposed everywhere.

Yan Jiang’s hands were draped over his chest. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and taking deep breaths. He was about to see Song Fei in a wedding gown and was so nervous that he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

Song Fei strode into the venue.

She was wearing a neck-length light V-neck wedding gown that revealed her sexy and beautiful back. Her curls were all rolled up and she was not wearing a veil. Instead, she was wearing a lacy wedding gown that covered half her face.

She walked up to Yan Jiang and patted his shoulder gently.

Yan Jiang slowly turned back and took a glance, carefully engraving Song Fei’s appearance today in the depths of his soul. Seeing Song Fei in a wedding gown, smiling at him, Yan Jiang suddenly supported his forehead with his hand, lowered his head, and cried.

Everyone was speechless.


Song Fei did a shocking thing. She pulled Yan Jiang’s head down, pressed him into her arms, and patted his back gently. “Why are you crying? Don’t cry.”

Yan Jiang hugged Song Fei and cried. “Ah Fei, I… I am so happy. I finally married you.”

Yan Jiang was sobbing non-stop, but the audience roared with laughter. After attending so many wedding ceremonies, this was the first time they saw the groom crying so exaggeratedly in the bride’s arms.

Song Ci laughed so hard that she fell into Han Zhan’s arms. “Oh my, this crybaby is indeed a coward.”

Yan Jiang had maintained his arrogant image in the entertainment circles for so many years. At this moment, his image suddenly collapsed.

The leaders of Yan Jiang’s fan club, who had been invited to attend the wedding, looked at each other when they saw him crying.

Who would have thought that a seemingly frivolous and unruly boy who dissed the entire entertainment circle actually had a crying baby in his heart?

Is this the true face of an idol?

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