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Chapter 274: Sicilio VS Su Huanyan

Song Fei accepted the bank card and asked Yan Jiang, “Is this bribery?” Her cold eyes were gradually filled with a smile.

Yan Jiang corrected Song Fei. “It’s not bribery. It’s a family fund.” Holding Song Fei’s right hand, Yan Jiang lowered his head, kissed the back of her hand, and begged her. “I’ll have to trouble Miss Song to help me spend my entire life’s money.”

Song Fei was slightly touched but didn’t want Yan Jiang to see through her. She purposely became cold and turned her head away. She pretended to be disdainful. “Cute!”

Holding the money rose, Song Fei sat down and fastened her seatbelt. She suddenly told Yan Jiang, “I also prepared a present for you tonight.”


With anticipation for the present, Yan Jiang drove Song Fei to the neighboring Wanyu County. There was a small island in Wanyu County near the sea that was suitable for short trips.

This weekend, they planned to stay by the sea.

Yan Jiang brought Song Fei to a local farmhouse for a seafood meal. After dinner, Yan Jiang rubbed his hands and asked Song Fei impatiently, “Where’s the present?”

Song Fei said, “Follow me.”

Song Fei brought Yan Jiang to the beach. The weather was very cold and the sea breeze hurt Song Fei’s face. Song Fei wrapped her face in a scarf, revealing only her eyes.

“Where is the present?” Yan Jiang stared at the empty beach curiously.

Song Fei said, “I have clues on me. Look for it.”

Song Fei was wearing an artificial grass jacket, black tight pants, and a pair of flat shoes. It was cold and there was no one near the sea. Yan Jiang brazenly reached into Song Fei’s jacket.

After searching for a while, Yan Jiang found a note under Song Fei’s bra strap. He placed it under his nose and sniffed. He pretended to be frivolous and said, “There’s a milk fragrance.”

Narrowing her eyes coldly, Song Fei threatened him expressionlessly. “Are you courting death?”

Yan Jiang immediately became obedient. He opened the note and saw that it read:


Yan Jiang glanced at the sea and saw more than 10 boats and two to three yachts parked by the sea. “There are so many boats. How long do you want me to search them one by one?” Yan Jiang felt very tired.

Song Fei reminded him. “There will always be one that is different.”

“Is that so?”

Yan Jiang walked two rounds around those ships. In the end, he stopped under one of the boats. If there was anything different, it was that this cruise ship in front of him was too new!

You rented a yacht?” Could this be the present Song Fei was talking about?

“Rent?” Song Fei pouted in disdain. “Sister Fei never uses things that others have used.” Song Fei boarded the yacht and said, “I bought it!”

Song Fei turned on the lights and Yan Jiang saw two words written on the yacht:

Hidden River.

A thought flashed across Yan Jiang’s mind as he pointed at those two words. But he didn’t want to believe it. He said uncertainly to Song Fei, “Explain to me what these two words mean.”

[fuzzy]Song Fei said, “Is it very difficult to understand? The golden house hides Yan Jiang.”

Yan Jiang’s smile gradually froze. It was really what he was thinking.

“Not… not bad.” Yan Jiang’s smile was as insincere as it could be.

Song Fei hooked her finger at Yan Jiang. “Come up.”

Yan Jiang climbed up the stairs.

He stood on the deck and stared into Song Fei’s eyes. He couldn’t help asking, “Did you rob someone? Or did you hack someone else’s account and steal money?” Song Fei didn’t have much money. She definitely couldn’t afford this yacht.

Song Fei rolled her eyes at Yan Jiang and scolded him. “You are ignorant.”

Song Fei entered the cabin. Shortly after, she walked out with a luggage bag.

Song Fei opened the luggage in front of Yan Jiang, revealing the neatly stacked cash inside. Song Fei clapped her hands and told Yan Jiang proudly, “Sister Fei is rich. Sister Fei will support you in the future.”

“Song Fei, you really robbed money!” Yan Jiang’s tone changed.

Yan Jiang stared at the money. He seemed to see the police putting handcuffs on Song Fei’s wrists the next morning when the sun rose and telling her, “Criminal Song Fei, you have been arrested for stealing someone’s huge assets!”

Yan Jiang broke out in cold sweat.

Song Fei couldn’t stand Yan Jiang’s worried expression and explained. “Do you still remember that little disciple I told you about?”

Yan Jiang nodded. “I remember.”

“Little disciple has been rather capable these few years. She sold all those software and codes that I wrote back then and used that money to grow my money. Now, your Sister Fei is also a wealthy lady with over 20 billion yuan in assets.”

Meanwhile, Yan Jiang, who only had 200 million yuan in assets, was already speechless.

“Ah Fei…”

“Call me Sister Fei.” With money in hand, Sister Fei was over the moon.

Yan Jiang said, “Sister Fei. Sister Fei is rich and capable.” Yan Jiang sat on the box of money, took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a slow drag. After puffing out the cigarette, Yan Jiang looked at the bright moon above him and sighed silently in his heart. In the end, I still walked the path of relying on my beauty to make a living!

After smoking, Yan Jiang calmly accepted the fact that he had become Song Fei’s gigolo.

Yan Jiang entered the yacht’s cabin and planned to inspect his golden house.

There was a lounge inside the yacht, a bedroom outside, but a door inside the bedroom. “Is this also a room?”

Yan Jiang pushed open the door and realized that it was a tool shed.

Yan Jiang’s breathing slowed slightly at the sight of those tools. His breathing increased rapidly and his heartbeat quickened at the thought of Song Fei using them.

Song Fei walked in behind him and hugged Yan Jiang’s waist from behind. “This is my gift to you.”

Everyone more or less had some flaws. The highly intelligent little genius Song Fei was actually an M-type masochist. As for Yan Jiang, he was not an S, but he was willing to learn to be an S for Song Fei.

Song Fei walked to the wall, took off a black tasseled leather whip, and placed it in Yan Jiang’s hand. “Try it?”

Yan Jiang’s throat rolled. “Alright.”

After returning to Wangdong City from Wanyu County, Yan Jiang applied for leave from his boss. The reason for his leave was to get married. When Yan Jiang received the leave application, he couldn’t help smiling. All his colleagues in the office knew that he was getting married and gave him their blessings.

Yan Jiang walked out of the police station with a smile. He touched his smooth head and couldn’t help humming a tune.

He hummed all the way home and was still in a good mood. Only when he opened the door and saw a group of men in black standing in his living room did Yan Jiang’s good mood finally dissipate.

“You are…” Yan Jiang stared at the man drinking coffee on the sofa in shock.

That man was wearing an iron-grey suit. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. His facial features were rather deep. One look and one could tell that he was a genuine foreigner.

Yan Jiang didn’t know this foreigner.

The foreigner put down his coffee cup and said in standard Chinese, “Hello, I am Sicilio Clooney.”

Sicilio Clooney?

Yan Jiang’s expression changed slightly. “Brother!”

Yan Jiang’s greeting scared Sicilio.

Sicilio looked at his passionate and obedient brother-in-law and was momentarily stunned. He nodded and shouted in all seriousness, “Brother-in-law.”

Yan Jiang looked around the house and didn’t see Song Fei. He asked Sicilio, “Where’s Ah Fei?”

Sicilio said, “She’s not back yet.”

“Then how did you get in?”

Sicilio looked in the direction of the main door and said, “Obviously, I came in from the main entrance.”

Is this the main point?

The main point was that he didn’t have a key and didn’t know the password to open the door. How did Sicilio enter?!

But Yan Jiang didn’t dare to be rash in front of Sicilio. He had heard from Han Zhan and Song Song about this elder brother. Knowing that this elder brother was not to be trifled with, Yan Jiang didn’t dare to provoke him.

“Brother, you are almost done with your coffee. Shall I make another pot of coffee?” Yan Jiang only had the skills to make coffee.

Sicilio nodded.

Yan Jiang made coffee and had a cup with Sicilio each.

The two of them chatted in Chinese for more than 10 minutes before Song Fei returned.

Song Fei had gone to meet her little disciple today. When she returned, she stepped on her skateboard and jumped in from outside the main door. She kept her skateboard, flicked her long hair, and hurried into the house.

Entering the house, she saw a group of burly men in black and a white sweater-wearing Yan Jiang sitting in the middle of a group of burly men in black. He was like a lamb entering a wolf’s den.

No matter how one looked at it, it was very strange.

Song Fei sized Yan Jiang up and was relieved to see that Sicilio didn’t touch him.

Song Fei’s gaze landed on Sicilio again.

Although they were half-siblings, Sicilio didn’t look like Song Ci at all.

He was more like the younger version of Edward.

While Song Fei was sizing up Sicilio, Sicilio was also sizing her up. Song Fei and Song Ci were twins. At first glance, they looked very much alike, but on closer look, one could tell that these two were actually very easy to recognize.

Song Ci was passionate and charming while Song Fei was cold and arrogant. But one look and one could tell that they were not to be trifled with.

Women were not to be trifled with.

Sicilio had already discovered that every domineering man would be a slave to a woman who moved them.

Look at Edward, look at Han Zhan, and look at himself.

These were all living examples!

Sicilio and Song Fei had already spoken on the phone previously. Sicilio had long discovered that Song Fei was a quiet girl. Coincidentally, he didn’t like to speak either.

“Good afternoon,” Sicilio said.

Song Fei said, “Good afternoon.”

Song Fei sat down on the arm of the armchair under Yan Jiang. She hugged Yan Jiang’s shoulder and questioned Sicilio. “You broke our password?”

Sicilio apologized. “It’s too cold outside. I had no choice but to break in.”


I don’t believe you.

But Sicilio’s next action touched Song Fei. Sicilio reached out his hand and his subordinate handed a contract to Sicilio.

The contract was written in Italian.

Sicilio handed the contract to Song Fei and explained. “This is the contract for those instruments you need. I will keep the contract for you. If anything happens to the instruments, the company will repair or replace them for you for free.”

Song Fei stared at the contract and suddenly squeezed out a friendly smile at Sicilio. “Brother, stay for dinner tonight!”

Sicilio was shocked by Song Fei’s smile. He hesitated for a moment before nodding. “…Alright.”

Song Fei and Yan Jiang entered the kitchen. The two of them fiddled for a while and made a table of dishes, inviting Sicilio to try them. Sicilio was very surprised that Song Fei knew how to cook. He tasted the dishes and realized that they tasted pretty good.

“So this is the taste of Chinese food.”

Hearing Sicilio’s mutter, Yan Jiang said, “Chinese food is very delicious. It’s rare to find authentic Chinese food overseas.”

Sicilio heard this and said, “I will definitely try it when I have the chance.”

Sicilio didn’t like to speak much when eating.

After two bowls of rice, Sicilio got up and bid farewell.

After Song Fei sent Sicilio away, she hurriedly took a photo of the contract and sent it to Song Ci. “Little fool, Sicilio is here and brought me a present.”

Song Ci sent a jealous emoticon.

Song Ci: [I regret getting married too early and missed Sicilio’s present perfectly.]

Song Fei: [You can get married again.]

Song Ci: [Get lost.]

After chatting with Song Fei, Song Ci entered her social media account and saw that Su Huanyan had posted a video of her playing in a nightclub.

Almost every city had several nightclubs designed as weight-loss centers. Weight-loss people sweated profusely on sports equipment while DJs cheered them on stage.

Su Huanyan was not fat at all, but she would go thrice a week just to exercise.

Song Ci commented on Su Huanyan’s post: [The demons are dancing.]

Su Huanyan replied: [Are you coming?]

Song Ci: [Brother Han is not at home. I need to look after the child.]

Su Huanyan: [Let’s meet again next time.]

Su Huanyan put away her cell phone, took a sip of water, bent over, rubbed her thigh a few times, and got on the motorbike again.

At 9.30pm, Su Huanyan was preparing to go home. She wiped her face with a towel, put on her baseball cap, and walked out of the nightclub.

Su Huanyan’s car was parked beside the park at the end of the nightclub. She walked over and found the keys to unlock the car. When she unlocked the car, the car lights flashed a few times. Su Huanyan used the red lights to see a tall man standing beside her car.

Su Huanyan’s brisk footsteps suddenly stopped.

She instinctively wanted to run.

Just as Su Huanyan was about to turn and escape, Sicilio suddenly said, “The faster you run, the faster Cheng Yanmo will die.”

Su Huanyan was forced to stop.

She turned angrily and glared at that domineering and unreasonable demon. She hurried over.

As she got closer, Su Huanyan suddenly stood on tiptoe and slapped Sicilio. “You are so cheap!”

Sicilio’s head was flung aside by Su Huanyan’s slap. He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. Sicilio slowly turned to face her. Looking at Su Huanyan’s beautiful face filled with anger, Sicilio suddenly smiled.

Hearing his laughter, Su Huanyan’s hair stood on end.

“Huanyan, have you forgotten? When you first met me, you didn’t even dare to shout loudly in bed, afraid of angering me. Now that you have guts, you dare to hit me…”

She was truly fearless.

Su Huanyan didn’t dare to respond to Sicilio. Sicilio was a person full of holes. She would fall for his tricks if she didn’t pay attention.

In front of Sicilio, Su Huanyan suddenly took out her cell phone and impatiently called Cheng Yanmo.

Sicilio heard Su Huanyan call out gently, “Yanmo.”

Amongst the tens of thousands of Chinese characters, the two words “Yan” and “Mo” were the most disgusting!

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