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Chapter 275: She Is His Helplessness

Su Huanyan noticed the disgust in Sicilio’s eyes. She sneered in her heart, but the words that came out of her mouth were gentle, soft, and sweet. “Yanmo, I suddenly miss you a little. Are you still working overtime?”

In the past, when he heard Su Huanyan say “I miss you”, Sicilio would feel very sweet. But tonight, when Su Huanyan said the same word to another person, Sicilio’s heart was filled with viciousness.

I want to tear that Cheng Yanmo apart!

Hearing Su Huanyan’s words, Cheng Yanmo fell silent strangely. He tightened his bathrobe and said in a low voice, “I miss you too. I just arrived home not long ago. When I was bathing just now, I thought of you saying that you haven’t bathed with me for a long time…”

Cheng Yanmo is safe.

He is at home and had just taken a shower.

So Sicilio was lying just now!

Damn liar!

Su Huanyan blushed silently and said softly to Cheng Yanmo, “We can just say this at home.”

Cheng Yanmo continued flirting with Su Huanyan. “What are you afraid of? No one is monitoring us.”

“Then wait for me to come back and we can take a shower together…” Before Su Huanyan could finish her sentence, Sicilio suddenly snatched her cell phone away.

Sicilio raised his hand and tossed the cell phone mercilessly into the artificial lake.

Sicilio warned Su Huanyan. “Don’t flirt with another man in front of me.”

He was afraid that he would lose control and do something hurtful to both of them.

Su Huanyan purposely provoked him. “What’s flirting?” Su Huanyan leaned closer to Sicilio. She stood on tiptoe and looked up at him. “Sicilio, not only will I flirt with Yanmo, we will also do intimate things.”

“Oh yes, Yanmo is not inferior to you…”

Sicilio suddenly grabbed Su Huanyan’s wrist and pulled her into his arms.

Staring at Su Huanyan’s face that was inches away from him, Sicilio’s body burned with anger. He suppressed that mania and said sinisterly, “After making a call, are you very happy to know that your Cheng Yanmo is still safe and sound?”

Su Huanyan said seriously, “Of course, compared to being a widow, I still prefer to be a pampered little wife with a husband.”

With a husband that pampered…

Sicilio’s heart was about to explode from the pain.

“You called him your husband?” I’m clearly Su Huanyan’s husband!

Su Huanyan looked at Sicilio like he was an idiot. She was slightly speechless. “Cheng Yanmo and I are a real married couple with a steel seal on our marriage certificate. If he isn’t my husband, who is?”

Sicilio was going to explode.

He suddenly carried Su Huanyan up, hugged her, and strode towards his car.

Sicilio was strong and muscular. Hugging Su Huanyan was as easy as an ordinary adult carrying a child.

Holding Su Huanyan’s hips with one hand, he opened the car door with the other. Sicilio nimbly and skillfully locked Su Huanyan into his car.

Obviously, they often did this in the past.

After locking the door, Sicilio started to remove his tie. Seeing this, Su Huanyan’s expression changed slightly. “Sicilio, you are crazy!”

What is this?

Sicilio remained silent and quickly grabbed Su Huanyan’s wrist.

Su Huanyan knew that Sicilio was serious because she could already feel Sicilio’s physical reaction. She knew very well how scary Sicilio was when he was serious. Su Huanyan’s heartbeat was erratic and she looked flustered.

As Sicilio took off her jacket, Su Huanyan raised her leg and kicked Sicilio’s abdomen with her knee.

Sicilio’s eyes were stormy. “You hit me again!” Sicilio’s tone sounded rough and fierce, but one could hear his grievances.

This was already the second time tonight!

How can Su Huanyan do this!

Su Huanyan could also hear Sicilio’s grievance. She moved her legs unnaturally and told him, “I am already married, Leo. You and I are no longer in a loving relationship. Do you know what it means to have sex now?”

Sicilio’s eyes were deep and he remained silent.

Su Huanyan knocked Sicilio awake. “It’s called adultery!”

Sicilio pretended to be deaf.

He grabbed Su Huanyan’s chin and said fiercely, “I hate your mouth. You don’t say anything I like to hear.”

Kissing Su Huanyan’s lips, Sicilio lowered his head to warn her. “Now, either kiss me or shut up.”

Su Huanyan stared at his face greedily for a few seconds before suddenly becoming obedient.

Thinking that Su Huanyan had finally softened, Sicilio was overjoyed.

He pressed Su Huanyan down onto the spacious chair. The moment Sicilio leaned over and kissed Su Huanyan’s earlobe, Su Huanyan suddenly opened her mouth and bit Sicilio’s neck.

That bite made Sicilio’s neck hurt so much that it constricted. He suddenly growled. “Damn it!” Although he cursed at Su Huanyan, Sicilio didn’t push her away or resist.

Su Huanyan continued to increase her strength.

Feeling Sicilio’s blood entering her mouth along the tip of her tongue, Su Huanyan’s heart ached and hated.

Just as she was hesitating whether to bite off Sicilio’s flesh or suck his blood dry, Su Huanyan suddenly heard Sicilio say, “I am having dinner at my sister’s house today.”

Su Huanyan was stunned. She didn’t understand why Sicilio suddenly changed the topic.

Releasing her lips, Su Huanyan licked the blood on her lips with the tip of her tongue. She asked curiously, “Which sister?” He had two sisters, and Su Huanyan couldn’t guess which sister.

Sicilio explained patiently, “The big one.”

“Oh, Song Fei.”


The two of them pressed their heads together and chatted amorously.

Sicilio said, “Song Fei made sweet and sour pork tonight.” Sicilio’s pronunciation was off. The sweet and sour pork was described as “sweet and flour pork ribs.”

In the beginning, Su Huanyan didn’t understand what Sicilio was saying. But immediately, Sicilio said, “The ribs made by my sister are sweet and sour. They are red. Why did you make them black? They have the texture of caramel and black pepper.”

Su Huanyan was speechless.

Sicilio was very busy every day. After eating Su Huanyan at night, he was always hungry. In order to be a considerate and virtuous girlfriend, Su Huanyan took the initiative to make supper for Sicilio.

Sicilio agreed readily.

Su Huanyan’s culinary skills were very terrible. Sometimes, when she burned the vegetables, she would lie to Sicilio that the dish was originally that flavor.

As a result, Sicilio had always thought that sweet and sour pork was the spicy taste of caramel. At that time, he was very puzzled as to why Chinese people liked to eat such strange food. Only today, when he ate authentic sweet and sour pork at Song Fei’s house, did Sicilio realize that Su Huanyan had always made failed products for him a few years ago.

The secret that she had been hiding for several years was suddenly exposed. Su Huanyan couldn’t stand it anymore.

She tried to push Sicilio away.

But Sicilio was like an iron man with a very heavy body. When he placed all his weight on Su Huanyan, she would never be able to catch her breath. And what Sicilio loved to see the most was Su Huanyan panting and begging him.

Su Huanyan didn’t dare to recall.

At this moment, Sicilio’s cell phone suddenly rang. Su Qingjia’s exclusive ringtone rang.

[Daddy, Daddy, pick up the call!]

[Daddy, Daddy, quickly answer the call!]

Hearing their daughter’s voice, the two of them looked at each other. The atmosphere suddenly became subtle.

Their daughter…

Sicilio pressed against Su Huanyan and answered the call. “Baby.” When he called her baby, his fingers dug into the edge of Su Huanyan’s jacket and reached in.

Su Huanyan didn’t dare to let Su Qingjia know that she was with Sicilio. She hurriedly covered her mouth.

Seeing this, Sicilio’s actions became even more unrestrained.

“Daddy, I took a good afternoon nap. I am very obedient today.” It was 2.30pm in Rome and Su Qingjia had to sleep until now everyday.

Sicilio smiled gently but his actions were even more unrestrained.


Su Huanyan suddenly opened her mouth and exclaimed.

Like Little Radar, Su Qingjia instantly heard Su Huanyan’s voice. “Daddy, who’s shouting?”

“Mmm? Baby, did you hear wrongly?”

“No.” Su Qingjia imitated that call just now. She said, “Ah. Someone shouted that. Daddy, who is it?”

Sicilio looked at Su Huanyan uneasily.

Su Huanyan’s face was red like a drunkard. Sicilio loved her like this too much.

He lowered his head and kissed Su Huanyan as he said to Su Qingjia, “Baby, it’s Daddy’s little pet. It’s a cat, not a human.”

“Ah, kitty? Is kitty obedient?”

Su Huanyan suddenly bit Sicilio’s cheek.

Sicilio paused and smiled. He told Su Qingjia, “Not very obedient. She likes to bite people.”

Su Qingjia told Sicilio, “Mother said to be gentle to animals. If you are gentle, the kitten will like you.”

“Is that so?”

Sicilio spoke to Su Qingjia for a few minutes before hanging up.

After hanging up, Sicilio looked at Su Huanyan with an unreadable expression. He suddenly said, “If I treat you gently, you will like me again, right?”

Su Huanyan sneered. “How many horses have you seen that are willing to take back what they had before?”

Sicilio actually said, “I am different. I am a tender grass that exudes fragrance.”

Su Huanyan was disgusted by Sicilio’s narcissism.

Sicilio said seriously, “I will be gentle. Don’t worry.” He gently took off Su Huanyan’s jacket. Just as he was about to continue bullying Su Huanyan gently, two headlights shot straight at their car.

The car even honked.

Sicilio propped up his upper body and turned to see a man standing outside the window. It was snowing outside and Cheng Yanmo was holding a black cloth umbrella.

In the cold night, Cheng Yanmo was even more annoying than the snow.

Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo looked at each other through the glass. Sicilio had no intention of handing Su Huanyan over, and Cheng Yanmo had no intention of admitting defeat and leaving.

After a moment of silent confrontation, Cheng Yanmo suddenly threw open the umbrella. Without a word, he raised the steel tube hanging by his side and aimed it at the tightly shut window.


The anti-theft glass was very resistant.

But Cheng Yanmo was persistent. If he couldn’t smash it the first time, he would smash it the second time.

It was not even 10pm yet. If Cheng Yanmo continued smashing, he would definitely be discovered.

Sicilio’s dark eyes stared straight at the man outside. He smiled sinisterly and said to Su Huanyan in an unpredictable tone, “Your man still has some guts.”

To be honest, Su Huanyan was also shocked by Cheng Yanmo’s manner.

Cheng Yanmo smashed it six to seven times. Just as the glass was about to shatter, Sicilio finally opened the door.

The door opened and Sicilio alighted first with his long legs. The moment he alighted, Sicilio’s gun avoided all the surveillance cameras and pressed against Cheng Yanmo’s abdomen. “Sir, please stop your boorish behavior.”

Cheng Yanmo put down the pole and didn’t even frown.

He told Sicilio, “The moment I arrived, I had already called my good brother who works in the Public Security Department. If I die, they will definitely do their best to pursue you in the country. At that time, you will urge everyone around and won’t be able to reach back to Rome. At that time, your nest will face the situation of being divided…”

“Sicilio, have you thought about whether to fire this shot or not?”

Cheng Yanmo was calm the entire time and didn’t look like he was in danger at all. Seeing this, Sicilio’s eyes flickered and he looked at Cheng Yanmo with obvious admiration.

This guy was much braver than ordinary businessmen.

Su Huanyan tidied up her clothes and walked out. She grabbed Sicilio’s hand. This was the first time Su Huanyan took the initiative tonight. Sicilio’s thoughts skipped a beat. At this moment, Su Huanyan suddenly snatched his gun!

Then, she aimed the gun at her temple without hesitation!

Upon seeing this, Sicilio’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Huanyan, don’t make me unhappy.” Su Huanyan had threatened him with her life. This time, Sicilio was really enraged.

Su Huanyan’s expression was calm and fearless.

“Let us go.”

She bet Sicilio would show mercy to her.

Sicilio stared straight at Su Huanyan with a stern gaze. Su Huanyan felt slightly guilty, but her expression remained calm and she gripped the gun tightly.

Su Huanyan’s gaze was fearless and ruthless.

Sicilio finally dared to confirm that Su Huanyan was really betting her life on him. Sicilio suddenly sighed and said, “You are not cute at all. You were cute when we just met.”

“Then find someone cuter.” As she spoke, Su Huanyan’s hand was still tightly holding the gun.

Sicilio said, “That won’t do. Compared to the cute little girl, I still prefer your current appearance.” Hot and soft, she was pleasing to the eye no matter how he looked at her.

Su Huanyan suddenly pressed the trigger with her index finger. The clicking sound made Sicilio tremble slightly.

“Let us go.”

For a moment, Sicilio couldn’t help thinking that it was good to just let Su Huanyan die under his gun, just like the nanny who always taught others to be kind.

With Su Huanyan dead, Sicilio no longer had a weakness.


“Give me the gun and you can leave.”

Every man would meet a woman who made him helpless. In front of her, he would always admit defeat, admit his mistake, and accept his fate unconditionally.

Su Huanyan was that woman who rendered Sicilio helpless.

But Su Huanyan didn’t listen to him and gave him the gun.

Su Huanyan pressed the gun to her temple and pulled Cheng Yanmo all the way to his car. The two of them got into the car. After Cheng Yanmo started the car, Su Huanyan rolled down the window and threw the gun to the ground.

The car drove off.

Sicilio stared at the gun on the ground in a profound manner. He was slightly shocked. Why did Su Huanyan become like this? In the past, she was so soft and adorable that her shoulders would tremble from laughing.

Did something I don’t know about happened to her?

Sicilio walked over, bent over, picked up the gun, placed the handle of the gun in front of his nose, and sniffed hard. It was as if he could smell Su Huanyan’s perfume.

He missed this fragrance to death.

After driving a large distance, Cheng Yanmo felt that Sicilio shouldn’t drive like crazy to chase after him. Only then did he slow down.

As he controlled the steering wheel, he observed Su Huanyan’s expression.

Su Huanyan looked very calm.

Cheng Yanmo admired Su Huanyan’s mental fortitude slightly. “What you did tonight was very irrational and dangerous. Don’t do such things again in the future.” Cheng Yanmo was shocked by Su Huanyan then.

Su Huanyan, who was originally sitting upright, suddenly felt like a punctured balloon that had released all its gas. She collapsed weakly on the car seat and said weakly, “My palms are all sweaty now.”

Not just her palms, but her back and legs were covered in cold sweat.

That was a gun. It was colder and heavier than expected.

“Are you afraid now?” Cheng Yanmo wanted to tease her and disperse the fear in her heart.

Su Huanyan stuck out her tongue and smiled gently. She said firmly, “He can’t bear to see me die.” Sicilio couldn’t bear to see her die, so she dared to gamble with her own life.

Hearing Su Huanyan’s words, Cheng Yanmo lowered his eyes and scolded her jokingly. “Scumbag.”

Su Huanyan chuckled but didn’t retort.

Arriving home, Cheng Yanmo alighted first. He opened the umbrella, went around the back of the car to the passenger seat, and shielded Su Huanyan from the snow. Su Huanyan bent over, alighted, and walked home side by side with Cheng Yanmo.

At home, Program had just fallen asleep and was not sleeping very soundly. He was holding a SpongeBob SquarePants doll in his hand. Su Huanyan stroked Program’s chubby face, feeling very satisfied.

However, thinking of Su Qingjia who was far away in Italy, Su Huanyan felt worried. If Sicilio discovered Su Qingjia, it would be very difficult for Su Huanyan to snatch her daughter back from him.

When can I see Qingjia?

At the thought of Qing Jia, Su Huanyan recalled what Sicilio had done to her while talking on the phone in the car.

Su Huanyan hurriedly stopped thinking.

She took the SpongeBob from Program’s arms, tucked him in, and returned to the room to take a shower. She thought she would sleep very comfortably, but she had many messy dreams after falling asleep.

One moment, she dreamed of Sicilio pressing her into the car like this, the next, she dreamed of Su Qingjia innocently asking her why she wanted to yell, and the next, she dreamed of Cheng Yanmo lying in front of Sicilio covered in blood…

After daybreak, Su Huanyan woke up covered in cold sweat.

She tidied up and went downstairs. She sat at the dining table and couldn’t bring herself to eat the sumptuous breakfast.

Cheng Yanmo placed a glass of milk in front of her and stared at her slightly downcast face. “You don’t look like you rested well. Did you have a nightmare last night?”

Su Huanyan was shocked by Cheng Yanmo’s meticulousness. She nodded and said honestly, “I dreamed that you were killed by Sicilio.”

Not only was Cheng Yanmo not angry, he even smiled. “So in your eyes, Sicilio is better than me?”

“Truth or lies?”

Hearing this, Cheng Yanmo said, “Don’t say it.”

The truth was ugly and the lies were hypocritical. It was better not to say anything.

Su Huanyan told Cheng Yanmo, “Sicilio is…” How is he?

Perhaps in the eyes of others, Sicilio was cruel and evil. He was a great white shark in the Mediterranean and was ruthless in his actions.

But in Su Huanyan’s eyes, Sicilio had a different side.

Only she had seen Sicilio waking up from a nightmare after he fell asleep. Only she knew that Sicilio had killed the nanny back then not to cut off his family ties, but because he discovered that the nanny was a spy. He couldn’t bear to see his father torture the nanny after discovering the truth, so he made that choice.

Seeing that Su Huanyan suddenly shut up halfway, Cheng Yanmo smiled calmly and considerately didn’t expose Su Huanyan’s intentions.

The wedding date was getting closer and closer. Song Fei didn’t feel nervous, but Yan Jiang was slightly worried. He was worried that the weather would be bad on the wedding day, but he was also worried that something would happen at the wedding, and he was also worried that the gown would be swapped. He was so nervous all day.

After knowing Yan Jiang’s situation, Song Ci couldn’t help teasing him. “Are you a coward?”

Yan Jiang said, “Yes.” Song Fei used to call him a coward. Being a coward was Yan Jiang’s true colors.

“Oh yes, I heard that you secretly prepared a dance and intend to perform for Song Fei at the wedding dance?” Song Ci rubbed her hands and asked Yan Jiang, “What are you going to dance? Tell me.”


“So mysterious?”

“Mmm, it’s a secret.”

The more Yan Jiang kept it a secret, the more curious Song Ci was.

Han Zhan only returned from Russia the morning before the wedding. This time, Han Zhan brought back two rare yellow grape stones for Song Ci. Song Ci liked those stones very much and planned to design them into earrings.

In the afternoon, Song Fei brought her belongings to the Han Family. She would stay over at Han Zhan’s house this night before the wedding. Tomorrow morning, the groom would come to the Han Family to marry Song Fei.

This was the first wedding in the manor after the housewarming. Butler Cai valued this banquet very much and trimmed the two pots of vines and green plants in front of the manor a week in advance into a romantic heart shape.

After dinner, Song Fei stood under the vines, looked up at the two vine stars, and secretly complained to Song Ci. “Your butler has a delicate, romantic heart.”

Song Fei was looking forward to the wedding tomorrow.

Song Ci secretly told Song Fei, “Not only that, I realized that our Butler Cai also likes to peek at domineering CEO Wen.”

One day, a deliveryman sent something over. Song Ci opened the package by mistake and took out a romance novel called “10,000 Confessions” from the package. Everyone was stunned.

She packed the package again and placed it in the room where the helpers specially received the package. That afternoon, she saw Butler Cai take the box.

Coincidentally, Butler Cai walked over with a batch of helpers. They were carrying red lanterns and couplets and were about to hang them up.

Seeing Song Ci and Song Fei, Butler Cai realized that Song Fei was looking at him strangely. He stopped in his tracks and asked humbly, “Miss Song Fei, do you have something to say to me?”

Song Fei praised him coldly. “I suddenly realized that you’re rather handsome, Butler Cai.”

Hearing this, Butler Cai’s eyes lit up slightly. His ears reddened slightly as he turned and left.

Song Ci nudged Song Fei’s arm. “How is it? Do you feel very girly?”


Butler Cai had no idea that his little fetish had already been exposed. He played the role of a wise, low-profile, and smart elite butler every day.

Song Fei was getting married and couldn’t calm down at night.

During the meal, Song Fei only ate a few mouthfuls of food before putting down her chopsticks. Han Zhan and Song Ci looked at her in confusion. “You’re already full? You don’t have any appetite?”

Song Fei shook her head at Han Zhan, turned back, and explained to Song Ci, “I don’t dare to eat too much. I’m afraid I’ll have a little belly tomorrow in my wedding gown.”

Song Ci was shocked. “You actually have times when you’re afraid of not looking good in clothes.”

Han Zhan couldn’t understand what girls were thinking. He scooped some rice into Song Fei’s bowl and said, “Eat some. Don’t faint from hunger tomorrow.”

Song Fei thought for a moment and ate the half bowl of rice.

The wedding gown had already been sent over and was placed in Song Fei’s room. After dinner, the two sisters circled the manor for half an hour to digest their food.

After the meal, Song Ci brought Song Fei to the bathtub to take a bath.

The two sisters took a shower first before taking a bath. After taking off their warm pyjamas, the two sisters were naked and their skin was very fair.

The two of them faced each other. Song Fei looked at Song Ci’s figure, and Song Ci looked at her figure with a subtle expression.

Song Fei said, “It’s huge.”

Song Ci said, “So small.”

Song Fei snorted coldly and turned to enter the bathtub.

Song Ci also entered the bathtub. The hot water enveloped their bodies and it was very comfortable. After taking a bath, Song Ci massaged Song Fei with essential oil.

Song Fei laid on the bed in a thin bathrobe, her long hair in a bun.

“Are you slightly nervous?” Song Ci was also very excited the night before the wedding.

Song Fei acknowledged.

Song Ci peeled off Song Fei’s pyjamas and was about to drip the essential oil on her beautiful back when she noticed the whip marks on Song Fei’s hips.

Song Ci was stunned.

With Song Fei’s ruthless character, if anyone really bullied her, she would definitely bully them back even more. The only person who could leave such a mark on Song Fei’s butt was Yan Jiang.

Song Ci was slightly shocked. Yan Jiang is actually so violent?

“Song Fei.” Song Ci pressed Song Fei’s whip mark.

Song Fei’s expression froze. She had forgotten that the marks on her body had not disappeared.

Song Ci asked, “Yan Jiang did it?”

Song Fei decided to tell Song Ci her secret. “It’s me. I am a masochist. I asked Yan Jiang to do this.”

“How can you…” How can Song Fei be a masochist?

Song Fei was clearly a domineering person.

“Does it feel like I’m ruining my image?”

Song Ci admitted. “Yes, I can accept it even if you say you are S.” But she was actually a masochist. It was unexpected!

“When did you discover it?”

Song Fei said, “I can’t remember. When I was about 13 years old, I got into a fight and suffered some injuries. When I got home, I realized that I liked the pain of that wound.”

A masochist was not a pervert. Song Ci would not look at Song Fei strangely. Moreover, Song Fei had been called a freak since she was young. Song Ci could accept all sorts of shortcomings from Song Fei.

“What does Ah Jiang think of this?” Song Ci was more concerned about Yan Jiang’s opinion.

Song Fei buried her face in her arms and said in a muffled voice, “He’s very good. He’s learning to be an outstanding S.”

“True love indeed.”

After Song Ci finished massaging Song Fei, she also felt weak all over. When Song Fei returned to her room to rest, Song Ci carried the essential oil to the office to find Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was going to Wangdong Business School for a speech in a few days and was composing a script.

Han Zhan was surprised to see Song Ci walking in wearing only a thin bathrobe with a small basket filled with bottles.

“Baby Ci, what’s the matter?”

Song Ci seldom disturbed Han Zhan when he was working.

Song Ci said, “Give me a massage. The kind with essential oils.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan turned off the document and computer. He sat on the sliding chair and took a step back, looking at Song Ci from a distance.

Song Ci blushed shyly, clearly embarrassed.

Han Zhan pointed at the leather sofa in the office. “Lie down.”

Song Ci laid down obediently and took the initiative to remove the bathrobe to her shoulders. Her shoulders were straight and round. Lying there like this was especially seductive.

Han Zhan took off his gloves, washed his hands, walked over, poured the essential oil on Song Ci’s shoulder, pushed it aside, and massaged her.

Han Zhan used a lot of strength. When he kneaded Song Ci’s bones with his fingers, Song Ci couldn’t help crying out. It wasn’t a very lustful cry, but a painful howl.

“Don’t shout. This is how a real massage is.” Han Zhan told Song Ci, “I can even straighten bones. Do you want to try?”

Song Ci, who had originally just wanted to seduce Han Zhan into committing a crime, was not only given a full-body massage by Han Zhan, but also had her bones straightened.

Han Zhan really knew how to straighten bones. He held Song Ci’s chin with one hand and pressed the back of her neck with the other. With a slight twist, Song Ci heard the sound of bones clicking.

Song Ci was shocked by the crack of her own bones.

After the sternum ended, Song Ci felt sore all over, as if she had been clubbed a few times. Song Ci laid on the leather sofa like she had died, feeling slightly hopeless.

Han Zhan unscrewed the cap of the essential oil and kept it in the basket.

Lowering his head to look at Song Ci’s moaning manner, Han Zhan smiled and asked her, “Didn’t you want me to give you a massage? My massage technique is very comfortable. What’s your reaction now?”

“Han Zhan, I asked you for a late-night massage, not a blind one.”

“Oh?” Han Zhan leaned over and hugged Song Ci’s waist. He bit her neck. “It’s okay, the night is still long. We can continue the massage.”

The next day, before dawn, around 5pm, the makeup artist and stylist arrived at the manor to make a veil for Song Fei.

Song Ci had been massaging Han Zhan late into the night and couldn’t get up in the morning.

But she gritted her teeth and got up.

Song Fei was afraid of the cold. She didn’t choose the mainstream wedding gown when she went out for a walk. Instead, she chose a warm white knitted dress.

It was the first time the stylist met someone wearing a fur dress outside the house. She wanted to persuade Song Fei to agree to wear a wedding gown, but Song Fei had her own character and felt that this was very good.

Song Fei was afraid of the cold and would wear velvet pants in the winter. Wouldn’t she freeze to death if she were to wear that kind of wedding gown in the morning?

The designer felt helpless but didn’t insist.

Song Fei’s knitted skirt reached her calves. It was a fishtail swing and looked rather nice. The stylist had turned Song Fei’s hair into curls and tied it into a low ponytail.

Considering that she had a very low-profile overall look, he put on red lipstick for her, making her look gentle and alluring.

Song Ci put on a light white gauze for Song Fei. She looked at the beautiful Song Fei and couldn’t resist hugging her shoulder. “Song Fei, you look very good today.”

Song Fei grabbed Song Ci’s hand and looked at the sisters in the mirror. She said sincerely, “Song Ci, thank you for always being here.”

Father and Mother are no longer around. Thank you for never leaving me.

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