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Chapter 273: I’ll Give You All The Family Possessions, You Give Me a Home, Alright?

After Han Qingshen finished feeding him, the baby was still not full. He was so hungry that he cried out loud.

Bei Zhan hurriedly mixed some milk powder for the little guy. The little guy had a pacifier in his mouth and was actually eating very comfortably.

“Your baby really knows how to suck milk. His hands are not bad. This child looks very easy to take care of.” Of Song Ci’s two daughters, Han Miao loved breast milk, while Han Jun was picky.

At that time, they had just given birth and Song Ci didn’t have enough milk for the two children. The first week, they had to eat together with milk. In the end, Han Jun cried loudly the moment she held the milk bottle, making Han Zhan think that Han Junjun was feeling unwell.

Bei Zhan also knew that Han Jun was torturing Han Zhan. Hearing this, he felt slightly smug. Bei Zhan said, “When our Dabao was just born, because of his health, he was not suitable to drink his mother’s milk, so we gave her milk powder.”

“She’s also obedient and will eat whatever I give her.”

Bei Zhan fed the baby and burped him, before putting him back into the crib.

At this moment, Han Qingshen waved at Song Ci. “Song Ci, come and help me.”

Song Ci thought Han Qingshen was going to the toilet, but Han Qingshen said, “Help me put on makeup.”

She was speechless.


“Mmm.” Han Qingshen said, “We will be transferring to the confinement center later. There might be media waiting outside.” Meanwhile, Han Qingshen, who loved beauty, didn’t allow herself to appear in front of the media messily.

Hearing this, Song Ci couldn’t help feeling impressed. “Okay.”

Song Ci put on makeup to enhance Han Qingshen’s complexion, covering her pale and frail face from excessive blood loss.

Han Qingshen sized her up in the mirror before nodding in satisfaction.

“Pack up your things and get ready to go to the confinement center.” Han Qingshen had booked a confinement center for professional doctors and nurses. It was better than the service at the hospital.

Bei Zhan nodded and tidied up the children’s belongings.

Song Ci helped them carry their belongings and escorted Han Qingshen downstairs. As expected, she met a few reporters downstairs.

The reporters might be afraid of the cold, decisive, and unreasonable style of Han Qingshen, so they didn’t dare to get too close. They only dared to raise their microphones from afar and interview them politely.

Song Ci carried her things and stood at the back, trying to reduce her presence.

After the interview, they boarded the car.

Arriving at the confinement center, Han Qingshen laid down on the bed and said to Bei Zhan in a small voice, “Change my pants.” She had released too much and her pants were already dirty after a trip.

Even if she was a woman, Song Ci still had to avoid such things. She said, “You guys do it. I will bring the baby out to wait for you guys.”

Song Ci carried Baby Bei and stood in the corridor for a while, before seeing Yan Rufeng. Yan Rufeng had undergone a gastric surgery last year and it was a very successful one. As he could continue living, Yan Rufeng looked especially energetic.

Yan Rufeng smiled at Song Ci when he saw her from afar.

“Uncle Yan.”

“Song Ci.” Yan Rufeng reached out and carried Baby Bei in Song Ci’s arms. Baby Bei said, “Grandpa Yan, my brother is so cute.”

“As adorable as you?”

Baby Bei thought about it seriously before shaking her head. He said sternly, “I am cuter.”

Rubbing Baby Bei’s nose, Yan Rufeng said, “You are adorable and beautiful, while your brother is handsome and cool.”

“No way. Little brother is actually like a pug.” He was wrinkled and ugly. Baby Bei said that her little brother was cute, but she was actually going against her conscience.

Yan Rufeng smiled heartily. “You little slippery guy.”

After laughing, Yan Rufeng looked at Song Ci and said, “Long time no see. Has Mr. Han recovered?”

“Thank you for your concern. Everything is fine now.”

“Mmm, that’s good.” Yan Rufeng obviously had something to say but didn’t know where to start. As a result, he looked slightly hesitant.

Song Ci said bluntly, “My elder sister and Yan Jiang will be married in a few days.”

know.” After Yan Jiang retired from the entertainment circles, his every move was still watched by everyone. For example, he had once gone to the mall to buy a wedding ring, went to a certain hotel to see a wedding package, and discussed the design of a gown with a designer from Mr. Mo…

These things had all been photographed by the paparazzi.

Meanwhile, Yan Rufeng, who was interested in repairing their father-son relationship with Yan Jiang, naturally knew about these things. Yan Rufeng was very eager to attend the child’s wedding, but he knew himself well and knew that the child’s mentality disgusted him, so he didn’t dare to disturb him.

As an outsider, Song Ci couldn’t interfere in Yan Rufeng and Yan Jiang’s matters. Whether he forgave Yan Rufeng or not was Yan Jiang’s business.

As a result, although Song Ci could see the disappointment and anticipation on Yan Rufeng’s face, she wouldn’t make the decision to invite Yan Rufeng to the wedding.

Inside, Bei Zhan had changed Han Qingshen’s clothes and the door opened.

Song Ci and Yan Rufeng entered the suite together. She greeted Han Qingshen and left first.

Song Ci walked downstairs and was about to board the car when she realized that Yan Jiang’s car was parked in the basement of the confinement center, opposite her car.

Ah Jiang is here?

A smile flashed across Song Ci’s eyes. She said to Long Yu, “Let’s go to the supermarket before going home.”

“Okay, Madam.”

Upstairs, Yan Rufeng was sitting on the sofa, carefully observing the little guy in the crib.

The little guy didn’t have a big nose, but it was very perky and looked very much like Han Qingshen. His eyes were closed, so he couldn’t tell who he looked like, but from the outline, he actually looked slightly like…

“He looks quite like your father,” Yan Rufeng said to Han Qingming.

Although Han Qingshen was Han Chenyi’s daughter, she looked more like her surrogate mother.

But her child was like Han Chenyi.

Hearing this, Han Qingshen got Bei Zhan to push the crib over for a closer look. With one look, she also felt that the child looked like Han Chenyi. “Looks like you’ll grow up to be a handsome little boy.”


Han Chenyi was indeed handsome. He was the most handsome guy in university back then, but didn’t gain weight even when he was middle-aged. He was still a handsome uncle.

In his impression, Han Chenyi had only lost his mesmerizing charm when he was on the verge of death. Due to his serious illness, he had lost all his hair.

Every time he thought of Han Chenyi, Yan Rufeng felt terrible.

He lowered his head and remained silent.

Knock knock.

Hearing the knock on the door, Yan Rufeng, Bei Zhan, and the rest looked up at the opened door at the same time.

A smooth, round bald head was the first to enter their eyes. Shortly after, the owner of that head looked up and revealed a beautiful, handsome face.

Everyone in the room was slightly surprised to see him.

Yan Jiang stood under the door and smiled at Bei Zhan. “Are you very surprised to see me?”

Bei Zhan snapped out of his trance and smiled happily. “Mr. Yan Jiang, please come in.”

Yan Jiang carried the items into the suite.

After putting down the things, he didn’t look at Yan Rufeng and walked straight to the bed. He said to Han Qingshen, “CEO Han looks like she’s in a good state of mind. Congratulations, you’re blessed.”

When Han Qingshen faced Yan Jiang, she had a rare gentle aura and was not as ruthless as when it came to business. She smiled slightly at Yan Jiang and said, “Thank you for coming to visit us. I am very happy.”

She was truly happy that Yan Jiang could come.

Yan Jiang smiled and took out a red packet and a red wedding invitation. He placed the red packet at the little boy’s feet and handed the wedding invitation to Baby Bei.

Baby Bei took the invitation and asked curiously, “Uncle, what is this?”

Rubbing Baby Bei’s head, Yan Jiang told her, “Uncle is getting married. Baby Bei, do you want to attend Uncle’s wedding?”

Baby Bei was very flattered.

Ahhh! Uncle Handsome invited me to the wedding!

Baby Bei asked innocently, “I… Can I wear a wedding gown?”

The suite suddenly fell silent.

Yan Jiang squatted down and told Baby Bei, “No, every girl can only wear a wedding gown for the man she loves. At Uncle’s wedding, only Uncle’s bride can wear a wedding gown.”

“I can be a bride.” Baby Bei pointed at her own face. “I am very beautiful.” She pointed at her parents. “Father and Mother are also very good-looking.”

Yan Jiang still rejected her outright. “I’m sorry. Uncle’s bride is the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Hearing this, Baby Bei was like a frosted eggplant, instantly listless.

Holding the invitation, she walked over to the long sofa beside Yan Rufeng and sat down. Baby Bei pursed her lips and lowered her head, looking pitiful as if her confession had been rejected. It was very funny.

an Jiang shifted his gaze from the aggrieved Baby Bei to Yan Rufeng. “Let’s talk.”

Hearing this, Yan Rufeng stood up rather excitedly. “Okay!” Yan Jiang was still willing to chat with him. This was a form of forgiveness for Yan Rufeng.

There was a specialized recreation area at the children’s center. Yan Jiang and Yan Rufeng arrived at the billiard room on the fourth floor. Yan Jiang said, “I heard that you won the Snooker World Championship Award?”

Yan Rufeng was slightly ashamed. He waved his hand and said, “I’m not impressive. The real impressive one is Han Chenyi. He taught me all my capabilities.”

Yan Rufeng didn’t avoid mentioning Han Chenyi, and Yan Jiang didn’t feel disgusted or disdainful.

But the atmosphere was still strange.

Han Chenyi…

“When you saw that I was born, did you have any thoughts of smashing me to death?” Yan Jiang’s straightforward question shocked Yan Rufeng so much that he missed his ball.

Yan Rufeng put down the cue stick and leaned against the table. He looked at Yan Jiang in shock and astonishment and couldn’t help asking, “Why do you think so?”

“If not for me, your relationship with Han Chenyi wouldn’t have broken. So, I am the culprit, right?”

“Not many people will be calm when facing the culprit, right?”

Putting himself in his shoes, if someone purposely drugged him in order to have him, come up with a child, and destroyed his relationship with Song Fei, then Yan Jiang would most likely kill that child, as well as the child’s mother.

He was just so evil.

But Yan Rufeng said, “On the day you were born, I didn’t want to kill you.” Yan Rufeng suddenly lifted her sweater and Yan Jiang saw an old scar on Yan Rufeng’s abdomen.

Shock surfaced in Yan Jiang’s eyes. “You…”

Yan Rufeng resigned to fate and smiled bitterly. He said, “I didn’t want to kill you, nor did I want to kill my mother, much less a woman who was still breastfeeding after giving birth. So I killed myself.”

Yan Jiang was stunned. “…So stupid.”

Yan Rufeng was also an innocent person.

He was so stupid.

“I’ve never been a smart person.” If Yan Rufeng was smart, he would have noticed his mother’s evil intentions earlier and wouldn’t have been set up to make such a mistake.

“I bled a lot then and was lying in my private apartment. Han Chenyi arrived in time and sent me to the hospital.”

“I was saved and out of danger. After I woke up, Han Chenyi decided to let go of me.”

Meanwhile, Yan Rufeng, who had returned to a “normal” family, was not happy. His wife quarreled with him non-stop, his mother held too much hope for him, and his son kept staring at him with trust and fondness.

Everything made Yan Rufeng very pained.

“Thank you for not killing me back then. That was why I was fortunate enough to meet Song Fei.” Yan Jiang took out another invitation from his pocket and handed it to Yan Rufeng.

Yan Rufeng was overwhelmed by the invitation. “Can I attend the wedding?”

Yan Jiang disliked Yan Rufeng’s inarticulate manner and tossed the invitation to him.

Yan Rufeng grabbed the invitation quickly. He looked up and saw Yan Jiang saying, “Come and see, even if you can only be a guest.”

Even if Yan Rufeng had his grievances and stories, so what? No one could compensate for the pain and tears he had shed.

His parents were long dead.

He was an orphan.

Yan Jiang felt very relaxed after handing over the invitation. “I am leaving. I am going on a date with Song Fei tonight.”

“… Okay.”

After Yan Jiang left, Yan Rufeng gently stroked that red invitation several times before putting it into his suit pocket near his chest.

Being allowed to attend the ceremony as a guest was already Yan Jiang’s greatest kindness to Yan Rufeng.

Song Fei had gone to the Internet Safety Department to guide their work today. Yan Jiang drove straight to the entrance of the office.

After making a call and knowing that Song Fei would only be out in 20 minutes, Yan Jiang drove around.

In the end, Yan Jiang parked the car in front of a flower shop.

What kind of flowers would Song Fei like?

Unable to make up his mind, Yan Jiang went online and sincerely asked for help.

Yan Jiang: [What kind of flowers should I give Ms. Song?]

The comment that was pushed to the top of the trending topics was a photo. It was of a beautifully wrapped bouquet of roses that were all folded in 100 yuan.

The flower was called—

I have money to spend!

Yan Jiang should have smiled and ignored it when he saw the photo. But thinking of Song Fei’s money-loving character, he felt that this flower was very suitable for her.

Yan Jiang took the cash and hired someone to quickly stack over 199 money roses.

fter work, Song Fei didn’t see Yan Jiang at the entrance of the office and felt slightly puzzled.

She took out her cell phone to call Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang had just boarded the car when he received a call from Song Fei. “Wait at the door for a few minutes. I will come over immediately.”

“Oh.” After hanging up, Song Fei kicked a pebble with her shoe in boredom. Yan Jiang arrived at the 23rd stone.

Yan Jiang parked the car and Song Fei went to the passenger seat. She opened the door and was stunned to see the rose in the passenger seat.

Yan Jiang said, “It’s for you. Heart Rose, 199 roses.” Yan Jiang carried the rose and handed it to Song Fei. “Does it smell good?”

Song Fei cooperatively lowered her head and sniffed. “The smell of copper coins isn’t strong enough.” She meant that there was too little money and not enough.

Yan Jiang put his right fist to his lips and smiled bitterly.

After the laughter ended, he opened his wallet and stuffed all his bank cards into the middle of those roses.

“Miss Song Fei.” Yan Jiang gazed lovingly at Song Fei. “I will give you all my assets. Can you give me a home?”

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