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Chapter 272: Daddy is a Big Scumbag

Aaron sat on the ruins of the Clooney family in Catania. He gazed out at the distant sea. Han Zhan’s voice echoed in his ears.


There was his mother and Hoff.

Aaron touched the snake-shaped pendant around his neck. He suddenly stood up and took out his gun, dagger, needle weapon, tiger claw, hidden weapon…

Aaron threw all those things into the sea.

As he watched the objects sink into the sea, Aaron suddenly opened his arms and took a deep breath at the sky. For the first time, he realized that freedom was within reach of his fingertips.

As promised, Hoff brought him to freedom.

He didn’t break his promise.

Tears streamed down Ah Rang’s face into his collarbone under his collar and landed on his old and new scars. But the corners of his lips were curled up like a naive child.

Aaron ran off that day.

At night, Han Zhan received a call from Sicilio on his way home.

“You abducted Aaron?” Sicilio’s voice was very deep.

Hearing this, Han Zhan sneered. “You can’t even keep someone who easily came over to my side with just a hook of my finger. Why, do you have a problem with that?”

Hearing Han Zhan’s mockery, Sicilio was slightly angry. “Hoff, I need his help in my business.”

“But Sicilio, Aaron doesn’t want to stay in Italy.”

To others, Italy was a romantic country, a country suitable for travel and residence. But to Aaron, Italy was a cage.

His wings had been broken by Edward and he had been locked in that seemingly beautiful and romantic cage from a young age. He was already tired of it and yearned to fight against the blue sky!

“Can he leave?” Sicilio sneered. “He has been living in such an environment since he was young. Do you think he can really leave?” Even if he left, his heart would forever be trapped in the darkness.

Even if someone who grew up in the dark crawled out of the abyss and stood under the sun, they would still be unable to adapt to the blinding light and flee back to hell to continue struggling at death’s door.

People like them couldn’t be exposed.

In the past, Han Zhan would have agreed with Sicilio’s words. But there was an old couple who told him that no one deserved to be in hell forever.

Everyone had the right to be a kind person.

“Sicilio, you are actually jealous of us, right?” Jealous of me and also jealous of Aaron.

“What a joke!” Sicilio seemed to have heard a joke and laughed on the spot. “What am I jealous of you for?”

Sicilio had wealth and power.

Sicilio’s flawless smile was completely shattered by Han Zhan’s words. He said, “Su Huanyan.”

Sicilio’s laughter stopped.

Han Zhan knew that Su Huanyan was a taboo in Sicilio’s heart. Using Su Huanyan to deal with Sicilio was always effective.

Not hearing Sicilio speak, Han Zhan knew that he had hit Sicilio’s sore spot.

Han Zhan continued to point out heartlessly. “I have Song Ci. I can kiss her whenever I want and hug her whenever I want. I have children and we are very happy everyday.”

“What about you? The woman you love has already gotten married and had children with another man. In your biological daughter’s heart, you’re not as important as Cheng Yanmo.”

“You are the loser in love, the incomplete product of family love.”

“You’re asking me, what are you jealous of me for?” Han Zhan hit the nail on the head. “You’re jealous of my happy family, jealous of me obtaining love, jealous of Aaron obtaining freedom.”

Sicilio’s breathing deepened.

Through the phone, Han Zhan knew that Sicilio was angry.

Why did people get angry?

Because he had hit the nail on the head.

Han Zhan was no longer that frail child from his childhood. He was no longer afraid of Sicilio. Especially after interacting with him in Italy for the past few months, Han Zhan realized that Sicilio was also a human. He had flesh and blood and would cry and feel pain.

“Only you, Sicilio. Only you are trapped in Italy forever!”

“You will always be the family head of the ‘Son of God’. You will rot in your entire life on the position of the family head of the ‘Son of God’! You are just like Edward, with wealth and power, but your heart will always be lonely.”

But he was different from Edward. Edward had no heart. Sicilio had a heart.

Edward was hopelessly evil, but Sicilio could be treated.

Han Zhan was trying to dig out Sicilio’s heart with every word. Sicilio refused to admit that Han Zhan was right about everything. He was jealous of them!

He was jealous that Han Zhan had a pair of grandfather and grandmother who doted on him, jealous that Aaron had a mother who missed him. Only he was abandoned by his mother at birth and led astray by his father, who had a twisted outlook on life.

They could love whoever they wanted and marry whoever they wanted.

As for him?

His woman had already given birth to a child with Cheng Yanmo!

Through the phone, Sicilio couldn’t call Han Zhan even if he wanted to. He hung up angrily and stroked his sexy blonde hair awkwardly.

After hanging up, he was still angry. Sicilio suddenly picked up Su Qingjia’s doll from the sofa and slapped it. “Little rascal! You forgot how cowardly you were every time you saw me when you were young!”

This child Hoff was not obedient at all when he grew up.

He was still adorable when he was young. He looked at him from afar and called him elder brother in a soft voice. He was so adorable then, unlike now.

Not cute at all.

“Daddy…” Su Qingjia had just returned from a holiday and was stunned to see her father grabbing her doll and still slapping it.

Su Qingjia roared angrily, “Daddy, you hit Bu Bu…”

Sicilio hurriedly explained. “Little sweetheart, right…” Before she could finish apologizing, Su Qingjia ran up to Sicilio and snatched the doll from his hand.

“Bubu, is it very painful?” Su Qingjia blew at Bu Bu’s furry face, glared at Sicilio, and left.

Sicilio stared at Su Qingjia’s back view helplessly.

This girl was like her mother, daring to glare at me.

In this world, only these two women dared to touch him, but he didn’t dare to retaliate.

Su Qingjia quickly ran back to her room and stuffed the doll and her other precious toys into her luggage.

Su Qingjia used all her strength to push her small luggage out of the room.

Sicilio glanced at her, amused.

I want to see where she can go!

All the tough men in the room watched as Su Qingjia ran away from home. They didn’t dare to speak.

Su Qingjia walked to the door, pushed her luggage down the stairs, and walked down steadily.

Sicilio raised his brows in surprise.

She was a smart and ruthless girl.

Picking up her luggage again, Su Qingjia continued pushing it.

Sicilio was really amused by Su Qingjia’s words. Staring at that chubby little ball’s back view, Sicilio asked in a low voice, “Where are you going?”

Su Qingjia released her luggage and turned to accuse him with reddened eyes. “My mother said that men who slap girls are all jerks!”

“Daddy, you are a jerk!”

Su Qingjia, who was just over two years old, was still a little tongue-tied. The jerk had been called a “jark” by her.

Sicilio felt very aggrieved to be called a jerk by his daughter and mocked by his younger brother.

He explained to Su Qingjia, “Daddy doesn’t hit people. Daddy isn’t a jerk either. It’s just a doll.” Is it illegal to hit a doll?

“You’re lying. Bubu is a little girl who wears a skirt. Mother said that all girls wear skirts!”

Sicilio was speechless.

“Can I apologize to your doll?” This was Sicilio’s bottom line.

Su Qingjia pouted. She thought for a moment and said, “Give me a bottle of cow cow again and I will forgive you.”

Sicilio was even more speechless.


The subordinate hurriedly went to get a bottle of milk, opened it, and stuffed it into Su Qingjia’s mouth. As Su Qingjia drank the milk, she cried and even took out the cloth from her luggage.

Holding the milk bottle in one hand and the cloth in the other, Su Qingjia said to Sicilio, “Daddy, apologize to Sister Bu Bu.”

Sicilio, who never knew the meaning of apology, was in a very difficult position. He said in a low voice, “All of you, go down. I want to educate Miss properly!”


All his subordinates were blocked. Sicilio squatted down aggressively, ready to educate Su Qingjia.


He gazed tenderly at Su Qingjia’s elder sister Bu Bu and apologized in slightly off-key Chinese. “Little beauty Bu Bu, I didn’t do it on purpose. I know I was wrong. Can Bu Bu forgive me?”

Su Qingjia wiped her tears and burped before nodding. “Daddy, I forgive you.”

Sicilio heaved a sigh of relief.

Damn Han Zhan!


Han Zhan, who was sitting in the reading room reading a book with Han Jun, suddenly sneezed hard.

Han Jun shifted her gaze away from the sketchbook and stared at her father, who was suddenly sneezing. She grabbed Han Zhan’s collar and stood up.

Han Jun held Han Zhan’s chin with one hand and opened his mouth with the other, wanting to see how he sneezed.

Realizing that Han Zhan didn’t sneeze, Han Jun slapped his chin.


Sneeze for me!

Han Zhan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He cooperatively sneezed. “Achoo!”

Han Jun was momentarily stunned before bursting into laughter.



Another one!

Han Zhan grabbed Han Jun’s hand and lectured her with a serious expression. “Father can sneeze again, but Junjun can’t hit Father anymore.”

Han Jun was dumbstruck, but she knew that she couldn’t hit anyone.

Han Zhan sneezed again, making Han Jun laugh. Only then did she carry her and continue reading. After reading a series of small picture books, Han Jun went to look for her elder sister.

Her elder sister liked to play with dolls and Han Jun liked to play with building blocks.

The two sisters played until 9pm before going to bed.

Han Zhan accompanied Song Ci to watch a movie and the two of them fell asleep. The next day, Han Zhan flew to Russia with the chief designer and assistant to check on a batch of important parts. He would only be back in a week.

Song Fei was about to get married. One day, she found Song Ci and told her, “I heard that Yan Jiang prepared a show behind my back. It’s a dance. Little fool, do you think I should prepare a show too?”

Song Ci said, “Sure.”

“Shall I sing a song then?”

Hearing this, Song Ci hurriedly said, “There’s no need.”

Song Fei’s singing was really not nice. It was out of tune and most importantly, she was narcissistic.

“Then… you teach me how to play the violin?”

“You won’t be able to learn in a week.” A smart person didn’t mean that she could learn everything quickly. Song Fei was naturally sensitive to things like numbers and drugs, but she was an idiot when it came to art.

“What should I do then?” Song Fei said, “When you got married, didn’t you perform a belly dance? Why don’t I dance too?”

“What do you know how to dance? Two tigers? Little bunny? Or a bookkeeper?” Song Ci’s words choked Song Fei.

Song Fei thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t you perform a heart-piercing performance with me?”

Song Ci was shocked. “…A million arrows piercing your heart?”

“I’m not asking you to kill someone. You are better at archery than me. When the time comes, do something for me…”

Song Fei’s performance was rather difficult. In order to accommodate Song Fei, Song Ci practiced archery at home everyday to ensure that nothing went wrong at the wedding.

After three days of practice, Butler Cai received news and came to the shooting range to look for Song Ci. “Madam, CEO Han of Empire Entertainment has already given birth. She gave birth to a baby boy five minutes ago.”

“Sir isn’t back yet. Madam, do you want to send gifts over to congratulate him?”

Han Zhan and Bei Zhan were good brothers. It was too insincere to send someone to deliver gifts. “I’ll go myself.” Song Ci had already bought toys and clothes for the child. She drove off to meet Han Qingshen.

Han Qingshen had a child at a private hospital. Song Ci parked the car downstairs and was about to alight when she thought of something and called Yan Jiang.

“Song Song, to cut the long story short, I still have a stomach waiting for me to dissect.” An early dissection ended early.

Song Ci was silent for a moment before saying, “Let’s dissect it later. I have something to tell you.”


“Han Qing is giving birth today. It’s a boy.”

Yan Jiang acknowledged and remained silent.

an Jiang was actually a glib-tongued person. His heart was in turmoil because he suddenly spoke less.

Song Ci knew what Yan Jiang was thinking and decided to speak openly. “You and my elder sister are getting married soon. We don’t have any elders here, but you do. If you want to invite your father to the wedding, this is a good opportunity.”

Yan Jiang hated Yan Rufeng, but every child loved their parents.

Yan Jiang actually had some expectations for this father.

Yan Jiang took in Song Ci’s words. “I will consider it.”

“Mmm, I’m hanging up.”

Song Ci carried her bags to the ward.

Bei Zhan saw Song Ci carrying something over and walked over happily. He reached out to get something and said politely, “It’s good that you’re here. Why did you bring anything?”

Song Ci was also close to Bei Zhan. Hearing this, she said, “I bought it for the little baby, not for you. You accepted it so quickly.”


Song Ci lowered her voice and asked Bei Zhan, “Is sister-in-law asleep?”

“No, she’s breastfeeding.”

Song Ci entered the room and saw Han Qingshen hugging the baby and sucking on her milk. Meanwhile, their baby, Da Bao Bei, was lying on his mother’s pillow, looking at his little brother curiously.

Upon seeing Song Ci, Baby Bei hurriedly looked up and put her index finger to her lips. “Shh, Auntie Ci Ci, my brother is eating milk. You can’t disturb him.”

Song Ci was about to be melted by Baby Bei’s cuteness.

I wonder if my two daughters will be as considerate and adorable as Baby Bei after they speak.

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