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Chapter 271: Han Zhan: I Am Very Likeable

Actually, Han Zhan was feeling frustrated and had nowhere to vent. Song Ci also understood this and had always been very cooperative with him.

Later on, Song Ci couldn’t resist falling asleep, but Han Zhan was so wide awake that he couldn’t fall asleep at all. He looked at the time. It was already 3am.

Unable to fall asleep, Han Zhan got out of bed.

He got dressed and went to the nursery to visit the children.

The nursery in the new room was more luxurious than Han Aoyu’s, and the children’s beds were wider. Even so, God Han Miao still rolled under the bed. Luckily, there was a furry carpet on the floor and it was not cold.

Han Zhan carried Han Miao up and placed her beside Han Jun. Perhaps he had put down the child with too much strength, and Han Miao actually woke up.

After waking up, she opened her eyes and stared at Han Zhan for a few seconds. She pouted, turned over, faced the sky with her butt up, and fell asleep again.

Han Zhan patted Han Miao’s butt, waited for her to fall asleep, stroked Han Jun’s head, turned off the lights, and left the manor.

He drove down the mountain alone.

At 4.30am, Han Zhan’s car stopped outside the forest villa.

After alighting from the car, Han Zhan stared at the few quiet and cold lights, his gray-blue eyes hiding sorrow.

Han Zhan opened the door with his keys and entered the main hall. Only then did he realize that Zhong Buhui’s room was still lit.

Han Zhan walked over and knocked on the door. “Uncle Zhong, you’re still awake?”

Zhong Buhui was slightly surprised to hear a knock on the door. “Zhanzhan?” He hurried over and opened the door.

The moment the door was opened, Han Zhan noticed that there were many luggage bags on the wooden floor of Zhong Buhui’s room. “Uncle Zhong, you…”

Han Zhan sat down on a stool beside the tea table, looked at those luggage, and murmured, “Are you leaving?”

Zhong Buhui was actually Han Aoyu’s adopted son. He was a child picked up from the battlefield in Laos in the 1960s.

Zhong Buhui was only a year old when Han Aoyu picked him up. When Han Aoyu discovered Zhong Buhui, he was kneeling beside his mother’s body and still drinking her milk.

Although Han Aoyu was ruthless, he was not cold-blooded. He brought Zhong Buhui back and taught him meticulously with his wife, Duanfang.

As his hearing had been affected during the war, Zhong Buhui could barely hear when he was young. As a result, he had never been able to keep up with normal children in terms of education.

Eighty years ago, Han Aoyu hired someone to perform a surgery on Zhong Buhui with a pair of hearing aids. Zhong Buhui could finally hear, so he started learning.

But he had already missed the best age to attend school.

As a result, Zhong Buhui had been very ordinary his entire life.

Zhong Buhui was also married when he was young and had a child. But the child’s mother didn’t have a good life and passed away early. He was useless, but he groomed his adopted son into a famous author.

Now that Han Aoyu had left, it was time for Zhong Buhui to leave.

Zhong Buhui sat on the floor folding his clothes.

He stuffed the clothes neatly into the luggage one by one. Zhong Buhui knew what Han Zhan was thinking. Without waiting for Han Zhan to urge him to stay, he said, “Zhanzhan, don’t say anything.”

Han Zhan’s lips had just moved and not a single word came out. Hearing Zhong Buhui’s words, he shut his mouth again.

Han Zhan frowned and stared at Uncle Zhong as he worked. He heard Uncle Zhong say, “I am not as successful as your mother and I am also not as successful as you. From a young age, Auntie told me to be myself. Not perfect, not outstanding, but also the one and only me.”

“I thank Auntie and Old Master for their care and concern for me. So when I was young, I was very troubled over how to repay Old Master and the rest in the future. Only then could I repay their efforts towards me.”

“After Sister Mulan left, Old Master didn’t have any children. Luckily, you were there to accompany him and he wasn’t lonely. After that, Zhanzhan grew up and left Auntie and Old Master. Only then did I know that they were also very lonely. I also realized that I was also useful. At least I could say a few considerate words to them.”

“Now that Old Master has left, it’s time for me to go back to my own life. My grandson is already three to four years old. I want to go over to my son’s side and rent a house near my son and daughter-in-law’s estate. I also want to take care of my grandson.”

“Zhanzhan.” Zhong Buhui closed the zipper of his luggage. He looked up at Han Zhan and sighed. “Zhanzhan, you were already taller than ordinary children when you were just born. He’s almost 1.9 meters tall now.”

“Zhanzhan has grown up and is now a father. In the future, you must take good care of yourself and your family. Uncle Zhong will be leaving soon.”

After hearing Uncle Zhong’s heartfelt words, how could Han Zhan continue to urge him to stay?

In order to take care of his grandfather, he gave up the time he spent with his children and grandchildren. It was a selfish action to keep him here.

Han Zhan said, “Uncle Zhong, I am busy with work and might not have much free time to visit you. You and Brother Zhong Yi can bring your family to Wangdong City to visit us in the future.”

“I will transfer this house to your name. Uncle Zhong, no matter when you come to Wangdong City, this is your home.”

Zhong Buhui’s eyes gradually reddened. He nodded and said in a choked voice, “Of course I will come back. You are also my family. It’s impossible for me not to come back.”

“That’s good.”

At dawn, Zhong Buhui moved his luggage into the car and drove off by himself, preparing to take the expressway south to Shanghai.

His son Zhong Yi knew that his father was coming and had already rented a house for him. He had prepared everything and was just waiting for his father to move in.

Turning to look at the big house behind him, Han Zhan sighed and also returned to the house to tidy up his and Song Ci’s belongings. He called Long Yu to find a truck to move things and even got him to find a truck to move the luohan pine in the yard.

The cabbages and radishes in the vegetable garden were all cooked. Han Zhan found a vegetable farmer to pick all the vegetables and gave them to his neighbors nearby.

Before leaving, Han Zhan turned off the tap and locked the door.

After doing all of this, he really bid his grandfather farewell.

Han Zhan only returned home during lunch.

After having lunch with Song Ci, Han Zhan took off his jacket, carried the hoe, removed the Luohan Pine from the big basin, and planted it under the living room, beside the horse farm.

Han Miao and Han Jun changed into jumpsuits and crawled around on the grass, watching their father plant trees. They actually recognized this tree and stared at it. The children also felt puzzled.

Great grandfather’s tree is here, but where is he?

But they were still young and didn’t know how to express their thoughts. Moreover, they had poor memory and would soon be distracted by new things, gradually forgetting about their great grandfather.

Song Ci stood afar and watched Han Zhan plant the tree. She turned and walked into the kitchen. She said to the chef, “Make more sweet food these few days.”

Brother Han needed to eat something sweet.

After a few short days of rest, Han Zhan returned to the workplace.

After being away for so long, Bei Zhan and Li Li also discovered many shortcomings that needed to be corrected in the company’s operations. Moreover, during the period of Han Zhan’s disappearance, some people thought that Zeus Corporation was about to undergo a major upheaval and couldn’t resist doing some dirty things.

As soon as Han Zhan returned, he had to make use of them. As a result, on the day Han Zhan returned to the company, a portion of the company was filled with trepidation.

That morning, Han Zhan openly sacked a group of people, including two shareholders.

He fired a batch of people, promoted another batch, and hired another batch.

Zeus Corporation had made it into the top 500 companies in the world this year and was in the top 300.

There were a total of 131 companies in the country who made it onto this list. Zeus Corporation was ranked 80-90th.

But this was just a temporary ranking.

Everyone could tell that after Zeus Airlines Corporation was built and developed, it would definitely enter the top 100, or even the top 50!

When the citizens mentioned Han Zhan, they already treated him like a legend.

It was almost Christmas. The people from the Administrative Department found Vice President Li Li and consulted him on the employee benefits policy for Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The manager said, “I think that since the company has just been established for a week, its employee benefits should be greater this year. After all, the company has just been established and is in urgent need of talent. The elites in the workplace now also have high hopes for the company’s employee benefits.”

Hearing this, Li Li also said, “The company was just established on Christmas Eve last year, so it will be held together with the anniversary celebrations. As for the details, let me think about it first.”

Li Li felt that it should be done with new meaning and sincerity.

Coincidentally, Han Zhan came to work today. Li Li took a piece of chewing gum and popped it into his mouth. Like a gust of wind, he drifted into Han Zhan’s office.

Han Zhan was going on a work trip tomorrow and was calling Song Ci to report this matter. Seeing Li Li come over, Han Zhan signaled for him to be quiet.

Li Li was like a human tool, obediently standing by the work table.

After Han Zhan hung up, Li Li said, “You and your wife are so intimate. Aren’t you afraid that your wife will find you annoying?”

Han Zhan said, “I am very likable.”

“You’re getting more and more shameless after not working for a few months.”

Han Zhan snorted. “Why are you looking for me?”

“It’s like this. The 24th of December is the first anniversary of the company’s establishment. It’s just a day away from Christmas and it’s also close to New Year’s Day. What do you think we should do about the staff benefits for New Year’s Day?”

Originally, Bei Zhan had more ideas than Han Zhan. However, Han Qingshen was approaching labor these few days and Bei Zhan was at home working remotely, so Li Li didn’t bother him anymore.

Han Zhan got up and walked to the newly replaced French window. He stared at the financial skyscrapers on the opposite side. From here, he could see those well-dressed young people on the streets.

Han Zhan suddenly said, “Let’s give benefits according to age.”

“Be more specific?”

Han Zhan said, “Wangdong City is a big city. The cheapest house in the city is 20,000 yuan, while the most expensive ones are 100,000 yuan. Li Li, the young people nowadays lack houses the most.”

Li Li guessed what Han Zhan wanted to do and his mouth widened. “You mean…”

“Anyone who works at Zeus International’s headquarters, passes the assessment, and has a good character, can have a house to live in for free. As long as he works at my company’s headquarters for a day, the house will forever belong to him. In addition, those employees who retire after eight years of work can continue to use the house until he dies.”

“This benefit can attract the top, most outstanding and youngest elites in the country.”

“That’s one of them.”

Just one of them shocked Li Li. “What about the others?”

“Secondly, the young needed houses the most, but what about the middle-aged ones?” These people didn’t have the enthusiasm of the young, but were constantly afraid of being laid off and being fired if they made a mistake.

“What they care about the most is their family. We will buy medical insurance for every employee and their wife and children for free. We will also buy car insurance for those who have cars.”

“Of course, we are not doing charity. I am not a Child of Wealth.”

Under Li Li’s admiring gaze, Han Zhan said, “Every year, we will make a record of an employee’s performance, performance, character, and whether she has committed any crimes. At the end of the year, we will assess them. Those who pass the assessment will be guaranteed next year.”

Li Li was speechless. He said, “Even I feel the pinch. This will cost a lot of money.”

“Young lad, look at the long term. Talent is the foundation of a corporation.” If one’s foundation is stable, why worry about money?

i Li found it funny that Han Zhan called him a lad.

“Oh yes, there’s also additional content.”


Han Zhan smiled slightly and said, “People who do domestic abuse, pedophilia, animal abuse, as well as insulting the country and raising a mistress are all unable to enjoy this benefit.”

As a clean boss who doted on his wife, loved his children, and loved his country, he would never use his money to help others raise a mistress.

After hearing this, Li Li teased Han Zhan. “Perhaps you should establish another detective department in the company and let them specially investigate every employee’s background and true character.”

“You’re right. I really founded such a department, but it’s not called the detective department. It’s called the Second Logistics Department.”

Hearing this, Li Li was shocked. “When did you decide on this?”

Just for the next two days.” Han Zhan made this decision when he realized that some people in the company were doing one thing openly and another secretly.

“Go and inform the new head of the legal department to draw up a contract and write down all the things I said just now in the contract. Also, Li Li, you have to be more careful when selecting a collaborative insurance company.”

“Of course.”

After Li Li left, Han Zhan’s WeChat suddenly rang.

He opened his WeChat and saw that Aaron had sent a voice message.

Han Zhan’s lips curled up slightly as he turned on the voice message. He heard Aaron speak in Sicily in Chinese. “Hoff, what did you say? You want me to be the logistics manager of your company? You want me to be a logistics manager? Oh my god, are you thinking too highly of me or are you looking down on me!”

Han Zhan pressed the recording button and said in a bewitching voice, “Are you coming? As long as you come, I will create a new identity for you. You can openly go to every place in the world. You will be given a big house and a luxurious car. I will also buy insurance for you. Oh yes, you are the boss of the department and your salary is two million yuan a year. Are you sure you won’t come?”

No one was more suitable for this job than Aaron.

No mouse would dare to steal food from that guy.

And what Aaron yearned for the most was freedom.

In the past, when Aaron followed Edward, he had done many bad things. He used a fake identity to go anywhere.

To have an upright identity and be able to openly walk under the sunlight was a fatal attraction to a child who had yearned for freedom since a young age.

Extra: Grandpa was born in 1939 and died in 2023. He should be 84 years old, but I wrote 89 previously and have changed it.

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