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Chapter 270: Grandpa Passes Away, Souls Coexist with the World of China

Han Wangwang felt amused and angry.

She felt that every time she met Jiang Bi, she was very stupid and easily bewitched.

Jiang Bi was a poisonous woman who had bewitched her.

Seeing that Han Wangwang finally understood her intentions, a smile appeared in Jiang Bi’s eyes. “Yes, there is a turtle that has been hiding its head in its shell. If she isn’t provoked, she will continue to hide.”

Hearing Jiang Bi’s words, Han Wangwang’s face turned even redder. “I am not a turtle.” I’m at most a little snail.

“Let’s go, no more blind dates. I’ll bring you out to play.” Jiang Bi stepped on the accelerator and drove Han Wangwang away.

Meanwhile, Cheng Ziang, who had been forced by his brother to come on a blind date, waited from 9am until 12pm.

When his blind date partner did not come, Cheng Ziang called Cheng Yanmo. “Brother, the other party stood me up.”

Cheng Yanmo could hear the schadenfreude in his brother’s tone and couldn’t help feeling tired. “Got it.”

After hanging up, Cheng Yanmo felt slightly anxious.

What to do? My little brother seems to have become a profligate son despised by everyone in Wangdong City. I’m afraid he will be a bachelor for life.

Han Zhan saw Han Wangwang’s post and realized that she had gone fishing with that lady from the Jiang Family.

It was freezing cold and the two of them were really carefree.

Han Zhan scrolled through Han Wangwang’s social media and realized that Jiang Bi had appeared too many times in Han Wangwang’s social media in the past two years.

Han Zhan was not a girl and didn’t understand girls’ feelings. He was afraid that he had misunderstood and hurriedly closed his WeChat.

Coincidentally, the meal was ready and the butler reminded Han Zhan that it was time to go downstairs for dinner.

Han Zhan closed his work notebook and went downstairs for dinner.

Passing by the indoor fountain, Han Zhan saw Han Miao and Han Jun fighting.

Their butler was pulling them away. Han Zhan stopped in his tracks and asked the butler, “What happened?”

The housekeeper said, “Miaomiao snatched Junjun’s Overlord Dragon earlier. Junjun got angry and started fighting with Miaomiao.”

Two children who didn’t know how to walk fought fiercely.

Han Miao looked big but was not as fierce as Han Jun. Han Jun was like a little wolf cub. She had to protect everything that belonged to her well. If it was snatched by her elder sister, she had to snatch it back.

But Han Jun was not as tall as Han Miao. When she snatched things, she was always bullied by Han Miao.

But even if she was bullied, Han Jun would never give up. In her small worldview, she would never give up until she achieved her goal. She didn’t know fear or giving up at all. She was truly a newborn calf who was not afraid of a tiger.

Han Zhan admired Han Jun’s guts.

Han Zhan’s intuition told him that among the two children, Han Jun’s character was the most like his. She hated as much as he did and would never turn back.

Han Zhan told the butler, “Let them continue hitting without getting injured.” The children ouldn’t be pampered anymore. If her parents had raised her into a dainty little princess, in the future, when she grew up and entered society, who would pamper them?

His daughters didn’t need to be princesses. They needed to be queens.

The housekeeper looked slightly shocked when she heard this.

But Han Zhan was the children’s father. Since he had already made such a request, what else could the housekeeper say? “Alright, I understand, Sir.”

Song Ci was about to bring the children out for dinner when she happened to hear Han Zhan’s words. Although Song Ci felt that Han Zhan was rather harsh on the children, she agreed with his views.

“Brother Han, it’s time to eat.” Song Ci pretended not to hear Han Zhan and the housekeeper’s conversation. She said to the housekeeper, “Butler Jiang, bring Miaomiao and Junjun for dinner.”

“Mmm, alright, Madam.”

After Butler Jiang left with the two babies, Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “You eavesdropped?” Han Zhan had already heard Song Ci’s footsteps.

Song Ci nodded. “Mmm, I heard it.”

“Your heart aches for them? Do you think I did something wrong?”

Song Ci thought about it seriously before saying, “You are their father and you love them as much as I do. Being ruthless is also a form of love.”

Han Zhan was relieved to see that Song Ci understood him.

“Baby Ci, I won’t raise my daughter like a princess. Even if I have a son in the future, I won’t raise him like a little prince.” Hugging Song Ci into his arms, Han Zhan lowered his head and bit her ear. He said hoarsely, “In our family, having a little princess like you is enough.”

Song Ci blushed silently. “Don’t be mischievous, be steady.” The longer they interacted, the more Han Zhan’s image in Song Ci’s heart collapsed.

When they first met, Brother Han was so serious.


She dyed a piece of white paper in color.

The two of them walked arm in arm to the dining room. Han Aoyu had also arrived and was waiting for Song Ci and Han Zhan. Butler Cai was holding a tablet and showing Han Aoyu something. Han Aoyu watched it with relish.

“What are you looking at?”

Han Zhan pulled Song Ci behind Han Zhan and glanced at the tablet.

So he was looking at a family photo.

This was a photo taken on the day of the housewarming. Everyone was standing at the entrance of the manor. There were many photos taken at that time. Old Master was exceptionally passionate and left a photo with everyone.

Butler Cai told Han Zhan, “The photographer has already handled the photos and sent the document over for Sir, Old Master, and Madam to take a look. If they are all satisfied, we will have to prepare it.”

Han Aoyu took a look and said, “Not bad. This isn’t too ridiculous. Let’s do it this way.”

Perhaps because he couldn’t keep up with the trends, Han Aoyu couldn’t stand those photoshop techniques. He always felt that photos were a form of witness and should be real. If the photos were fake, it would lose its essence.

Han Zhan didn’t have any requests for these. He handed the tablet to Song Ci.

“Baby Ci, take a look.”

After all, Song Ci was the idol in their family.

Song Ci had seen the photo and said, “It’s quite good. This is a family photo, not an artistic one. There’s no need to photoshop it too greatly.”

“Butler Cai, call the photographer back and say yes.”

“Okay, Madam.”

After Butler Cai left with the tablet, Han Aoyu said to Song Ci, “Alright, sit down. Otherwise, the food will be cold.”


Only when Old Master picked up his chopsticks to eat did Song Ci and the rest start eating.

Han Aoyu only chose some vegetables to eat. He put down his chopsticks and suddenly said, “I’ll be going back in the afternoon.”

Hearing this, Song Ci and Han Zhan looked up. Song Ci urged Old Master to stay. “Grandpa, stay here for a few more days. The children can’t bear to part with you.” The children were the best sweets. With some coaxing, Grandpa would stay.

But this time, Han Aoyu shook his head firmly. He said, “No, I really have to go back. The Luohan Pine that your grandmother gave me hasn’t been watered for a few days.”

Han Zhan said, “I’ll get Uncle Zhong to water it.”

“No, I’ve always watered that pine myself.” Han Aoyu appeared especially stubborn.

Since he insisted on leaving, Han Zhan and Song Ci couldn’t stay either. “Are you really going back?”


“Alright, I will send you back personally later.”


After dinner, Han Aoyu accompanied his great-granddaughter. After the children had their afternoon nap, he put on his hat and said, “Let’s go.”

Han Zhan personally drove Han Aoyu back to the forest villa.

Returning home, Han Aoyu took the watering can to water the luohan tree.

Han Zhan had been recuperating recently and was in no hurry to go back to work, so he stayed here to accompany his grandfather.

Standing beside his grandfather and staring at that pot of Luohan Pine, Han Zhan suddenly said, “Grandma said that you planted this Luohan Pine personally for her, right?”

“Mmm.” Han Aoyu told Han Zhan in detail about the origins of this Luohan Pine. “During the war against the United States in the 1960s, your grandmother and I seldom met. At that time, your grandmother was alone at home, so I planted this Luohan Pine for her.”

“When I was not around, she was the one taking care of this Luohan Pine.”

Han Zhan smiled. “So this Luohan Pine not only witnessed the love between grandfather and grandmother, it also witnessed the country turning from chaos to peace.”


After watering it, Old Master suddenly handed the watering can to Han Zhan. He instructed Han Zhan. “Zhanzhan, in the future when Grandpa is no longer around, you must take good care of it for Grandpa.”

Han Zhan continued to sprinkle the water bottle, his hands slightly trembling. He looked up at the blue sky and said in a choked voice, “Grandpa, I don’t want it. If you’re no longer around, I’ll shovel it and use it as firewood.”

“Don’t say things in a fit of pique.” Han Aoyu’s body was already bent. He had to look up to see Han Zhan’s face clearly. “Grandpa is already a rotten piece of wood. If not for wanting to see you and Song Lass return safely, I would have long collapsed.”

He slowly raised his hand and touched Han Zhan’s cheek with his wrinkled and aged hand.

Han Aoyu sighed. “Zhanzhan, you’re already so tall that Grandpa has to tiptoe to touch you.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan finally couldn’t control his emotions. The 1.9m tall guy instantly knelt down in front of the old man. “Grandpa.” Han Zhan hugged Han Aoyu’s waist and cried. “Grandpa, you don’t want me anymore?”

Han Aoyu patted Han Zhan’s shoulder. “What are you crying for? Grandpa is already in his 80s or 90s.”

“Grandpa, Zhanzhan can’t bear to part with you…” It was dark and no one saw Han Zhan hugging the old man and crying like a five to six-year-old child.

Late at night, when Han Zhan didn’t return, Song Ci called him. “Brother Han, aren’t you coming back tonight?” Song Ci stood at the door of the children’s room and spoke softly to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan stood outside Han Aoyu’s room. He acknowledged and told Song Ci, “I’ll be here tonight.” Han Zhan’s tone was very grave, as if something major had happened.

Song Ci felt uneasy and asked hesitantly, “Did Grandpa eat a lot tonight?”

Han Zhan said, “He barely touched food.”

Hearing this, Song Ci’s heart also sank slightly. “Then is he sleeping now?”

“I just fell asleep.” Just as Han Zhan finished speaking, he suddenly heard Old Master cough. That cough seemed to be unable to stop as it got worse and worse.

Song Ci also heard it.

She said, “I’ll come over too.”

“Don’t. Stay with the cubs. If… if it’s time, I will inform you to rush over.”

“Alright then.”

After hanging up, Han Zhan pushed open the door and strode over to his grandfather’s bed. He poured a cup of warm tea for him and handed it to him. Han Aoyu took a sip and Han Zhan noticed that there was some blood on the teacup.

But he didn’t say anything.

Han Aoyu laid down slowly and waved at Han Zhan. “Go and rest. Grandpa is fine.”


Han Zhan tiptoed out and closed the door for his grandfather.

He didn’t return to his room to rest. Instead, he went to Zhong Buhui’s room. Zhong Buhui didn’t sleep either. He sat alone at the small tea table in his room, drinking alone.

Han Zhan entered the house and his heart sank at the smell of alcohol.

“Uncle Zhong.”

Zhong Buhui put down his glass, looked up, and saw Han Zhan, his expression slightly panicked. “I just want a sip…”

Han Zhan waved his hand. “It’s okay, drink it.” Everyone had a time when they were depressed and had nowhere to vent.

Zhong Buhui was relieved.

He held his glass and sipped it, indicating for Han Zhan to find a seat himself.

Han Zhan sat there for a while and remained silent. When Zhong Buhui picked up the bottle to pour another drink, he suddenly said, “Do you still have a glass? I want some too.”

Zhong Buhui glanced at him, got up quietly, went to the cupboard, and took out a glass of wine.

After pouring a glass for Han Zhan, Zhong Buhui handed it to him and asked, “Are you in a bad mood?”

Han Zhan took a sip of wine.

The alcohol content was very high in white wine and it had been a long time since Han Zhan had drunk such alcohol. Han Zhan swirled the glass in his hand and asked Zhong Buhui, “What are you upset about, Uncle Zhong?”

Zhong Buhui’s mouth twitched. In the end, he couldn’t control his emotions. He supported his forehead with his hand and cried. “Zhanzhan, Old Master is dying.”

Han Zhan had already seen through it, but hearing this from Zhong Buhui, Han Zhan still felt like he had been struck by lightning. “What exactly happened?” Something that he didn’t know must have happened.

Zhong Buhui said, “When you and Song Ci weren’t around, Old Master’s appetite had been poor. At first, I thought he was worried about your safety and didn’t eat or drink much.”

“Unexpectedly, one day, Old Master suddenly coughed and actually coughed out a mouthful of blood. I was shocked and ignored Old Master’s objection to forcefully bringing him to the hospital. After a checkup, the doctor said that Old Master’s organs were starting to deteriorate rapidly and a large portion of his lungs were broken.”

Zhong Buhui pressed his forehead and cried so hard that his snot was dripping onto his pants. “Old Master is already old and can’t be cured.” He was old and had worked for decades with his organs. If they stopped working, it would really happen suddenly.

This was a disease that no one could reverse.

Han Zhan took another sip of wine when he heard this.

He stared at Zhong Buhui and cried bitterly, but didn’t dare to make a sound. He was afraid that his grandfather in the room next door would hear him and feel very upset. Han Zhan and Zhong Buhui didn’t close their eyes that night.

The next morning, Han Zhan knocked on his grandfather’s door just as the sun rose.

Han Aoyu said, “Come in.”

Hearing his grandfather’s voice, Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief.

Han Zhan entered the house and saw Han Aoyu leaning against the head of the bed with only half his jacket on. Han Zhan hurriedly went over to help his grandfather put on his clothes.

After putting on his clothes, Han Aoyu saw that the weather outside was not bad. He said, “The weather is not bad. Are you going fishing?”

Han Zhan asked with a smile, “Grandpa, will you accompany me?”


“Alright then.”

There was a small river at the foot of the mountain. When they were young, Han Zhan brought Cheng Yanmo to play but caused him to roll into the river and nearly drown.

Han Zhan tossed out his fishing rod and chatted with Han Aoyu about his childhood.

Han Aoyu said, “When you were young and just fetched back, you were especially antisocial. But after that, you became like a flying centipede and couldn’t stay idle.”

“At that time, Old Master Cheng annoyed you the moment he saw you going to play with his eldest grandson. But Yanmo that child liked you the most. Once you went, he ran after you.”

The sun was warm and Old Master Han told Han Zhan many interesting things from his childhood. As he spoke, he felt sleepy. “I’ll sleep for a while. Call me when the fishing rod moves.”

Han Zhan nodded hesitantly. “Okay.”

Old Master Han fell asleep immediately. Han Zhan waited for Old Master Han to fall asleep before reaching out to check if he was breathing.

Only after confirming that his grandfather was still alive did Han Zhan relax.

After two to three hours, they caught a spotted silver carp and a few unruly fish. Han Zhan carried his grandfather and the fish home. Only when he arrived home did he realize that Song Ci and the children were also here.

“Did you catch a fish?” Song Ci walked over and supported Old Master.

“I caught a few and made them at noon!”

With Song Ci’s help, Han Aoyu walked into the house with his walking stick.

When Han Miao and Han Jun saw their great grandfather, they hurriedly knelt down and crawled to his feet. They stood up along his legs and whined.


Han Miao: Great-grandfather, want a hug.

“Ahhh, ahhh!”

Han Jun: Great grandfather, hug me. Great grandfather, hug me quickly.

Han Aoyu looked at the two little cuties happily. He wanted to hug them both, but his body was too weak to do so. Han Zhan gave Song Ci a look. “Baby Ci, help Grandpa sit down.”

“Okay.” Song Ci helped her grandfather sit down on the armchair.

Han Zhan put down the bucket containing the fish, carried a little guy in each hand, and placed the children beside his grandfather’s legs. The children circled around Han Aoyu’s thigh. Han Aoyu chuckled as he looked at them. His laughter was unheard of.

Han Zhan and Song Ci entered the house to make fish.

Song Ci planned to make a pot of carrot soup with the spotted silver carp in her grandfather’s vegetable field.

Han Zhan planned to make a spicy grilled fish.

Han Miao was tired of spinning and laid down on the Grand Duke’s lap to rest. Han Aoyu really liked it and hugged the child tightly onto his lap.

He teased Han Miao and said, “Miaomiao is your elder sister. You must protect your younger sister in the future, understand?”

Han Miao understood the word “little sister.” Hearing this, she raised her chubby little hand and slapped Han Jun’s head. Han Jun looked up in a daze and saw that it was Han Miao. She also reached out, grabbed Han Miao’s hand, and pinched it hard.

Han Aoyu felt very tired.

What happened to the close sisters?

Luckily, Han Jun was quickly distracted by something else. She crawled to the side of the coffee table and went to play with the potted plant.

Realizing that great grandfather was about to fall asleep, Han Miao playfully patted his chin. “Ah! Ahhh!” Han Miao reminded the great grandfather not to sleep.

Han Miao had patted the Grand Duke several times but couldn’t get him out. She was slightly anxious. “Ah!”


Hearing Han Miao’s shout, Zhong Buhui, who was using a feather duster to wipe the dust off the photo on the wall, turned to look. Seeing that Old Master suddenly closed his eyes to sleep, Zhong Buhui’s heart suddenly rang with alarm.

“Old Master, are you sleepy again?” Seeing that Old Master didn’t reply, Zhong Buhui hurriedly placed the feather duster in front of Han Zhan’s trophy and strode over to Han Aoyu.

“Old Master?” Zhong Buhui raised his voice and called out again.

Han Aoyu still didn’t react.

Zhong Buhui’s expression changed slightly! He carefully reached out his index finger and placed it in front of Old Master’s nose. Old Master’s breathing was very weak, and he was only breathing, not breathing!

Zhong Buhui’s hands trembled and his voice trembled. “Zhanzhan, come over quickly. Old Master seems to be dying!”


The porcelain bowl in Song Ci’s hand fell to the ground.

That fall made it seem like something was gone!

Han Zhan and Song Ci ran out of the kitchen together.

Like Zhong Buhui, Han Zhan placed his finger in front of his grandfather’s nose.

Han Aoyu was indeed only breathing out and not breathing in.

Although he was already mentally prepared, Han Zhan still felt his heart ache when this moment really arrived. “Grandpa!”

“Grandpa! Wake up and look at Zhanzhan. We should eat!”

Han Aoyu’s eyelids twitched. His eyes gradually opened slightly, as if he was looking at Han Zhan or not. After a while, Han Aoyu suddenly opened his mouth and sighed.


After sighing, the old man closed his eyes.

]At this point, he had even stopped breathing.

Han Zhan stared at his grandfather’s appearance for more than 10 seconds, before slowly kneeling down in front of his grandfather’s legs and kowtowing deeply a few times to his grandfather’s body.

“Grandpa, rest in peace.”

Seeing this, Zhong Buhui couldn’t hold back his emotions anymore. He hugged Old Master’s shoulder on the spot and cried bitterly.

Song Ci was also crying as she wiped her tears.

The two guards outside the house heard the commotion and also ran into the house. Seeing that Old Master had left, they gave him a standard military salute.

Han Zhan stood up and rubbed his eyes vigorously before saying to Song Ci in a hoarse voice, “Baby Ci, bring the register over. We need to call our family and friends to come over for the funeral.”

This list had already been compiled long ago. It was to prevent them from forgetting to invite a relative when he passed away one day.

Song Ci nodded. “Alright, I will go get it now.”

She carried her daughters away first and called Song Fei to inform her to come over and help take care of her nieces. After the call, Song Ci placed the children in the nursery before going to look for the register.

Only on this day did the netizens truly understand what kind of big shot Old Master Han was.

In the afternoon, family members arrived in black. Han Dongliang, who was already 70 years old, rushed to the forest villa with his son Han Yueyun, his daughter-in-law Lin Jiao, his granddaughter Han Wangwang, and his grandson Han Junjun.

Entering the mourning hall, Han Dongliang brought his grandchildren to kneel in front of his uncle Han Aoyu’s coffin. They respectfully offered incense, kowtowed, and burned paper.

Close behind them were Jin Luolan and her husband, as well as Di Rongrong and Mo Yao. After leaving the Han Family, Mo Yao and her husband went on a holiday in the neighboring city. They hurried over immediately after receiving the call.

Upon entering the house and seeing Uncle Han’s solemn and dignified portrait on the table, the most fragile Di Rongrong cried on the spot. It was better if she didn’t cry. With her cry, Mo Yao and Jin Luolan also wiped their tears.

After offering incense, Mo Yao, who rarely took the initiative to comfort others, hugged Han Zhan this time. “Zhanzhan.”

Han Zhan remained silent.

Mo Yao told him, “Zhanzhan, don’t be too sad. Your grandfather only went to see your grandmother and mother. He is not alone.”

Han Zhan forced a smile that was uglier than crying. He nodded and said, “Godmother Mo Yao, don’t worry about me. I am fine.” He was already an adult in his thirties and could accept this fact. He just felt terrible and was in a bad mood.

On this day, Han Aoyu’s best friends and the descendants of his late friends all rushed to Wangdong City from all over. Among them were more than 10 juniors who were temporarily staying overseas.

At 8pm, a few representatives attended the funeral in a low-profile manner. They offered Han Aoyu an incense stick and kowtowed a few times. They chatted with the old gentlemen who had already arrived for a while before leaving hurriedly due to work.

Meanwhile, Han Zhan was wearing a full black suit and a mourning robe. He stood in front of the door unmoving like a bronze statue. For the entire 14 hours, apart from going to the toilet, Han Zhan had been standing there without even drinking a sip of water.

As for Song Ci, she was also accompanying Han Zhan.

At 2am, no one would come. Han Zhan shot Yan Jiang a look and told him, “Ah Jiang, bring Song Ci to rest.”

Song Ci instinctively asked Han Zhan, “What about you?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “I have to be filial.”

Han Zhan was Han Aoyu’s funeral escort and he couldn’t sleep tonight. When there were no guests later, Han Zhan would still have to kneel in front of the coffin and burn joss paper for Old Master.

This was his duty and responsibility.

Han Zhan had a strong physique. When he was in the military, he had a record of not eating or sleeping for at most six days. Therefore, it was not difficult for him to not sleep for three days.

Song Ci said, “I won’t go. I will accompany you.”

“Don’t be stubborn. Listen to me. You must take good care of yourself. After the funeral, I still have to wait for you to take care of me.” The funeral was going to be held for three days and Han Zhan had almost no sleep time these three days.

By the time this funeral was over, Han Zhan would also lose a lot of flesh. If both he and Song Ci collapsed, that would be big trouble.

Song Ci considered it before agreeing to Han Zhan’s request.

Song Ci thought she couldn’t fall asleep, but after standing for more than 10 hours, her body was already very tired. Song Ci actually fell asleep.

In the morning, Song Ci woke up and went downstairs to see Han Zhan still standing at the door, welcoming the new guests. He had changed into a black suit and shaved, looking rather energetic.

Song Fei told Song Ci, “He didn’t rest last night.”

Song Ci’s heart ached for Han Zhan, but she couldn’t say anything.

According to Han Aoyu’s dying wish, after his death, his body would be cremated. After cremation, his ashes would be scattered in the forest at the southwest border using a helicopter.

The southwest border was a land that Han Aoyu had spent his entire life protecting. After his death, his soul and the border coexisted to protect this land forever and ever.

All these activities had been approved.

When the body was cremated, many old friends were wiping their tears.

Han Zhan stood together with the staff. The moment he saw his grandfather being pushed into the crematorium, he thought of his grandfather who was fishing with him a few days ago and would never see him again. Han Zhan finally broke down completely. He hugged his grandfather’s portrait and knelt down to cry bitterly.

The last person who would treat him like a child had also left. From this day onwards, he was no longer a child…

Song Ci heard Han Zhan’s heart-wrenching sobs. She covered her face, bit her lips, and cried silently.

Han Zhan then went to the southwest again. When he returned, it was already two days later.

Once he reached home, he didn’t even take a shower and just laid down on the bed to sleep.

Song Ci stood by the bed and gazed at Han Zhan’s sleeping face. She recalled many memories. In her previous life, Old Master Han passed away and Han Zhan escorted Old Master Han’s portrait to the funeral parlor in mourning clothes.

That scene was recorded by the camera. Only then did everyone know that Zeus Corporation’s boss was actually Old Master Han’s grandson.

Later on, when he was interviewed by the business newspaper, Han Zhan had once revealed that his greatest regret in life was not being able to get married and have children so that his grandfather could leave in peace.

Han Zhan’s greatest regret in his previous life was finally fulfilled in this life.

Song Ci laid down with Han Zhan and hugged him. Sensing that Han Zhan had lost a lot of weight, Song Ci decided to make the best use of her time to recover all the meat he had lost.

Han Zhan slept for a total of 27 hours. Han Zhan woke up again due to hunger.

Han Zhan saw that Song Ci was sleeping soundly and gently got up from the bed. He wore slippers and went to the kitchen. Entering the kitchen, Han Zhan opened the thermos and saw three dishes and a soup in the pot. His heart instantly warmed.

Butler Cai was actually still awake. Sensing that Han Zhan had woken up, Butler Cai also walked out of the room. Even at night, Butler Cai was wearing a meticulous butler suit.

“Good evening, Sir.”

Han Zhan took the dishes out of the pot and stood by the stove to eat.

Butler Cai didn’t think Han Zhan was vulgar either.

In his opinion, the vulgarity of a person’s soul was the true vulgarity.

Butler Cai told Han Zhan, “Madam made this for Sir before bed. She said that Sir should wake up tonight. Knowing that you will be hungry when you wake up, she specially used a thermos to keep you warm.”

As Han Zhan ate, he said, “I know.” Han Zhan looked at the appearance of this dish and tasted it. He knew that these dishes were made by Song Ci.

This sour and spicy shredded potato was cut rather roughly and was much worse than his chef’s knife skills. Moreover, this braised pork ribs was too sweet. The chef had already gotten a certificate and would not make such a lousy dish.

Butler Cai smiled. “That’s true. Sir will definitely be able to taste Madam’s cooking.”

After Han Zhan finished his meal, he threw the plate into the dishwasher and asked Butler Cai, “Did anything happen at home during my absence?”

“Everything is pretty good.”


Han Zhan got Butler Cai to sleep early and went out alone to take a walk to digest his food.

However, it was too cold outside and the wind was blowing. Han Zhan stayed for more than 10 minutes before returning to his room.

Returning to the room, afraid that he would wake Song Ci up if he was too cold, Han Zhan went to the bathtub in the guest room to fill the bathtub. He washed himself clean and waited for his body to feel warm before returning to the room.

The moment he laid down, Song Ci rolled into his arms like a heat pack. “You went to take a shower?” Song Ci actually knew that Han Zhan was awake.

Han Zhan asked her, “When did you wake up?”

“Just now, when you opened the door, I suddenly woke up.”

“Sorry to disturb you.”

“It’s okay.” Song Ci laid her head on Han Zhan’s chest. She touched Han Zhan’s stomach and asked him, “Have you eaten? Are you full?” Song Ci was afraid that Han Zhan would be hungry and made a big portion for him.

Han Zhan said, “I’m super full.”

His fingers stroked Song Ci’s back repeatedly. Han Zhan said, “Help me digest my food?”

Song Ci actually really wanted to sleep, but Han Zhan had just finished his meal and took a walk and shower. He was in good spirits. Song Ci said, “I really want to sleep.” She didn’t really want to play a digestive game with Han Zhan.

Han Zhan said, “You sleep yours, I play mine.”

Song Ci wanted to curse but couldn’t bear to.

Recently, he had been a fragile and pitiful child who needed love. In the end, Song Ci still agreed.

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