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Chapter 269: What a Coincidence, I Am Also A Pervert

Yan Jiang pulled Song Fei back. Along the way, they observed the scenery and sighed at how evil Han Zhan was.

But Song Fei and Yan Jiang felt very happy to be friends with the evil rich Han Zhan. Song Fei saw that Yan Jiang liked this manor and said, “When I make money in the future, I will also build one for you.”

Yan Jiang couldn’t bear to ruin Song Fei’s ambition. “From what I know, there are very few wealthy ladies who sell their bodies for virus research.” They were all poor researchers.

Song Fei remained silent.

As a virus researcher, she was indeed very poor.


Song Fei thought of something and said, “I wrote many softwares in the past and got my disciple to sell them. I haven’t asked him how much he sold them for.”

That was many years ago. Song Fei was only 12 years old then.

For a period of time, Song Fei had been very interested in programming. She had written many messy programming programs and felt that those programming programs were flashy but useless. As a result, she had left them with her disciple and asked him to sell them for a good price.

Her disciple was not old and was a few years younger than her, but she was a slippery little girl with good hacking skills. If not for this, Song Fei would have forgotten that she had a disciple.

“Let me go back and contact my disciple.”

Yan Jiang was slightly shocked. “Really? You have a disciple? What’s his name?”

“You won’t know him even if I tell you.”

The two of them had already arrived at the banquet hall. They ended the conversation and entered the banquet hall.

The afternoon banquet was about to start and the guests had also returned from the back of the mountain and were about to take their seats. Han Zhan’s housewarming banquet was hosted by Liang Bo that brat.

Song Ci saw Liang Bo walk up the stage with a microphone and suddenly had a bad feeling.

Today, Liang Bo was wearing a white shirt, loose camel-colored pants, and a beige windbreaker. His hair was not specially styled and his fringe hung lazily on his forehead, making him look like a lazy cat.

But as soon as the rhythm of “Good Luck Arrives” started, Liang Bo started swaying crazily.

Liang Bo’s voice was very suitable for singing love songs. Hearing him sing “Good Luck Arrives” made Song Ci feel uneasy. Liang Bo stomped his feet and roared.

“Good luck comes to wish you good luck. Good luck brings joy and love. Good luck comes to us. Facing good luck and thriving everywhere!”

Song Ci was speechless.

She turned to look at Han Zhan beside her.

Han Zhan was staring at Liang Bo upstairs with a smile. He felt that this child Liang Bo was really sensible and considerate. His likable tricks always hit the nail on the head.

Han Zhan waved his hand and the director of Yu Hua Entertainment walked over.

Han Zhan pointed at Liang Bo on stage and said to Zhu Wen, “Your young boyfriend sings pretty well. He can hold a few local concert tours next year. Make a planner later and let me see it.”

Zhu Wen nodded with a subtle expression.

She turned to leave, thinking about her conversation with Liang Bo before leaving today.

Zhu Wen said, “Are you sure you want to sing ‘Good Luck Arrives’, ‘The God of Fortune Arrives’, and ‘All Things Will Go smoothly’?” What kind of old songs are these!

Mr. Han is such a tasteful and successful man. How can he like such songs?

Liang Bo hooked his finger on Zhu Wen’s lips and took a bite. His expression was filled with confidence as he said, “Believe me, even if Mr. Han doesn’t like it, Old Mr. Han will also like it. Singing this song will definitely not be wrong. Perhaps once I sing this song and Mr. Han is happy, he will hold several concerts for me next year?”

But she didn’t know that Liang Bo’s words were true.

Zhu Wen smirked. “Little trickster!”

After Liang Bo finished singing “Good Luck Arrives”, he sang “The Arrival of the God of Wealth”. Han Aoyu, Chen Shu, and the rest sat below the stage and clapped along with Liang Bo’s song.

If Old Master Han was happy, everyone in the room would be happy and would also clap.

After Liang Bo left the stage, Song Ci leaned close to him and whispered into his ear. “You are so capable, little Masked King. You made my Old Master so happy.”

“Goddess, I will do what he likes now.” For someone like Old Master Han, he had experienced wars, suffered hardships, and suffered hunger. He looked forward to a prosperous life more than anyone.

His grandson was having a housewarming party today. Old Master was naturally happy to hear “Good Luck Arrives” and “God of Fortune Arrives”.

Liang Bo knew what the old man was thinking and had gained the favor of the host today. Song Ci especially admired Liang Bo. This scheming dog was full of schemes and was indeed a guy who could play with her.

After dinner, the guests left.

Over at Wangdong City, the more lively the house was on the night of the house relocation, the more popular it would be in the future. As a result, the group of godmothers and Song Fei stayed over.

Old Master’s room was on the first floor of the activity room.

At night, he played several rounds of chess with Chen Shu, who was also staying over at the manor.

The elephant in Chen Shu’s hand had eaten Han Aoyu’s generals on the chessboard. “Old man, I’ve eaten all your generals. You’ve lost this game.”

Han Aoyu was competitive and chess was like fighting a war. He was fierce and meticulous and rarely won against Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu stared at the scattered chess pieces on the chessboard and suddenly sighed. “I will be 84 next month.”

“Ha!” Chen Shu laid out the chess pieces again and asked Han Aoyu, “How are you planning to celebrate your birthday next month?”

Han Aoyu pursed his lips and pouted. He suddenly said, “I feel that I am leaving.”

Chen Shu was focused on the game. Hearing this, he said, “Where are you going?”

After asking, without Han Aoyu’s reply, Chen Shu suddenly understood what Han Aoyu meant by “leaving”.

Chen Shu retracted his chess piece and looked up at his big brother in surprise. He asked hesitantly, “Why do you suddenly have such an idea?”

“Old Brother Han, have you been letting your imagination run wild recently? Why don’t you go back to Shunchen’s hometown to stay for a while?”

However, Han Aoyu shook his head.

He opened the thermos and took a sip of black tea.

Putting down his cup, Han Aoyu told Chen Shu, “Recently, I’ve been dreaming of your Duanfang sister-in-law. She’s sitting quietly in front of the fireplace in her hometown, knitting as she talks to me.”

“She kept asking about me and Zhanzhan. I told her that Zhanzhan was doing very well. He got married and had a cute, lively, and smart daughter. Your sister-in-law Duanfang smiled in relief. After laughing, she said that she knitted seven to eight sweaters for me. It was cold and she was waiting for me to wear them.”

It was not a good sign to frequently dream of a deceased lover.

Han Aoyu rubbed his stomach and said, “I’ve been sleeping more and more lightly recently. I dream of Duan Fang whenever I sleep. I really don’t have much time left.”

Two years ago, the doctor had already detected that his organ function had started to deteriorate and was gradually aging.

He was too old. Although he was alright, it was time.

Hearing Han Aoyu’s words, Chen Shu remained silent.

Chen Shu was already in his early 70s. All the big brothers he had made when he was young had left one after another. Some were even younger than him by a few years and had already passed away.

Having lived to this age, he could already disregard life and death, let alone Han Aoyu, who was used to seeing death.

There are some things that I haven’t been able to tell you. Today, when you come over, I will say a few heartfelt words to you.”

Han Aoyu grabbed Chen Shu’s hand.

It was a firm grip.

Chen Shu was shocked and flattered. He hurriedly said, “Brother Han, tell me. I will listen.”

Han Aoyu nodded heavily and sighed. “Old Chen, if I really leave, help me keep an eye on Han Zhan. Without me, Han Zhan is a real adult. In the future, when he encounters setbacks and difficulties, he won’t have anyone to confide in. I’ll have to trouble you to keep an eye on him for me.”

In the end, the thing that Han Aoyu couldn’t let go of the most was his grandson.

Chen Shu looked dazed.

“Old Brother Han, you… sigh!”

Chen Shu kept all the chess pieces on the chessboard with one hand and placed them neatly in the chess box. He said evasively, “No more chess. Your mind is not on the chessboard.”

Han Aoyu knew that Chen Shu couldn’t bear to part with him. He shook his head and chuckled. “Old Chen, everyone will have such a day. It’s already very good that I can still bid you farewell calmly.”

Releasing Chen Shu’s hand, Han Aoyu gazed at the horse farm outside the window. Thinking of his brothers who had passed away at such a young age, he couldn’t help sighing. “In my life, I’ve made countless good brothers. When I was young, many brothers didn’t even greet me and just disappeared.”

“Some died on the battlefield, while others died in grievance at home. In the years since New China was established, it’s a blessing that you and I are still alive today after so many storms.”

“I am very satisfied, really. I have no other regrets in this life except for one thing. There will always be a knot in my heart.”

Chen Shu pursed his lips, his old eyes filled with pity. He looked at Han Aoyu, saw him covering his forehead, and suddenly choked. “My Mulan…”

Han Aoyu suddenly started sobbing. He started crying softly and told Chen Shu, “I’ve let Mulan down. As her father, I’ve protected the world and the country, but I can’t protect my child…”

“Oh my Mulan, her life is so tough. She left early and didn’t even have the chance to see Zhanzhan get married or her granddaughters.”

“Old Chen, how can I face my Mulan after I leave?”

The last time Chen Shu saw Han Aoyu cry was at Han Mulan’s funeral. That day, this old man cried so hard that he knelt down and hugged his daughter’s tombstone, calling out for Mulan.

After 28 years, the old man still couldn’t stop crying at the mention of his daughter.

In this world, only your family will remember you forever after you die.

Chen Shu’s eyes also reddened.

At this point, any comforting words were useless. Chen Shu decided to just shut his mouth and sat quietly beside his Old Brother Han.

Standing outside the door, Han Zhan’s heart ached as he listened to his grandfather’s sobs.

He originally came to remind the elderly to rest early.

In the end, Han Zhan still didn’t push the door open.

Han Zhan turned around and nimbly went upstairs.

After moving into the new house, Song Ci was very happy. She couldn’t fall asleep at night and kept rolling around in bed. Han Zhan suddenly pushed open the door and entered. He didn’t speak to Song Ci and went straight to the balcony outside in silence.

He bent over, leaned against the railing, and stared at the Ferris wheel with its night lights on the back hill. He felt a wave of sadness.

Song Ci sensed that Han Zhan was upset. She sat up, found a thick pyjamas, and put it on. She followed him to the balcony, stood beside Han Zhan, and touched his hand.

It was exceptionally cold.

Song Ci hurriedly hugged Han Zhan from behind. “Brother Han, tell me, what are you feeling upset about?” She couldn’t read Han Zhan’s mind and couldn’t guess his thoughts.

Han Zhan was silent for a long while before saying, “I went downstairs just now and heard Grandpa crying. He mentioned my mother to Grandpa Chen.”

No wonder.

“When old people gather together and talk about the past, they will inevitably feel sad.”

Han Zhan shook his head. “Baby Ci, our family might have to hold a funeral soon.”

Song Ci was shocked.

She released Han Zhan, walked up to him, and tilted her head to look at his expression.

Han Zhan pursed his lips tightly, his jawline stiff, his eyes filled with reluctance and tears. Song Ci guessed something and exclaimed softly, “You’re talking about Grandpa…”

“Mmm, Grandpa knows his own health very well. He told Grandpa Chen that he might not make it past his birthday this year.”

It was Grandpa’s birthday next month.

Song Ci instinctively rejected him. “Grandpa isn’t a doctor. How would he know? Perhaps he just hasn’t been sleeping well recently and is letting his imagination run wild.”

“Baby Ci, my grandfather has always been a very accurate person.”

Although it was very strange, it was true.

That year, when Han Zhan broke up with Du Xueyan, Han Zhan felt that he would never love or get married again. But his grandfather said that he would meet a lovely wife who loved to act coquettishly and considerately. In the end, he really met Song Ci.

A few years ago, Grandpa went to visit an old friend and said that that friend might not live past half a month. In the end, that old man passed away a few days later.

Grandpa had also said many things, but most of them came true.

The old man knew his own health the best. The reason why he told him about his health was because he knew that his days were numbered.

“Baby Ci, Grandpa is already 84 years old.” He was an old man.

An old man at this age would always collapse.

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci couldn’t find a way to retort. She placed her palms together and prayed sincerely. “I hope Grandpa can still persevere for a while longer and listen to the children call him ‘Great-grandfather’.”

Han Zhan gazed at Song Ci, a hint of sweetness burrowing into his sorrowful heart.

The next day, after lunch, all his family and friends bid farewell. A murder happened in a small county under his jurisdiction. The victim’s body was on the way to the headquarters. Yan Jiang had a new job and had to go to work in the afternoon.

Song Fei and Yan Jiang finished their meal and left.

Song Fei sent Yan Jiang to the police station before driving home. Returning home, she turned on her laptop, logged into a hidden website, and found her disciple on her friend list.

Not sure if her disciple still used this website, Song Fei posted a message: [Little disciple, did you miss Mentor?]

At the same time, at the Jiang Family residence.

After graduating, Jiang Bi joined the legal department of Jiangdong Pharmaceutical Company and became an assistant. She did miscellaneous chores everyday.

That night, Jiang Bi returned from the office. The moment she entered the house, her father, Jiang Weimin, called out to her.

“Bi’er, come over and sit.”

Jiang Bi stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her father sitting on the European-style sofa.

Jiang Dong Pharmaceutical Company’s director, Jiang Weimin, was a scholarly man. Beside Jiang Weimin sat a beautiful woman in a blue dress. This was Jiang Weimin’s second wife, Zhu Xiulan.

Before she married Jiang Weimin, Zhu Xiulan was an unmarried single mother. Not only was Zhu Xiulan beautiful, but she was also very educated and was Jiang Weimin’s capable general in business.

After Jiang Bi’s mother passed away, a few years later, Jiang Weimin married Zhu Xiulan. Zhu Xiulan’s teenage child was also brought into the Jiang Family and changed his name to Jiang Guchuan.

At this point, Jiang Guchuan was still working overtime in the office and had not returned. He was a hardworking and likable adopted son.

Glancing at her father and stepmother, Jiang Bi walked to the sofa and sat down. She crossed her legs and her cold face was filled with fatigue.

“Are you tired from working all day?” Zhu Xiulan asked with concern.

It was better if she didn’t ask. Once she asked, Jiang Weimin noticed Jiang Bi’s sitting position. Jiang Weimin frowned and said to Jiang Bi, “Bi’er, you are a girl. This sitting position is not elegant.”

She looked like a paralyzed person.

Jiang Bi sat up straight and opened her crossed legs to lean against each other.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Weimin was slightly satisfied.

Zhu Xiulan added. “Bi-er, are you going to the office dressed like this today?”

Jiang Bi was wearing a tight black sweater, black and white checkered suit pants, and a light gray windbreaker. Although she was dressed professionally, she didn’t look like a female lawyer.

Jiang Bi said, “What’s the matter? Must I wear clothes that expose my butt and chest?”

Zhu Xiulan, who happened to be revealing some of her chest, looked very awkward when Jiang Bi mentioned her.

Jiang Weimin had wanted to lecture Jiang Bi, but after hearing her words, he couldn’t stand his ground. It was already the 21st century, and no one stipulated that girls had to wear skirts.

Jiang Bi looked at her father and stepmother pretending to be concerned about her and felt so disgusted that she wanted to vomit. “What’s the matter? I’m a little sleepy. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to my room to rest.”

Jiang Weimin said, “You should be 23 this year.”

Jiang Bi narrowed her eyes and had some guesses about what Jiang Weimin was about to say.


“You should start dating now.”

Jiang Bi instinctively rejected him. “I am still young and 23 years old. There is no hurry.”

Jiang Weimin added. “She’s not young anymore at 23 years old. The lady boss of Zeus International already had two children when she was 23 years old.”

What else could Jiang Bi say?

“Madam Han is beautiful and has someone to love her. I am not good looking and no one will like me.” Jiang Bi trampled herself into the dust.

Jiang Weimin was rendered speechless by Jiang Bi’s words.

At this moment, Zhu Xiulan said, “Bi-er, don’t say that. You are so beautiful but not good at dressing up. If you dress up properly, you will also be a beautiful girl.”

“Yes.” Jiang Weimin hurriedly echoed Zhu Xiulan’s words. “You look like your mother. You are beautiful.”

Hearing Jiang Weimin mention Jiang Bi’s mother, Zhu Xiulan felt slightly awkward and remained silent.

Hearing this, Jiang Bi said, “I know very well what I look like.”

Jiang Weimin felt slightly helpless.

Seeing that Jiang Bi was leading the conversation astray, Jiang Weimin simply brought up his true motive. “It’s like this, I arranged a blind date for you.”

Jiang Weimin took out a photo and handed it to Jiang Bi.

Jiang Bi took a look at the photo.

Tsk, it was actually that Second Young Master of the Cheng Family, Cheng Ziang.

Jiang Bi said, “I know this person, Chuan Dong Second Young Master.” That fool who wanted to harm Wang Wang back then.

“Bi-er, you know him? That’s a good thing. Let’s meet him tomorrow.” Jiang Weimin was overjoyed to see that Jiang Bi was interested in Cheng Ziang.

One had to know that this daughter of his had no interest in affairs between men and women at all. It was usually difficult to hear a man’s name from her mouth.

Jiang Bi snorted and said, “Of course I know. Isn’t this the Second Young Master Chuan Dong who chased after Mrs. Han for a few months and ended up with nothing?”

Jiang Bi pointed at her own face and asked her father, “Father, do you think that after wooing a beauty like Mrs. Han, Cheng Ziang will still fancy a low-class girl like me?”

Jiang Bi especially recognized the reality.

In terms of looks, even if she went for plastic surgery, she wouldn’t be as beautiful as the naturally beautiful Song Ci. In terms of talent, Song Ci was Shen Yubei’s favorite student and was a girl that even Coleman liked. How could Jiang Bi compare to Song Ci?

Jiang Weimin continued to be awkward.

He said dryly, “I heard that Nephew Ziang’s character has changed drastically over the past two years. This time, after returning from overseas, everyone says that he has changed drastically and is no longer the playboy from before. Perhaps he just loves… such a down-to-earth girl like you?”

Jiang Bi could tell that she had to attend this blind date no matter what.

“Go and meet him. It’s not like you lack weight.” Zhu Xiulan told Jiang Bi, “Auntie bought you some clothes. Wear new clothes tomorrow. These clothes are not suitable.”

Jiang Bi couldn’t be bothered to continue arguing with Jiang Weimin. She got up and returned upstairs.

Arriving at the room, Jiang Bi opened the wardrobe and saw that it was filled with dresses. Her expression darkened. “Dogsh*t!”

Jiang Bi locked the door and entered the bathroom. She took off her long clothes and pants, revealing a skinny body. This didn’t look like a girl’s bones but more like a young man’s.

Jiang Bi didn’t have much meat on her body, but every piece of meat was filled with explosive power.

If anyone was here, they would realize that the Jiang lady was actually a trickster!

The hot water drenched Jiang Bi’s eyes.

Jiang Bi closed her eyes. A mangled, unrecognizable corpse suddenly appeared in his mind. Jiang Bi suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the shower head.

He leaned against the tile wall of the bathroom and panted heavily like a drowning person.

After taking a shower, Jiang Bi changed and returned to his room.

Han Wangwang sent a message: [Baby Jiang Bi, go online and eat chicken.]


Jiang Bi sat down on the computer and crossed her legs. He couldn’t control his imposing manner. He bit his cigarette, turned on the computer, and logged into the game.

After two rounds, Han Wangwang sent Jiang Bi a private message. “You are not in the mood tonight.”

Jiang Bi told Han Wangwang, “My father asked me to go on a blind date tomorrow.”

Holding a cigarette in his mouth, Jiang Bi stared at the computer as he smoked. Somehow, he asked Han Wangwang, “Do you want me to go on a blind date?”

Han Wangwang remained silent.

Jiang Bi felt bored and was about to quit the game when she saw Han Wangwang say: [If I don’t allow you to go, are you not going?]

Jiang Bi nearly bit his tongue.

He closed his eyes, pretended not to see Han Wangwang’s message, and closed the game. After closing the game, Jiang Bi habitually logged into his own secret website to record what happened that day.

After writing the diary, Jiang Bi was about to log out of the website when he realized that he didn’t read a private message.


This was his and his mentor’s secret website. It wasn’t open to the public, who could it be?

Could it be…

Jiang Bi’s heartbeat quickened!

He hurriedly opened his private message and saw the message:

Huo Hu: [Little disciple, did you miss Mentor?]

Jiang Bi stood up in shock.


Mentor has returned!

Jiang Bi couldn’t help feeling excited.

Jiang Bi hurriedly replied to his master’s message and left his own number. Perhaps his mentor was not online and didn’t reply to Jiang Bi’s message.

The next morning, Jiang Bi went online again and received a new reply from his mentor.

Huo Hu: [Sweet disciple, have you sold all the codes and software that Mentor wrote and developed? Mentor recently adopted a man and is short of money.]

Jiang Bi had always known that his mentor was a woman. Knowing that his mentor had a man made Jiang Bi very happy for her master.

Jiang Bi: [I sold them all. The software and code you gave me back then sold for 200 million yuan in total. All these years, I used your money to help you invest in some businesses. Including fixed assets and real estate, it should be around 20 billion yuan.]

Song Fei: [!]

Song Fei: [Sweet Disciple!]

Song Fei: [Don’t say anything. Transfer me 100 million yuan first. I will go buy a present for your grandmaster!]

Jiang Bi obediently transferred a sum of money to Song Fei’s account and chatted with his mentor for a while before changing into a dress.

Jiang Bijing was 1.83m tall, so Zhu Xiulan didn’t give him high heels.

Jiang Bi tugged at his dress before going downstairs.

Downstairs in the dining room, Jiang Guchuan was having breakfast. When he saw Jiang Bi wearing a skirt, he was so shocked that he nearly spat out the milk in his mouth.

Jiang Bi was wearing a pure black waist-length dress. The line skirt was very wide, with short front and long back. Jiang Bi’s long hair was casually tied up, and his soft, disciplined hair hung over his forehead, softening the lines of his rather cold and hard face.

Jiang Bi had even put on makeup. Although it was very light, it made his skin look flawless. He was a complete beauty.

Jiang Guchuan looked at Jiang Bi in shock.

This was the first time Jiang Bi had worn a dress since he returned to this house.

Jiang Guchuan put down his glass and said in a low voice, “You look beautiful in a dress.”

Jiang Bi sat down, picked up the sandwich, and bit off half of it.

Seeing this, Jiang Guchuan added. “You’re not ladylike at all. Aren’t you afraid of scaring your partner by going on a blind date like this?”

Jiang Bi glanced at Jiang Guchuan coldly and said disdainfully, “Not every girl is gorgeous.” All men loved Xia Yingchun, but there was always someone who loved Zhong Wuyan [1. Xia Yingchun was known to be a beautiful concubine in China’s history, while Zhong Wuyan was a virtuous but ugly woman as she had a big red birthmark on her face].

Since Jiang Guchuan couldn’t win against this sister, he kept quiet to avoid making things difficult for her.

Jiang Bi took her jacket and drove out of the district. She saw Han Wangwang specially waiting outside the district.

Han Wangwang was wearing a green army jacket. Her long legs were hidden by black pants and a pair of high-heeled British boots. Her curly hair was draped over her shoulders and she had put on a plum-colored lipstick. She looked very valiant.

Seeing Jiang Bi’s car driving over, Han Wangwang hurriedly waved at him.

Jiang Bi had no choice but to stop the car.

Han Wangwang opened the car door herself and sat in the passenger seat. “Where are you going?”

Jiang Bi spoke briefly. “Blind date.”

Han Wangwang remained silent.

Jiang Bi continued driving.

After a while, Han Wangwang couldn’t resist turning back to size Jiang Bi up. Realizing that Jiang Bi was wearing a dress today, Han Wangwang was both shocked and angry.

Jiang Bi actually put on a dress for that blind date!

“You’re wearing a dress today.”

Jiang Bi acknowledged coldly.

Han Wangwang’s heart was bubbling with jealousy. She said, “The last time it was your birthday, I gave you a dress but you never wore it.”

Jiang Bi could hear the jealousy in her voice and explained in a low voice, “I don’t really like to wear dresses.”

“Then why are you wearing a dress today? Do you really want to date and get married?” Han Wangwang suddenly lost her temper.

Jiang Bi suddenly slowed down and stopped the car by the road.

After turning off the engine, Jiang Bi turned around and stared at the pouting Han Wangwang. She narrowed her beautiful but cold eyes.

“What are you angry about?” Jiang Bi asked calmly.

Han Wangwang’s heart was racing. Of course she knew what she was angry about. She just refused to admit her thoughts.

Jiang Bi looked at the time and said patiently, “There’s still 35 minutes until my date. It will take 30 minutes to drive over from here.”

“Wangwang, you still have five minutes. You can consider what you are angry about.”

With that, Jiang Bi alighted from the car and stared at the endless stream of cars outside. His expression was unreadable.

Time ticked by.

Soon, five minutes had passed.

Without hearing Han Wangwang’s reply, Jiang Bi started the car and changed gears. Just as his foot landed on the accelerator, he suddenly heard Han Wangwang say, “Jiang Bi, you are not allowed to go on blind dates.”

Jiang Bi’s feet moved to the brakes.

Jiang Bi tilted his head and stared at Han Wangwang. He said with interest, “Give me a reason.”

“I don’t want you to go on a blind date.”

“Not enough.”

What kind of reason is this!

This was at most unreasonable.

But Jiang Bi didn’t want Han Wangwang to be unreasonable.

Han Wangwang clenched her fists tightly. Her heart was racing.

She closed her eyes and used all her strength to shout. “It’s because I feel very upset that you went on a blind date. Jiang Bi, my heart aches at the thought of you getting married.”


“I might be a pervert!”

She was a pervert and had the most shameless thoughts towards her best friend.

Jiang Bi tilted his head and gazed deeply at Han Wangwang. Because of shame, because she felt embarrassed, because she felt that she was dirty-minded, Han Wangwang’s face was red with humiliation.

Amidst the eerie silence, Jiang Bi suddenly reached out her right arm and grabbed Han Wangwang’s hand. “What a coincidence. I am also a pervert.”

Han Wangwang was pleasantly surprised and stunned. She looked at Jiang Bi’s hand on the back of her own and looked up at her.

Jiang Bi’s eyes were deep and clear like the snow in Himalayas. They were very cold but attractive. Han Wangwang instinctively swallowed.

Jiang Bi’s hand moved to Han Wangwang’s face and gently pressed it. Jiang Bi instantly wanted to be a beast.

Jiang Bi hurriedly retracted his hand.

“I’ll listen to you and not go on a blind date.”

Hearing this, Han Wangwang was very happy. But apart from being happy, she was also slightly worried about Jiang Bi. “Then will your father vent his anger on you?”

Jiang Bi said, “It’s not the first time I’m not disciplined.”

“Then why didn’t you reject him last night?”

Jiang Bi didn’t answer. He just stared at Han Wangwang with that passionate gaze again.

Han Wangwang was no fool.

Being stared at by Jiang Bi like that, Han Wangwang finally understood Jiang Bi’s true thoughts. “You, you are purposely provoking me?”

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