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Chapter 261: Han Zhan: This is Called Killing the Chicken to warn the Monkey!

After breakfast at the Han Family residence, Yan Jiang had to go to work.

Song Fei couldn’t bear to part with Song Ci since she had just returned, so she continued to stay at the Han Family residence. Once Han Zhan returned, he had to settle work.

After sending Yan Jiang off, Song Fei said, “I am going to try on the wedding gown today.” She took the initiative to mention this because she hoped that Song Ci could accompany her.

Song Ci tacitly understood Song Fei’s hint. She glanced upstairs and asked Song Fei, “Is it alright if you do it later? I want to bring Miaomiao and Junjun out together.”

Song Fei looked at the time and said, “Okay.”

It was already 7.30am and it was time for the children to get up.

Song Ci tiptoed upstairs and pushed open the door to see that the two little guys were already awake.

They looked like they had been awake for a while. Han Miao sat down on Han Zhan’s chest and faced Han Zhan’s face. The urine in front of her butt was aimed at Han Zhan’s chin.

Meanwhile, Han Junjun was sitting at the end of the bed, hugging Han Zhan’s right foot and playing with it.

When Song Ci was still recuperating in Italy, she heard from her grandfather that Han Jun liked to play with feet. Song Ci still felt like breaking down when she saw it.

You can play with anything but, why does she play with feet?

Isn’t it smelly?

Although Han Zhan’s feet didn’t smell, Song Ci still couldn’t accept her daughter falling in love with feet.

Han Zhan had already been awoken by the children. He hugged Han Miaomiao’s waist and looked at his two daughters helplessly. Seeing Song Ci come, Han Zhan felt like he had seen a Bodhisattva who had saved him.

“Baby Ci, hurry up and carry Miaomiao away. It’s time to change her diapers.” Han Zhan felt like breaking down as he kept smelling the stench inside.

“I know.” Song Ci slipped away and retrieved Han Miao’s diaper for the nanny to wash her butt.

She hugged Han Jun again and lectured her seriously. “Junjun, feet stink. You can’t play with them.”

When Han Jun heard this, she gasped twice. It was unknown if she understood.

The two children were carried away to wash their buttocks. Only then did Han Zhan sit up. He wrapped his arms around Song Ci’s shoulders in an experienced manner and hugged her. The two of them fell back onto the bed.

Han Zhan flipped over and pinned Song Ci under him.

Being hugged by Han Zhan, Song Ci suppressed her laughter. “This is the babies’ bed.”

Han Zhan chuckled. “What’s there to be afraid of? It’s spacious enough.”

The main question was not whether it was spacious or not.

Song Ci could clearly feel Han Zhan’s reaction to her. Thinking carefully, from the third trimester until now, they had only interacted intimately once.

It was on the night before Song Ci set off for America to attend the “Le Chi” celebration party.

At that time, it was only three months after Song Ci’s cesarean delivery. Han Zhan was very careful the entire time and didn’t have a good time.

After that, she was abducted by Edward, imprisoned, and recuperated in Italy for more than a month. During this period, they never took the initiative to mention this matter. Not to mention Han Zhan, even Song Ci had enough.

Song Ci thought of Han Zhan’s gunshot wound and finally overcame her impulse.

Han Zhan couldn’t mess around now.

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci said with a red face, “Let me help you.”

Han Zhan was stunned for a moment, before leaning on Song Ci’s neck and smiling. “Wait for me to serve you next month.”

“… Okay.”

Song Fei waited downstairs. Song Ci finally came down after watching the two episodes.

Song Fei stared at Song Ci and was slightly surprised to see that she was still neatly dressed. “I thought it would take a while for the two of you to end.”

Song Ci sneered. “Don’t be so dirty-minded.”

]”Then what are you guys doing upstairs?”

“I’m washing the children’s buttocks.”

Song Fei pointed at the backyard. “They’ve already been down for 10 minutes and are having breakfast now.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Song Fei suddenly smiled. “It’s only been 40 minutes. He can’t do it.”

Song Ci was unconvinced. “Don’t slander my Brother Han.”

Brother Han was very capable.

Song Fei looked at her watch and said, “Pack up quickly. We’ll set off in half an hour.”


After the little guys finished breakfast and went to the toilet, Song Ci carried them into the car. Due to the accident, Song Ci still didn’t dare to drive, especially with the two little babies in the car.

Song Fei was in charge of driving Han Zhan’s Volvo.

There were two seats in the backseat of the car, which Han Aoyu chose.

Han Aoyu was an old man who kept up with the times. He didn’t need Song Ci and the rest to remind him. He also knew that children had to sit in safety seats in a car.

The babies were also used to sitting in safety seats.

Song Ci placed them on the chairs and fastened their seatbelts. Seeing that the children weren’t crying or making a fuss, Song Ci was both relieved and regretful. After being away for half a year, she had really missed out on too much time for the children to grow up.

Song Fei said, “Sit tight. I am going to drive.”

Song Ci fastened her seatbelt.

Before Song Fei drove, she was used to turning on the music. She turned on the music and heard —

“Overlord Dragon! Overlord Dragon! Tyrant Lizard King!”

“Overlord Dragon! Overlord Dragon! Tyrant Lizard King!”

Song Ci and Song Fei were speechless.

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and said to Song Fei with a strange expression, “This song isn’t your style.”

Song Fei said, “Change to another song.”

Song Fei connected her Bluetooth and chose an old classic English song. The car had just driven off when the children suddenly started crying.

Once Han Miao started crying, Han Jun also started crying. The two of them were competing to see whose lung capacity was greater and who would cry longer.

Song Fei stopped the car and asked Song Ci, “Is the seatbelt too tight?”

Song Ci said, “We can’t make it any looser. It won’t be safe if we make it loose. Moreover, this isn’t the first time they’re sitting in a safe seat. It shouldn’t be because of the safe seat.”

“Then why are they crying?” Song Fei was helpless against such a little kid. Kids didn’t know how to speak or express their thoughts. All they knew was to cry!

In the past, she had rather wanted children. But after seeing how tough these two little girls from Song Ci’s family were, Song Fei’s desire for children was no longer as strong.

Song Ci said, “Is the song wrong?”

Song Fei said reluctantly, “You can change then.”

Song Ci opened the children’s music file and chose “A Hound.” Hearing the familiar music, Han Miaomiao and Han Junjun both quietened down.

They didn’t cry or make a fuss, and just stared ahead obediently.

As a result, Song Fei’s car was very uncomfortable along the way.

After parking the car in an outdoor parking lot, Song Fei hurriedly got out of the car and impatiently threw a candy into her mouth.

The wind blew across her face and her long hair danced in the wind. After a while, the demonic voice of the nursery rhyme beside Song Fei’s ear finally disappeared.

Song Ci had already brought out the pram and placed the children to it.

The two sisters each pushed one.

Song Ci and Song Fei were twins to begin with. In addition, their hair was the same length and they were both wearing black windbreakers today. At a glance, it was really difficult to tell who was the elder sister and who was the younger sister.

Meanwhile, Han Jun and Han Miao were another pair of twins in the cart. But one of them was slightly fatter, while the other was slightly thinner. It was clear.

No matter what, the four of them had exploded today.

Almost the moment the two of them entered the bridal shop, the explosive news of # Song Ci’s Return # appeared on Wangdong City’s forum.

Once Song Ci appeared on the forum, there would definitely be bloodshed.

Moreover, she was kidnapped some time ago and the entire world knew about it.

Wangdong City without Song Ci. Today, Li Cuihua occupied the front page of the forum, tomorrow, Wang Cuihua occupied the front page, and all sorts of people were stirring up trouble. But with Song Ci in Wangdong City, she had always been the top celebrity!

Not only that, the socialites in Wangdong City also saw Song Ci and Song Fei blowing up the streets with their daughters.

Very quickly, the news of Song Ci’s return was trending on Weibo.

Meanwhile, Song Ci, the hottest star of the show, knew nothing about this. She was sitting on the sofa, drinking flower tea from the bridal shop, and waiting with the babies for Song Fei to change into a wedding gown.

Song Fei and Yan Jiang were preparing for a western wedding ceremony. Before the wedding, they would each prepare their own gowns. Yan Jiang couldn’t look at Song Fei’s wedding dress in advance until the wedding.

In the West, this situation was called “First-look”. As for Song Fei, she had never known how to dress up like Song Ci, so she wanted to bring Song Ci along.

Song Fei was an cup and wasn’t suitable for wearing a tube top or a deep V wedding gown. Song Ci knew Song Fei’s figure very well and knew that she had a beautiful back and a very sexy collarbone.

Song Ci chose a neck-length wedding gown for Song Fei. The back of the gown reached all the way to her hips. Song Fei changed into the gown and stared at herself in the mirror, her expression especially awkward.

She had never worn such revealing clothes before. She felt uneasy with everyone staring at her back.

“Come out, Song Fei!”

Before Song Fei could prepare herself, the staff pulled open the curtain in front of her.

Song Fei stood in the middle of the circular platform. The staff even considerately turned on the lights. Under the light, Song Fei was so pale that she was bubbling.

Her long hair draped casually over her shoulders. Her slender figure appeared elegant, and her shoulders were smooth and slender. She had the manner of a skinny but not dull woman.

The curtains in front of her were suddenly pulled open. Song Fei appeared slightly reserved and uneasy.

Song Ci stared at Song Fei in a daze.

Song Fei asked Song Ci with a straight face, “What’s with that expression?”

Song Ci turned around and secretly wiped her tears.

Song Fei was stunned to see Song Ci wiping her tears.

She turned to look at her own reflection in the mirror and thought to herself, Even if I dress up slightly, I’m still rather beautiful. Apart from my chest being slightly smaller than Song Ci and being slightly shorter, I don’t lose in any other way.


It was already a terrible loss for someone with small breasts and short stature!

Song Fei’s expression darkened.

But Song Ci’s next sentence made Song Fei happy again. She said, “Buy! This one! I’ll buy it for you!”

“Okay!” Song Fei didn’t mind that Song Ci was taller than her.

Many people had tried on this wedding gown, so Song Ci got the manager to prepare a brand new wedding gown as soon as possible. Her elder sister couldn’t wear a wedding gown worn by others.

After buying the wedding gown, it was time to buy accessories.

As Song Fei’s family, Song Ci had to prepare a dowry for her. Song Ci asked, “What dowry do you want?”

Song Fei said without thinking, “I want a new German-made microscope, a scanner, and…”

“Are you dreaming?” Song Fei wanted items for medical research. She couldn’t afford any machine that was as low as hundreds of thousands or as high as tens of millions.

Song Ci still wanted to use her own money to give Song Fei’s dowry. “Tell me a reliable one, something I can afford.”

Song Fei casually pointed at the roasted sweet potatoes by the roadside. “Then buy a roasted sweet potato.”

Song Ci really went to buy a sweet potato for Song Fei.

Song Fei took a bite. It was sweet and sticky. Song Ci took another bite and felt that it tasted good, so she went to buy another one.

The sisters sat on chairs and ate sweet potatoes. Han Miao and Han Jun sat in the stroller and watched the two animals eat but didn’t give them a bite.

Song Ci felt bad being stared at by Han Miao. She suppressed her laughter and gave half of it to Han Miao and Han Jun.

After finishing her sweet potato, Song Ci said, “Will Sicilio be invited to your wedding?”

Song Fei said, “We’re not close.”

Song Ci said, “He has money. A lot of money.”

Song Fei had checked Sicilio’s assets when she was curious in the past. Of course she knew that Sicilio was rich. Song Fei understood what Song Ci meant. “You’re saying that he can’t attend my wedding empty-handed…”

“Yes, and he is very generous. Perhaps you will have all the research equipment you want if you invite him to your wedding.”

Song Fei’s eyes lit up. “You’re right.”

The two sisters hit it off and planned to write an email to invite Sicilio to the wedding. After trying on the wedding gown, the two sisters went to buy some accessories needed for the wedding and went to Deep Alley for an expensive and delicious lunch.

Han Miao and her sister ate a potato, vegetable, and pumpkin strips. After dinner, they sat on the chair and played with each other’s hands.

Song Ci ate and made milk for them.

Song Ci and Song Fei pushed them out for a while. The two little guys finished their milk and fell asleep not long after.

Song Ci and Song Fei changed the stroller to sleeping mode, and brought it to the shooting club.

After keeping the child by their side, Song Fei and Song Ci took turns to play.

Song Fei drew her bow and aimed at the target. She suddenly said, “Last month, I received a registration email.”

“What is it?”

Song Fei released an arrow. She lowered the bow in her hand, turned to look at Song Ci, and said, “The Mo Family’s enrollment form.”

Song Ci’s curiosity was aroused. “The Mo Family?”

Isn’t that their father’s main family?

“Did you participate?”

“Mmm, I did.”

Song Fei added. “The Mo Family allowed each participant to bring a medicine boy, who is also their assistant. I wrote your name.” It was the sisters’ responsibility to return to the Mo Family to investigate their father.

When Song Fei received the email, Song Ci and Han Zhan had just escaped danger, so Song Fei added Song Ci’s name.

Song Ci nodded. She didn’t mind being Song Fei’s medicine boy. She asked, “Which month?”

“15th of the first month of the lunar new year next year.”

“Oh, Lantern Festival?”


Song Ci was still very curious about the Mo Family. After all, they were the most legendary Traditional Chinese Medicine family and the doctors of the leaders. Song Ci was slightly excited at the thought of joining the Mo Family.

“Oh yes, didn’t you guys hand over that prescription to the country previously? The country has recently developed the medicine. I heard that your Brother Han’s name is on the list of the top 10 entrepreneurs in the country this year.”

“Is that so?” Song Ci was slightly happy. “Is the news accurate?”

“Mmm, my teacher said so.”

Song Ci chuckled. She couldn’t wait to see Han Zhan go on stage to receive the award.

The two of them played for two hours. Only when Han Miao and the rest woke up did they go home.

Han Zhan had to work remotely at home for a period of time. It was also tough for his assistant to work at the company, at home, and at the Han Family. Han Zhan got his assistant to move over to work.

In the afternoon, his assistant arrived.

Han Zhan gave a room on the third floor to his assistant. There was a set of office equipment inside.

When Song Ci returned home, his assistant was also reporting to Han Zhan about his nomination for the top 10 entrepreneurs in the country. “Mr. Han, this is a joyous occasion.”

In recent years, Han Zhan had done many good deeds. He had supported retired soldiers, cared for Old Gu, and donated prescriptions. As he had set up the location of Zeus Airlines tourism company in Wanyu County, it had led to the economic development of the entire Wanyu County.

It had only been a year, but there were already skyscrapers, international hotels, restaurants, and 4A tourist attractions in Wanyu County.

Han Zhan deserved to be nominated.

Han Zhan asked, “When is the commendation ceremony?”

“Next week.”

“Mmm, I got it.”

Han Aoyu was overjoyed to hear that Han Zhan was nominated as one of the top 10 entrepreneurs in the country.

Han Aoyu had his own WeChat group which was filled with old friends. Anyone in this group could cause a stir in all fields just by stamping their feet.

Han Aoyu was overjoyed and sent red packets to express his joy. The old guys all snatched the red packets and congratulated Han Aoyu.

“Not bad, Old Han. Your Zhanzhan is so capable!”

“This is all thanks to Old Han and Duanfang’s good upbringing!”

That year, when Han Zhan was brought back from Italy, his eyes were dark and he looked at everyone like he wanted to eat someone. He was truly a wolf cub.

At that time, everyone was worried that Han Zhan would take revenge on society when he grew up.

It was Han Aoyu and Madam Lin Duanfang who had used several years of patience and love to plant a conscience in Han Zhan’s heart. Now that this child had grown up, he didn’t disappoint anyone.

Han Aoyu recalled those past events and felt rather emotional.

In order to celebrate Han Zhan being nominated as one of the top 10 entrepreneurs, Han Aoyu cooked another table of dishes that night. At the table, Han Aoyu looked at his own grandson and felt very proud.

“Han Zhan, Grandpa is very heartened to see you like this. Even if I go to the netherworld in the future, I will be able to answer to your grandmother.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan put down his chopsticks. He picked up the coconut and poured a glass for his grandfather, as well as a glass of warm water for himself. Han Zhan raised that glass of water and said to Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, Zhanzhan toasts you.”

Han Aoyu pouted and muttered. “Why aren’t you pouring wine…” He muttered as he picked up his glass, clinked it with Han Zhan’s, and drank.

Han Aoyu felt very satisfied.

He looked at his two great-grandchildren with a smile and thought to himself: I have to work harder to live for a few more months. I haven’t heard my great-grandchildren call me Great Grandfather.

After dinner, Han Aoyu walked a few rounds in the backyard with his crutch to digest his food, before returning to his room to sleep.

After Han Aoyu rested, Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Grandpa is not feeling well. He only ate half a bowl of rice this afternoon. I heard from Uncle Zhong that Grandpa has been like this for some time.”

He was old. Even if he wasn’t seriously ill, his health was no longer as good as before.

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s waist and said, “Baby Ci, I’m quite scared.”

His grandparents were the best people in the world to Han Zhan. They were Han Zhan’s reincarnated parents. Without his grandparents, there wouldn’t be the current Han Zhan.

How could Han Zhan not be afraid at the thought that his grandfather was about to leave him?

As long as his grandfather was alive, he would forever be a child. Without his grandfather, he would only be Song Ci’s husband and the children’s father. He would truly be an indomitable adult.

Song Ci could feel Han Zhan’s sadness. She turned and kissed his face. “I will treat you well and treat you even better.”

Han Zhan buried his head in Song Ci’s neck and took a deep breath. He didn’t respond.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye. Zeus Corporation’s gratitude banquet was held as scheduled.

That night, Song Ci pulled up her long hair and put on a pair of pearl earrings and a white, off-shoulder gown. She and Han Zhan alighted hand in hand and were immediately surrounded by the reporters carrying long guns and short cannons.

The reporters asked many questions. Most of them wanted to know what happened when Song Ci disappeared.

Wangdong City’s upper-class society all had a consensus:

Zeus Corporation’s CEO Han Zhan had long replaced Chuan Dong International’s Cheng Yanmo and become the navigator of the youth center.

Zeus Corporation under his name had already surpassed Chuan Dong International in terms of assets and value. It had become Wangdong City’s leading corporation.

If he was given a few more years, he would become the nation’s pillar of support.

As a result, everyone was very polite when asking questions and wouldn’t ask unpleasant questions. Han Zhan chose a few questions to answer before entering the venue arm in arm with Song Ci.

The banquet was held on the 8th floor of the Imperial Dragon Building. The circular, beautiful ceiling was paired with dazzling crystal lights, making the banquet hall appear even more luxurious and noble.

Everyone present, regardless of gender or age, was dressed exquisitely.

Tonight, Han Zhan and Song Ci were the main characters of the banquet.

Seeing that Song Ci, who had not appeared for a long time, had entered the venue holding Han Zhan’s arm, everyone quietened down and their expressions were very interesting. Especially some old friends who had attended Old Madam Cheng’s birthday party back then. Seeing this scene, they were even more emotional.

That year, Han Zhan was still a nobody. Everyone’s impression of him was —

A toad with handicapped hands and eaten swan meat. A young man who didn’t know his limits.

At that time, anyone who mentioned Song Ci would mock her.

Instead of marrying the wealthy and powerful Chuan Dong Second Young Master, she actually married a nobody with handicapped hands. Do you think she’s blind?

But in just two and a half years, the poor kid from back then had become the most respected new noble in Wangdong City.

Reality had really slapped everyone hard in the face!

It turned out that Song Ci was not blind. Her eyes were very bright, even brighter than the searchlights at night!

They were the ones who were truly blind!

Now, anyone who mentioned Song Ci marrying Han Zhan back then would sigh in admiration that Song Ci was lucky and had good taste.

This was fate.

Song Ci deserved to have a rich life!

In the crowd, the well-dressed Miss Jin looked at the beautiful couple with a complicated expression, feeling especially depressed. Back then, when Song Ci and Han Zhan got married, they had met at Deep Alley Restaurant.

It was Miss Jin who secretly released the news of Song Ci marrying a handicapped person.

During that period, thanks to her, Song Ci was often mocked and slandered.

Great, now Song Ci had actually become Zeus Corporation’s Mrs. Han. Meanwhile, she had broken up with the Dongfang Second Young Master and ended up with him taking over the Zhong Family’s eldest daughter.




Listen, that was a slap in the face.

Han Zhan brought Song Ci to meet some big shots, some from China and some from overseas. Song Ci chatted with Han Zhan and those big shots for more than half an hour before gaining her freedom.

She saw Miss Jin and smiled kindly at her. Miss Jin was flattered. She hesitated for a moment before walking over to Song Ci.

[fuzzy]”Song Song…” After calling her Song Song, Miss Jin felt that it was inappropriate to call her that. That was Song Ci’s nickname before she got married. She should still call her Mrs. Han now.

Ms. Jin hurriedly corrected herself. “Mrs. Han, long time no see.”

With Song Ci’s current status, she could afford to be called Mrs. Han.

Song Ci said to Jin Feng, “I’ve been away from Wangdong City for some time. I just heard today that Second Young Master Dongfang and the eldest daughter of the Zhong Family got married three months ago…”

Everyone in the circle knew that Jin Feng and the Dongfang Second Young Master had broken up several times. Song Ci was slightly shocked. She was really shocked. “I thought you two would get married.”

Jin Feng didn’t see any sarcasm or mockery on Song Ci’s face. Only then did she smile self-deprecatingly. “Those who truly love you will count the stars and the moon the first time they hold your hand, looking forward to marrying you. Anyone who keeps breaking up and getting together with you will never love you.”

Jin Feng had already seen the essence of love.

Song Ci felt that it was a pity that the two of them had broken up.

Actually, Jin Feng was not a bad person at heart. She just had a bad temper. But that eldest daughter of the Zhong Family was said to be an elegant lady from a wealthy family. She just didn’t know how she got together with the Second Young Master of the East.

“I am really envious of you.” Jin Feng told Song Ci, “You don’t know how shocked and envious we are when this news of Mr. Han abandoning all work to save you while you were missing spread.”

Although they had spoken ill of Song Ci in public and in secret, they were indeed envious of Han Zhan and Song Ci’s relationship.

One had to know that Han Zhan was the head of Zeus Corporation. In order to save Song Ci, he boldly handed over such a huge corporation to someone else and went to save his wife himself. This boldness was not something that ordinary men possessed.

Miss Jin sighed. “In the past, when we were in the fashion circles, you were the one with the most unique taste. When it came to choosing men, you were still the most outstanding one.”

Jin Feng sighed. “You have such good taste.”

Song Ci smiled without saying anything.

How is my taste good?

She was clearly blind. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have led such a miserable life in her previous life and died so tragically. She was actually just an ordinary person. If not for her previous life, she wouldn’t have realized how good Han Zhan was in this life.

In the end, she had cheated and there was nothing to be proud of.

As the two of them chatted, their cell phones suddenly rang.

Song Ci and Ms. Jin looked at each other in surprise. “It’s your cell phone?” they asked at the same time.

Realizing that both their phones might be ringing, they smiled at each other before opening their respective handbags and taking out their phones to look.

At the same time, almost everyone in the banquet hall was doing the same thing —

Looking at their cell phones.

Song Ci opened her cell phone and received a message from an unknown number.

Puzzled, Song Ci typed a message and saw a strange link.


Song Ci looked up in surprise and looked around. She saw that everyone looked puzzled.

“You received the link?”

“You also received the link?”

Everyone asked the person beside them. After confirming that everyone had received this link, everyone’s expressions turned slightly odd.

What would they see when they clicked on the link?

Could it be a virus link?

Song Ci decided to open the link. At the same time, a group of people also opened the link. Once the link opened, it was a small website with a row of blood-red words written on the top:

The list of crimes was clear!

Song Ci scrolled down and realized that the people listed were actually over 20 well-known people in the banquet hall!

She was shocked.

Every time Song Ci opened a photo of a big boss, the details of this big boss’s crimes and his crimes were listed in detail!

Huang Quan: Murdered and raped a 16-year-old girl from the Zhong Hai of the Mountains and Seas. Destroyed her body after the crime!

Zhong Kui: His relationship with his niece-in-law is ambiguous. He has been to XX Villa and XX clubhouse many times and there are photos as evidence!

Gu Jiahui: Plotted to murder his wife, cheat insurance, and murder his father-in-law. The evidence is as follows…

It was a detailed list of crimes.

In the crowd, the people on the list all turned pale. Those who were still addressing them as brothers just a moment ago all took a few steps back, as if they were avoiding a monster.

After reading this list, Cheng Yanmo glanced at Han Zhan meaningfully.

Han Zhan was holding a cup of tea and standing by the bed, drinking it elegantly. His leisurely manner made one feel at peace.

Cheng Yanmo finally understood what it meant to be “grateful” during the so-called “grateful banquet”!

A grand and lavish banquet of gratitude finally turned into a large-scale police arrest!

Meanwhile, those who had been arrested had all expected to lose today! Later on, Zeus Corporation’s gratitude banquet was nicknamed the “Devil’s Feast”.

Song Ci was led home by Han Zhan. Sitting in the car, she recalled what happened tonight and still felt that it was unbelievable. The banquet was going well. How did this suddenly happen?

“Han Zhan, did you do this?” Although Song Ci was asking, her tone was very certain.

Han Zhan smiled as he grabbed Song Ci’s hand and squeezed it. He said, “What are you talking about? I don’t have the capability.”

“Oh, so you got Song Fei to do it.”

Han Zhan’s smile froze slightly. “How did you guess?”

“Song Fei loves to do this kind of thing the most.” Song Ci shook her head and said worriedly, “At that time, everyone was very confused, but everyone was no fool. Very soon, they will understand whose hand this incident was.”

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s waist and pressed her into his arms. He said, “Baby Ci, a upright person doesn’t fear a crooked shadow. They are guilty to begin with. As a passionate citizen, I naturally have to do something that is worthy of my status.”

Song Ci smiled. “You must be taking revenge. All the people who were arrested tonight are those who slandered me both openly and covertly.”

Song Ci had long heard of those people. Two of them had even teased Song Ci in the past, but Song Ci had taken revenge on them.

Han Zhan agreed.

But Song Ci was worried for Han Zhan. She said, “Everyone is not stupid. They are all scheming. If you can report this group of people today, you can report them tomorrow. Who is truly clean after reaching this position?”

“Han Zhan, aren’t you afraid that they will ostracize you?”

Han Zhan supported his chin and said in a slightly distressed manner, “They will ostracize me, but they won’t ostracize money, right?”

“They want to earn money but are afraid of offending me. What should they do?”

Han Zhan smiled and told Song Ci gently, “Then they can only respect me more. Who doesn’t know that Song Ci is Han Zhan’s life?”

If they respected Han Zhan, they would also respect Song Ci.

“This is called making an example out of someone.”

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