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Chapter 262: My Home is Your Home, I Will Be Your Family

“This is called killing the chicken to warn the monkey!”

After hearing Han Zhan’s explanation, Song Ci was momentarily speechless.

In terms of manipulating people’s hearts, how could Song Ci be Han Zhan’s match? How could Han Zhan not think of a problem that she could think of?

Song Ci suddenly felt that she was overthinking things.

Han Zhan shook Song Ci’s hand and said coquettishly, “Madam, I am very happy that you care so much about me.”

Song Ci felt that it was mushy and wanted to remove her hand.

But Han Zhan tightened his grip on her and said, “Don’t move. My wound hurts.”

Although Song Ci knew that Han Zhan was playing a trick on her, her heart still softened and she didn’t dare to move.

By the time they got home, their daughters were already asleep. When they were sleeping, Han Jun was still holding onto Song Ci’s pyjamas. Grandpa said that every day before she fell asleep, Han Jun had to hold on to Song Ci’s clothes in order to fall asleep.

This pyjamas was also the most frequently worn by Song Ci in her confinement period. He didn’t know if Han Jun liked her mother too much or was reluctant to part with the scent of milk.

Song Ci took out the clothes from Han Jun’s arms, tidied up the sisters’ sleeping gowns, and placed them on the small pillows. Song Ci sat by the bed and looked at the children’s sleeping faces. She wanted to kiss and rub them a few times.

How adorable. I can’t get tired of looking at them.

Han Zhan leaned against the door. He knew that if she didn’t leave now, Song Ci might stay over in their daughters’ room tonight. He hurriedly turned off the lights.

The room turned dark. Song Ci turned and glared at Han Zhan. “Can’t you let me take a few more glances at them?”

The children still didn’t know how to speak. It was the cutest and most adorable time. When they could walk and speak, they would be like two little mythical beasts tearing down their homes, not being cute at all.

Han Zhan raised his brows. “Can’t you let me take a good look at you in the room?”

Song Ci’s eyes reddened. “You… don’t say that in front of the child.”

“It’s okay, they are asleep.”

]Han Zhan strode in, hugged Song Ci’s waist, and brought her out of the nursery.

Their room was on the same level as the nursery, separated by a corridor. Returning to his own room, Han Zhan said, “Come, Baby Ci, let me help you remove your makeup.”

Perhaps it was because he had nearly lost Song Ci, but after returning from Italy, Han Zhan had become exceptionally clingy. He loved soaking Song Ci in the bathtub and personally removing her makeup to bathe her.

He could only look but not eat. It was obviously torture to bathe Song Ci, but he still liked it.

Han Zhan took off Song Ci’s long dress. The long dress fell off, revealing her perfect figure. Han Zhan’s head heated up and he nearly wanted to do it personally.

Han Zhan forced himself to look elsewhere.

He calmed down and continued what he was doing.

Song Ci was like a peeled egg, smooth and smooth. She soaked in the bathtub, placed her head on the pillow, and grunted comfortably.

Han Zhan was holding the makeup remover when he heard Song Ci’s commotion. His expression turned cold as he lectured her sternly. “Don’t snort.”

Song Ci opened her eyes and glanced at him.

Song Ci’s snort had aroused Han Zhan’s bad intentions again. Even his pants couldn’t conceal his reaction.

Song Ci really wanted to tease Han Zhan, but was afraid that he really couldn’t control himself and would hurt himself in the end.

Song Ci controlled herself.

Han Zhan creamed the makeup remover and carefully applied it to every part of Song Ci’s face. He gently rubbed it. Song Ci’s eyes were closed and it was very comfortable.

Suddenly, Han Zhan asked, “Are you really going to Beijing the day after tomorrow?”

Song Ci acknowledged.

“I’ll get Long Yu to accompany you.”


After washing the traces of makeup on Song Ci’s face, Han Zhan retrieved some facial cleanser and carefully washed Song Ci’s face.

After washing his face, Han Zhan stroked Song Ci’s fair and tender face. He stared at Song Ci’s face for a while and suddenly said, “Baby Ci, I am sorry about Rain, but I don’t have a more perfect solution.”

If Han Zhan had another chance to choose, he would still do it.

Perhaps to Song Ci, Rain was like a child. But to Han Zhan, Rain was a tool—a tool that existed for Edward.

In essence, Han Zhan was still cold-blooded.

At the mention of Rain, the charming atmosphere in the bathroom gradually turned solemn.

Only then did Song Ci open her eyes.

She also saw the sincere apology in Han Zhan’s eyes.

Song Ci said, “Rain is very pure and kind. She is a good child. I have never seen a more naive child than her. You don’t know, that night on the ship, Rain was very resistant to Edward at first. But Edward shot me and Rain was afraid of me dying, so she surrendered.”

“Han Zhan, you don’t know how hopeless I was then. I could only fall to the ground and watch helplessly as that bastard Edward bullied her! At that time, I swore that after I killed Edward, I would definitely love Rain well.”

“But she—”

Song Ci closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face.

In her mind, the tragic image of Rain using her body to block the gun and taking the initiative to shoot all the bullets into herself to fight for a chance for Song Ci to escape surfaced.

Rain was so afraid of pain, but when she died, she suffered so many bullets.

Rain would forever be a knot in Song Ci’s heart.

After showering, Han Zhan wrapped Song Ci in a towel and placed her on the bed. “You sleep first. I will come back to accompany you after showering.”


Han Zhan spent more than 10 minutes showering. He dried himself, changed into pyjamas, uncovered the blanket, and laid down.

Han Zhan had just laid down when Song Ci suddenly turned over and hugged his waist. She even carefully and perfectly avoided his injuries.

Han Zhan was slightly shocked to be suddenly hugged. “What’s the matter, Baby Ci?”

Song Ci leaned over and buried her head behind Han Zhan’s neck. Her voice sounded muffled. “Han Zhan, don’t blame yourself too much. I don’t blame you.”

Who could she blame? If not for Edward requesting that Orianna clone Jiang Shiyu, Rain would not have been born.

It was all Edward’s fault.

Han Zhan finally relaxed.

“That’s good.”

He pressed down on the hands at his waist and told Song Ci, “You must have been to Beijing many times, but you still have to be careful. Buy whatever you want and eat whatever you want. You can also stay for a few more days…”

“But don’t stay too long.” Han Zhan tapped the back of Song Ci’s hand and said, “The children and I will miss you very much at home.”

“Got it.”

A good night’s sleep.

The next day, Song Ci left home alone to try all the delicacies in Wangdong City. As she ate, she gently stroked the bottle pendant on her neck. No one knew that the bottle contained the ashes of a little girl.

The next day, Song Ci kissed the children goodbye early in the morning, ate something casually, and went to the airport with Long Yu to fly to Beijing.

It was already getting cold in the north at this season.

It was a rare good day. The sky was blue and visibility was very high.

Song Ci didn’t go to the crowded Banda Ridge. Instead, she chose the Great Wall with few tourists and steep terrain. This was an undeveloped Great Wall. Due to the danger, it ordered organized tourism to be prohibited.

Climbing to the top of a cliff, Song Ci and Long Yu stood at the highest point and gazed at the heavy mountains in the distance. The leaves had long fallen, making the Great Wall look even heavier and older.

Song Ci took out the small urn from her bag. The moment the wind blew, she released the ashes in her hand. The ashes fluttered in the air, forming all sorts of shapes. In the end, as the wind gradually blew, they turned to dust…

Long Yu stood beside Song Ci. Seeing her sad expression, he comforted her. “Madam, my condolences.”

Song Ci smiled and shook her head. “I completed her final request and suddenly feel very empty inside.”

Long Yu simply sat down on the rock.

Smoking was prohibited here. Afraid of causing a mountain fire, Long Yu took out a packet of Areca from his pocket and chewed it.

Song Ci also sat down like him.

Long Yu chewed on some betel and said to Song Ci, “When Ah Lun’s funeral ended, I also felt the same way as Madam. I felt like something was missing from my heart.”

Long Yu grinned and said, “After that, I returned to Wangdong City. When I returned to the dormitory, I realized that the room where Ah Lun usually slept was pitch-black and no lights were switched on. Only then did I realize that Ah Lun was really gone.”

“Every time we brothers gather for a meal in the future, there will always be a corner missing from the table.”

Long Yu’s eyes reddened.

He looked up at the boundless blue sky and said with a smile, “This is farewell. People will always bid farewell, say goodbye, and meet in their lives.”

“Madam, time will always dilute everything. Don’t be too sad.”

Song Ci unscrewed the cap of the bottle and took a sip. She said, “You’re right. Just the thought of never seeing that kind of person again makes my heart ache.”

Song Ci rubbed her chest. “I feel like crying but I can’t.”

“I understand.”

They successfully descended the mountain before dark.

According to the original plan, Song Ci and Long Yu should return to Wangdong City the next day.

After waking up in the morning, Song Ci stood by the window and looked at the drizzle outside. She changed her mind. Finishing breakfast, Song Ci told Long Yu, “Brother Long, accompany me to Liaoning.”

Long Yu was shocked. “To Liaoning?”

“Mmm.” Song Ci put down the milk in her hand and said, “I want to pay my respects to Ah Lun.”

Long Yu nodded.

After breakfast, on the way to the airport, Song Ci called Han Zhan and told him that she had changed her mind at the last minute and was planning to go to Liaoning.

Han Zhan had no objections.

“Go ahead. Come back early.”


Song Ci checked the traffic and realized that it was more convenient to take a high-speed train than a plane. She decided to take a high-speed train. It had been a long time since Song Ci had taken a high-speed train and found it rather interesting.

In the afternoon, they arrived at Feng City.

Long Yu had been to Feng City before and was familiar with this place. Long Yu told Song Ci, “Ah Lun’s hometown has been demolished and there’s no longer a home here. Shall I bring you to his grave?”


Ah Lun was buried at the foot of Phoenix Mountain, which didn’t belong to a tourist development zone. When Ah Lun was young, this mountain was far from being famous now and many places had not been developed.

When he was young, he often rode his bicycle here to play.

Ah Lun was buried beside a huge rock at the foot of the mountain. Many local graves were buried here, including Ah Lun’s mother’s tombstone.

Song Ci and Long Yu arrived at Ah Lun’s grave and sat there for a while. They didn’t burn any joss paper or light any wax for fear of causing a mountain fire. They sat quietly in front of the grave and chatted with Ah Lun for a long time.

As she was leaving, she passed by Ah Lun’s mother’s grave and suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Long Yu asked, “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci stared at her feet. “Brother Long, look, what does this mark look like?” As it had rained, all signs of activity were very obvious.

Long Yu stared at the indentation on the tombstone for a moment before saying uncertainly, “It looks like… a knee mark.”

Song Ci and Long Yu shared the same views.

In order to verify, Song Ci knelt down.

Her knees perfectly coincided with his!

Song Ci thought of something and her expression changed.

“Brother Long, do you think Ah Lun’s younger brother is back?!” Ah Lun’s younger brother didn’t know that Ah Lun was dead, but he was more than five years old when he went missing. He might not remember what his elder brother looked like, but he definitely remembered why his mother died!

A five to six-year-old child already had very strong memories. He definitely remembered his hometown.

If he returned, he would definitely come to pay respects to his mother!

Long Yu was also slightly happy. “Let’s go and ask!”

It was almost dark when Song Ci and Long Yu returned to the city. Ah Lun’s hometown had already been demolished and was now a high-class district with a hotel nearby. Long Yu booked two rooms at the hotel and the two of them took their room cards to the lift lobby.

There were a total of three elevators. Song Ci saw that the lift on the left had come down first and entered the lift with Long Yu.

The lift door had just closed when the door of the lift next door opened. A tall beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes walked out. Behind her was a young man in a black work suit.

“Spicy crawfish, pan-fried fish, dumplings, fried pork with forks…” Orianna’s mouth popped out one standard Chinese menu after another.

Su Wen followed behind Orianna and listened to her extremely outlandish Chinese. His expression was doting, but he suppressed a smile.

Walking to the main door, Orianna turned around and asked Su Wen expectantly, “Are they really all delicious?”

Su Wen thought for a moment and said, “I don’t remember.”

rianna was stunned.

“I still only ate it when I was young. At that time, I felt that forks were especially delicious.” The so-called forks were actually called rice forks. It was a famous snack in the Phoenix City area and was made of corn.

Su Wen remembered that when they were young, whenever they caught clams in the autumn, their mother would always stir-fry them with rice forks.

It was especially delicious.

Taking in Su Wen’s dazed and hurt expression, Orianna hurriedly reached out and grabbed his hand. “Let’s go again and see if it’s tasty.”


Su Wen and Orianna found a restaurant. It was one of those ordinary but popular restaurants on the streets.

Orianna felt that she spoke good Chinese. She sat down and picked up the menu. She couldn’t understand what was written on it at all. She said, “Lady Boss, I want a spy see and fat prawn. He wants to fly fish, toes, stir-fried pork with forks…”

The lady boss was speechless.

The lady boss was in despair.

She turned to look at Su Wen pleadingly.

Su Wen’s Chinese was not very standard, but he could still understand it. He said, “Lady boss, I want a spicy crawfish, pan-fried fish, boiled dumplings, fried clams and forks.”

Only then did the lady boss nod vigorously. “Alright, wait!”

The lady boss ran off hurriedly.

Orianna was slightly despondent. She tilted her head and asked Su Wen, “Is my Chinese very bad?”

Su Wen stroked her head and praised her. “No, it’s great.”

Orianna was very depressed. She said, “Am I embarrassing myself?”


Orianna pursed her lips. She wanted to smoke but couldn’t understand Chinese. She was also worried that smoking was prohibited in restaurants. Holding a cigarette between her fingers, she scanned the restaurant and saw several men smoking.

She was about to light up her cigarette when she saw a pregnant woman sitting at the table beside them.

Orianna consciously put down the lighter again and stuffed the cigarette back into the pack.

Su Wen silently observed Orianna’s actions. His lips curled up.

How adorable.

Soon, the dishes were served.

Orianna liked everything else, except that the dumpling dipping sauce had too many onions in it and Orianna was not used to it. She was shocked by the taste of onions after just one bite.

Orianna ate her dumplings again and decided not to dip them in the sauce

Perhaps it was because the rice fork was labeled as Su Wen’s favorite food, but Orianna also found it delicious.

The two of them ate until they were full.

As they walked, they arrived at a commercial district. There was also a high-end community nearby. It was obviously very expensive. Orianna was wearing high heels and her feet were slightly sore.

Su Wen noticed that Orianna kept looking down at her high heels. He squatted down in front of her.

“Come up, I’ll carry you.”

Orianna didn’t argue with Su Wen. She laid graciously on his back.

Su Wen carried her and continued strolling along the streets.

When Su Wen returned to the place where he had carried Orianna, Orianna finally sensed that something was off. She patted Su Wen’s shoulder and said, “Su Wen, you have already carried me on your back three times on this road. Are you lost?”

Su Wen was also slightly tired. He put down Orianna.


Su Wen stared at the tall building in front of him and said in a daze, “Anna, I can’t find my home.”

Orianna had originally planned to turn on the navigation system and search for the correct route back to the hotel. Hearing Su Wen’s words, Orianna realized what he was talking about.

Orianna put down her cell phone and looked up at Su Wen’s face.

Su Wen’s face was filled with confusion and question marks.

Orianna felt terrible.

When you fall in love with someone, every frown and smile of his will move your heart.

Orianna wanted to reach out and smooth the creases on Su Wen’s chest.

At this moment, Su Wen suddenly raised his right hand and pointed at the tall building in front of him. He murmured softly, “I clearly remember that my house was here in the past. But after three rounds, I still couldn’t find my house…”

Where is my home?

Where is my… brother?

Don’t they want me anymore?

Orianna’s heart was breaking.

She was clearly not a soft-hearted person.

Orianna grabbed Su Wen’s hand and told him heartlessly, “Su Wen, your home is gone. It has been demolished.” She leaned her head on Su Wen’s shoulder and said, “From now on, my home is your home. I will be your family.”

Su Wen pressed Orianna’s head down. He stared at the brightly lit skyscraper, but his vision was blurry and he couldn’t see the way.

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