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Chapter 260: Song Fei is Getting Married

There were two tables for dinner.

As Su Huanyan was here, Cheng Yanmo had also gotten off work early and rushed over to the Han Family home with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a bottle of red wine.

Cheng Yanmo first hugged Program after entering the house. The father-son duo cuddled for a while, before Cheng Yanmo chatted with Song Ci for a while, before walking towards Han Zhan. “Mr. Han, Wangdong City has been very quiet during your absence.”

Han Zhan smiled and said, “Rumors are flying everywhere. It should be very lively now.”

Hearing his words, Cheng Yanmo couldn’t help feeling a chill down his spine. According to Han Zhan’s methods, there would probably be a good show to watch for those people who spread rumors.

Cheng Yanmo added, “I heard Zeus Corporation is holding a grateful party three days later?”

Chuan Dong International and Zeus Corporation also had a collaboration project recently. Cheng Yanmo’s secretary had already received a call from Zeus Corporation, saying that they were invited to the grateful party and that the invitation would be delivered tomorrow.

Han Zhan’s men were especially efficient. Han Zhan had just told Bei Zhan that he was holding a gratitude banquet in the afternoon when Cheng Yanmo received an invitation call.

Han Zhan took a sip of his wolfberry tea and said, “Yes, during my absence, everyone has taken good care of Zeus Corporation. Now that I’m back, I definitely have to thank everyone.”

Cheng Yanmo felt that Han Zhan was implying something.

He was very curious about what kind of show the “gratitude banquet” would bring.

“I will attend.”

“Alright, welcome.”

Li Li and Bei Zhan arrived just before dinner.

Han Zhan, Li Li, and Bei Zhan were Zeus Corporation’s Three Swordsmen. Together, the three of them were truly iron triangles. Seeing that Han Zhan was obviously thinner than before he left, Li Li didn’t need to ask to guess that Han Zhan must have suffered a lot. Li Li hugged Han Zhan and didn’t say anything else.

Bei Zhan patted Han Zhan’s shoulder and said, “It’s good that you’re back. Take good care of yourself. You will always recover.”

Han Zhan also patted Bei Zhan’s shoulder. “It has been hard on you guys during this period.”

“It’s good that you know.” Changing the topic, Bei Zhan said, “When you recover, I need to rest for a month.”


Han Zhan was slightly surprised and asked Bei Zhan, “You’re going for your honeymoon?”

Bei Zhan shook his head.

Li Li said, “CEO Han is giving birth soon and Bei Zhan is going to accompany CEO Han during her confinement.”

Really? Sister-in-law has a second child?” Han Zhan was really shocked. He didn’t even know about this. Why was Bei Zhan going to be a father again without saying anything?

Bei Zhan said, “Mmm, it’s already been eight months.”

When Han Zhan left, Han Qingshen had just been pregnant for more than three months, so Bei Zhan didn’t publicize this matter. Han Zhan had also left for five months and Han Qingshen would be giving birth in another month or so.

Han Zhan was slightly happy. “Congratulations, Bei Zhan!”

“Just approve my leave.”

“But of course.”

Seeing that Han Zhan so easily approved of Bei Zhan’s leave, Li Li said sourly, “Why didn’t you give me a month’s leave when my wife was giving birth?”

Han Zhan asked, “When Song Ci was giving birth, I didn’t take any leave either.”

Li Li said, “You are the boss.”

Han Zhan said, “You are also a major shareholder.”

Li Li remained silent.

It was all to earn money to support the family.

It was not easy.

Bei Zhan saw Yan Jiang and walked towards him. “Uncle Yan has been in good health recently. He heard that you and Song Fei are getting married and has been wanting to meet her. Mr. Yan, do you think it’s convenient for them to meet?”

Before Yan Jiang could say anything, Song Ci, who was serving the dishes, was shocked. “Sister, are you and Ah Jiang getting married?”

Song Ci actually didn’t know!

Song Fei nodded. “Next month.”

Song Ci instinctively exclaimed. “So soon?”

Yan Jiang’s voice was faint. “What do you mean soon? I think it’s too late.” It had not been a day or two since Yan Jiang wanted to marry Song Fei. He had been looking forward to this day for many years.

Song Ci hurriedly corrected herself. “Congratulations, congratulations. Brother Jiang got what he wanted. Should you give out red packets tonight?”


“Sister!” Song Ci grabbed Song Fei’s arm, feeling slightly upset.

Song Fei saw that Song Ci was unhappy and asked her, “What happened to you again?”

This word “again” hurt Song Ci’s fragile heart. Song Ci said, “Will you hold a wedding even if I don’t come back?” So it doesn’t matter if I’m there or not?

Hearing this, Song Fei’s gaze suddenly turned cold. “In your heart, am I such a person?” Song Fei flung Song Ci’s hand away angrily. “Don’t touch me. I am heartless. Touching me will dirty your hands.”

Song Ci also knew that her words had hurt Song Fei.

But she also felt terrible. “I’m sorry, but I just…” It was just that she had just returned and heard that her elder sister was getting married. Song Ci felt like she had been abandoned by Song Fei.

Song Fei also calmed down.

If she were in Song Ci’s shoes, she could understand her thoughts.

Song Fei explained, “The wedding date was only confirmed a week ago.” At that time, Song Ci and Han Zhan had already successfully escaped danger and were recuperating in Rome.

Knowing that she had misunderstood Song Fei, Song Ci felt very apologetic.

Yan Jiang saw the awkwardness between the two sisters.

Seeing that Bei Zhan was still waiting for his reply, Yan Jiang remained silent for a moment before replying. “I will consider it.”

“Alright then.”

Since he had already spoken, Bei Zhan didn’t force Yan Jiang anymore.

At the dining table, everyone was chatting and laughing happily. Han Aoyu looked at Han Zhan, then at Song Ci, and then at the little guys playing on the toy cushions. He suddenly felt that his life was complete.

After dinner, the helper quickly took down the cutlery and a group of people went to the tearoom to chat. Han Miao and Han Jun were sleepy and started crying. Han Zhan’s injuries had yet to recover, so Song Ci and Han Wangwang brought the children upstairs to take a shower.

After showering, the two little guys kept pestering Song Ci to sleep with them.

Helpless, Song Ci could only lie down and sleep with them.

In the end, Song Ci actually fell asleep on the children’s bed.

After 10pm, Bei Zhan, Li Li, Cheng Yanmo, and the rest took the initiative to get up and bid farewell. Song Fei and Yan Jiang stayed over at the Han Family residence. After everyone left, Han Zhan told Song Fei, Yan Jiang, and the rest about what had happened recently in detail.

After hearing Han Zhan’s experience, Yan Jiang felt his scalp go numb. “Your father is really a ruthless person.”

Han Zhan remained silent.

He didn’t wish to discuss Edward too much.

Instead, Song Fei was curious about Rain’s existence. “Clone… Orianna…” Song Fei was a virus specialist and was especially interested in this crazy woman.

“You said Orianna will come over. When?”

Han Zhan felt somewhat helpless.

He didn’t dare to imagine how scary it would be if Song Fei and Orianna were together.

That must be the Asura Arena.

“Some time later.”

Song Fei nodded. “Remember to tell me when Orianna is here.”

“Alright, go to bed.”


Han Zhan didn’t find Song Ci in his room. He was stunned for a moment before guessing that Song Ci might still be in the nursery.

Han Zhan ran to the nursery and saw that Song Ci and the rest had actually fallen asleep on the bed. As the children had grown up, the crib that Han Zhan was sitting in was no longer suitable. Old Master was also afraid that the children would fall off from the big bed, so he got someone to make a floor-length tatami.

The tatami was two meters wide and the three of them could roll around on it.

Song Ci was sleeping in the middle. Han Miao was sleeping at Song Ci’s feet and the other had already rolled to the ground.

Han Zhan carried the little guy on the floor to the bed and put on the sleeping bags for the two little guys. After thinking for a moment, he placed the children on his feet and laid down beside Song Ci.

The children only needed to wear sleeping bags, so he and Song Ci covered themselves with blankets.

The next morning, Song Ci woke up before Han Zhan.

Realizing that they had actually slept on the children’s beds for the entire night, Song Ci felt slightly helpless. Song Ci carried the two babies to Han Zhan’s side and placed them properly before going downstairs.

Yan Jiang and Song Fei were already up. Song Fei got Uncle Zhong to teach her how to fight while she was at the stake. Yan Jiang was making coffee. He was a coffee spirit and would be listless the entire day if he didn’t drink coffee in the morning.

Song Ci poured herself a glass of warm water and drank it slowly.

After she finished drinking, Yan Jiang suddenly said, “Shall we have a chat?”

Song Ci glanced at him.

Yan Jiang’s eyes were filled with content. It was obvious that he had something to tell her.

Song Ci nodded.

Song Ci sat down on a chair in the backyard. The morning sun had just emerged from the clouds and was not warm. It was still rather cold in the late autumn morning.

Song Ci draped a blanket over herself.

After a while, Yan Jiang came out.

He sat on a solid wooden chair beside Song Ci, crossed his long legs, took a sip of strong coffee, and said, “Were you angry last night?”

Song Ci was stunned.

She looked at Yan Jiang in surprise.

Yan Jiang knew that Song Ci was looking at him. Holding his coffee, he narrowed his eyes at the sunrise. His bald head was shining and he looked very comical.

But the serious expression on his face made Song Ci unable to smile. “Yes, I thought you and Song Fei had already booked a wedding date. I thought it didn’t matter if I was at Song Fei’s wedding, so I…”

“So you lost your temper and expressed your unhappiness to Song Fei.”

Song Ci was stumped.

After hearing Song Fei’s explanation last night, Song Ci already knew that she had misunderstood her. Now that she was facing Yan Jiang, Song Ci felt very ashamed and couldn’t raise her head.

“Song Ci, you don’t know how much she cares about you.”

Song Ci knew that Song Fei cared about her, but she had also lost her mind last night and said something wrong.

Yan Jiang told Song Ci a secret. “Song Fei cried last night.”

Song Ci was shocked. “She…”

“Are you thinking why Song Fei would cry? She actually cried?” Yan Jiang looked at Song Ci in disappointment and his tone turned stern. “Song Ci, although Song Fei is your elder sister, she is actually the same age as you. If you can cry, why can’t she?”

Yan Jiang’s heart ached when he saw Song Fei sulking and crying alone last night. “Song Ci, she cares a lot about you. Don’t hurt her.”

“What are you talking about?” Song Fei suddenly interrupted.

Yan Jiang picked up his coffee cup and turned to ask Song Fei, “Ah Fei, do you want coffee?”

Song Fei shook her head.

Song Fei stared at Song Ci and said expressionlessly, “Why aren’t you eating when you’re up? Don’t you know how skinny you are? You look like a rib.”

Even when she was concerned about someone, Song Fei still looked very cold.

Song Ci stood up, walked up to Song Fei, and hugged her again.

Song Fei was shocked. “What now?”

Song Ci shook her head and said in a muffled voice, “Sister, I will pay for your wedding, alright? I am your family. Others have parents, but you have a sister.”

Song Fei didn’t have much money, but which girl didn’t want her wedding to be grand?

Song Fei sniffed and pretended to be nonchalant. “Up to you.”

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