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Chapter 258: With Gold and Silver Mountains as the Bridal Gift, Will You Marry Me?

After breakfast, the butler received a call.

After he finished listening to the call, he walked over and said to Sicilio, “There’s a package for Miss Clooney.”

Orianna, who was reading the newspaper, looked up in surprise when she heard her name. “My package?”

Not many people knew that she was staying at the Palace of the Earl.

Who sent the package?

The butler nodded. “Yes.”

At this moment, a servant hurried in with a package. The butler took the small package from the servant and handed it to Orianna with both hands.

The package was very small and one couldn’t guess what was inside.

Orianna took the package and shook it.

It was light and she didn’t know what was inside.

After thinking for a moment, Orianna got up and avoided everyone, returning to her own room. Orianna got a maid to bring a knife over and she opened the package.

She opened the package to reveal a small gift box. It was wrapped in a bow and a letter was pinned under it.

Orianna took out the letter and opened it. She saw a beautiful page of English words. She translated it to say —

[I love Anna:

Love at first sight starts with lust.

The first time I saw you, to be honest, the self-proclaimed cold me stood up shamelessly.

But I have been proud my entire life, so how can I admit that I am an ordinary person?

You keep chasing and attacking me like I am avoiding a ferocious beast, but I am still a vulgar person and inevitably fell into your gentle trap.

The sunset on the Charles River today is beautiful, but I forgot the stunning beauty of the sunset falling into the darkness, the clash of light and darkness. The only thing I can remember is your sparkling blue eyes and your soft, sweet lips.

In China, Love was translated into ‘ai qing’.

Love and affection are actually separated. We can always easily love someone in a second, but very few people can protect this love forever.

I can’t keep the sunset, Orianna, but I want to keep you.


Orianna Clooney.

You don’t need to feel guilty about my death. I cherish my life, but I cherish you even more. Anna, if time were to resume, I would still make the same choice.

As a man, I can’t watch my woman die.

I am willing to die for you. You can be sad for me for a while, but Anna, it has been almost 10 years. You should move on from the past.

That man…

I am jealous of that man called Su Wen, but I am also grateful to him. I am jealous that he replaced me to be by your side, but I am grateful that he made you not be lonely for the rest of your life.

Dear Anna, it’s really time to bid farewell.

I have a request. Please agree to it.

Promise me, Anna, don’t miss me anymore and cherish the people around you.]

Orianna stared at the letter in shock, her hands trembling.

Little Ye Chen actually regained Ye Chen’s memory!

Why didn’t Ye Chen tell me anything when he was a volunteer in Catania?

Orianna opened the box and saw a photo inside. In the photo was the breathtaking view of the sunset on the Charles River.

Orianna couldn’t hold it in anymore. She hugged that photo and leaned against the wall, sobbing.

Su Wen had already gone upstairs. He stood at the door and stared at Orianna’s crying face. Su Wen instinctively wanted to hide. He was already a shadow and was used to hiding in the dark.


Su Wen turned and walked towards Orianna.

He took the letter from Orianna’s hand and finished reading the contents. Su Wen felt slightly stifled.


Holding that piece of paper, Su Wen asked Orianna with a trembling voice, “He regained his memory?”

Orianna nodded tearfully. “Yes.”

Su Wen pursed his lips and looked very serious. Actually, there was something else that he wanted to ask but didn’t dare to. He wanted to ask Orianna, Little Ye Chen recalled Professor Ye’s memories. Will you… leave me?

Su Wen was struggling internally.

At this moment, Orianna hugged Su Wen’s waist.

Su Wen stiffened and didn’t dare to move. “Anna…”

Orianna moved her head in his arms. Her voice was nasal when she spoke. “Su Wen, Ye Chen is dead. The next time you accompany me to Boston, let’s go visit him, alright?”

Hearing this, Su Wen was overjoyed.

He was happy that Orianna was willing to bring him to see Ye Chen. This meant that she had completely let go of Ye Chen.

Su Wen suppressed the jealousy and pain in his heart. He hugged Orianna and told himself: I will only allow her to cry again for Ye Chen this time. If there is a next time, I will be angry.

Downstairs, after a group of people saw Orianna leave, Su Wen also followed like a thief and looked at each other.

Aaron smiled and teased. “Looks like they won’t be free anytime soon.”

The old driver Song Ci shot a meaningful look at Ah Rang.

Aaron also winked at Song Ci.

Han Zhan saw the interaction between the two of them and was very displeased. Thinking of what Aaron said on the yacht, he felt that Aaron had some feelings for Song Ci and was always thinking of this sister-in-law.

Who asked Song Ci to be so beautiful and charming?

Han Zhan glared at Aaron and lectured him. “Why are you winking at me? She is your sister-in-law. Be more respectful.”

Song Ci was shocked.

Aaron opened his mouth. He probably thought of the foolish words he said on the yacht to agitate Han Zhan and felt slightly awkward.

“There are many pretty girls here. I’ll go out and take a look.” Ah Rang got up and fled.

Who cares about your Song Ci!

There are countless beauties in the world, but you treat Song Ci like a treasure!

Aaron left just like that. At this moment, Sicilio also said, “I still have something on and will leave first. Song Ci, can you help me take care of Qingjia today?”

“Of course.”

Song Ci had mostly recovered. Only her injured leg was still slightly inconvenient to walk, so she could only move slowly with her walking stick.

Song Ci knew that Su Huanyan missed Su Qingjia, so she called her.

Su Huanyan accepted the video happily.

Song Ci noticed that the background behind Su Huanyan was her own courtyard.

Wangdong City was a sunny day. The late autumn sun was very warm, so Su Huanyan brought the children out to play.

Song Ci’s heart warmed at the sight of Su Huanyan bringing the child to accompany Han Miao and Han Jun. “Huanyan, you went to my house again today?”

“Mmm, yesterday, Uncle Zhong brought Miaomiao and Junjun, and I brought Program along with Beibei’s Li Ao to the aquarium. This morning, Program wanted to look for the sisters, so I came.”

Su Huanyan aimed the camera at the three children. “Come, let me show you them.”

Seeing the fair and chubby Han Miao and the increasingly adorable Han Jun, Song Ci really missed them. Song Ci, who missed her daughters dearly, immediately covered her mouth and cried.

Someone who had not been a mother would never understand such a feeling.

Su Huanyan knew that Song Ci was crying and hurried to a quiet place to speak to her.

After Song Ci calmed down, Su Huanyan told her, “Relax and recuperate. Grandpa and I will watch over the children. It will be fine.”

“Also, Miaomiao can stand up today. Although she can only stand for a while, it’s already very good.”

Hearing this, Song Ci’s heart ached even more.

As parents, she and Han Zhan should have stayed by the children’s side and observed their growth every day.

But they had been separated from the children for half a year.

Song Ci felt very guilty.

“What about Junjun? Can she stand?”

Su Huanyan told Song Ci, “Junjun is slightly thinner and not very fit. Her development is slightly slower. But don’t worry too much. The day before yesterday, Old Master brought them to the hospital for a physical examination. The doctor said that Junjun’s development is considered normal, but she is slightly thinner and needs to be taken care of carefully.”

“Where’s Grandpa? Is Grandpa alright? Every time I call him, he says he’s alright.” Song Ci didn’t know if the old man was lying to her.

After all, he had fallen once before and was no longer as healthy as before.

Su Huanyan smiled and told Song Ci, “Old Master is in good health and makes all sorts of food for the children everyday. He even made corn paste today. Junjun loves it and licked the bottom of the bowl clean.”

Song Ci smiled as she imagined Han Jun licking the bottom of the bowl. “Oh yes, Qingjia is with me today. Huanyan, do you want to chat with Qingjia?”

Hearing that Su Qingjia was beside her, Su Huanyan was overjoyed and hurriedly got Song Ci to pass the cell phone to her.

After giving Su Qingjia her cell phone, Song Ci left.

She stood two to three meters away from Su Qingjia and saw the little girl sitting on the lawn, holding her cell phone and talking to Su Huanyan in a formal manner.

Su Huanyan asked, “Qingjia, is Italy fun?”

Su Qingjia said, “No friends.”

“Daddy didn’t bring you out to play?”

“Daddy works.”

Su Huanyan secretly made a note of Sicilio.

Su Huanyan asked again, “Then are you full everyday?”

Su Qingjia hurriedly nodded and said happily, “Daddy gave me a lot of good food.” Su Qingjia started to tell her mother what she ate every day, what was good and what was bad.

Every day when she went out, Su Qingjia would carry a small bag filled with children’s snacks and her favorite liquid milk.

Su Qingjia visibly gained weight.

Su Huanyan listened quietly. After that, she asked, “Qingjia, have you weighed yourself recently?”

Su Qingjia was still young and didn’t know what guilt was, but she knew that she had made her mother unhappy. She pinched her plump tummy with her other hand and said innocently and sincerely, “I’ve lost weight, Mother.”

Song Ci rolled her eyes.

What a little liar.

Su Huanyan stared at Su Qingjia’s double chin, which was obviously fatter than before. She felt slightly tired. It looked like Sicilio wouldn’t take care of the baby. It was time to bring the baby back to her side to take care of her.

When Sicilio came over to fetch Su Qingjia that night, Song Ci told him that Su Qingjia was overweight and needed to control her diet.

Hearing this, Sicilio asked, “How is she fat? Not at all.” He weighed Su Qingjia on his arm and actually said, “I can still carry her.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Brother, if you can’t even carry her, she will definitely weigh more than 200 pounds.

Song Ci had no choice but to remind Sicilio. “Brother, it’s not good for her health if the child is overweight. If you can’t take good care of Qingjia, Huanyan will fight with you for the child’s custody.”

Hearing this, Sicilio’s expression changed. “So serious?”


Sicilio stared at the sleeping baby leaning against his shoulder and secretly made up his mind to strictly control Su Qingjia’s diet from tomorrow onwards.

The next day, Su Qingjia was sent over again. Song Ci realized that Su Qingjia was not carrying a small bag. It looked like Sicily had cut off her little snacks.

Su Qingjia was dejected like a little flower that had been abused by a storm. After seeing Song Ci, she said listlessly, “Ci Ci, there’s no more cow cow.”

Song Ci pretended to feel sorry for her and hurriedly patted her fat butt. “Daddy is doing this for Qingjia’s own good. Qingjia, don’t be unhappy.”

Without snacks and liquid milk, Su Qingjia couldn’t be happy the entire day.

Song Ci hurriedly told Su Huanyan about Sicilio’s change. Su Huanyan was deeply comforted to know that Sicilio had also started to control his daughter’s diet.

On this day, Song Ci was playing with blocks with Su Qingjia when Orianna walked over.

Orianna had obviously come prepared.

“Song Ci, let’s talk somewhere else.”

There were surveillance cameras everywhere in Earl Ace’s manor and guards patrolling. Song Ci was not worried that Su Qingjia would get lost.

She called out to Su Qingjia and told her, “Qingjia, Ci Ci is talking to your aunt for a while. You can play by yourself first.”

Su Qingjia held a piece of puzzle and waved at Song Ci and the rest without looking up. “Go, Ci Ci.”

Only then did Song Ci limp after Orianna.

Arriving at the crabapple planted by Earl Ace, Orianna stopped and pointed at a chair. “Sit.”

Song Ci shook her head. “I can stand for a while.”

Orianna didn’t insist.

She stared at Song Ci, her lips moving up and down several times but she didn’t speak. It could be seen that Orianna was very conflicted.

“Anna, just say it.” Song Ci was anxious for Orianna.

Only then did Orianna say, “Rain’s body is going to be cremated today. Do you want to take a look?”

Song Ci’s face paled slightly at the sudden mention of Rain’s name.



Rain’s body had been brought back to Rome and had been placed in a funeral parlor. It had only been cremated today. Orianna knew that Rain and Song Ci were very close, so she came over to inform her.

Song Ci said, “I want to go.”

How can I not go?

Rain is my child!

Song Ci returned to her room to change clothes. She changed into a black windbreaker and even tied up her long hair. Han Zhan saw her sitting on the dressing table with black gloves.

Han Zhan felt strange. Song Ci seldom wore black all over. What was she going to do?

“You are going out?”

Song Ci was still injured. Where is she going?

Song Ci put on her black gloves and turned to look at Han Zhan. She said, “Rain is going to be cremated today. I’ll go say goodbye to her.”

Song Ci’s voice unwittingly turned colder.

Hearing Song Ci mention Rain, Han Zhan’s eyes narrowed.

“Baby Ci…”

Song Ci lowered her head and remained silent.

She turned around, picked up the perfume bottle on the table, and fiddled with it. She was obviously distracted.

Han Zhan stood behind Song Ci.

He looked at Song Ci’s face in the mirror and saw the sadness in her eyes. Han Zhan didn’t feel good either. “Baby Ci, are you blaming me?”

Blame me for being ruthless and scheming against a clone.

Blame Han Zhan?

Song Ci actually understood that everyone had the right to blame Han Zhan for being ruthless, but she didn’t.

Han Zhan was afraid that something would happen to her. Han Zhan hated Edward, Han Zhan wanted to avenge his deceased mother, and Han Zhan wanted to let Aaron regain his freedom…

Han Zhan and Orianna had collaborated to plot against Rain to protect her.

But Song Ci would still blame Han Zhan.

If the person Han Zhan schemed against was just an ordinary clone, Song Ci wouldn’t feel so terrible. But that child just had to be Rain. Rain who treated her like her mother and died for her.

“Han Zhan, I don’t blame you. I just…”

Song Ci looked up at Han Zhan in the mirror, her expression suddenly turning fragile.

She whimpered and covered her face with her palm. She sobbed. “I just can’t bear to leave Rain. She’s so innocent and pure. She didn’t do anything wrong. But she was born to be abused and hurt…”

“Han Zhan, my heart aches for her!”

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s shoulder.

He kissed Song Ci’s hair. Due to his guilt and remorse, he couldn’t even say a word of comfort.

After crying, Song Ci pushed Han Zhan away and hurriedly got up to go to the toilet to wash her face.

Without putting on makeup, Song Ci went straight to the mortuary with Orianna. On the way to the mortuary, Song Ci remained silent and just tilted her head to look out the window.

Orianna knew that Song Ci was upset and even knew that she was blaming her. But Orianna didn’t care what Song Ci thought of her.

She didn’t regret everything she had done, but she still let Rain down.

Arriving at the mortuary, Song Ci alighted first.

She had taken two steps when Orianna suddenly called out to her.

“Song Ci.”

Song Ci turned to look at Orianna.

Wearing a black leather jacket, Orianna looked cold and heartless. But her eyes were filled with guilt as she looked at Song Ci.

“Song Ci, I’m sorry.”

Song Ci’s lips quivered for a moment before she said, “Why are you apologizing to me? The person who should have listened to your apology is already dead.”

With that, Song Ci entered the mortuary.

Rain’s body had just been retrieved from the freezer and was still very cold. Her face was still rather peaceful and she was wearing a blue shirt that covered the terrible bullet wounds on her abdomen.

Gazing at Rain, Song Ci thought of all the times she spent with Rain in Catania. Unable to control her emotions, she leaned against Rain’s coffin and cried bitterly…

After Rain was cremated, the people at the crematorium handed Song Ci a small handful of ashes.

Song Ci placed Rain’s ashes at the crematorium.

She couldn’t bring Rain’s ashes back to the Palace of the Earl. That would be terrible.

After a few more days, Song Ci’s calf muscles had basically recovered. The new flesh was light pink in color and was very different from her original porcelain-white skin.

Luckily, it was cold now and she could wear pants to cover herself.

This morning, Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “I left something in Catania. I want to go back and look for it.”

“What is it?”

Song Ci said, “When Ah Lun died, he gave me a photo and asked me to find his younger brother on his behalf. Han Zhan, Ah Lun died for me. I must fulfill his wish.”

“Ah Lun’s younger brother?” Han Zhan had heard about Ah Lun from Long Yu and knew that Ah Lun had lost his younger brother more than 20 years ago.

“Do you know about Ah Lun’s younger brother?”

Han Zhan nodded. “I’ve heard a little.”

“Oh? Can you tell me?”

“Sit down and I will tell you.” Song Ci laid down on the chaise longue.

Downstairs, Aaron was having a kung fu competition with Su Wen. The two of them were killers who had undergone the most professional training. The two of them fought passionately.

Han Zhan stood by the window, lifted the curtains, and looked at the two of them fighting bitterly downstairs. He said, “Ah Lun’s father had an affair and had a child with another woman. Their mother couldn’t stand the shock and committed suicide by jumping into the river.”

“Ah Lun’s younger brother…”

Han Zhan lowered the curtains and leaned against the wall. He looked down at Song Ci and said, “Ah Lun’s younger brother was only five years old then. He did something that no one dared to do.”

“What did he do?”

Han Zhan’s voice was slightly hoarse. “Ah Lun’s brother set a fire at night and burned his father, lover, and the child to death.”

Song Ci was shocked. “He was only five then…”

“Yes, Ah Lun’s younger brother was indeed only five years old then. But Song Ci, you must never underestimate anyone, even if it’s just a child.”

“Ah Lun’s younger brother hated his father and even more so the woman who ruined his family’s happiness, because he witnessed his mother throwing herself into the river to commit suicide. Children are the most innocent but also the most evil.”

They were truly naive.

They were evil and truly evil.

At that time, the eight-year-old Ah Lun already knew fear. He knew that if he set fire to someone, they would go to jail, so he didn’t dare to. But Ah Lun’s younger brother was only five years old. He wouldn’t care so much.

“After Ah Lun knew that his brother was the murderer who committed the murder, he didn’t even dare to study anymore. On a rainy day, Ah Lun purposely made it look like his brother had accidentally fallen into the river and fled the village with his brother.”

“Ah Lun brought his brother from the north all the way to the south. Along the way, the two of them begged.”

“Ah Lun’s brother went missing at Guangzhou Station. More than 20 years ago, the train station was still very chaotic. Human traffickers and robbers were everywhere.”

“Ah Lun has a knot in his heart for the rest of his life after losing his brother. I heard that most of Ah Lun’s salary is spent on finding his brother.”

]After hearing this heavy story, Song Ci’s chest felt slightly constricted.

“Song Ci.” Han Zhan told her, “Ah Lun and my brother have been missing for more than 20 years. It will be very difficult for you to find him.”

At that time, it was not like now where there was still a DNA database. At that time, family and children would be separated and it would be very difficult to find them.

Song Ci nodded with a heavy heart. She said, “Then we’ll take our time to search, spend our entire life searching. If we don’t, I won’t have the face to meet Ah Lun when I die.”


Han Zhan requested to return to Catania with Song Ci, but Song Ci naturally wouldn’t agree. “Recuperate well. When I return, we will return next week.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get Aaron to accompany me…”

“Aaron?” Han Zhan instantly frowned. “He can’t, change to another person. I will get Sicilio to find a subordinate to accompany you back.”

Song Ci stared at Han Zhan suspiciously. She was not stupid and had already sensed Han Zhan’s dislike for Aaron. “Brother Han, don’t tell me you think that Aaron is…”

Song Ci blinked and said with a faint smile, “Don’t tell me you think he likes me?”

Han Zhan’s face was dark and his eyes were dangerous.

Song Ci found it funny. “How is that possible! Han Zhan, you should know better than anyone how much Aaron hates me. I am Jiang Shiyu’s daughter and he can’t wait to kill me!”

Song Ci was very self-aware.

Han Zhan snorted and said, “I also couldn’t wait to kill Jiang Shiyu’s daughter, but what happened in the end?” In the end, he married Jiang Shiyu’s daughter and was controlled by her forever.

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci was actually speechless.

She thought of those few days in the Pacific Ocean when Aaron performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her and even threatened her to sleep with him…

Oh my god, could it be that Ah Rang really likes me?

Song Ci was shocked by her own conjecture.

Seeing Song Ci’s expression alternating between anger and fear, Han Zhan narrowed his gray-blue eyes and asked in a dangerous voice, “What are you two hiding from me?”

Song Ci instinctively raised her hand and swore. “I really didn’t!”

“What’s that expression on your face?” She looked uneasy as if she had cheated on her husband.

Song Ci felt guilty. She said, “I will look for Sicilio and get him to assign me two capable subordinates. I will return to Catania at noon.”

Song Ci left after saying that.

Han Zhan frowned at her back view. He felt like this girl was hiding something from him.

After thinking for a moment, Han Zhan also stepped forward.

Aaron felt very good after fighting with Su Wen.

He took off his clothes and went to swim in the pool. Coming out of the water, Aaron saw Song Ci standing by the pool, looking at him suspiciously.

Aaron whistled at Song Ci. “Little sweetheart, do you want to come down and swim with me?”

Song Ci rolled her eyes. “What little sweetheart? Disgusting.”

Aaron smiled and pressed his hands against the cobblestones on the side of the pool. With a push, he sat down on the cobblestones. “Why are you looking for me?”

Aaron shook his head and wiped his wet hair with a towel.

His wet hair landed on Song Ci’s body.

Song Ci instinctively took two steps back.

Holding the towel, Ah Rang turned to look at Song Ci, who was hesitating to speak. He was slightly impatient. “Speak your mind. Don’t dawdle.”

]Song Ci’s brain twitched. She went straight to the point. “Aaron, don’t tell me you like me?”

Aaron was stunned.

Seeing that Aaron remained silent, Song Ci’s heart skipped a beat.

Damn, could it be true?!

Song Ci hurriedly said, “Don’t like me. There’s no outcome if you like me! I only have your brother in my heart. I am Jiang Shiyu’s daughter. If you like me, you are asking for it.”


Aaron was amused by Song Ci.

He sized Song Ci up with disdain and said disdainfully, “Do I look like someone who likes to eat leftovers?”

Song Ci was confused.

“I won’t touch the leftovers from Hoff!”

With that, Aaron plunged into the water.

Song Ci was actually not angry at being compared to leftovers. She finally felt at ease after hearing Aaron’s reply.

Song Ci was in a good mood and turned to leave.

After she left, Aaron emerged from the water again. Aaron looked at Song Ci’s figure swaying back and forth and chuckled. “You’re so beautiful. Do you really think you’re in high demand and everyone wants a bite?”

Han Zhan hid in the dark and watched as Aaron dived into the water again. Only then did he turn and leave.

At noon, Sicilio found two subordinates. One of them was an old acquaintance of Song Ci’s. It was Bei De, who had taken Song Ci away from the United States.

This Bei De belonged to Aaron.

Meeting Song Ci’s hateful and smiling eyes, Bei De’s eyes flashed but he didn’t dare to look straight at her.

Song Ci pointed at Bei De and complained to Han Zhan. “Brother Han, he was the one who kidnapped me from the party. He even threw me into the sea and nearly drowned me!”

Bei De said, “Miss Song Ci, I am also following orders.”

Han Zhan glanced at Bei De coldly and said, “Protect Madam well. If anything happens to her, I will throw you into the sea to feed the sharks.”

Bei De nodded quickly.

Song Ci boarded a private plane back to Catania.

The roads were destroyed and the houses collapsed. The city was being rebuilt. The plane landed on an open plain. Bei De found a car and brought Song Ci to the Clooney Family residence.

The Clooney Family was built near the sea. Due to the earthquake and tsunami, many houses collapsed. But Song Ci’s and Edward’s houses remained standing.

The house that had been soaked in water was already moldy.

Wearing sports shoes, Song Ci avoided the rubbish that filled the room and carefully went upstairs. Her room was damp and a fish had actually died inside.

It looked like when the seawater receded, this fish didn’t swim in time and was trapped in this house until it dried up.

Song Ci covered her nose and rummaged through the cupboard by the bed. She found the photo. It was in a metal box and actually didn’t break.

The accessories that Edward had prepared for Song Ci were still there. She kept them all. In order not to waste them, Song Ci kept all the valuable items in the building.

This was also because they knew how powerful the Clooney Family was. Otherwise, there would have been thieves coming to plunder them long ago.

Bei De saw that Song Ci’s hands were empty as she went in, but her hands were full when she went out. He hurried over to help Song Ci carry her things.

So heavy.

Not daring to ask what was in those bags, Bei De placed them in the car and asked Song Ci, “Madam, is there anything else? If not, we will go back now.”

Song Ci said, “Send me to the bay.”


Bei De parked the car in the bay and Song Ci arrived at the beach on a small road.

Night was about to fall. Song Ci squatted by the coast and gazed at the calm sea. She placed her fingers by her lips and whistled hard.

Song Ci whistled five to six times before sitting by the shore and waiting quietly.

After a few minutes, there were signs of waves on the surface of the sea. Song Ci stood up and saw a shark’s fin cutting across the surface of the sea and swimming rapidly towards her.

Song Ci smiled.


Hearing Song Ci’s voice, Coco swam even faster.

Coco floated in the deep sea and looked at Song Ci on the shore. Song Ci thought for a moment, took off her shoes, and dived into the sea. Seeing that Song Ci had entered the water, Coco swam over with his tail wagging.

Coco carried Song Ci, brought her to the deep sea, and happily tossed her up high.

Song Ci was thrown into the sky and smashed into the sea.

Her mind was in a daze.

Coco circled around Song Ci.

Song Ci surfaced and hugged Coco. She turned over and laid on his back, talking to it for a long time.

Coco brought Song Ci to swim slowly in the sea. When it was almost dark, Coco placed her on a reef that was rising from the water.

Song Ci sat on the reef and placed her feet in the water.

Coco quietly floated beside Song Ci’s feet, gazing at the stars and the moon together with her. It probably knew that Song Ci had come to bid it farewell and was very reluctant to part with her.

Coco rubbed against Song Ci’s feet.

Song Ci leaned over and stroked Coco’s head. “Long time no see, Coco. What have you been doing recently?”

Coco couldn’t speak. It was actually very upset.

It had originally wanted to guard Edward’s corpse, but after a period of time, Edward floated out of control like a rubber ball.

A few days ago, Coco came back from hunting for food and realized that Edward had disappeared.

In the end, he was still eaten by other fish.

Feeling COCO’s sadness, Song Ci couldn’t bear to part with it. But this was the Mediterranean Sea, Song Ci couldn’t secretly send a great white shark to China.

Moreover, Coco was born here and this sea was its hometown. It would never leave its hometown.

“Coco, I have to go. I will visit you again in the future.”

Coco understood what Song Ci meant and rubbed her feet again.

Coco sent Song Ci to the shore and watched her leave reluctantly. Only then did it sink into the deep sea. It was born in this sea and would finally live with its master forever…

Late at night, Han Zhan was still awake.

Hearing the sound of the helicopter landing, Han Zhan hurriedly walked out of the house and stood at the main entrance to wait.

Song Ci and Bei De walked in carrying several bags.

Upon seeing Han Zhan, Song Ci threw the bag into his hand and said, “With gold and silver mountains as the bridal gift, are you willing to marry me, Brother Han?”

Han Zhan said, “Naughty.”

Han Zhan opened the bag and stared at the bag of jewelry in shock. “You robbed Edward’s house?”

“It’s better for us to take advantage of it than others.”

The next morning, Song Ci poured the jewelry on the table and started selecting them with Orianna, like how an emperor would choose a concubine.

They each chose a dozen or so jewelry that they liked, before throwing the rest to Sicilio. “Sell them. We’ll split them evenly.”

Sicilio thought for a moment and also chose a few sets of jewelry. “These are for my wife.” He couldn’t not have a share of his joy.

Seeing this, Aaron couldn’t take it anymore. He loved money the most!

Aaron quickly reached out and snatched the valuable jewelry from the table.

Everyone looked at Aaron with disdain. They thought to themselves: You don’t have a wife or a girlfriend. Why are you joining in the fun?

Aaron was exceptionally thick-skinned. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, he turned and stuffed all the jewelry into Bei De’s arms. He said, “Let me introduce you. This is my lover.”

Bei De hugged the jewelry in a daze.

Aaron glared at Bei De and warned him. “Keep it well. Don’t lose it.”

“… Okay.”

Turning around, Aaron raised his brows at everyone. “Why? Are you discriminating?”

Everyone in the room remained silent.

In terms of cunning, Aaron was the best.

After Sicilio packed up the rest of the jewelry and sent it to the auction, and after everyone else returned to their rooms, Aaron grabbed Bei De and stretched out his hands.

Bede hugged that pile of jewelry and said hesitantly, “Third Young Master, can you give me some?” Since we were in cahoots, I should have a share too.

Aaron smiled mischievously and said generously, “Come to my room tonight and I will give you some.”

Bei De hurriedly returned everything to Aaron, turned, and ran.

Aaron carried those jewels to the auction house like he was holding a treasure. He sold all of them and stored all his money in his bank account.

At night, he would be wearing pants with money pockets.

Wife and children were not as satisfying as money.

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