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Chapter 259: Finally Home, Family Reunion

The next morning, after breakfast, Song Ci and Han Zhan bid farewell to Earl Ace and prepared to leave Italy.

Hearing that they were leaving, Orianna and Su Wen also said, “Your Excellency, we are also preparing to leave.”

Earl Ace stared at Su Wen and asked in amusement, “Where are you guys going again?”

Orianna told Earl Ace, “We are going to visit an old friend first, then we are going to China.”


Hearing that Orianna and Su Wen were going to China, Han Zhan and Song Ci were both slightly surprised. Han Zhan asked Orianna, “Are you going to my house to play?”

Orianna said, “If you welcome me, I can stay at your house for a while.”

“Of course you’re welcome.”

The new house on the Imperial Dragon Mountain had already been built and could be moved on a new day. Han Zhan planned to go back this time and wait for his health to fully recover before choosing a good day to move. By then, Orianna and the rest would also have a place to stay.

“We do have some private matters to settle. After we settle it, we will visit our nieces.” Orianna had yet to meet Han Zhan’s daughters and naturally had to visit them.

Song Ci also said, “Welcome.”


Song Ci, Orianna, and the rest left together for the airport.

Hearing that they were leaving, Earl Ace didn’t urge them to stay. Instead, he politely sent them to the main door and watched them leave.

After the car left Earl Ace’s sight, Song Ci and Han Zhan whispered into each other’s ears. “He looks like he can’t wait for you to leave.”

Han Zhan kept a straight face and remained silent.

Arriving at the airport, Orianna and Su Wen boarded the first flight to America, while Song Ci and Han Zhan took the second flight there.

They planned to visit Du Xueyan.

The person who made this decision was not Han Zhan, but Song Ci.

That explosion was caused by Song Ci. Du Xueyan was also a victim in essence. Ah Lun and Gu Shengyao had both died because of her, and Du Xueyan had also fallen into a deep sleep and didn’t wake up. Song Ci felt very guilty for not visiting Du Xueyan.

Han Zhan also understood Song Ci’s thoughts and agreed.

Du Xueyan was already fine and was currently staying in a high-class convalescent hospital, just waiting for her to wake up.

Under the guidance of the hospital staff, Song Ci and Han Zhan were brought to Du Xueyan’s ward.

Du Xueyan had laid in bed for half a year and lost a lot of weight.

In order to look good on screen, Du Xueyan had always been very strict with her own figure. She would never gain weight wherever she shouldn’t.

She was already skinny to begin with. Now that she was ill and had been bedridden for a long time, coupled with the fact that she didn’t eat anything and only relied on the nutrient solution to survive, she had lost all her weight.

The current Du Xueyan didn’t look like the beautiful mermaid princess of the past at all.

Not sure if Du Xueyan could hear her, Song Ci still sat by the bed and said many things to Du Xueyan. “Du Xueyan, it’s Song Ci. Song Ci is here to visit you.”

Glancing at the unresponsive Du Xueyan, Song Ci felt even more guilty. She held Du Xueyan’s slightly cold hand and told her, “Du Xueyan, Gu Shengyao did his best to protect you. You must not let him down.”

Song Ci went on and on about many things, including the recent emergence of talents in the entertainment circles. If Du Xueyan still didn’t wake up and make a comeback, she would be forgotten and eliminated by the entertainment circles.

She even told Du Xueyan about her experience with Han Zhan during this period.

After talking to Du Xueyan for one and a half hours, Song Ci got up and was about to leave. She walked out of the ward and saw Han Zhan sitting on the aisle chair outside the ward. Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Aren’t you going in to visit her?”

Han Zhan gave Song Ci a meaningful look. “You want me to visit her?”

Song Ci clenched her fists and shook her head. “Nope.”

Han Zhan’s lips curled up.

“But I will still allow you to visit her and say a few words.” Song Ci knew that Han Zhan no longer had that kind of feelings for Du Xueyan. She was not such a petty person.

Han Zhan felt slightly helpless. “Alright then.”

He got up and entered the ward.

Walking up to the bed, Han Zhan thought for a moment and said, “Xueyan, I heard that your father found a stepmother for you. Your stepmother is already two months pregnant. Congratulations on becoming an elder sister.”

With that, Han Zhan pulled Song Ci’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Han Zhan is indeed a ruthless person!

Without further delay in New York, the two of them went straight to the airport and boarded a flight back home.

Long Yu personally came to fetch them.

Seeing Han Zhan and Song Ci, Long Yu couldn’t conceal his excitement. “Welcome back, Mr. Han and Madam.”

Song Ci and Long Yu had not seen each other for half a year. The last time they met was at the celebration party of “Le Chi”. Song Ci sized up Long Yu and saw that he had completely recovered and there were no side effects. Only then did she feel at ease.

Song Ci said, “Brother Long, Ah Lun…”

Brother Long’s smile faded. “Madam, get in the car first. It’s cold outside.”


Song Ci and Han Zhan got into the car.

When Han Zhan went to save Song Ci, Ah Lun’s body was still not buried. Ah Lun’s funeral was handled by Long Yu and his brothers.

Only when the car started and drove into the main road did Long Yu tell Song Ci and the rest about Ah Lun in detail. “A brother called Big Snake and I sent Ah Lun’s body back to Liaoning City. His hometown is in East Phoenix City.”

“Ah Lun’s hometown has already been demolished and the skyscraper has been built there. When Ah Lun was alive, he was most concerned about his younger brother. When he was still alive, he always joked that he must find his younger brother. If he dies in an accident, let us bury him on our hometown’s Phoenix Mountain.”

“He said that it was a place he and his brother often went to when they were young. If his brother came back to look for someone, he would definitely go to Phoenix Mountain.”

His younger brother was already five years old when he went missing. Perhaps he still had some impression of his childhood.

Hearing this, Song Ci couldn’t calm down for a long time. She stroked the photo in her pocket, wanting to find Brother Ah Lun’s heart, and felt even more anxious.

“Madam, you have suffered during this period.”

Long Yu also saw the video of Edward shooting Song Ci. Almost the entire country knew that Song Ci had been kidnapped and shot.

As they had not seen Han Zhan and Song Ci recently, there were rumors that Song Ci was already dead. As Han Zhan had lost his wife and couldn’t recover from the setback, he shut himself in.

In short, there were all sorts of rumors.

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she heard Long Yu say those things. “Are there still rumors that I’ve been slept with and am no longer clean? Even if Han Zhan finds me, I will still be despised?”

Song Ci was quite good at reading people’s hearts.

As expected, hearing Song Ci’s words, Long Yu revealed an awkward expression. “People who say such things are all dirty-minded. Madam, just ignore them.”

Song Ci waved her hand. “I’ve been through a lot of rumors and slanders. I don’t care.” As the former top socialite, Song Ci didn’t know how many rumors others had spread about her. Without a strong mentality, she couldn’t maintain her position as the top socialite.

She didn’t care, but someone did.

Han Zhan secretly sent a message to Bei Zhan and told him: [Please tabulate the list of companies that have recently slandered Madam and make it into a form to send to me. Zeus Corporation will cut off all collaborations with them and will never collaborate again.]

Bei Zhan received Han Zhan’s message and stood up excitedly.

He hurriedly called Han Zhan.

Han Zhan answered the call and heard Bei Zhan ask excitedly, “Mr. Han, you’re back?”

Han Zhan replied, “Mmm.” Hearing Bei Zhan’s excitement and joy, Han Zhan also smiled in a good mood.

Bei Zhan quickly composed himself. Recalling what Han Zhan had said in the message just now, Bei Zhan asked Han Zhan, “Are you serious?”

“Of course.”

“Hehe.” Bei Zhan smiled sinisterly and said, “If I had known that you would settle scores later, I would have long remembered their names. I was waiting for you to come back and settle the scores one by one.”

Everyone kicked a man who is down. Song Ci was still alive and some jealous people couldn’t wait for her to die so that Han Zhan can be a widow.

Bei Zhan knew very well how protective Han Zhan was of Song Ci and had already recorded all those people and companies who slandered her.

Indeed, hearing Bei Zhan’s words, Han Zhan’s mood improved even more. “Bei Zhan, you are a talent.” If Bei Zhan was not a talent, how could he hold a female fox like Han Qingshen tightly in his hands?

Just as he was about to hang up, Han Zhan told Bei Zhan, “Inform the Planning Department that I asked them to plan a grateful banquet. The main objective is to thank those corporations and nobles who are helpful to Zeus Corporation.”

“Oh yes, invite all those who are on the form.”

Although he didn’t know what Han Zhan was planning to do, this didn’t affect Bei Zhan’s mood to watch a good show. “Okay!”

After hanging up, Han Zhan saw Song Ci staring at him curiously. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Song Ci asked him, “What are you planning to do?”

Han Zhan said, “Of course there’s something.”

Song Ci couldn’t guess Han Zhan’s tricks and decided not to think about it.

They were almost home and could see the villa in the forest. Song Ci’s hands were trembling with excitement at the thought of seeing her two little babies.

Han Aoyu knew that Song Ci and Han Zhan were coming back today and was very excited. Early in the morning, he got Zhong Buhui to go to the market to buy many ingredients. He planned to hold a welcoming party for them tonight and have a table of delicious food!

Han Wangwang had just graduated and found a job as an assistant at a law firm. Knowing that Song Ci and the rest were coming back today, Han Wangwang applied for leave this afternoon and came to her great-grandfather’s house to wait for her little uncle and aunt to return home.

Not only was Han Wangwang here, Su Huanyan and Su Beibei had also brought their children.

As Song Ci alighted, she heard Su Huanyan and Han Wangwang teasing the children. They should be playing in the backyard and there was no one in the front yard.

Instead, Old Master heard the sound of a car and hurriedly ran out of the house.

Han Aoyu’s eyes reddened when he saw Song Ci and the much thinner Han Zhan.

Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and walked up to Han Aoyu. He stared at the old man, who looked like he was about to cry, and felt a sense of guilt. He had nearly caused the old man to lose his daughter in his middle age and his grandson in his later years.

As his grandson, he was unfilial.

“Grandpa.” Han Zhan called out. That iron-blooded man who had traveled in the rain and wind, piloting a Chengdu Jets to destroy the enemy’s nine Chengdu Jets, and created the legend of fighting in the air, actually cried on the spot.

“Zhanzhan!” Han Aoyu hugged Han Zhan and hit his back hard. “Good lad, I knew you could do it!”

Han Aoyu’s tears and mucus stained Han Zhan’s clothes.

Han Zhan hugged his grandfather’s weakening body due to his excitement. He patted his grandfather’s shoulder and said, “Grandpa, Zhanzhan is back. Zhanzhan brought Song Ci back.”

“Okay, okay!”

Song Ci stood aside and witnessed this scene. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Hearing the commotion in the front yard, Su Huanyan carried Han Miao in one arm and Han Jun in the other. They went through the house to the front yard. Behind them, Han Wangwang also carried Program.

The few of them stood under the door and stared at this touching scene with reddened eyes.

After crying for a moment, Han Aoyu calmed down.

Han Aoyu let go of Han Zhan and pulled Song Ci in front of him for a good look. He saw that Song Ci’s face was rosy and she didn’t lose weight. She just looked more mature and sensible than before. He knew that after this ordeal, Song Ci had finally grown up.

Han Aoyu wiped Song Ci’s tears and sighed. “You’ve suffered, Song Lass.”

Song Ci smiled through her tears. “I didn’t, but you did, Grandpa. Miaomiao and Junjun are getting more and more mischievous. They disturb you everyday. Grandpa, you’ve worked hard.”

“What are you saying? How can taking care of my own little great-grandson be tough?!” Han Aoyu heard Miaomiao’s ahh. He said to Song Ci, “Go and see those two fellows.”


Han Aoyu stood aside in a flash. Song Ci looked up and saw her daughters in Su Huanyan’s arms.

Han Miao and Han Jun were wearing matching knitted sweaters of different colors. There was a cute black and white teddy bear on the sweater. The two of them were wearing soft shoes. Han Miao’s shoes were pink, Han Jun’s shoes were blue, and the back of both shoes were printed with little piglets.

Song Ci and Han Zhan sized up the children. The children also stared at Song Ci and Han Zhan curiously.

Su Huanyan told them, “Father and Mother are back. Miaomiao, Junjun, do you want to go over and let Father and Mother hug you?”

Surprisingly, Miaomiao and Junjun really reached out their hands to Song Ci and Han Zhan.

Overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, Song Ci hurriedly walked up and hugged Miaomiao. Han Zhan also hugged Junjun.

Miaomiao laid in Song Ci’s arms and looked up at her face. Looking at her curly hair, she thought for a moment, reached out, pressed Song Ci’s nose, and made it look like a pig’s nose.

Song Ci also let Han Miao mess around.

Meanwhile, Han Jun was much colder. She just stared at Han Zhan’s face for a long while, stroked his small mustaches, and laid on his chest without saying anything.

Only after carrying the child into the house did Song Ci see that all the decorative paintings in the house had been replaced with photos of her and Han Zhan’s daily lives. The photos hadn’t been photoshopped, so they were all very real.

Meanwhile, the children were looking at their parents’ photos everyday, so they were familiar with Song Ci and Han Zhan.

Needless to say, this was definitely Han Aoyu’s idea.

Song Ci turned to look at Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu winked at her.

Song Ci’s heart felt exceptionally warm, so warm that she felt like crying.

The two of them carried the child to the backyard and placed them on the mat to let the children climb around. Su Huanyan, Han Wangwang, and Su Beibei surrounded Song Ci and spoke. Since Han Zhan had nothing to do, he went to the kitchen to help his grandfather and Uncle Zhong.

After a moment, Han Zhan heard the sound of a car.

He looked up at the courtyard door and saw it being pushed open. Yan Jiang and Song Fei walked in side by side.

Yan Jiang was wearing a blue shirt and a white suit. It had only been a short time since they last met, but he had actually taken the trouble to shave his head. In the past, every time Yan Jiang appeared, everyone’s eyes would be attracted by his exquisitely handsome face. But now, everyone’s attention was focused on that bald head.

Like… braised eggs.

Song Fei didn’t have much of an expression as usual.

She was wearing a black windbreaker, black jeans, and black high-heeled boots. It had been half a year since they last met and Song Fei’s hair had grown longer. She looked especially like Song Ci.

Noticing Han Zhan’s gaze, Song Fei stopped in her tracks and looked up at him. Han Zhan nodded at her, and Song Fei also nodded, before leading Yan Jiang into the house.

Song Fei heard Song Ci’s laughter and headed straight for the backyard.

Song Fei stopped in her tracks when she saw Song Ci sitting with Su Beibei and the rest, sharing her experiences.

Song Ci talked non-stop about those dangerous situations. When she talked about dangerous situations, she even cooperated and showed a terrified expression. That lively and radiant look made her look like a healthy person.

Song Fei was relieved.


Yan Jiang purposely coughed to interrupt the group of women’s reminiscing.

Song Ci suddenly turned back and was nearly blinded by Yan Jiang’s bald head. “Brother Jiang, why did you get such a haircut?” Song Ci pointed at Yan Jiang’s head and suppressed her laughter.

Yan Jiang touched the top of his head and said, “Your elder sister complained that my hair quality was not good because I always bleach it, so she just shaved it and let it grow again.” In the past, Yan Jiang’s hair was frequently dyed and became worse.

Once in bed, Song Fei stroked Yan Jiang’s hair and complained that it looked like straw. The next day, Yan Jiang shaved his hair away.

Hearing this, Song Ci looked at Song Fei.

Upon seeing Song Fei, Song Ci suddenly felt like a child seeing her mother. All her grievances welled up in her heart. Song Ci hurriedly stood up and threw herself into Song Fei’s arms.

Song Fei took a few steps back from Song Ci’s impact and was supported by Yan Jiang.

Song Ci cried in Song Fei’s arms.

Song Fei was stunned when she heard Song Ci crying. “Don’t… don’t cry anymore.” Song Fei could not do anything once Song Ci cried.

Song Ci said, “I’m not crying!” She wiped her snot on Song Fei’s clothes.

Song Fei was also very helpless. It was her fault for having such a crying baby sister.

Yan Jiang looked at the two sisters with a suppressed smile. Song Fei saw that everyone was looking at them and felt slightly awkward. She covered Song Ci’s head and pulled her upstairs.

Long Yu brought Song Ci’s luggage upstairs. Song Fei walked around the luggage and placed Song Ci on the bed.

Song Ci hugged Song Fei and laid on the bed with her. “Song Fei, you don’t know how hard I’ve been recently. That bastard Edward bullied me and even shot me. You don’t even know how painful it was!”

Song Ci sat up and pulled up her clothes to reveal the gunshot wound on her abdomen. “Look, that old bastard hit me.”

Song Fei stared at Song Ci’s wound and frowned slightly in frustration.

She reached out to stroke Song Ci’s bullet marks.

The wound there had healed and left a pale pink scar. Song Fei asked Song Ci, “Does it still hurt?”

Song Ci shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Song Fei nodded.

Song Ci thought of something and hurriedly opened her luggage. She took out all the jewelry she had plundered from Edward and threw it on the bed. Song Ci handed a pink gem necklace to Song Fei. “I think this necklace suits you and specially brought it over for you.”

Song Ci even put it on for Song Fei.

Song Fei glanced at herself in the mirror.

She was dressed in black, but she was wearing a pink jewel necklace…

It was a long story.

Song Ci asked, “Is it very nice?”

Song Fei said, “…Yes.”

My ass!

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