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Chapter 257: Han Zhan: How Did I Offend Earl Ace?

Eight hours had passed since that tsunami and the sea had started to retreat, but most of the city was still submerged.

Many of the victims who survived were standing on the floating boards and in their houses. Some were waiting for help, while others were crying for the destruction of their loved ones’ lost homes…

Orianna’s helicopter pierced through the clouds and arrived above the city. It immediately attracted the attention of those people. They all looked up and gazed at the helicopter with anxious and happy eyes.

Many people were waving at the helicopter.

Orianna looked at those people coldly, unmoved by their cries for help.

She said to the pilot, “Continue, drive forward.” She was not cold-hearted. It was just that the situation was special and everyone was busy taking care of themselves. No one could save anyone.

The plane flew towards the middle school.

The plane circled above the school. Orianna stretched out her head and looked down. Only then did she see that the school buildings were basically still intact. Only one or two buildings were slightly tilted.

It could be seen that this school’s buildings were very sturdy. The earthquake didn’t collapse and the tsunami didn’t push it down.

Many children were standing on the rooftop of the tallest house. They all looked up, revealing small, pitiful faces of anticipation as they stared at Orianna.

Orianna took out her loudspeaker and shouted, “Ye Chen, are you inside?”

Orianna heard a child say, “Ye Chen is with the rescue team!”

Rescue team?

The so-called rescue team was built in the commercial building behind the school.

There were many tents set up at the top of the commercial building. Medical rescue teams from all over the country were treating the injured victims.

Ye Chen squatted among the volunteers.

It had only been two months since they last met and Ye Chen had grown a lot taller. He looked like a 17-18 year old teenager.

He was wearing a pale blue shirt and glasses. He was sitting by the side of the tent, helping the doctor bandage the injured crowd.

The clone Ye Chen in glasses was more like the Ye Chen in Orianna’s memory.

But no matter how much he resembled Ye Chen, he was no longer the Ye Chen who would put on a wedding ring for her and invite her to watch the sunset in Cambridge City.

Orianna lowered the rope and slid down the helicopter.

She landed on the rooftop, passed through the injured crowd, and arrived behind Ye Chen.

Sensing that someone was approaching him, Ye Chen thought that it was a volunteer. Without looking up, he said gently, “There are more patients over there. You can go over there to help.”

“Ye Chen,” Orianna called out.

Ye Chen looked up in surprise.

Seeing that it was Orianna, Ye Chen stood up and pulled her into his arms. “Anna, this is great. You are still alive.”

Orianna was slightly surprised to be suddenly hugged by the young man.

Realizing that he had gone overboard, Ye Chen hurriedly released Orianna. “I was too agitated. I am very happy to see you, Anna.”

Orianna acknowledged.

Orianna stayed behind in the disaster area and became a volunteer. Although she was a biologist, she was also involved in medicine.

Orianna basically knew how to perform ordinary surgeries.

With Orianna around, many people were saved.

Orianna had been busy for a whole day and night and barely closed her eyes to rest. Ye Chen walked over with a bottle of water and a packet of biscuits.

Handing the biscuits to Orianna, Ye Chen said, “You haven’t eaten anything all day. Have some, Anna.”

Orianna opened the biscuit and sat down on the floor. She took a few bites of the mineral water.

After eating a few biscuits, Orianna looked up and drank some water. Only then did she notice that the person beside her was looking at her with a complicated expression.

When Orianna looked at Ye Chen, he naturally lowered his head.

Ye Chen covered Orianna’s face with a wet towel. “Anna, you’re sweating so much.”

Orianna wiped her face with the towel.

Ye Chen said, “Sleep for a while. You are a capable doctor. Take good care of yourself first before you can save more people.”

Orianna naturally understood this. She said, “I will sleep for two hours. Call me when two hours are up.”


Ye Chen straightened his legs and let Orianna lie on his lap.

Orianna fell asleep almost instantly.

Ye Chen stared at Orianna’s face. Unable to resist, he reached out his right hand and gently stroked her cheek.


Ye Chen murmured Orianna’s name lovingly.

It was three hours later when Orianna woke up.

“Why did you only wake me up now?”

“I can’t bear to wake you up seeing you sleeping so soundly.” Ye Chen patted his leg and said, “Get up quickly, my leg is numb.”

Orianna stood up and saw Ye Chen slowly stand up and walk far away to massage his legs.

“Anna, a young man’s leg needs treatment!”


Only after Orianna left did Ye Chen dare to reveal his sickness.

He pressed his kidney and slowly sat down.

A volunteer who knew Ye Chen noticed that he was feeling unwell and stopped. He asked worriedly, “Ye, are you alright?”

Ye Chen waved his hand slightly. “It’s alright. I just need to rest for a while.”

Ye Chen knew that his organs were starting to fail.

This was the bad thing about clones.

More and more professional medical teams arrived at the disaster site. More and more victims were treated, so Orianna and Ye Chen’s work became easier and easier.

Seven days later, the volunteer work finally ended.

Orianna and Ye Chen left Catania and went to a nearby city. After finding a hotel, Orianna fell asleep.

Two mornings later, Orianna found Ye Chen and asked him out for breakfast.

On this day, Ye Chen was wearing a gray shirt and black pants. His short, black hair was draped over his forehead gently. Behind his glasses, his brown eyes looked gentle and tolerant.

He ate his breakfast quietly and elegantly. He looked more and more like the man in Orianna’s memory. Even his small actions were the same. Orianna’s heart ached.

When creating clones, Orianna had injected Ye Chen’s genes into every cloning embryo, but none of the babies born successfully had Ye Chen’s memories.

Little Ye Chen also didn’t remember Ye Chen’s memories, but he was the only clone who survived.

Orianna hesitated, not knowing how to explain his identity as a clone to Ye Chen. Only when Su Wen’s face barged into Orianna’s mind did she feel slightly determined.

Being indecisive was never Orianna’s style.

“Ye Chen.”

“Mmm?” Ye Chen watched her from the corner of his eye as he drank his milk.

Orianna said, “There is something I must tell you.”

Ye Chen put down his glass of milk and looked all ears. “Go ahead.”

“Ye Chen, have you noticed that you are growing faster than your peers? It’s not normal…” Orianna could not bear to tell Ye Chen that he was a clone.

Ye Chen smiled. “Anna, are you trying to tell me that I am a clone?”

Orianna is shocked. “You… knew?”

“Mmm.” Ye Chen told Orianna, “That little girl called Rain is also a clone child, right?”

Orianna fell silent.

Ye Chen remained silent and sipped his milk obediently.

Orianna stared at the young man’s calm expression and felt slightly sour. “Ye Chen, do you blame me?”

Ye Chen smiled and looked at Orianna with tolerance.

That gaze completely overlapped with the image of that Professor Ye in her memory. Orianna almost felt that the person in front of her was that Professor Ye who loved her deeply.

However, Ye Chen shook his head slightly.

“Anna, you gave me life but didn’t treat me as your possession. You gave me freedom and all my self-esteem. Anna, thank you for bringing me into this world.”

Although his life was short, he had no regrets.

Orianna was stunned.

She thought of Ye Chen’s reaction after knowing the truth. He would also be afraid or hate her. She just didn’t expect Ye Chen to thank her.

He is indeed Professor Ye’s clone. So gentle.

“Anna.” Ye Chen suddenly said, “I want to see this world.” Glancing apologetically at Orianna, Ye Chen said, “I want to see it alone.”

Orianna understood what Ye Chen meant. He wanted to formally bid her farewell and live his own life.

“Then… will you still contact me?”

Ye Chen said, “Of course. Anna, you are my family.”

Hearing Ye Chen’s reply, Orianna heaved a sigh of relief. “Go, go and see this world.”


After breakfast, Ye Chen packed his luggage, took the money that Orianna gave him, and left this world lightly.

Ye Chen was not in good health. He didn’t go out to see the world as promised. He just came to Cambridge, Massachusetts, America alone.

This city, which was adjacent to Boston, was only second or third tier. But because Harvard College and MIT were both built here, it was famous worldwide.

Ye Chen was living alone in an apartment, living the life of a single man.

In just a short month, a huge change happened to Ye Chen. He became very thin and completely looked like a young man.

His body started to ache all night long. His organs were so painful that he couldn’t fall asleep.

It was late autumn and the wind was chilly.

Ye Chen stood alone at the Harvard Bridge on the Charles River. He gazed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the riverbank and recalled some things.

Today, he was wearing a camel-colored coat with bullhorn buttons and a gray scarf. His handsome and calm expression made him look out of place with the people around him.

He was like a well-educated scholar. He didn’t care about the mortal world at all.

This city appeared peaceful and historic.

Ye Chen gazed at the setting sun at the end of the river as a seductive female voice sounded in his mind. “I’ll give you two choices. One, be my boyfriend. Two, be friends with God.”

— I choose number three to watch the sunset with you.

Ye Chen suddenly smiled.


“Orianna, Clooney…”

In a daze, he repeated Orianna’s name on the tip of his tongue twice, hiding all his love and longing deep into his soul. Only then did Ye Chen raise the camera in his hand.


He had taken a photo of Charles’s sunset.

After a month, Su Wen’s injuries had basically recovered. As long as he didn’t walk too quickly, his thigh wouldn’t even hurt.

He and Orianna waited in Mexico for a few more days. Only when the hospital determined that Song Ci and Han Zhan could be discharged and go home to recuperate did they leave together.

Sicilio’s private plane brought Han Zhan and the rest to Rome.

The plane landed on Earl Ace’s private jet.

Standing behind the plane, Earl Ace and the butler personally welcomed Orianna and the rest.

Earl Ace had recovered very well. There was no problem for him to walk alone, but he was much thinner. Due to his loose clothes, he looked even thinner in the autumn wind.

In short, he didn’t look like a pervert.

After all, in all sorts of rumors, Earl Ace had already become a sickly, perverted, paranoid, and evil demon.

Orianna was the first to alight.

She walked up to Earl Ace and greeted him. “Earl Ace, I am very happy to see you standing in front of me again.”

Earl Ai was used to Orianna’s sarcasm. He grabbed her right hand and kissed it. “Sweetheart Anna, I haven’t seen you for more than 10 years and you are still so adorable.”

Orianna didn’t argue.

Adorable indeed had nothing to do with her.

“Is this your boyfriend?” Earl Ace stared at Su Wen, who was behind Orianna.

Su Wen greeted him dryly.

Orianna glanced at the person behind her. “Yes, my boyfriend.”

Hearing this, Su Wen’s eyes lit up.

This was the first time Orianna acknowledged him as her boyfriend.

u Wen was slightly agitated and wanted to swim in the pool to calm down.

At this moment, Aaron alighted from the plane in a leather jacket. He was wearing a baseball cap and chewing a candy. His frivolous manner made an elegant gentleman like Earl Ace frown.

“Aaron, you are much more lively than when you were young.” In Earl Ace’s memory, Aaron was very introverted when he was young.

“Earl Ace, people change. In my memory, Earl Ace is a big pervert. Now it seems that he is rather polite.”

“Haha! You are very humorous.” Earl Ace laughed heartily, but his eyes were naturally gloomy. His smile made one’s hair stand on end.

Seeing that most people had alighted, Earl Ace looked up at the private plane.

Han Zhan was walking down the stairs.

He was the most seriously injured and had yet to fully recover. As he descended the stairs, Han Zhan’s footsteps were slow.

Song Ci followed behind Han Zhan.

The gunshot wound on Song Ci’s waist was almost healed, but the wound had been infected before and the wound on her calf healed very slowly. She was still gaining weight.

The process of gaining weight was unbearable. It was itchy and painful. Song Ci suffered every day.

Song Ci supported herself with her walking stick and slowly alighted from the plane.

Song Ci was physically hurt but not mentally. She still loved to dress up. Even with a crutch, she had to wear beautiful clothes and put on exquisite makeup.

So even if she was injured, she was still a beautiful patient.

Song Ci and Han Zhan walked up to Earl Ace at the same time. He obviously liked Song Ci very much.

He said, “I’ve seen your ‘Le Chi’. Miss Song Ci, you are the most beautiful Asian girl I know.”

Song Ci was very proud. She was shameless and said confidently to Earl Ai, “Believe me, Your Excellency. There are beauties everywhere in China.”

“When I recover, I must go and take a look.”

“Welcome, I will bring you to see beauties.”

“Miss Song Ci is so considerate.”

Earl Ace and Song Ci praised each other for a while before looking at Han Zhan.

Faced with Han Zhan, Earl Ace coldly stretched out his index finger, nudged his glasses, turned around without a word, and left.

Han Zhan was confused.

I can’t suffer from Earl Ace’s disdain and disregard just because I am taller, more handsome, and perhaps richer than him!

This is unfair!

Everyone could tell that Earl Ace disliked Han Zhan and they were all puzzled.

What exactly happened between Earl Ace and Han Zhan?

Aaron was enjoying the show and even whistled at Han Zhan. Orianna also looked at Han Zhan in surprise, feeling very curious. She couldn’t resist asking, “Hoff, have you offended Earl Ace?”

Han Zhan looked at Earl Ace’s back view and shook his head. He said thoughtfully, “I don’t think so.”

Not to mention that this was the first time Han Zhan and Earl Ace met, even when he pretended to be Carl, although he had met Earl Ace a few times, he had never spoken to him.

How did I offend this legendary perverted earl?

Earl Ace hosted a sumptuous banquet to entertain Han Zhan and the rest. That night, Sicilio also came. Knowing that they were all injured and not suitable for drinking, Earl Ace prepared coconut juice for them.

Song Ci took a sip of coconut juice and said, “It’s delicious!” There was something in the coconut juice that tasted especially sweet but not greasy.

Aaron added. “It’s not bad. It’s different from the coconut juice I used to drink.”

Earl Ace explained, “This is my favorite drink. It was flown over from Australia. This coconut juice has homemade milk sugar inside, so it tastes different.”

“Oh I see.”

Su Qingjia also liked to drink that milk. She finished one in one gulp and expressed that she still wanted it. “Uncle Reynolds, I still want to drink it.”

Earl Ai stroked Su Qingjia’s hair with a smile and asked the chef to bring another coconut.

Sicilio smiled and said, “Ace, you didn’t like such sweet things in the past. Why did your taste change after waking up?”

Earl Ace shook his finger and said, “Everyone has to grow up. In the past, Sicilio was a man who didn’t get married or fall in love. Now that he has a daughter, isn’t it strange?”

After being mocked by Earl Ace, Sicilio felt guilty and chose to shut up.

Seeing that everyone was full of praise for that coconut, Han Zhan also picked up the coconut in front of him and took a sip. He sucked in a big gulp of coconut juice with anticipation, but after that coconut juice entered his mouth, Han Zhan nearly spat it out.

Why is it so… salty?

Did he add two spoonfuls of salt?

Han Zhan glanced suspiciously at Earl Ace.

Earl Ace was talking to Su Qingjia and couldn’t even be bothered to look at Han Zhan.

While no one was looking, Han Zhan secretly took a sip of Song Ci’s coconut.

So tasty!

Only then did Han Zhan dare to confirm that Earl Ace was intentionally setting him up!

How did I anger this Earl Ace?

Song Ci was talking to Orianna. After speaking, she turned and picked up her coconut. She realized that the coconut water had been finished.

There was a coconut thief here.

Song Ci shot Han Zhan a teasing look. “Why are you drinking mine!”

Song Ci took Han Zhan’s one and drank it. Han Zhan didn’t even have the time to stop her.

Song Ci took a sip of coconut juice and looked like she was doubting her own life.


Why is Brother Han’s coconut juice salty?

Song Ci quietly put down the coconut and exchanged a silent look with Han Zhan. Only then did she look at Ace thoughtfully.

After dinner, Song Ci and Han Zhan returned to their room to rest.

Sitting by the bed, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Do you have a feud with Earl Ace? Did you steal his milk when you were young? Did you steal his Lego and excavator?”

As he had been bullied by Han Zhan when he was young, Earl Ace wanted to bully him back now?

Han Zhan looked helpless. He said, “I was locked up in the manor when I was young. I didn’t even have the right to see Earl Ace.”

“That’s strange.”

Song Ci and Han Zhan thought for a long time but still couldn’t figure out when they had offended Earl Ace.

But Earl Ai had already added salt to Han Zhan’s coconut juice. Who would believe that there was no hatred?

Su Qingjia felt sleepy after eating and drinking her fill. Under Earl Ace’s urging, Sicilio decided to stay the night with Su Qingjia at the Palace of the Earl.

Sicilio placed Su Qingjia on the bed.

As she was sleeping, Su Qingjia habitually lifted her blouse and placed her hand on her round belly.

I wonder what kind of habit this is.

Sicily helped Su Qingjia remove her hand and tidied her clothes. “Little princess, a girl’s sleeping posture must be demure.” As soon as she finished speaking, Su Qingjia turned over and faced the sky, pressing her hands under her stomach.

Sicilio was very depressed.

Knock knock.

There was a soft knock on the door.

Sicilio turned and saw Orianna outside the door.

He pulled up the small blanket and covered Su Qingjia properly, before quietly leaving her room. Closing the door, Sicilio turned around and stared at Orianna. “What’s the matter?”

Orianna raised her head towards Su Qingjia’s room. She said, “Are the results out?”

Sicilio nodded.

He said, “Let’s talk downstairs.”

The two of them arrived at the tearoom downstairs.

There was a small crystal glass fish tank on the coffee table.

Perhaps Earl Ace was suffering from a stroke and fell in love with these elegant items. He had fish at home and a tree full of crabapple.

No matter how one looked at it, it would ruin his image.

Orianna lit a cigarette and blew smoke into the bathtub mischievously. The two goldfish just stared at her like silly roe deers who had never seen the world.

Orianna laughed at the fish’s silliness.

Only then did she look up at Sicilio. “Why haven’t you spoken?”

Sicilio ended his contemplation.

He said in a complicated tone, “The results are out. Qingjia is very healthy and not poisoned.” Actually, after spending the past month with Su Qingjia, Sicilio had guessed this outcome when he saw that she could eat and sleep well and that her physical fitness was not weak.

It had really confirmed Su Qingjia’s health. Edward didn’t poison her like he said. Sicilio felt very conflicted.

He was happy, but also sad.

Orianna was also clearly surprised by this outcome. She said in disbelief, “He actually has moments when he looks like a human.”

Sicilio couldn’t speak calmly about Edward. After all, he had personally killed his father.

Orianna saw that Sicilio’s eyes were dark and knew that he was feeling terrible. She asked him, “Do you regret killing him?”

Sicilio remained silent.

Orianna patted Sicilio’s shoulder, pressed the cigarette into the crown-shaped crystal ashtray, and went upstairs.

Sicilio stared at the fish in the vat, trying to analyze his own feelings.

Do I regret killing Edward?

He had no regrets.

If Edward didn’t die, they wouldn’t be able to live freely for the rest of their lives. His daughter would also be educated by Edward to be like Orianna.

But he also felt terrible.

Sicilio also planned to go upstairs to rest. Passing by the hall, he saw Earl Ace sitting on the sofa, looking for a movie. He looked like he was planning to stay up all night.

He stopped and said to Earl Ace, “Ace, you can’t stay up late.”

Earl Ai said, “I’ve been sleeping for too many years. I can’t fall asleep now.”

“But you still need to rest early.”

“Got it, Leo.”

After Sicilio returned to his room, Earl Ace opened the movie and played it.

After taking a shower, Han Zhan was about to fall asleep but felt thirsty.

Actually, not only was the coconut juice very salty tonight, his food was also very salty.

Han Zhan suppressed his sleepiness and went downstairs.

Walking to the corner of the staircase on the first level, Han Zhan heard the television.

It’s already so late. Who is still watching television?

Han Zhan walked down and saw Earl Ace sitting sideways on the sofa. The huge television screen in front of him was playing Du Xueyan’s concert video.

Han Zhan raised his brows in surprise.

He finally understood why Ace hated him. He was Du Xueyan’s die-hard fan!

Earl Ace’s manor was very luxurious and there were countless rooms. Every room had a television and a special screening equipment. He didn’t sleep at night and specially watched television here. He must have expected Han Zhan to go downstairs to drink water and purposely waited here.

Han Zhan felt very tired.

He went to pour a glass of warm water. Just as he took a sip, he heard Earl Ace remind him considerately, “Mr. Han, there’s a summons bell in the room. Ring it and the helper will help you solve all your problems.”

Han Zhan said, “It’s already so late and everyone is asleep. There’s no need to trouble them.”

“This is their job.”

Han Zhan didn’t argue with Earl Ace.

After finishing the water, Han Zhan walked past Earl Ace and was about to go upstairs.

After thinking for a moment, he stopped and stared at the back of Earl Ace’s head. He asked expressionlessly, “You purposely added salt to my coconut juice and purposely made my food very salty?”

Earl Ace turned and stared at Han Zhan for a moment, before admitting seriously, “Yes, I did it on purpose.”

Why? Can you bite me to death?

Han Zhan walked to the other sofa and sat down. He crossed his legs and stared at Earl Ace. This person had a malicious character and his slender eyes were especially cold. So regardless of whether he was smiling or silent, he always gave off a sinister and sickly feeling.

But this person was wearing glasses and had a gentle aura.

It was especially contradictory.

Han Zhan pointed at Du Xueyan on the television. “Is Du Xueyan your idol?”

Earl Ace’s dark gaze landed on Du Xueyan. His eyes were filled with determination and dominance.

Han Zhan was shocked.

Is she an illegitimate child?

Poison powder?

“She is mine.” Earl Ace’s ambiguous answer made Han Zhan suspicious.

She is mine…

Han Zhan suddenly realized that Earl Ace was an existence even more terrifying than a poisonous fan.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “So, just because I am Du Xueyan’s first love, you purposely tricked me?”

Earl Ace gave Han Zhan a “you’re not too stupid” look.

Han Zhan was speechless. “Earl Ace, don’t you think this is very childish?”

Earl Ace didn’t answer.

The concert ended.

Earl Ai changed another movie. This time, he was watching “Le Chi”. After the editing, only Du Xueyan’s part was left.

Earl Ace suddenly asked Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, what kind of woman do you think Du Xueyan is?”

His wife was sleeping upstairs. How could Han Zhan judge his ex?

Han Zhan said, “Sorry, I am already married now. My relationship with Madam Du Xueyan is also old news. Your question seems very boring to me.”

Earl Ace didn’t seem to hear what Han Zhan said. He said to himself, “She is ambitious, calculative, and brave. She is the most charming woman I have ever seen.”

Han Zhan was very awkward.

Earl Ai asked him again, “Mr. Han really loves Miss Song Ci, right?”

“But of course.”

“Then continue to love Miss Song Ci forever.” He looked at Du Xueyan’s every frown and smile on the television and murmured. “The rest of her life will be mine.”

Han Zhan raised his brows.

“Good luck.”

Han Zhan didn’t think highly of Earl Ace and Du Xueyan.

Putting aside the fact that Du Xueyan was still in a coma, even if she woke up, with Gu Shengyao’s death between her and Earl Ace, Earl Ace would never be able to woo Du Xueyan.

Han Zhan returned to his room and laid down. Song Ci hugged his arm.

“Why did you go down for so long?” Song Ci joked. “Did the little vixen downstairs bewitch you?”

“There isn’t a little vixen, but I do have an old demon.”


Han Zhan told Song Ci his shocking discovery. “Ace Reynolds is Du Xueyan’s poison fan. He told me that Du Xueyan is his.”

Song Ci gaped in shock. “No way…”

“It’s true.”

Song Ci sincerely admired Du Xueyan.

That woman was so charming that even a pervert like Earl Ace was attracted to her.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan in amusement and teased him. “Ace Reynolds is Du Xueyan’s die-hard fan. You are Du Xueyan’s first boyfriend. It’s his mercy that he didn’t feed you poison tonight.”

According to Earl Ace’s ruthless way of doing things, he was indeed capable of feeding someone poison.

Han Zhan could tell that Song Ci was gloating and he was not very happy.

“Are you enjoying the show?”

Song Ci said, “It’s rare for me to eat your melon. Of course I am happy.”

Neither of them could fall asleep.

The days were suddenly peaceful and there was no danger to her life. When Song Ci felt at ease, she especially missed home. “Brother Han, I miss the children.”

How could Han Zhan not miss them?

“We will go back next week.”

After resting for a few more days, they would return home healthy.


The next morning, everyone gathered for breakfast again.

In the morning, Su Qingjia was very lively. Everyone in the room could hear her laughter. Song Ci told Sicilio that they would be returning next week. Sicilio nodded and told her, “The renovation work for the house is ending soon. You can bring the children over to stay over at Christmas.”

Song Ci acknowledged.

She stared at Sicilio’s face and hesitated for a long time before saying, “Can… can I bring Song Fei along?”

Sicilio thought for a moment before nodding. “Alright.”

Song Ci was overjoyed.

“Thank you, Brother!”

Hearing this, Sicilio looked down. His eyes flickered several times before returning to calm.

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