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Chapter 256: You Didn’t have a Good Eye for Men

After drinking the milk, Su Qingjia was no longer hungry.

Sicilio carried Su Qingjia back to the hospital. Su Qingjia had eaten her fill and laid in Sicilio’s arms with her butt up. She rested her head on Sicilio’s shoulder and said unhappily, “Daddy, I miss Mommy.”

Sicilio suddenly stopped.

He looked up at the sky that was about to light up and murmured. “I miss her too.”

Su Qingjia hugged Sicilio’s neck and asked him softly, “Shall we call Mother?”

Sicilio hesitated.

Su Qingjia said, “Just call.”


Returning to the hospital, Sicilio borrowed the head nurse’s phone again.

Su Qingjia recited her mother’s number loudly. She memorized a number and Sicilio pressed a button.

After Su Huanyan returned to China, she changed her number. Sicilio also remembered her number, but he never dialed it.

Sicilio was still staring at the number in a daze and didn’t press it for a long time. At this moment, a chubby little hand reached over and pressed the green button without hesitation.

Sicilio looked at Su Qingjia in surprise. “You know how to make calls?”

“Mmm, I have a cell phone. Miss my mother, I will call her.”

Su Qingjia, who was not even two and a half years old, was already very good at expressing her own thoughts. It was just that there were still some problems with her sentence. Sicilio spent some effort to understand what Su Qingjia meant.

“Where are you staying?”

In Sicilio’s investigations and surveillance of Su Huanyan, there had never been such a little girl by her side.

Su Qingjia said, “I’m staying with Uncle Luo.”

Uncle Luo?

That childhood sweetheart of Su Huanyan? That Luo Cheng who was in the no man’s land?

“Oh, do you like Uncle Luo?”

“I like. I like Uncle Luo the most.”

Sicilio’s jealousy started to stir. He asked, “Then do you like Uncle Luo or Daddy?”

Su Qingjia said firmly, “I like Uncle Luo!”

Sicilio’s heart was suddenly shot.

It hurts!


Sicilio had just finished sneering when a female voice sounded from the phone. “Sicilio?”

Hearing Su Huanyan’s voice, Sicilio instantly shut his mouth.


It had been a long time since he last called Su Huanyan.

Su Huanyan recognized Sicilio and said mockingly, “You called just to let me hear your cold laughter?”

“I’m not laughing at you…” Sicilio’s explanation sounded especially unconvincing.

There was a moment of silence…

After a moment, Su Huanyan said, “The Catania earthquake and tsunami happened. You…”

“I am fine.” Knowing that Su Huanyan was worried about him, Sicilio’s heart exploded in fire works again. Knowing that Su Huanyan and Song Ci were on good terms, Sicilio told Su Huanyan, “My daughter is fine, Han Zhan and the rest are fine.”

Hearing this, the worried Su Huanyan finally felt at ease.

“Qingjia is with you?”


“Then, Edward…”

“Dead.” Sicilio glanced at his daughter in his arms and lied. “When the earthquake came, he couldn’t escape.”

He didn’t want his daughter to know that his father had killed her grandfather.

Her ex-boyfriend’s father was dead. Su Huanyan should be apologizing to Sicilio, but…

Su Huanyan said, “Congratulations.”

Sicilio was speechless.

“Huanyan, I am not happy.” In front of Su Huanyan, Sicilio would never lie. He had always been honest with her.

Hearing Sicilio say “I am not happy”, Su Huanyan felt slightly upset.

Everyone was looking forward to the happy ending after Edward’s death. Only Sicilio, who had been doted on by Edward since he was young, could not let him go.

Su Huanyan remained silent, feeling that she had said something wrong.

Just then, Su Qingjia called out softly, “Mother, are you sleeping?”

Hearing her daughter’s voice, Su Huanyan smiled. “Qingjia? You are with Daddy now, right? You must listen to Daddy. Daddy will send you back safely.”


“Mother, did you sleep?”

“It’s daytime at Mother’s place. I’ve been up for a long time.”

“Oh, it’s getting dark here. I’m going to sleep.”

“Did Qingjia cry?”


“Why did you cry?”

Su Qingjia said, “Father, no money and am crying from hunger.”

Su Huanyan was speechless.

Sicilio hurriedly snatched the phone from Su Qingjia’s hand and told her, “I have money. I bought milk for her.” After a pause, Sicilio added, “I bought five packets of liquid milk.”

Su Huanyan said with a faint smile, “Is that so? You can afford five bags of milk. Sicilio is so rich.”

Naturally, Sicilio could tell that Su Huanyan was mocking him. It had been too long since he heard this woman speak. Hearing her mocking him, Sicilio also felt very blissful.

]However, this happiness lasted for less than five seconds when Sicilio heard a man’s voice suddenly interrupt. “Huanyan, it’s getting late. We have to go.”

The man’s voice was clear and melodious. It sounded like water dripping on a stone slab. It was cold and refreshing.

Sicilio’s smile suddenly collapsed.

Cheng Yanmo!

Sicilio heard Su Huanyan say gently to Cheng Yanmo, “Wait a moment, Yanmo. I want to speak to Qingjia for a while more.”

She called him Yanmo.

Why didn’t I hear her call me Leo?

Sicilio’s heart was filled with jealousy and sourness.

“Qingjia?” Cheng Yanmo approached Su Huanyan and asked, “Can you give me your phone too? I haven’t spoken to Qingjia in a long time.”

Su Huanyan handed the cell phone to Cheng Yanmo.

Holding his cell phone, Cheng Yanmo smiled at the person on the other end of the line. “Qingjia, are you safe now? Father bought you a lot of toys. I’ll bring them to you next time, alright?”

Sicilio said, “Get lost! If you want to play, go play with your own son!”

Sicilio hung up.

Cheng Yanmo was confused.

Hearing a deep male voice calling for him to scram, Cheng Yanmo was momentarily stunned. “Who’s that on the other end of the phone?”

Cheng Yanmo asked Su Huanyan.

Su Huanyan stood beside Cheng Yanmo. She calmly put on the earrings and sized them up in the mirror.

Cheng Yanmo walked up behind Su Huanyan and looked at her elegant and gentle figure in the mirror. He said, “Very nice. Wear it like this.”


Su Huanyan picked up the embroidered handbag on the table and told Cheng Yanmo, “It’s Qingjia’s daddy.”

Cheng Yanmo frowned. “Is her daddy so rough?”

Su Huanyan seemed to have thought of something and her expression instantly turned cold. “This is nothing. There are times when you are even more boorish.”

Cheng Yanmo gazed deeply at Su Huanyan before saying, “You didn’t have good taste in men in the past.”

Su Huanyan grabbed Cheng Yanmo’s arm. “Let’s go, Yanmo.”


Sicilio tossed the phone to the nurse.

He carried Su Qingjia in one hand and carried the remaining bags of milk in the other. His face was as black as it could get.

Su Qingjia said beside his ear, “I want to speak to Father.”

Sicilio said with a straight face, “Cheng Yanmo isn’t your father.”


“No.” Sicilio corrected Su Qingjia. “I am your father.”

“You are Daddy,” Su Qingjia told Sicilio. “Mother said that is Father.”

Sicilio nearly choked on his resentment.

Holding Su Qingjia in his arms, Sicilio sat down in front of the operating theater. He tried to control himself, but in the end, he couldn’t help asking curiously, “You really like that father?”

“Of course. Father is very good to me. He will buy me many toys, dolls, play with me, swim…” Su Qingjia was all smiles at the mention of Cheng Yanmo.

Sicilio remained silent.

Sicilio had never done those things that Cheng Yanmo had done with Su Qingjia.

Sicilio was shocked that Su Huanyan would reveal Su Qingjia’s existence to Cheng Yanmo. Both Cheng Yanmo and Luo Cheng knew of Su Qingjia’s existence, but the real father didn’t.

Sicilio remained silent.

Su Qingjia opened another bag of milk. As she drank, she sized up her surroundings.

Seeing a handsome uncle sitting beside her with his arm bandaged, Su Qingjia couldn’t resist reaching out her little finger to massage it.

Aaron was dozing off with his head lowered.

Being poked, Ah Rang turned and stared at Su Qingjia. He suddenly smiled. “Little imp, Uncle is hungry.”

Su Qingjia stared at Aaron in a daze, not knowing what her uncle wanted to do.

Aaron suddenly snatched the milk from Su Qingjia’s hand and started gulping it down.

Su Qingjia stared at the milk in Ah Rang’s mouth and then looked at her empty palm. She looked like she had suffered a huge grievance and started crying.


Sicilio was sulking when he heard Su Qingjia cry. He turned to look at her.

Seeing that Aaron had snatched Su Qingjia’s milk, Sicilio narrowed his eyes and asked Aaron sinisterly, “Do you want to die?”

Aaron pointed at Sicilio’s pocket. “Why can’t I drink milk bought with my money?” Not only could he drink it, he could also drink it openly.

Sicilio was actually speechless.

Su Qingjia cried even harder.

Sicilio hurriedly opened another bag and fed it to Su Qingjia.

As Su Qingjia cried, she competed with Aaron to see who drank faster.

Before she finished her milk, the door to the operating theater opened.

Su Wen was pushed out along with Song Ci and Han Zhan.

Song Ci’s wounds had inflammation. The wound on her foot had been treated and the gunshot wound on her waist had been treated again. Her fever had already subsided and she just needed to rest.

Han Zhan was bleeding too much and his condition was more serious. He would probably take two days to wake up.

Su Wen was the most energetic one. Seeing Orianna waiting for him outside the operating theater, Su Wen smiled at her and told her, “I’m fine.”


At daybreak, Su Wen fell asleep.

Orianna tucked Su Wen in before leaving the ward to find Sicilio.

Staring at Su Qingjia, who was sleeping in Sicilio’s arms, Orianna told him, “When we go to Rome, remember to bring her for a physical examination. If she is really drugged by Edward, it will be troublesome.”

Staring at his daughter’s adorable sleeping face, Sicilio’s heart clenched tightly. He had just reunited with his daughter. He definitely couldn’t lose her.

Thinking that Orianna knew the big boss of a blood doctor, Sicilio asked her, “Do you have a virus specialist to recommend?”

“Yes.” Orianna frowned. “I know the head of the Lawson family, Clarice. Her husband is a virus specialist. You should know him.”

“You mean the expert who developed the antidote for AIDS, Mr. Zhuang Long?”


“In the field of viruses, Zhuang Long is considered the best. You can look for him.”

Sicilio nodded. “Thank you.” Noticing that Orianna was carrying a bag on her shoulder, Sicilio asked her, “Where are you going?”

“I am going to look for Ye Chen.”

“Ye Chen…” Sicilio murmured.” Isn’t he dead? ”

“The little Ye Chen I developed…”

“A clone too?” Sicilio was slightly shocked. “Anna, you…” Sicilio looked at his sister seriously and told her,” Anna, don’t be obsessed with a dead person. A living person is more valuable than a dead person. ”

“I understand.”

Orianna turned and left.

Staring at her departing back, Sicilio suddenly called out to her. “Anna, will you return?”

Orianna glanced at Su Wen’s ward. “My shadow is here. Of course I have to come back.”


“What now?” For the first time, Orianna realized that Sicilio was an indecisive man.

Sicilio said, “I just wanted to ask what style of renovation you like. The Roman manor is going to be renovated and your room will also be renovated.”

Orianna was stunned.

He is inviting me to stay at home.

Since Ye Chen’s death, Orianna had never returned to the Clooney Family for a night.

Orianna smiled. “Su Wen said that the kang near the bed in their hometown is especially warm. Help me build a kang in my room.”

Sicilio was dumbstruck again.

What is a kang?

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