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Chapter 255: The Cute Little Baby

Song Ci and Han Zhan laid side by side on the small bed on the plane.

After five months, she finally returned to Han Zhan’s arms. Exhaustion overwhelmed her and Song Ci quickly couldn’t resist falling asleep.

Meanwhile, Han Zhan, who was originally holding his breath, couldn’t help but fall asleep after seeing Song Ci and feeling the joy of escaping death.

Orianna sent the little girl back to Sicilio’s arms. She entered the lounge and saw Han Zhan and Song Ci sleeping.

]Feeling that Song Ci’s face was slightly red, Orianna frowned and reached out to press her forehead.

She had a high fever.

Touching Han Zhan, Orianna realized that Han Zhan’s temperature was low. It was obvious that he had lost too much blood and his vital signs were weakening.

Aaron sat down casually with his other subordinates. He frowned at Han Zhan and his wife and asked Orianna worriedly, “Your expression is very ugly. Will Hoff… die?”

Orianna looked down at Aaron and told him in a low voice, “Find the hospital as soon as possible and he won’t die.”

Orianna came to the cockpit and said to Su Wen, “Drive northeast and find a large hospital to land as soon as possible. Hoff must undergo surgery immediately.”

Su Wen nodded.

He controlled the plane to continue moving forward. Only then did he realize that Orianna had not left and was standing beside him.

Su Wen looked up at her and said, “Anna, you can sit in the passenger seat as long as you don’t touch any buttons.”


At some point, Orianna had taken off her cumbersome high heels. She lifted her long legs and carefully sat down in the passenger seat.

Orianna stared at the rows of glowing buttons in front of her and suddenly asked, “Are you injured?”

Everyone else had someone to care about them, except for Su Wen. He was her shadow and her personal secret guard. If she didn’t care about him, no one would.

Orianna suddenly realized that apart from herself, Su Wen had no ties to this world!

Su Wen rubbed his thigh and said, “In the chaotic battle just now, my thigh was stabbed.”

But Su Wen was used to injuries and pain. He didn’t even make a sound the entire time when his thigh was stabbed.

Orianna nodded.

After a moment of silence, Su Wen suddenly said, “If you are willing to kiss me, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Orianna slowly turned and stared at Su Wen’s face.

Su Wen came from China. When he was five years old, he got separated from his family and was smuggled out of the country. He nearly became a child drugmaker. He later escaped and became a beggar, when he met Edward on the streets.

Su Wen had a rather handsome but manly face. His brows were sharp and heartless, but his dark eyes were filled with gentleness.

Just like him, he was obviously sharp but low-key and gentle. He was a sentimental person.

Orianna asked him, “Kiss where?”

Su Wen tapped his own lips.

After tapping his lips, Su Wen was slightly nervous. He felt that it was wishful thinking on his part and Orianna would call him a toad lusting after swan meat.

But Orianna said, “Please turn around.”

Su Wen instinctively turned half his body.

Orianna leaned over and actually kissed him.

Not only did she kiss him, she even licked him.

“Alright.” Orianna sat back and asked him, “Does it still hurt?”

Su Wen remained silent. His dark eyes were fixed on her determinedly.

What Orianna didn’t know was that every time they made love, the man behind her would look at her possessively.

She treated him as a bed partner who could come and go as she pleased, but in Su Wen’s heart, Orianna was his wife.

He would only sleep with his wife.

Su Wen hid his emotions and asked Orianna, “Edward is already dead. Anna, what are your plans now?”

Anna thought for a moment and said, “When you all settle down, I will go and look for Ye Chen.”

Su Wen’s face stiffened slightly at the mention of Ye Chen’s name.

“Ye Chen?” He thought of that young man and frowned. “Ye Chen is still young. He doesn’t love you. Don’t look for him. It’s torture to look for him. Edward and Rain are examples. Aren’t you going to learn your lesson?”

Su Wen suddenly felt bold enough to reprimand Orianna.

Orianna stared at Su Wen for a long while with a faint smile. She suddenly smiled. “Are you jealous?”

Su Wen explained sternly, “You are my woman. If you want to meet another man, shouldn’t I be jealous?”

Orianna was intrigued.

“I am your woman?”

She pointed at her own chest and sneered like a jerk. “I belong to myself and I am never anyone’s woman. Don’t think that just because we slept together, you have the right to control me.”

Su Wen felt stifled and didn’t want to speak anymore.

After a while, Orianna said, “If he is alive, I will tell him the truth that he is a clone.” Like Rain, Ye Chen’s lifespan would not be very long. He might live for another year or even 10 years.

Orianna hoped that Ye Chen could live well and do what he wanted to do in the days to come. He would love the person he wanted to love and see the glory that he wanted to see.

“I brought him to this world. I have to find him. If he dies, I have to bury him myself.” Orianna’s heart ached when Ye Chen died without a corpse.

Only then did Su Wen’s expression relax.

“Anna.” Su Wen boldly grabbed Orianna’s hand. “Let go of your obsession.”

Orianna didn’t agree but didn’t take Su Wen’s hand away.

The plane flew for more than 30 minutes before reaching the airspace of the city.

Due to the earthquake, the city was also quite shaken. Many people ran out of their homes.

Due to the fact that it was rather far from the epicenter of the earthquake, there were no collapsed houses or casualties in Mexico City. After knowing about the disaster in Catania, the local government started to form a medical team and rescue team to provide support.

At the same time, all over the world received news of the disaster. Rescue teams and medical teams were formed to prepare for rescue in Catania.

Su Wen and the rest landed on the lawn beside a major hospital in Mexico.

Han Zhan was already unconscious. Under Sicilio’s arrangement, Han Zhan was sent to the emergency room immediately. Aaron, Su Wen, and Song Ci, who was talking nonsense with a high fever, were all sent to the operating theater.

Sicilio only suffered some superficial wounds. After some simple bandaging, he didn’t bother about those wounds anymore.

Sicilio sat outside the operating theater with his head lowered. No one knew what he was thinking. He had already lost his cell phone during his previous escape. Sicilio suddenly stood up, walked to the nurse’s desk, and borrowed a phone.

Sicilio made a call to Rome first.

“Hello?” Earl Ace’s gorgeous voice sounded from the receiver.

Sicilio said, “It’s me, Ace. I am in Mexico now. I am safe.”

“That’s great, my friend.” Earl Ace stood by the window and looked at the plane on the private plane parking in the distance. He told Sicilio, “I’ve already prepared a plane and intend to personally go over to look for you. It looks like there’s no need for that now.”

“Thank you.” Sicilio felt a tinge of warmth at his friend’s concern.

Thinking of something, Sicilio told Earl Ace, “My brothers and sisters are all injured and are currently being treated in the operating theater. Ace, I intend to wait for their condition to stabilize before bringing them to your place to recuperate.”

The Clooney Family also had a house in Rome, but no one had stayed in that manor for a long time. Sicilio planned to renovate it.

The room that Hoff used to stay in was too small and not suitable for their family. They had to change to a bigger room.

Aaron’s room was too dark. He had to paint it bright.

Orianna’s room was still in the style of a little princess. It was obviously not suitable for her to stay in now.

And he…

He had to change his room to a bigger one. Otherwise, Huanyan would have nowhere to stay when she returned.

Huanyan liked to buy and buy. She liked to collect all sorts of beautiful shoes. He had to prepare a huge collection room for Huanyan…

As the house needed to be renovated, Sicilio could only send his siblings to Earl Ace. Anyway, Earl Ace’s manor was very luxurious and it was a waste for the rooms to be empty all year round.

Hearing Sicilio’s request, Earl Ace agreed readily. “Welcome, your siblings. Your siblings are my siblings.”

“Alright, I’ll hang up first.”

“Bye bye.”

Earl Ace handed the phone to the butler beside him. Staring at the few planes that had already been prepared, he told the butler, “Leo is safe and sound.”

Hearing this, the butler also felt gratified. “That’s good, Your Excellency. I will inform them now that there’s no need to take off.”


Earl Ace raised his hand to stop the butler’s thoughts.

The butler asked humbly, “Sir, what can I do for you?”

But Earl Ace said, “The plane will continue on to Catania. It’s good to save the other poor people instead.”

Upon hearing this, the butler was shocked.

What happened to Earl Ace?

After waking up from his deep sleep, Earl Ace suddenly became kind and compassionate. Is this normal?

Although the butler couldn’t understand the change in Earl Ace, he was an obedient butler. He followed his master’s instructions.

Holding his cell phone, Sicilio stood hesitantly in front of the nurse’s desk.

As if he had finally mustered his courage, Sicilio quickly pressed a string of numbers. But just before he dialed, he heard a little girl cry.


“Mother Mu!”

“Mother Mu!”

The little girl was crying loudly and calling for Mother Mu non-stop.

Sicilio’s hand trembled as he hurriedly turned off his cell phone and returned it to the nurse’s desk. He strode towards the lounge and saw Orianna standing face to face with a little girl, staring at each other.

The little girl sat on the bed in the lounge, hugging a pillow. She pouted as tears streamed down her face. She stared at Orianna curiously and fearfully.

A rare look of helplessness appeared on Orianna’s exquisite and deep face when she saw Sicilio walk over. “Leo, coax your own child yourself!”

Orianna turned and left.

She was not afraid of anything but children crying endlessly.

As soon as Orianna left, it was Sicilio’s turn to stare at the little girl.

Sicilio stared at the chubby but pretty little girl and was hesitating on how to comfort her. At this moment, the little girl covered her face with a pillow and asked in a timid voice, “Are… are you Daddy?”

Sicilio was stunned.

That shy call of “daddy” melted Sicilio’s heart.

“What… what did you call me?” Sicilio tried his best to speak Chinese.

The little girl understood Sicilio’s words. She slowly put down the pillow and revealed her big, round, grape-like, dark eyes. She looked at Sicilio curiously and pleasantly.

“Daddy, you are Daddy, right?” The little girl pointed at Sicilio’s face and explained. “I saw Daddy in Mother’s wallet.”

Hearing the little girl call him daddy, Sicilio’s eyes welled up for some reason.

“Wait a minute, my eyes feel slightly uncomfortable.”

With that, Sicilio strode out of the lounge and closed the door.

He spent a few minutes outside the door to compose himself.

Orianna was standing opposite Sicilio. She stared at him expressionlessly, her eyes filled with amusement and disdain.

Is this still the big brother I know?

That big brother who was said to have even killed his own nanny when he was young?

Sicilio rubbed his eyes, looked up, and met Orianna’s disdainful gaze. His ears reddened slightly, and then he said woodenly, “You don’t have a child. You don’t understand how I feel.”

Orianna was speechless.


Orianna turned and took two steps before turning back to ask Sicilio, “Do you have a cigarette?”

Sicilio felt in his pocket and really found a pack of cigarettes.

Sicilio tossed the pack of cigarettes to Orianna, who reached out and grabbed it. She opened the pack and saw a dozen cigarettes inside. She raised her brows and asked Sicilio, “All for me?”

Sicilio said, “Take it further away. I have a child and need to quit smoking.”

Orianna opened her mouth, then smiled. She took her cigarette and planned to look for a lighter.

Sicilio rubbed his hands on his thighs before opening the door to the lounge beside him.

he little girl tilted her head and stared at the person who had entered with widened eyes.

The little girl’s eyes lit up when she saw that Sicilio had returned. “Daddy, you’re back!”

Sicilio gave her a meaningful look before nodding.

He walked over to the bed, hesitated, and reached out his long arms to lift the little girl up. Here, the little girl only knew Sicilio. She was hugged by her father, and the little girl hurriedly grabbed his collar.

Sicilio was stunned.

Every time he pulled Su Huanyan into his arms, she also liked to tug at his collar. If he was wearing a tie, Su Huanyan would even turn it a few times.

Every time this happened, Sicilio would push Su Huanyan over and tie her hand…

He stopped thinking and was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold it in and would immediately take the plane to China. He would do everything he could to bring Su Huanyan back to his side.

With the tragedy of his father and Jiang Shiyu, Sicilio was terrified.

To pursue someone, one had to take things slowly.

The little girl grabbed Sicilio’s collar and laid in his arms. She said coquettishly, “Daddy, I am so hungry. I want to eat cow cow and rice rice.”

Sicilio was stunned for a few seconds before understanding that “cow cow” and “rice rice” referred to milk and rice.

After being separated from Su Huanyan for three years, their daughter was only two years and four months old. Such a young child indeed needed milk.

“Alright, I’ll bring you out for rice rice.”

“No no no, I want to drink cow cow first!”

Children should eat whatever they wanted.

“Alright, let’s go have some cow cow.”

Sicilio carried the little girl out of the lounge with one hand. He found Orianna smoking in the stairwell at the end of the corridor.

Sicilio reached out to Oriana.

Orianna thought for a moment, then handed the pack of cigarettes to Sicilio.

Sicilio tossed aside his cigarette box expressionlessly. “I lost my cell phone and wallet. Give me some money.”

Orianna was speechless.

She stared at her leather dress and said, “Do I look like I have money on me?”

Sicilio stuffed his daughter into Orianna’s arms and went straight into the operating room to stand in front of Aaron’s hospital bed. Aaron hadn’t been given anesthetic and the doctor was stitching up the wound on his arm.

Aaron’s face turned pale from the pain.

eeing Sicilio suddenly barge in, Aaron was slightly surprised. “What?” he asked weakly.

Sicilio said, “Lend me some money.”

Aaron rolled his eyes. “You forced your way into the operating theater not because you care about me and see if I’m dead or not, but because you want to borrow money?”

Sicilio said, “My daughter is hungry. I need to take her to eat, but I dropped my wallet.”

Aaron rejected him outright. “I don’t have money. I also dropped my wallet.”

Sicilio sneered. “You value money more than your life. Do you think I don’t know that you have a pocket sewn into the back of each of your pants to specially store your bank cards?”

Aaron was speechless.

He said in disbelief, “Sicilio, you actually peeked at my butt!”

Sicilio looked uncomfortable. “I am not a pervert. I saw it accidentally.”

“God, you accidentally saw the inside of my pants… How did you get careless?” Aaron looked at Sicilio like he was a pervert.

Sicilio had no choice but to explain helplessly. “The last time you were injured, your clothes were covered in blood. I accidentally saw it when I was helping you take off your pants.”

Aaron still didn’t believe it and looked at Sicilio with doubt.

“I will return it to you.” This was the first time Sicilio felt so aggrieved.

Aaron knew that he couldn’t fool Sicilio anymore. He resigned himself to fate and said, “Old position, take it yourself.” Ah Rang stood up.

The money bag was sewn onto the right side of his pants by Aaron. His right hand was injured and his left hand couldn’t go behind his butt, so Sicilio had to do it himself.

Sicilio took out his pocket in disdain, took out his bank card, and turned to leave.

Aaron pouted behind him and shouted at him. “You saw my butt naked and touched it. You either compensate me or take responsibility!”


“Three times! Three times!”

Only after Aaron finished shouting and saw the doctor frowning at him did he quieten down.

Sicilio’s steps quickened as he got the money. He found Orianna and lifted the little girl, who looked uneasy, from her arms. “Come on, sweetheart. I’ll take you out for a cow cow.”

The little guy hugged Sicilio. The sensible and obedient little guy said to Sicilio, “Daddy doesn’t have money, so I won’t drink cow cow. I’ll drink water and be full.”

Sicilio was speechless.

His daughter’s thoughtfulness and sensibility made Sicilio not know whether to laugh or cry. He also felt very sad.

“Daddy is rich.”

Sicilio carried the little guy straight to the shop to buy milk.

It was supposed to be closed at this time, but due to the sudden earthquake, the shop owners were all awake. Unable to fall asleep, they decided to open the shop.

After buying a few bags of liquid milk, Sicilio and the little guy sat in a public chair by the road and drank milk. The little guy was very hungry and finished a bag of liquid milk in a few gulps.

Before she was full, she got Sicilio to open another bag for her.

Looking at her appetite, Sicilio finally understood how she grew all this meat.

“What’s your name?”

He still didn’t know his daughter’s name.

The little girl swallowed a mouthful of milk before saying, “My name is Su Qingjia.”

Sicilio acknowledged but was dumbstruck.

Su Qingjia?

What did Qingjia mean?

Sicilio, who didn’t know much about Chinese culture, didn’t understand the meaning of his daughter’s name at all.

A beauty was clear of politics, and new flowers were planted in Jiang County.

Qingjia meant beautiful.

Su Qingjia drank two bags of milk in one go. She rubbed her chubby belly and said sadly, “I won’t shout anymore. I have to lose weight.”

Sicilio’s jaw dropped.

“Why do you need to lose weight? Wouldn’t you look better if you were fat?”

“Mother said not to eat too much meat. Mother Mu won’t let me eat meat anymore.” Mother was Su Huanyan and Mother Mu was the housekeeper who took care of Su Qingjia. As Su Qingjia was overweight, Su Huanyan asked Mother Mu to watch her diet.

Sicilio said, “Don’t listen to your mother. A woman’s mouth is full of lies.”

Su Qingjia didn’t understand the meaning of ‘full of lies’. She said, “I am Mother’s daughter. I love Mother and listen to her.”

Hearing this, Sicilio fell silent. After a while, Sicilio rubbed Su Qingjia’s head in relief and told her, “Little sweetheart, you must listen to your mother.”

It was not easy for Mother to give birth to you alone.

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