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Chapter 253: The Four Siblings Work Together to Kill Edward

The defense system in Edward’s lair was very powerful and it was very difficult for ordinary people to sneak into the mansion.


Edward looked at Sicilio in shock. The child beside him looked down slightly, his expression as dark and unreadable as ever.

In the past, Edward liked Sicilio’s mysterious manner the most. But now, Edward hated Sicilio’s enigmatic expression.

“Leo, even you want to betray me?”

Sicilio looked up.

He turned and stared at Edward for a moment, before saying, “Father, I’m sorry.”

Sicilio apologized and walked around the table to Han Zhan, Orianna, and the rest.

Aaron had already stood up at some point.

The four siblings stood together. All of them were tall, handsome and pretty. Any one of them would be a dragon or phoenix among men. But at this moment, the four of them stood together with a powerful and ruthless aura.

Edward actually felt emotional.

The new generation surpasses the old, and the old will be crushed on the beach!


“You are all good children!”

“You are all good children who dare to kill your father!”

Edward was so enraged that he vomited another mouthful of blood!

That mouthful of blood coincidentally landed on Song Ci’s plate.

The sliced steak looked even more disgusting and nauseating because of the blood.

Edward stared at that steak as Jiang Shiyu’s death flashed across his mind.

At that time, he thought Jiang Shiyu was dead. He carried the one-year-old Sicilio and escaped by boat. He stared at the sea where Jiang Shiyu had fallen. His heart ached like a knife.

All of this was because of Jiang Shiyu!

If not for Jiang Shiyu betraying him, he wouldn’t have been looking for a substitute everywhere! Without a substitute, there wouldn’t be Han Zhan, Orianna, and Aaron!

All of this was because of Jiang Shiyu!

That damned woman whom he loved deeply but betrayed him with his subordinate!

Edward suddenly threw aside Rain and shot at Song Ci without warning! At the same time he pulled the trigger, Han Zhan also raised his gun and shot at him!



Two deafening gunshots sounded at the same time, waking up the sleeping Aeonia Bay.

Han Zhan’s shot had swollen Edward’s left arm, but Edward’s shot didn’t hit Song Ci. Instead… Rain!

Rain suddenly blocked the bullet meant for Song Ci. Edward’s shot landed right beside Rain’s heart.

Rain hugged Edward’s right arm so tightly that Edward couldn’t push her away.

Edward stared at Rain’s tear-streaked eyes in shock. For a moment, he couldn’t tell if the person standing in front of him was Rain or Jiang Shiyu.

Edward was suddenly distracted.

Rain slowly turned his head and smiled sweetly at the stunned Song Ci behind him. “Mother.” Rain said to Song Ci with tears streaming down his face, “Sprinkle my ashes in the river of Wujiang and put a lamp like you said. It’s that kind of lamp that prays for blessings…”

With that, Rain suddenly pressed Edward’s index finger several times.





The remaining bullets in Edward’s gun were all shot into Rain’s heart!

Rain is dead.

She had died standing under Edward’s gun, her hands still firmly pressed against his.

Song Ci was scared out of her wits by the continuous gunshots.

She snapped out of her trance and heard Han Zhan shout. “Baby Ci, run!”

Song Ci acted before reason.

She turned and ran!

Edward pushed Rain away, drew his other gun, and chased after Song Ci! He fired as he chased after her!

Behind her, Han Zhan also calmly shot continuously!

]As he ran, Edward was shot in the calf. He staggered, but caught his balance and continued his pursuit.

Han Zhan was about to chase after her when all the elite subordinates who were hidden by Edward ran out!

A firefight broke out in the house!

Outside the house, Song Ci held onto the gunshot wound on her waist and endured the pain as she tried her best to avoid Edward’s attack.

Edward shouted as he ran. “Song Ci, die!”

There was only a pool and two trees outside Edward’s house. Song Ci had no place to hide.

At this point, Han Zhan and Aaron had already fallen into a chaotic battle with Edward’s subordinates. No one could save Song Ci at all.

Song Ci thought of something and ran towards the metal fence at the risk of being injured.

Edward kept firing but he was injured. Moreover, Song Ci was running in an S shape and Edward couldn’t hit her.

Song Ci ran to the metal fence and quickly opened it.

Opening the door required a few seconds. At this moment, Edward aimed at Song Ci and shot her mercilessly!

The moment the bullet was fired, Song Ci also jumped into the bay!

When she jumped into the sea, her calf was the last to fall. The bullet flew over and brushed past Song Ci’s left calf.

Song Ci fell into the sea and felt a sharp pain in her calf.

She held her breath as she swam out of the sea and hurriedly took a few more breaths.

Song Ci whistled desperately as she swam into the distance.

Edward saw that Song Ci was still alive and continued to fire at her. The sea was dark and visibility was affected. Edward could barely hurt Song Ci.

Song Ci was completely exhausted.

Behind her, Edward’s bullets were still chasing her.

Song Ci continued to whistle.

Half a second later, Song Ci heard the sound of water being cut. She held her breath and dived into the water. She saw a huge white shark swimming over under the moonlight.

Song Ci was slightly agitated and fearful.

She had blood on her body and COCO had eaten someone before. Would he lose control and eat me too?

Song Ci’s blood froze and her hair stood on end.

Coco swam to Song Ci’s side and bit her.

Song Ci thought she was dead for sure, but COCO just held her in its mouth and carried her. As it played, it swam deep into the sea…

Edward watched as Coco brought Song Ci away. He cursed. “F*ck!”

He wanted to use Coco to scare Song Ci to death, not to let Coco save her!

Edward was very unhappy that he couldn’t kill Song Ci.

He sat down and fastened his wound with his tie. Edward found a rifle, carried it into the house, and started sweeping the living room!

Amidst the chaos, Edward found Orianna.

Orianna didn’t know how to fight. She hid in a corner while Su Wen fought in the crowd for her. Orianna’s arm was suddenly grabbed. She looked up and met Edward’s red eyes.

Edward dragged Orianna away.

Aaron noticed that Edward was planning to escape and shouted, “Edward is escaping! He took Anna away!”

Hearing this, Su Wen immediately broke out of the encirclement, grabbed a dagger, and chased outside. Han Zhan used the strength of his arm to snap a man’s throat, then drew the dagger from that person’s waist and chased after him.

Aaron and Sicilio exchanged glances and said, “Let’s go!”

The three brothers and Su Wen chased after Edward.

Edward locked Orianna in the car and roared at his subordinates. “Drive! To the harbor!”


In the car, Edward grabbed Orianna’s throat and asked coldly, “Orianna, where is the antidote?”

Orianna looked pained and could not say anything.

Only then did Edward let go of her and roared with a dark face. “Where is the antidote!”

Orianna suddenly smiled and said in confusion, “I told you, you can’t kill Rain.”

Upon hearing this, Edward’s expression froze. “What do you mean?”


Edward thought for a moment and understood what Orianna meant. “You mean the antidote is with Rain?”

Orianna smiled strangely. “Father, we can extract the antidote from Rain’s fresh blood. But Rain has already been killed by you.”

“Even if you snatch her body back and find her blood, it’s useless. The antidote needs to be stored in fresh blood. Dry blood is useless.”

“Father, from the moment you killed Rain, you were destined to die.” Orianna felt very happy to see that she had finally avenged herself. She touched her own neck and said calmly, “Even if you flee to the ends of the earth now, you won’t be able to survive death.”

Edward’s expression darkened.

“Orianna, you are so vicious.”

“Father, I am your biological daughter. Like father, like daughter.”

Edward snorted.

Looking at the cars chasing after them, Edward told his subordinates, “Continue accelerating.”


At this moment, Edward’s cell phone suddenly rang.

He saw that number and hesitated before answering it…

In just 10 minutes, Edward’s car stopped at the harbor.

A yacht had been waiting for a long time.

Edward tied a bundle of C4s to Orianna. He shook the remote control in his hand and smiled. “Bye, Orianna.”

Edward quickly boarded the yacht with the remote control.

At this moment, Han Zhan and the other three had already caught up to the harbor. Seeing what was tied to Orianna, the four of them were stunned.

They looked at the yacht and saw Edward walking out of the cabin. He was carrying something in his arms. It was covered by a shirt and no one could see it clearly.

Frowning at the thing in Edward’s arms, everyone was confused.

What is he hugging?

Edward smiled. “Leo, why didn’t you tell me that your woman secretly gave birth to a granddaughter for me?”

Edward took off the cloth in his arms and revealed the face of a little girl with two ponytails!

That child was about two to three years old and was too far away to see his face.

Sicilio stared hard at the little girl. The muscles on his face were trembling. “Father, that is your granddaughter.” He tried to soften Edward with his familial love.

But Edward didn’t care about family ties.

Edward laughed. “Leo, you even dare to kill your father. Why are you talking about kinship with me?”

Sicilio’s pupils quivered. In the end, he lowered his gun-wielding hands.

Edward was very satisfied. He said to Sicilio, “Leo, my child, come over. As long as you come to my ship, you will always be my father’s child.”

Sicilio hesitated before striding over to the yacht.

Seeing this, Han Zhan’s lips quivered a few times but he didn’t say anything. He was someone with a child and could understand Sicilio’s feelings.

Aaron was a single dog and didn’t have any such familial entanglements. He was the first to lose control and hurriedly called out to Sicilio. “Sicilio! How did you know if the person in his arms is your daughter? Perhaps he just casually found a little girl?”

Sicilio halted.

Edward glared at Aaron unhappily. He suddenly opened his cell phone and showed a video to Sicilio. In the video, Su Huanyan was scolding the camera.

Su Huanyan scolded Edward. “Damn Edward, where did you hide my daughter! Sicilio, if my daughter… if my daughter dies, I will definitely turn you to ashes!”

Su Huanyan’s eyes reddened after shouting that last sentence.

Sicilio stared at Su Huanyan’s tear-streaked face in a daze. His heart felt like it was being stabbed.

“Leo, do you believe this is your daughter now?”

Sicilio tossed aside the gun in his hand and stepped onto the yacht.

Edward was very satisfied.

Sicilio glanced at the child in Edward’s arms. “What did you feed her?” The child was sleeping so soundly. It was obvious that he had been drugged.

Edward told him, “It’s just a little medicine…” After a pause, Edward added,” A little medicine that can cause her to be poisoned and her body slowly withers into a foolish medicine. ”

Sicilio clenched his fists. “Where’s the antidote?”

Edward’s smile widened. “Only I know the antidote. So, Leo, if you want your daughter to live, you must obey me!”

Sicilio closed his eyes.

When Sicilio opened his eyes, he saw Edward handing him a remote control.

He took the remote and heard Edward say, “Leo, Orianna is disobedient. Kill her for me.”

Sicilio ran his fingers over the red button on the remote.

The tied-up Orianna smiled slightly. She stared at Sicilio and said, “Sicilio, you are Edward’s dog. Your daughter will also be Edward’s dog!”

“It was right for Su Huanyan to leave you. Compared to being a dog slave, Mrs. Cheng’s position is obviously much more comfortable.”

Han Zhan was speechless. He thought to himself that women were indeed eloquent.

Sicilio stared at Orianna expressionlessly and didn’t retort.

Su Wen knew that he couldn’t save Orianna. He thought for a moment, put down his gun and all his weapons, and walked up to her.

Orianna’s expression changed immediately when she saw Su Wen approaching. “Get lost. Who allowed you to get close to me!”

Not only did Su Wen not scram, he even hugged Orianna.

As she was hugged, Orianna’s cold face suddenly turned sorrowful. “Idiot!” Orianna scolded.

“I am your shadow. Anna, if you live, I will never die. If you die, I will never live alone.” Su Wen kissed Orianna’s hair. He tightened his arms and said firmly, “Anna, don’t be afraid. I will always be by your side.”

This scene was superimposed with the scene of Ye Chen dying for her nine years ago. Orianna’s heart ached.

She closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face.

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