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Chapter 254: Your Pilot Song Ci Will Always Protect You

At this moment, thick smoke suddenly rose from the distant hilltop. Han Zhan smelled a pungent smell in the air, like sulfur.

Han Zhan turned around in surprise and saw magma spewing out of the crater of the Etna Volcano!

Everyone was shocked to see this. This volcano had erupted too frequently recently!

Han Zhan felt slightly uneasy. He recalled a saying—when a resting volcano suddenly erupted frequently, the crust must be moving violently.

Typically at this point, there would be earthquakes and tsunamis!

Edward stared at the erupting volcano and seemed to be talking to himself. “During this period, the underground activities of our city have been very intense. If the volcano erupts frequently, it is very likely to cause tsunamis and earthquakes…”

Sicilio interrupted Edward’s incessant chatter. “Father, what are you trying to say?”

Edward didn’t have the leisure to observe the volcanic eruption. There must be a reason for his sudden mention.

Edward gave a heartless smile.

He said, “On the way to the harbor, 10 minutes ago, the Earthquake Surveillance Bureau called to tell me. They said that there will be an earthquake tonight. We haven’t calculated the exact time of the earthquake, but it should be tonight.”

Sicilio was shocked. “Earthquake…”

“Not just an earthquake, but also a tsunami!”

If there was a major earthquake in Linhai, it was very likely to cause a tsunami.

“Leo, this city will soon be destroyed. But it doesn’t matter. Our business is in Rome. Even if this city is destroyed, it won’t be a big loss for us.”

“But there are many people in this city…”

“People?” Edward sneered. “What have they got to do with us?”

Edward’s cold eyes stared emotionlessly at Han Zhan and the rest. His lips curled up coldly as he said in a cold voice, “Hoff and that bunch of bastards are about to die. Don’t you think life is very fragile?”

Sicilio couldn’t agree with Edward.

“Is it accurate to say that there will be an earthquake tonight?”

“Of course!”

Catania was a city built at the foot of a volcano and she was in the Aeonia Bay. Historically, the volcano had erupted countless times and experienced two devastating earthquakes.

As a result, this city’s Earthquake Monitoring Bureau had always used the most powerful instruments in the world!

Edward’s news couldn’t be wrong.

As soon as their conversation ended, beeping sounds could be heard from everyone’s cell phones. It was the alarm that only sounded in emergencies!

Many people used their phones so much but had never heard such a sound.

The sudden alarm shocked everyone.

Just as Han Zhan was feeling puzzled, the city’s alarm suddenly rang!

Following that, a stern robotic female voice said coldly, “The earthquake will arrive in 200 seconds. Please find a safe place to hide —”

Beep— wuwu!

Beep— wuwu!

The piercing siren alerted every citizen who was about to fall asleep.

The female voice started counting down.

“170 seconds.”

“169 seconds.”

“168 seconds.”

Song Ci and Coco were still swimming on the surface of the sea and had yet to reach shore. Suddenly, an alarm pierced the air and spread in all directions!

Song Ci’s scalp went numb when she heard this voice. She turned over and laid on top of Coco’s head. She looked back at the city behind her and heard the female broadcaster counting down to the earthquake.

The earthquake is coming!

Having experienced a major earthquake, Song Ci’s legs instinctively trembled when she heard the word earthquake again. Song Ci hugged Coco’s head tightly as the conversation between Rain and her two days ago suddenly flashed across her mind.

[If volcanoes erupt frequently, it means that the crustal activity is also rather intense. Perhaps an earthquake will happen soon. Mother, if an earthquake comes, will you protect me?]

Song Ci said —


But she had lost Rain.

Song Ci wiped her eyes and said to Coco, “Coco, send me to the shore!” An earthquake was coming and there would probably be a tsunami after it. Song Ci had to reach the shore as soon as possible and find a plane as soon as possible after the earthquake.

She had to return to the city to save Han Zhan!

At the same time, a life-and-death scene was playing out at the harbor.

Time was running out.

Edward couldn’t be bothered to look at Orianna and Su Wen. He urged Sicilio. “Leo, what are you waiting for? Kill Anna and I will allow you to leave with me!”

Sicilio glanced at Han Zhan and the rest. The female broadcaster’s countdown echoed in his ears.

Sicilio said in a low voice, “I understand.”

Edward said, “Do it then.”


Sicilio raised the remote in his left hand.

Su Wen suddenly cupped Orianna’s cheek and kissed her. He used his actions to tell her that he would be by her side forever!

Orianna was stunned. She reached out and hugged Su Wen’s waist for the first time.

Edward smiled slightly, waiting to enjoy the thrilling scene of Orianna being blown up.


A sharp dagger stabbed into Edward’s heart from behind!

Edward’s smile froze on his face.

He slowly looked up at his child.

Sicilio was holding a dagger in his right hand. At this point, the dagger was still buried deep in Edward’s back.

Edward asked in disbelief, “Why… why? Leo, you…” With his heart injured, Edward’s heartbeat gradually weakened. He hugged the sleeping little girl and slowly knelt down.

Sicilio caught Edward’s slowly collapsing body. His eyes were bloodshot.

Sicilio looked very pained.

Edward stared at his most beloved child in astonishment and heartache, as if he couldn’t understand why Sicilio would do this. Didn’t he care a lot about this daughter?

Isn’t it because of this daughter that Sicilio betrayed me with Han Zhan and the rest?

I had clearly found the little girl.

Sicilio’s weakness was in my arms. Why did he still need to do this?

Staring at Edward guiltily, Sicilio told him, “I’m sorry, Father.” Although he apologized, Sicilio firmly turned the dagger in his right hand.

His heart was crushed and Edward opened his mouth in pain.

Dark red blood ran down the side of Edward’s mouth. “Why… why you, my child…”


Even in death, Edward refused to believe that the person who killed him in the end was not that greedy Hoff, nor was it the Orianna who hated him for so long. It was his beloved child.

I had clearly never been harsh on Sicilio.

Sicilio is clearly a kind-hearted child!

Sicilio’s tears fell on Edward’s face.

He buried his head in Edward’s shoulder in pain and sobbed. “Father, if I kill you, I can use this yacht to take my brothers and sisters away. If you don’t die, I will lose all my brothers and sisters overnight.”


Just as Anna had said, once his daughter fell into Edward’s hands, she would never be able to get her freedom in this life. Su Huanyan would also hate him forever!

Between siblings and children and his father, Sicilio chose to abandon his father.

Sicilio looked up at the twitching Edward with teary eyes.

“Father, I love you, but I must bid you farewell now.” Sicilio kissed Edward’s forehead before slowly pulling the dagger out of his body.

The dagger left his body and blood spurted out from the wound. It was even redder than magma.

Edward’s body convulsed several times. In the end, he sighed and died indignantly.

Sicilio closed Edward’s eyes and stiffened like a statue.

Father Slayer…

How could Sicilio not feel pain when he personally killed his beloved father?

Han Zhan and Aaron were both surprised to see Sicilio kill Edward.

They never expected that the person who ultimately took Edward’s life was Sicilio. Han Zhan snapped out of his trance and heard the announcer counting down. “10, 9, 8…”

Han Zhan grabbed Aaron’s shoulder and said, “Let’s board the ship!”

Su Wen carried Orianna and followed Han Zhan onto the boat.

The yacht shot into the deep sea like a bullet leaving its shell.

The yacht had just sailed more than 20 meters when a ripple suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea. Behind them, the siren was getting increasingly shrill!

On the deck, Han Zhan and the rest were sitting or standing, all looking up at the city in front of them.

They saw those majestic and elegant buildings collapse one by one. The lights dimmed one by one. The city that was brightly lit just a moment ago was instantly plunged into darkness.

After a while, they got used to the dim moonlight and saw that the city had already been destroyed.

Dust and magma mixed together. That scene was indescribably tragic.

This was the second time Han Zhan faced an earthquake.

Once again, he experienced the ruthlessness of nature. He clearly realized how small he was.

So what if he is the richest man?

In the face of a natural disaster, not to mention being the richest person in the world, even a person standing at the top of the world would collapse under their feet!

“It’s gone…” Aaron looked at this city that was instantly destroyed and felt an indescribable feeling.

Orianna pursed her lips and remained silent.

Sicilio hugged his daughter and felt terrible as he watched his home, which he had lived in for more than 20 years, be destroyed.

Han Zhan stood up and said to Sicilio, “Inform the pilot that the yacht must reach the deep sea as soon as possible. Otherwise, the tsunami will devour us.”

Hearing this, Sicilio carried his daughter into the cockpit.

Su Wen helped Orianna remove the items from her body and threw them into the sea roughly. After surviving the ordeal, Orianna was also scared out of her wits.

She collapsed on the boat and gazed at the stars.

Suddenly, Orianna asked Su Wen beside her, “How many years have we not sat side by side and watched the stars like now?”

Su Wen laid down beside Orianna. After thinking for a moment, he said, “From the day you met Ye Chen.”

Orianna fell silent.

Su Wen’s fingers moved slowly on the deck. Finally, he touched Orianna’s finger. Su Wen boldly hooked Orianna’s little finger.

Orianna saw a star blink and then disappear.

The star was destroyed in the universe and disappeared. It was time for Ye Chen to be locked in her heart.

t that moment, she suddenly smiled.

Orianna grabbed Su Wen’s hand. “Su Wen, I heard that Chinese mooncakes are very delicious. Can you accompany me to eat them?”

Su Wen smiled. “Okay.”

Aaron had suffered some injuries in the previous chaotic battle. At this moment, he was sitting on the deck tying up his own wounds.

He was injured on his right arm and it was really not convenient to bandage his left hand.

Aaron turned and glanced at Orianna and Su Wen, who were holding hands on the ground. He said unhappily, “You can date anytime, but can you guys help me bandage my wound now? After all, I don’t have a girlfriend to help me.”

Orianna sat up.

She finished bandaging Aaron’s wound and looked up to see Han Zhan also lying down beside him.

Han Zhan lifted his black shirt.

Only then did Aaron and the rest see that Han Zhan had two bullet holes in his abdomen and was still bleeding. Han Zhan was wearing a black shirt today and it was also night time, so Aaron actually didn’t realize that Han Zhan was injured.

Aaron asked Han Zhan, “When did you get injured?”

Han Zhan’s face was pale. “In the chaotic battle just now.” Edward didn’t manage to catch up to Song Ci. When he carried his rifle back to the house to sweep wildly, Han Zhan happened to be entangled with someone and was shot twice.

But he was very tolerant and had endured until now.

Orianna got Su Wen to look for a medical kit in the cabin. She pressed Han Zhan’s wound and said, “The bullet is very deep and cannot be taken out. We must go to the hospital.”

Su Wen returned very quickly with the medical kit.

Orianna opened the medical kit, found the hemostatic forceps and gauze, and quickly stopped Han Zhan from bleeding.

Han Zhan laid on the ground and endured it without any anesthetic.

Aaron suddenly threw two toffees to Han Zhan. Han Zhan pinched the toffees and was slightly surprised. “Where did you get them from?”

Aaron rubbed his nose unnaturally and said, “Song Ci gave it to me.”

Han Zhan was momentarily stunned before smiling.

Seeing that Han Zhan’s face was twisted from the pain and still refused to eat the toffee, Aaron was slightly puzzled and asked Han Zhan, “If it hurts, just eat the candy. Why not?”

Han Zhan was already slightly dazed. Hearing this, he smiled weakly and said, “I have to leave the candy at the end. If I eat it now, I won’t have any more thoughts. I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold on.”

Aaron shut his mouth.

Han Zhan gazed at the stars in the sky and suddenly thought of the scene at her birthday party not long after he met Song Ci.

That day, Song Ci was wearing a sexy red dress. Under her burgundy curly hair, her lovely long eyes were sparkling. When she smiled, it was as if stars were falling into her eyes.

So beautiful.

At that moment, Han Zhan fell for Song Ci.

Han Zhan’s heart ached at the thought of Song Ci.

Baby Ci, where are you?

Are you still alive?

Orianna nimbly helped Han Zhan stop the bleeding. “Done.”

Han Zhan asked, “Anna, will I die?” After all, he had been shot twice and lost too much blood. Moreover, his intestines were broken. It would be a miracle if he survived.

Orianna said, “I’ve stopped the bleeding for you. There’s not much bleeding for now. If we can find a hospital within half an hour, you won’t die.”

Han Zhan understood what Orianna meant.

This meant that he had to resign himself to fate.

They were on a yacht drifting on the sea and about to experience another tsunami. At this point, everyone was busy escaping for their loved ones. Who would save them?

Perhaps, when the tsunami erupted, their ship would also be washed back into the city along with the waves. At that time, their ship would float in the city swallowed by the water. Who else could save him?

No one would save them.

He could only wait for death.

Orianna was not good at comforting people. She had learned many things from Ye Chen, but she had not learned how to comfort people. In the end, Orianna said dryly, “Hoff, think of Song Ci and your daughters. You can’t lose until the last second.”

Han Zhan thought of Song Ci and felt even more hopeless.

He couldn’t find his Baby Ci…

After the earthquake, Song Ci was sent to the nearest island by Coco.

This island was the same tourist island that Zhuang Long and Xiao Li had picked up the bottle of water the last time.

After reaching the shore, Song Ci bid farewell to Coco. She sat on the beach and checked her left leg. She realized that a piece of meat had fallen off her calf.

It was torn open by a bullet and the flesh was still hanging on her calf.

After meeting Han Zhan, Song Ci had suffered all the injuries she had never suffered in her life.

In the past, Song Ci would have cried herself to death. But now, the survival of man who would comfort her and let her lean on his chest was a question. She didn’t have the time to be pretentious.

Song Ci had to return to the city to save Han Zhan.

If he was alive, she wanted to see him. If he was dead, she wanted to see his corpse!

Song Ci forcefully tore open her tattered dress and tied the piece of flesh together with her calf.

The earthquake had already ended and the houses on this island didn’t collapse very badly. A portion of the passengers were injured and walked out of the hotel one after another, waiting outside for rescue.

This island was not big. There was only a small plane landing pad, a hotel, a food street, and a jewelry shop.

There were several boats parked by the shore, but Song Ci didn’t know how to sail them.

She only knew how to fly planes!

Song Ci found an electric car on an island. She drove through the streets and headed straight for the plane landing.

Along the way, Song Ci stared at the injured passengers waiting for rescue. She stared at their anxious expressions and suddenly felt like crying.

If there was really a tsunami, then these people…

Song Ci couldn’t bear to think about it.

Song Ci arrived at the plane landing pad. There were two small planes parked side by side, one of which was Song Ci’s favorite Cessna.

Large private airlines naturally didn’t need keys, but such small planes needed keys to open the door and start the engine.

The manager had long disappeared. Song Ci arrived at the manager’s office and found two keys. She took the keys to the airport, opened a white plane with the keys, and walked straight up.

Walking into the cockpit of the plane, Song Ci sat in the driver’s seat, which was usually reserved for the pilot, Xiong Jian. She felt rather nervous.

She used the key to turn on the engine and felt the plane trembling. Song Ci told herself. “Song Ci, you have a flying license. You are Zeus Corporation’s lady boss and the most beautiful female flight attendant in the history of Civil Aviation University. You cannot be afraid!”

Song Ci took a few deep breaths and gripped the joystick.

Once she touched the joystick, Song Ci quickly calmed down. As a qualified pilot, the moment your hand touched the joystick, you must have a calm, and clear mind.

The plane glided for a distance on the runway before smoothly soaring into the sky!

Song Ci didn’t realize that the moment her plane left the ground, the seawater on the shore suddenly retreated. Anyone who knew about tsunamis would know that after an earthquake, if the seawater on the shore retreated, it was a sign that a tsunami was coming!

After the plane rose into the sky, Song Ci glanced down and saw that the ocean below was rippling violently. The waves were dozens of meters high!

In the darkness, the lights of several ships swayed along with the waves. Meanwhile, the island behind was instantly plunged into the roaring sea!

Song Ci’s body and soul were cold at the thought of how those people who had survived the earthquake and were still waiting for rescue were washed away by the tsunami.

Han Zhan!

Han Zhan, wait for me!

Song Ci quickly flew towards the city.

When she arrived at the city area, she realized that the majestic capital had already been swallowed by the sea.

A few sailing ships were swimming on the water, busy saving people.

The plane landed in the Clooney Family’s sky. Song Ci set up an automatic pilot mode for the plane. She put on her life jacket, put down the life ladder, and slid down the plane.

As her body slid down, Song Ci finally saw the terrible scene below.

The surging seawater had completely swallowed the city. The once prosperous Clooney Family had already become a dead city in the sea!

Song Ci hugged the life rope and stared at the vast sea beneath her. The thought of Han Zhan already dead and his body buried under the sea made Song Ci’s heart ache like it was being stabbed!

“Han Zhan!”

Song Ci lost all rationality. She was about to plunge into the sea when she saw a great white shark emerge from the sea!


Coco was biting a corpse. Hearing Song Ci’s voice, he stopped. He stood quietly in the water and stared at Song Ci for a long while, before swimming over and circling around her legs.

It was a happy gesture!

Song Ci was shocked. “Coco, why are you here!”

COCO was smart. It couldn’t speak, but it opened its mouth and spat a corpse out.

Song Ci grabbed the life ladder with one hand and the corpse with the other. Only then did she realize that it was Rain!

Song Ci was stunned.

COCO must have recognized Rain as Song Ci, so he bit Coco out of Edward’s room.


Song Ci slipped into the water and placed Rain’s body on a tall building that hadn’t been completely swallowed by the water. COCO followed behind Song Ci. Song Ci stroked his head and asked him, “COCO, is there anyone else down there?”

Coco quietly gazed at Song Ci, not saying a word.

Song Ci thought for a moment and climbed onto Coco’s head. “Coco, bring me down!”

COCO waved his tail and carried Song Ci to the Clooney Family residence in the blink of an eye. COCO brought Song Ci through the collapsed house quickly but didn’t find anyone. Song Ci patted COCO’s head.

Coco carried Song Ci to the surface of the sea.

Song Ci spat out the seawater in her mouth and took a few fresh breaths. She then told COCO, “COCO, I am going to find my lover. COCO, help me guard Rain. I will come and find you later!”

COCO used its fin to send waves, meaning that it had agreed to her request.

Song Ci returned to the plane and flew low over the city.

Han Zhan’s ship was brought back into the city along with the waves.

They were drifting on the sea.

Aaron looked at the residential building under the water and the corpses floating on the sea. Even someone like him, who was used to seeing death, was somewhat shocked by the natural disaster.

The world was huge and people were too small.

Orianna heard the sound of the plane tearing through the air. She stared at the plane tearing through the darkness and teased. “At this point, the person on the plane is really lucky.”

He was definitely a European and very lucky.

Hearing this, Aaron looked up and stared at that plane. He said, “What about I shoot that plane down? If we die, we die together?”

Orianna was speechless.

This brat.

Noticing that Han Zhan’s eyes were about to close, Orianna reminded him. “You can’t sleep.”

“Anna, I am so sleepy…”

Aaron suddenly tossed a deep water bomb. “Actually, I slept with Song Ci.”

Han Zhan’s eyes widened!

He came to life instantly. He could even take Aaron’s head!

Seeing that Aaron’s move was effective, Orianna gave him a look to tell him to continue.

Aaron thought for a moment and said, “Her waist is especially slender and she looks very sexy when she twists!”

“Oh yes, when Song Ci cries, her voice is like a kitten’s. It’s especially nice.”

Han Zhan said, “…Shut up!”

“What is that?” Su Wen suddenly asked.

Orianna looked up and saw an electric beam shoot down from the plane.

Orianna said, “The people on the plane are looking for someone.”

“Anyway, he’s not looking for us.” Aaron pouted. “I don’t have any friends who can fly planes.” He didn’t have any friends.

Orianna said, “Su Wen knows how to fly, but Su Wen is here.”

Orianna glanced at Sicilio. She said, “Could it be that Earl Ace came to save you?”

Sicilio shook his head. “Not so fast from Rome.”

“Who is that?”

Han Zhan said weakly, “Song Ci can fly a plane.” But the person on that plane couldn’t be Song Ci!

Song Ci had already jumped into the deep sea and might not even be alive.

Where can she get a plane?

The thought that Song Ci might have been eaten by Coco or drowned in water pained Han Zhan so much that he couldn’t breathe. But he couldn’t die. He couldn’t let his daughters lose their mother and father.

Having a father was better than being an orphan.

With this thought in mind, Han Zhan gritted his teeth and continued holding on.

Aaron suddenly said, “Let me try shooting.” With that, he raised his gun and shot at the sky.

Song Ci was stunned when she heard the loud sound.

Was that a gunshot?

Would ordinary people have guns?

Could it be Han Zhan?

Song Ci didn’t know who would win or lose after she left. So the person below might also be Edward.

After thinking for a moment, Song Ci decided to take the risk.

She found a life rope and put it down.

Aaron grabbed the rope. He was slightly puzzled. “What do you mean by giving us a rope? We can’t just climb up by grabbing a rope, right?” This was not hiking. One rope was needed to climb a mountain. At least his feet had footholds.

This was floating in the air!

Orianna thought for a moment. “The person on the plane wants us to reveal our identities.”

Han Zhan agreed with Orianna’s point of view. He said, “Take off my belt.”

Aaron didn’t understand Han Zhan’s intentions. “Take off your belt? Putting aside whether the person on it is Song Ci or not, even if it is, can she recognize your belt?”

Han Zhan acknowledged. “If it’s her, I will definitely recognize her.” When he walked out of Sicilio’s house wearing this outfit this afternoon, Song Ci had been eyeing his figure.

That pervert could even remember the color of his socks, let alone what his belt looked like!

Aaron grabbed the rope and shook it vigorously.

Song Ci retracted the rope and took out a belt. Her expression immediately changed. (๑◝ᴗ◜๑)

Brother Han’s belt.

Song Ci circled the plane and lowered it by dozens of meters. She then threw down the rescue equipment.

The first to come up was Orianna carrying the baby.

The second was Aaron.

The third was the injured Han Zhan.

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci deeply. Song Ci had already set the plane to autopilot. She stood up from the driver’s seat and limped over to Han Zhan.

The two of them were very disheveled. Their clothes were wet and their hair was in a mess. They looked like two homeless people.

Song Ci suddenly stood up straight and bowed to Han Zhan. She said, “Han Zhan, your pilot, Song Ci, will forever be your escort!”

Han Zhan gazed lovingly at Song Ci.

He recalled the first time he met Song Ci during the interview. Song Ci had spouted nonsense —

“My name is Song Ci and I am 22 years old. I graduated from the 20th batch of Civil Aviation University.”

“Although I am still a rookie, give me five years and I will turn from a rookie to an eagle. I will fly Zeus Airlines’ plane and soar across the world, sending every passenger safely to their destination.”

“Please don’t dismiss me and think that I am just a decorative vase because of my appearance and my gender. After all, you use your limbs and your brains to pilot a plane. It has nothing to do with your face and your reproductive system.”

It turned out that he still clearly remembered every word she said on the first day they met. Perhaps at that time, he saw her in a new light and had a deep impression of her.

Han Zhan smiled weakly and reached out his broken right hand to place it in front of Song Ci.

Although he was very weak, Han Zhan announced firmly, “Intern Song Ci, I hereby announce that your flying internship assessment has officially ended and your assessment results are 100 points.”

“From now on, I will officially hire you as Zeus Corporation’s pilot. I will entrust my life to you!”

Song Ci wiped her tears and grabbed Han Zhan’s hand.

Holding hands, Song Ci hugged Han Zhan. “Brother Han, it hurts…”

Han Zhan’s heart ached as he pulled Song Ci into his arms.

Close together, Song Ci could smell the scent of blood on Han Zhan. “Brother Han, are you injured?”

Han Zhan comforted her. “It’s just a small injury.”

Upon seeing this, Su Wen said, “Let me fly the plane. Mrs. Han, you rest first.”

Song Ci was truly exhausted. Hearing this, she had no objections and only said to Su Wen, “Rain’s body is in Golden Horn Building. Find a way to get someone to fetch her.”


Hearing Rain’s name, Han Zhan looked slightly uneasy.

What would Song Ci think if she knew what Orianna and I had done to Rain?

Orianna suddenly asked, “Why isn’t Sicilio up yet?”

]Aaron stood at the door of the cabin and looked at the sea. He said, “Wait a little longer.”

Everyone had left except Sicilio.

Sicilio stared at Edward’s body for a moment. He walked over, kissed Edward’s forehead again, and slowly pushed his body into the sea.

“May you rest in peace, Father.”

Only when Edward sank into the sea did Sicilio stand up and tie himself up.

He tugged at the rope.

Aaron received the reminder and hurriedly retracted the rope…

Edward’s corpse sank slowly into the sea.

After a while, a great white shark smelled blood and swam over quickly.

Coco saw Edward. It bit him and carried him to the sea they used to play in. Coco let go and realized that Edward didn’t swim out of his mouth like before. He was still lying motionless in his mouth.

Coco was puzzled.

Hey, breeder, why aren’t you playing with me anymore?

Coco spat out Edward and nudged him with his head.

But Edward’s body slowly sank into the sea.

Coco was stunned.

What happened to him?

Coco caught up to him, took Edward in his mouth, sent him to the surface of the sea, and spat him out.

But this time, Edward’s body slowly sank to the bottom of the sea again.

Staring at Edward’s sinking body, Coco understood something and started circling Edward’s body…

Coco guarded Edward’s body and didn’t allow anything to get close to him, not even a shrimp or a small fish. He would only leave briefly when he was hungry and needed to catch food.

It just guarded him until his body completely rotted and finally returned to the deep sea…

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