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Chapter 252: Scheming and Arrogant Han Zhan! A Slap in the Face!

God Slayer, Father Slayer —how rebellious!

Song Ci watched this scene with an anxious expression, her heart in her throat.

At this point, Han Zhan’s gun was aimed at Edward, but Edward’s gun was aimed at Han Zhan. As long as either party squeezed the trigger, there would definitely be rivers of blood in this room today!

Edward was about to say a few threatening words when Song Ci, who had been silent since arriving tonight, suddenly spoke up. “Han Zhan, do whatever you want. Don’t worry about me.”

What she meant was to tell Han Zhan that she could kill whatever he wanted and didn’t need to worry about her.

Song Ci was already indifferent to life and death.

In these five months, she had experienced too many death threats and her mental fortitude had also increased. Even if Edward aimed the gun at her glabella now, Song Ci would not back down.

Hearing Song Ci’s words, Edward smiled meaningfully.

Edward gazed at Han Zhan gently and tolerantly. He said, “Little Hoff, I have to admit that your wife is very brave.”

Han Zhan’s finger was still on the trigger and didn’t look like he was going to move it away.

Upon seeing this, Edward smiled and said, “So what if Song Ci is dead? But your children won’t have a mother.”

Han Zhan’s expression seemed unchanged, but Song Ci noticed that Han Zhan’s pupils quivered uncontrollably.

That action was very subtle. If not for Song Ci observing Han Zhan, she wouldn’t have noticed it.

But Edward could also discover what Song Ci could.

Edward put down his gun and waved. The sexy and gorgeous female waiter bent down and poured Edward a glass of red wine with both hands.

Edward placed his strong index and middle fingers on the base of the goblet and slowly moved the blanket over the smooth table, making a soft tearing sound.

“You lost your mother when you were young. Can you bear to see your children without their mothers?”

Han Zhan gave Edward a meaningful look before slowly lowering his left hand.

He stared at Edward and smiled mockingly.

Han Zhan told Edward, “It’s indeed very painful to lose your mother. But the woman you love with all your heart eloped with a subordinate whom you trusted… Father, after knowing the truth, are you also very upset?”

Gazing at Edward’s unhealthy expression, Han Zhan said, “I heard that Father has been vomiting blood frequently these few days. Looks like you’re enraged.”

Han Zhan reached out his left hand and plucked the green leaves off the rose from the vase in the dining room.

Handing the leaf to Edward, Han Zhan said, “This leaf is for you, Father.”

Edward frowned and looked at Han Zhan and the green leaf in his hand in confusion.

Due to the cultural differences in the country, “green” was a very subtle color in China. But it didn’t mean that in Italy.

Seeing that Edward couldn’t understand what he meant, Han Zhan explained considerately, “Father, in our country, our wife committed adultery and eloped with someone. We call it ‘wearing green’, which means being cheated on.”

Shaking the green leaf in his hand, Han Zhan smiled and said, “I think this green leaf is full of vitality and is very suitable for you, Father.”

“Pfft —” Orianna couldn’t help laughing.

Aaron stared at the dark green suit on Edward with a subtle expression.

Life was full of surprises.

Edward’s face darkened completely as he shot Orianna a warning look.

Orianna shrugged, her sexy breasts moving.

Faced with Edward’s oppressive gaze, Orianna remained very calm. She looked over at Han Zhan and said with a smile, “Brother, your Chinese culture is just so broad and profound.”

Han Zhan nodded humbly. “Of course.”

Orianna’s smile also gave Edward a message:

This child finally couldn’t resist revealing her sharp fangs and counterattacking.

Edward snapped his fingers and said to the butler behind him, “Serve the dishes.”

“Alright, Sir.”

The servants served the exquisite and delicious dishes one by one.

Song Ci frowned at the rare steak.

Edward cut open the steak and popped the red pork liver steak into his mouth. He enjoyed it alone. Looking at Edward’s enjoyment, Sicilio and Orianna picked up their knives and forks.

Han Zhan shot Song Ci a comforting look and also picked up his cutlery.

Song Ci took a bite of steak. It tasted good, but as she had just witnessed Dr. James’s death in the afternoon, she felt like vomiting as she chewed the red steak in her mouth.

Beside her, Rain, who was still slightly feverish, looked at the steak. She said, “Mother, I want to eat your porridge.”

Before Song Ci could speak, Edward shot Rain a concerned look. “Rain, how are you feeling? How is your recovery?”

Rain shuddered involuntarily at the sound of her name being called out by Edward.

She shook her head and looked down. “Edward, I don’t like you anymore.”

Edward’s eyes darkened with sorrow. “Rain, how can you not love me? Edward likes you the most.”

Rain lowered her head in silence.

Just as Edward lowered his head to drink, Rain finally spoke. She said timidly, “You are a pervert. You disgust me.”

Edward was going to reach for the goblet, but Rain’s words stopped him. He glanced at Rain.

Edward didn’t lose his temper. He took a sip calmly and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

After doing all this, Edward slowly stood up, held his gun in one hand, walked gracefully around Sicilio, and walked towards Rain.

Rain sensed danger and instinctively hid in Song Ci’s arms.

Song Ci hugged Rain and pulled her into her arms. She looked up at Edward angrily with a determined expression. “Edward, you can’t hurt her.”

Edward’s expression was unreadable.

He pointed the gun at Rain’s head and said expressionlessly, “A disobedient doll should just be thrown away.”

A child with thoughts of crying, laughing, and fooling around was treated like a “toy doll” by him. Song Ci hugged Rain tightly, wishing she could skin Edward alive and swallow him whole!

At this moment, Han Zhan suddenly said, “Father, you can’t kill Rain.”

Edward narrowed his eyes.

He looked at Han Zhan suspiciously. “What are you trying to say now?”

Han Zhan looked at Orianna. “Anna, tell Father why Rain can’t die.”

After hearing Han Zhan’s words, Anna, who had been eating her steak elegantly, calmly ate a saint fruit.

She bit down and dark red juice flowed out. Orianna licked her lips with the tip of her red tongue and swallowed the juice. Only then did she look up and stare at her great and evil father.

“Father, in The Last Supper, Judas is the person who betrayed Jesus.”

“Father, guess who among your four children betrayed you?”

Orianna’s smile was radiant, like the blooming of stars in the sky.

Edward glanced at his child. In the end, his gaze lingered on Sicilio for a few seconds. Edward’s eyes were slightly defeated.

“Sicilio, tell me that you are not with them.”

Sicilio put down his cutlery. “Father, I love you,” he said.

I love you, but I also want to kill you.

Love and hurt didn’t conflict.

Edward understood Sicilio’s unspoken words.

He sneered angrily. “Very well. Jesus only has one traitor, Judah. But I met four.”

Aaron finally spoke and said mockingly, “Father should reflect on why there is only one traitor among the twelve disciples of Jesus, while all four of Father’s children are traitors.”

“Even you dare to rebel against me?” Edward looked at Aaron in surprise.

Aaron said, “Father, you’ve also said that I’ve been looking forward to killing you when I grow up and pursue freedom.”

Among all the children, Aaron was the most transparent child. He was not as ruthless as Sicilio, or as smart as Orianna, or as heartless as Han Zhan.

He was a child who disappointed Edward.

Only then did Aaron catch Edward’s attention.

Edward stared at the snake-shaped pendant around Aaron’s neck and suddenly said, “You went to meet your mother last year?”

Aaron was stunned.

Edward stared at Aaron’s cell phone with a strange expression. He suddenly said, “This afternoon, a car accident happened in Qingshui Town in Jiangnan, China. A couple in the car accident was seriously injured. The husband passed away while on his way to the hospital. The wife is currently being observed in the isolation room…”

With that, Edward gave Aaron a strange smile. “Aaron, do you want that woman to live or die?”

Aaron felt a chill down his spine.

Qingshui Town…

He instinctively touched the pendant on his neck as his eyes reddened.

“Edward, you are a f*cking beast!” Aaron scooped up the plate and threw it at Edward.

Edward dodged the plate and pulled the trigger as Aaron threw something. Before the bullet reached him, Han Zhan suddenly reached out and pulled him away.

Aaron collapsed beside Han Zhan’s chair and thus managed to avoid Edward’s attack!


The neurotic Rainin couldn’t help covering her ears as she heard this gunshot.

The gunshot and Rain’s screams broke the strange harmony of the night.

The other three children stood up at the same time.

Edward glanced at Sicilio, Orianna, and Han Zhan. He asked mockingly, “Are you planning to kill Father?”

Edward’s gaze paused on Sicilio’s face. He asked very sadly, “Leo, my child, even you want to kill me?”

Sicilio hung his head.

Edward roared with laughter. “Hahaha! Very good. My most beloved child actually wants to kill me!”

Sicilio closed his eyes.

At this point, Orianna spoke again. “Father, I am not finished.”

Edward looked at Orianna coldly.

Orianna pointed at Rain, who was trembling in fear in front of Edward. “Father, do you know why you suddenly vomited blood?”

Edward’s eyes darted around before landing on Rain.

Rain was a clone developed by Orianna!

Orianna had hated him for so many years that she even dreamed of killing him. If she really wanted to take revenge on him, Rain would be the best weapon to kill!

Since Rain was a baby, Edward had been by her side. Edward was very assured to keep Rain under his watch.

As a result, Edward had never doubted Rain.

But Rain was Orianna’s work after all. Perhaps she was Orianna’s weapon!

“You conspired to deceive me?”

Edward pulled Rain out of Song Ci’s arms.

Song Ci’s strength was no match for Edward. Moreover, she had yet to recover from her injuries and was even weaker. Rain left Song Ci’s arms and cried out in fear.


“Mother, save me!”

Song Ci was about to move when Edward pointed a gun at her head.

Seeing this, Han Zhan also grabbed his gun and aimed it at Edward.

The situation turned into a stalemate.

Edward didn’t shoot. He didn’t even look at Song Ci. Instead, he stared at Rain’s face that was identical to Jiang Shiyu’s with hatred and anger.

Edward said bitterly, “I like you so much. How can you betray me?”

“You are just like that bitch—a liar!”

How much Edward loved this face before was equivalent to how harsh he was now. Edward suddenly turned his right hand and aimed the gun at Rain.

Edward was about to shoot when he heard Orianna say, “She didn’t betray you. I used her.”

Edward paused.

He looked at Orianna. “What do you mean?”

Orianna gazed tenderly at Rain. She said, “A year and a half ago, when Song Ci was filming ‘Le Chi’ in Palermo, Sicilio discovered her identity.”

“Hoff knows that once Sicilio discovers Song Ci, Father will discover her sooner or later. Hoff knows very well that once Father discovers Jiang Shiyu and Mo Sang’s betrayal, his love and hatred for Jiang Shiyu will definitely be placed on Song Ci.”

“Instead of waiting for death, why not take the initiative to attack? As a result…”

Han Zhan explained the rest of the story on behalf of Orianna. He said, “As a result, a year and a half ago, I asked Song Fei, who is also Song Ci’s elder sister, to develop a brand new virus. I secretly found Orianna with that virus and collaborated with her.”

Orianna nodded. “That’s right. It’s no secret that Father wants to use me to clone Jiang Shiyu.”

Orianna and Han Zhan exchanged a meaningful look.

In her calmest tone, Orianna spoke of the most astonishing scheme.

“He knows how much I hate you and also understands my desire to kill you. Hoff brought the virus to me and asked me to think of a way to inject this virus into the clone embryo.”

“I successfully injected that virus into the three cloned baby girls who were still fetuses. The other two embryos had weaker vitality and passed away shortly after receiving the virus.”

Gazing tenderly at Rain, Orianna said very softly, “Rain is a strong child. Only she survived… survived with the virus.”

“Rain’s blood is infected with the virus. Anyone who has a physical relationship with Rain will be infected.”

Orianna looked at Edward with amusement.

“Father, no one forced you to touch Rain. You were the one who couldn’t control your own body.” He was the one who was worse than a beast. You actually dared to lay your hands on Rain, who was still so young!

Everyone was shocked when Orianna and Han Zhan told them this shocking secret.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that Brother Han was actually so two-faced, so shrewd, and so… vicious!

Aaron sat on the ground with a dumbstruck expression.

Hoff’s strategy was actually so deep!

Sicilio also looked at Han Zhan with a strange expression.

He had underestimated his brother.

Edward understood the entire situation and looked at Han Zhan with hatred and admiration.

“I didn’t see wrongly. Hoff, you are indeed the one who is the most like me among the children!” Everyone said that Sicilio was a great white shark from Sicily and wanted to eat someone.

Only Edward knew that Sicilio was actually very kind-hearted. He was Jiang Shiyu’s child after all and had inherited some of her gentleness.

But Han Zhan was different. His mother was born into a wealthy family and was a ruthless woman. As for him, he was also a heartless person.

With Han Mulan and his genes, Han Zhan was the most cold-blooded person.

The so-called Lone Wolf of the southwest mountain region was the real ruthless person!

Han Zhan had already dared to raise his gun at him when he was only four years old. After more than 20 years, that wolf-like child had finally returned.

Edward gritted his teeth. “I really regret not killing a scourge like you back then!”

Han Zhan smiled slightly. “Since a young age, Grandpa told me that humans must be tolerant. After the eight countries invaded China and two world wars, my country relied on forbearance to become the strong country today.”

“And I…” Han Zhan smiled and said,” After enduring humiliation for 26 years, Father, I am back! ”

As soon as the words “I’m back” landed, a series of gunshots rang out outside the house!

Edward looked out the window and saw that all his subordinates outside the door had been shot!

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