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Chapter 240: Protect with My Life through Sudden Happenings

This time, Long Yu and Ah Lun accompanied Song Ci on a work trip.

As the atmosphere in the city had been rather tense recently, the situation of racism had worsened. There had even been a shooting incident last month and several people had died.

Han Zhan was worried about Song Ci, so he got Long Yu and Ah Lun to accompany her.

Only with their protection could Han Zhan be at ease.

Once they arrived at the airport, Long Yu brought Song Ci into a black BMW. They drove Song Ci to the Jetta International Hotel in New York City.

The party was scheduled for tomorrow night, and Song Ci arrived in New York City in the afternoon.

Arriving at the hotel, she took a shower, changed into a simple t-shirt and jeans, and went downstairs to have dinner with Long Yu and the rest.

It was Ah Lun’s first time in America and he found everything novel.

After dinner, the three of them walked out of the restaurant and passed by a high-end cafe. Ah Lun scratched his head awkwardly.

Ah Lun said, “This is my first time in America. In the past, I always heard that American coffee is delicious. Madam, can I treat you and Brother Long to coffee?”

Song Ci chuckled. “Of course.”

Ah Lun had also entered many high-class places with Song Ci and Han Zhan, but this was his first time purchasing in such places and he appeared slightly reserved.

Holding his wallet, Ah Lun said softly to Long Yu, “I only brought 100 USD. Is that enough?”

Long Yu was speechless.

“Brother, I beg you to shut up.”

Ah Lun realized that he had asked a stupid question.

Hearing Ah Lun and Long Yu’s whispers, Song Ci felt both amused and sad.

She heard that Ah Lun was an orphan. He got separated from his younger brother when he was young and was adopted by an old man who picked up rubbish.

After he was raised, Ah Lun only studied in a vocational high school before joining the military.

Ah Lun’s English was also not good. It was limited to being able to recognize and understand the simplest words.

Ah Lun was actually rather flustered this time coming to America. He was afraid that he would be separated from Long Yu on the streets and unable to go home. He was afraid that he would suffocate because he couldn’t find the toilet.

So after arriving in the United States, Ah Lun never left Long Yu’s side.

After the three of them sat down, the sexy waitress walked over.

The tight short skirt wrapped around the waiter’s voluptuous hips, and her high ponytail made her look mischievous.

The waiter put down the coffee menu and said in English, “Sir, Miss, what would you like to drink?”

Ah Lun was stunned for a few seconds before understanding what the waiter meant.

Ah Lun’s ears turned red. He handed the coffee menu to the most cultured Song Ci and said, “Madam, order whatever you want to drink.”

After a pause, Ah Lun added. “It can’t be too expensive. I only have 100 USD.”

It was said that foreigners were very good at robbing money. Ah Lun didn’t dare to bring a lot of cash when he went out.

Long Yu also smiled when he saw Ah Lun’s useless manner.

Song Ci ordered a cup of caramelized star ice cream, a mocha for Long Yu, and an ice latte for Ah Lun. The price was limited to $50.

Holding a cup of coffee in each hand, the three of them strolled lazily on the streets of New York.

The setting sun elongated their shadows.

Ah Lun opened the cup and took a sip of the ice latte with milk but no sugar. He frowned.

“It’s a little bitter.” Although it was slightly bitter, Ah Lun still followed the principle of not wasting food and finished his coffee in a few mouthfuls.

His bold manner of drinking coffee was like drinking mineral water.

After drinking it, Ah Lun frowned and came to a conclusion. “This thing is not as tasty as the pearl milk tea at the milk tea shop downstairs.”

“It’s delicious, yet not expensive. It’s large in portion and cheap – only six yuan.”

Regarding this, Long Yu only said two words. “No character!”

Ah Lun rubbed his nose. “It doesn’t taste good in the first place. Why can’t I tell the truth?”

With that, Ah Lun glanced at Song Ci, who was eating her star ice cream with a small spoon.

The way Madam ate was like taking a poster. It was especially beautiful.

In front of Song Ci, Ah Lun didn’t even dare to speak louder for fear of shattering this beautiful scene.

Ah Lun immediately fell silent.

Returning to the hotel, Song Ci wrote out today’s incident and sent it to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan received the news and could imagine Ah Lun looking around comically after entering the cafe, worried that he didn’t have enough money.

He asked Song Ci: [Does the coffee taste good?]

Song Ci’s words were seductive: [With you around, the coffee will be even more delicious.]

Han Zhan said, [I’ve been rather busy recently and can’t make it.]

After ending the conversation, Han Zhan immediately sent Li Li a message on WeChat.

Han Zhan: [CEO Li, emergency.]

Li Li: [?]

Han Zhan: [Help me visit that group of children at the aerospace institute tomorrow. I heard that two of them have already gotten their flight passes and can return.]

Two years ago, Han Zhan had sent away the first batch of space pilots and sent them to the aviation flight academy for further studies.

Two years had passed, and several talented and hardworking children had already obtained flight certificates.

The academy was going to issue the flight certificate for them tomorrow.

A space pilot was the darling of Zeus Airlines.

As the big boss, Han Zhan should attend their graduation ceremony to show his importance to these pilots.

However, Han Zhan wanted to go to New York for coffee even more.

Li Li asked him: [What happened to you, Mr. Han?] Li Li thought something major happened on Han Zhan’s side.

Han Zhan said: [I am going to New York.]

Li Li: [Did something happen to the company over there?]

Han Zhan: [Your sister-in-law called me over for coffee.]

Li Li: […]

He took a deep breath, suppressed his vulgarities, and replied: [I have something on. I am going to the hospital to cut my intestines tomorrow…]

Han Zhan: [I’ll add a car to your year-end bonus.]

Li Li: [Which one?]

Han Zhan said a model and Li Li was satisfied. He hurriedly corrected himself: [I will do anything to serve my boss!]

Han Zhan sneered. [You don’t need to cut your intestines anymore?]

Li Li: [I can bear with it. I won’t die.]

Han Zhan was so angry that he laughed.

The next morning, Song Ci got out of bed, went to the pool for an hour, and stayed in the gym for an hour.

Song Ci only returned to her room after sweating profusely.

She had just taken a shower when her cell phone rang.

Song Ci saw that it was an unfamiliar call and hesitated before answering.


Du Xueyan’s voice sounded from the phone. “You’ve arrived in America, right? I have nothing on this afternoon. Do you want to have lunch with me?”

“You asked me to have a meal with you and I have to do it? Isn’t it too derogatory for me?”

Du Xueyan released the bait and said, “You must have heard of the famous Eleven-Madison-P Restaurant. I booked a table a month earlier. Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

Song Ci was speechless.

“I’m coming!”

By the time Song Ci arrived at the dining room hungry, Du Xueyan had already been waiting for her.

There was a requirement for formal wear at the restaurant.

Dressed in a cream-colored tube dress and with long curly hair like seaweed, Du Xueyan looked like a mermaid princess in the sea.

She sat elegantly at the dining table, drinking lemon water and waiting patiently for Song Ci.

Hearing the waiter’s whisper, Du Xueyan turned and saw Song Ci. She nodded at her.

Song Ci was wearing a long aqugreen dress. Her long hair was tied up, revealing her slender, elegant neck.

The waiter pulled out a chair and Song Ci sat down. She put down her pearl handbag and asked Du Xueyan, “Why are you so generous today?”

Du Xueyan said, “Do I look like someone who would lack those few hundred US dollars?”

Eating here cost over 300 USD per person.

It was indeed expensive, but Du Xueyan really didn’t lack that money.

Song Ci smiled and said, “Our relationship is not worth 300 USD.”

Du Xueyan was amused by Song Ci’s honesty.

“You are quite an interesting person.”

Song Ci had a magnanimity that Du Xueyan would never be able to learn.

Du Xueyan somewhat understood why Han Zhan was obsessed with Song Ci.

“Thank you for reminding me about what happened last time.” Du Xueyan was referring to Song Ci reminding her of the hickeys at the promotional event in Yu City.

Song Ci found it funny. “But you didn’t believe me either.”

“Gu Shengyao lied to me.”

Du Xueyan pressed her temples helplessly and said, “After hearing your advice, I went back to my room to change into a gown, but Gu Shengyao told me that I don’t have any marks on me.”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You were tricked by him.”


Although Du Xueyan admitted that she had been deceived by Gu Shengyao, she didn’t look troubled or angry.

It could be seen that she was not angry at Gu Shengyao at all.

It looked like these two were really together.

Song Ci looked at Du Xueyan and felt rather amused.

Logically speaking, they should be at odds with each other. But now, they were sitting in a high-class restaurant, dressed appropriately, and talking about New York’s gossip and fashion.

At this moment, the waiter served the dishes.

Du Xueyan picked up her spoon and took a bite before putting down her fork. She looked at Song Ci again and saw that she couldn’t resist finishing all the dishes. Du Xueyan smiled at her. “Aren’t you afraid of gaining weight?”

“Brother Han said that I will feel better to touch if I’m fat.”

Du Xueyan said, “Don’t boast in front of me. I also have someone who touches and dotes on me.”

Song Ci chuckled. “Eat first. We can lose weight after we’re full.”

Du Xueyan couldn’t be as carefree as Song Ci.

As a female celebrity, if she couldn’t even manage her own figure, how could she pursue her dreams? Du Xueyan would never indulge herself in gluttony. Even taking another bite would be a crime.

After dinner, Long Yu came to fetch Song Ci and bring her for styling.

Song Ci allowed the New York stylist to help her put on makeup. She sat on a chair, held her cell phone, scrolled through the Internet, and saw that Du Xueyan had been scolded by an American netizen.

The reason was that Du Xueyan had reposted a comment about her opposition to racism and commented on her own views.

In Song Ci’s opinion, there was nothing wrong with Du Xueyan’s words. But she couldn’t stand some people who felt that their skin color was better than others and couldn’t stand Du Xueyan’s defense, so they purposely criticized her.

Song Ci also felt that it was not easy for Du Xueyan.

“Okay.” The makeup artist asked Song Ci to see if her makeup was satisfactory.

The makeup artists here were still different from the local makeup artists. Their aesthetic standards were more inclined towards heavy, gorgeous European makeup.

The European makeup made Song Ci look even more spirited. She was seductive but not greasy. One look at her was enough to make one itch.

Song Ci was not used to seeing herself like this and felt like a vixen. But this makeup was undoubtedly charming and beautiful, so Song Ci chose it.

She changed into a gown and saw that it was about time. She then boarded the car and headed for the celebratory party.

When Song Ci arrived with Long Yu and Ah Lun, the celebration party was about to start.

Almost the entire cast and crew arrived.

When Song Ci entered the venue, she had caused quite a stir.

Tonight, Song Ci was very beautiful and dazzling.

She still had her hair draped over her shoulders and was wearing a dark grey halter dress with a high slit. The skirt was short at the front and long at the back, revealing a slender and well-proportioned calf and a limited edition black high heels.

Song Ci had thick makeup on and her gorgeous red lips made her look very imposing.

She looked more and more like a star.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the heart to pursue a career in the entertainment circle. All she wanted was to play the violin.

Du Junfei looked at Song Ci walking in leisurely from the main entrance and felt slightly regretful.

It was a pity that such a beautiful girl didn’t continue acting.

“Second Old Master.”

Song Ci raised her glass and clinked it with Du Junfei’s.

Du Junfei smiled at the two bodyguards behind Song Ci. “Guardian Deity?”

Song Ci turned to look at Ah Lun and Long Yu. She said, “I had no choice. My Brother Han knew that I was as beautiful as a flower and was afraid that I would meet a pervert outside alone, so he arranged two bodyguards for me.”

Du Junfei was amused by her. “Your foundation is slightly thick today. Your skin is even thicker now.”

]Song Ci pouted. She brought Ah Lun and Long Yu to a quiet corner of the sofa and sat down.

Song Ci wanted peace and quiet, but she was destined to never have it.

She was the female lead and was very beautiful. Moreover, she had married an extremely wealthy husband. Everyone was very willing to build a good relationship with her. As soon as Song Ci sat down, all the colleagues who had worked with her in the past gathered around her as if they had made an appointment.

Only when Du Xueyan entered the venue did Song Ci lose some of her enthusiasm.

Tonight, Du Xueyan was as beautiful as a demoness at sea.

She was wearing an ice-blue mermaid dress. Her hair was half tied up and half draped over her shoulders. The ends of her hair were deliberately permed and fluffy, making her look lazy.

After “Le Chi” became famous, Du Xueyan became the hottest topic in the movie apart from Damien.

She already had a foothold in Hollywood. As long as her future resources were not bad and she didn’t court death, she could definitely create her own world in Hollywood.

Du Xueyan didn’t come alone. She even brought her manager, Gu Shengyao.

This Gu Shengyao was not just a manager. He was also the youngest son of an entertainment company in America and had some say in Hollywood.

With Gu Shengyao backing Du Xueyan, she would definitely be able to live longer in the future.

Only when everyone was present did Du Junfei call the main actors, producers, and editors on stage.

The production team had custom-made a huge bottle of champagne. Everyone was holding that bottle of champagne and Du Junfei opened the cap with all his might.

With a thud, the champagne bottle opened.

Everyone poured the champagne into the glasses stacked in a pyramid shape.

The top glass was filled with alcohol and it flowed down the glass. Soon, all the champagne was poured.

Everyone raised their glasses and clinked them together before drinking.

Apart from the cast and crew, there were also some celebrities who were on good terms with Du Junfei at the celebration party tonight. The banquet hall was filled with people.

Song Ci wanted to go out for a breather. She had just taken a step when she saw a fair-skinned, slightly plump man rushing in wearing a thick jacket.

He came fiercely with a strange smile.

It was obviously abnormal for him to be dressed so thick on this day.

Song Ci instinctively stood aside, afraid of being bumped by that person.

The fatty ran in and stood behind Song Ci. He shouted at Du Xueyan, who was talking to someone with her back facing him. “Hey, Bitch, turn around and let me show you something good.”

Realizing that someone was scolding her, Du Xueyan turned back in shock and confusion.

The fatty suddenly tore off his clothes to reveal a swastikshaped tattoo on his back.

Song Ci’s eyes widened when she saw the symbol.

This was the symbol used by Germans during the second world war.

And those who would usually have such characters tattooed on their bodies were definitely racist.

Recalling how Du Xueyan had been scolded in INS previously, Song Ci realized that something was off and hurriedly shouted at Du Xueyan, “Du Xueyan! Run!”

Song Ci only saw the man’s back but not his front.

Only Du Xueyan, Gu Shengyao, and the rest saw the lethal weapon tied to the man’s body!

Taking advantage of the moment when everyone was in a daze, the man shouted “Long live” and pressed the remote control in his hand.


Amidst the explosion, Gu Shengyao pulled Du Xueyan into his arms.

He turned around and faced the fire with his back!

At the same time, Long Yu and Ah Lun ran over to Song Ci.

But Long Yu was slightly further away and Ah Lun was standing beside Song Ci. The moment the explosion sounded, Ah Lun reacted nimbly and pounced towards Song Ci!

Song Ci was pushed to the ground by Ah Lun. The back of her head knocked against the floor tiles.

The entire house shuddered after the explosion.


Everyone screamed. Some screamed in pain, while others screamed in fear.

Before she lost consciousness, Song Ci heard Ah Lun moaning painfully on her back.

After a few minutes, Song Ci woke up.

She slowly turned back and saw Ah Lun lying on her shoulder with a pale face.

Meanwhile, dark red blood was pouring out of Ah Lun’s mouth!

Song Ci pushed the heavy Ah Lun away and sat up, enduring the pain.

Rubbing her ringing ears, Song Ci opened her eyes to size up the tragic scene before her.

There were corpses everywhere!

The banquet hall, which had been filled with laughter a minute ago, suddenly turned into a living hell!

Song Ci wiped the blood off her face and knelt beside Ah Lun. Only then did she realize that Ah Lun’s back was badly mangled and the left half of his leg was broken!

Song Ci was stunned for a few seconds before finally regaining her senses. She opened her mouth and hugged Ah Lun.

“Ah Lun!”

Song Ci’s entire person was trembling.

She hugged Ah Lun and her dress was quickly stained red by his blood.

Ah Lun opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His body twitched involuntarily twice. Only then did he laboriously raise his hand and take out an old photo the size of his palm from his pocket.

Ah Lun handed the photo to Song Ci and waited for her to pinch it in tears. Ah Lun held his last breath and told her his final words.

“Madam, Madam, this is my younger brother. We have been separated for 20 years. You, help me look for him… look for him…”

“Little Jun, I didn’t abandon you. I didn’t abandon you. I… I…”

Ah Lun took his last breath before he could finish his sentence.

Ah Lun died in Song Ci’s arms.

Song Ci hugged Ah Lun and cried bitterly. “Ah Lun, Ah Lun, don’t die!”

Ah Lun still died with grievances.

Song Ci’s fingers trembled as she closed Ah Lun’s eyes.

]Holding the photo tightly, Song Ci scrambled out of the crowd of injured people.

She had to find Long Yu and confirm his survival!

Song Ci flipped over the faces of every injured person, but none of them were Long Yu’s.

She couldn’t find Long Yu, but Song Ci found Gu Shengyao and the rest.

Du Xueyan and Gu Shengyao were standing closest to that man.

As a result, Gu Shengyao was also the most seriously injured.

There were several large holes in his black suit. Song Ci could see the ghastly white bones under the torn skin.

Her heart shuddered.

Can he survive like this?

Gu Shengyao protected Du Xueyan very well. His body became a solid wall that protected Du Xueyan, not allowing her to suffer any injuries.

Du Xueyan had already fainted and lost consciousness.

Song Ci stared at Gu Shengyao’s unmoving body and felt very uneasy.

Song Ci reached her index finger under Gu Shengyao’s nose.

He’s not breathing anymore!

Song Ci was so scared that she retracted her fingers.

Gu Shengyao died just like that?

Song Ci suddenly broke down and cried.

As she cried, she opened Du Xueyan’s handbag and took out her cell phone.

Using Du Xueyan’s fingers to unlock her cell phone, Song Ci cried as she called the hospital. Only then did she continue to look for Long Yu and Du Junfei.

It would take a few minutes for the ambulance to arrive. Some people who were only slightly injured were already awake.

They had no time to check on other people’s health. After waking up, they rushed out to seek treatment.

Song Ci finally found Long Yu.

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Long Yu was only unconscious and still breathing.

Song Ci found Du Junfei again. Du Junfei’s condition was very stable. He had just fainted from the shock and was fine.

Only after finding the people she was looking for did Song Ci collapse to the ground in exhaustion. She clutched the photo Ah Lun gave her and panted heavily.

Shortly after, the doctors and nurses all rushed in. Someone held Song Ci’s hand and carried her up.

The weak Song Ci opened her eyes and glanced at the person. Seeing that it was a doctor wearing a mask, Song Ci finally couldn’t resist her deep sleepiness and fell asleep…

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