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Chapter 239: Bring Some Good Clothes Back to Let Brother Han See Me in Them

The main character had already been taken away by the police, so the guests could only leave.

Yan Jiang got into his car and was in no hurry to drive off. Instead, he opened WeChat and chatted with Song Ci and the rest about tonight.

The other three had already seen Yan Jiang’s video.

After Song Fei finished watching the video, her blood boiled and she replied succinctly: [Deserves to die.]

She meant that Xian Le deserved to die.

Selling an underage girl to a human trafficker was such a vicious act!

This was even more heart-rending than murder!

Being killed was just a temporary pain. Being sold and treated like a slave was a life of despair!

And the person who did this was also a woman!

Shouldn’t she be worthy of death?

Song Ci watched the video twice.

As a woman, Song Ci also felt the same way as Zhi Yue after hearing her miserable plight.

She felt that Zhi Yue’s revenge on Xian Le was too mild. If it were her, she would skin Xuan Yue alive, take her bones, and devour her flesh!

Otherwise, she won’t be able to vent her anger!

Song Ci closed the video and asked Yan Jiang in the group: [What’s the situation on your side now?]

Yan Jiang took out a cigarette from the pack and placed it under his nose.

Upon seeing Song Ci’s question, Yan Jiang lit his cigarette and sucked on it with his teeth. His fingers moved quickly on his cell phone.

Yan Jiang: [The three of them went to the police station.]

He was in a strange mood and sighed. [I didn’t expect the Scriptwriter Xian Le to do such a thing.]

Xian Le would be more humane if she killed Zhi Yue because of love and hatred than if she sold her to human traffickers.

Song Ci sent a sighing emoticon.

Song Fei was angry but said to Yan Jiang: [Come back early.]

Yan Jiang flirted with her in the group. [Why? Do you miss me?]

Song Fei: [Mmm.]

Yan Jiang choked on his cigarette.

[Coming right away.]

He threw his cell phone aside, started the car, and drove home without any distractions.

Passing by a convenience store, Yan Jiang thought that there were only a few condoms left at home. He parked the car, calmly entered the store, and chose a few boxes.

Seeing that Yan Jiang had taken several boxes, the girls who were buying things were all stunned.

They looked up with reddened faces. When they saw that the man buying the items was actually their idol, Yan Jiang, their faces instantly turned as red as blood.

Yan Jiang noticed the girls spying on him.

He placed the items on the counter, stared at the girls calmly, and lectured them. “It’s already so late, why aren’t you home?”

“Brother… Brother Jiang.”

This was the fans’ nickname for Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang raised his brows and looked at them speechlessly.

The fans said, “We’ll go home right away.”

Yan Jiang said, “It’s not safe to be out late. Go back early.”

At this moment, the cashier said, “A total of 260 yuan.”

Yan Jiang scanned his WeChat, grabbed his things, and was about to leave.

Seeing that the girls were staring at his shopping bags excitedly, he clicked his tongue and asked them, “How old are you? Are you 18 years old?”

The girls all shook their heads.

Yan Jiang acknowledged and added. “If you’re not 18 years old, don’t look at me indecently.”

With that, he stuffed the items into his suit jacket and left the convenience store with his long legs.

After Yan Jiang and Song Fei flirted, the WeChat group returned to silence.

Song Ci shared Yan Jiang’s video with her teacher, Shen Yubei.

Usually at this time, Shen Yubei would already be asleep.

But recently, as newlyweds, he had been very busy at night, busy unlocking new positions every day. He felt that sleeping was a waste of good times.

As a result, at 9.40pm, Teacher Shen and Di Rongrong were busy.

It was already 10.30pm by the time they were done.

Shen Yubei was covered in sweat.

He carried Di Rongrong to take a shower.

Taking advantage of the time when Di Rongrong was bathing, Shen Yubei hurriedly changed the dirty bedsheets to clean ones.

Di Rongrong weakly returned to bed and laid there, feeling drowsy.

“I am going to take a shower.”

Lowering his head, he kissed Di Rongrong’s cheek and entered the bathroom to take a shower.

He tied up his long hair with a black wooden hairpin to prevent it from getting wet.

After taking a shower, Shen Yubei sat at the table and wiped his face.

Di Rongrong was still awake. She stared at Shen Yubei, who emphasized on maintaining his looks, and felt puzzled. Why is a man who looks more exquisite than a girl so wild in that aspect?

Di Rongrong was puzzled.

The wild old man turned around and saw that Di Rongrong was staring at his body. He frowned and said awkwardly, “I can’t come again. It’s not good to be too indulgent.”

The main reason was that he was also slightly tired, but he refused to admit that he was physically weak.

Di Rongrong hurriedly burrowed under the blanket. “I am going to bed.”

Shen Yubei smiled.

He put down his hair and laid down beside Di Rongrong. Picking up his cell phone from the bedside table, Shen Yubei was about to turn it off when he saw that Song Ci had shared a video with him.

What did she send?

Puzzled, Shen Yubei opened WeChat and clicked on Song Ci’s video.

The commotion in the video attracted Di Rongrong’s attention.

She sat up and leaned on Shen Yubei’s shoulder to finish watching the video with him.

After watching it, neither of them spoke.

Di Rongrong and Du Junfei also knew each other. More than 20 years ago, when Shen Yubei was wooing her, Du Junfei had always been by his side, helping him strategize.

Di Rongrong also knew Zhi Yue.

“I didn’t expect Zhi Yue to have such a miserable life.”

Di Rongrong didn’t even dare to imagine how devastated and hopeless she would be if those things happened to her.

Shen Yubei was instantly wide awake.

“Let me make a call.”

Shen Yubei called Du Junfei and asked him what was going on.

The two of them chatted for a while before hurriedly hanging up.

At the police station.

Every beautiful person would be stripped of their elegant, perfect skin when they arrived at the police station, revealing their rotten bones and dark souls.

The respected mystery author, Xian Le, was currently pale-faced and clutching her chest as she sat uneasily under the police’s interrogation.

As for Zhi Yue, she sat silently in her chair with her head slightly lowered. Her expression was one of rare calmness and indifference.

Du Junfei sat between the two of them and frowned slightly. No one knew what he was thinking.

Xian Le’s wound had already been treated to stop the bleeding, but because of the excessive blood loss and the shock from Zhi Yue, her face was as pale as death.

That year, the police officer in charge of investigating this case, Zhang Quan, had already been promoted to chief officer.

That unsolved case was a thorn in Chief Zhang’s heart.

He was in his fifties and had yet to retire.

It was said that the young lady who was sentenced to death was really found and was now in the police station.

If he could still wait until the day the fog lifted, Chief Zhang would definitely come and take a look.

Chief Zhang abandoned his wife and child and hurriedly drove himself to the police station.

At this moment, Chief Zhang was sitting in front of Xian Le.

Xian Le calmed down very quickly. She knew very well that there was no concrete evidence of what happened back then.

Even if she was the greatest suspect, there was not enough evidence. Just based on Zhi Yue’s confession, they could not convict her!

Zhi Yue also understood this, so she remained silent and didn’t react at all.

Zhang Quan asked Xian Le, “Chu Xianle, do you admit to Lin Zhiyue’s accusations?”

Xian Le smiled. “I admit that I was very unhappy with Zhi Yue back then. At that time, I suspected that she had ill intentions towards my ex-husband, so I targeted her everywhere.”

“But I never thought of killing her, much less selling her.”

Xian Le’s expression was very calm. She said calmly, “I am a woman. I know very well how terrible and tragic the outcome of a woman being sold will be. How can I be so heartless?”

“Chief Zhang, you can’t just accuse me just because of one-sided accusations from Zhi Yue. This is unfair to me.”

With so many mystery novels, Xian Le became the most sophisticated character in the story.

Zhang Quan’s gaze was sharp as he stared at the pale but composed woman. He felt troubled.

Xian Le refused to admit it, and Zhang Quan had no choice.

But this sense of helplessness, of knowing who the criminal was but unable to convict her, was truly very helpless.

At this moment, Du Junfei’s cell phone rang.

Du Junfei opened the message and saw Han Zhan’s message. He suddenly smiled.

Putting away his cell phone, Du Junfei interrupted the silence between Chief Zhang and Xian Le.

He said, “Chief Zhang, there’s no hurry. Let’s wait a little longer. A witness will come over immediately.”

Hearing this, Chief Zhang gave Du Junfei a meaningful look. “Who is coming?”

Du Junfei didn’t speak. Instead, he sneered at Xian Le. “As long as one has committed evil, he will leave a mark.”

Xian Le frowned slightly and clasped her fingers together uneasily.

Who will come?

Zhi Yue sat in the police station in silence. Thinking of how she had been delayed and humiliated her entire life, she felt both hatred and grievance.

Zhi Yue silently shed tears. She had so many things she wanted to say, but she was just a mute and couldn’t express her complete meaning.

Du Junfei’s heart ached for her tears.

Du Junfei took off his jacket and draped it over Zhi Yue.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to wash your hands.”

Zhi Yue’s hands were still stained with Xian Le’s blood.

Zhi Yue couldn’t hear Du Junfei’s words. She was pulled up by Du Junfei and obediently followed behind him.

After entering the washroom, Du Junfei placed her hand under the tap and washed it twice with hand-washing liquid.

Zhi Yue stared at Du Junfei and asked him in sign language: [Can I still clear my name? Xian Le, will she go to jail? Will she be released because of insufficient evidence?]

As she gestured, Zhi Yue put on an exaggerated expression.

Du Junfei stroked her head before replying to Wuyue in sign language: [Believe me, she will go to jail.]

Zhi Yue wiped her tears and gave Du Junfei a faint but dependable smile.

The two of them returned to the main hall and saw a group of people walking in.

Hearing footsteps, Xian Le and Zhang Quan turned to look at the main door.

They saw Long Yu escorting an old woman in.

That old woman walked unsteadily. Her hair was white and she was wearing a floral-colored jacket, green cotton pants, and a pair of black leather boots. Her dressing was exactly the same as the old lady on the streets.

It was very difficult to tell her identity based on her looks.

]The old woman was pressed into a chair by Long Yu.

Zhang Quan glanced at Long Yu.

Only then did Long Yu say, “Old Mr. Han asked me to send someone over to you, Chief Zhang.”

Hearing the words Old Mister Han, Chief Zhang immediately understood Long Yu’s identity. “Go back and thank Old Master for me. Tell him that I will definitely visit him one day.”


Long Yu stood aside and remained silent.

Xian Le frowned as she stared at the old lady beside her. She was curious about this person’s identity.

]The old lady’s hands were trembling. It was unknown if she was afraid of Chief Zhang or Long Yu.

Just as Chief Zhang was about to speak, the old lady suddenly knelt down, kowtowed, admitted her mistake, and shouted, “Police officers, I have committed all sorts of evil deeds. I confess, but my son is innocent. Can you release my son!”

Chief Zhang was confused.

He shot Long Yu a questioning look.

Long Yu walked over and whispered something into Chief Zhang’s ear.

Only then did Chief Zhang understand that Long Yu and the rest had lied to her in order to force the old lady to confess.

Chief Zhang didn’t expose Long Yu’s lie. Instead, he looked at the old lady and said in a low voice, “If your apologetic attitude is good, everything can be settled. If you don’t cooperate, then…”

Leaving half a sentence behind was the most intriguing.

The old lady shuddered and confessed all her sins —

“I am a human trafficker. I started this business at the age of 26 and worked for 40 years.” I worked until 66 before retiring.

“In my life, I have sold many women and children. Of all the women I have sold, that little sister from 18 years ago is the most beautiful.”

The old lady sobbed as she recalled. “That girl can’t speak. She’s only 17 years old and is pretty. Her family background is not bad either. I couldn’t have gotten such a good thing, but a woman found me.”

Zhang Quan hurriedly asked, “What kind of woman?”

The old lady said, “She’s quite beautiful and dressed very stylishly. Oh yes, she has a mole in her left eye!”

As very few people had moles in their eyes, the old lady had a deep impression of her.

Hearing this, Xian Le suddenly covered her left eye.

Her superfluous action attracted Zhang Quan’s attention.

“That woman found me and told me that she found a good item. She’s a mute and definitely worth a lot! She showed me a photo and we agreed on the price. I bought that little sister from her for 10,000 yuan.”

In 2003, a teenage girl’s youth and future were worth 10,000 yuan!

Du Junfei clenched his fists in anger when he heard the past!

Such a kind-hearted girl, as the daughter of a martyr, was actually sold for 10,000 yuan!

Du Junfei even felt like killing someone!

Xian Le listened uneasily to the old lady speak of that dusty past. Her legs were trembling uncontrollably from fear.

The old lady added, “That woman is obviously very rich. I said 10,000 yuan, and she didn’t bargain with me and was very straightforward. She only asked for one thing, she asked me to sell that young lady further away. The further away the better. Within two days, the woman drove a van to my house and gave me an unconscious girl.”

“After that, I brought that little sister to Sichuan. That woman knew that I had sold that lady to Sichuan and even asked me to bring her to that village. She secretly took a look at her little sister and was relieved after confirming that she was not doing well.”

“I knew then that that woman hated that little sister to death. As I seldom meet such a heartless person, I remember this very clearly.”

That year, the old lady already knew that this matter was unusual.

Indeed, after 18 years, the truth was out. She was still in trouble because of this!

Zhang Quan was enraged. He pulled away Xian Le’s hand that was covering his eyes and stared at the mole in her left eye. He cursed angrily. “Chu Xianle! The evidence is clear now. Are you still refusing to admit it?”

Chu Xianle was so scared by Zhang Quan’s shout that she shuddered and slid down from her chair.

Kneeling on the ground, Chu Xianle couldn’t stop crying. “I was wrong, I was wrong! I know my mistake!”

Chu Xianle turned around, shifted her knees on the ground, and knelt in front of Zhi Yue.

Chu Xianle grabbed Zhi Yue’s clothes and apologized to her tearfully. “Zhi Yue, Sister-in-law knows her mistake. I treated you like that because I was possessed. Zhi Yue, you are doing pretty well now. Can you forgive me on account that we were once family?”

Zhi Yue couldn’t hear what Chu Xianle was saying, but she could guess what she meant from her expression.

She pulled her shirt out from between Chu Xianle’s fingers.

Zhi Yue took a step back and typed a message on her cell phone. After typing it, she handed it to Chu Xianle.

Chu Xianle wiped her blurry eyes and saw the words on the cell phone:

[If you can take the initiative to enter the mountains and lock yourself in bed with a metal chain, willingly allowing an unfamiliar, ugly, and perverted old man to violate you for a year and even get pregnant for him, I will forgive you.]

Forgive her?

Dream on!

Zhi Yue would never forgive Chu Xianle in this life!

Upon seeing Zhi Yue’s reply, Chu Xianle sat down on the ground in despair. She didn’t say another word and just broke down into tears.

That night, the police station was very lively.

At the same time, Weibo was also very lively.

Yan Jiang was not the only one who secretly took a video of Chu Xianle’s celebration party. The others also recorded the scene of Zhi Yue’s crime.

Yan Jiang didn’t upload the video on Weibo, but others were not so courteous.

The video was sent to the media anonymously and was quickly exposed by the reporters.

The video of Zhi Yue’s murder went viral on Weibo that night and became a hot topic.

After watching the video, there were roughly three types of comments on Weibo:

A type of person would scold Xian Le for being evil and vicious.

The second type of people felt that Zhi Yue was being too extreme and felt that this matter should be handed over to the police.

The third type of people were the Virgin Marys.

They felt that Zhi Yue should let go of her hatred and live on happily. After all, it had already been more than 10 years. She should have already forgotten most of her pain and hatred.

This third group of people was mocked by the entire internet as idiots.

No one was involved.

Without experiencing the pain of the person involved, don’t persuade the person involved to do good.

After recording the information, Zhi Yue and Du Junfei walked out of the police station and were surrounded by reporters who had stayed up all night.

Zhi Yue was afraid of the reporters’ attacks, while Du Junfei was enraged.

Luckily, Chief Zhang sent someone to rescue them and send them home.

Returning to Du Junfei’s home, Zhi Yue felt like a stranger.

After being away for 18 years, the house had already been renovated. Zhi Yue could no longer find a familiar figure in Du Junfei’s house.

Zhi Yue stood uneasily in the living room, feeling out of place.

Du Junfei laid out the bedsheets in the guest room, walked up to Zhi Yue, and said in sign language, “It’s getting late, Zhi Yue, go and rest quickly.”

Zhi Yue nodded.

Du Junfei brought Zhi Yue back to her room.

The room was still the same room that she had stayed in when she was young.

The room that had once been painted with a layer of white latex was now covered with wallpaper. The old wooden bed had been replaced with a golden metal frame. The bedsheets were also very beautiful and were made of four water pink condoms.

It was obvious that Du Junfei had specially prepared all this for Zhi Yue.

“Thank you, brother.”

]After writing it down, Zhi Yue waited for him to leave before closing the door.

Zhi Yue laid on the bed and looked at the warm room with the wallpaper. She missed that simple little room from the past.

Everything had changed.

Zhi Yue couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. Only when the sun was about to rise did she fall asleep.

When she woke up again, it was already afternoon.

Zhi Yue got out of bed and entered the living room, when she smelled some fragrance.

Du Junfei was cooking in the kitchen.

Du Junfei had made many dishes, all of which were her favorite dishes in his memory.

But after living in Chengdu for so many years, Zhi Yue was already used to the spicy flavors there. She actually couldn’t bring herself to eat the dishes that she loved to eat when she was young.

But she still tried her best to eat a bowl of rice and a lot of dishes.

After eating, Zhi Yue took the initiative to wash the dishes.

She came out after washing the dishes and saw that Du Junfei was on the phone, sending over a dresser and wardrobe.

Du Junfei was prepared to bring Zhi Yue home for a long stay.

Now that there was a woman in the house, he had to buy some dressers and closets.

After Du Junfei finished his call, Zhi Yue asked him: [Brother, what were you saying on the phone just now?]

Du Junfei told Zhi Yue his thoughts.

Upon knowing that Du Junfei was buying a wardrobe and dressing table for her, Zhi Yue fell silent.

Seeing that Zhi Yue was silent as if she had something to say, Du Junfei typed another message: [Do you have something to say?]

Zhi Yue nodded.

She finished typing the message and handed it to Du Junfei.

Du Junfei looked down and saw that Zhi Yue typed: [Brother, I want to return to Chengdu.]

Du Junfei lowered his head and remained silent for a long time before writing on his cell phone: [Why do you want to go back? Isn’t it good to stay with me?]

Zhi Yue took the cell phone and quickly wrote: [In the past, I was still underage and didn’t have the ability to live alone. But now, I am already 35 years old. At this age, other women are already mothers. It is also not suitable for me to live with you.]

Zhi Yue knew that Du Junfei treated her very well and liked her very much. But there was no love in this fondness.

Du Junfei stared at his cell phone for a long time.

Zhi Yue understood how Du Junfei felt about her.

Guilt and pity. He wanted to make it up to her and treat her well.

However, this was not what Zhi Yue wanted.

Zhi Yue wrote again: [I will stay in Wangdong City for a period of time. I will return after Xian Le’s verdict is given. During this period, you must treat me well.]

Only when Du Junfei saw this did his expression relax.


Hence, Zhi Yue temporarily stayed at Du Junfei’s house.

Du Junfei took good care of her every day, bought her beautiful clothes, and treated her like a real sister, just like how Zhi Yue had requested.

Under Du Junfei’s accompaniment, a smile gradually appeared on Zhi Yue’s face.

She started to try on makeup, skincare, and shopping like any girl who loved beauty.

But she didn’t mention the scar on her body.

Du Junfei had sent a photo of Zhi Yue’s scar to several overseas hospitals with better scar removal skills. The replies he received were all very unsatisfactory.

As the scar was too deep and was still an old scar, it couldn’t be removed at all.

Du Junfei didn’t dare to tell Zhi Yue about this.

However, Zhi Yue had a heart that could see through and guess many things.

Guessing that the scar on her body might never go away, after thinking for a moment, Zhi Yue took the initiative to ask the best tattoo artist in Wangdong City to help design a brand new design that covered the word “slave.”

Every tattoo hid a story.

The tattoo artist racked his brains and finally designed a tattoo for Zhi Yue

It was a Phoenix Reversal Painting, which perfectly covered and made use of the word “slave”.

After spending the entire day, Zhi Yue had the tattoo artist tattoo a phoenix that had been reborn.

After a few days, when the swelling subsided, Zhi Yue finally showed her tattoo to Du Junfei.

Du Junfei stared at that demonic and domineering phoenix. His heart ached as he suddenly hugged her.

He cried bitterly.

“Zhi Yue, I am sorry…”

Zhi Yue couldn’t hear the man’s apology, but she could feel his remorse.

It was all thanks to Han Zhan that he was able to find Zhi Yue.

In around April, Du Junfei had waited for Han Zhan’s rest day and invited him and Song Ci over for dinner.

Song Ci had come to Du Junfei’s house when she was young. After so many years, she felt unfamiliar with the villa.

She held Han Zhan’s hand and entered the courtyard of the Du Family residence, when she saw Zhi Yue.

Zhi Yue sat under a stone bench in the middle of the garden. She turned on a laptop and was working.

Zhi Yue was wearing a long, fiery-red dress with long sleeves. She sat in the middle of the bushes, looking exceptionally mesmerizing as she worked seriously.

Staring at the red dress on Ziyue, Song Ci suddenly thought of something. Two years ago, during the interview for “Le Chi,” her teacher had warned her not to wear a long dress to attend the interview because Du Junfei didn’t like it.

At that time, Song Ci didn’t understand why Du Junfei didn’t like red dresses.

Now she finally knew the reason.

Because a girl who liked to wear red dresses had once appeared beside Du Junfei.

In the end, he lost that girl.

He felt guilty, so every time he saw a lady in a red dress, the pain in his heart would be triggered.

After translating a conversation, Zhi Yue turned off her computer to rest for a while, as she hugged it, and stood up. Turning around, she saw Han Zhan and his wife standing hand in hand on the pavement in the courtyard.

From Du Junfei, Zhi Yue knew that Zhi Yue was the reason why they could find that old human trafficker.

As a result, today, the siblings specially invited Han Zhan and his wife over for a meal to show their gratitude.

Seeing Han Zhan, Zhi Yue was filled with gratitude.

Hugging her laptop, she walked up and knelt down in front of Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was shocked. Song Ci snapped out of her trance and hurriedly bent over to help Zhi Yue up.

Zhi Yue did not get up.

She put down her laptop and started talking in sign language

Song Ci and Han Zhan couldn’t understand the hand signs, but they could feel the heartfelt gratitude from Zhi Yue.

Du Junfei appeared at the main door. He leaned against the wall and said to Han Zhan, “Zhi Yue told you that she is very grateful to you. It was you who helped her successfully take revenge.”

Han Zhan nodded at her before squatting down to help her up.

Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand as they walked towards Du Junfei’s house. When they reached the main entrance, Han Zhan stopped in his tracks.

Du Junfei bit his cigarette and puffed like a hooligan.

Han Zhan said to Du Junfei, “Some time ago, the country beat up human traffickers and captured many human traffickers. They saved many children and women who were harmed, as well as the illegal workers.”

Du Junfei bit his cigarette and smiled. “That’s great.”

Han Zhan added. “I intend to establish an organization to help fight trafficking. The organization is short of money. Second Old Master, I heard that you are the most profitable director. Do you want to join?”

Du Junfei was speechless.

The richer one was, the more stingy they were.

He took off the cigarette in his mouth and smiled. “Of course.”

Only then was Han Zhan satisfied.

May 5 was the day that “Le Chi” would be screened globally.

The day before the movie premiered, the court’s verdict for Xian Le was also released.

Zhi Yue was only 17 years old when she was sold. She was still underage.

According to Article 240 of the Criminal Law, those who abducted women and children would be sentenced to at least five to 10 years in prison.

In Article 5 of the supplementary rule, it was clear that those who used violence, coercion, or anesthesia to kidnap women and children for the purpose of selling out would be sentenced to more than 10 years in prison or life imprisonment.

That year, Zhi Yue discovered that Xian Le had ulterior motives and tried to escape, but was forcibly injected with anesthetic by her.

Xian Le’s actions violated the fifth rule of the supplementary rule.

Due to the nature of the crime, Xian Le was sentenced to 13 years in prison and compensated with 800,000 yuan for all sorts of damages.

That day, the entire internet was reporting about Xian Le being jailed.

The next day, Du Junfei’s new novel “Le Chi” was trending all over the world. Due to all the major events that had happened recently, the name Du Junfei was trending every few days.

On the first day his new movie was released, the domestic box office sales broke 200 million!

The results were shockingly good.

Initially, the audience went to watch Du Junfei’s movie because of his fame. Only after they finished watching the movie did they realize that they were in tears. Many of the audience went to the cinema to watch it again. A good movie was worth watching over and over again.

Just like that, within half a month, Le Chi’s total box office earnings in the country had exceeded 2 billion yuan! The global box office earnings had exceeded 5 billion yuan!

No one would be able to shake the position of the top Chinese director Du Junfei.

Meanwhile, the value of the male lead, Damien, also rose as the movie became famous.

The other supporting roles also followed suit. It could be said that they were all famous in the entire drama.

“Le Chi” was the first work after Du Xueyan’s transformation. Her performance in the movie was commendable. Although she was breathtakingly beautiful, there was nothing worth criticizing.

Under Gu Shengyao’s hype, Du Xueyan became the hottest celebrity apart from the male lead, Damien.

On the other hand, because Song Ci, who didn’t have the heart to dabble in the entertainment circles, she didn’t buy any scripts or trending topics. She just quietly led her own life and instead became the most down-to-earth one.

On the other hand, Han Aoyu was slightly unhappy when he saw that Du Xueyan was so popular while his own Song lass was ignored.

Clearly Lass Song had performed even better in the movie!

Not to mention how much more good looking she is!

Even an old man like him couldn’t help but feel his heart race, when he saw Song Ci’s first appearance.

At the dining table, Han Aoyu always used this to mock Han Zhan, thinking that he was not supportive and didn’t support his wife.

Han Zhan felt wronged.

Song Ci couldn’t bear to see Han Zhan being criticized and hurriedly explained to Han Aoyu. “Grandpa, don’t scold Brother Han. Brother Han can’t wait to buy me a trending topic. I’m the one who’s unwilling.”

Han Aoyu asked her, “Why not?”

“I’m not interested in acting or being a celebrity.” It was indeed glorious to be a celebrity, but Song Ci didn’t like that.

She still only wanted to play her violin.

Seeing that Song Ci really had no intention of entering the entertainment circle, Han Aoyu gave up.

The movie had achieved an unexpectedly good result. The production team planned to hold a celebration party on the day the movie was going to be taken down from the theaters.

As the female lead, Song Ci naturally received the invitation.

This celebration party was rather grand and Song Ci shouldn’t be absent.

Song Ci couldn’t bear to leave her children, as she had to go overseas again.

The day before leaving the country, the weather was warm and there was no sun. Song Ci brought her daughter and Su Beibei to the park to play.

The little guy from Su Beibei’s family was finally given a funnier name: Li Ao.

Li Ao. His Chinese name was Li Ao and his English name was Neil.

But this was not the funniest name. The funniest was Su Huanyan’s son’s name. He was actually called Program.

Song Ci nearly died of laughter when she heard this name.

Compared to Program and Li Ao, Han Miao and Han Jun were much more serious.

Song Ci’s children were very capable. They were able to turn their bodies at four months. Now at six months, they were trying to crawl.

But because they were premature babies, they developed slightly later than normal babies. As a result, the children in Su Beibei’s family could already climb up, but her family only knew how to sit.

Su Beibei and Song Ci worked together to lay out a cushion on the floor for the children to play with.

Arriving at the outskirts, Li Ao was like a bird released from a birdcage. Having gained his freedom, he kept climbing on the mat. Han Miao and Han Jun sat on the mat and when they saw that their little brother was climbing, they couldn’t help but want to climb.

Han Miao’s body tilted and fell onto the cushion. She stared at her chubby little legs and tried a few times, but she really managed to crawl.

Song Ci was stunned.

She hurriedly took out her cell phone to record the scene of Han Miao crawling and showed it to Han Zhan.

After sending the video to Han Zhan, Song Ci looked at her younger sister, Han Junjun. “Junjun, your elder sister knows how to climb. Do you want to try?”

Junjun looked at her elder sister and then looked at her Little Brother. After thinking for a moment, she grabbed the milk bottle beside her and bit it herself. She tilted her head back and hugged the milk bottle as she hummed while drinking milk.

Song Ci was speechless.

You are not giving your mother any face at all.

Su Beibei was amused by Han Junjun. She said, “Your Junjun is a little cold.”

Song Ci said with a strange expression, “Don’t you think she’s rather cold like a person?”

Su Beibei immediately understood. “Song Fei?”

Song Ci said, “Mmm, I think I gave birth to a smaller version of me and Song Fei.”

“Isn’t that good?”

Song Ci thought for a moment and nodded. “It’s quite good.”

They played in the park until 11am before returning home. Song Ci went to Su Beibei’s house for lunch before bringing the children home.

Song Ci was leaving for America tomorrow. Worried that the children would not be able to fall asleep at night and that there was a time difference between the two countries, Song Ci packed up her things, went to the rooftop, turned on her cell phone’s recording function, and played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

She sent the recording to Han Zhan so that he could coax the children to sleep at night.

Han Zhan was busy the entire day and only had the time to watch Song Ci’s video and that audio file on the way home that night.

Han Zhan actually felt proud when he saw that the elder sister, Han Miao, could crawl.

A little kid who was only the size of two palms when he was born already knew how to crawl. How could he not be proud?

Opening the audio, Han Zhan actually fell asleep as he listened.

Arriving home, Long Yu woke Han Zhan up.

“Mr. Han, we are home.”

Han Zhan woke up and said to Long Yu, “I am resting tomorrow. You don’t need to come and fetch me.” If Song Ci suddenly left, the two little guys would definitely cry and kick up a fuss. He had to stay at home to watch over them to be at ease.


Song Ci’s period had come and she was especially frustrated at night. She wanted it but couldn’t have it.

Han Zhan was even more frustrated than her.

But Song Ci could still help Han Zhan.

But who would help her?

The next day, Song Ci pulled her luggage and was preparing to board the plane. She was still unhappy that she didn’t manage to have sex with Han Zhan last night.

Grabbing Han Zhan’s tie, Song Ci tiptoed and kissed his face.

Han Zhan smiled and grabbed her waist. “What’s the matter? You can’t bear to leave just like that?”

Song Ci whispered into his ear. “When I am back, let’s go back to our house and stay for a few days.” Song Ci winked at him and hinted. “I will go to America and bring back a few sets of nice clothes for you to see.”

These clothes didn’t sound like proper clothes at all.

Han Zhan’s eyes darkened. He nodded heavily and said hoarsely, “Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

Song Ci pulled her luggage and followed the crowd to board the plane.

ust as she was about to disappear from Han Zhan’s sight, Song Ci suddenly turned around and smiled radiantly at Han Zhan. “Brother Han, bye bye!”

Han Zhan was stunned. He wanted to tell Song Ci not to say ‘bye bye’ when they parted and to say see you again instead.

See you again, see you again the next time.

But Song Ci had already disappeared.

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