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Chapter 241: Little Sweetheart, Are You Afraid Of Me?

The explosion at Le Chi’s celebration party quickly became a global sensation.

Li Li’s cell phone also received a notification from the browser.

At the scene of the explosion, a reporter who was only slightly injured took a photo of the tragic scene and published it on INS.

“Le Chi” was the most popular movie recently. It was very difficult not to notice the explosion at its party.

That reporter wrote on his own INS: [That man suddenly barged in, took off his clothes, shouted “Long live,” and pressed the remote control. At the scene, there are countless deaths. It’s so heart-wrenching. Thank God for letting me escape.]

After reading the news, Li Li pursed his lips tightly with a serious expression.

Song Ci seemed to be attending the celebration party!

Has Mr. Han arrived yet?

Li Li hurriedly searched for Han Zhan’s number and called him.

“Hello, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

The mechanical female voice shattered Li Li’s hopes.

Mr. Han is still on the plane!

Han Zhan’s flight arrived in New York three hours later.

Han Zhan alighted from the plane and had just turned on his cell phone, when he received a message informing him that he had received more than 10 missed calls while his cell phone was switched off.

Han Zhan frowned.

Who called me so many times?

Han Zhan flipped through the missed calls and saw that Li Li, Bei Zhan, Song Fei, his three godmothers, and his grandfather had all called.

What happened?

Something must have happened for these people to call me at the same time!

Han Zhan carried his luggage and walked towards the exit of the airport as he called his grandfather.

The moment the phone rang, Han Aoyu answered it.

The moment he picked up the call, Han Aoyu’s slightly agitated voice sounded from the receiver. “Zhanzhan, is Song Lass alright?”

Han Zhan stopped in his tracks.

He looked up and stared at the outline of the night sky in New York City. He asked in a low voice, “What happened to her?”

Han Aoyu was shocked.

“You still don’t know what happened?”

Han Zhan said, “I just alighted from the plane and turned on my cell phone. I just saw your call.”

Han Zhan got into the car and placed his right hand on his thigh. He didn’t realize that his right hand was trembling slightly – unconsciously, uncontrollably.

Han Aoyu sighed and said, “There was an explosion at the celebration party and there were countless casualties.”

A chill ran down Han Zhan’s spine.

It was as if someone had nailed him to the car seat and covered his mouth with a tape. He didn’t move or speak. He looked like a fool.

A few seconds later, Han Zhan asked hoarsely, “Can you contact Song Ci?”

“The calls just didn’t get through.”

Han Aoyu also felt that something was off. He said, “I called Long Yu. An American answered the call and said that Long Yu is still unconscious. I also called Ah Lun, but no one answered.”

“Han Zhan, don’t tell me that Song Lass…”

“Grandpa, I’ll hang up first.”

Not wanting to hear things that he didn’t want to hear or didn’t dare to hear from Han Aoyu, Han Zhan was like a coward who quickly hung up.

He sat in the car and felt suffocated.

“Lower the window.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s order, the driver hurriedly lowered the window.

Han Zhan leaned against the window and took a few breaths of air that carried the exhaust of the car. Only then did Han Zhan look at the driver and ask him, “Do you know about the explosion at the set of ‘Le Chi’?”

The driver was slightly flattered.

He didn’t expect a big boss like Han Zhan to take the initiative to talk to him.

The driver nodded. “I already know.”

“How many people died?”

The driver shook his head. “The officials haven’t released the data yet, but I saw someone from INS saying that the situation was rather tragic. About seven to eight people died on the spot and dozens were injured.”

Only the people standing at the outermost circle were safe and sound.

Han Zhan’s heart clenched tightly.

He had planned to go to the hotel first and give Song Ci a surprise when she returned.

But now, there was no way to give this surprise.

“Let’s go to the venue of the celebration party for ‘Le Chi’.”

The driver turned back in surprise and glanced at Han Zhan. “Sir, there must be a lot of people there now. It will be very crowded.” The driver thought that Han Zhan was just going to join in the fun.

Han Zhan said, “My lover is inside.”

Hearing this, the driver didn’t say anything and silently changed the route.

Forty minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

Han Zhan pushed open the door and walked down. He saw that the hotel entrance had been cordoned off. Many uniformed police officers were entering and exiting the building.

The injured had already been dragged away by the hospital, and the people who had died on the spot had already been covered with a white cloth. The police were helping to move them out of the house and planned to send them to the mortuary together.

No one irrelevant was allowed to enter the venue.

Han Zhan made a call and got a permit before entering the cordoned off area.

Standing beside the row of corpses covered in white cloth, Han Zhan’s legs were jelly.

The police officer in charge of receiving Han Zhan told him, “The death list hasn’t been tabulated yet, but all the bodies are here. Mr. Han, see if there’s anyone you want to look for.”

Han Zhan nodded.

He took off one white cloth after another, his hands shaking uncontrollably.

Every time he took off a piece of cloth, it was a test of life and death.

He was extremely afraid that Song Ci’s face would be revealed after the white cloth was removed.

Han Zhan didn’t see a familiar face even after removing four pieces of white cloth. He was about to heave a sigh of relief when he saw Ah Lun.

Ah Lun’s eyes were closed and his expression was slightly twisted. Blood flowed from the corners of his lips to his neck.

Ah Lun didn’t close his eyes completely and narrowed them slightly.

Han Zhan noticed that there was a finger-shaped bloodstain on Ah Lun’s eyes. Someone must have helped him close his eyes. Obviously, the police wouldn’t be so free to help the deceased close his eyes.

It was very likely that Song Ci had done it.

Is Song Ci still alive?

Hope blossomed in Han Zhan’s heart.

He placed his hand on Ah Lun’s eyes and said to the person beneath him, “Ah Lun, rest in peace.” That year, he had once saved Ah Lun’s life on the battlefield. After he retired from the military, Ah Lun had worked hard for him.

In the end, he still gave his life back to him.

Han Zhan closed Ah Lun’s eyes before covering him with the white cloth again.

He continued to remove the other white cloths.

He then saw Gu Shengyao.

Gu Shengyao still had his eyes on and his slightly round face looked very ferocious. He had died on the spot in great pain.

Gu Shengyao was dead.

Han Zhan closed his eyes and took a deep breath before removing the last three white sheets.

No Song Ci!

Han Zhan quickly stood up, found a police officer, asked for the hospital’s name and location, and quickly left the crime scene.

Han Zhan arrived at the hospital in the shortest time possible. He asked about the floor where the patients from the explosion were being treated and went straight to the building. The entire floor, the corridor, and the bed were all filled with injured people.

Han Zhan found Long Yu.

Long Yu had already regained some consciousness. He was lying on the ground with a blanket covering his body. His head was still slightly dizzy.

Han Zhan saw Long Yu and asked him, “Long Yu, how are you?”

Long Yu recognized Han Zhan. He pressed his ears and said in a strange tone, “Mr. Han, my ears are ringing. I can’t hear you clearly.”

Han Zhan squatted down and wrote on his cell phone: [Where’s Madam?]

Long Yu’s expression dimmed.

“At the time of the incident, I was a distance away from Madam and Ah Lun was the closest to her. I noticed that when the explosion happened, Ah Lun seemed to have pounced on Madam.”

“Madam should be fine. Where’s Ah Lun?”

Han Zhan pursed his lips tightly and didn’t answer.

Long Yu understood what Han Zhan meant.

Ah Lun was dead.

Long Yu also fell silent.

Patting Long Yu’s shoulder, Han Zhan told him, “Have a good rest. I will go look for Madam.”

Han Zhan searched the entire floor for patients but didn’t find Song Ci.

Afraid that he would miss something, Han Zhan searched again but still couldn’t find it.

He went to the nurse’s desk and asked her, “Are all the patients at the scene of the explosion brought here?”

The head nurse nodded. “Yes, they are all here. Sir, who are you looking for?”

“My lover.” Han Zhan immediately took out his cell phone and found Song Ci’s photo. He handed the photo to the head nurse and told her, “This is my lover.”

The head nurse recognized Song Ci. She had also watched “Le Chi” and had a deep impression of the female lead’s divine features.

The head nurse shook her head on the spot. “Ms. Song Ci is not among the patients we received at the hospital.”

Han Zhan narrowed his eyes and suddenly lowered his voice, full of intimidation. “You didn’t take her away?”

“No, we brought back a total of 29 patients. The name list has already been tabulated. Look, Song Ci’s name is not on it.”

Han Zhan took the patient’s name list and glanced at it. Indeed, there was no Song Ci.

Where did Song Ci go?

Even if she was not injured, she should have called me!

Han Zhan felt very uneasy.

He returned to the hotel again and planned to look for the manager to ask for tonight’s surveillance footage. When Han Zhan arrived, he happened to meet the police officer who came over to retrieve the surveillance footage.

The two of them went through the surveillance footage.

Han Zhan saw Song Ci in the surveillance footage. He saw Song Ci hugging Ah Lun and crying very sadly. He saw Song Ci searching for Long Yu one by one amidst the bodies and injuries all over the ground.

“She’s here!”

Han Zhan pressed the pause button.

He leaned close to the screen and stared at the man in the white coat.

“This doctor took my lover away!”

Han Zhan sent the screenshot to his cell phone and returned to the hospital to ask the head nurse about that doctor.

The head nurse looked at the doctor’s photo and frowned.

Although that doctor was wearing a face mask, the head nurse still recognized that he was not a doctor from their hospital. “There is no such doctor in our hospital department.”

This answer made Han Zhan’s heart turn cold.

Song Ci had gone missing and was taken away by a stranger disguised as a doctor.

Han Zhan went to check the surveillance cameras around the hotel but didn’t find any traces of that person leaving. It looked like he had already figured out the surveillance cameras near the hotel and purposely hid from them to secretly take Song Ci away.

Where did Song Ci go?

Han Zhan couldn’t find her, but he had some guesses.

The two children at home cried and begged for their mother. They argued all night and refused to sleep. Han Zhan had no choice but to return to Wangdong City first.

Their father’s return didn’t soothe the children’s emotions.

They still refused to sleep and cried whenever anyone hugged them.

Han Zhan played Song Ci’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Only then did the children gradually quiet down and fall asleep very quickly.

Seeing this, Han Zhan’s heart ached.

After putting the children into the crib, Han Zhan quietly left the nursery and went downstairs.

Han Aoyu stood by the window. He was wearing a white singlet, black pants, and slippers, staring at the flowers in the courtyard in a daze.

Hearing Han Zhan’s footsteps, Han Aoyu didn’t turn back but said, “It’s Edward, right?”

Han Zhan stopped in his tracks.

He looked up at his grandfather’s slightly hunched back and said, “I think so.”

Apart from Edward, Han Zhan couldn’t think of anyone else who would create such a major accident for Song Ci.

Everyone thought that the explosion was just a revenge caused by racism, but Han Zhan saw through the nature of the incident.

Racial discrimination was just an illusion. The real motive of the person behind this was to create an accident and take Song Ci away!

The man who barged into the banquet was just a tool from Edward.

Han Aoyu turned around and looked at Han Zhan’s cold face. “Edward was very crazy when he was young.”

That year, Han Aoyu shot Jiang Shiyu to death and she fell into the sea. Seeing this scene, Edward’s eyes reddened and he nearly destroyed Han Aoyu’s team.

Edward was a paranoid freak. A very powerful, scary freak.

Han Zhan was silent for a moment before saying firmly, “Grandpa, I have to leave for a period of time.”

Han Aoyu gave him a meaningful look and said, “Don’t let the children become orphans from a young age.”

He wouldn’t stop Han Zhan from saving Song Ci. As a man, this was what he should do.

But he couldn’t bear to let his grandson be in danger alone.

Edward was so cunning. That year, even Han Aoyu nearly died in Edward’s scheme. Han Zhan going alone to save Song Ci was like a wild rabbit falling into a tiger’s den.

To put it bluntly, he would never return.

Han Zhan had already prepared for the worst.

He knelt down and kowtowed to Han Aoyu. “Grandpa, Han Zhan is unfilial. If I don’t return this time, please take good care of the two children on my behalf.”

Han Aoyu turned his head and said with trembling lips, “Han Zhan, you want my old man’s life. After I raised you, I still have to continue raising your two children? Can’t you let me spend my later years peacefully?”

Han Zhan didn’t answer and kowtowed twice more.

He had to save Song Ci.

Two years ago, despite knowing that Song Ci and Jiang Shiyu were mother and daughter, Han Zhan still allowed Song Ci to get close to him and enter his heart.

Song Ci stayed by his side. Regardless of whether she acted in this movie or not, she would be discovered by Edward sooner or later.

With Edward’s vicious character, if he discovered that Jiang Shiyu had betrayed him back then, how could he not go crazy!

It was Han Zhan who harmed Song Ci.

After Song Ci woke up, her ears were still buzzing.

She sat quietly in the cabin for a moment, before the dizziness in her mind subsided slightly.

Song Ci sized up her surroundings and realized that she was not in the hospital but on a boat.

Song Ci lifted the blanket and realized that her clothes were stained with blood. There was a new dress on the sofa beside her.

Song Ci tried to open the door but failed.

She decided to wait and see.

Song Ci took a shower and changed into a clean dress.

It was a red bohemian dress with a neckline. The dress was very fitting for Song Ci’s figure. She changed clothes and sat on the bed for a while before the door was opened from the outside.

Song Ci looked up and saw a tall man.

That man had a handsome face and looked very taciturn. He spoke English to Song Ci and asked her to go out and get some sunlight.

Puzzled, Song Ci walked out of the cabin and onto the deck.

A man was standing on the deck.

That man was wearing sky-blue beach pants and was bare-chested. He stood barefoot by the railing. Hearing the commotion, the man turned around.

Under his golden hair, the man looked handsome with a small black mole between his lips and chin.

He pushed his shades onto his head, tilted his head at Song Ci, and said with a smile, “We meet again, little sweetheart.”

Song Ci recognized this person.

It was actually Han Zhan’s younger brother called Aaron.

Thinking of what this young man had done to the auntie on the bus, Song Ci felt fearful of Aaron.

Seeing that Song Ci had secretly taken a step back, Aaron smiled playfully. “What’s the matter, little sweetheart? Are you afraid of me?”

Song Ci stood under the scorching sun, feeling cold all over.

This man hated her. If she angered him, he would definitely kill her!

The smile on Aaron’s face suddenly disappeared and faded.

“Song Ci.” Aaron walked over and grabbed Song Ci’s chin.

Aaron lifted Song Ci’s face and stared into her lovely eyes. He said disdainfully, “You don’t look that good. What makes him so fond of such a face?”

She didn’t know if he was referring to Edward or Han Zhan.

Song Ci remained silent. Her chin was hurting from Aaron’s grip.

The sea breeze was very strong. Staring at Song Ci’s trembling body, Aaron suddenly smiled. “The journey is still very long. It’s boring on this journey. Little sweetheart, let’s have fun.”

Aaron released Song Ci and walked over to the railing to sit down, without being afraid of falling into the sea.

Aaron reached out and the silent man handed him a lollipop. Aaron tore it open and popped it into his mouth. He sized up Song Ci’s alluring body and said in a strange tone, “Deep-sea phobia…”

Song Ci’s pupils constricted.

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