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Chapter 238: You Have to Sit In Prison. Even If It Hurts, You Have to Suffer It

After flying for nearly three hours, Du Junfei finally alighted.

Standing on solid ground, Du Junfei felt slightly dizzy.

He pressed his head and stood beside his luggage for a while, before opening his cell phone to check the message.

Once he turned on his phone, Du Junfei received Shen Yubei’s good news.

Shen Yubei: [Second Brother, I am married. attached photo.jpg.]

Du Junfei felt that it was very sudden at first, and was surprised afterward.

The bachelor got married?

Du Junfei opened the photo and saw Di Rongrong’s name on the spouse column. He shook his head and laughed.

Unexpectedly, after so many years, Shen Yubei still managed to marry Di Rongrong.

Feeling the existence of that photo in his chest pocket, Du Junfei took it out and stared at Zhi Yue’s smiling face. His lips curled up.

After 18 years, he finally found Zhi Yue.

Everything was terrible, but not completely bad.

This was not Du Junfei’s first time in Chengdu City. Here, Du Junfei had spent three months filming a modern movie that won the Cannes Golden Palm Award.

During the three months he had lived here, he had felt the passion of the people of Chengdu and the spiciness of hotpot.

After entering Chengdu again, he thought of how Zhi Yue had lived in this city for more than a decade and had different feelings for this city.

I wonder if Zhi Yue had also seen me from afar during my filming days?

Seeing that it was already late, Du Junfei suppressed his impatience and found a hotel to stay.

The next morning, Du Junfei put on Zhi Yue’s favorite black suit, shaved off his stubble, and even shaped his messy brows into sharp, straight brows.

Staring at the handsome man with sharp features in the mirror, Du Junfei felt very satisfied.

With excitement and anticipation, he headed to the Special Education Institute to look for an old friend.

In this school, the students were mostly special people with physical problems. Some were blind, some were deaf, some were mentally handicapped, and some were physically handicapped.

This was a place that made one feel heavy-hearted and hopeless at all times.

It was also a place where one could see hope and struggle at all times.

Outside, the four-armed people were shouting desperately. Inside, the handicapped people were working hard.

This place was very magical.

With a sense of awe, Du Junfei tiptoed through the flowers and arrived at the school administration building.

Downstairs, Du Junfei met a male teacher.

He stopped the teacher and asked, “Hi, may I know how to go to the dormitory?”

The teacher stopped and looked at him silently for a moment. Suddenly, he raised his hands and made a series of hand signs.

He’s actually deaf and mute.

Du Junfei hurriedly translated his question in hand language.

Only after understanding Du Junfei’s question did the teacher reply: [Bypass the administration building and walk along the road for a distance. After passing through the Storm Corridor, you will see the dormitory building.]

Du Junfei: [Thank you.]

The dormitory building was five stories tall and slightly dilapidated. There were many mottled patterns on the walls outside the building, but there were quite a number of trees around. Leaves had just sprouted during this season and were full of vigor.

Du Junfei stood at the end of the Stormy Corridor and stared at the woman sweeping the floor in front of the dormitory.

The woman’s hair was very short and cut into a doll’s hair. She turned sideways to face Du Junfei, revealing half her face.

Zhi Yue’s mouth was very small. In the past, she had to open her mouth with all her might to hold the soup dumplings.

At this moment, her pursed lips made her look even more petite and adorable.

Zhi Yue’s skin had darkened slightly, but her facial features remained beautiful.

Zhi Yue was deaf and couldn’t hear anything. She didn’t know that someone was standing nearby and sizing her up greedily for a long time.

Before coming, Du Junfei couldn’t wait to meet Zhi Yue, talk to her, and bring her home.

But when he saw Zhi Yue, Du Junfei was terrified.

His feet felt like they were nailed to the concrete floor and he couldn’t move.

Zhi Yue swept the trash into a ball and turned to put it away.

She turned and saw a tall man standing behind her.

That man was wearing a black suit. His hair was so short that one could see his scalp.

Zhi Yue’s smiling face froze when she saw Du Junfei.

Instantly, a storm brewed in Zhi Yue’s eyes.

She quickly looked down and pretended to continue sweeping the floor.

Du Junfei was a director. He was good at using the camera to capture everyone’s most minute emotional reactions. No one could understand the contents of a person’s eyes better than him.

Just now, Zhi Yue’s eyes were filled with love, hatred, and pain.

An idea surfaced in Du Junfei’s mind.

She recognized me!

She didn’t lose her memory at all!

But if she didn’t lose her memory, why didn’t she tell the police her identity back then? Why didn’t she come back to look for me all these years?

Du Junfei did not dare to think too deeply into the answer.

Du Junfei’s hands, which were by his sides, curled up a few times before he mustered up the courage to stride forward and approach Zhi Yue.

Zhi Yue was so focused on sweeping that she could even count the ants on the ground.

At this moment, a pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in front of Zhi Yue.

Zhi Yue’s broom stopped in front of Du Junfei’s shoes.

She had no choice but to look up and stare at Du Junfei in confusion.

Zhi Yue used her arm to hold the broom and gestured with her hand. [Sir, are you the parent of some student? What is your child’s name?]

Du Junfei stared at Zhi Yue for a long while.

He stretched out his hands and gestured slowly. [I am a guardian. I came here to look for the child I raised.]

Zhi Yue understood what he meant and didn’t respond.

Du Junfei gestured again. [Her name is Zhi Yue, Lin Zhi Yue. 35 years old this year.]

[I lost her 18 years ago. All these years, I have been looking for her.]

Du Junfei stopped and stared at Zhi Yue silently.

Zhi Yue forced a smile and gestured. [Our school doesn’t have such a student.]

Du Junfei smiled bitterly.

He told Zhuyue: [I have her photo here. Help me take a look. Have you seen her?]

Du Junfei took out a photo from his chest pocket.

That photo was very old and the glue on the photo had already changed color. The clothes on the photo were already mottled, but the two of them still looked very clear.

Zhi Yue took the photo.

Lowering her head, she saw a young girl and an adult man.

The girl was wearing a red baby-collared dress and standing beside the tall man.

The girl smiled, revealing her sharp canine teeth.

Her eyes were sparkling.

Meanwhile, that man was slightly roguish and his eyes were filled with a frivolous smile.

During the photo shoot, the teenage girl instinctively leaned her head against the man’s shoulder. It was obvious that the teenage girl relied on that man.

Zhi Yue recognized that young lady.

That was her younger self.

Zhi Yue’s grip on the photo tightened slightly.

Du Junfei poked at Woven Moon’s arm.

Only then did Zhi Yue look up at him with a complex expression.

Du Junfei gestured. [You know her, right?]

Zhi Yue bit her lip and remained silent.

Du Junfei: [Zhi Yue, I am your elder brother.]

Zhi Yue smiled bitterly. She told Du Junfei: [I don’t remember what happened in the past. How can you prove our relationship? You must make me believe you.]

Du Junfei thought for a moment. He reached out his left hand and gently placed it on Zhi Yue’s waist. He gestured. [There is a video camera tattoo here.]

That year, Zhi Yue had a crush on Du Junfei but didn’t dare to confess.

At that time, Du Junfei loved to play with his camera the most. As a result, Zhi Yue had secretly tattooed a camera on her abdomen.

After Du Junfei accidentally discovered it, he even scolded her once, thinking that she had turned bad and disobedient.

]At that time, Zhi Yue was very stubborn and refused to wash off her tattoo.

Later on, after Zhi Yue went missing, Du Junfei gradually understood the meaning of Zhi Yue’s tattoo.

She didn’t turn bad, she just fell in love with me!

Du Junfei suddenly lifted Zhi Yue’s top.

Zhi Yue’s skin was exposed to the air. There was indeed a black camera on her slender waist.

But the tattoo had been there for so long that even the black color had turned gray.

Zhi Yue’s eyes widened.

Du Junfei smiled and murmured: [Zhi Yue, I found you.]

Zhi Yue’s eyes were filled with tears as she clutched that photo. Her entire body was trembling.

Du Junfei asked again: [Zhi Yue, are you free? I want to talk to you.]

Zhi Yue stared at him for a long time before nodding.

There was a green lawn beside the rubber track in the school field.

Zhi Yue sat on the grass, feeling slightly uneasy.

Afraid that she would feel uneasy, Du Junfei didn’t sit beside her. Instead, he sat down cross-legged two meters away from her.

The two of them faced each other.

Zhi Yue looked at Du Junfei curiously.

She often saw this face on her cell phone and had seen it frequently recently, because his new movie was about to premiere.

Du Junfei’s heart thumped when he saw Zhi Yue stealing glances at him. Unable to control his emotions, he blurted out, “You recognize me?”

Zhi Yue tilted her head and looked puzzled.

Du Junfei smiled.

He raised his hands and slowly gestured.

After understanding Du Junfei’s meaning, Zhi Yue took out her cell phone and typed a message.

[I recognize you, Teacher Du Junfei. You are a director. I like your works very much. I have watched all your dramas.]

Du Junfei understood what Zhi Yue meant and the anticipation in his eyes dimmed.

It turned out that she recognized him not because she still remembered the past, but because she had watched his own movie and knew that he was the director.

Du Junfei felt slightly sad.

The little girl, who used to pester him to smile, get angry because he smoked, cry because he didn’t eat, and had gastric pains, didn’t remember him anymore.

Du Junfei comforted himself. It’s okay. I’ve found her. It’s more important than anything.

Du Junfei perked up and said to Zhi Yue, [I am your guardian and your elder brother.]

Afraid that Zhi Yue wouldn’t believe her, Du Junfei still took out the household register that he had already prepared.

Zhi Yue accepted Du Junfei’s household register and saw his name on it. She said, [So my name is Zhi Yue.]

Du Junfei nodded heavily.

Zhi Yue wrote on her cell phone: [I don’t remember the past. My name is Lin Man now.]

Du Junfei: Lin Man.

Zhi Yue smiled.

She returned the household register to Du Junfei.

Du Junfei stuffed the household register back into his bag.

After hesitating for a long while, Du Junfei finally wrote: [Zhi Yue, I finally found you. Come home with me, alright?]

Zhi Yue stared at Du Junfei for a long while before shaking her head.

Seeing her shake her head, Du Junfei’s heart turned cold.

Du Junfei couldn’t help asking: [Why? Are you blaming me for not taking good care of you back then and causing you to be abducted?]

The smile on Zhi Yue’s face froze.

Zhi Yue had always remembered being abducted.

She couldn’t bear to think of that gloomy and heart-rending experience. She told Du Junfei: [I have a brand new life. This place is very good. I am used to the rhythm here.]

Everyone here was her kind. No one would look at her curiously and disdainfully when she used sign language.

She wrote again: [I want to stay here.]

She felt a sense of belonging here.

Du Junfei had already expected that it would be difficult for him to bring Zhi Yue away.

Du Junfei still felt very upset that he had been rejected.

He wrote: [Are you really not going back with me to take a look? It’s good to pay respects to your late father.]

This time, Zhi Yue remained silent.

Du Junfei saw hope and hurriedly tried to persuade her.

[Your father is a police officer. After dying in the line of duty, he was buried in the martyr’s mausoleum. Fewer and fewer people are still going to pay respects to him now. Zhi Yue, are you going to abandon your father?]

Du Junfei admitted that he was the evil one to use the dead to lure Wuyue.

Having suffered so much, Du Junfei wanted to bring her home, place her by his side, and take good care of her.

Zhi Yue remained silent for a long time before finally rejecting him. [I still want to stay here.]

Du Junfei lowered his head in dejection.

Zhi Yue looked at the time and told Du Junfei: [The students are going to have their lunch break soon. I have to go open the door. Goodbye, Mr. Du.]

Zhi Yue got up and left. She didn’t even turn to look at Du Junfei.

Du Junfei refused to give up just like that. He went to the principal’s office.

The principal didn’t know Du Junfei. He wasn’t so famous that anyone who saw him would know that he was an international director.

Du Junfei was meeting the principal as a donor.

The principal was very friendly. He made kung fu tea and poured a cup for Du Junfei.

“Mr. Du, Director Su just said that you wish to do some charity work. Can you tell me in detail your exact thoughts?”

Du Junfei said, “It’s like this. I want to build two dormitory buildings for your school. I see that your school’s dormitory building is very old and doesn’t have air conditioning. Each room is for eight people.”

Hearing this, the principal was overjoyed.


Du Junfei nodded. “Of course.”

The principal hurriedly poured another cup of tea for Du Junfei.

The two of them chatted about the details of the building. After more than an hour, they finally came to an agreement.

“It’s rare to see someone as kind-hearted as Mr. Du.” The principal pulled out a chair, stood up, and bowed solemnly to Du Junfei.

“Mr. Du, on behalf of our teacher and students, I thank you for your generous sponsorship!”

Startled, Du Junfei hurriedly grabbed the principal’s arm and got him to stand up.

“Principal, you don’t have to be so polite. I am not doing all this for nothing.”

Hearing this, the principal was slightly stunned. “What do you want, Mr. Du?”

Instantly, many dark thoughts flashed across the principal’s mind.

He had seen reports before that some wealthy people loved to play deaf and mute. This Mr. Du looked like a gentleman. Could it be that he really had bad habits?

If that was the case, I don’t want these buildings.

It was okay if the dormitory was slightly worse, but one couldn’t lose their humanity.

Du Junfei could roughly tell that the principal was letting his imagination run wild. His brows twitched as he hurriedly explained. “Principal, don’t think too much. I am doing this mainly to express my gratitude to your school.”

The principal asked humbly, “Gratitude for what?”

When have we ever helped Mr. Du?

Du Junfei said, “The female dormitory manager of your school, Ms. Lin Man, has a close relationship with me…”

Before Du Junfei could finish, the principal patted his thigh in a daze and said with a smile, “Could Mr. Du be Lin Man’s mysterious boyfriend in Wangdong City?”

Du Junfei:?

Zhi Yue has a boyfriend in Wangdong City?

Du Junfei asked calmly, “Why would you say that?”

The principal said, “Every year on the 20th of March, Lin Man will take a period of leave to Wangdong City. She will be gone for more than 10 days. We all feel that Lin Man is going to meet her foreign boyfriend.”

“Could it be that Mr. Du is that mysterious boyfriend?”

I didn’t expect Lin Man to have such a rich boyfriend.

Du Junfei’s smile stiffened at the mention of the 20th of March.

March 24 was the anniversary of her father’s death!

Every year, Zhi Yue would return to Wangdong City to pay her respects to her father!

So she didn’t lose her memory at all!

Du Junfei tried hard to suppress the turmoil in his heart.

Nodding with a smile, Du Junfei said, “Yes, I came this time because I wanted to send two buildings to your school and also to bring Lin Man back to Wangdong City to live.”

“It’s not a long-term solution to keep being separated.”

“Mr. Du is right!” The principal was very supportive of Du Junfei’s actions.

Du Junfei was sent out of the office building by the principal.

He stayed at the door of the female dormitory for a moment before leaving.

After knowing that Du Junfei had left the next day, Zhi Yue heaved a sigh of relief but also felt slightly disappointed.

The school was going to build a new dormitory building soon. The back wall of the school had a door open for the construction and workers to enter.

The workers were all foreigners.

The influx of construction teams caused chaos among the staff. Worried that a female classmate would be harmed, Lin Man guarded the door cautiously and professionally every day.

On the 21st of March, Zhuyue arrived at the principal’s office with the leave form she had written in advance.

The principal didn’t wait for her to explain the reason for her leave application. He took the initiative to snatch her leave application and signed his name.

Zhi Yue was slightly surprised.

he principal smiled and said something to her, but unfortunately, Zhi Yue couldn’t hear it.

The principal used sign language to tell her: [Play to your fill. Have fun.]

Only then did Woven Moon nod. She took the leave form and left in confusion.

As usual, Zhi Yue only took 10 days off this time.

That afternoon, Zhi Yue carried a simple luggage and boarded a high-speed train to Wangdong City.

The martyrs’ mausoleum was very quiet. Under each tombstone was the skeleton of a martyr.

Wearing the ceremonial items, Zhi Yue familiarly walked along the path and circled around to the tombstone of a martyr with the words “Lin Guanshan” written on it.

Lin Guanshan was Lin Zhiyue’s father.

Zhi Yue knelt down in front of the tombstone and silently burned some incense.

After she was done, she stood up and was about to leave when she saw a man in a white shirt standing behind her.

Du Junfei had been here for an unknown period of time. He just stared at Zhi Yue with a sorrowful gaze.

Zhi Yue widened her eyes as panic and uneasiness flashed across them.


She opened her mouth and let out an unconscious gasp.

Du Junfei walked up step by step.

Zhi Yue retreated step by step.

She retreated until her body was pressed against her father’s tombstone. There was no way out. Only then did she grab her father’s tombstone with both hands. She looked up and looked at Du Junfei in a panic.

Du Junfei looked down and stared at Zhi Yue’s face.

Du Junfei understood everything when he saw the panic in her eyes.

She really remembered everything!

“Zhi Yue, you have deceived me so bitterly.”

All these years when he was heartbroken over her death, she had secretly returned to Wangdong City every year to pay respects to Father Lin.

Apart from paying respects to her father, had she also secretly observed me?

How did she resist meeting me?

Tears welled up in Du Junfei’s eyes.

“Zhi Yue, are you punishing me?”

Zhi Yue couldn’t hear what Du Junfei was saying, but she could guess what he was trying to say.

Zhi Yue gripped her father’s tombstone tightly. The cold sensation traveled down her fingertips and into her body. It was so cold that it chilled her to the bone.


Zhi Yue let out an “ah” and she cried silently.

Du Junfei reached out to wipe her tears.

Her warm tears burned Du Junfei’s heart.

“Zhi Yue, don’t cry, alright?”

After being coaxed by Du Junfei, Zhi Yue cried even harder.

Zhi Yue suddenly pushed Du Junfei with both hands.

She had used all her strength to push the 1.8-meter-tall man to the ground.

Du Junfei sat down on the ground and looked up angrily. He saw that Zhi Yue had unbuttoned the first button on her checkered blouse.

She continued.

Upon seeing this, Du Junfei looked enraged.

“What are you doing?”

Knowing that she couldn’t hear him, Du Junfei quickly stood up and gestured. [Why are you taking off your clothes!]

Zhi Yue bit her lips as tears streamed down her face. She slowly but firmly undid the top three buttons.

Zhi Yue pulled open the collar of her blouse, revealing the white bra and the words burned under her collarbone —


Sex slave.

Du Junfei stared at the burn scar in a daze, as if he was a fool and forgot to react.

hi Yue pointed at the word “slave”. Tears streamed down her face as she shook her head at Du Junfei.

Du Junfei understood what she meant.

Zhi Yue didn’t cover her body. She gestured with her hands and told Du Junfei: [I still like you. In the past, I still dared to fantasize about you in my heart. But now, look at my broken body. How am I qualified to like you?]

In the past, she was just a deaf and mute person, so Xian Le scolded her and said that she was punching above her own weight.

Now that she had been burned with the mark of a ‘slave’, her body was already in tatters and she had no right to admire it anymore.

She was too ashamed to appear in front of Du Junfei.

That was why when the police asked her what her surname was and where she lived, she lied.

She said that she had lost her memory because she felt broken and dirty and had no face to return to Du Junfei’s house.

All these years, Wuyue would return to Wangdong City every year. She spent a day with her father and nine days hiding in the dark to spy on him.

Du Junfei was not always in Wangdong City in March. He spent most of his time in the United States. In the past 20 years, Zhuyue had only seen him six times.

She hid in the dark like a voyeur. She felt satisfied just looking at him secretly.

Du Junfei stroked that mark on Ziyue, his heart aching like it was being stabbed.

He hurriedly took out his cell phone and quickly made a call.

[That old thing, how did he die?]

Zhi Yue took Du Junfei’s cell phone and typed a reply: [He was sick and laid in bed. He starved to death. I heard that when he was discovered, he had already become emaciated.]

Du Junfei’s heart was filled with hatred!

That old thing was already dead, but someone was still alive!

Du Junfei asked again: [The person who sold you is Xian Le?]

Zhi Yue didn’t speak this time. She just looked at him silently.

Her eyes were misty and filled with endless grievances and hatred.

Du Junfei cursed. “Son of a bitch!”

]Du Junfei gently stroked Zhi Yue’s mark. With the current scar removal technique, it was not impossible to remove this mark.

But even if he could remove the scar, how could he remove the pain in her heart?

Du Junfei suddenly said, “Come with me to somewhere.”

Du Junfei dragged Zhi Yue away.

Zhi Yue staggered behind him with a confused expression.

What are we going to do?

It was late at night.

In a luxurious villa in Wangdong City, a celebratory party was being held.

Last week, the mystery writer and gold medal screenwriter, Xian Le’s new work, “The Late-night Scholar,” won the Poet Association Award.

She had just returned from overseas yesterday and her manager had organized a celebration party for her today.

The celebration party was held at Xian Le’s house.

Xian Le was 48 years old and had a rather voluptuous figure. She was wearing a blue deep V-neck dress and had her hair in a bun. Holding a glass of red wine, she walked among the crowd.

Everywhere she went, gazes followed.

The party started. They cut the cake and opened the champagne, before Xian Le thanked them and went down to chat with a group of actors.

Yan Jiang’s first movie was Xian Le’s classic “Tempting at Night”. In the movie, Yan Jiang acted as a handsome but malicious murderer.

For an actor to become famous, it was all thanks to a famous director and good works.

Xian Le was the original author and screenwriter of “Night Temptation”, and she had already received the news that she had won an award. Tonight, Yan Jiang also brought gifts to attend the celebration party.

Who asked him to be a grateful person?

After entering the house, Yan Jiang gave a brooch to Xian Le.

Xian Le didn’t lack anything, but she was still grateful for Yan Jiang’s gift.

She handed the present to her assistant and asked Yan Jiang with a smile, “Yan Jiang, are you working for the police now? As a forensic doctor?”


“When forensic doctors look at me writing about forensic knowledge, would you think that I’m acting smart?”

“How can that be? Teacher Xian Le’s understanding of forensic science is so deep that even a professional like me can’t find fault with you, let alone a layman.”

“Teacher Xian Le, you’re very outstanding.”

Yan Jiang was telling the truth.

Xian Le’s deduction novel was very worthy of every praise it received. Even Yan Jiang couldn’t find any loopholes.

Xian Le was undoubtedly the mother of all Chinese mystery novels.

Xian Le was very happy to hear Yan Jiang’s compliments.

“I heard that you are engaged. Why didn’t you bring your fiancée along?”

“She doesn’t like to attend such events. She’s at home.”

“Oh I see.”

Xian Le handed a bottle of wine to Yan Jiang. “Try it. It’s a treasured wine. You will definitely like it.”

Yan Jiang took a sip and praised. “Not bad.”

But after drinking too much of Old Master Han’s wine, Yan Jiang felt like something was missing.

ust then, there was the sound of a car downstairs again.

Yan Jiang said, “There are guests again, right? Teacher Xian Le, go busy yourself. You don’t have to entertain me. Everyone here knows me. I will go and find someone to catch up with.”

“Alright then.”

Xian Le put down her glass and walked towards the main entrance with her manager.

Along the way, Xian Le was still trying to guess the other party’s identity.

The door opened and the bald-headed Du Junfei strode into the house. One could vaguely see his right hand holding someone’s.

That person was hiding behind him and her face couldn’t be seen clearly.

Xian Le was a screenwriter and was in the same circle as the director, Du Junfei. But strangely, after the divorce, they rarely met.

Sometimes, when they had to attend the same awards ceremony, their seats would be arranged very far away by the organizer.

Xian Le was surprised by Du Junfei’s appearance.

Xian Le’s manager was also surprised.

But Du Junfei’s current fame in the directing world had already surpassed all the directors in the country and had become a name card representing the Chinese directing world.

Anyone who looked at him had to be respectful.

Some actors saw Du Junfei and were like cats seeing fish. They smelled the stench and hated that they couldn’t just run over to join in the fun.

But Du Junfei’s eyes blocked everyone’s passion.

His eyes were filled with ice and snow.

It could freeze the tender shoots of spring.

He’s up to no good!

Xian Le narrowed her eyes and said warily to Du Junfei, “Why are you here? I didn’t invite you.”

Du Junfei said, “I have an old friend who wants to meet you.”

Xian Le raised her brows and looked behind Du Junfei. “Who are you hiding behind you?”

“Look, who is she!”

Du Junfei pulled out Zhi Yue, who was hiding behind him.

Zhi Yue lowered her head timidly and humbly.

Du Junfei cupped Zhi Yue’s face with both hands. He lifted her face and said in sign language, [Zhi Yue, this is your chance for revenge. There are many people here. With me here, she can’t hurt you.]

[Zhi Yue, you are not a person who will suffer. You have suffered so much, why don’t you take revenge?]

[The one who should be punished is never the victim, but the sinner!]

[Zhi Yue, you were harmed so badly by her. Can you really endure all this?]

Zhuyue understood Du Junfei’s words.

Her heart was filled with hatred as she thought of her ruined life.

If not for Xian Le, she would not have been sold into the mountains, chained to a bed, and led such a wretched life!

She had been burned by a hot iron, which left behind a lifetime of humiliation!

She had even killed a five-month-old baby. By the time the baby was aborted, he already had a human shape.

And all of this was thanks to this woman in front of her!

Zhi Yue slowly turned around and faced Xian Le with a strange smile.

Zhi Yue gestured with her hands. [It has been 18 years since we last met. Do you still remember me?]

From the moment she saw Du Junfei using sign language to speak to Zhi Yue, Xian Le’s face turned pale.

When Zhi Yue really turned around, that face completely coincided with that beautiful face in Xian Le’s memory.

Xian Le widened her eyes in shock. Her legs went limp and she stumbled backwards. She only managed to stabilize herself when she bumped into her manager’s chest.


Xian Le seemed to have lost her soul as her mind was in a mess and buzzing.

zhi Yue spoke again in sign language. [Are you very surprised to see me? That year, you sold me into the mountains and created the illusion that I fell into the river and died. You thought that I would never return in this life, right?]

Zhi Yue approached Xian Le.

She grabbed Xian Le’s chin.

Xian Le shuddered under Zhi Yue’s fingers.

Zhi Yue suddenly grabbed Xian Le’s arms and used all her strength to throw her into the air, causing her to crash heavily into the ground.


The entire hall was in an uproar!

Xian Le’s manager wanted to stop Zhi Yue, but Du Junfei quickly stood up and blocked him.

“This is their hatred. You have no right to interfere.”

The manager glared at Du Junfei angrily and clenched his fists tightly, but didn’t do anything else.

From Xian Le’s reaction just now, it was clear that she had done something indecent to that woman who had suddenly appeared.

As that unfamiliar woman’s guardian was Du Junfei, there were so many actors, screenwriters, and people in the entertainment circles, but no one dared to risk offending Du Junfei to save Xian Le.

After all, Xian Le was only a famous deduction author in the country, while Du Junfei was a world-renowned director who had won the Oscar for Best Director!

They were all smart people and knew very well that offending Du Junfei would be a greater loss.

Zhi Yue threw Xian Le to the ground. Taking advantage of the fact that Xian Le was in so much pain that she couldn’t get up, she tore through the crowd and walked onto the stage.

Grabbing the champagne bottle on the table, Zhi Yue shot through the crowd and returned to Xian Le’s side.

Xian Le slowly got up.

In front of everyone, Weiyue unbuttoned her blouse again.

Everyone was shocked when she tore open her clothes and revealed the word “slave”.

Du Junfei explained to Xian Le. “That year, you gave Zhi Yue to the human traffickers and got them to sell her to an old man. That old man burned the word slave on Zhi Yue with hot iron.”

The entire hall was in an uproar when they heard this.

The manager was also stunned. He stared in disbelief at Xian Le, who was lying on the ground screaming in pain.

Why would Teacher Xian Le be such a person?

Could the rumors back then be true?

Many years ago, there was a rumor that Xian Le had murdered Du Junfei’s adopted sister due to a grudge.

But the police didn’t find any evidence to accuse Xian Le, so she was still at large.

As a result, everyone treated that rumor as a story.

No one believed that Xian Le would kill Du Junfei’s adopted sister out of jealousy.

Oh yes, it was said that Du Junfei’s adopted sister is deaf and mute!

Could this woman be the girl who went missing back then?

Those who knew the secret of the past were all looking at the two women, Xian Le and Zhi Yue.

They suddenly felt that tonight’s banquet was worth it!

They had witnessed history!

As Yan Jiang enjoyed the show, he secretly took a photo of this scene with his cell phone and shared it in the WeChat group for Song Fei and Song Ci to see.

Du Junfei glanced at Zhi Yue. Seeing that she had smashed the champagne bottle and picked up the sharpest piece from the shards, Du Junfei understood what she meant.

“Xian Le, you have to go to jail. But you also have to bear the pain that Zhiyue suffered.”

With that, Du Junfei nodded at Zhi Yue, indicating that she could take action.

Zhi Yue pressed herself against Xian Le. Seeing that she was struggling, she stepped on her arms.

No matter how much Xian Le struggled, she was unable to escape from Zhi Yue’s suppression.

Zhi Yue pulled off Xian Le’s strapless dress. Tears streamed down her face as her right hand trembled and she stabbed the sharp glass shards into Xian Le’s skin.

Blood flowed out and stained Xian Le’s fair skin.

Zhi Yue controlled the glass shards to move through Xian Le’s body.

Xian Le screamed in pain, which made one’s hair stand on end.

A girl couldn’t bear to look at it and turned her head away, but she couldn’t help sneaking a peek.

Xian Le’s manager couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted for Zhi Yue to stop. But with Du Junfei standing in front of her manager, her manager couldn’t stop this scene.

As for Zhi Yue, she was deaf and mute. She couldn’t hear anything that anyone said or did.

After inscribing the last stroke, Zhi Yue retrieved the glass shards from Xian Le’s body.

Zhi Yue wiped her tears and laughed maniacally.

A mute’s laughter was like a saw, especially piercing.

Meanwhile, Xian Le hugged her own chest and rolled on the ground in pain.

Du Junfei walked over, hugged her, and patted her shoulder gently.

Zhi Yue gradually calmed down in his arms.

Later on, the police arrived. Du Junfei, Zhi Yue, and Xian Le were all brought to the police station.

After 18 years, the mystery of the murder case was finally uncovered.

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