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Chapter 235: This is Called Young,Then I’m Preying on Young Girls

Only Song Ci knew that Coleman was not confessing to her, but to her mother, Jiang Shiyu. Unfortunately, her mother had passed away many years ago and wouldn’t know Coleman’s devotion.

Sometimes, when Song Ci analyzed the emotional entanglements of her mother’s life, she also felt that her mother was a jerk.

She first ruined the pianist Coleman, then Han Zhan’s wretched father, and finally tied herself to her father, a healthy pine tree.

In terms of trash, not many women were worse than Jiang Shiyu.

Her scumbags were all reputable big bosses.

Song Ci gave a Like to Coleman’s Instagram and ignored the comments of those anti-fans online.

The movie was scheduled to be released on May 5, 2022. It was January 28th and the lunar new year would be in a few days.

Starting from the 23rd of February, the production team would hold several media conferences around the world.

After all, Song Ci was the female lead, so she had to attend several major international movie promotions.

Du Junfei told Song Ci on WeChat that he had arranged four publicity events for her.

They were at New York Station on 23 February, London Station 26 February, and Paris Station 5 March.

The last stop was at Yu City Station in China. The press conference was scheduled for March 12.

In other words, from the 21st of February onwards, Song Ci had to leave home to attend a publicity event in the United States. It would only end on the 13th of March.

Song Ci, who had just been promoted to a mother, couldn’t bear to leave her two children for 20 days.

But Song Ci couldn’t break the contract.

Since she was going to attend the publicity meeting, the vain Song Ci would never allow herself to appear sloppy and greasy in front of the reporters.

Over the past two months after the delivery, Song Ci had successfully lost 16 catties of weight under the guidance of a nutritionist.

The Song Ci now was considered slender compared to when she was just giving birth, but she was still much more voluptuous than before.

There were still more than 20 days left until the publicity meeting. Song Ci planned to make use of this time to do two things. One was to stop breastfeeding the children and the other was to slim down to her prenatal size.

During the new year, Song Ci spent a week and successfully weaned the babies.

The process of weaning was very painful. Not only was the child uncomfortable, but Song Ci also felt very bloated. Often, when she woke up at night, her blouse would be drenched.

During that period, their bedsheets and blankets always smelled like milk.

Even when Han Zhan went to work, Li Li could smell the milk on him.

Li Li teased Han Zhan. “Your Song Ci is a mother, why is there a milk smell on you?” Li Li’s child drank milk, so Li Li didn’t know about women weaning.

Han Zhan also couldn’t tell Li Li about Song Ci’s recent embarrassing incident when she was breastfeeding. Hearing Li Li’s question, Han Zhan said, “We are a good couple. Are you jealous?”

Li Li pouted. “Why should I be jealous of you?”

Li Li’s life was rather peaceful now.

Li Li and Su Beibei moved out to live alone. Without the war between mother and daughter-in-law, Li Li and Su Beibei’s relationship had completely stabilized.

Arriving at the new house, Li Li found a nanny for Su Beibei who was in charge of cleaning and cooking.

Su Beibei was only in charge of taking care of the child.

Their child was very obedient. Perhaps he knew that it was too tiring for Su Beibei to carry him, so he slept the entire night after he was discharged.

Even if that child woke up hungry at night, he would eat and sleep again.

He was especially worry-free.

“Oh yes, has Auntie been causing trouble recently?”

As Li Li had moved house with his grandson and daughter-in-law, leaving the old lady at home alone, Mother Li had been sulking and kicking up a fuss recently, causing Li Li to be mentally exhausted.

Hearing Han Zhan ask about his mother, Li Li looked slightly tired.

He sighed. “I only realized recently that my mother is so unreasonable.”

In the past, Li Li and Mother Li relied on each other for survival. Mother Li treated him like he was her everything. She loved him so much that she couldn’t bear to hurt him.

But now, Mother Li felt that Li Li had abandoned her for a woman and refused to let her take care of her grandson. Mother Li felt very unhappy.

The relationship between this mother and son, who used to be very close, was getting more and more strained.

Han Zhan counseled Li Li. “Auntie still dotes on you. She’s just angry for now. Don’t be impatient. As a son, it’s the worst thing to be caught in the middle. You have to thank your Beibei for not being an unreasonable woman.”

If Su Beibei was also muddle-headed and wanted to go against Mother Li, Li Li’s days would be truly miserable.

Li Li’s heart warmed at the thought of Su Beibei.

“Mmm, Beibei probably feels sorry for my mother. No matter what my mother says, she will endure it. Actually, I wish she could yell at my mother sometimes. It’s not a good idea to keep suppressing it.”

Li Li felt that the arrogant and proud Su Beibei was the real Su Beibei with character and soul.

His heart ached for such a wronged Su Beibei.

Han Zhan agreed with Li Li’s view. He said, “Why don’t you sit down with Beibei and have a heart-to-heart talk with her? Tell her your attitude and thoughts. Your support is her confidence when facing your mother.”

“Moreover, Auntie’s thinking is also wrong. Your father might not deserve to die, but he is indeed in the wrong. It is illegal for him to hit someone while drunk. Su Beibei lost her parents. In the end, she is the most pitiful person.”

Li Li nodded. “That’s true. I also explained it to my mother, but she didn’t listen to anything.”

“Aren’t all women like this?”

The two of them smiled at each other and didn’t speak further.

Time flew by like a white horse. In the blink of an eye, it was 19 February.

Thinking that Song Ci would be setting off for America the day after tomorrow, Han Zhan felt slightly frustrated and distracted. In the end, he just skipped work and went home.

Han Zhan sat in the car and called Song Ci. “Where are you?”

Song Ci said, “At home.”

“Pack up. I’ll be right back to fetch you.”

Song Ci was currently sunbathing in the courtyard with the children.

In the courtyard, there were two bamboo beds and a baby laid on each bed.

The names of the elder sister and younger sister were written on the bedsheets.

The crib was made by Han Zhan, the words were written by Old Master, and the bedsheets were chosen by Song Ci.

Although it was almost March by the time the children were born, they were still premature babies and had only been corrected for slightly more than a month. The little ones still didn’t know how to turn over, but they loved to smile.

If Song Ci teased them slightly, the elder sister would look like she had been poked in the mouth. She would open her mouth to reveal her toothless gums and smile non-stop.

His younger sister, Han Jun, was more reserved. She smiled more gently.

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci stuffed a rattle into the elder sister’s palm and shook her hand. Hearing the rattle, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Why are you asking me to change clothes? Are you attending a party?”

“No, I want to go on a date with you.”

Hearing Han Zhan say seriously that he wanted to date her, Song Ci’s heartbeat quickened.

Song Ci couldn’t even remember the last time she dated Han Zhan.

She smiled widely and asked Han Zhan, “What are we going to do?”

Han Zhan said, “Let’s keep it a secret first. You can just change into clothes that are convenient for movement.”


Song Ci called Zhong Buhui over and carried the crib back to the house with him for Old Master to look after.

Every child had a personal nanny to take care of them. In addition, Old Master and Uncle Zhong were at home, so Song Ci could go out and relax.

She went upstairs to put on makeup, changed clothes, and came downstairs with her bag.

Grandpa saw that Song Ci looked especially good today. He took off his reading glasses, put down the book in his hand, and asked Song Ci with a smile, “Are you going out? With a friend?”

Song Ci picked up an apple from the table and stuffed it into her bag.

Recently, she had been on a diet and ate very little. She had to eat some fruits in the afternoon to replenish her energy.

Song Ci smiled mischievously at Grandpa. “Brother Han is going on a date with me.”

“Yo!” Han Aoyu glanced at the two children and suddenly said, “You don’t have to come back tonight. Anyway, there’s a nanny taking care of the children. Don’t worry.”

Song Ci instinctively asked, “Why should we not come back?”

Only after asking did Song Ci realize what her grandfather meant.

Song Ci blushed uncontrollably, until the redness spread to her neck.

Song Ci lowered her head and stammered. “I don’t know where Brother Han is taking me. I won’t know if I will return tonight until later…”

Hearing the sound of a car, Song Ci ran off. “Brother Han is here. I’ll get going first, Grandpa!”

Han Aoyu chuckled.

He looked down at the two little babies and couldn’t resist poking their chubby chins.

It was like poking jelly, very soft and supple.

Old Master felt that it was fun and poked it a few more times.

Zhong Buhui saw it and hurriedly stopped him. “The children are going to sleep. Old Master, please show mercy.”

Only then did Old Master reluctantly retract his claws.

Han Zhan had just parked the car at the main entrance and alighted. He saw the main door open from the inside and Song Ci rushed out like a little steel cannon.

Song Ci ran into Han Zhan’s arms.

Han Zhan caught her and looked down at her outfit today.

The sun was shining very brightly today and the temperature was at 12 degrees Celsius. The weather was warm and suitable for showing off one’s beauty.

Song Ci was wearing a short beige sweater and a pair of tight, high-waisted jeans.

She pulled up her lazy curly hair and put on a pair of ruby earrings.

Beautiful, lazy and charming.

Seeing that Han Zhan was sizing her up, Song Ci looked up and smiled radiantly.

Han Zhan was swayed by that smile.

“Don’t smile like that.” Han Zhan covered Song Ci’s smiling eyes.

Song Ci grabbed the back of his hand and suppressed her laughter. “Why?”

Han Zhan said, “It makes me want to kiss you.” Even more so.

Song Ci took Han Zhan’s hand and invited him boldly. “Come on, kiss me. I will give you full privileges.”

Han Zhan stared at Song Ci’s lipstick-stained lips and powdered face, unable to swallow.

In the end, he just picked up the back of Song Ci’s hand and kissed it.

Song Ci retracted her hand and smiled as she grabbed Han Zhan’s arm. She stood on tiptoe and said in Han Zhan’s ear, “Just now, Grandpa said that we can not come back tonight.”

Han Zhan looked at her deeply and asked, “Has it been three months?”

The doctor said that after the cesarean section, it was not recommended for the couple to sleep in the same room for three months.

Han Zhan had already held it in for too long. He was afraid that if he let go, he would be very beastly.

Song Ci said, “Just a day or two away.”

It was alright.

Han Zhan understood Song Ci’s hint. He said, “Wait for me to visit our daughters. I won’t be able to see them for the entire night. I miss them.”

Han Zhan returned to the house alone.

The two little guys were drowsy.

The moment Han Zhan returned, he carried them up, kissing and teasing them.

After having fun, Han Zhan left, leaving behind two children who wanted to sleep but couldn’t.

Han Zhan hurried back to the car.

Song Ci said, “I think I hear the children crying.”

Han Zhan heard the nannies coaxing the children. He smiled. “It’s all in your imagination.”

Song Ci thought she had heard wrongly.

Han Zhan helped Song Ci fasten her seatbelt. Staring at Song Ci’s beautiful and coquettish face up close, Han Zhan suddenly said, “You’re especially beautiful today. You look like an 18-year-old girl.”

fter hearing Han Zhan’s praise, Song Ci felt very happy. She said, “This is called being young.”

“Then I’m preying on young girls?” Han Zhan made a humorous joke.

Song Ci was amused by Han Zhan.

Han Zhan started the car. When he looked up, he saw his own face and outfit on the car recorder and frowned.

A grey, tight turtleneck sweater and a navy blue sweater. No matter how one looked at it, he looked like an adult man.

And it was the old and sickly type.

Han Zhan felt slightly sad.

As the car drove down the hill, Song Ci’s sleeve accidentally brushed against her lipstick. She took out a small mirror from her bag and took out her lipstick to touch up her makeup.

After applying her lipstick, Song Ci suddenly heard Han Zhan ask, “Do you think I will look better with long hair and a fashionable hairstyle?”

Hearing this, Song Ci turned sideways in confusion and stared at Han Zhan strangely.

Song Ci suspected that Han Zhan’s soul had changed today.

“What’s the matter? Are you still my Brother Han?” Her manly Brother Han never fussed about his hair and skin color.

What happened today?

Han Zhan explained. “I’m tired of looking at buzz cut.” The main point was that buzz cut made one look too mature and he wanted to look younger.

Song Ci clicked her tongue and said, “That buzz cut is pretty good. It’s energetic and manly. Why must a man be so exquisite and good-looking? It’s better to be rich than handsome.”

Han Zhan complained to Song Ci. “You’re too realistic.”

“Do you love it then?”


After a while, Song Ci heard Han Zhan ask again, “Do you have any good facial masks to recommend? I want those that can make people younger.”

Song Ci was speechless.

She finally understood what Han Zhan meant.

“Brother Han, do you think you are old?” Song Ci felt that it was unbelievable. How did Han Zhan suddenly gain enlightenment?

Han Zhan acknowledged softly.

He touched the back of his eye with his left hand and felt slightly sad. “Sometimes when I frown, I can realize that there are one or two very light wrinkles at the bottom of my eye.”

He already had wrinkles, but what about Song Ci?

She was as tender as grass and her face was covered in collagen. She looked so beautiful just by dressing up.

Han Zhan still cared about his looks more or less.

“I am already starting to get wrinkles, but Baby Ci, you’re still very young. I want to look more compatible with you.”

Song Ci felt amused but also sad.

“Brother Han.” She reached out her left hand and pressed her index and middle fingers on the edge of Han Zhan’s right eye.

Song Ci gently rubbed the back of Han Zhan’s eyes, her tone turning very gentle.

She said, “Brother Han, in my heart, you are the most handsome man in the world. I admire many young men’s skin, but I only admire and like your soul.”

“I like you. Whether it’s the 22-year-old you or the current you.” Or… the blind you in my previous life who was over 40 years old.

Song Ci’s sudden confession tingled Han Zhan’s heart.

Han Zhan really wanted to stop the car on the spot, pull Song Ci into his arms, remove her headband, and take off her sweater.

He really wanted to.

But Han Zhan could tolerate what ordinary people couldn’t.

He suppressed the fluttering in his heart and told Song Ci, “I was overthinking.”

“Don’t think like this in the future.”

Song Ci leaned against the car seat and narrowed her eyes for a while. She even had a dream that Han Zhan had gone to buy facial masks in order to become beautiful and was fooled by the salesperson’s mouth again.

He bought a bunch of facial masks and placed them on his face. The next day, his face was covered in pimples.

In her dream, Han Zhan, who had nearly been disfigured by the toxin mask, sat pitifully on the wooden floor by the bed. He said to Song Ci without tears, “Song Ci, I am already disfigured and not worthy of you. Go and find a better person.”

Song Ci laughed when she woke up from the dream.

]Han Zhan looked at the smiling Song Ci in surprise and asked her, “What good thing did you dream of?”

Song Ci hurriedly shook her head. “I dreamed of drumsticks.”

In order to lose weight, Song Ci had not eaten drumsticks for a long time, so Han Zhan really believed her lie.

Han Zhan’s heart ached for Song Ci.

He parked the car by the roadside and alighted to buy a fried chicken leg for Song Ci.

Song Ci smelled the fragrance of fried chicken and felt hungry. She really wanted to snatch the drumstick and finish it in a few bites.

But her desire to have a good figure overcame her desire for food.

Han Zhan ate the soft shell of the chicken and handed it to Song Ci. “I’ve already eaten the starch with the most heat. You won’t gain weight if you eat meat.”

Song Ci said softly to Han Zhan, “I want to eat that layer of skin.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

That drumstick still ended up in Han Zhan’s stomach.

An hour later, they arrived at their destination.

After alighting from the car, Song Ci looked up and saw the words “AK outdoor hunting grounds.”

She was slightly surprised. “Why did you bring me to the hunting grounds?”

“I heard from Yan Jiang that you are very good at shooting, even better than Song Fei.” Han Zhan asked Song Ci, “Is this true?”

Song Ci nodded. “Yes, I was a marksman in junior high school.”

But due to her heavy studies and limited energy, Song Ci could only choose between shooting and violin.

Song Tingyun hoped that Song Ci could attend the Olympics and win a gold medal for China. Meanwhile, Jiang Shiyu hoped that Song Ci could learn to play the violin well and achieve her goal when she was young.

Song Ci loved the violin more. After struggling for a while, she could only endure the pain and give up shooting.

Jiang Shiyu was satisfied with this, but Song Tingyun felt pity.

Han Zhan was a gun lover. His sniper skills were among the top in the world.

The legend of him being an elite sniper was all true.

Han Zhan wanted to test Song Ci’s standards today.

“Let’s have a competition today.”

Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and brought her to the front desk. He logged in and received two automatic sensor points.

Han Zhan put the scorer on Song Ci’s wrist.

“What is this?” Song Ci didn’t recognize this thing.

Han Zhan said, “This is a scorer with an automatic sensor. After entering the hunting grounds later, every time you kill a prey, the scorer will accumulate points.”

Han Zhan explained the rules of this shooting club to Song Ci.

“The hunting grounds will be opened three times a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. The opening time is two hours each time. The number of players participating in the game is usually between 80 to 120.”

“The prey in the club are all virtual animals. The animals will randomly appear anywhere for only three seconds. The amazing thing is that they can move and are not slow. What we need to do is to kill the most prey in the shortest time possible.”

Understanding the rules, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “What’s the reward for getting a placing?”

Number one: “Free stay at Paper-Drunk Clubhouse for a night” Paper-Drunk clubhouse sounded very shady, and one could tell that it was not a proper place.

Paper-Drunk Clubhouse was Wangdong City’s most expensive entertainment venue. There were the most beautiful princesses and the most handsome male hosts. All of them had high education, good looks, and high EQ.

Usually, one wouldn’t dare to go in without 500,000 yuan in the pocket.

Song Ci knew that money was everything. She had long heard that the gigolos inside were especially considerate and sweet-talked their guests.

Song Ci had never enjoyed it.

She wanted to be first and wanted to experience the glory of the male hosts.

Without waiting for Han Zhan to introduce the rewards for the second and third place, Song Ci said, “Then let’s get first place.”

Han Zhan sneered. “Do you think those men and women will be willing to cheer you up or more willing to cheer me up if you go with me?”

Song Ci didn’t need to think to know that those money-minded people would definitely try their best to cheer Han Zhan up.

After all, Han Zhan was a wealthy, handsome, and fit old man.

Song Ci couldn’t stand the thought of those people’s dirty hands touching Brother Han’s body.

She chose a gun and asked as she tested it, “What’s the second prize?”

Han Zhan said, “Second place, 100,000 yuan in cash.”

Song Ci didn’t lack that 100,000 yuan.

After thinking for a moment, she said, “We can spend the night in Paper-Drunk Clubhouse and not order the princess and young master.”

Han Zhan had no objections.

There were 90 people in the hunting ground.

After Song Ci entered the hunting ground, she moved together with Han Zhan. Whoever saw the prey first would be the one to kill it.

Han Zhan had lost two fingers and was no longer able to pull the trigger with his right hand. However, he could still fire with his left hand and his capabilities were not to be underestimated.

Song Ci was stunned when she saw a transparent silver elk under a maple tree.

While she was in a daze, Han Zhan had already shot that elk.

Only then did Song Ci realize that this adorable little guy was a projection animal.

Song Ci was unconvinced. She said, “I was careless this time. I won’t let you do it again!”

Han Zhan, ” Okay.”

The two of them walked another hundred meters forward. Song Ci’s sharp eyes saw a deer appear by the side of the river. This time, Song Ci reacted quickly. She aimed at the deer immediately and fired.


The roe deer fell to the ground. Song Ci’s score changed from 0 to 1.

Han Zhan’s eyes lit up as he watched Song Ci raise her gun, aim at her prey, and pull the trigger.


Song Ci really knew how to play with guns.

“The last time you held a gun, you were so afraid that your hands were trembling.” Han Zhan was referring to a long time ago, when Song Ci mistakenly treated Han Zhan as a hired killer and forced herself to be calm as she pointed the gun at his head.

Song Ci said, “To be honest, that was my first time touching a gun. We learned how to use an air gun and you used a real gun. How is that the same?”

Although an air gun could also hurt people, its power was far inferior to a real gun.

Han Zhan told her, “Actually, no matter what gun it is, they only exist for one reason: to kill. Whether it’s an air gun, a pistol, or a rifle, they are essentially the same. They are just a weapon.”

Hearing this, Song Ci shook her head.

She said, “I don’t agree with you.”

Han Zhan looked down at her.

He asked, “Why?”

Song Ci said, “I never raised my gun to kill, but to protect the people around me.”

Upon hearing this, a strong emotional reaction surfaced in Han Zhan’s gray-blue eyes.

Song Ci continued walking forward and didn’t notice how deep and passionate Han Zhan’s eyes were behind her.

Two hours later, the competition ended.

Song Ci got second place with a good result of 26 points.

Han Zhan got first place with a score of 35 points.

Song Ci received a reward of 100,000 yuan while Han Zhan received a complimentary stay at Paper-Drunk Clubhouse.

Walking out of the hunting grounds, Song Ci was so agitated that her face was red. She stuffed the 100,000 yuan cash card into Han Zhan’s belt.

]Han Zhan looked down at that card and asked her with a smile, “What for? Buy me for a night?”

Song Ci said, “No, let’s change it to a real prize.”

Han Zhan was slightly disappointed.

He handed that free voucher to Song Ci.

Song Ci lowered her head and kissed her consumer voucher. She said happily, “Let’s go! Let’s indulge in debauchery!”

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci lovingly and let her be. “Ket’s eat before going.”

“Don’t. There will definitely be food and drinks inside. Leave your stomach empty when you go there, and go home full!” Song Ci was only so capable.

Han Zhan agreed with Song Ci’s way of doing things. “Alright then, let’s go to the clubhouse now.”

Paper-Drunk didn’t open the door until 9pm.

Han Zhan and Song Ci shopped around the city for a while, before buying a cup of influencer milk tea and heading to Paper-Drunk Clubhouse.

It was built in the new city district on the north coast.

The houses in the new city area of the north coast were all modern-style cement buildings. However, the extravagant lifestyle was an antique imitation of Tang architectural style.

Song Ci and Han Zhan walked into the clubhouse and were attracted by the antique buildings and gardens.

Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Have you been here before?”

Han Zhan said, “No, it’s expensive here. It’s a waste of money to come here to talk about food, and talking about relationships is nonsense.”

Song Ci gave Han Zhan a big thumbs-up.

She said, “I did once.”

Han Zhan was slightly surprised and heard Song Ci say, “In my previous life.”

Han Zhan asked her, “Why did you come here?”

Song Ci said, “Cheng Ziang was beaten up here. Someone called me to collect his body.”

She came and saw the beaten up Cheng Ziang. She felt exceptionally happy.

“Why was he beaten up again?”

“I’m not sure. I think the boss of this shop has a personal grudge with Cheng Ziang.”

“Boss?” Han Zhan said, “The boss of this shop is very mysterious. I found some information about him and know that he is the world’s most mysterious killer, Mu Feng. But no one knows Mu Feng’s true identity.”

In other words, the identity of the boss of this shop was a mystery and no one knew the truth.

]Song Ci said, “I’m not sure either. Anyway, when I died, this shop was still open.”

As they chatted, the two of them had already arrived in the middle of the courtyard.

In the middle of the courtyard stood rows of beautiful women in silver cheongsams. Each of them had an embroidered silk shawl draped over their shoulders.

It was winter and she was very professional to be standing in the courtyard in such a cool outfit.

The beauties carried a lantern. It was like the light of a firefly in the dark courtyard.

The woman on the left walked out with a lantern and bent over to Han Zhan and Song Ci. Her voice was as clear as a clear spring. She said, “Welcome to our humble shop, Mr. Han and Mrs. Han.”

When they entered the shop, the two of them used their identification cards to log in. Han Zhan was not surprised to be accurately recognized.

“The small shop has Elegance Restaurant, Clear Music Pavilion, Carefree Pavilion, and Records Pavilion. May I know where you guys want to go for fun?”

The so-called Elegance Restaurant referred to the venue for scholarly gatherings.

Meanwhile, the Qingya Pavilion was a place for music lovers to interact.

Carefree Pavilion was a place for entertainment.

Political Thinking Pavilion was a secret place for the big bosses of the business world.

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci.

Song Ci was here to visit gigolos. Of course she had to go to Carefree Pavilion.

“Carefree Pavilion.”

“Alright, I’m Yue Han. I am honored to be your guide.”

Yue Han brought Han Zhan and Song Ci to Carefree Pavilion.

The Carefree Pavilion was seven stories tall.

Although it was an ancient building, there was an elevator inside. They arrived at the third floor and saw rows of beauties and handsome men sitting at the entrance of the main hall.

Amongst them, some were dressed in modern clothes, some in civilian clothes, and some in traditional Chinese clothes.

Song Ci was overjoyed as she stared at the row of beauties and men.

She pinched Han Zhan’s arm and said, “Brother Han, Brother Han, that boy in a light blue Han suit is especially handsome. We want him!”

Han Zhan said coldly, “I think that girl in a cheongsam is very beautiful. Shall we have her?”

If you want a handsome man, I want a beautiful woman.

Song Ci could tell that Han Zhan was displeased and hurriedly said, “Forget it, forget it. He’s not as handsome as Brother Han. Let’s go find a seat and sit down. I heard that the performance of Carefree Pavilion in a drunken state is especially exciting. Let’s take a look.”


The two of them found a seat and someone served exquisite tea and snacks.

At this moment, a lady in a light purple dress walked up the stage carrying a zither.

Song Ci stared at that person’s profile. “At most an A.”

It could be said that she had tried her best to squeeze, but there was still no cleavage.

Han Zhan said, “She’s quite tall.”

That woman hugged her zither and bowed slightly in all directions.

When she turned around and bowed in the direction of Han Zhan and the rest, Song Ci suddenly covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Isn’t this Jiang Bi from downstairs?”

Han Zhan looked up and met Jiang Bi’s eyes.

Upon seeing Jiang Bi, Han Zhan thought of Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang, who had originally agreed to study at the Southern Medical University, suddenly went back on her words.

He didn’t know what changed her mind.

A strange intuition told Han Zhan that Han Wangwang’s sudden change of heart had something to do with Jiang Bi.

Han Zhan instinctively looked around and heaved a sigh of relief when he didn’t see Han Wangwang.

Jiang Bi finished her etiquette and sat down. She placed the zither on the table and played an elegant tune.

Song Ci didn’t expect Jiang Bi to have such skills.

After Jiang Bi’s performance, a guest took her cell phone or bank card and went to the corner to scan the QR code to reward her.

This was the first time Song Ci saw a club using such a method to reward someone.

Song Ci was stunned.

“This club is interesting. The way to earn money is so rough. I like it!”

Jiang Bi left after her performance.

Song Ci and Han Zhan ate and drank. Shortly after, Jiang Bi, who had changed clothes, walked over.

She was wearing a black shirt and dark blue jeans. Her long hair was casually draped behind her head.

Jiang Bi’s makeup was off and she looked clean. Her facial features were naturally perfect.

Jiang Bi walked up to Han Zhan and Song Ci. She nodded at Song Ci and said, “Mrs. Han, I heard from Wangwang that you recently gained a new pair of twins. Congratulations.”

Song Ci pointed at the empty seat in front of her and said to Jiang Bi, “Student Jiang, please sit.”

Jiang Bi sat down and chatted with them.

Song Ci said, “We haven’t been going back to stay recently. Are you still staying there?”

“I am.”

After chatting with Song Ci and the rest for a while, Jiang Bi looked at her watch and said, “I have to go back. Otherwise, the dormitory manager will be closing up later.”

Jiang Bi stayed in school from Monday to Friday, just like Han Wangwang.

“Then go back quickly. Don’t be late.” Song Ci grabbed a bunch of strawberries and handed them to Jiang Bi. “The fruits are free. Eat them on the way.”

Jiang Bi caught the strawberry and left without eating it.

Not long after Jiang Bi left, a wealthy young master sitting opposite Song Ci and the rest suddenly went crazy.

He got up, lifted the table, grabbed his good friend’s collar, and bit his face until it was a bloody mess!

Like a zombie!

Song Ci was shocked.

Han Zhan hurriedly pulled Song Ci up and said, “Let’s go. It’s too disgusting.”

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