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Chapter 236: Remember to Close the Balcony Door Next Time, Thank You

Jiang Bi walked out of the clubhouse and walked around the carpark to her motorbike parking space.

Under the dim moonlight, Jiang Bi walked towards her car seat. Before she got close, she saw a lady with long hair sitting in the car.

On a cold night at the end of winter, Han Wangwang was wearing a white sweater and a black down jacket. She was sitting on Jiang Bi’s motorcycle and playing with her cell phone.

Jiang Bi stopped in her tracks when she saw Han Wangwang.

The night light elongated Jiang Bi’s figure and covered Han Wangwang’s head, casting a shadow in front of her.

Han Wangwang sensed someone approaching. She kept her cell phone and slowly turned back, and she saw Jiang Bi.

Han Wangwang stood up from the motorcycle and looked at Jiang Bi worriedly.

Han Wangwang was relieved to see that Jiang Bi’s clothes were clean and not stained with blood.

Han Wangwang said, “Where did you go?”

Jiang Bi smiled slightly, raised her right hand, and opened it. She said, “The strawberries are very sweet. They are all for you.”

The girl was slender and tall. Although her facial features were beautiful, they were aggressive. She exuded a cold aura from head to toe, but she held the strawberries and said to her, “The strawberries are very sweet. I’ll give them all to you.”

Han Wangwang really wanted to ask her, Are you also very sweet?

But she controlled herself because those words could be suspected of seducing someone.

Han Wangwang strode over to Jiang Bi and hugged her waist. “Jiang Bi, don’t seduce me on purpose.”

Jiang Bi was stunned.

Jiang Bi, who was being hugged by Han Wangwang, remained motionless. Her muscles and blood froze and she forgot to move.

Han Wangwang didn’t smell the scent of blood on Jiang Bi. There was only a faint scent of rouge and powder.

Han Wangwang was relieved.

She said, “Jiang Bi, I thought you went in to kill someone.”

Jiang Bi smiled and slowly raised her right hand to pat Han Wangwang’s hair. “No, I don’t kill people.”

Han Wangwang said, “That’s good.”

Han Zhan drove Song Ci home. As the car passed by the parking lot, he saw someone standing there.

Glancing over casually, Han Zhan saw Jiang Bi, who had just separated from them, as well as the girl hiding in Jiang Bi’s arms.

Han Zhan felt that that girl’s figure was somewhat familiar.

Han Zhan sized up that girl carefully.

After recognizing that person, Han Zhan’s brows twitched.

He parked the car by the side of the road and opened the window. He said to Song Ci, “Baby Ci, look, isn’t that Han Wangwang?” He didn’t even call her Wangwang Doggy anymore. It was obvious that he was angry.

Song Ci looked over in surprise and saw Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi’s postures. Her expression also looked slightly unnatural.

A hint of suspicion flashed across Song Ci’s eyes.

Song Ci said, “I think it’s her.”

Strange, why is Wangwang hugging Jiang Bi?

Many strange things flashed across Han Zhan’s mind. He was also afraid that he was dirty-minded and thought badly of others.

Han Zhan tried his best to maintain his rationality, so he decided to ask his young and understanding wife.

“Baby Ci, look, is it normal for Han Wangwang to be like Jiang Bi?” She felt that something was off.

Is it normal?

Song Ci didn’t dare to make a conclusion. She said, “My good friend and I also hug frequently.”

But my good friend and I couldn’t bring ourselves to be so inseparable.

Han Zhan could only tell himself that he was overthinking things.

Since I’m overthinking…


It’s okay to disturb others.

The sudden sound of a horn alerted Jiang Bi and Han Wangwang.

Han Wangwang hurriedly let go of Jiang Bi and they turned to look at Han Zhan simultaneously.

Through the window of the car, Han Wangwang saw Han Zhan’s face in the car.

Han Wangwang panicked the moment she saw her little uncle.


“Little Uncle.”

Han Wangwang skipped over to Han Zhan’s car and saw a woman sitting beside him. Han Wangwang hurriedly looked inside.

Seeing that it was Song Ci sitting in the passenger seat, Han Wangwang said jokingly, “Hello, LittleAunt. I was just thinking that if the woman sitting beside my Little Uncle isn’t you, I will call you later to tell on you.”

Song Ci smiled and praised Han Wangwang. “It’s a good thing to have such awareness.”

Han Zhan asked Han Wangwang, “What are you doing here?”

Han Wangwang said, “Jiang Bi is performing here and I have nothing to do, so I followed her over.”

Han Zhan acknowledged.

In the end, he couldn’t resist asking, “What were you guys doing just now?”

Han Wangwang was stumped and was at a loss for words.

Jiang Bi strode over and pressed Han Wangwang into her arms. At this moment, a car roared past Jiang Bi.

Only when it was safe did Jiang Bi release Han Wangwang. She lowered her head and said to Han Zhan, “She is cold and was looked for warmth.”

Han Zhan was stunned.

Is that so?

Jiang Bi’s open and honest behavior dispelled Han Zhan’s doubts.

Perhaps young people nowadays were so passionate and liked to express their friendship by hugging and lifting each other up high.

I am too old to keep up with the trends.

Han Zhan didn’t probe further into Han Wangwang and Jiang Bi’s relationship. He started the car again and said, “I’m leaving. Come to your great-grandfather’s house to play some other day and visit the two little guys.”

With that, Han Zhan added. “As long as you don’t come empty-handed.”

Han Zhan drove off.

Han Wangwang stuck out her tongue guiltily, but her back was already sweating profusely.

Jiang Bi stared at Han Wangwang’s slightly uneasy face under the night sky. A strange feeling flashed across her heart.

Jiang Bi asked Han Wangwang, “What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of your little uncle?”

Han Wangwang replied instinctively, “How can I not be afraid? He saw everything!”

Jiang Bi asked another soul-stirring question. “What are you afraid of? We didn’t do anything. Aren’t all girls like this? We hold hands and each other’s arms on the streets. We even have to feed each other during dessert. Being even more intimate than others.”

Jiang Bi saw that many girls were like this, sticky and clingy.

So, why is Han Wangwang feeling guilty?

Han Wangwang was rooted to the spot by Jiang Bi’s question.

Why am I feeling guilty?

Han Wangwang’s heart was racing.

She looked up at Jiang Bi and said, “Jiang Bi, if you were a boy, I am willing to lose my virginity before marriage for you.”

Jiang Bi’s gaze deepened. “Is that so?”

Han Wangwang turned and walked towards the motorcycle, not daring to look at Jiang Bi’s expression.

What she said just now was equivalent to a confession.

Jiang Bi smiled and followed Han Wangwang.

Jiang Bi sat cross-legged in the car and handed Han Wangwang a helmet. Han Wangwang wore the helmet and hugged Jiang Bi’s slender and alluring waist.

The two of them were about to leave when Han Wangwang noticed an ambulance approaching.

A large group of people came out of the clubhouse. They were talking about things like ‘zombies’, ‘scarring’, ‘seeing a ghost’.

“Wait a minute.” Han Wangwang told Jiang Bi not to rush into driving.

Jiang Bi stopped and looked at the entrance with Han Wangwang.

The clubhouse’s security guards brought the injured out and sent him to the ambulance. Shortly after, the police car also arrived and two police officers entered the clubhouse to understand the situation.

Meanwhile, the nosy crowd was still standing at the entrance of the clubhouse muttering non-stop.

Han Wangwang listened carefully and roughly understood what had happened at the clubhouse.

Someone suddenly lost control of himself, grabbed his friend and bit his face.

It was like a rabies attack.

Han Wangwang gave Jiang Bi a meaningful look.

In the dark, Jiang Bi’s expression was cold. She narrowed her eyes slightly, looking very cold.

Han Wangwang told herself that Jiang Bi had been out for so long and this definitely had nothing to do with her. She just happened to come here to perform and encountered this incident.

“Let’s go.”

“Mmm, there’s nothing to see. Sit tight. I’m driving.”

On the way, they passed by a supper shop. Han Zhan slowed down and asked Song Ci, “Do you want supper? There’s a barbeque shop here.”

They were originally going to eat and drink in the clubhouse with an empty stomach, but the sudden change disrupted their plans.

Song Ci’s mind was filled with that person’s mangled face.

She felt like vomiting but held it in.

Hearing Han Zhan say supper or barbeque…

Song Ci suddenly knocked on the car door and said to Han Zhan, “Stop the car!”

Han Zhan was so scared that he hurriedly stopped the car.

Song Ci got out of the car. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she bent over and vomited violently beside the car.

Han Zhan was momentarily stunned.

He took out a bottle of water, walked out of the driver’s seat, went to the passenger’s seat, and fed the water to Song Ci to rinse her mouth.

After vomiting, Song Ci returned to the car and laid on the car seat like a boneless worm.

Rubbing her starving stomach, she said to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, what do you think happened to that person?”

“Is it rabies?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “People with rabies don’t bite. A real rabies attack results in typhoid, fear of water, and muscle spasms.”

“Then what’s the matter with him?” Song Ci didn’t believe that that person was ill.

This is not a zombie movie.

Han Zhan thought for a moment before saying, “Kind of like a drug.”

]Song Ci nodded vigorously. “I know. There is a drug that will cause hallucinations. In the past, there was a drug addict in America who tore at passersby.”

“Mmm, maybe that kind. This is too scary.”

Han Zhan said, “Don’t be afraid, the police will deal with them.”

Han Zhan parked the car at the entrance of the community and went to the supermarket to buy some noodles, eggs and sausages.

Walking up to the cashier, he selected another box of condoms from the shelf.

After reaching home, Han Zhan said to Song Ci, “Go take a shower.”

Song Ci saw the invitation and hint in Han Zhan’s eyes.

Her heartbeat quickened.

I-Is it happening?

Song Ci stayed in the bathroom for a long time.

As she showered, she stared at the C-section scar on her stomach and the six to seven pregnancy marks that affected her beauty.

Song Ci frowned in frustration.

Han Zhan also took a shower downstairs.

Song Ci walked out of the salon and was about to go downstairs, when she saw Han Zhan sitting on the sofa in a bathrobe.

He was drinking water and a Jackie Chan movie was playing on the television in front of him.

Hearing footsteps, Han Zhan looked up.

Song Ci stood behind the railing of the duplex. Her hair was casually tied up with a rubber band, exposing her forehead and neck.

A few strands of hair fell over her forehead.

Song Ci had just taken a shower and her porcelain-white face was slightly red, giving off a coquettish allure.

Han Zhan patted the sofa beside him. “Baby Ci, come down.”

Song Ci walked down but didn’t sit down.

Standing in front of Han Zhan, Song Ci took the initiative to undo the straps of her bathrobe.

Han Zhan stared at her with scorching eyes, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

Song Ci opened her bathrobe.

She openly appeared in front of Han Zhan.

Han Zhan’s breathing was labored and his eyes darkened.

He was about to move when Song Ci suddenly said, “I have something to say to you.”

Han Zhan stopped and sat on the sofa, looking up at Song Ci.

“Tell me.”

Song Ci’s fingers gently slid across her abdomen. She said, “This scar can’t be completely removed with scar cream. These pregnancy marks have already torn open my skin and it can’t grow back.”

“Han Zhan, these ugly things will accompany me for life. In the future, every time you see me, you will see them.”

Han Zhan stared at those scars.

Song Ci’s skin was very fair and smooth in the past. To be honest, pregnancy marks and scars did damage her perfection.

But Han Zhan didn’t find it ugly.

He never thought of them as ugly.

Song Ci told Han Zhan, “You can’t despise them or use them to slander me or joke around with me. They are a part of my body and given to me by you and the child. Everyone has the right to despise them except you and the children.”

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci seriously. “I won’t despise them.”

He pulled Song Ci to him, lowered his head, and kissed her scar.

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s waist, lifted his head, and said, “Look, they are not ugly.”

Song Ci nodded.

She cupped Han Zhan’s head and told him, “You can do anything to me.”

Han Zhan was overjoyed at the encouragement.

That night, they carefully worked together from the beginning to the end.

Late at night, Song Ci was still hungry.

Han Zhan had already expected Song Ci to be hungry. He only wore a pair of pants and went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of egg and sausage noodles for her.

Song Ci finished a bowl of noodles and fell asleep guiltily.

The next morning, Han Zhan and Song Ci had breakfast downstairs.

Han Zhan said to Song Ci, “You’re going on a work trip tomorrow. Come with me to the office today to play and accompany me, alright?”

Song Ci couldn’t bear to part with the children and Han Zhan couldn’t bear to part with her.

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan in amusement and asked him, “You can’t bear to leave me?”

“Mmm.” Han Zhan admitted openly.

Song Ci nodded. “Okay, you need to provide my food and accommodation.”

“Of course.”

On the way to the office, Song Ci had nothing to do and played with her cell phone.

She opened her WeChat and saw that everyone was talking about what happened at the club last night.

Song Ci scrolled through their comments and realized that the news had already spread the night before.

“Last night, the person who bit someone was the young master of Chengbei An Family. The person who was bitten was a good friend of his. His surname was Mo.”

“That Mo guy went for a freeloading party with that An guy. Unexpectedly, that An guy suddenly went crazy and bit that Mo guy.”

“That person surnamed An has some background. He was released last night. After he came out, Young Master An went to the hospital to visit his good friend who was bitten by him. But that person surnamed Mo might be angry. This morning, in the ward, that person surnamed Mo slit Young Master An’s neck with a knife.”

Han Zhan didn’t expect things to turn out this way.

“It’s understandable for the person with the surname Mo to do this.” Song Ci understood the victim very well.

“A perfectly fine face was bitten and disfigured by Young Master An. I thought that Young Master An would at least be jailed for two years. Unexpectedly, Young Master An has a strong background and was released that night.”

]”I can understand why that Mo guy killed someone in a fit of anger.”

Han Zhan didn’t comment on this.

He said, “After killing the young master of the An Family, that Mo guy was momentarily satisfied, but he will have to bear the revenge of the An Family for the rest of his life.”

A moment of pleasure after killing someone, a lifetime of misery after that.

Han Zhan suddenly said to Song Ci, “There’s an old machine in the glove compartment. Help me take it out.”

Song Ci opened the glove box skeptically and really saw an old machine inside.

It was that kind of black, cumbersome old man machine.

It had been many years since she last saw such an old antique. Song Ci couldn’t help taking a few more glances.


“Turn it on and give it to me.”


Song Ci turned on the old cell phone. Hearing the clunky music, she handed the cell phone to Han Zhan with a dark expression.

Han Zhan pressed a number and dialed it without hesitation.

]Song Ci heard Han Zhan say —

“Hello, is this the Drug Enforcement Unit? I want to report a suspected drug abuse case. Yes, it happened last night at the nightclub. The drug addict’s surname is An…”


“…I am just a passionate civilian.”

Han Zhan hung up.

Seeing Song Ci’s shocked expression, Han Zhan smiled at her and said, “It’s everyone’s responsibility to report someone taking drugs.”

“Brother Han, you are so scheming.”

Han Zhan handed the cell phone to Song Ci. “Put it back.”

Song Ci threw her cell phone into the glove box and asked Han Zhan curiously, “Brother Han, do you often do such immoral things?”

“No way, who knows I did it?”

Song Ci was speechless.

Arriving at the office, Han Zhan immersed himself in his work.

A few days ago, a few Australian investors who wanted to invest in the aviation tourism industry came to Wangdong City. Bei Zhan had been accompanying them these few days. After three days, Bei Zhan finally signed a contract with them.

Once the contract was signed, they would be friends.

The Australian investors had always wanted to meet Han Zhan, but he had used the excuse of being busy with work to reject them.

After they signed the contract and everyone became friends, Han Zhan finally “had time”.

After lunch, Han Zhan took the initiative to call the investor representative. He said that he was free in the afternoon and that the weather was sunny. He wanted to invite them to ride horses at the horse farm in the suburbs.

The other party agreed readily.

Song Ci slept for 40 minutes before Han Zhan woke her up. She changed into the sportswear and sneakers that he had prepared for her and went to the racecourse with Han Zhan.

Song Ci knew how to ride a horse, but her horsemanship was average and she didn’t dare to play any tricks.

There was a 40 year old female manager among the investors. That woman was very tall and muscular. She was very good at horse riding.

Seeing Song Ci looking at her in admiration, the woman called Josephine stopped her horse in front of Song Ci.

“Song, do you want to play with me?”

Song Ci immediately abandoned her pony and boarded Josephine’s horse.

Song Ci sat in Josephine’s arms. Josephine chatted with her in English as she controlled the horse beneath her. The two of them enjoyed themselves at the racecourse.

After Han Zhan finished riding, he handed the horse to the stable boy.

Glancing at Song Ci, who was having a good time with Josephine, Han Zhan decided not to disturb them.

He walked under the sunshade chair and sat down with a few male investors. As soon as he sat down, he heard Eric say, “Han, you must be careful of Josephine. She has very good flirting skills.”

Han Zhan smiled enigmatically. “She’s not my type. I love my wife deeply and no one can affect our relationship.”

Hearing this, everyone looked at Han Zhan with an interesting and strange expression.

Han Zhan frowned.

He thought*: Is there something wrong?*

“Han.” Eric said earnestly, “Josephine likes girls.”

Han Zhan’s expression changed slightly.

“You have to be careful of her.”

Everyone looked up at Josephine and the Chinese beauty in her arms, gloating slightly.

Han Zhan’s smile disappeared completely.

He looked at Josephine and Song Ci again and felt that they were sitting too close. Were there no horses at the racecourse? Why did she want to ride the same horse as Song Ci?

After two laps, Song Ci realized that the straps of her sneakers had loosened. She said to Josephine, “Alright, Josephine. I want to rest. Put me down.”


Josephine ordered the horse to stop. She jumped off the horse and reached out to Song Ci in a gentlemanly manner.

At this moment, a long arm reached over rudely, grabbed Song Ci’s soft hand, and pulled her down.

Song Ci thanked Josephine before squatting down to tie her loose laces.

Han Zhan looked at Josephine up close and smiled. “My wife is very beautiful and charming, right?”

Josephine saw hostility in Han Zhan’s eyes.

She didn’t want to offend Han Zhan and just smiled kindly. “Madam is very charming. I think Mr. Han and Madam have a very close relationship and must be an enviable pair.”

Only then was Han Zhan relieved.

He helped Song Ci fasten her other shoelace and pulled her under the umbrella to chat with the others.

At night, after having a meal with this group of people, Han Zhan and Song Ci returned home.

The two children happened to be awake. Han Zhan carried them up and placed them on the thick carpet, teasing them with toys.

With just a little teasing, the elder sister would smile. The younger sister would smile occasionally, but most of the time, she was sizing up Song Ci and Han Zhan.

“Miaomiao, Junjun, Mother is going to America tomorrow.” Song Ci couldn’t bear to part with her daughters.

She laid down beside Han Jun and played with her little fingers.

Song Ci started to miss them even before she eft.

Han Zhan said, “Don’t you have a break midway? You can come back.”

“There are a few days off between the French and Chinese venues. We can indeed come back. But the first few rounds are too close and there’s only enough time for a round trip.”

With that, Song Ci smelled a stench.

She poked Han Zhan’s arm. “Brother Han, is it the elder sister or the younger sister who is smelly?”

Han Zhan first opened the younger sister’s diapers and took a look. “No, it’s Miaomiao.”

Han Zhan carried Miaomiao over to the nanny.

After Miaomiao washed her butt, Han Zhan carried her back.

Song Ci was fiddling with her selfie stick.

“Brother Han, sit down here with Miaomiao in your arms. Let’s take a photo together.”


Song Ci and Han Zhan sat cross-legged together with their heads leaning against each other. Each of them had a baby in their arms.

Song Ci raised her selfie stick and found an angle. When she was about to take a photo, she saw that Han Zhan didn’t smile.

Song Ci rolled her eyes at Han Zhan and lectured him. “You have to smile when taking a family photo, understand? The sillier you smile, the happier you will be.”

Han Zhan grinned, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.

Song Ci accepted her fate. “Brother Han, I think you shouldn’t smile.”

When Han Zhan purposely put on a smile, he looked like a shark.

It was funny and awkward.

Han Zhan pursed his lips and stared at the camera seriously.

Song Ci took the photo and checked it. “I will send you the photo.”

Song Ci sent the photo to Han Zhan’s WeChat before putting the sisters back into the crib.

“I am going to pack my luggage. Brother Han, are you coming with me?”


Song Ci had brought two suitcases on this business trip.

The next morning, after breakfast, Han Zhan helped Song Ci put her luggage in the boot of the car.

He stared at the two big boxes and teased Song Ci. “Should I find a small van to fetch you when you come back?”

Song Ci didn’t understand what Han Zhan meant. “Why?”

Han Zhan explained. “According to your shopping skills, there will be two suitcases when you go and there will definitely be eight to nine when you return, so you need a small van to transport them.”

Hearing this, Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I will try my best to buy as little things as possible.” Song Ci herself felt that this statement was especially unreliable. It had been a long time since she last shopped. If she suddenly went overseas, she would definitely buy whatever she wanted.

In the past, she only bought things for herself. But now, she still had to buy things for her grandfather, Han Zhan, her two babies, as well as Song Fei and Yan Jiang.

Eight to nine suitcases might not even be enough.

Han Zhan sent Song Ci to the airport. The two of them stayed in the waiting room for a while. Once the time was up, Song Ci boarded the plane and flew to America.

On this business trip, Song Ci even brought her personal stylist, Aaron, with her.

Aaron knew Song Ci the best. Every time she attended an event, he would dress her up beautifully.

This time, Song Ci also handed the responsibility of styling herself to Aaron.

Song Ci knew her position very well. She just needed to be beautiful.

At the press conference in New York, Song Ci was wearing a blue V-neck dress with a golden belt around her waist.

She was only wearing a pair of pearl earrings.

Standing on stage, she was like a walking flower.

At the movie promotional event, Song Ci even performed the violin for the reporters.

At first, everyone thought Song Ci was just a pretty vase.

However, the moment Song Ci touched the violin, she instantly entered a trance-like state.

Song Ci was the main character of the world when she played the violin. All the attention was on her.

Only after seeing Song Ci’s talent display did everyone view her in a new light.

Du Junfei pretended to be careless and purposely leaked the fact that Song Ci was Shen Yubei’s beloved disciple. As a result, that day, the reporters from the New York tabloids commented on Song Ci like this —

Song Ci, a beautiful and multi-talented Chinese girl. She had a sexy, graceful figure, a beautiful face, and even wonderful violin skills.

She was a new actress born for Rain.

Naturally, Song Ci also saw the news about herself in the New York entertainment news. She felt that it was unreal.

Song Ci secretly poked Han Zhan’s WeChat and asked him: [Brother Han, did you buy the news for me?]

After more than 10 minutes, Han Zhan replied: [I can’t let them slander you.]

In order to bribe the boss of New York Entertainment News, Han Zhan promised to give him a free ticket to travel in Zeus Number 1.

Song Ci knew it would be like that.

Foreigners were very against Chinese people. It was already merciful of them not to mock her. How could they be willing to praise her?

After knowing that Han Zhan had bought this title, Song Ci felt that it was boring.

The second stop was England.

The third stop was France.

Wherever Song Ci went, the most famous local entertainment news website would definitely praise her.

Anyone with eyes could tell that someone was spending money to flatter Song Ci.

But Song Ci didn’t feel embarrassed. Her husband was willing to spend money to promote her. Whoever was unhappy would shut up.

After the publicity event at the French station, Song Ci went home for a few days.

The two children were about to forget about Song Ci.

When Song Ci got home and carried them, they were still crying.

The children’s resistance to her hurt Song Ci slightly.

But she had no choice. Song Ci planned to use these few days of rest to mend her relationship with the children.

The children were slightly older and were not as obedient as during their confinement period. They were dozing off less and less, and even loved to cry and throw a tantrum before sleeping at night.

Song Ci told them stories, but the two children were still young and didn’t understand fables.

Song Ci recalled that when she was young, Jiang Shiyu would always play the violin to coax the two sisters to sleep.

With the intention of giving it a try, Song Ci also took out her violin and played ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ for her daughters.

Strangely, under the hypnosis of the tune, the sisters actually really quietened down very quickly.

They fell asleep.

Song Ci put down her violin and turned to see Han Zhan leaning against the door frame.

Han Zhan smiled blissfully.

When Song Ci looked over, Han Zhan didn’t even have the time to hide his smile.

Song Ci opened her arms to Han Zhan.

Han Zhan walked over and bent over to hug Song Ci.

“You’re back.”


“Have a good rest for a few days since you’re come back. After the publicity at the last stop ends, I will bring you and the children out for a holiday.”

“Where are we going?”

“Mmm, how about Sanya?”


Sanya was rather warm recently and the sun was not scorching, so it was more suitable for travel.

The husband and wife returned to their small room. Han Zhan bit Song Ci’s ear as he said, “In the few days that you were gone, I relied on those photos of you to fall asleep.”

Song Ci’s ears turned red. “How did you fall asleep?”

Han Zhan said something dirty in her ear.

Song Ci kicked Han Zhan away and scolded him. “You are shameless!”

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s feet and said, “It’s been a long time since we last met. Even looking at your feet now, I find them beautiful and moving.”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After being played by Han Zhan for a long time, she laid down on the bed in exhaustion and didn’t move at all.

After more than 10 days apart, Han Zhan couldn’t bear to let go of Song Ci’s waist even when he slept at night.

He hugged her and slept the entire night.

The next morning, Han Zhan felt his arm ache.

But seeing that Song Ci was still snoring softly beside him, Han Zhan felt that everything was worth it.

After staying at home for six days, Song Ci had to set off for Yu City.

The promotional event at Yu City on March 12 was the last stop.

On the 11th, Song Ci arrived at Yu City and went to the airport to fetch Du Junfei.

Along with Du Junfei was the male lead, Damien.

This Oscar-winning actor and future top Hollywood superstar even prepared a gift for Song Ci’s children.

It was two sets of Barbie dolls.

Song Ci thanked Damien, before leading them into the car and returning to the hotel.

Along the way, Du Junfei told Song Ci, “Du Xueyan will also be attending tomorrow’s publicity event. Her flight will arrive in the afternoon and we will have dinner together tonight.”

It had been a long time since Song Ci had heard Du Xueyan’s name.

Du Xueyan suddenly left the country a few months ago and announced that she was officially entering Hollywood.

She didn’t know who was praising her, but she actually used quite a few resources in that man-eating Hollywood.

Du Xueyan was supposed to attend the New York promotional event the previous time, but the production cycle of her movie was rather tight and she couldn’t spare the time, so she didn’t attend.

Hearing Du Xueyan’s name again, Song Ci’s heart was as still as water.

She knew very well that there was nothing between Du Xueyan and Han Zhan. It was impossible.

Damien said, “I even had a meal with Xueyan last month. She has very good resources now and is likely to become the hottest Asian movie star in Hollywood.”

Du Junfei knew what Damien was hinting at. He was saying that Du Xueyan had found a big sugar daddy.

Du Junfei didn’t jump into the language trap that Damien had dug for him. He said, “Everyone has their own luck, especially in a place like Hollywood.”

Seeing that Du Junfei was unwilling to reveal any information about Du Xueyan’s sugar daddy, Damien didn’t pursue the matter.

Du Junfei glanced at Song Ci and spoke in Chinese. “I heard from Shen Yubei that Du Xueyan had an affair with your husband?”

Song Ci retorted. “What do you mean by having an affair? That was eight to nine years ago. At that time, they were a serious couple. It would be terrible to say that they had an affair.”

“Oh, you’re quite protective of your man.”

Song Ci retorted. “If I don’t protect my man, should I side with you instead, Second Master?”

Everyone had their own taboo topic, so Du Junfei wouldn’t tease Song Ci about this.

Du Junfei knew when to stop.

He told Song Ci, “Du Xueyan is a very ambitious and arrogant woman. Since the matter between her and your man is over, she will never rise again. Moreover, she has Gu Shengyao keeping an eye on her. Du Xueyan doesn’t have the time to come back and harass your man.”

Song Ci could tell what he meant and was slightly surprised. “Second Old Master, are you saying that Du Xueyan’s manager likes Du Xueyan?”

Du Junfei said, “That’s why I said you have bad eyesight. You can’t even tell such a simple thing.”

Song Ci was blind and indeed couldn’t tell.

She really hoped that Gu Shengyao could take down Du Xueyan as soon as possible and have a blissful marriage with her.

In the afternoon, Du Xueyan had indeed come to Yu City and checked into Ankai International Hotel.

Her room was next to Song Ci’s.

At dinner that night, Du Junfei sat between Song Ci and Du Xueyan considerately as the delectable content in the sandwich

The meal was rather peaceful.

At night, the two little ancestors at home refused to sleep.

Recently, it had become a habit for them to listen to Song Ci play the violin and fall asleep.

Song Ci suddenly left home and the little guys couldn’t fall asleep without their mother’s music.

Helpless, Han Zhan could only video call Song Ci and trouble her to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to coax the children to sleep.

Song Ci played a little star. Seeing that the children were really asleep, she felt slightly proud. “Brother Han, you are not a good father. You don’t even have the skills to coax children to sleep.”

“My wife is awesome.”

Han Zhan flattered Song Ci and made her happy. Only then did they hang up.

After hanging up, Song Ci felt slightly sleepy.

Before they got married, Song Ci wouldn’t consider sleeping until 12.30am. But now, at such a young age, she had developed the habit of wanting to sleep at 10.30pm.

Song Ci laid down on the bed and was in a daze when she suddenly heard someone crying next door.

Song Ci opened her eyes and realized that the sound of crying was coming from outside the balcony.

Every room had a balcony. If the balcony window was open, the commotion in the room next door could be heard.

What is Du Xueyan crying for?

Song Ci thought that Du Xueyan was in some kind of trouble and hesitated over whether to go next door and knock to ask about her condition.

Just then, Song Ci heard a low male voice. “Just a few more minutes.”

Du Xueyan begged. “Please, hurry up!”

Realizing what was happening next door, Song Ci felt like she had been struck by lightning!

Du Xueyan was indeed crying, but not from sadness, but from pleasure.

Song Ci felt very tired.

It was fine if she was out on a work trip alone, but she had to stay in a hotel, listen to Han Zhan’s ex-girlfriend and manager stirring up trouble in the room.

Song Ci’s heart felt extremely bleak.

She covered her head with the blanket and fell asleep after a long while.

The press conference was held downstairs of the hotel. Song Ci was dressed up and walked out of the room with her dress. At this moment, the door to the room next door opened.

Du Xueyan also walked out.

Song Ci was wearing a black tube dress, while Du Xueyan was wearing a white tube dress.

Both of them had their own beauty.

Walking into the lift, Du Xueyan said to Song Ci, “Are you in a bad mood?”

Song Ci was puzzled. “Why do you ask?”

Du Xueyan said, “You look slightly tired.”

Song Ci sneered. “It’s all thanks to you.”

Hearing this, Du Xueyan was slightly surprised. “Why is it me?” Du Xueyan thought for a moment and understood. “Are you still concerned about me and Han Zhan?”

Song Ci said, “No, you guys caused quite a stir last night. I was forced to listen for more than half an hour and couldn’t fall asleep.”

Du Xueyan’s face turned red.

“Is… is the hotel’s soundproofing so bad?” She blushed.

Song Ci snorted. “Remember to close the balcony door in the future. Thank you.”

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