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Chapter 234: Love is a ray of light, Green to the Point of Making you Panic

The newly-promoted internet celebrity, Old Master Han, sat on a wooden stool boldly.

Holding the hen in his left hand and a knife in his right, he asked Han Zhan roughly, “Are you ready?”

Han Zhan had already placed the camera properly. “Done.”

Han Zhan nodded. He raised the knife in his hand, coughed lightly, and nodded seriously at the camera. “Hello everyone, welcome to my gourmet live-stream.”

Han Zhan suppressed his laughter and signaled for Han Aoyu to continue.

Han Aoyu said, “Today, I want to show everyone how to make chestnut chicken stew. Although I am old, my culinary skills are outstanding. My grand daughter-in-law especially likes chestnut roasted chicken and will eat two bowls of meat and soup every time!”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Once this got out, the entire internet would know that Song Ci was a glutton.

“Firstly, we need to raise the neck of the chicken, point the knife at this position, and gently cut down.” As he explained, Han Aoyu cut down.

With a gentle cut, blood spurted out of that chicken’s neck.

Han Aoyu used a bowl to catch the chicken blood. His aged eyes stared at the camera as he said faintly, “There are so many chickens in the chicken coop. Do you know why I chose this one?”

“Because it was disobedient. As a hen, it loved to crow and forgot its identity. It did things that it shouldn’t have done and said things that it shouldn’t have said. What’s the point of keeping it? Why not just kill it?”

With that, he threw the chicken into the half-empty bucket of water and said, “Some unscrupulous news agencies who can’t control their mouths and pens will eventually close down.”

Han Zhan stood behind the camera and gave Han Aoyu a thumbs-up.

Han Aoyu chuckled and started to pluck the feathers off the chicken, opening it up.

“As for the chestnut, we’ll boil them over water for three to four minutes, scoop up the asphalt, and fry them with oil. This way, the chestnuts made will be easily burned and tasteful.”

“Every time I make this dish, my Song Lass has to eat until she’s full. If not for the fact that she can’t digest chestnuts, she can eat half a pot.”

“The surface of the chicken is slightly yellowish and added with spiced wine. Song Lass said that adding spiced wine at this time is better than marinating the chicken in advance…”

By the time Song Ci woke up, Han Zhan and Han Aoyu had already prepared a pot of chestnut roasted chicken. The grandfather and grandson were squeezed in front of the computer and watching the first cut.

Song Ci stood behind the two of them and stared at the grandfather and grandson duo who were behaving mysteriously. She suddenly asked, “What are you two doing?”

Han Aoyu turned and waved at her. “Lass Song, come and see Grandpa’s food video.”

Song Ci sat down and watched the entire video from start to finish. She felt very conflicted. “Grandpa, can you delete the part where I said I will eat two bowls of soup for one meal? It won’t be good if others know that I am eating ravenously.”

Grandpa glared at her. “It’s a blessing to be able to eat. You didn’t eat chestnuts from other people’s houses. What are you afraid of?”

Seeing that she could not talk sense into Grandpa, Song Ci had no choice but to give up.

For breakfast, the family ate three-colored fried rice and chestnut roasted chicken. After eating, Han Zhan went to work. When he arrived at the company, he handed the first film to his assistant and asked him to look for professionals to do the post-production and accompaniment music.

Late in the afternoon, she sent the finished product to Han Zhan. Han Zhan watched it once and felt that there was no problem, so he forwarded it to his grandfather. His grandfather was very satisfied after reading it and hurriedly asked Han Zhan how to use Weibo to post a video.

Han Zhan told Grandpa about the steps. Grandpa pondered for a while but still didn’t know how to do it, so he called Song Ci over.

“I’ll do it. Grandpa, just watch. You can do it yourself next time.”


Han Aoyu sat beside Song Ci and started posting. Like a primary school student who was listening intently to a lesson, he stared at his computer and studied the steps seriously.

After the video was uploaded successfully, Song Ci asked her grandfather, “Grandpa, do you need a certification? It’s for being a food blogger.”

Han Aoyu was excited. “Okay!”

Song Ci helped Han Aoyu apply for the food blogger’s certification. As she had used her connections, she received the news of the certification 10 minutes later.

Han Aoyu becoming a food blogger and personally taking food blogs was astonishing.

The netizens commented:

First post: The elderly sure live a rich life.

Second post: As expected of Old Master Han. He can cook at home and kill enemies outside.

Third post: Sob sob sob, Old Master is so domineering. When Old Madam Han was young, she must have been mesmerized by Old Master’s banditry and ferocity.

Fourth post: Am I the only one who feels that Old Master is using the excuse of killing a chicken to threaten some unscrupulous media?

Fifth comment: Old Master dotes on Song Ci too much. He even cooked for her personally and knows her taste. One look and I can tell that he often cooks for her!

On the same day, Zhou Wen Daily received a lawyer’s notice from Zeus Corporation.

A few days later, Zhou Wen Daily lost the lawsuit and publicly apologized for purposely writing a script to smear Song Ci.

But the next day, Zhou Wen Daily was investigated by the relevant departments and was found with many loopholes. Within a few days, it was banned from operating and closed down.

After the children returned home, they adapted to their new lives within a few days. Song Ci also found the routine of the two little guys and developed the habit of regularly feeding them and sleeping throughout the entire night.

With the help of two well-known, professional confinement nannies, Song Ci’s postpartum life was actually very leisurely. On the second month after the children were born, Han Zhan set up a first-month birthday party for the two children at the Jetta Hotel.

On the day of the first-month birthday banquet, almost all the high ranking officials and nobles in Wangdong City came. On this day, just the gift money alone, Han Zhan received 20 million yuan.

After the banquet ended, Han Zhan donated all the money to the “Ban Ban Foundation”. When Song Ci first discovered her pregnancy, Han Zhan established a children’s foundation to specially help those seriously ill children who had no money to get treated.

At first, he didn’t know that Song Ci was pregnant with twins, so he took the liberty of giving the child a nickname of Ban Ban. He even named the first generation holographic gaming cabin Ban Ban.

In the end, Song Ci got pregnant with two children, so they did not use the nickname Ban Ban.

At the one-month-old party, Cheng Yanmo and Su Huanyan also arrived. Su Huanyan was about to give birth these few days and it was slightly inconvenient for her to walk. Seeing Song Ci and her two adorable, fair daughters, Su Huanyan especially wanted to hug them.

But for the sake of the children’s health, Han Zhan didn’t allow the guests to carry the children.

Song Ci saw that Su Huanyan was staring at the child lovingly. She carried Da Bao and said to Su Huanyan, “This is elder sister Han Miao. Huanyan, do you want to carry her?”

Huan Yan reached out in surprise and carried the child stiffly.

“So cute, her feet are still moving!” Su Huanyan touched Han Miao’s little feet and suddenly exclaimed. “Oh no.”

Song Ci raised her brows and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Su Huanyan hugged Han Miao and said to Song Ci awkwardly, “I’m going to the washroom.”

Su Huanyan went to the washroom and returned after a while. She saw Song Ci and said, “I see red.”

It meant that she was going to give birth!

Song Ci hurriedly found Cheng Yanmo.

Knowing that Su Huanyan had seen red, Cheng Yanmo didn’t even eat his meal and planned to bring her to the hospital. But Su Huanyan said, “Don’t panic. Wait until I’m full. Otherwise, I won’t have the strength to give birth.”

Cheng Yanmo was speechless.

Cheng Yanmo watched uneasily as Su Huanyan calmly ate two bowls of rice and drank half a bowl of soup.

Cheng Yanmo admired Su Huanyan’s composure.

This was true calmness in the face of trouble.

After eating, Su Huanyan turned to say to Cheng Yanmo, “Let’s go. I feel like I’m having contractions.”

Cheng Yanmo carried Su Huanyan and walked out.

That night, Han Zhan received a call from Cheng Yanmo. He said that Su Huanyan had already given birth and the mother and son were safe. It was a boy.

Han Zhan congratulated the other party over the phone. He turned back and saw Song Ci anxiously waiting for the good news. He said, “She gave birth to a boy. The mother and son are safe.”

Only then did Song Ci feel at ease.

On the 100th day of the two babies’ birthday, they had a photoshoot. On the same day, the movie “Le Chi” was scheduled for release and the trailer was officially released.

That day, Du Junfei posted Le Chi’s trailer on Instagram and Weibo. All the actors forwarded the trailer and left a message: “May 5th. See you there.”

Song Ci also reposted her Weibo account and wrote the same official statement.

The netizens opened the Le Chi movie and watched the trailer. They were shocked to find that the Asian beauty inside was especially beautiful, but they had never seen her before. Not everyone knew Song Ci, and there were still some who didn’t.

Those who didn’t know better took a screenshot of Song Ci’s scenes in “Le Chi” and posted it to ask about this young lady.

When Song Ci’s fans saw it, they left a warm message to explain Song Ci’s information to them.

After knowing that this lady was Zeus Corporation’s lady boss, Song Ci, everyone was shocked but also not surprised.

As Zeus Corporation’s wife, Song Ci didn’t lack money. Perhaps she was the one who had invested in this drama.

Not only did the netizens in China think this way, but the netizens overseas were also making all sorts of malicious speculations about this beautiful but unknown female lead.

There were also rumors abroad that Song Ci had brought in funds or had an ambiguous relationship with the director and producer.

Du Junfei called Song Ci. “Did you see those negative comments about you both locally and internationally?”

Song Ci was busy accompanying her child every day and practicing her violin skills. She didn’t have the time to look at those scandals at all. But she had roughly heard those things from Yan Jiang.

Hearing this, Song Ci said nonchalantly, “Second Old Master, what do you think of my performance?”

Du Junfei said, “You’re outstanding. Although you’re a newbie and don’t have any acting experience, it’s a good thing you have a good-looking face. Under my earnest guidance and post-production editing, you’re as beautiful as a fairy and a pretty vase.”

Song Ci was about to cry from anger. “Thank you for your praise.”

“Don’t worry about that. Let them say whatever they want. Anyway, you’re not in the entertainment circles. Why would you be afraid of them?”

“Alright then.”

Both negative and positive comments could also hype up the movie. Du Junfei saw that Song Ci didn’t even care about herself and was happy to see the netizens hype up his movie.

But these things eventually reached Coleman’s ears.

Coleman was a strange man. He had a perverted obsession with piano and Rain, but was very cold to other things. But such a cold man had posted a video on his instagram account.

It was a scene from when Song Ci played her self-composed tune “Zhan” during the interview.

Although the setting for the interview was very simple, Song Ci’s performance made one feel like she was standing at the top of a tall mountain, looking down on everyone.

Coleman wrote down his comments for Song Ci in French.

She was the most perfect Rain, an angel scattered across the world, my lifelong pursuit and belief.

The entire world was shocked to see Coleman’s statement!

This autistic pianist actually confessed to a Chinese woman publicly? And even said that she was his lifelong pursuit and belief?

Meanwhile, the netizens in the country felt a sense of pride and joy after seeing Coleman’s statement. But at the same time, they felt some pity for Han Zhan and felt that his head was glowing green.

Love is a ray of light, so green that you panic.

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