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Chapter 233: Birth of the Children, Han Miao, Han Jun

The doctor immediately performed an ultrasound scan on Song Ci’s stomach, as the device kept moving around Song Ci’s womb.

Song Ci and Han Zhan both looked at the screen and could clearly see the children.

As for how much amniotic fluid there was, Song Ci and Han Zhan didn’t understand, as they weren’t medical students.

After the doctor finished his checkup, he asked Han Zhan, “The membrane has indeed been ruptured. How long has it been since the amniotic fluid was discovered?”

Han Zhan replied, “Over an hour.”

“Then you guys discovered it quite timely.”

“An early rupture of the membrane is a rather serious situation. It can easily cause the umbilical cord to fall off and cause infection in the baby’s womb. The children are already eight months old. If Madam has a contraction reaction, it will be best if she can deliver naturally. If there is no contraction after more than 12 hours, we will consider a cesarean section. After all, the children are very healthy. Their lives will not be in danger if they are carefully taken care of.”

“The longer the fetus stays in Madam’s body, the higher the risk of infection and the greater the threat.”

After explaining the pros and cons, the doctor asked Han Zhan and Song Ci, “Mr. Han, Madam, consider whether to perform a cesarean section to remove the baby or wait for a few hours to see if there’s any contraction.”

In other words, she could either perform a cesarean section to remove the baby in advance, or wait a few more hours to see if she had contractions and if Song Ci could give birth on her own.

While waiting, it is also possible that the umbilical cord will fall off or too much amniotic fluid will suffocate the child.

Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s arm and said decisively, “I want a C-section!”

Hearing the word “cut”, Han Zhan’s scalp went numb.

He felt terrified at the thought that the doctor would use a knife to cut Song Ci’s stomach.

The doctor also said, “C-section is the best way.”

Han Zhan looked down at Song Ci.

Song Ci’s eyes were filled with determination. She said, “I’ve already persevered for too long for them. Han Zhan, I can’t take the risk of losing them.”

Han Zhan clenched his fists and nodded. “Okay, let’s do the surgery.”

The doctor hurriedly arranged for someone to prepare for the surgery. With Han Zhan’s help, Song Ci changed into a patient gown.

At this moment, a nurse walked in with a bag of baby products. There were small clothes, a small towel, and a mat for the pregnant woman.

The nurse stood at the end of the bed and said to Song Ci, “Madam, your family has already come over and sent the children’s and your things over.”

“Thank you.”

After the nurse left, Han Zhan held Song Ci’s hand and told her, “Don’t be afraid. I will always be by your side.”

How could Song Ci not be afraid?

She was only 23 years old and had never undergone surgery. She was scared to death.

Song Ci’s fingers were trembling and her hands were cold. But she still forced a smile and comforted Han Zhan instead. “Don’t worry, once the anesthesia hits, I won’t know anything. When I wake up, you will definitely be by my side and tell me: Song Ci, our daughters are all safe.”

Han Zhan forced a smile and nodded. “Yes, I will be by your side, always by your side.”

The anesthesiologist rushed over from home to the operating theater. The moment he entered, he asked about Song Ci’s weight and other information before preparing the anesthetic.

The surgery was about to start and Song Ci couldn’t help letting her imagination run wild.

She was afraid that if she closed her eyes, she would never have the chance to open them again.

A few minutes before the surgery, Song Ci couldn’t resist saying her last words to Han Zhan.

Holding Han Zhan’s hand tightly, Song Ci told him, “Han Zhan, if I don’t make it this time but the children survive, you must promise me one thing.”

Han Zhan instinctively stopped her from spouting nonsense. “Don’t say such nonsense. You will be fine.”

“Don’t interrupt me!” Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s wrist, stared at him fixedly, and said, “If I die, you definitely can’t find a stepmother for our child! With a stepmother, there will be a stepfather. I can’t bear for the children I exchanged my life for to be bullied by your vixen!”

Han Zhan was speechless.

He felt amused and angry at the same time.

“You won’t die. Believe me.”

The medical skills were very advanced now and it was not difficult to perform a C-section. If Su Beibei could survive that dangerous situation, Song Ci would definitely be fine.

Song Ci only wanted Han Zhan to make a promise. “Promise me! Anyway, you must promise me that you will never find a stepmother for our child!”

Song Ci was not a magnanimous woman. Other women only wanted their men to be happy before dying, but Song Ci was not.

She couldn’t wait for Han Zhan to remember her forever!

Han Zhan saw that the anesthesiologist had come over and knew that if he didn’t give an accurate answer, Song Ci would probably not let him off. Han Zhan hurriedly nodded and said, “Okay, okay, I promise you.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s agreement, Song Ci finally allowed the anesthesiologist to administer anesthesia.

As the anesthesia entered her body, Song Ci’s consciousness was still very clear at the start. She even said to Han Zhan, “Han Zhan, I feel that television and novels are all lies. They always act the kind of plot where a person will lose consciousness immediately after being injected with a drug. Look, I’ve been injected with general anesthesia and my consciousness is still clear…”

In order to reassure Song Ci, Han Zhan praised her. “Is that so? That must be because you are a determined person.”

Song Ci was slightly smug. She said, “Of course. I don’t just gain weight when I eat. I also gain courage…” Before she could finish her sentence, Song Ci slowly closed her eyes.

Han Zhan pushed her shoulder and called out, “Baby Ci.”

Song Ci said, “…Mmm.”

After a few seconds, Han Zhan shouted again, “Song Ci.”

Song Ci was speechless.

There was no reaction.

The anesthetist was amused. “Your wife is quite interesting.”

Han Zhan asked the anesthesiologist, “Is my wife’s condition serious?”

“This is nothing. At most, this is considered a premature delivery. I have seen countless pregnant women in the Gynecology Department. This is a small problem for your wife. Don’t worry, after the surgery, I will definitely return you a lively wife and two babies crying loudly.”

Hearing the anesthetist’s words, Han Zhan felt slightly more at ease.

Song Ci’s bed was pushed into the operating theater.

The chief surgeon was the director of the Gynecology Department. He picked up the knife, glanced at Han Zhan, and said to him warningly, “Mr. Han, I am going to start the surgery now. I hope you will cooperate with me and not disturb me.”

Han Zhan nodded without answering.

Han Zhan’s heart quivered as he watched the doctor cut open Song Ci’s stomach.

It was not that he had never seen killing before. He had also used a knife to cut an enemy’s neck. He was not afraid of pain or others’ pain, but he was afraid of Song Ci’s pain.

There were many layers to a person’s skin structure, but the doctor’s scalpel was especially sharp. With just a gentle press, Song Ci’s belly was sliced open.

The incision was made horizontally and someone immediately dabbed the blood with a sterile cotton cloth.

Han Zhan watched as the assistant reached into Song Ci’s abdomen. A minute later, the doctor successfully retrieved a child.

The twins were already smaller than single babies. Moreover, Song Ci had given birth prematurely. That child was pitifully small.

Han Zhan’s heart trembled slightly when he saw his elder daughter.

The nurse hurriedly hugged the child with a towel and patted her buttocks. The child let out a soft cry like a wild cat.

Han Zhan’s heart thumped when he heard the child’s cries. He was indescribably touched.

The nurse was busy checking the child’s body and weighing it up. Meanwhile, the assistant continued to deliver the second child.

Han Zhan looked at the nurse’s desk and saw that the nurse had placed the child on the weighing board. He turned and said, “Congratulations, Mr. Han. The child is very healthy and weighs 3.4 catties.”

Han Zhan frowned at the mention of 3.4 catties.

Can this small thing really survive?

At this point, the assistant had already successfully retrieved the second baby girl.

]Upon seeing this child, the assistant exclaimed. “This girl is more domineering and more muscular.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan looked at that child born a few minutes later.

As expected, this little girl was slightly fleshy and had a little meat on her little arms. She was slightly more muscular than the little baby girl from before.

Han Zhan made a prompt decision. “The one born after is the elder sister.” Anyway, they were both born on the same day. Whoever looked stronger would be the elder sister.

The nurse took over the elder sister and carried her over for a checkup. She took the girl’s weight, before turning to Han Zhan with a smile. “Mr. Han, the eldest daughter weighs 4.5kg and is very healthy.”

Han Zhan acknowledged and didn’t look at the child much. He turned back and frowned as the doctor retrieved Song Ci’s placenta.

The surgery went smoothly.

Outside the operating theater, Han Aoyu and Zhong Buhui waited anxiously.

Han Aoyu was very anxious and his feet kept trembling gently on the ground.

By the time Song Fei and Yan Jiang arrived at the hospital, Song Ci’s surgery had already ended.

Han Zhan personally sent the two little princesses out.

Seeing Han Zhan come out, the four people waiting outside the operating theater immediately stood up and rushed over.

Han Aoyu asked, “Are the children alright? Where’s Song Ci? Is she alright?”

Song Fei and Yan Jiang asked, “How is Song Ci?”

Han Zhan looked at them and didn’t finish his sentence.

The four of them immediately fell silent.

Only then did Han Zhan say, “Song Ci’s surgery went very smoothly. Now that the surgery is over, we just need to wait for the anesthesia to clear up. As the two children are still young from premature labor, their organs are not fully developed yet. They need to be sent to the pediatric incubator.”

The doctor said that if they were not short of money, it would be best to let the child grow to six catties in the incubator before discharge.

What Han Zhan didn’t lack the most was money. For the sake of the children’s health, he would naturally let them grow up in the incubator.

As a result, the group of them sent the two little guys to the pediatric sterile ward.

As he watched the nurse carry the child away, Han Aoyu couldn’t help but say worriedly, “There are so many children inside. Could our child have been carried wrongly?”

Glancing at Han Zhan, Han Aoyu said, “After your grandmother got old, she loved to watch television dramas where they took the wrong child.” This made Han Aoyu resent the hospital for carrying the wrong child.

Hearing Old Master’s words, the nurse hurriedly said, “Old Master, what nonsense are you talking about? Every baby has their identification card on their hands. There will not be any mistake!”

With that, the nurse carried the child in.

Han Aoyu felt rather embarrassed to be lectured by a young lady.

Han Aoyu rubbed his nose, walked to a chair, sat down, and sighed. “That little guy is so small. I feel like she’s only the size of two palms. How can that be good? In the future, even if you let me hug her, I won’t dare to reach out.”

Actually, Han Aoyu wasn’t the only one who didn’t dare to carry the child. Previously, when the nurse let Han Zhan carry the child, his arms were as stiff as two rocks.

Han Aoyu was already old and staying up late was very harmful to his health. Han Zhan got his grandfather to go upstairs to the director’s lounge to lie down for a while.

Han Aoyu still refused. He said, “I have to wait for Song Lass to come out. If she doesn’t see me when she comes out, she might let her imagination run wild and think that Grandpa doesn’t love her anymore!”

Due to Song Ci’s previous depression, Old Master doted on her and was afraid of doing something that would make Song Ci depressed.

Hearing this, Song Fei and Yan Jiang’s hearts warmed.

Song Ci had truly married the right person in this life.

Seeing that he couldn’t convince his grandfather, Han Zhan could only hold his grandfather’s arm and return to the operating theater.

Song Ci finally woke up at dawn. At that time, she was unconscious.

As she was pushed out of the operating theater by the nurses, she squinted at the lights and felt uneasy.

Only when her hand was tightly wrapped by a large hand with calluses did Song Ci blurt out, “Han Zhan…”

In her daze, Song Ci heard Han Zhan grunt. Following that, her hand was kissed.

Song Ci heard another unyielding male voice interrupt. He said, “Song Lass, you’re not kind. Han Zhan isn’t the only one waiting for you. My legs were so scared by you tonight that I stayed up with them the entire night. You only remember your Brother Han when you woke up and don’t remember your grandfather?”

Song Ci thought: Who is this old guy?

How talkative.

Song Ci was sent back to the ward and really wanted to sleep, but there were people talking beside her ear. Not only did they talk, they even called her every now and then. If Song Ci didn’t say anything, they would lean over to her ear and continue calling her.

Song Ci could only acknowledge repeatedly.

After a few hours, the din finally stopped.

As for Song Ci, she had also fallen asleep.

When she woke up again, Song Ci opened her eyes and saw a black buzz cut lying beside her bed.

Song Ci turned again and saw two people sleeping on the sofa. It was Song Fei and Yan Jiang.

Song Ci felt satisfied the moment she woke up and saw her family.

“Brother Han.”

Hearing Song Ci’s voice, Han Zhan looked up.

Seeing that Song Ci was awake, Han Zhan was overjoyed. “Baby Ci, how do you feel?”

Song Ci looked slightly embarrassed and said something in a low voice.

Han Zhan didn’t hear her clearly. “What?”

Song Ci said, “A little dense.”

Han Zhan was stunned for a moment before asking, “Urine? Or feces?” Han Zhan was slightly shocked. The doctor said that pregnant women would not defecate after giving birth. If there was a feeling of constipation, it was very likely to be major bleeding.

Song Ci blushed shyly and explained softly, “It’s milk swelling!”

Han Zhan was speechless.

It was his first time being a father and Han Zhan didn’t know about breast milk at all.

Han Zhan immediately went to the maternal and infant supermarket to buy an electric pump and disinfected it.

After chasing Song Fei and Yan Jiang away, Han Zhan closed the door and let Song Ci suck out the milk with an electric pump.

But the suckers were not as effective as the baby’s. Song Ci frowned in pain but nothing was sucked out.

She abandoned her sense of shame and said to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, why don’t you try?”

Han Zhan also blushed, but still braced himself.

The milk that was sucked out was pale yellow. Han Zhan sent the two bags to the pediatric ward.

The nurse told Han Zhan, “If possible, I hope you can deliver the breast milk on time every day. If the breast milk supply is insufficient, it needs to be mixed with milk, it won’t be good for the baby’s digestive system.”

Han Zhan turned back and told Song Ci about this. Song Ci thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t we just find a house near the hospital and stay there? I will suck the milk out every day. You can find someone trustworthy to be in charge of delivering milk?”

Song Ci was a breast milk advocate. She always felt that breast milk was more suitable for human infants than goat milk. She planned to breastfeed the children until they were half a year old, before considering abstaining.

Han Zhan had no objections.

Coincidentally, the hospital was not far from the Jetta Hotel. Han Zhan arranged for Song Ci to stay in the presidential suite of the Jetta Hotel and had a confinement nanny take care of her.

Han Zhan called Ah Lun over again and was in charge of delivering milk to the children everyday.

Meanwhile, Han Zhan started running between the company, the hotel and the hospital.

They could visit the children three times a week, once on Monday, once on Wednesday, and once on Saturday. Every time Han Zhan went, he would record a video of the two little guys and bring them home for Song Ci to see.

Song Ci’s worried heart gradually calmed down as she watched the two babies grow healthier and healthier, and finally gain some weight on their faces.

But her desire to bring the baby home was even stronger.

On this day, Han Zhan got off work early and returned to the hotel. He pulled up a chair and sat down beside Song Ci’s bed.

Song Ci was also doing yoga in her confinement period. She had just finished exercising and was lying lazily in bed, not even willing to move her fingers.

Han Zhan fed Song Ci the peeled orange. “Let me tell you something.”

Song Ci opened her eyes and glanced at Han Zhan. She blinked at him, meaning for him to ask directly.

Han Zhan said, “Have you thought of a name for our children?”

Song Ci said, “Yes.”

“I plan to register the children tomorrow. Once I do, I will be able to get medical insurance. When the children are discharged, we can save 10,000 yuan by applying for medical insurance.”

Song Ci was speechless. “The richest man still lacks that 10,000 yuan?”

Han Zhan said, “I’m trying to save all that I can. I pay my taxes on time and buy medical insurance according to the rules, so my children deserves the benefits from medical insurance.”

Song Ci chuckled before saying, “The elder sister is called Han Miao, the younger sister is called Han Jun, and the future younger brother will be called Han Zhen. When the elder sister grows up, her name will be Jingyu, the younger sister will be called Youyu, and the younger brother will be called Lingyu.”

Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “How is it?”

Han Zhan had no objections.

Only one…

“Who will inherit your Old Song family’s bloodline?”

Song Ci pouted. “No matter what their surname is, they are still the grandson of my Song family. This cannot be changed.”

“Actually, I don’t have any requirements for the child’s surname. They can have the surname Song or Han.” Han Zhan asked her again, “Are you really planning to give birth again?”

“Why? You can’t afford it?”

Han Zhan sneered. “I can afford eight or ten.”

“Let’s talk about it in a few years.”

“Then let the third child bear the surname Song.”

“Anything is fine.”

The next day, Han Zhan brought his marriage certificate, admission pass, and household register to the police station to register the two girls.

The children were hospitalized for a month and a half before being discharged.

When they were discharged from the hospital, her elder sister had grown to 6.6 catties, while the younger sister was 6.1 catties.

On the day the children were discharged, Song Ci had already finished her confinement. She, Han Zhan, and Old Master Han arrived at the hospital and happily fetched the children away.

Old Master was dressed rather formally today and even put on a red down jacket.

When they were discharged from the hospital, he carried his two great-granddaughters on each side of his arms. He was so happy that the corners of his lips were almost reaching his ears.

Worried that the old man’s hand would shake and the children would fall to the ground, Song Ci and Han Zhan supported the old man from both sides.

Han Aoyu despised the two of them for looking down on him, so he scolded Han Zhan angrily. “Why? Are you looking down on an old set of bones like me? I can’t carry a gun anymore, but carrying two children shouldn’t be a problem!”

Han Zhan and Song Ci didn’t dare to make a sound. Their submissive manner made them look like primary school students being reprimanded by their teacher.

A reporter who had rushed over secretly took a few photos from the bushes. He edited the manuscript and posted it online.

[The top debutante married into a family and gave birth to two daughters prematurely. Old Master despises her for having a daughter but not having a boy?]

The accompanying photo was of Han Aoyu scolding Han Zhan angrily.

In the article, the reporter used an exaggerated script to describe Song Ci’s life after marrying into the family. It was like a television drama.

When the readers saw this article, they all knew that this reporter was exaggerating, but this didn’t stop them from being jealous. After all, not everyone was willing to see the top socialite lead a blissful life after marriage and be doted on.

Everyone was jealous. There were always people who couldn’t wait for Song Ci to suffer.

After the children and Song Ci fell asleep, Han Zhan finally had the time to sit down on the sofa and have a cup of hot tea.

Ever since the little guys were born, Han Zhan barely had any private time and rarely surfed the Internet. By the time he saw those comments online, Song Ci had already become a pitiful little girl who had married into a wealthy family and suffered all sorts of hardships.

Han Zhan found the culprit, Zhou Wen Daily, who had published the defamation news. He read it and sneered. He directly informed the deputy head of the legal department to bring up the matter of suing Zhou Wen Daily.

The more Han Zhan thought about it, the more unhappy he felt. He decided to do something to show the netizens how blissful Song Ci’s life was.

The next day, Han Aoyu woke up and saw Han Zhan standing at the door with an evil expression.

Han Aoyu glanced at Han Zhan warily, feeling uncertain. He asked Han Zhan, “Why are you standing here?”

Han Zhan smiled and suddenly asked, “Grandpa, are you interested in being a food vlog streamer?”

Han Aoyu was stunned. His eyes lit up as he rubbed his hands. “Can I? I am so old…”

“Don’t be afraid of being old. As long as you have money, your grandson can still turn you into the most popular food blogger on the Internet.”

Han Aoyu was very interested in being an internet celebrity.

As he walked towards the kitchen, he asked Han Zhan about some things to take note of as an internet celebrity.

Han Zhan told him, “Remember to praise Song Ci more and mention her more so that others will know that she is your most beloved baby!”

Didn’t they suspect that Grandpa looked down on Song Ci?

Alright then, I’ll let everyone see how much Grandpa “looks down” on Song Ci!

Hearing this, Han Aoyu understood Han Zhan’s intentions.

“Why? What kind of rumors are spreading again?” Grandpa was especially smart and immediately guessed that something had happened.

Han Zhan told Han Aoyu about what happened online.

After hearing that, Han Aoyu was especially angry. “I despise Song Lass for not being able to have a son? What kind of bullsh*t joke is this! Isn’t your mother just a lady? I treasure her so much!”

Han Aoyu put on his apron, picked up the chicken in the cage, and shouted angrily at Han Zhan, who was taking a video. “Come, aim the camera at the chicken’s neck. I want to let those people know what it means to make an example out of a chicken!”

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