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Chapter 225: I Treat You As My Little Brother

At dawn, a nurse came over to remind Yan Jiang of all sorts of things to take note of before the surgery.

Yan Jiang and Nan Ketong’s ward were next to each other. Before the surgery, Nan Ketong was very excited. His face reddened at the thought of being saved.

Nan Yiyi was also very happy to see Nan Ketong so happy.

After chatting with Nan Ketong for a while, Nan Yiyi went to the ward next door.

Yan Jiang sat calmly on the bed and played with his cell phone.

Knock knock.

Hearing the knock on the door, Yan Jiang put down his cell phone and turned to look at Nan Yiyi. He called out with a smile, “Mother.”

Nan Yiyi walked over to the bed and sat down. She reached out tentatively to shake Yan Jiang’s hand.

Yan Jiang didn’t dodge.

Nan Yiyi grew bolder. She grabbed Yan Jiang’s hand and asked, “Jiang Jiang, are you nervous?”

Yan Jiang shook his head. “It’s just a bone marrow. It’s okay.”

Nan Yiyi asked him again, “How are you feeling now? Are you feeling very uncomfortable?”

After Yan Jiang was admitted to the hospital, he was injected with medication to stimulate the growth of stem cells for four consecutive days. These days, his waist had been in constant pain and he couldn’t sleep well.

Last night, Yan Jiang even asked the doctor for painkillers.

He had rested the entire night and was in good spirits today.

Hearing Nan Yiyi’s question, Yan Jiang shook his head slightly. “It’s okay. It’s not very painful. I can endure it.”

Glancing at the time, Yan Jiang said, “It’s time to go to the operating theater.”

“Mmm, the doctor went to the operating theater to make preparations and I’m waiting for his notice.”


Nan Yiyi asked him again, “It’s time for the surgery. Aren’t you going to call Song Fei?”

“We even chatted on video just now.” Yan Jiang said, “I need to post on Weibo to record it.”

Nan Yiyi wanted to stop Yan Jiang’s actions, but felt that she had no right to do so and could only hold it in.

Yan Jiang picked up his cell phone and asked Nan Yiyi with raised brows, “Mother, do you want to take a photo with me?”

Nan Yiyi nodded.

The two of them took a photo together. Yan Jiang said, “I will take a photo with Tong Tong as a memento.”

“… Okay.”

Yan Jiang arrived at Nan Ketong’s ward.

Upon seeing Yan Jiang, Nan Ketong smiled at him, revealing his white teeth. His innocent smile was very likable.


Hearing Nan Ketong call him ‘elder brother’, Yan Jiang stopped and gave him a meaningful look.

He waved his cell phone and asked Nan Ketong, “Are you willing to take a photo with me?”

Nan Ketong nodded obediently. “Okay.”

Yan Jiang walked over, squatted beside Nan Ketong’s bed, and took a photo with him.

In front of the camera, Nan Ketong smiled sweetly and adorably.

Yan Jiang said, “I will make you look more energetic using photoshop.”

Nan Ke Tong said, “Okay.”

Yan Jiang photoshopped the photo and posted it on Weibo.

Yan Jiang: [Two pre-operative photos. Wait for our post-operative selfies. @ Ke Lan’s little fan. Picture.jpg / photo.jpg]

Ke Lan’s little fan was Nan Ketong’s Weibo name. Yan Jiang had followed him the day before yesterday.

In the photo, Yan Jiang and Nan Ketong were both wearing hospital gowns. When his fans saw this, they left messages asking him what was wrong with his body and if he was sick.

Yan Jiang answered an old fan’s question.

Yan Jiang: My younger brother has leukemia and I’m fortunate to have my bone marrow successfully compatible with hsm. There is still half an hour before the marrow transplant surgery. Wish for our surgery to be a success! / / @ Yan Family’s Little Ah Hua: Pre-operative? Shock Face. What happened to Brother Jiang? Give us an accurate reply!

After seeing Yan Jiang’s reply, many fans praised him for being kind and selfless, while others scolded him for being silly.

Everyone knew that Yan Jiang was an orphan and an only child. He didn’t have a younger brother!

Then where did this little brother who suddenly appeared come from?

Isn’t it silly to donate bone marrow to your cheap brother?

Yan Jiang closed Weibo and returned to his operating theater. He was about to turn off his cell phone and lock it in the drawer when his cell phone suddenly rang.

It was an unknown number that belonged to Wangdong City.

Thinking that an old friend had changed his number, Yan Jiang answered the call. “Hello.”

“Jiang Jiang.” Yan Rufeng’s steady voice sounded from the phone receiver.

Yan Jiang was slightly surprised to suddenly hear Yan Rufeng’s voice.

His face was cold as he said mockingly, “I don’t remember giving my cell phone number to Director Yan.”

Yan Rufeng said, “I asked Mr. Han for it.”

Yan Jiang scolded Han Zhan in his heart.

Yan Jiang remained silent and Yan Rufeng also felt awkward. Yan Rufeng said, “Are you really going to donate your bone marrow to that child?”

It looked like Yan Rufeng knew about Nan Yiyi’s current lifestyle.

Yan Jiang said, “Yes, I can’t just watch a young child die. I just need to donate some bone marrow and rest for a few months.”

Yan Rufeng sighed. “Donating the bone marrow might not pose any obvious harm to you now, but the future is uncertain. Although the doctors say that donating the bone marrow is a good thing and is harmless to the body, think about it—the bone marrow has been extracted—how can it be fine?”

“Jiang Jiang, think twice!”

Yan Rufeng couldn’t stop or influence Yan Jiang’s decision, but there were definitely drawbacks to donating bone marrow. Yan Rufeng had to remind Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang sneered and asked Yan Rufeng, “What right does a heartless and perverted man who abandoned his own flesh and blood have to persuade me to cherish my own health?”

Yan Rufeng was speechless.

“I’m hanging up.” Yan Jiang was about to hang up when he heard Yan Rufeng suddenly say, “I’m downstairs at your hospital. Can I wait for you outside the operating theater?”

Yan Jiang was shocked. “Where are you?” He thought he had heard wrongly.

Yan Rufeng said, “Downstairs at your hospital.”

Yan Jiang couldn’t resist asking, “How did you know…” Needless to say, it must be that Han Zhan again.

“Up to you!” Yan Jiang hung up stubbornly.

But Yan Rufeng could hear some anticipation in Yan Jiang’s arrogant reply.

After hanging up, Yan Rufeng alighted. When he entered the lift, he met a woman in a yellow cheongsam.

Xu Fangyuan was slightly stunned to see Yan Rufeng.

“Mr. Yan?” As the lover of Yan Yu, Xu Fangyuan had met Yan Rufeng several times when she went to Wangdong City to attend a commercial event with him.

They weren’t familiar with each other, but they had met several times.

Yan Rufeng entered the lift and pressed the button to close the door. He turned and stared at the man dressed like a reporter on the left side of Xu Fangyuan. He asked curiously, “What are you doing, Mrs. Yan?”

Xu Fangyuan smiled and said mysteriously, “To catch a poisonous scorpion!”

Yan Rufeng raised her brows and didn’t answer.

The lift stopped on the ninth floor and the two of them were about to walk out when they noticed each other’s actions. They were stunned again.

Yan Rufeng asked Xu Fangyuan, “Madam Yan, you’re also going to the ninth floor?”

“Mr. Yan too?”

Yan Rufeng nodded.

Yan Rufeng took a step back and waited for Xu Fangyuan to exit the lift before walking out behind her.

After exiting the lift, the two of them turned and walked to the right. On the right was the inpatient area, on the left was the Hematology Department, and on the right was the Neurology Department.

Standing in the middle of the two departments, Xu Fangyuan smiled and told Yan Rufeng, “Mr. Yan, I am going to the Hematology Department.”

Yan Rufeng said, “What a coincidence. I’m going to the Hematology Department too.”

Xu Fangyuan smiled again. “Shall we go together then?”


The two of them passed through a corridor and stopped at Room 15 and 16 respectively.

The door was open and they could see the scene in the ward in front of them.

Yan Rufeng saw a thin, sickly young man sitting in the ward in front of Xu Fangyuan. A beautiful woman was talking to that young man.

Meanwhile, Xu Fangyuan saw that handsome young man in the ward in front of Yan Rufeng.

Xu Fangyuan looked at Yan Rufeng and then at Yan Jiang. She suddenly understood.

Yan Rufeng’s surname was Yan. She was already in her early fifties and his lover was Han Chenyi…

Everything matched.

Xu Fangyuan couldn’t help sighing. “I really didn’t expect Nan Yiyi’s ex-husband to be Mr. Yan.”

Hearing Xu Fangyuan’s words, Yan Rufeng was rather surprised. “Madam Yan, you know Nan Yiyi?”

Xu Fangyuan’s lips curled up as she sneered. “Not only do I know her, she even gave birth to a son for my husband.”

Yan Rufeng frowned and remained silent.

Xu Fangyuan took two steps forward and knocked on Nan Ke Tong’s ward door.

Hearing the knock, Nan Yiyi and Nan Ketong turned to look at the door at the same time. At the same time, Yan Jiang also heard the knock. He looked up and saw Yan Rufeng rushing over to the hospital.

Looking at Yan Rufeng, Yan Jiang’s expression was very complicated. He didn’t call Yan Rufeng in to sit, but didn’t chase him away either.

Yan Rufeng walked in and stared at Yan Jiang’s face for a moment. He suddenly said, “You haven’t rested well these few days?”

Yan Jiang acknowledged.

Yan Rufeng added, “After the surgery, nourish yourself well. It’s not a small matter to have your bone marrow extracted.”

Yan Jiang replied, “Mmm.”

His son’s cold attitude hurt Yan Rufeng slightly.

Yan Rufeng was silent for a moment before saying, “Jiang Jiang, don’t be afraid. Father is waiting for you outside.

Yan Jiang lowered his head and didn’t respond.

Just then, there was a commotion next door.

Yan Rufeng frowned and saw Yan Jiang striding towards the room next door. He followed behind him and went to the room next door.

The room next door was packed.

Nan Yiyi, her son Nan Ketong, and the beautifully-dressed Xu Fangyuan.

Two men were standing on each side of Xu Fangyuan. One was a reporter and the other was a bodyguard.

The reporters were taking photos with their cameras and the bodyguard was also holding a cell phone with the camera aimed at Nan Yiyi.

Nan Yiyi protected Nan Ketong and fought against Xu Fangyuan.

Xu Fangyuan heard footsteps and glanced sideways at Yan Jiang, who was rushing over.

Xu Fangyuan saw Yan Jiang’s displeased expression and smiled gently. She introduced herself. “Hello, Mr. Yan Jiang. It’s our first meeting. May I introduce myself?”

Yan Jiang narrowed his eyes at Xu Fangyuan and asked her coldly, “Who are you?”

Xu Fangyuan placed her hand on her chest and said in an exaggerated tone, “I am Xu Fangyuan, the wife of your brother, Nan Ketong’s biological father!”

Yan Jiang was stunned.

From the moment Yan Jiang entered the ward, Nan Yiyi’s expression looked slightly off.

Yan Jiang didn’t have the time to observe Nan Yiyi’s reaction. He stared at Xu Fangyuan, clenched his fists, glared at her, and scolded her. “You still have the cheek to come here! Your husband deceived my mother’s feelings, deceived her heart and body, and abandoned her when she was pregnant!”

“How can you still have the cheek to strut around in this state?!”

Hearing Yan Jiang’s accusation, Xu Fangyuan blinked in confusion.

What is this?

Xu Fangyuan could understand every word that Yan Jiang said, but how could she be confused when they were put together?

Xu Fangyuan glanced at Nan Yiyi strangely and asked, “Little slut, is this how you explain Nan Ketong’s background to Yan Jiang?”

Nan Yiyi looked uneasy and didn’t answer.

Xu Fangyuan pointed at Nan Yiyi. She looked at Yan Jiang sympathetically and told him the ugly truth. “You were deceived by your mother.”

“My husband is not a scumbag who lies about marriage and relationships. That year, your mother took advantage of my husband being drunk to have a romantic time with him and secretly got pregnant with Nan Ketong! That year, when I was giving birth in the confinement period after my miscarriage, your kind and innocent mother came to my doorstep with a big belly to provoke me and flaunt that she was pregnant with a boy!”

Xu Fangyuan hated those memories.

“Do you think your mother is a good woman? A good woman would abandon her child and run away? A good woman would steal someone else’s husband?”

Xu Fangyuan snorted.

“Look at your mother’s expression. She looked like she had walked too much in the dark!”

Xu Fangyuan spoke eloquently and humiliated Nan Yiyi with just a few words.

Nan Yiyi looked up in embarrassment and saw that Yan Jiang was looking at her suspiciously.

Nan Yiyi instinctively shook her head to defend herself. “Jiang Jiang, don’t listen to Xu Fangyuan’s nonsense. She is distorting the truth!”

Yan Jiang asked softly, “Is that so?”

“It’s true, you must believe me! I was once cheated on by your father and I was injured. How could I be the third party and ruin someone else’s relationship!” With the reporters taking photos, Nan Yiyi looked very aggrieved and innocent.

Before Yan Jiang could speak, Yan Rufeng, who was standing behind him like a transparent person, suddenly walked out.

He stared at Nan Yiyi’s face and mocked her. “It has been so many years since we last met. Nan Yiyi, your ability to distort facts is getting better and better.”

Only when Yan Rufeng spoke did Nan Yiyi notice his existence.

She looked at Yan Rufeng with widened eyes.

“Ru… Rufeng…” Nan Yiyi’s eyes flickered with guilt.” Why are you here…”

Yan Rufeng said, “Don’t call me Rufeng. It’s disgusting.”

Nan Yiyi covered her mouth.

Yan Rufeng revealed a shocking truth. “28 years ago, if not for my mother’s birthday, I wouldn’t have gone home to accompany her for a drugged meal. How could you have climbed into my bed and gotten pregnant with my child?”

“Starting as the third party and ruining other people’s family happiness. If you, Nan Yiyi, claim to be second, no one will dare to claim to be first.”

After eating such a shocking piece of news, Xu Fangyuan’s expression was very interesting.

She looked at Yan Rufeng like she was looking at a good friend who was in the same boat.

Yan Jiang was stunned by Yan Rufeng’s words.

This silliness was naturally a fake expression he had purposely put on.

But he also felt it was ironic.

He had already guessed that the relationship between Nan Yiyi and Yan Rufeng was very suspicious. He was afraid that his own birth was not expected or blessed by Yan Rufeng.

Yan Jiang still felt disgusted when he heard the truth from Yan Rufeng.

He felt disgusted by Nan Yiyi’s actions.

He also felt disgusted of being the son of such a woman.

Yan Jiang’s gaze towards Nan Yiyi gradually changed.

Nan Ketong sat on the bed in a daze. He watched this scene in a daze, his heart in turmoil.

What is going on?

Nan Yiyi just kept shaking her head at Yan Jiang, wanting him to believe that she was innocent and kind-hearted.

However, the warmth in Yan Jiang’s eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced with coldness.

Xu Fangyuan felt that the scene today was not lively enough and continued to fan the flames.

Xu Fangyuan raised the document in her hand and made an exaggerated tsk-tsk sound. She said, “Mr. Yan, you don’t know that this little bitch has more tricks up her sleeve than this. What’s the big deal about climbing into a man’s bed? Not only does she love climbing into different men’s beds and having children with them, she also loves to scheme against her own son!”

At this point, Xu Fangyuan shot Yan Jiang a sympathetic look.

Yan Jiang frowned, looking slightly uneasy.

Xu Fangyuan waved the document in his hand and told everyone, “This document in my hand is a compatible HLA gene test report that must be done to replace the bone marrow. This report was done a month ago. The person being tested is Nan Ketong who is suffering from acute leukemia and…”

“Yan Jiang!”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang took a step back and leaned against the wall.

Everyone present was a cunning fox. With just one sentence from Xu Fangyuan, they thought of a deeper level.

Yan Jiang and Nan Yiyi had just reunited this month, but Nan Yiyi had tested Nan Ke Tong and her eldest son’s DNA last month.

What does this mean?

This meant that Nan Yiyi had long had designs on Yan Jiang!

Yan Rufeng understood the entire situation. He glared at Nan Yiyi and scolded. “Nan Yiyi, you’re really not human. You even schemed against your own child. Do you even have a heart?!”

Nan Yiyi was very ashamed. Her embarrassment turned into anger and she felt slightly out of sorts. She actually rushed towards Xu Fangyuan and raised her arm to slap her.

The burly man behind Xu Fangyuan pulled Xu Fangyuan behind him and hid her behind him. He raised his cell phone and purposely provoked Nan Yiyi. He actually said, “Nan Yiyi, my cell phone is currently on live-stream and there are over 8 million fans watching. If you continue to attack, you will go to jail!”

Nan Yiyi was stunned.

“What?” Her throat was hoarse as she asked sharply, “Live-stream?”

Xu Fangyuan’s head popped out from behind the burly man. She purposely stuck out her tongue to provoke Nan Yiyi. “Yes, we have been live-streaming the entire time. Our conversation just now has already been synchronized with the live-streaming platform. Now, more and more viewers are streaming into the platform.”

Nan Yiyi’s face was deathly pale and she was trembling with anger.

Xu Fangyuan was in a wonderful mood.

She added fuel to the fire. “Nan Yiyi, you’re finished. You seduced Yan Rufeng to get pregnant with his child, seduced my husband to give birth to Nan Ketong, used his existence to blackmail my husband, and got the management rights of several supermarkets from him.”

“You purposely got close to Yan Jiang, acknowledged him, and accompanied him to Disneyland. It was just a way to make him happy and make him agree to donate his bone marrow to your youngest son!”

“Nan Yiyi, I’ve never seen a woman more despicable than you.”

Nan Yiyi thought of how her perfect plan had been disrupted by that damned Xu Fangyuan. She thought of how Nan Ketong might die soon and how her eldest son, Yan Jiang, would also lose all hope in her. Nan Yiyi felt like killing someone!

Nan Yiyi suddenly turned and ran to the cupboard by the bed. Holding the fruit knife, she raised it and chased after Xu Fangyuan!

Xu Fangyuan hurriedly said to the bodyguard, “Go, go, go, don’t provoke this lunatic!”

The bodyguard was strong and muscular. Holding Xu Fangyuan in one hand, he hurried away from the disaster site like he was carrying a little chick.

They came and went in a hurry.

Nan Yiyi chased after her with a knife in hand, startling the nurses and patients in the hospital. Everyone ran up together and subdued the trembling Nan Yiyi.

The head nurse personally came over with a rope, tied up Nan Yiyi’s hands, and called the police.

Outside the ward, Nan Yiyi was pinned to the ground like a dead dog. Unable to move, she cursed.

“Xu Fangyuan, you bitch!”

“Your man is a jerk who can’t control his pants!”

“You are so vicious. You deserve to never have a son!”

Nan Yiyi was cursing wildly.

Inside the ward, the old and the young remained silent.

Yan Jiang finally snapped out of his trance and looked at the young man on the bed with a complicated and doubtful expression.

Nan Ketong lowered her head and didn’t dare to meet Yan Jiang’s eyes.

“You already knew, right?” Yan Jiang’s words came out of nowhere, but he believed that Nan Ketong could understand.

Nan Ketong remained silent and didn’t dare to look up.

The young man was still young and not a professional actor. His acting skills were flawed and he was not brave enough. His reaction was a silent admission.

Yan Jiang smiled bitterly.

He said, “I treated you as my younger brother.”

Nan Ketong suddenly started sobbing.

Yan Jiang was unmoved. He added. “These few days, I have to be injected with muscle medicine every morning and afternoon just to stimulate stem cell growth and to donate my bone marrow to you.”

“I didn’t have to bear all this pain.”

“I treated you like a younger brother.” Yan Jiang shook his head in disappointment. “But you treated me like a fool.”

Nan Ketong cried.

“I’m sorry, Brother!”

Nan Ketong covered her face with her hands and couldn’t stop crying. “I didn’t know at first. I only heard my mother talk about your successful match with me on the day you and mother went to Disneyland.”

Nan Ketong was very ashamed.

“I’m sorry, Brother. I just want to live too much!”

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