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Chapter 224: I Wasted Her Efforts

Nan Ketong still felt it was inappropriate to hear such certainty in Nan Yiyi’s voice.

He said, “I knew Yan Jiang before. He is a celebrity and very popular. He is also very hot-tempered and is famous for being difficult to deal with.”

“Mother, I feel that if he discovers your true motive, he might not agree to it.”

Nan Ketong felt that Nan Yiyi was being overly confident.

Think about it. It was already not easy for a child who had been abandoned by his mother since young to be able to let bygones be bygones.

After knowing that his biological mother had ulterior motives for treating him well, given Yan Jiang’s unyielding character, he might do something crazy.

When she heard Nan Ke Tong’s analysis, Nan Yiyi said, “You don’t understand him. I single-handedly brought him to the age of 12. I know better than anyone how soft-hearted and kind that child is.”

When Yan Jiang was very young, Nan Yiyi and Yan Rufeng quarreled once and she ran away from home in the middle of the night.

After she walked out of the district, she heard footsteps behind her. Nan Yiyi turned and saw Yan Jiang holding his little school bag and following behind her quietly.

It was so cold that Yan Jiang’s nose turned red.

Seeing that his mother had discovered him, Yan Jiang felt very uneasy. He ran up to Nan Yiyi in small steps, opened his little school bag, and brought the piggy bank that he had saved for two years to her.

At that time, the small savings was Yan Jiang’s everything.

Yan Jiang looked up at Nan Yiyi. “Mother, I have money. Let’s go to a hotel. It’s already dark and it’s not safe for a girl to be alone outside.”

At that time, Yan Jiang was only nine years old and was already very good at doting on others.

Nan Yiyi ended this touching memory. She gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said in a choked voice, “He loves me very much. He can’t bear to reject me.”

Nan Ketong frowned slightly at Nan Yiyi’s words.


Nan Yiyi replied, “I’m here.”

Nan Ketong suddenly asked, “Will you treat me the same way you treated Yan Jiang in the future?”

Nan Ketong was slightly afraid. He clenched his glass and gritted his teeth. “Mother, don’t hurt me like this. I will be very sad.”

Nan Ketong felt suffocated at the thought of being used and deceived by her own mother.

Hearing this, Nan Yiyi froze.

She rubbed her arms and gave Nan Ketong a faint smile to comfort him. “Mother loves you the most. How can I lie to you and use you? I don’t have the intention to lie to your brother. I just can’t watch you die. I have no choice.”

Nan Ketong was convinced by Nan Yiyi.

Nan Yiyi stayed in the ward with Nan Ketong until 10pm. She only returned home when she saw that he was sleepy.

Only after reaching home did she have the time to play with her cell phone.

In the past, in order to pay attention to Yan Jiang’s life, Nan Yiyi had downloaded Weibo and played it for a few years. After Yan Jiang retired from the entertainment circles and stopped acting, there were fewer and fewer trending topics related to him on Weibo. As a result, Nan Yiyi seldom used Weibo.

Yesterday, Yan Jiang’s video of her appearing together in Disneyland was posted on Weibo. It attracted many suspicions and speculations, and she did not know how the online comments were now.

Nan Yiyi was still worried about this. After taking a shower and having some time, Nan Yiyi put on a facial mask, leaned against the head of the bed, sat down, and opened Weibo.

The moment Nan Yiyi opened Weibo, she saw the trending topic # Yan Jiang’s parentage #.

Nan Yiyi opened a trending topic.

Only then did Nan Yiyi know that the netizens had dug up Yan Jiang’s background in just one day, including his perverted father and his mother who couldn’t stand the gossip and abandoned him.

With this, the entire internet knew that Nan Yiyi was a cold-hearted woman who did not want her husband and abandoned her child!

Nan Yiyi finished reading the revelations about the rain in July. Her eyes were dark and her face was dark.

Are these people all sharp-tongued?

It’s already so many years ago. Is there a point in harping on this?

Nan Yiyi threw her cell phone away in anger.

It took Nan Yiyi some time to fall asleep. After that, she had a strange dream.

She dreamed of her teenage years, following Yan Rufeng every day and chasing after his back. But his eyes and heart were filled with another person.

Nan Yiyi dreamed of the time when she first gave birth to Yan Jiang. When she was pushed out of the delivery room by the nurse, she hugged the child and smiled happily at Yan Rufeng. But Yan Rufeng frowned as he stared at the child in her arms.

All sorts of demons and monsters appeared in the dream. The contents of the dream were also in a mess. In the end, Nan Yiyi saw a little boy.

Holding a cute, honest piggy bank account, the little boy tiptoed and said to her innocently, “Mother, I will give you all the money. Don’t be sad, alright?”

Nan Yiyi was awake.

She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

She couldn’t even remember the contents of her dream, but she remembered Yan Jiang’s handsome and innocent face when she was young. Nan Yiyi covered her face with a pillow and felt a lump in her heart.

Sorry, Jiang Jiang.

Yan Jiang video-called Song Fei before he went to bed. Song Fei was still busy at the research institute. She placed her cell phone in front of an instrument and found an open field for Yan Jiang to watch her from all sides.

Yan Jiang quietly observed Song Fei in her working state. Song Fei, who was immersed in her research, looked less unruly and quiet, like a female scientist.

Yan Jiang couldn’t resist taking a screenshot of the video. He censored all the equipment and data in the screenshot and posted Song Fei on his Weibo page.

Yan Jiang: My girlfriend is so charming at work.

After posting on Weibo, Yan Jiang stared at Song Fei for a while more, before falling asleep.

The next morning, Yan Jiang woke up to find his cell phone still standing on the bedside table, leaning against the hotel’s tissue box.

He actually forgot to turn off the video last night and just fell asleep.

Reaching out, he placed his cell phone under the blanket and pressed the unlock button. Only then did he realize that his cell phone was out of battery. Yan Jiang plugged his cell phone into the charger and laid in bed for a while before getting up to wash up.

He was shaving when his cell phone rang.

Yan Jiang gritted his teeth as he walked over and picked up his ringing cell phone.

Lowering his head, he saw that it was Nan Yiyi calling. Yan Jiang pretended not to see and waited for it to finish ringing, before going back to brushing his teeth. Just as he finished brushing his teeth, his cell phone rang again.

Yan Jiang slowly walked to the bed and sat down. Just as his cell phone was about to stop ringing, he picked up the call unhurriedly.

“Jiang Jiang?” Nan Yiyi’s tone was cautious, as if she was testing his temper.

Yan Jiang stared at the glass door of the toilet and saw his reflection on the glass panel. He smiled coldly, but his voice sounded very gentle and patient. “What’s the matter, Mother?”

Hearing that Yan Jiang was still willing to call her mother, Nan Yiyi finally relaxed.

“Jiang Jiang, are you awake?”

Yan Jiang glanced at the time.

It was 8am.

As his cell phone was out of battery and his alarm clock didn’t ring, Yan Jiang woke up half an hour later than usual.

He said, “I’m awake.”

Sensing that Yan Jiang was not going to speak much today, Nan Yiyi, who was a smart person, immediately thought that Yan Jiang might have been affected by the comments on Weibo yesterday.

“Jiang Jiang, I saw Weibo.” Nan Yiyi’s voice became softer, like she was a guilty person repenting. “I am sorry.”

Yan Jiang remained silent.

He looked at the person in the glass mirror. That man’s eyes were cold and his gaze no longer held any hope for motherly love.

Yan Jiang smiled at the mirror. “Mother, it’s all in the past. Don’t mention those things again.”

Nan Yiyi was upset for a moment before saying, “I saw them say that after I left, you were often bullied by your classmates. Is that true?”

Yan Jiang didn’t deny it.

Nan Yiyi started crying on the other end of the phone. She apologized to Yan Jiang in tears. “Jiang Jiang, I really didn’t know that you were living such a life. Those children bullied you. Why didn’t you bully them back?”

Yan Jiang said faintly, “Your father is a pervert and you are a jinx. Even your mother doesn’t want you.” He paused and laughed self-deprecatingly before saying, “That’s what those people said when they bullied me.”

Nan Yiyi was so stunned that she forgot to speak.

She heard Yan Jiang say, “They’re right. I do have a perverted father and a mother who abandoned me. They didn’t do anything wrong. Why should I retort?”

Being born in such a family was a crime.

Hearing this, Nan Yiyi just cried bitterly.

Yan Jiang listened quietly, his heart as still as water.

Apart from Song Fei, very few people in this world could move his heart with just a few crocodile tears.

After Nan Yiyi was almost done crying, Yan Jiang said, “I will be going back the day after tomorrow. Mother, are you still free these two days?”

Nan Yiyi hurriedly said, “Of course I am free, Jiang Jiang.”

“Let me accompany you for a few more days then. Once I go back this time, it will be very difficult to apply for leave again.”

“Alright, I’ll make the arrangements.”

Since Nan Yiyi said that she would make the arrangements, everything was really arranged.

At noon, she brought Yan Jiang to a restaurant on sea in Feng City for lunch. In the afternoon, Nan Yiyi booked a luxurious yacht and went out to sea with Yan Jiang.

The yacht was cruising very slowly. Yan Jiang was standing on the deck fishing. Under the rays of the setting sun, his silhouette looked exceptionally stylish.

Nan Yiyi couldn’t resist taking out her cell phone and snapping a photo of Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang turned to look at Nan Yiyi and suddenly asked, “Mother, do you know how to swim?”

Nan Yiyi said, “I’ve only swam in the pool and never in the sea. I’m slightly afraid of the sea.” The sea was too big. If a person died in the sea, it wouldn’t be enough for a shark to swallow him whole.

“I don’t know how to swim.” Yan Jiang smiled at Nan Yiyi and said, “When I go back this time, I will learn how to swim.”

Yan Jiang took out his cell phone and recorded a video of the sea. After sending the video to Song Fei, he placed his cell phone on the deck.

Staring at the hooked fishing rod, Yan Jiang said, “The fish has taken the bait.”

Yan Jiang was about to put away the fishing rod, but the fish was too big and bent the rod. Yan Jiang exclaimed. “It must be a big fish!”

Seeing that Yan Jiang was struggling, Nan Yiyi walked over barefooted and said, “Let me help…”


Before Nan Yiyi could finish speaking, Yan Jiang was suddenly pulled off the railing of the yacht by the fishing rod and rolled down into the deep sea.

Nan Yiyi was stunned. She hurried over to the railing.

Holding the railing, she looked down at the sea and shouted, “Jiang Jiang! Jiang Jiang, how are you?”

Yan Jiang popped his head out and slapped the surface of the sea with both hands. He shouted in panic, “I don’t know how to swim! Mother, save me!” He opened his mouth and the seawater poured into it.

Yan Jiang didn’t dare to speak again. He struggled a few times and his body started to sink slowly.

Nan Yiyi was very anxious. She hesitated for a moment before jumping into the deep sea!

The moment she jumped into the deep sea, Yan Jiang, who was submerged in the water, suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at the person who had jumped into the sea. In a desperate situation, a dying seed suddenly sprouted.

The moment Nan Yiyi jumped into the sea, the seawater enveloped her. Her feet couldn’t step on anything and she instantly felt flustered.

Nan Yiyi popped her head out of the water. She took a deep breath and held her breath as she dived into the water.

Nan Yiyi saw Yan Jiang, but he had already sunk a distance.

Nan Yiyi was slightly hesitant.

Can I really save Yan Jiang?

It was said that drowning people would cling onto the savior tightly without letting go. There were even some who would climb up the savior’s head under their survival instincts…

Nan Yiyi took a deep look at Yan Jiang, who was sinking. She made up her mind and swam towards the yacht.

From the moment she jumped into the sea to the moment she turned to leave, Yan Jiang saw everything.

The moment Nan Yiyi turned around, something in Yan Jiang’s heart broke completely. That little sapling that had just sprouted was broken by the wind and rain again.

Nan Yiyi climbed onto the deck and started coughing.

She coughed out the seawater and suddenly heard a splash.

Nan Yiyi hurriedly stood up, ran to the railing, looked down, and saw Yan Jiang swimming out of the sea himself. His hands were tightly grabbing the deck of the cruise ship as he laid there unmoving.

Overjoyed, Nan Yiyi scrambled down, grabbed Yan Jiang’s arms, and dragged him out of the water with great difficulty.

Yan Jiang laid on the deck and narrowed his moist eyes at Nan Yiyi. “I thought I would die.”

Nan Yiyi hurriedly performed CPR on him. Nan Yiyi pressed down on Yan Jiang’s chest and saw him spewing out large mouthfuls of seawater. Only then did Nan Yiyi relax.

Nan Yiyi sat down on the wet deck and cried. “Jiang Jiang, you really scared me to death!”

Yan Jiang laid on the deck and allowed the seawater to wash over him.

He looked up at the blue sky and said, “I thought I would die in the sea.”

Beside her ear, Nan Yiyi was crying very sadly. She said, “I jumped into the sea to save you just now but didn’t see you. Where did you sink to just now?”

Didn’t see me?

She had obviously seen me and was afraid, so she decided to give up his life.

Yan Jiang thought: Nan Yiyi might have some love for me, but she will always love herself the most.

More than 10 years ago, Nan Yiyi abandoned Yan Jiang and left home because she couldn’t stand the rumors.

More than a decade later, because she was afraid that she would die in the sea, Nan Yiyi abandoned her son once again and chose to escape on her own.

Nan Yiyi’s selfishness disappointed Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang shook his head. “I don’t know. I nearly died, but I suddenly thought of Song Fei. I haven’t married Song Fei yet. How can I die?”

Love gave him strength.

Hearing this, Nan Yiyi smiled through her tears again. “Does Song Fei know that you love her so much?”

“Who knows?”

Nan Yiyi helped Yan Jiang back to his room.

After changing clothes, Yan Jiang laid on the bed. The boat swayed and Yan Jiang quickly fell asleep.

When she woke up, their yacht was already ashore.

Nan Yiyi asked Yan Jiang, “Are you hungry? Mother knows of a very delicious restaurant and wants to bring you to try their dishes.”

Yan Jiang, who had just survived a disaster, was not in good spirits. Hearing this, he acknowledged mildly, got into the car, and followed Nan Yiyi to that restaurant.

Nan Yiyi had reserved a table in advance and the dishes were ready by the time they arrived.

Nan Yiyi brought Yan Jiang into the dining room. The manager walked over from behind and smiled at Nan Yiyi. “Ms. Nan, you brought your son over for dinner again!”

Yan Jiang’s clothes were wet previously and he was wearing a simple t-shirt and black pants.

From the back, he looked somewhat like Nan Ke Tong.

The manager walked over from behind. The moment he saw Nan Yiyi standing with a young man, he mistook Yan Jiang for Nan Ketong.

In reality, the 13-year-old Nan Ketong was slightly shorter and thinner than Yan Jiang, both in terms of figure and height.

It was strange that the manager could see it wrongly.

Yan Jiang stood behind Nan Yiyi with his arms crossed. He wanted to see what would happen next.

Nan Yiyi turned back awkwardly, grabbed Yan Jiang’s hand, turned around, and said to the manager, “This is my eldest son.” She was talking about his eldest son, not his son.

Yan Jiang raised his brows and put on a doubtful expression.

The manager was slightly stunned to see a ridiculously handsome face. After recognizing Yan Jiang, the manager immediately recalled the rumors about Yan Jiang and Nan Yiyi these two days.

It looked like Yan Jiang and Nan Yiyi were really mother and son.

The manager smiled slightly and nodded at Yan Jiang. “Mr. Yan, welcome.”

“Have you prepared the dishes?” Nan Yiyi asked the manager.

“It’s already done. This way please.”

The manager personally brought Nan Yiyi and Yan Jiang to the private room.

The manager closed the door and left.

After Yan Jiang sat down, he looked down and played with his cell phone without saying a word.

Nan Yiyi carefully sized up Yan Jiang’s expression. She saw that his lips were pursed and was clearly slightly displeased.

Nan Yiyi knew what Yan Jiang was thinking.

She grabbed the disinfectant bowl and chopsticks that were covered in plastic bags and asked Yan Jiang anxiously, “Jiang Jiang, what’s the matter?”

Yan Jiang put down his cell phone.

The cell phone landed on the table with a loud thud.

Nan Yiyi’s brows twitched, but she pretended to be calm and smiled. “Jiang Jiang, are you angry?”

Yan Jiang leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs. He tapped the back of his cell phone gently and narrowed his eyes at Nan Yiyi. Holding back his anger, he asked her, “I am your eldest son. Who is your youngest son?”

Nan Yiyi remained silent as panic flashed across her face.

He had indeed sensed something amiss.

Yan Jiang questioned Nan Yiyi. “Do you have another son?”

Nan Yiyi bit her lower lip so hard that it was bleeding.

Unable to get Nan Yiyi’s reply, Yan Jiang picked up his cell phone and got up to leave.

Seeing that Yan Jiang was about to leave, Nan Yiyi panicked and hurriedly said, “Jiang Jiang, I have another son!”

Yan Jiang stood rooted to the ground.

With his back facing Nan Yiyi, Yan Jiang’s lips curled into a devilish smile.

He knew very well that Nan Yiyi had brought him to this restaurant to let him know that she had a son. As a person with a bad temper, Yan Jiang naturally had to make an issue out of it.

Nan Yiyi walked over in her high heels. She grabbed Yan Jiang’s hand and pulled him back to his seat.

Yan Jiang sat down and lowered his head without looking at Nan Yiyi.

Nan Yiyi observed Yan Jiang’s reaction carefully, but he didn’t want to look up, so Nan Yiyi couldn’t guess his mood.

Nan Yiyi said softly, “I do have a son. He is 10 years younger than you and 13 years old this year.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang sneered and said in a sarcastic manner, “You’ve only left me for two years and already had a child with someone else. Mother, you’re so quick and have such a good mentality.”

Yan Jiang’s words were like thorns of roses piercing Nan Yiyi’s heart.

But Nan Yiyi didn’t dare to say anything.

Yan Jiang took out his cigarette case and started smoking.

She placed her hand under the table and pinched the back of her left hand with her right hand. It hurt badly. Nan Yiyi cried. She complained to Yan Jiang, “Jiang Jiang, it’s not what you think. Mother was deceived by a man!”

Holding the cigarette between his fingers, Yan Jiang exhaled a puff of smoke at Nan Yiyi. “What happened?”

Nan Yiyi said, “I came to Feng City and was a cashier at a nightclub. As I was slightly pretty, I was targeted by the nightclub boss.”

“He… He forced me to have sex with me. After that, he coaxed me and said that he liked me and couldn’t control himself, so he did something wrong.”

“That man looks well-dressed and is very good at coaxing women. Meanwhile, after being hurt by your father, it’s rare for me to meet an outstanding man again, so I was moved.”

“I got pregnant very quickly. We were planning to have the child. When the child was seven months old, that man suddenly went missing.”

“I gave birth to the child alone. Later on, I realized that the boss was already married and came from a very powerful family. His wife is also a lady from a wealthy family of equal social status.”

Nan Yiyi lowered her head in tears. She sobbed and said intermittently, “I was deceived by that man and even had a child with him. What can I do after knowing the truth? I can’t possibly break up someone else’s family!”

“All these years, I’ve brought your brother up to this point alone. It hasn’t been easy for me either.”

Nan Yiyi hurriedly took a few tissues to wipe her tears.

She was crying very sadly and her words sounded very sincere. If Yan Jiang had not investigated Nan Yiyi’s past, he might really have believed her.

But knowing the truth, watching Nan Yiyi’s performance was like watching a clown.

He was already sick of Nan Yiyi, but Yan Jiang’s ultimate goal had yet to arrive. He could only endure it.

Yan Jiang looked indignant as he asked angrily, “Who is that man?!”

Nan Yiyi shook her head. “How many years has it been? I’ve already waved goodbye to my previous life. I won’t think about those people and those things anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter who that man is anymore.”

“What’s important is the present and the future. To me, the most important people now are you and your brother.”

Her words were sincere, but Yan Jiang felt so disgusted that he wanted to vomit.

Yan Jiang took a few deep breaths to calm down before asking Nan Yiyi, “What’s his name… that child?”

Nan Yiyi said softly, “Nan Ketong.”

“Nan Ketong…” Yan Jiang suddenly smiled.

Nan Yiyi looked up in surprise and stared at Yan Jiang, who was holding a cigarette and smiling like a demon. She felt puzzled. “What are you laughing at, Jiang Jiang?”

“Why didn’t you bring him over to meet me?” Yan Jiang snorted. “The last time I went to your house, you told me that you lived alone. If you lived alone, what about that child? He couldn’t have been fetched by his father, right?”

Nan Yiyi’s eyes reddened slightly. She shook her head and said, “No, Tong Tong…”

“Tong Tong…”

Nan Yiyi couldn’t utter a complete sentence.

Yan Jiang frowned. After Nan Yiyi calmed down, he asked, “What happened to him?”

Nan Yiyi said sadly, “He is ill and has leukemia. He is still hospitalized.”

Yan Jiang fell silent.

In the private room, only Nan Yiyi’s sobs could be heard.

After a long while, Yan Jiang said despondently, “Now that medical skills are advanced, there must be a way to treat leukemia.”

“Yes, if we change the bone marrow, there is still a chance of survival.”

“Change then.” Yan Jiang looked at Nan Yiyi’s jewelry and said, “Are you short of money? If you are short of money, I can give it to you. I have also made a lot of money these few years.”

Nan Yiyi’s heart warmed slightly.

She shook her head. “Thank you, Jiang Jiang. Your brother will be very happy to know that you have such intentions. I am not short of money, but…”

Nan Yiyi looked hesitant. “It’s just that after that man’s wife found out about Tong Tong, in order to completely kill us, she contacted the higher-ups and cut off the source of his bone marrow.”

Yan Jiang frowned. “We are in a society ruled by law now. How capable must she be to dare to do such a thing? She is committing murder!”

Nan Yiyi was relieved to see Yan Jiang’s indignant expression as he defended his brother.

Since Yan Jiang cared so much about his younger brother, he should agree to donate his bone marrow to Tong Tong.

Nan Yiyi said, “We can’t win against him with our thin arms. That man’s family is so powerful that we really can’t compete with him. Jiang Jiang, you have also been in the entertainment circle for a few years. You should understand that sometimes, power can indeed control everything.”

Yan Jiang remained silent.

The older one was, the more they could recognize reality.

Yan Jiang was indignant again. He said, “Are we just going to wait for him to die? How old is he? 13? Or 14? He is still at such a young age and the excitement of his life has yet to start. How cruel is it to just leave like this…”

Nan Yiyi nodded in agreement. “Yes, I feel terrible at the thought of Tong Tong dying.”

Yan Jiang remained silent for a moment before asking, “Is there no other way?”

Nan Yiyi bit her lips and hesitated.

Yan Jiang lost his temper and growled at Nan Yiyi. “Tell me, why are you hiding it!”

Nan Yiyi told Yan Jiang, “I have already done an HLA match with Tong Tong, but the results are not ideal. There might be a serious rejection after the surgery.”

“If the rejection is too big, he won’t be able to keep his life.”

Nan Yiyi’s shoulders shrank as she said in a small voice, “Perhaps… perhaps you can give it a try. You are his elder brother and your blood type is the same. Both of you have Type A blood. Perhaps you can match his HLA?”

With that, Nan Yiyi secretly observed Yan Jiang’s reaction.

Yan Jiang remained expressionless and just smoked quietly.

He took another stick.

Nan Yiyi couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help reminding Yan Jiang in a low voice, “Jiang Jiang, don’t smoke so much. Smoking is bad for your health. For you and Song Fei to be better, don’t smoke so much.”

Hearing Song Fei’s name, Yan Jiang extinguished the cigarette and threw it into the teacup.

He suddenly stood up and asked Nan Yiyi, “Which hospital?”

Nan Yiyi was overjoyed.

“Are you going to visit your brother?”

“Go for a compatible checkup.”

Nan Yiyi couldn’t conceal the joy on her face.

“I will bring you there now!”

Nan Yiyi practically jogged as she brought Yan Jiang out of the restaurant.

In the hospital, Nan Ketong knew that Yan Jiang was coming to visit him and was slightly nervous.

He waited anxiously for dozens of minutes before Yan Jiang and Nan Yiyi arrived.

Nan Yiyi pushed open the ward door and turned to Yan Jiang. “Jiang Jiang, this is your younger brother, Tong Tong.”

Yan Jiang entered the room and sized up the young man on the bed.

The young man was 13 or 14 years old. He looked handsome for the first time. He had a very prominent nose and exquisite facial features. But because of his illness, his face was pale and his lips were cyanotic.

Due to the chemotherapy, Nan Ketong had lost all his hair, but the young man loved beauty and put a hat on his head to cover his ugly bald head.

Yan Jiang stared at this young man and remained silent.

Nan Ketong recognized Yan Jiang. He looked at Nan Yiyi helplessly.

Nan Yiyi gave him a reassuring smile. “Tong Tong, this is your elder brother. He is a big star. You must know him.”

Nan Ketong had already found out about Yan Jiang’s identity from Nan Yiyi, but he had to act like he had just found out that his elder brother was Yan Jiang.

Nan Ketong was stunned. She stammered. “Brother… Brother? Yan Jiang is my brother?”

Nan Yiyi nodded.

Nan Ketong gazed at the tall, handsome Yan Jiang. He blushed and lowered his head in embarrassment.

Nan Yiyi turned and smiled apologetically at Yan Jiang. “Tong Tong is rather shy.”

Yan Jiang said, “Mmm, I can tell.”

Yan Jiang wasn’t familiar with Nan Ketong. In addition, Nan Ketong looked sickly and looked like he would die the next second. Yan Jiang didn’t dare to speak to him.

He went straight to the doctor to get a blood sample and sent it to Nan Ketong for a compatible examination.

The results were out. The match was a success!

Holding this medical report, Nan Yiyi cried tears of joy.

She grabbed Yan Jiang’s arm and cried and smiled at him. “Jiang Jiang, this is great. You and Tong Tong are compatible. Tong Tong won’t die now!”

Yan Jiang replied, “Mmm.”

After knowing that his elder brother had successfully matched with his HLA, Nan Ketong was slightly stunned by this pleasant surprise. He suppressed his excitement and asked Nan Yiyi, “Mother, I won’t die?”

Nan Yiyi turned to look at Yan Jiang before nodding at Nan Ke Tong.

Nan Ketong looked up at Yan Jiang and grinned at him, revealing a few white teeth. “Brother, thank you!”

Yan Jiang’s heart quivered slightly at this address.

Yan Jiang was troubled. Returning to the hotel, he told Song Fei about Nan Ketong.

Song Fei saw the hesitation in Yan Jiang’s eyes and understood his intentions. “Are you soft-hearted?”

Yan Jiang instinctively said, “He’s still so young and hasn’t even started his life… You don’t know how complicated my feelings were when I heard him call me elder brother.”

Song Fei took a deep look at Yan Jiang and asked him, “Are we still going according to the original plan?”

Yan Jiang said, “The plan remains unchanged.”


Before the bone marrow surgery, Yan Jiang had more than 10 days to prepare. During this period, he had to draw a few hundred milliliters of blood in advance so that he could replenish his energy after the surgery.

Yan Jiang made two trips to the hospital and stored 600 milliliters of blood. On the fourth day before the surgery, Yan Jiang was admitted to the hospital for the final injection to stimulate the growth of stem cells.

Late at night, in the Yan Family’s master bedroom.

Xu Fangyuan and Yan Yu had just ended their lovemaking session. She was sweating profusely and feeling very uncomfortable. Xu Fangyuan went to the toilet to take a shower. When she came out, she saw her cell phone glowing.

Xu Fangyuan picked up her cell phone and realized that her WeChat was flashing.

Xu Fangyuan opened her WeChat and saw a friend called F. She had sent her a few messages.

F: [Mrs. Yan, I saw that bitch Nan Yiyi at the hospital today. Her celebrity elder son seems to have successfully matched with her youngest son and is planning to undergo a marrow transplant tomorrow.]

F: [This is the testing information sent to me by a relative of my hospital’s Blood Testing Department. Look, a month ago, Nan Yiyi secretly did Yan Jiang and Nan Ketong’s HLA compatibility test.]

F: [I think that Nan Yiyi purposely acknowledged Yan Jiang because she wanted her elder son’s bone marrow to save her younger son! Mrs. Yan, this cannot succeed. If it really succeeds, Nan Yiyi will definitely bring her youngest son and fight it out with you.]

F: [But Yan Jiang is really pitiful.]

Xu Fangyuan was so overwhelmed by this news that she forgot to ask who exactly F was. She just thought that it was a WeChat message from an unfamiliar friend she had accidentally added in the past.

Xu Fangyuan zoomed in on that test report and saw that it was indeed from last month. She was instantly energized.

Changing marrow?

You want to use your eldest son’s bone marrow to save your youngest son so that you can fight for the inheritance with my daughter?

Alright, this old lady will make you waste your efforts!

Special Note: I found a bug. Nan Yiyi left Yan Jiang when he was 12 years old. That child should be at least 10 years younger than Yan Jiang. As a result, I changed Nan Ketong’s age to 13.

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