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Chapter 226: I Won’t Donate This Bone Marrow

“I’m sorry, Brother. I just want to live too much!”

Nan Ketong cried as he spoke. His pitiful manner was heartbreaking.

Yan Jiang stared at the young man coldly with a dark expression.

A moment later, Yan Jiang snorted.

Hearing the laughter, Nan Ketong looked up in confusion. Staring at Yan Jiang’s mocking smile, Nan Ketong’s face burned with embarrassment.

Yan Jiang said, “You wanted to live, so you joined your mother in deceiving me. Nan Ketong, at such a young age, who taught you to deceive your own family?”

Hearing Yan Jiang’s question, Nan Ketong’s lips quivered for a long while, but she couldn’t say a word.

Obviously, he also knew that lying to Yan Jiang was wrong.

He knew that it was wrong but still wanted to do it. This was selfishness!

At this moment, the doctor walked in.

On the way here, the doctor had already heard the nurses talking about Nan Yiyi and the rest. After entering the ward, the doctor looked at Nan Ketong and Yan Jiang.

He asked Yan Jiang, “Mr. Yan, are we still performing this surgery?”

Yan Jiang pursed his lips and remained silent.

The doctor didn’t urge him.

Nan Ketong acutely sensed the hesitation in his elder brother’s heart. He had to seize the opportunity to melt Yan Jiang’s heart before he made up his mind.

Nan Ketong started crying.

Yan Jiang glanced at the child.

Nan Ketong said tearfully, “Brother, it doesn’t matter even if you don’t want to save me. Anyway, there’s a possibility of rejection after the marrow swap surgery. It’s still uncertain if I can survive. Moreover, Mother and I were the ones who deceived you first. It’s normal for you not to be willing to give me your marrow.”

“I’m fine. Anyway, this illness has tormented me so much that I wish I were dead. It’ll be better if I can leave all of this behind sooner.”

Nan Ketong wiped her tears and looked up at Yan Jiang with reddened eyes. He had actually pleaded for mercy for Nan Yiyi.

Nan Ketong said, “Brother, don’t blame Mother. She also loves you. All these years, my mother has always mentioned you to me. She said that Brother is very smart and very kind. He knew how to dote on her when he was young.”

“Mother said that the thing she regrets the most in her life is abandoning you and running away from home alone.”

“Brother, when Mother left you back then, she was also forced into a corner. I don’t beg you to forgive Mother. I just hope that after I die, you can occasionally come and accompany Mother. She is too lonely.”

“I am very happy to be with my elder brother these few days. I used to envy those children who had elder brothers. Now, I also have an elder brother.”

“Brother, thank you for being willing to accompany me.”

After saying that, Nan Ketong lowered his head to wipe his tears.

Nan Ketong’s words were sincere and moved one to tears. The eyes of the two young nurses behind the doctor had already reddened and the doctor fell silent.

Amidst the silence, Yan Jiang spoke. “I am relieved that Tong Tong understands me.”

Nan Ke Tong:!

He looked up in shock and stared at the cold Yan Jiang in a daze.

Yan Jiang actually rejected me?


Yan Jiang had taken an unusual path and actually refused to donate his bone marrow. This stunned Nan Ketong, who had originally planned to put on a pitiful act.

Yan Rufeng raised her brows and looked at Yan Jiang with a smile in his eyes.

Yan Jiang said to Nan Ketong, “You collaborated with Nan Yiyi to deceive me. Of course I won’t donate my bone marrow to a little liar.”

Turning to look at the doctor, Yan Jiang nodded apologetically. “Sorry doctor, I won’t donate this bone marrow.”

Although the doctor was surprised, he could understand.

But as a doctor, the doctor still hoped to save every patient.

He looked at Nan Ke Tong’s youthful face and saw the reluctance and determination in the young man’s eyes. The doctor couldn’t bear it.

The doctor couldn’t help thinking and said to Yan Jiang. “Mr. Yan, look. This donated bone marrow shouldn’t be too harmful to the body. After the surgery, you will recover after a few months of rest. But your bone marrow can save a life.”

“Not to mention, Nan Ketong is still your younger brother. Even if he is an ordinary stranger, we hope that you will be generous enough to donate your bone marrow when the genome is suitable.”

“Saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda.”

A doctor was a benevolent doctor. He would save anyone he could, but Yan Jiang was a ruthless person.

He said, “I’m sorry, I’d rather donate my bone marrow to a stranger than to a selfish, naughty child.”

Considering that he had prepared for such a long time in order to donate this broken bone marrow, and now that he had even injected it with stem cell medicine, it would be a waste if he just said no.

Yan Jiang suddenly said to the doctor, “I will donate the bone marrow as usual, but the beneficiary cannot be Nan Ketong.”

Glancing meaningfully at Nan Ke Tong, Yan Jiang said firmly, “Look again and see if there are any other patients with leukemia whose genes are compatible with mine. I am willing to donate my bone marrow to other patients!”

With that, Yan Jiang left Nan Ketong’s ward.

Arriving at the corridor, Yan Jiang heard a commotion. He turned to look at the end of the corridor and saw the police dragging the knife-wielding Nan Yiyi away.

Yan Jiang walked towards Nan Yiyi and the rest.

Yan Jiang strode quickly and blocked the police officer’s path. He said politely, “Officer, this is my mother. I have a few words to say to her. Please excuse me.”

Yan Jiang was once an artist and now a forensic doctor. That police officer was even an old fan of his.

That fan said, “Whatever you have to say, you can only say it here.”

It was impossible for the police to allow a dangerous person holding a knife to leave their sight.


Yan Jiang took a step forward and his toes nearly touched Nan Yiyi’s toes.

Nan Yiyi still didn’t know that Yan Jiang had rejected the offer to donate his bone marrow to Nan Ketong. Upon seeing Yan Jiang, Nan Yiyi’s eyes lit up. “Jiang Jiang, I might not be able to send it out anytime soon. I’ll leave your brother to you!”

Yan Jiang shook his head.

Nan Yiyi was slightly confused. “What’s the matter?” She felt slightly flustered.

Yan Jiang smiled slightly. “I won’t donate my bone marrow to Nan Ketong.”

Nan Yiyi was shocked. Her eyes widened as she questioned Yan Jiang in shock and anger. “Why! Yes, I lied to you, but that’s your younger brother! Your younger brother is about to die and you can clearly save him. Why didn’t you save him!”

Yan Jiang snorted. “Why should I save him? Why should I save a little demon who has learned to deceive others at such a young age?”

“I can save people, but I don’t save stupid things.”

Nan Yiyi was enraged. “Yan Jiang, you are inhuman!” Due to Yan Jiang’s rejection, Nan Yiyi suddenly tore off her gentle facade and scolded him.

“You are a jerk. You don’t even want to save your own brother. You are truly vicious and heartless!”

“How did I have a son like you!”

“You are too disappointing!”

Nan Yiyi, who had been holding Yan Jiang’s hand this morning and asking about his well-being, suddenly seemed to have transformed into a different person.

All sorts of nasty insults came out of Nan Yiyi’s mouth.

After Nan Yiyi finished scolding him, Yan Jiang said nonchalantly, “Selfish, heartless, and vicious. These are all good qualities that I inherited from you, Mother.”

With a wicked smile, Yan Jiang added, “Nan Yiyi, ask yourself honestly— are you really saving Nan Ketong out of love?”

Nan Yiyi’s pupils constricted. “What do you mean?”

Yan Jiang said, “You want to save him because you are just using him as a tool. A tool to snatch the assets of the Yan Family from Xu Fangyuan and her daughter.”

Yan Jiang leaned over and looked at Nan Yiyi’s trembling pupils up close. He grinned and said in her ear, “Nan Ketong will die and your noble wife’s dream will also shatter. How are you feeling?”

With that, without waiting for Nan Yiyi to react, Yan Jiang stood up and looked up at the police officers. “Thank you for your accommodation. We are done talking.”

The police officers escorted Nan Yiyi away.

Yan Jiang turned and saw Yan Rufeng standing behind him with an unreadable expression. He raised an eyebrow at him.

Leaning against the wall, Yan Jiang asked Yan Rufeng, “What are you trying to say? Are you trying to say that I am heartless? That I am inferior to pigs and dogs? That I can’t even save my own brother?”

Yan Rufeng shook his head.

“Oh, then what are you trying to say?”

Yan Rufeng walked up and grabbed Yan Jiang’s arm. “I want to say that if you’re not feeling well, just lie down and rest more. Don’t just stand there.”

Yan Jiang was stunned.

He looked down at Yan Rufeng’s pleased expression and suddenly smiled. “Yan Rufeng, you disgust me even more than Nan Yiyi.”

Yan Rufeng said, “Mmm, I guess so. After all, I am a pervert.”

Yan Jiang’s vision suddenly blurred. He slapped Yan Rufeng’s hand away and walked slowly back to the ward.

I don’t need a father.

My parents were long dead and the grass around their graves were three meters tall.

That afternoon, a patient who was compatible with Yan Jiang’s gene was transferred to the First People’s Hospital in Feng City. She was a young girl only two years old.

She had a pair of clear black eyes and a smile on her face that revealed her pearly white teeth.

Before the surgery, Yan Jiang met the little girl. She already knew how to speak. She greeted him obediently. “Uncle.”

Yan Jiang corrected her. “You have to call me elder brother.”

The little girl pointed at the roots of Yan Jiang’s beard. “Beard, Uncle.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

Yan Jiang had no choice but to agree, as he could not throw his temper at the little girl.

At 10am in the morning, Yan Jiang was pushed into the operating theater. After being injected with anesthesia, he didn’t know anything.

When he woke up and opened his eyes, he realized that he had already returned to the ward.

A slender girl was standing by the window of the ward.

Yan Jiang blinked and got used to the glaring afternoon sun. Only then did he recognize that it was Song Fei.

Song Fei was wearing a red leather jacket with a red and black checkered blouse. Her long, slender legs were wrapped under black tight pants.

Her long black hair was tied into a high ponytail. She didn’t have any makeup on, but she was wearing a pair of black diamond earrings.

Song Fei did a shooting pose toward Yan Jiang, when she saw him wake up.

Yan Jiang chuckled. “Ah Fei.” When he opened his mouth to speak, Yan Jiang realized that his voice was hoarse.

Song Fei walked over and grabbed Yan Jiang’s hand.

“Don’t speak.”

Yan Jiang really remained silent.

Yan Jiang fell asleep again. The next time he woke up was that night. Yan Jiang smelled an alluring fragrance. He slowly sat up and saw Song Fei sitting by the small table eating spicy soup!

How cruel!

Yan Jiang secretly swallowed and asked softly, “Ah Fei, can we go out to eat?”

Song Fei said, “If I eat in the ward, I’ll only tempt you. If i eat outside, I’ll tempt everyone in the hospital. What do you think?”

Yan Jiang rubbed his tummy.

“I’m also hungry.”

Song Fei put down her chopsticks, got up, walked to Yan Jiang’s bed, cupped the back of his head with one hand, lowered her head, and kissed him on the lips.

Yan Jiang’s eyes widened.

After kissing for a while, Song Fei released Yan Jiang and asked him calmly, “Are you still hungry?”

Staring at Song Fei’s slender figure, Yan Jiang answered, “I’m even hungrier.” It could be said that he was very hungry.

Song Fei understood Yan Jiang’s hint. She said, “Rest for two weeks and recover your lost bone marrow. We will have a good meal then.”

Yan Jiang was very sad.

Song Fei carried the spicy soup and continued eating. Yan Jiang rubbed his hungry stomach and asked her, “How is Teacher Fu’s work progressing?”

Song Fei said, “The results are out. We are one step closer to completely curing the Ebola virus. I feel that we will be able to develop the antidote in less than two years.”


“Of course.”

Song Fei threw away the spicy soup and returned to the ward. She retrieved a food container from the shelf.

The food container was filled with porridge, meat and salt. Yan Jiang ate a big bowl.

“When can I be discharged?”


“That little girl, was the surgery successful?”

Song Fei nodded. “It succeeded. I heard that it was very effective, but it depends on whether there will be any rejection later on.”

“That’s good.”

Yan Jiang couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. His lips parted and closed several times.

Taking in Yan Jiang’s hesitant expression, Song Fei knew what he was thinking. She suddenly said, “Yan Rufeng will undergo a gastrectomy tomorrow. Han Qingshen personally came over this afternoon to bring him back.”

Yan Jiang was shocked. “The surgery is tomorrow?”


He frowned and complained. “He’s about to undergo surgery. Why was he still running around?”

Song Fei looked at Yan Jiang with a complicated expression. “Why do you think?”

What could it be for?

It was all because he still remembered Yan Jiang. He would be worried if he didn’t see him.

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