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Chapter 216: May I Trouble You to Sign the Divorce Agreement

Just as they were about to leave the theater, Su Huanyan suddenly called out to Song Ci.

“Song Ci.”

Hearing this, Song Ci turned to look at Su Huanyan. “What’s the matter?”

Su Huanyan sized Song Ci up seriously. She was relieved to see that Song Ci didn’t look sad or distressed. Instead, she looked like she was in a good mood.

Su Huanyan said gently, “Song Ci, just look and forget about those revelations on Weibo. Don’t let it hurt your heart. Moreover, you are now Han Zhan’s official partner. Even if she, Du Xueyan, wants to turn back, she will still be a mistress. You also saw what happened to her just now. She will drown in the sea.”

Song Ci had already gotten over what happened that day. Hearing Su Huanyan’s words, she felt rather amused. She smiled and replied, “I’ve never wronged myself. I will take revenge on whoever that offends me.”

With that, Song Ci thought of Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo.

At the thought that Cheng Yanmo still had Mu Qiu in his heart, Song Ci felt slightly aggrieved for Su Huanyan. “Huanyan, how are you and Mr. Cheng?”

Song Ci really treated Su Huanyan as a friend. She still hoped that Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo could really fall in love. Only then would Su Huanyan not feel lonely for the long years to come.

Husband and wife had to walk hand in hand for the rest of their lives. If the two of them didn’t have any feelings for each other, that life would be very difficult.

“Us?” Su Huanyan and Cheng Yanmo had a business marriage to begin with. They each took what they needed, so there was no need to talk about it. They respected and understood each other, and they got along rather well.

Su Huanyan saw that Song Ci was an exquisite lady and didn’t avoid some things from her. She told Song Ci frankly, “Yanmo and I don’t have any relationship foundation. We’re just making do. Although Yanmo is slightly cold, he still respects me quite a bit. That’s enough.”

She was rather open-minded.

Hearing Su Huanyan’s words, Song Ci understood that she didn’t have any feelings for Cheng Yanmo and felt relieved instead. She was afraid that Su Huanyan might have feelings for Cheng Yanmo, but there was someone else in his heart.

As Song Ci thought this, she heard Su Huanyan suddenly ask, “Song Ci, do you know about Cheng Yanmo and Mu Qiu?”

Song Ci was stunned.

Unexpectedly, Su Huanyan even knew about Mu Qiu! As expected of a daughter from the Su Family, there was no such thing as an innocent person!

Song Ci didn’t know whether to nod or shake her head, so she remained silent.

Her silence made Su Huanyan understand everything. “Don’t think too much. I didn’t mean anything else. I was just asking. Moreover, I can’t control what happened to Yanmo before our wedding. As long as he doesn’t mess around after the wedding and can give me the respect I deserve, I don’t have any other requests.”

Song Ci walked to the metal chair in the square in front of the theater and sat down. She touched her cell phone awkwardly and asked Su Huanyan, “Huanyan, how did you know about Mu Qiu and Mr. Cheng?”

Su Huanyan’s answer was very mysterious. She said, “If you love someone, you can’t hide your gaze. If you don’t love someone, you can’t fake your gaze either.”

On the night of their wedding, Cheng Yanmo hugged her lovingly. Later on, when he slept in a daze, Su Huanyan heard Xiao Qiu’s name from his mouth.

Su Huanyan secretly got someone to investigate that Xiao Qiu’s identity.

The reason why she wanted to investigate that Xiao Qiu’s identity was not because she was jealous of Xiao Qiu and wanted to eliminate her completely. It was because she wanted to understand what kind of girl her husband used to love.

The information she found shocked Su Huanyan. She didn’t expect that Xiao Qiu was actually the youngest daughter of the Mu Family and Song Ci’s younger sister, Mu Qiu.

Su Huanyan also treated Song Ci as a friend. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken the initiative to ask about Mu Qiu and Cheng Yanmo.

Su Huanyan told Song Ci, “I also want that kind of love between you and Mr. Han, but Song Ci, love is not something you can have just because you want it. I am now looking forward to the safe birth of the child. In the future, I will bring him to see the world and seriously lead a good life for us.”

As she spoke, Su Huanyan’s expression was as calm as water. Her heart was truly as still as water. She didn’t have any expectations for love, but it could also be said that she had lost all expectations for love.

Song Ci suddenly realized that Su Huanyan was also a person with a story. Her gentle but determined eyes hid her past and secrets that she refused to tell.

“Alright, let’s go eat. It’s time to go back for lunch.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Song Ci brought Su Huanyan to the restaurant where she had lunch with Han Zhan previously.

After lunch, the two of them bid each other farewell and returned home.

The car stopped in the garage of the villa. Song Ci alighted and heard the sound of wheels turning.

She looked up in surprise and saw Zhong Buhui driving Old Master home.

After the car stopped steadily, Song Ci walked over, opened the car door, and helped Grandpa out.

“Lass Song, did you have lunch outside?” Han Aoyu was afraid that Song Ci hadn’t eaten.

Song Ci nodded and told Grandpa, “I went to eat steamed chicken with Su Huanyan. What about you, Grandpa? Are you going out to play?”

[fuzzy]”Mmm, I went to meet someone.”

Han Aoyu alighted and put on a sunhat.

Seeing that Song Ci wasn’t wearing a hat or holding an umbrella, Han Aoyu placed the hat on Song Ci’s head. “Why didn’t you bring an umbrella when you went out? It’s such a big sun out there. Don’t get tanned.”

“Thank you, Grandpa!”

Song Ci helped Han Aoyu into the house.

She had broken out in a sweat while strolling outside in the morning. After returning home, Song Ci took a shower and took an afternoon nap. When she woke up, she saw that Shen Yubei had sent her a message on WeChat.

Shen Yubei: [Come over when you are free. I have created a new song. You have the right to hear it before anyone else does.]

Song Ci stared at this message and felt that something was off.

Why does this sound so arrogant?

Song Ci felt like she had overlooked something.

What is it?

It was already 9pm by the time Han Zhan returned home that night. He had showered but didn’t sleep. Instead, he was sitting at the head of the bed reading something on his cell phone.

Song Ci saw that Han Zhan was playing with his cell phone and thought to herself, Could it be that there’s a little lover living in his cell phone?

Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan’s cell phone screen and saw that he was looking at ladies’ jewelry.

“Buying jewelry for me?” Song Ci’s eyes were sparkling.

]Han Zhan pulled Song Ci into his arms and asked, “Which one do you like?”

Song Ci loved those gorgeous things. Hearing this, she pointed at a set of blue Tanzanite jewelry and said, “I like this.”

“I knew you loved this.” It was big, flashy, and exaggerated.

Han Zhan immediately placed an order for that set of jewelry. The address was a villa halfway up the hill.

Song Ci was overjoyed.

“My Godmother Mo Yao is celebrating her birthday. She likes to collect jewelry and I am choosing a birthday present for her. Baby Ci, you have high standards. Tell me, what present should I give her?”

Song Ci said, “I received an invitation to a jewelry auction a few days ago. It will be held the night after tomorrow. Shall we go and take a look?”

Han Zhan thought about it and nodded. “Alright.”

Hearing Han Zhan mention the word birthday, Song Ci felt like she had forgotten something. She thought for a moment and suddenly slapped Han Zhan’s arm.

Han Zhan was shocked.

“What’s the matter?”

“My teacher’s birthday is tomorrow!” Song Ci had actually forgotten Shen Yubei’s birthday!

Shen Yubei had specially sent that message to Song Ci today. He didn’t want her to listen to his new song! He was arrogant and didn’t mean what he said. He actually wanted to invite her to celebrate his birthday with him!

“Teacher Shen’s birthday tomorrow?” Han Zhan looked down and asked Song Ci, “Have you prepared a birthday present for Teacher Shen?”

Song Ci was slightly embarrassed. “I forgot. I only remembered it when you mentioned Godmother Mo Yao’s birthday just now.” Shen Yubei’s birthday was tomorrow, and it was too late for Song Ci to choose a present for him now.

Song Ci felt slightly anxious and guilty.

How could I forget Teacher’s birthday!

“Han Zhan, my teacher likes to collect lighters. The more unique the design, the more he likes it. Brother Han, can you help me get a strangely-shaped lighter?” This was the first birthday of Shen Yubei, after Song Ci and Shen Yubei reconciled. Song Ci didn’t dare to neglect it.

“A lighter?”

Han Zhan thought of someone and said, “I remember that the director of Empire Entertainment also has a hobby of collecting lighters. Let me ask for you.”


Han Zhan saw that it was not 10pm yet and called Bei Zhan.

Han Qingshen answered the call.

“Bei Zhan is taking a shower. I’ll get him to call you back later.” Han Qingshen spoke as if she was working, straightforward and without any superfluous words.


Han Zhan’s greeting made Han Qingshen feel very comfortable.

“Sister-in-law, I happen to have something to discuss with you.” Han Zhan had called Bei Zhan with the intention of looking for Han Qingshen. Han Qingshen answered the call and it was exactly what Han Zhan wanted.

Han Qingshen asked him, “Why are you looking for me?”

Han Zhan said, “It’s like this. There’s an elder whom I respect very much and his birthday is tomorrow. He has a unique hobby and loves to collect lighters. I heard that your company’s Director Yan also has the same hobby, so I wanted to ask Sister-in-law if he is willing to part with it and sell me a lighter?”

Han Qingshen said, “I will reply to you later.”

Han Qingshen quickly hung up without hesitation.

Song Ci heard the beeping sound from the phone and smiled. “Manager Bei’s wife is so efficient.”

“She is like this. She is decisive in everything.”

In less than three minutes, Han Qingshen used her own cell phone to call Han Zhan. “Yan Rufeng is overseas and can’t come back. He said he will get someone to send the items to your house tomorrow.”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you, sister-in-law. Oh yes, have you asked how much the lighter costs?”

Han Qingshen said, “He said he would give it to you. Just treat it as making a friend.”

“Alright, I will remember this favor.”

After hanging up, Han Zhan said to Song Ci, “Alright, you can be rest assured now.”

Song Ci’s anxiety also faded.

“Who is this Yan Rufeng?” At the mention of Empire Entertainment, everyone instinctively thought of the CEO of Empire Entertainment, Han Qingshen. Han Qingshen was famous, but the other senior management in the company didn’t have much of a presence.

Han Zhan told Song Ci a secret. “This Yan Rufeng is Han Qingshen’s little father.”

Song Ci was confused.

A father is a father, but what’s a little father?

“Little father means…”

Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Han Qingshen’s father is Han Chenyi, the founder of the Empire Entertainment. You should know this person. Han Chenyi was unmarried all his life but had a smart daughter. The public has deep guesses about Han Qingshen’s mother’s identity, but very few people know that Han Qingshen given birth to by a surrogate mother that Han Chenyi found.”

“Surrogate? Han Qingshen must be at least in her thirties. Surrogacy was very rare in that era. Why did Han Chenyi find someone to be a surrogate?”

Han Zhan’s expression was slightly strange. He asked Song Ci, “What do you think?”

There were only two reasons why a man needed a surrogate. Firstly, his wife couldn’t have children. Secondly, he didn’t want to get married.

As for the reasons why he didn’t want to marry, there were two reasons. One was that he was a celibate, and the other was…

Song Ci thought of a possibility and covered her mouth in shock. “Brother Han, this Yan Rufeng and Han Chenyi can’t be…” Song Ci blurted out an English word softly.

With that, seeing that Han Zhan really nodded in affirmation, Song Ci felt incredulous.

“How exciting!”

Song Ci picked up her cell phone and said excitedly, “I have to tell Su Beibei about this and get her to finish our novel, before writing another one with Han Chenyi’s story.”

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand and frowned. He asked in confusion, “What do you mean by ‘our novel’?”

Song Ci blinked and said, “Don’t you know that Su Beibei stopped writing mystery novels after she got pregnant? She used the two of us as the main characters and wrote about a domineering CEO and his little wife?”

Han Zhan was confused.

Is this something a human should do?

“Has she posted it online? I’ll go and take a look.” Han Zhan was especially curious about what a novel with him and Song Ci as the main characters would be like.

Song Ci said, “I will send the link to your cell phone.”

After sending Han Zhan a link, Song Ci excitedly shared the story she heard tonight with Su Beibei.

As expected, after hearing her story, Su Beibei immediately decided. “Just wait. Your novel is about to end. I will try to write the story of Han Chenyi and the rest before giving birth!”

Song Ci was very satisfied. “Then tell me after you publish it. I will go and make the list for you.”

Su Beibei said, “Okay!”

After Song Ci got pregnant, she also developed the habit of sleeping and waking up early. Seeing that it was almost 10.30pm, Song Ci consciously turned off her cell phone and said to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, good night. I’ll go to bed first.”

“Mmm.” Han Zhan looked at his cell phone and answered without looking up.

Song Ci laid down and saw that Han Zhan was focused on his cell phone. She asked him, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m reading a novel.”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “The one that Su Beibei wrote?”

“…Mmm.” As he spoke, Han Zhan opened a new chapter.

“Is it that interesting?”

Han Zhan was so engrossed that he didn’t even want to speak to her.

Song Ci fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Song Ci was awoken by the urge to pee. She opened her eyes and saw that there was a light on Han Zhan’s side.

Song Ci rubbed her eyes and looked over at Han Zhan. She realized that he was still reading the novel!

Song Ci picked up her cell phone and looked at the time.

It was 3am at night.

A question mark slowly surfaced in Song Ci’s mind. What happened to the big boss who slept and woke up early?

Song Ci went to the toilet first. After returning to the bed, she snatched Han Zhan’s cell phone away without a word.

Han Zhan was already very sleepy. After his cell phone was taken away, he didn’t intend to snatch it back.

“Brother Han, you used to be a good child who slept at 10pm.” Song Ci locked Han Zhan’s cell phone into the cupboard by the bed.

As soon as she laid down, Han Zhan hugged her.

Han Zhan closed his eyes and said, “This novel is going to make me die of laughter. It’s filled with a thick sense of silliness. The words used in the novel are exaggerated, making one burst out laughing but also unable to resist chasing after it.”

“How can she be so talented?”

In the novel, Su Beibei had portrayed Han Zhan as a domineering CEO with a “demonic and wild” character who could control the weather with just a twitch of his fingers. As for Song Ci, Su Beibei had portrayed her as a 34D woman with big breasts, a slender waist, and a sweet, mushy demoness.

Han Zhan cursed in his heart as he read. He then continued reading.

As if he was torturing himself.

Song Ci said, “Exactly. I chase after her every day. I even ranked her on the charts.”

Han Zhan chuckled. “A living treasure.”

The two of them chatted for a while before falling asleep.

At 8.30am the next morning, a driver arrived at the villa and handed Zhong Buhui a gift box.

Zhong Buhui entered the house with the gift box. Seeing that Song Ci was practicing the piano, he placed the gift box on the table and didn’t disturb her.

After Song Ci finished practicing, Zhong Buhui said, “Lass Song, just now, a driver helped a person called Yan Rufeng send a lighter over. Take a look.”


Song Ci opened the box and saw the lighter. Her eyes lit up. She carried the lighter to the backyard and called Han Aoyu. “Grandpa.”

Han Aoyu was wearing a hat and holding a small hoe, as he bent over to weed in the garden.

Hearing Song Ci call him, Han Aoyu looked up and narrowed his eyes at her. “What’s the matter, Song Ci?” Seeing that Song Ci was dressed beautifully, he said, “Are you going out?”

“Yes, it’s Teacher Shen’s birthday today. Brother Han and I are going to celebrate his birthday. We won’t be back for lunch and dinner. You must take care of yourself and don’t secretly drink.” Song Ci had secretly caught Han Aoyu drinking several times.

“I’m not drinking!” His voice was loud and clear, but his eyes were slightly dreamy.

Song Ci smiled helplessly. After entering the house, she instructed Zhong Buhui to watch Han Aoyu closely and not to allow him to drink, before she returned to her room to call Han Zhan.

Han Zhan had stayed up late last night to read a novel and was too lazy to get up for his morning exercises. Song Ci pushed open the door and saw that there was no one on the bed. Instead, she heard water running in the bathroom.

“Why are you bathing so early in the morning?” After asking, Song Ci met Han Zhan’s resentful eyes and finally understood something.

Her eyes lit up as she asked Han Zhan in amusement, “It’s so early in the morning and you’re so hot-tempered, Brother Han.”

Han Zhan wiped his hair and said, “It’s all Su Beibei’s fault for portraying such a dirty novel. She even wrote something about a plane play. I was dreaming this morning when it was almost dawn.” In his dreams, he did whatever he wanted to Song Ci on the plane.

After waking up, Han Zhan could only take a shower.

Song Ci walked over and hugged Han Zhan. She said beside his ear, “It’s slightly late now. We have to go to Teacher’s house. I will play with you tonight when we come back.”

Han Zhan’s eyes were dark and his breathing was slightly heavy.

Only after using a lot of self-control did Han Zhan push Song Ci away heartlessly. “Help me pick out clothes. It’s strangely hot today and I won’t be wearing a suit.”


Shen Yubei’s birthday party was a family banquet and there were no outsiders around, so Han Zhan didn’t need to wear formal clothes. Han Zhan liked to wear a Polo shirt, which was comfortable and loose.

Song Ci walked into the cloakroom and chose a comfortable dark blue Polo shirt and a pair of grey suit pants for Han Zhan.

The simplest design looked very manly on Han Zhan.

Shen Yubei’s house was located rather far away from the city. The two of them walked along the provincial road in the suburbs and didn’t pass by the city. They only drove for 30 minutes, before reaching Shen Yubei’s house.

Han Zhan was parking the car, while Song Ci pressed the doorbell first.


Song Ci pressed the doorbell and waited patiently.

Han Zhan walked over with his car keys. Seeing that the door was not open, he asked her, “Why isn’t anyone opening the door?”

“Is he not at home?”

Song Ci was about to press the doorbell again when the door opened from the inside.

Shen Yubei personally opened the door.

Today, Shen Yubei looked especially good. He was wearing a tight white short-sleeved shirt and a white silk blouse with lotus flowers printed on it. His long hair was tied into a bun and his clean face was slightly red.

Song Ci thought that Shen Yubei was hot.

She handed the present to Shen Yubei and congratulated him with a smile. “Teacher, happy birthday!” Shen Yubei was already in his forties or fifties, but because he was young, he looked as handsome and charismatic as a man in his thirties.

He seemed slightly surprised. “It’s rare that you still remember my birthday.”

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and thought: If I really forgot, you would have chased me out of the house.

In front of Song Ci, Shen Yubei opened the gift box.

Seeing that it was a watch inside, Shen Yubei was disinterested. “It’s a watch? Thank you.” He was about to close the box when Song Ci hurriedly pressed his hand down. “This isn’t a watch. It’s a lighter!”

Hearing this, Shen Yubei’s eyes lit up. “A lighter? I have never seen such a lighter. How do I light it?” Shen Yubei was like a child who had just received a new toy. He was especially happy and his expression was pure and clean.

Song Ci took out the watch-shaped lighter and put it on Shen Yubei’s wrist.

Shen Yubei asked her impatiently, “Where’s the fire?”

Song Ci pointed at the small hole on the surface of the dial. “Push the button beside the dial and the flames will come out.” With that, Song Ci pressed the time button beside the dial and a dark blue flame emerged from that hole.

“Interesting!” Shen Yubei smiled radiantly. “I like this gift.”

Song Ci said, “This is a gift that Han Zhan found for you. He has good taste, right?”

Han Zhan raised his brows and smiled at Song Ci.

Shen Yubei looked up and stared at Han Zhan for a few seconds, before looking down and saying, “Mmm, your taste is not bad. Your taste in choosing people and things is very good.”

Song Ci smiled and held Shen Yubei’s hand. “Teacher, I have also learned to cook now. I remember you like lotus-flavored pork ribs a lot. I will make it for you!”

Shen Yubei was slightly embarrassed. He said, “Mmm, okay…”

The three of them entered the house. The moment they entered the living room, Han Zhan heard someone singing in the kitchen.

This song sounded strangely familiar.

Han Zhan frowned as he looked into the kitchen and saw Di Rongrong.

Di Rongrong was dressed like a peacock today. She was wearing a pink backless dress and had her hair draped over her shoulders. She was so perfect that she should have been standing on stage singing. But she was standing in the kitchen of Shen Yubei’s house, holding a frying pan in one hand and a spatula in the other.

Han Zhan was speechless.

Why is Godmother here?

Di Rongrong smiled and turned to Shen Yubei. “Beibei, was it the seafood that I ordered…”

Di Rongrong froze on the spot, when she saw her godson and god-daughter-in-law standing on each side of Shen Yubei. Recalling the coquettish tone she used when she spoke just now, Di Rongrong instantly blushed.

Di Rongrong hurriedly threw away the spatula in her hand and turned off the stove. She turned around and lowered her head to wash her hands under the tap of the sink.

She had embarrassed herself in front of her godson and was too ashamed to face anyone. She just wanted to throw herself into that frying pan to fry and cook.

After a momentary daze, Song Ci finally snapped out of her trance. She smiled and said to Shen Yubei, “Teacher, you even invited Rongrong’s godmother over as a guest. Since you’re having a party with your old friend, we juniors shouldn’t participate.”

Song Ci tugged at Han Zhan’s elbow and said, “Brother Han, didn’t we agree to go for a prenatal checkup with the doctor today? Shall we go over first?”

Han Zhan pretended not to hear Song Ci’s words.

Han Zhan took a deep breath and stared at the person in the kitchen. He said in a low voice, “Godmother Rongrong, come out!”

Di Rongrong turned back as if she was facing death. She walked towards Han Zhan with tragic steps.

Han Zhan stared at the fancy dress that was still slightly revealing on Di Rongrong’s body and felt a surge of anger. “Follow me.” Han Zhan turned and walked out. Di Rongrong was like a child who had done something wrong and obediently followed behind Han Zhan.

Song Ci saw that Shen Yubei was looking worriedly at Di Rongrong’s back view. She touched her nose awkwardly and said, “I am going to cook. Teacher, do you want to come with me?”

Shen Yubei acknowledged absent-mindedly.

Shen Yubei seldom cooked and would occasionally make western food. His hands were fair and tender, and even washing vegetables felt like he had been wronged.

Song Ci placed the ingredients that Di Rongrong had prepared into the pot. She stared at the steaming dishes and said, “So many years have passed and Godmother Rongrong is still as beautiful as ever.”

Shen Yubei placed the lettuce in the basket and said, “Song Ci, are you slightly angry?”

Song Ci remained silent.

Shen Yubei said, “We only started interacting recently. Nothing else happened between us.”

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief.

But immediately after, she frowned. “Teacher.”

Song Ci turned off the fire and covered the dishes with the lid. Only then did she walk up to Shen Yubei.

The two of them stood side by side. Song Ci tilted her head and looked at Shen Yubei. Thinking of how Shen Yubei had been in love with Di Rongrong for so many years and had never found another lover, Song Ci’s heart ached slightly for Shen Yubei.

Song Ci said earnestly, “Teacher, Godmother Rongrong and Huo Jing-an are not divorced yet. You are now interfering in Godmother’s marriage! Teacher, to put it nicely, you are pursuing true love. To put it bluntly, you are a mistress who is ruining someone else’s marriage!”

Shen Yubei couldn’t help but retort loudly. “But Huo Jing-an has already cheated with someone else. All these years, Rongrong has been living a strange life with him. They no longer have any feelings for each other.” Shen Yubei lost his composure and his breathing became labored.

Song Ci pointed out something sharply and calmly. “But she is still Mrs. Huo.”

Shen Yubei could not say anything more.

Song Ci sighed. “Teacher, you are so foolish!”

After a long while, Shen Yubei sighed hoarsely. “If you’re not silly, it won’t be called love.” Loving someone was originally a muddle-headed, irrational, and uncontrollable thing.

Song Ci didn’t say anything else.

They were both adults and Shen Yubei’s experience and vision far exceeded Song Ci’s. How could Shen Yubei not understand Song Ci’s reasoning?

He understood, but he was not rational. This was the helplessness of loving someone.

Outside the house.

There was an ancient tree outside the wall of Shen Yubei’s house. Its branches stretched out and covered the sky.

Han Zhan walked under that tree.

The sunlight here was much weaker and the air was slightly chilly.

Di Rongrong obediently followed behind Han Zhan. Seeing that Han Zhan stopped, Di Rongrong also stopped. As she walked, she was afraid of dirtying the sides of her skirt, so she always carried it.

When Han Zhan turned back, Di Rongrong released the hem of her dress guiltily.

She looked up guiltily and saw her godson’s solemn expression. She knew that things were not looking good. Di Rongrong asked in a trembling voice, “Zhanzhan, are you angry?”

Not only was Zhanzhan angry, he was also furious!

Han Zhan’s gaze was solemn. He stared at Di Rongrong for a while before saying, “I have to call Godmother Luolan and Godmother Mo Yao to let them wash your brains.”

Hearing this, Di Rongrong was shocked and hurriedly reached out to snatch Han Zhan’s cell phone. As she did so, she shouted in a panic, “Zhanzhan, don’t. I know my mistake!”

Han Zhan raised his cell phone high and didn’t continue making the call, but also didn’t put it back into his pocket. He looked down at Di Rongrong’s flushed face and asked her, “You really know your mistake?”

Di Rongrong nodded. “I do.”

“Tell me, what did you do wrong?”

Di Rongrong said, “I shouldn’t have seduced Shen Yubei.”

Han Zhan’s brows twitched. “You seduced him?”

Han Zhan had always thought that Shen Yubei had seduced Di Rongrong. After all, Shen Yubei had liked her for too many years.

Di Rongrong nodded uneasily.

Han Zhan didn’t know what to say.

“If you want to seduce him now, why didn’t you do so earlier? That year, when he confessed to you, you didn’t fancy him. Now that your marriage life is not satisfactory, you realize how good Shen Yubei is and turn back. Godmother Rongrong, I advise you to be a person.”

Di Rongrong was so ashamed that she couldn’t lift her head. She said, “I only discovered many of Huo Jing-an’s flaws after we got married. We kept arguing and finally declared our relationship to be broken because he cheated on me. Huo Jing-an and I are no longer in love.”

“Zhanzhan, I didn’t treat Shen Yubei as a spare tire. I just suddenly realized that he is so good. You don’t know how adorable he is. He won’t go overboard even if he blushed from my teasing. He is the cleanest and purest man I have ever met.”

“I think I am attracted to him.”

It was funny. When she was young, Di Rongrong didn’t fancy Shen Yubei and thought that he was naive, stubborn, and brainless. Unexpectedly, when she was middle-aged, she realized how good Shen Yubei was and actually shamelessly took the initiative to seduce him.

Could this be considered as the wheel of fortune turning?

Han Zhan was a cold-hearted person. After hearing Di Rongrong’s heartfelt words, he was not moved by her ‘true love theory’.

He said, “Godmother, by doing this, you are going to consign Shen Yubei to eternal damnation!”

Di Rongrong was shocked. “Why would…”

“Why not? A world-renowned violinist fell in love with a married woman and became a mistress. Tell me, how will the outside world comment on Shen Yubei? Godmother Rongrong, you are harming Shen Yubei by doing this.”

Di Rongrong’s eyes widened as they reddened slightly.

“I…” Di Rongrong was speechless.

Han Zhan saw that Di Rongrong was about to cry and couldn’t bear to say more harsh words. He sighed silently in his heart and thought to himself: Why is this matter so worrisome?

“Godmother Rongrong, for you, Shen Yubei has never married or dated in his entire life. Compared to his love, your love is too insignificant.”

Han Zhan’s words were sharp and straightforward. Di Rongrong wanted to retort but couldn’t find a way to.

Yes, Shen Yubei was a dimwit. He liked someone for his entire life. If he couldn’t get Di Rongrong, he would never get married or have children. This was a stubborn romance.

If you really like him, you must show your determination and sincerity. Otherwise, your fondness for Teacher Shen will look like a joke.”

With that, Han Zhan refused to speak further and returned to the house.

Shen Yubei saw Han Zhan enter the house. He hurriedly stood up and said to Han Zhan, “You scolded her?”

Han Zhan had mixed feelings.

Shen Yubei really liked Godmother Rongrong!

Han Zhan stood up straight and bowed deeply to Shen Yubei.

Shen Yubei was stunned.

Han Zhan said, “Teacher Shen, Godmother Rongrong is foolish and does things based on her hot-headedness. These few days, Godmother Rongrong must have caused a lot of trouble for you, Teacher Shen. I apologize on her behalf. I’ve already scolded her and she has already gone back.”

She went back?

Shen Yubei was in a daze and didn’t speak.

She could come and go as she pleased. It had always been like this.

Han Zhan knew that Shen Yubei had been utterly heartbroken by Godmother Rongrong. He added, “Teacher Shen, why don’t you give yourself a choice?”

Shen Yubei frowned slightly, not understanding what Han Zhan meant.

Han Zhan said gently, “Give yourself a choice. Tell yourself that if she can show her greatest sincerity and return to my side again, I will definitely let bygones be bygones and accept her confession. If she really leaves like this and never returns, that can only mean that her love is just a temporary play.”

In other words, if Di Rongrong really divorced Huo Jing-an for Shen Yubei and wooed him again, then she must have really fallen in love with Shen Yubei. If Di Rongrong didn’t do anything after returning and just left like that, then she really wasn’t worthy of Shen Yubei’s lifelong love.

After Shen Yubei understood Han Zhan’s meaning, he didn’t speak again.

Outside the door, Di Rongrong was standing under the door. Hearing Han Zhan and Shen Yubei’s conversation, she stopped in her tracks.

Han Zhan’s words were both for Shen Yubei and her.

From the corner of his eye, Han Zhan saw that the pink figure at the door had turned and fled, but he pretended not to see it.

This lunch was dull.

After lunch, Shen Yubei sent Song Ci and Han Zhan away.

After sending them off, Shen Yubei went to the top floor alone. He closed the curtains of the French window, hid in the dark room alone, and played the violin for the entire afternoon.

Musicians could convey their feelings through their own instruments.

Hearing Shen Yubei’s music today, the butler knew that Sir must be feeling very flustered. He couldn’t help sighing.

The Huo Family was in charge of politics and Huo Jing-an was also respected in Wangdong City.

He and Di Rongrong had been married for 22 years, but their blissful marriage had only lasted for two years before it was destroyed by an unforeseen event. After that, Huo Jing-an had secretly kept a lover outside. The lover was an actress with a gorgeous face that Di Rongrong couldn’t compare to.

But that face was somewhat similar to Di Rongrong’s.

Di Rongrong’s parents were both revolutionary singers. She was also a Chinese female high note singer and a top actor in the country. She sang national music and was as ordinary as a celebrity on a variety show on the Spring Festival Gala.

Di Rongrong was very famous in the country. She was also a singer who had once held a solo concert at the Golden Hall in Vienna.

Di Rongrong had a positive image and a good family background. Although her relationship with Di Rongrong was broken, due to the two families, her image, and her career, Huo Jing-an and Di Rongrong had maintained a married relationship for so many years and never divorced.

Huo Jing-an also thought that they would be husband and wife forever.

But on this day, after he got off work and returned to his secret lover’s villa, the two of them had just spent some time together and were still sweating profusely, when he unexpectedly received a call from Di Rongrong.

“Huo Jing-an, come back to the Huo Family. I have something to tell you.”

Di Rongrong seldom called Huo Jing-an. Huo Jing-an was surprised for a few seconds before getting out of bed, putting on his clothes, and preparing to go home.

Little Sweetheart was slightly displeased to see that he was going home. “You’re going back?”


“That woman managed to get you back with just a casual call, yet you said you doted on me.” Little Sweetheart was jealous and her tone was filled with jealousy.

Huo Jing-an was used to pretending to be himself and knew how to hide his emotions the best. He was angry, but Little Sweetheart didn’t notice and even complained softly. “You promised to accompany me tonight. You have been so busy recently. I miss you so much.”

Huo Jing-an stared at her coldly and said, “Have you forgotten that you are the third party and Rongrong is my wife? If you are the third party, you should do your part. Shouldn’t I go back if she calls me?”

Huo Jing-an was a total jerk.

Little Sweetheart was speechless.

Since Huo Jing-an was angry, Little Sweetheart didn’t dare to say anything else.

Huo Jing-an drove home. Seeing that the house was brightly lit, he suddenly stopped the car. Sitting in the car, Huo Jing-an looked at this big house, and his eyelids twitched inexplicably.

The phone rang again.

Huo Jing’an took out his cell phone and saw that it was a call from Di Rongrong. Huo Jing’an answered the call and heard Di Rongrong say, “Come in, what are you doing in the car?”

Huo Jingan alighted and extinguished the cigarette in his hand. Just as he was about to enter the house, he remembered that Di Rongrong didn’t like the smell of cigarettes. He returned to the car and found an unopened bottle of chewing gum.

In this year, this was the first time Di Rongrong had taken the initiative to call him. His chewing gum was about to expire before he could use it.

Huo Jing-an quickly chewed on a few chewing gum before entering the house with steady footsteps.

There were no servants in the main hall. As soon as Huo Jing-an entered the house, he saw Di Rongrong. Tonight, Di Rongrong was wearing a black halter dress and had put on makeup. Sitting under the chandelier, she was breathtakingly beautiful.

Huo Jing-an suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at her in a daze. So many years had passed and Di Rongrong was still the same as when she was young. She was breathtaking at first, but she still tingled his heart after a long time.

Hearing this, Di Rongrong turned and glanced at Huo Jing-an coldly. She said calmly, “Sit, let’s have a chat.”

The way Di Rongrong that looked at him was like he was a stranger, and it pained Huo Jing-an’s heart. Before losing that child, she had also looked at him with love and admiration.

Huo Jing-an walked step by step to the sofa and sat down. He saw a document on the coffee table. Huo Jing-an saw the black words “Divorce Agreement” on the paper and frowned.

“Huo Jing-an, I haven’t troubled you in so many years. I have to make an exception today.” Di Rongrong tossed him a pen and said calmly, “May I trouble you to please sign this?”

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