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Chapter 215: Grandpa Teaches Du Xueyan How to Live

Song Ci replied to Liang Bo: [I’ll go take a look. She opened Weibo and browsed through today’s trending topics.]

After spending 10 minutes, Song Ci finally understood what the scandal today was about. This scandal was really not spread by Du Xueyan. Song Ci had wronged her.

The reason for this was…

A female classmate who had graduated from Shunchen High School and was in the same class as Du Xueyan had posted on Weibo and shaded the relationship between Du Xueyan and Han Zhan, after knowing that Han Zhan was Zeus Corporation’s CEO.

Her Weibo name was “A Lowly, Smelly Bug.”

A Lowly, Smelly Bug wrote: [The goddess kicked the grassroots school prince in the past. Who knew that many years later, the grassroots school beau turned into the CEO of a major corporation? I just want to ask the goddess if she regrets it.]

Her message was posted on New Year’s Eve and she had only hundreds of fans, most of which were her colleagues and ex-classmates.

After seeing this post, her friends who knew the inside story all left gloating comments under her Weibo account, but didn’t name the goddess or the school beau.

No one should have noticed this incident, but this morning, the video of Du Xueyan returning to the country after recovering from her illness attracted attention online. No one knew if this old classmate of hers had a grudge against Du Xueyan or if he just wanted to attract attention, but he published a huge piece of news and even openly tagged Du Xueyan and Han Zhan.

She exposed them and wrote:

[Thinking back, the campus goddess and the school prince were such an eye-catching couple. At that time, the goddess did her best to woo the male idol.]

It was said that in order to woo her idol, the goddess had exhausted all means to get a personally signed basketball by Yao Ming. On a snowy night, she dressed up beautifully and went to confess her love to her idol below his house.

The cold and unfeeling male idol actually hardened his heart and blocked the female protagonist outside the door, causing her to stand downstairs for three to four hours. Later on, the snow fell harder and harder, and the male idol was finally moved by the goddess and accepted her pursuit.

In their third year of high school, the male idol and goddess were very loving. They went out together and was the envy of everyone’s eyes.

The goddess was a student in the arts class and had a pleasant voice. She was determined to get into the music academy and eventually did get into Wangdong Music Academy. Meanwhile, the male idol had an ordinary family background and was a top student in the science class. After graduating from high school, he didn’t go to university but went to the military.

At that time, everyone predicted that the male idol and goddess would definitely break up.

But in the four years of university, the goddess actually didn’t break up with the male idol. Just when everyone thought that the goddess and the male idol were close to getting married, they broke up!

It was said that the goddess had initiated the breakup because her male idol was injured and had two fingers broken. Her male idol, who came from an ordinary family and was physically handicapped, couldn’t give her the life she wanted.

The goddess was ambitious and wanted fame and fortune. As a result, she abandoned her first boyfriend, whom she had chased after with all her might.

I just want to ask the goddess, now that your singing career has reached the peak and you are in the limelight, seeing your poor male idol suddenly becoming the CEO of a major international corporation, you should also be tempted, right?

@ Du Xueyan @ Han Zhan.]

When this Weibo post was posted, it was trending in real-time.

As the netizens looked at the trending Weibo posts, they naturally saw her post.

Many people suspected that this blogger was spreading rumors.

At this moment, the blogger released several old photos. There were a total of three people in the photos—Han Zhan, Du Xueyan, and a girl.

That woman was also very beautiful.

The blogger posted another Weibo message: [That’s right, I am the other girl in the photo. Don’t ask me who I am. It’s just that back then, I had a crush on my male idol but was locked up in the toilet by the girl. She pointed at my nose and scolded me, telling me that I was a lowly bug passerby.]

A Lowly, Smelly Bug was her Weibo name. It was the name Du Xueyan had given her.

With the photo as evidence, it added some authenticity to the news.

This piece of news quickly climbed to the top of Weibo’s trending topics. By the time Liang Bo discovered it, all the netizens in the country had already finished watching the show.

By the time Song Ci discovered this, the popularity couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

Han Zhan must be very busy today and probably didn’t have the time to look at Weibo. If he wasn’t busy, he would have gotten the public relations department to come up with a solution the moment he discovered these revelations.

Song Ci opened Du Xueyan’s Weibo and saw that she had updated her Weibo status a minute ago.

Du Xueyan V: [I once loved you. I was the one who took the initiative to pursue you and also the one who initiated the breakup. I didn’t stir up any trouble. Not disturbing each other is the best form of respect for each other.]

Song Ci was stunned.

She admitted it so openly?

This was not enough. Song Ci refreshed again and saw that Du Xueyan had updated her status.

Du Xueyan V: [Lin Piaopiao, back then you were a smelly bug in my eyes. Now, you have leveled up, you have become a prancing clown.]

Speaking of this Du Xueyan, even if she was annoying, she was really tough as a person when she got angry, as she openly quarreled with her love rival in high school on Weibo just like that.

Song Ci decided to wait and see what would happen next.

This was the entanglement between Han Zhan’s ex and his admirer. As Han Zhan’s official wife, Song Ci should be quiet and beautiful alone.

Song Ci logged out of Weibo and was about to go to bed, when she received a new message.

Song Ci opened WeChat and saw that Du Xueyan’s profile photo had jumped to second place.

As she had already pinned Han Zhan’s chat on WeChat, anyone else who sent a message would always be second.

Song Ci raised her brows and thought to herself, What is this girl’s motive for sending me a message at this time? She opened the chat box and saw Du Xueyan asking, [Song Ci, are you there? Let’s have a chat.]

Song Ci: […]

She thought: What’s there to chat about?

Du Xueyan: [Have you seen tonight’s revelations?]

Song Ci: [.]

Du Xueyan: [I didn’t release the news. I won’t shoot myself in the foot.]

Song Ci: [Oh.]

Song Ci’s reply was not a full stop. It was just a simple “oh”. Du Xueyan felt like she had punched cotton and was especially depressed.

Song Ci saw that Du Xueyan stopped talking, so she was about to log out of WeChat. At this moment, Du Xueyan sent another message.

Du Xueyan: [Are you angry?]

Song Ci: [Shouldn’t I be angry?]

Song Ci: [As an ex, can’t you just be quiet and beautiful alone? Why must you drag my man into the trending topics? Should I be happy that my man and his ex are trending?]

Song Ci was like a little steel cannon with a straightforward and fiery character. Du Xueyan was impressed.

A few months ago, after knowing the true identity of Han Zhan’s grandfather from Gu Shengyao, Du Xueyan felt that she had been deceived by Han Zhan back then.

If Han Zhan hadn’t hidden his real family background from her, she wouldn’t have been forced to break up with him and signed a contract with Gu Shengyao back then because she was desperate!

Du Xueyan was also angry. She was angry at Han Zhan, who had reservations about her, and angry at herself when she was young and unwilling to confess her family’s plight to Han Zhan.

When a person was angry, she would easily do something wrong.

On impulse, Du Xueyan sent Song Ci a provocative voice message.

Song Ci opened the voice message and amplified it. She heard Du Xueyan say: [What should I do then, Song Ci? Who asked me to be Han Zhan’s first love? Song Ci, not only did I pull him onto the trending topics, I even held his hand and kissed him in the past.]

Song Ci was enraged!

If Song Ci could still tolerate it, she was inhuman!

Han Zhan’s ex had already shot at her. How could she not throw a bomb back?

Song Ci coughed and cleared her throat. She pretended to be cold and elegant, as she calmly replied to Du Xueyan’s three voice messages.

Du Xueyan clicked on the first voice message and Song Ci’s lovely voice sounded from the speaker.

[Du Xueyan, are you very smug? Is it so great that you held his hand? Is it so great that you kissed him? No matter how glorious and proud you are, you are just an ex. You can only hold his hand for a while, but I can hold his hand for the rest of my life. You have only kissed his mouth, but I can kiss every inch of his skin openly.]

Du Xueyan’s breathing became heavier.

She opened the second voice message and Song Ci’s tone was still calm.

[Du Xueyan, have you seen him cry? You are just his first love, but I am his wife. The closest you are to him is just holding his hand and kissing him. As for me? I am the one who printed the word Song Ci on Han Zhan’s family register!]

The third message: [The person whom you looked down on and abandoned has become my husband, my treasure, and the father of my child. The person that you’re not qualified to call Grandpa makes soup for me everyday and dotes on me like a little princess! Du Xueyan, apart from being his first love, what else do you have to show off?]

Song Ci said those harsh words in her most casual tone.

In the middle of the night, Du Xueyan’s bedroom was very quiet. Song Ci’s voice echoed in every corner of the room. After hearing that voice, Du Xueyan was both angry and agitated, her entire body trembling.

She did not know that the seemingly innocent Song Ci was actually so glib-tongued and harsh with her words.

Du Xueyan was furious. She smashed her cell phone hard against the wall, creating a hole.

Still feeling that she had not vented enough, Du Xueyan turned around and wanted to smash the items on the table. She raised her arm and was about to swing it down, when she noticed that all the items on the table were her music trophies.

This was her honor. She couldn’t live without them.

Du Xueyan stood rooted to the ground and panted heavily. After a moment, her entire body felt limp as she sat down on the wooden floor.

She buried her head between her legs and felt like crying.

After Song Ci sent that voice message, Du Xueyan didn’t reply. Only then did she feel slightly better.

Only you can?

Only you know how to stab someone in the heart?

It was so easy to stab someone. It all depended on whether you’re willing to do so!

Song Ci was still angry.

She opened her laptop and wrote a long post, which she posted on her Weibo page for her husband to read.

Song Song Song Song Ci: [There was once a little girl who fell in love with a wild cat. She coaxed and deceived the wild cat to bring it home. She told it, “I like you. I only like you. Let’s be family in the future.”]

The wild cat gradually accepted the little girl and treated her as family.

But one day, the little girl saw an even more beautiful and expensive Persian cat. She was deeply impressed by its elegance and beauty and wanted to bring it home.

The Persian cat told the little girl: I am of a noble breed and I hate wild cats the most. If you want me, you must throw away that ugly, cheap wild cat!

After struggling for a few days, the little girl finally abandoned the little wild cat and brought the Persian cat home.

Later on, the wild cat met another girl, B, and he was brought home by her. She took good care of him and he grew stronger and more handsome.

Meanwhile, after losing the wild cat, the little girl realized that the Persian cat had a bad temper and was difficult to get along with. Gradually, she started to detest the cat.

One day, the little girl happened to see the strong and handsome wild cat raised by Girl B.

Realizing that it was the cat she had abandoned before, the little girl was jealous. She started crying to everyone. “The little wild cat was clearly mine. We were each other’s one and only, but Girl B stole it!”

Just a bedtime story. I don’t mean anything else. If you know, you know.]

Turning off her laptop, Song Ci also turned off her cell phone. The entire world was quiet. Song Ci fell asleep immediately and had a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Song Ci woke up to find someone sitting on the sofa by the window.

As the curtains were closed, that person’s figure was especially blurry in the faint light, but also tall and strong.

Song Ci sat up and rubbed her eyes. Only then did she see this person’s face clearly. “Brother Han?” Song Ci was very surprised. “Brother Han, why are you back?” Han Zhan should have returned tonight.

Han Zhan didn’t sleep the entire night. His voice was slightly hoarse. “I was very busy yesterday. It was already late at night when I saw those revelations. I saw that Weibo post you posted. I called you, but I couldn’t get through.”

Han Zhan looked up and gazed at Song Ci’s slightly flushed face. He said, “Song Ci, I care a lot about you. I was worried that you would sulk alone, so I rushed back overnight.”

When he rushed home and saw Song Ci sleeping soundly with the air conditioning turned on, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Song Ci pulled away the thin blanket on her body. She got up, walked up to Han Zhan, and squatted down.

Placing her head on Han Zhan’s knee, Song Ci looked up and saw the bluish-grey color under Han Zhan’s eyes. She frowned slightly. “You didn’t sleep last night?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “I couldn’t fall asleep on the plane. It was already 4am when I got home, so I decided not to sleep.”

“You…” Initially, Song Ci was still slightly angry, but after waking up early in the morning and seeing the person she missed the most, all the anger in Song Ci’s heart disappeared.

“Brother Han, don’t worry. I am not so petty as to split hair. I will retort whoever I dislike. I will never mistreat myself.” Song Ci had suffered too much in her previous life and decided to live a carefree life this time.

Han Zhan stroked Song Ci’s hair and said, “You are only 23 years old. People at this age are always impulsive. When I was your age, I was as stubborn as a furnace. Our leaders couldn’t do anything to me.”

“I’m worried that you will do something irrational in a fit of anger. I won’t be at ease if I don’t come back to visit you.” Han Zhan finally felt at ease, when he realized that Song Ci was sleeping soundly after he reached home.

Song Ci stood up and sat in Han Zhan’s arms.

Hugging Han Zhan’s neck, Song Ci asked him, “Are you going back to Shunchen later?”

“Yes, I am going to inspect the construction site of the resort. I will be back slightly late tonight.”

Song Ci said, “Then you must sleep more on the way. If it’s too late at night, stay over there for the night and come back tomorrow.”

“I will be back tonight. I am on leave tomorrow.” Han Zhan had been working for more than 20 days and would collapse if he didn’t rest soon.

Only then was Song Ci satisfied.

“Oh yes, I have already replied to what happened yesterday. You can look at my reply when you turn on your cell phone later. I am going to wash my face now. Accompany me downstairs for breakfast later. I will be leaving after breakfast.”


Han Zhan went to the toilet to wash his face. Only then did Song Ci turn on her cell phone. She directly entered Han Zhan’s Weibo page and saw that Han Zhan had also posted a status at 1am last night.

Han Han Han Han Zhan: [The wild cat is very lucky to meet Girl B. She used kindness and patience to reignite the cold heart of that abandoned wild cat. @ Song Song Song Song Song Ci, Baby Ci, you are my present and future.]

Song Ci felt satisfied with Han Zhan’s words.

Six hours later, there were actually 60,000 comments under Han Zhan’s Weibo account. Song Ci roughly browsed through the comments and was relieved, when she saw that everyone’s comments were very neutral and not slanderous.

Han Zhan washed his face and shaved, before walking out of the toilet. He called Song Ci down for breakfast.

Han Aoyu was going to play Tai Chi this morning and Zhong Buhui made breakfast.

Zhong Buhui didn’t pay attention to those things on Weibo. Seeing Han Zhan and Song Ci coming down together, he even teased Han Zhan. “After Zhanzhan got married, he became homesick. This morning, I saw your car parked outside and thought I saw wrongly.”

Zhong Buhui thought that Han Zhan rushed home that very night because he couldn’t bear to part with Song Ci.

Han Zhan and Song Ci smiled at each other. They didn’t tell their families about the mess outside. “Ah, Uncle Zhong did you make beef noodles?”

Zhanzhan was a meat lover and loved Uncle Zhong’s bowl of beef noodles.

“Zhanzhan has been working very hard recently, so I had to make something that you like to reward you.” Zhong Buhui pointed at the largest bowl of noodles and said, “That’s yours.”

Han Zhan didn’t stand on ceremony. He sat down, picked up his chopsticks, and started eating.

By the time Han Aoyu returned from his tai chi session, Han Zhan had already finished his meal and was wiping his mouth. Han Aoyu looked at Han Zhan and snorted coldly.

Han Zhan felt puzzled. “Grandpa… who made you angry?”

Han Aoyu sat down on the main seat beside Song Ci. He snorted in a sarcastic manner and said, “Some people can’t handle their own love life well. Don’t affect our Song Lass’s mood. If the child in her womb is also unhappy, I will settle the score with you.”

Han Zhan felt slightly helpless. “Grandpa, you already know?”

Zhong Buhui looked confused. He asked Han Aoyu, “Old Master, what happened?”

Han Aoyu glanced at Song Ci and saw that she looked calm. He then told Zhong Buhui, “It’s that little girl who kicked Zhanzhan away in the past. She has been stirring up trouble recently and yesterday, someone even exposed Zhanzhan and that little girl’s past.”

Han Aoyu patted the back of Song Ci’s hand and said, “Song Lass, don’t worry. Han Zhan and that girl’s relationship is a thing of the past. Han Zhan is still devoted to you.”

Song Ci suppressed her laughter and nodded. “Grandpa, don’t worry. I’m not angry.”

Han Zhan told Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, I’ve already met Du Xueyan and told her about us very clearly.”

Knowing that Han Aoyu wanted his own stance, Han Zhan’s expression turned serious. He said, “If Miss Du makes trouble again, I will take forceful measures.”

Han Aoyu acknowledged. “Remember, the woman who trampled you into the dust back then is not worth your kindness”

“Grandpa, don’t worry.”

After breakfast, Han Zhan bid Song Ci farewell reluctantly and flew back to Shunchen’s work.

Song Ci had agreed with Su Huanyan yesterday that she would go shopping for baby products today. After dinner, she packed up briefly and got into the car to leave.

Once Song Ci left, Han Aoyu called Zhong Buhui over.

Han Aoyu had changed into a white t-shirt, black-grey suit pants, and black open-toed sandals. Zhong Buhui stood beside Han Aoyu with his head lowered. Upon seeing Old Master Han’s attire, he bowed and asked, “Old Master, are you going out?”

Old Master would only wear a t-shirt when he went out. At home, he usually wore a vest when the weather was hot.

Han Aoyu pointed at the air and said, “Prepare the car. Let’s go meet that girl.”

Zhong Buhui looked hesitant. “Should we inform Zhanzhan? This is their problem after all.”

“No need!”

Seeing that Han Aoyu insisted on going, Zhong Buhui personally drove Old Master Han out of the villa.

Du Xueyan was going to attend a jewelry brand commercial event that she was endorsing today. She had a simple breakfast, before getting the stylist team to style her.

Du Xueyan was wearing a black halter dress with highlights. She was wearing a pair of 10cm red high heels with a luxury jewelry brand around her neck and ears.

Her lips were fiery red and her curly hair was coquettish. After dressing up, she looked radiant and bright.

Her assistant, Tong Xin, looked at the time and said to Du Xueyan, “Sister Xue, I’m afraid of traffic jams. We have to leave early.”


Du Xueyan walked out of the house and was about to board the limousine, when she saw a male elder in a black suit walk over. That elder was in his early fifties and wasn’t tall, but he was very burly. His eyes were as vicious as a hawk’s.

Tong Xin saw that man walking straight towards them. He instinctively stood in front of Du Xueyan and stared at that person warily.

The man stood one meter away from Tong Xin. He stared at the beautiful woman behind Tong Xin and said gently, “Miss Du Xueyan, my Old Master invites you over for a chat.”

Tong Xin frowned and said unhappily, “Who is your Old Master? Do we have to go just because he wants to? Our Sister Xue still has work. Please move aside.”

But Du Xueyan grabbed Tong Xin’s shoulder. “Tong Xin, move aside.”

Tong Xin turned and glanced at Du Xueyan. Although she was worried, she still didn’t dare to disobey Du Xueyan, so she could only stand aside and remain silent.

Du Xueyan looked up slightly at Zhong Buhui and asked, “Sir, is the Old Master you’re talking about Old Master Han?”

“Miss Du is a sensible person.” Zhong Buhui nodded at the black Aoyu Number 1 behind him. “Our Old Master is sitting in the car. Miss Du, if it’s convenient, we can go to the tearoom for a chat.”

Du Xueyan pondered for a moment, before saying to Tong Xin, “Call Gu Shengyao and tell him that I have something on and can’t attend today’s event. Ask him to negotiate with the brands. If he can’t, then compensate them.”

Tong Xin instinctively said, “Sister Xue, you don’t even know who the other party is. It’s not good to just abandon your work and leave!”

Du Xueyan’s face darkened. “Tong Xin, listen to me.”

Tong Xin had no choice but to shut up.

Du Xueyan got into the car and followed Zhong Buhui.

After parking the car at the entrance of a tearoom, Du Xueyan alighted and stood beside the car. She looked at the old man who alighted from the car.

Many years ago, Du Xueyan had met the old man once. At that time, he was wearing rough hemp clothes and loose shoes with yellow mud under his fingernails.

Who would dare to believe that the famous Han Aoyu, whose name alone could make the little ghosts of the foreign countries afraid, would actually roll up his pants and farm after retirement?

Du Xueyan saw that the old man was looking at her. She bent over slightly and called out respectfully, “Old Master Han.” Faced with Han Aoyu, Du Xueyan had an uncontrollable urge to kneel down to him.

This must be pressure.

It was the aura of a high ranking leader who was used to giving orders.

But she was blind. Eight years ago, when she first met Old Master, she was actually blinded by his overly simple outfit. She really thought he was a farmer.

Han Aoyu raised his hand. “Du Family girl, let’s go in and chat.”

“… Okay.”

Zhong Buhui led the way while Han Aoyu walked in the middle. Du Xueyan was two meters behind the old man and quietly followed behind them.

Apart from the waiter, there was no one else in the tearoom today.

Perhaps it was because it was still early or the venue had been cleared.

Han Aoyu sat down at the table by the window. Du Xueyan stood obediently by the side and didn’t dare to sit down without Han Aoyu’s approval.

But Han Aoyu didn’t put on airs. He saw Du Xueyan standing and said kindly, “Don’t just stand there. Sit down.”


Du Xueyan gently pulled out a chair and sat down.

The waiter walked over and asked Han Aoyu in a low voice if he needed her to make tea for them.

Han Aoyu waved his hand and said, “Everyone can go first. I will do it myself.”


All the bosses, managers, and waiters in the tearoom left.

The main hall of the tearoom was silent. Du Xueyan listened to the sound of the tea brewing and felt uneasy. She didn’t know why this old man was looking for her. Could it be that yesterday’s incident had reached his ears?

Or did Song Ci blow into the old man’s ear?

As if hearing Du Xueyan’s thoughts, Han Aoyu, who was focused on brewing tea, suddenly said, “Don’t misunderstand. I came to look for you not because of Lass Song or Han Zhan.”

Du Xueyan’s heart ached slightly when she saw Han Aoyu addressing Song Ci as “Lass Song”, but she maintained a faint smile. She only put on thick makeup and her smile added charm and coy.

Han Aoyu looked at Du Xueyan’s face and said, “You look slightly different from in the photo.”

Du Xueyan was shocked. “In the photo?” Du Xueyan quickly understood and asked in surprise, “Old Master, you also watch entertainment news?”

Du Xueyan thought that Han Aoyu had seen her photo on the news.

“There’s nothing bad about entertainment news. Only when the world is peaceful and happy will entertainment celebrities monopolize the headlines of major social media platforms.”

Han Aoyu smiled and said, “The development of the entertainment industry has also led to the development of our country’s economy. I never felt that being a singer or actress is a profession that can’t be shown on stage.”

“Any occupation that exists is reasonable.”

Hearing Old Master’s words, Du Xueyan felt a sense of admiration.

She had met many big shots with high status, but those people all looked down on the people in the entertainment circles. She didn’t expect the truly powerful Old Master Han to have such a view.

Han Aoyu spoke again, interrupting Du Xueyan’s thoughts. He said, “I saw your photo 10 years ago.”

Seeing Du Xueyan look over in shock, Han Aoyu smiled at her and nodded. “That’s right. Han Zhan once showed me and his grandmother your photo.”

Du Xueyan was stunned.

“I didn’t know…” She was slightly dazed.

Han Aoyu said, “At that time, his grandmother was not in good health. During the new year, Han Zhan took a leave and came back. In order to make his grandmother happy, he showed her your photo.”

“Han Zhan told us that the girl in the photo is his girlfriend that he met in high school. He said that when your career stabilizes, he will marry you.”

Du Xueyan was shocked beyond words. “He never told me this…”

“He was very depressed at that time and kept everything to himself. He told us that you studied music and wanted to be a singer. He said that he wanted to wait a few more years for you to make a name for yourself before proposing to you. He felt that getting married too early would tie you down.”

Han Aoyu spoke of this past very calmly, but Du Xueyan felt like her heart was being stabbed.

“S-Sorry.” Du Xueyan stared at the tolerant smile on Han Aoyu’s lips and felt very ashamed. Thinking of the ruthless things she did when they broke up, Du Xueyan felt like crying.

She held back her tears and decided to tell Han Aoyu the truth about their breakup back then. “Old Master Han, it’s my fault for breaking up with Han Zhan under such circumstances. But I also have my own difficulties that I can’t speak of.”

Han Aoyu looked at Du Xueyan calmly and didn’t interrupt her.

Du Xueyan said, “My mother was diagnosed with uremia in my first year of university. She had to go for a blood transfusion every week. During the few years that we were treating her, all our savings were spent. Later, the doctor told us that my mother’s condition worsened and she needed a kidney transplant.”

“At that time, I was so anxious about my mother’s condition. I had no money and had no way out. I wanted to tell Han Zhan about this, but he suddenly got injured. I rushed to the hospital after hearing the news and saw Grandpa…”

Du Xueyan stopped and stared at the old man opposite her who was not dressed extravagantly but was very clean. She said in a self-deprecating manner, “I mistook Old Master Han for an old farmer. I thought that Han Zhan’s family background was ordinary. Under those circumstances, I really couldn’t open my mouth to borrow money from Han Zhan.”

“Coincidentally, my management company found me at that time and wanted to sign me and promote me as a singer. The signing fee was very high and I needed money, so I steeled my heart and abandoned Han Zhan.”

Du Xueyan didn’t exaggerate the truth or try to cover up for herself. She just wanted to tell the truth and salvage a good impression for herself from the old man’s heart.

After hearing her explanation, Han Aoyu actually said, “It’s really like that…”

Hearing his words, Du Xueyan felt that something was off. She felt slightly puzzled and couldn’t help asking, “Old Master Han, could it be that you know about my family’s situation then?”

Han Aoyu nodded in acknowledgment. “You heartlessly abandoned my grandson back then. I was so angry that I went to check on your family and found out about your mother.”

The tea was boiling.

Han Aoyu poured hot water into the tea leaves. He watched as the concentrated dried tea leaves relaxed in the hot water and sprouted tender green shoots.

“After Han Zhan was discharged, I told him about what happened at your house. Han Zhan guessed the reason why you broke up with him and calmly accepted the truth.”

“On account that you two were in love, Han Zhan specially hired an outstanding medical team to perform the surgery for your mother.”

Du Xueyan exclaimed. She covered her mouth and muttered in shock, “How could this be…”

Han Aoyu asked Du Xueyan, “Did the hospital tell you that that medical team just happened to be in Wangdong City and performed a kidney transplant on your mother?”

Du Xueyan hurriedly nodded. “Yes, I always thought it was just a coincidence and that my mother was lucky. In that case, that medical team was specially hired by Han Zhan?”

“Yes.” Han Aoyu narrowed his eyes and looked at the blue sky outside the window. He sighed. “Our Han Zhan is a very serious person when it comes to relationships. When he said that he liked you, he really liked you. Even if you broke up with him, he still helped your family.”

“Xueyan little girl.” Han Aoyu’s gaze suddenly turned sharp.

Du Xueyan felt slightly uneasy.

She heard Han Aoyu say, “During your relationship, Han Zhan must have told you who his grandfather is.”

Du Xueyan nodded distractedly. “Yes, he mentioned you to me and your name, but I…”

“It’s just that you don’t pay attention to military affairs or national matters. You don’t know Han Aoyu.” Han Aoyu continued to make up for Du Xueyan’s words that she was too embarrassed to say.

Du Xueyan lowered her head in shame.

Han Aoyu added. “From the start to the end, Han Zhan never hid his identity from you. Don’t think that Han Zhan let you down. Our Han Zhan didn’t let you down at all. He has already done all that he can.”

No matter how shameless Du Xueyan was, she wouldn’t feel that Han Zhan had let her down.

She was the one at fault!

Han Zhan was already very kind to her!

Han Aoyu handed a cup of tea to Du Xueyan. Du Xueyan reached out to hold it and said, “Thank you.”

Han Aoyu smiled but didn’t say anything.

He drank a cup of tea and suddenly asked Du Xueyan, “Our Han Zhan still didn’t contact you after knowing the real reason behind your breakup with him. Do you know why?”

Du Xueyan thought for a moment before saying, “Because Han Zhan also has his pride and dignity.”

“Yes. Han Zhan’s pride won’t allow him to do anything foolish like returning to his ex. He used nearly two years to forget you and spent six years alone in peace. Finally, he met someone else who moved him.”

Han Aoyu picked up the hot tea and took a small sip. He put down the cup and made a loud sound.

The old man said, “Life is like tea. The tea is cold when one is gone. Xueyan, you left him yourself. You have to bear the consequences yourself.”

“There is already a new person using their hands to warm that cooling tea. You can’t selfishly want to snatch that tea back.”

“Please show mercy and let our Han Zhan off.”

This last sentence was Han Aoyu’s motive for this trip.

Regardless of whether what happened yesterday was a self-directed act by Du Xueyan, the matter between her and Han Zhan had already been exposed. The public opinion and attention would definitely drag Song Ci out.

Meanwhile, Han Aoyu would never allow the outside world to criticize Song Ci and Han Zhan’s relationship.

Du Xueyan had to disappear from Han Zhan and Song Ci’s lives.

Han Aoyu even said “please”. His words rendered Du Xueyan speechless. Du Xueyan’s organs were hurting. At this moment, she deeply realized that she had really lost Han Zhan.

Han Aoyu didn’t speak again. He just held his tea and sipped it. He looked at the scenery outside the window, waiting for Du Xueyan’s promise.

Du Xueyan knew that the old man was waiting for her words.

She knew very well that once she said those words, she and Han Zhan would really have nothing to do with each other anymore.

Du Xueyan placed her hands under the table and clenched them tightly. She had already bitten her lower lip so hard that there was a deep cut.

Han Aoyu was running out of patience.

He put down his cup and pretended to stand up.

Du Xueyan’s heart suddenly tightened. At that moment, Du Xueyan realized that although Han Aoyu said “please”, he was actually warning her to face reality!

If she really let Han Aoyu leave just like that, her career and future would be gone.

Du Xueyan grabbed the table and said hoarsely, “I won’t disturb his life again. I…” Seeing Han Aoyu look over, Du Xueyan added,” I will go to Hollywood to develop my career. ”

Han Aoyu nodded in approval. “Miss Du is a smart lady. You will definitely be able to make a name for yourself in Hollywood.”

With his words, Du Xueyan wouldn’t have to worry about not having any resources when she arrived in Hollywood.

Du Xueyan released the table in shock.

Han Aoyu picked up his straw hat and was about to leave when Du Xueyan suddenly felt an urge.

She said urgently and guiltily to Han Aoyu’s back view, “Old Master, please apologize to Han Zhan on my behalf.”

Han Aoyu didn’t answer and just left.

Song Ci and Su Huanyan shopped at the mother and baby store. They felt that they needed to buy everything. By the time she settled the bill, she already filled two trolleys.

Their children were about the same size. Song Ci’s due date was at the end of winter on the lunar calendar, while Su Huanyan’s due date was in the middle of December.

The two of them bought similar things.

After settling the bill, Su Huanyan invited Song Ci to watch a movie.

Coincidentally, the Titanic was screening again, so the two of them bought tickets to the movie. It was not noon yet and there were not many people at the theater. The two of them sat down and ate a fruit platter while watching a movie.

After watching the movie, Su Huanyan told Song Ci, “The first time I watched this movie was when I was 14 years old. At that time, I felt that Jack and Rose were really too compatible and cried bitterly over their separation.”

It was the same for Song Ci.

“What about now?”

Su Huanyan smiled gently and said, “Now that I look at it, I have come to a realization. This adulterous couple will never have a good ending.”

Song Ci suppressed her laughter. “You have a point.”

The Miss Su raised by the Su Family in the South was different from her appearance.

She looked like a blooming flower, but there was a small cannonball hidden under its gentle skin. It was usually silent, but it would explode at the slightest trigger.

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